Dare To Dream
Epic MegaGames Walkthrough:

Part One: In A Darkened Room

In the dank alley, take the pair of polka-dot underwear from the clothesline and pick up the piece of rubber (a balloon) on the ground beside the garbage  can. Then head out to the street, outside Bouf's Bar and Auto Repair. Go left, and around the corner. You'll arrive at the parking lot for Pier 69. Go out on the pier, and search the boat to find a dead fish. Take it and return to Bouf's. Go inside, and use the fish to open the door at the top of the stairs. Beyond the door is Bouf's garage. Talk to Bouf, then take the jar of petroleum jelly next to him. Go back out to the street, this time heading right. There is a sewer grate, but you can't fit through it - yet. Lubricate the grate with the petroleum jelly, then you can squeeze through. Inside, go through the large crescent opening into the dumping ground. Put the underwear on top of the spilled toxic waste, and you'll be able to reach the tipped barrel and look inside. Take the shotgun you find there, then return to the sewer entrance. Lube up the other sewer grate and you'll be able to explore more of the fascinating sewers. In the deep sewers, you can talk to Sarsippius to gain information, then continue through the doorway and through the tunnel to emerge near a windmill. Enter the windmill, and carefully remove a skull from the pile on the table. Leave the windmill and return through the tunnels back to the city streets. Throw the skull through Vinnie's Flower Shop window. Pick up a sliver of glass, then return to the windmill. Outside, there is one red flower you can pick. Use the piece of glass to cut the stem and take the flower. Go inside the windmill, and use the flower to turn to giant bat to stone. Return to the surface again, and go the pier. Shoot a hole in the porthole of the ship with the shotgun. Something will fly out of the smokestack into the water. Go and talk to Bouf, and ask him for something to help you get the object out of the water. Bouf needs a reason to give you his fishing rod, so take a shot of with the shotgun. He'll give you the rod, so take it to the pier and fish the item - an oxygen tank - out the water. Go down through the sewers to the windmill, and head northeast. You'll come to a chasm with a rope bridge. Take the bridge, and you'll fall to the bottom of the chasm, near a pool of water. With the oxygen tank, you can go underwater to the bottom of the pond. Go into the cave at the bottom of the pond, and talk to Prince the shark. He tells the way to wake up from this dream is use the unicorn key on The Gate. He's willing to give it to you, in exchange for something else. Give him the dead fish, and he'll give you the key. Leave the pond, and climb the chasm wall, then return to Bouf's Bar. There's a customer there now, and oddly enough, a helium tank behind the bar. Fill the balloon with helium, then go out front of Bouf's place. Using the over-inflated helium balloon, you can float to the rooftop of the building. When you reach the roof, go right, and open the penthouse door. In the room, search the papers covering the floor for a quote you'll recognize, from the Bible. You'll move the piece of paper when you read it, uncovering a cross on a chain hidden beneath. Take the cross down to the windmill, and hold it in the beam of sunlight. It will create a small portal (The Gate) on the floor. Go through The Gate, and head left to the hills. You can talk to Terry (your best friend), who tells you that he's having the same dream as you. Odd. Use the unicorn key on The Gate to return to your bedroom...

