The Chosen, Well of Souls   -   A player’s aide and support.

                                                                                                            From the pen of DerWalrus


This game has a lot of variables to juggle and you can end up not being able to afford to fix your equipment or buy healing if you make poor decisions. On the other hand, you can become a Juggernaut!

I am going to relate what I have learned after having re-started the game three times. (I have been learning as I go.) Perhaps you will be able to prophet from my adventures.

I will write of playing an Archer.

First and foremost, Skill Points are hard come by and you need to really specialize to succeed. Put SkP into your class. This would be Dexterity for an Archer. The exception is to put 15 SkP into Strength early on to raise it to 55. This requires 3 Level Ups. This lets you use decent armor.

Demons - A most important matter. You will be able to summon Demons after you advance into the game. You can get perks to Demons in the form of equipment that has the ability to make summoning easier or to make the Demon hang around longer.  Most everything cost a bunch of money except Demons!  Important.  Hang onto all items that have Demon qualities!  I will relate how to use them as we go along.

Helpers - This is a Golem and a Neferkar. The Golem is a slow melee type with lots of Hit Points and the Neferkar is ranged, speedy and not real tough.  I chose to develop the Golem into a tank. Helpers level up and you can put points in their Strength and Vitality. I choose to put Golems points in Vitality mostly. This gives him more Hit Points and you more time to shoot foes.

Golem - He gets Experience Points by hitting and killing foes.  (You also get XP from his kills). To develop Golem, you must have him killing things. A good way is to put him where he is being attacked (and attacking) while you shoot his attackers to almost dead. Let Golem do the killing.  You want him tough as Helpers require a 500 gold scroll to regenerate if they die, and they will. My thought is to have him attract most of the attackers while the Archer peppers them with arrows. I think that having him live longer is more important than the damage he does.

By summoning Golem you can have him appear right by you. He can also be banished. This is like “storing” him for future use. When you summon him he will have the same Hit Points as when you Banished him. Since he is a slow mover, I generally “store” him when I am traveling and Summon him when he is needed.

Your Weapon - Keep in mind that the more expensive your weapon is the more costly it is to repair. Important!  It takes about five Level Ups to qualify for the next tier of weapons. The damage starts out in the 1 to 4 range and goes up 2 or 3 per tier. It also has Durability which rates how long it can be used before needing Repair.  Repair seems to be in proportion to the worth of the weapon. A weapon may also have other Attributes such as improved healing, more Spell Points, or Demon Summoning help. There are more Attributes. These all raise the worth of the weapon and thus the cost to Repair. You will be changing Weapons as the game goes on and these attributes may be lost. They also can be transferred to your new weapon (see Cauldron) and can be hugely expensive.  The moral here is to keep your Weapon SIMPLE.

Your Worn Gear - This is Armor and Headpiece.  This does not have to be changed as does your weapon. Thus, it is a good place to put your Demon enhancing Attributes. Plus, there is a Skill you can learn that reduces wear and tear on “worn items” - NOT weapons. Thus, they will need Repair less often.  Likely the worn items will also be cheaper to repair when needed.  It is also practical to use the Cauldron to Repair them.

The Cauldron - Here you can combine equipment (for a price). It lets you see exactly what you are getting and the cost before you finalize the operation. You can cancel or choose other items. Nice!  Keep in mind that the worth of an item is going to go up when it is improved and Repair will be more.  Adding a Weapon to a Weapon increases the damage and reduces the Durability! Have a caution here. Potions reduce the cost (you can sell a potion for 25 gold but it will save you more when used in the Cauldron.  A spell reduces the Requirement of the item, but, costs about 2000 gold per reduction. Expensive! Armor increases the Durability. 

Perks such as Demon Activity do not stack, only the highest level perk will remain after using the Cauldron.

There is a lot of give and take in the Cauldron and the Game is well balanced here (in fact it is well balanced everywhere)!

Learned Skills - Here are some suggestions.

Offensive - Convert - Really works well, take all you can get. This is the only Offensive spell I really like.

Defensive -  Tend - This is needed to heal your Allies (not Helpers like Golem). See Allies.

Stamina Well - Keeps your hero from getting tired as quickly.

Other Skills -  Virtue of Care - Worn items deteriorate more slowly.

There are some other ones in this category that look very interesting, but, I have not yet tried them.

Skills - 3 Skills may be in use at a time.

Demons - Using them. You spend “Faith” to summon a Demon. Faith regenerates over time. It will be 10 minutes or so to regen when you start summoning. The Demon will only stay a few seconds at first. As you add Demon perks to your equipment this will improve. Soon, you can summon quite quickly. The Demon costs no Gold and in this game that is important! The Demons are strong. You can have a Demon and Golem running at the same time. This is why it is important to use the Cauldron to modify equipment to have Demon perks.

What to keep and use - If you are not a Magic user, you should not use the Cauldron to add Spell related perks or Mana. It only makes the equipment more expensive to make and Repair. I try to use only things that affect your character. Just think out what you are doing and look at the results before you finalize a Cauldron creation. Also, do not equip items that have attributes that you do not need - it just makes them more expensive to repair. Keep and use items with Demon perks.

Allies - From time to time volunteers will join you. They are strong and do heavy damage. At times you may have as many as ten. They take damage and must be healed. To heal them, use “Tend”.  As you take more levels of Tend, they heal quicker and the greater distance you can be from them while they are healing. A level 2 Tend works slowly and if you don’t mind a little rest, it is fine. Level3 works quicker, but, in as much as Allies are not present in ninety percent of the game, that point might be better spent elsewhere.

Magic running - Your hero will glow purple when magic is running. If Tend is running the hero and the Allies being healed will glow. Your weapon will glow when it is producing some magic or skill related action.

Fighting - Learn to dodge missiles and spells. It is easy. Just run to the side when you see a spell headed your way.  The Spacebar is your friend!

1. Keep your weapon simple and cheap to repair.

2. Use Demon perks on Worn Items.

3. Avoid using or “Cauldronating” items with perks you do not need.

4. Develop one of your Helpers.

5. Use SkPs only in the skills you need.

6. Read the game manual carefully.

7. Money is hard come by.

8. Money is hard come by.

9. Money is hard come by.

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