Hints by Darla

Act 1

To pick up the key in the water talk to the fishing man. He's got a thing for the Mayor's wife's maid, who is on the stairs in his house and if you tell her, and then tell him you told her, he'll be grateful. Fix the lock on the door of your house.

Talk to Emma and get the wine from her (innkeeper gave you the wineskin for the guard). Make drowsy eyes potion and mix it with wine. Give that to the guard and then cut down the body.

Make the soulgreep potion so you can go talk to Duncombe (blacksmith knows his date of birth - September). In the temple of sacrifice each door opens once you approach it except for the door with the sun mural which opens after you've gone to all the altars (left mouse to change and right mouse to select).

Go into the right room according to the method of his death (hanged). Roger's life path is love and his sign is Rephen. You can also promise him to burn his body. The matchbox is inside the crate in Duncombe's house, near the graveyard.

Talk with mayor about brooch. Talk to blacksmith, then Mayor again. It’s in the cemetery between 2 bushes near the undertaker's backdoor. Then talk to landlord’s son. Train with blacksmith to learn another attack.

Doctor promises the chronicles the next day. Once you've done all you can you need to go to sleep, and then day 2 starts.

Act 2

The chronicles are missing. Check out the farm in front of doc's house. You will find some broken plants. Talk to doctor again and then Lemsey at the inn about Harrel.

Simon the fisherman is missing too. Talk to Emma, she might go looking for him.

Talk to the herbalist and get a potion recipe. Make the potion. To find the herb that woman needs go to the wooden watchman (near her house). From him go under his sight (north) until the ground vanishes into deep (to the river). Wait for the bird, drink the potion and then follow it. You’ll soon see the plant near the river. If you don't see it spin your camera a bit.

After some time talk to herbalist again and you’ll learn that Harrel is in the mines. Talk to a new npc on the crossroads near the blacksmith’s shop (monk). The abbot will give you the key you need to enter the monastery. Help him with the suicide.

Go outside the city gate. Kill the robber and get monk’s robe. Go to the mine and (after defeating Greer) put the robe on Harrel. Find his wife near Lemsey’s house at the west of the map and get the month of his birth (March). Make another soulgreep potion and talk to Harrel (path-wealth).

Talk to doctor, he’ll speak with you after you rest.

Act 3

Talk to Fabius in the cemetery - he wants to know where a particular guard is. That guard can be found on the north west of the map (where the mayor's wife used to look for herbs). Tell that to Fabius.

Get the potion Myst of Recollection from the herbalist to help Emma.

Go to the mine, find doctor and kill his keeper. Doctor’s dying so give him a potion. When you’re in your house ask him for his birthday. It’s June. Make soulgreep potion and go to the altars in the “poison” room. His path is knowledge. Talk to doc about everything.

Ancient stone is in the cemetery west of the grave of a person called Winter. Use spade (from Duncombe’s house) on soft ground near the wall. Also pick up the monk's habit next to the crypt and talk to the abbot it.

Go to the herbalist, fight the monster. Take her to your house, talk to Helen and then Mayor. Go to his house. He will poison you, and tell you he has killed Helen.

Act 4

Before finding Helen's body next to the river that flows into the town (where you first met the fisherman) talk to the blacksmith, visit the inn and save the owner, then visit the landlord's house and save him (he is lying outside the house, near the field). Make sure you have enough healing potions.

To resurrect the mayor's wife you can find the birthdates for her and her husband on two plaques at the side of a crypt in the graveyard. It's the blacksmith of destiny. Now perform another sacrifice. Helen’s sign is Rephen, path - love and demon - life-giver. She should be alive but isn’t, you’ve done all you can do.

Talk to the abbot and insist on going to the crypt. Kill the zombie in room with water and search him. Take the extinguished torch from the hall and put it in a room with levers. Click on all levers to open the doors. Search the rooms. Talk to the zombie and learn about the secret switch to the library. Two rooms away from the zombie cut out a hidden object from inside a mattress.

Go over the chasm again and look in the room next to the one you can't enter because of the rubble. Find the hidden button in the wall-panel. Inside the library you can find a scroll (doubleclick it) and a key to open the heavy door (look carefully on a wooden bookcase next to a wall, near one of the entrances). Find two buckets and fill them with water for later.

Open the heavy door with decorated key.

Act 5

There are two side rooms with strange devices in the temple. Attach the stones you found to them. Now you need to place the buckets full of water (and yourself) on the following squares:

4 (IV) - the elements
7 (VII) - the deadly sins
6 (VI) - the number of the beasts

Now the bridge that was only half-drawn can be crossed. SAVE!
Alternative endings: 1. agree with Fabius; 2. Let Helen Live; 3. Kill Helen

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