Part Two: In Search of the Beast

You begin outside of your fort. Open the door and go inside, and talk to your friend Terry. He tells you that the unicorn key from your dream is downstairs in the secret lab, and that to use it, you simply insert the key into the keyhole of any door, and you're transported instantly to the realm of your imagination. Take the key with you back to ground level, and use it on the locked door. Go through The Gate. Take the stick from the ground near the base of the smiling tree, and pick the lowest-hanging fruit from the tree. Enter the barn; you can take the little keg off the dog's back.Talking to the cat and dog reveals that the only way to leave this place is through the NiteMare, which is well hidden. Leave the barn, and go northwest to the castle. Inside the castle, you'll meet Lissa, who's literally the girl of your dreams. She tells you that the way to the NiteMare (and the Dragon that you'll have to fight) is near the tree where you picked the strange fruit. Go back to the barnyard, and head east to the Forest of Emotion. Follow the path east. Search the pile of rocks to find a bottle of pills. Take the bottle, and talk to BoneHead and CementHead. They tell you the way to the NiteMare is up the mountain, but the log is blocking the path. Head back to the barnyard. Take the pills by the base of the cinnamon fruit tree. (The label on the bottle reads - fully - SHRINKING AND GROWING PILLS. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO PREGNANT WOMEN.). You'll shrink small enough that you can walk around in the grass at the base of the tree. Go farther up the tree, to where the mouth is. You can prop the stick inside the mouth, allowing to enter it safely. Before you go inside, reach inside the tree's left nostril and pull out some tree snot. Inside the tree, search the pop can to find a strange brick. Take it, exit the tree, and climb back down to the bottom. Use the pills again by the tiny bush by the base, and you'll shrink even further. You can talk to Dynx the worm, who collects sap. Give him the tree snot, and he'll let you take the bucket. Return to your normal size, and use the pills again by the anthill. You'll shrink to small enough that you could enter the ant hill, if it weren't for the sturdy trap door blocking your way. Throw the strange grey plastic brick at the trap door. Plastic explosives do wonders for gaining entrance to inaccessible anthills. Enter the anthill, and go to the West Wing. Take to Clifford, the guard, who gives you fairly useless information about the anthill, except that you must speak to him before his wife, Rachael, (the queen) will speak with you. She's in the north wing, and the ants' fruit storage is in the east wing. Head back to the barn, and use the pills to enter the mousehole behind Jazz. Go to the east corner of the den, and talk to Boris Gershman the mouse. He's injured his foot, and can't go out, and he's tired of living off his one strawberry (he doesn't eat cheese). Give him the fruit you picked earlier, and he offers to repay at some later time. Go to BoneHead and CementHead, and jam the bucket onto BoneHead's head. Then return to Boris and talk to him. He will give you a bean. Go to the base of the tree; from there you can go underneath the barn, where you'll meet Omar, the drunken fly. Fill your empty keg from Omar's beer bottle, then go up inside the tree. Take another pill, and you'll be able to go inside the pop can. Search the can to find a stick. You can get the stick all goo'd up from the spider web above the can. Now head over to the Boris' hole. Light the wrapped stick with the matches, then head to the roadblock. When CementHead give him beer and slip him the sleeping bean. Follow the path back to the west Forest of Emotion. With your torch, you can now enter the dark part of the woods. Read the note on the tree. Notice the first letter of each line is capitalized. Look at each flower, noting the first letter of its colour. Click on each flower in the order of the letters from the note, and the vines blocking the way north will disappear. Go north, and follow the path in the clearing to the stone gate. Go through the gate, past the stone garden and into the mushroom grove. Use the pills to walk among the small mushrooms, and press the button on the stump of the mushroom. The cave-in blocking the cave has disappeared. Enter the cave, and take the crowbar off the boxes of explosives. Return to the roadblock, and head northwest to the overlook. Use the crowbar to pry up the loose rock and send it into the clearing below. Head back to the anthill, and take the nail holding up the mirror in the central area. Go to the base of the tree and climb up. There's a small hole in the tree, near the top of the screen. Put the nail in the hole and you'll be able to climb up farther. You can talk to Robyn the bird, who tells you that he collects things. Perfect! So do you. Go out onto the east branch, and look under the bottom branch to find a key. Take the key and return to the anthill. When the mirror fell down, it revealed a locked safe. Use the key you found to open the safe. Take the diamond ring from inside, and give it to Lissa in the castle. She'll be very grateful, and tell you that the ants have something to remove the roadblock. Head back once again to the anthill, and talk to the queen about it. She'll tell you that there's a bomb hidden in the fruit stores. Go there and look under the grapes. Take the bomb, and use it to destroy the roadblock. Head up to the mountain.This is it...but those eyes seem to hypnotize you with their gaze. You can't get in. But wait - the unicorn key that got you here must have some use. Insert it into the demon gate's left nostril. Go ahead and enter the NiteMare...

