Dark Side of the Moon

AUTHOR: George Ison (GARR)


*In adventure games, pick up everything you find. It might be useful later.
*Try combining items in inventory.
*Try everything on a puzzle, even though it seems ridiculous.
*Explore everyplace possible. Draw maps as you explore!
*Get all information possible out of each character you encounter.
*Sometimes, no matter what you say, you get in trouble. Choosing the wrong response can even end the game.
*Save before entering a possibly dangerous situation and after completing a task.
*Save after long cut scenes or movie sequences. If you have to reload, you don't have to watch the whole thing again.
*Save before talking to major characters so you can alter your conversation if necessary.
*Early on, after winning a couple thousand at the casino, it's critical that you purchase a Handheld Fusion Sprayer at General Outfitters!