Part Three: In Christian's Lair

Near the top left corner of the wall in front of you is some dust that you can take. Get it, search under the left pile of skulls to find a dead cockroach. Take that, then enter the cemetary. Go left to the Forest of Agony, and talk to the Bloody Stump. Keep talking to him until he tells you about why he is the way he is. Then take the dagger out of the stump. Also, you can use the unicorn key to dislodge the newspaper stuck in the branches of the left tree. Head southwest to the Circle of Stones. You can take the bungee cord hanging in the tree. Go back to the Bloody Stump, and take the northwest path to his right. There is a bucket hidden in the grass to the left of the path. Pick it up and head northwest to the Wall of Stones. You can take Charon's gravestone, and if you search long enough you'll find a shard of wood in the creature's skull. Return to the Bloody Stump, and this time take the path to the hill (to the Stump's left). There's a shovel lying in the grass to the left of the path. Take it. Again dislodge the same newspaper that's now stuck in the tree on the left, then go back to the cemetary. Take the path that leads beyond the hill, and follow it into the schoolhouse. inside, you can take a loose rock from the pile in the left corner, then go back to the Forest of Agony. Head south to the River of Sorrow, and talk to the body in the water. The boy's tied to a rock in the middle of the river, so in order to free him you must cut the rope. Put the strange light red rock you got from the schoolhouse in the river. It's light enough to float, allowing you to reach the boy and cut the rope with the dagger. Also, fill up the empty bucket with water from the River of Sorrow. Go east to the grove, and follow the path north. You'll come to a crossroads, and the only path that leads anywhere is the south one (leads to the crash site). All others eventually lead back to the cemetary. The roving newspaper is stuck in the tree on the right. Use the key to dislodge it again, finally catching it. Head south, then north to get to the crash site. Logically, heading south then north will get you back where you started, but who ever said a ten-year-old's mind was logical? Talk to the Unknown Soldier, who wants an honourable burial. Dig him a grave with the shovel in the soft ground on the right. Put the soldier in the grave, bury him, and when you're finished, put the Charon's grave stone over it to mark it. Go to the schoolhouse, and burn the newspaper in the fire. Take the ashes and return to the Unknown Soldier's grave. Spread the ashes, then the dust over the grave. A mirror will appear, which you can take. Go to the spot where you found the shovel, and follow the path to the summit. You can freeze the bucket of water in the icy flame there. Now take the path from the cemetary to the deserted mine. Use the mirror to use the power of the flashing eyes on themselves. You can now enter either of the eyes of the giant skull. Go inside, and follow the path to the bridge. The cave's too hot to enter, but if you drop the bucket of ice off the bridge into the lava, it'll be cool enough for you to slip inside. When you get inside, go to the east Chamber of Pain. You can talk to the man without skin, who mumbles something about a picture. Take the sickle off the floor, and head back to the cemetary. Take the northwest path (to the left of the deserted mine) to the distant overlook. Use the sickle to cut the leaf from the tree. Head to where you found the shovel, this time entering the bunker. Stick the shard of wood into the ground by the hole in the floor, and tie the bungee cord to it to be able to lower yourself into (and back out of) the hole. Head left, and talk to Enthius the snake-skeleton, who tells you that he knows of places within your mind that you don't - and that he's hungry. Feed him the dead cockroach, and he'll open a secret passage for you. Enter the hidden cave, and take the blank picture from the floor. Go back to the schoolhouse, and hold the blank picture up to the green fire in the schoolhouse. Then go to the skinless man in the Chamber of Pain, and give him the leaf from the tree. This will develop the picture. Take the picture, and head the Forest of Agony. Go southwest, to the Circle of Stones. Put the picture in the center of the circle, and a crystal will appear. Go back to the skinless man, and go right, to the wall. Use the crystal on the hole in the floor, and you'll find yourself in a caved-in chamber. There is a skull with a candle standing on it; talk to the creature inside (Rennis the rat), who requires proof of your identity before letting you pass. Show him the picture of your father, and the rocks blocking your way will vanish. Go into the last chamber, a Dead End. There are three items in front of you: a pair of shattered glasses, just like Terry's; a plant with a vile odour, and a teddy bear with glowing red eyes. Pick up the teddy bear to confront Christian, once and for all.  

Easter Eggs:

Part One:

On the wall in the Dank Alley, one of the graffiti items is circle around Commander Keen (an ID Software game character) with a line through it.

On the East Street Corner, one of the street signs reads "JAZZ ST." Epic Megagames also made an action platform game called Jazz Jackrabbit, and this is a reference to it.

On the wall in Bouf's Bar Room (to the right of the stairs), is a sign that reads "Dragon Spirit," an Epic Megagames game.

In the Deep Sewers, check out the graffiti on the wall. Written there is "ZONE 66," another game released by Epic. Also, written backwards, is "ID SUX," which refers, of course, to the game company ID Software (creators of Doom, etc.) Scrawled beneath the draining sewer pipe is "EPIC MEGA" - isn't that subtle. You can also ask Sarsippius about "Zone 66" and "Solar Winds," both Epic games.

Part Two:

On the wall of your fort is a poster with the words "Jill of the Jungle" on it. Yet another Epic game reference. Also in your fort, underneath the TV, is a "Super Sweeney Entertainment System." Obviously a parody of the Nintendo Entertainment System, it also refers to Tim Sweeney, the president of Epic Megagames at the time.

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