The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav

by Deep Silver

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   June 2012


Gameplay:    This is a third person point & click game.

The intro page has New Game and Main Menu links.

The Main Menu has Return to Game, New Game, Savegames, Settings, Extras and Exit Game.

The Settings menu has selections for settings, graphics, volume and controls as shown by icons. Click on the icons to show the settings for each of them.

Settings-gear icon has selection for subtitles, hotspot indicator, combinations indicator and action indicator. Move the cursor over the selection to get an explanation for each of them.

The action indicator activates the name-label of the hotspot (when the cursor is hovered over it) to change color: blue shows no action done yet; white means there are still some actions possible and grey color when all the actions are done.

Graphics-monitor icon has screen size (full or window), HD video, additional effects and colour depth.

Volume-loudspeaker icon has the voices, music and effects volume settings.

Controls-game control icon has the settings for the mouse and other keyboard keys.

Left mouse button is the perform the action control and the right mouse click is the "look at" action.

ESC key opens the main menu and skips cutscenes.

T key toggles the subtitle and speech options to get one or the other or both.

M key mutes the game. It toggles it back on.

F1 opens Geron's diary that shows the current task.

F5 opens the save menu.

F8 opens the options menu.

F9 is quicksave which will overwrite the last quicksave.

F10 loads the last quicksave.

F11 takes a screenshot and is saved in the user folder.

Spacebar highlights all active spots, person and exits in the screen.

Extras are picture, videos and achievements. I did not unlock all of the achievements in the game

Game difficulty:    At start of a new game, game difficulty is selected: casual with all help features enabled or challenge with no help feature but can be reinstated in the settings menu at anytime.

It is happy days for dreamy Andergast. Andergast is expecting to have peace with their enemy Nostria, Nostria's Queen Yolande II is coming for a visit.

To prepare for the visit, Efferdan I. Zornbold, the King of Andergast laid a cheerful challenge for the young men of the country.

Chapter 1


The Oak Leaf Challenge:

Tutorial:    Olgierd watches his man dunk Geron's head in the water trough. They want Geron's copper oak leaf.

Pig sty:    Follow the instructions to learn the game manipulation.

Talk to Olgierd. Learn that Geron collects copper oak leaves and Olgierd collects brass oak leaves. They need 4 oak leaves to win the king's challenge. They want to take Geron's copper oak leaf since he is one oak leaf ahead of Olgierd.

Look at and pick up the hammer right of Geron. Try to use it on Ulfried.

Learn that a blind seer on the day of his execution foretold that Geron "will bring misfortune" to Andergast and everyone believes Geron is bad luck.

Use the yellow disassemble clay icon at extreme left of inventory bar on the jug by the well.

Gwinnling's house:   

Geron places the broken cage on the table.

See Gwinnling examines the innards of a dead crow on the table. It cannot be. Gwinnling is a hunter that adopted the child Geron and raised him to be a bird catcher.

Talk to Gwinnling. Gwinnling will fix the cage because of the crows. The examined crow is filled with black bile.

Learn about Gwinnling's dreams of eyes and the murder of the Knight Olderich. Learn why the dark seer was burned at stake.

Inventory has: 4 Kreutzer, hammer, cast net, dove's egg and net trap.

Check the drawing right of Gwinnling. Take the walking cane leaning on the butterfly collection frame.

Find the fourth oak leaf:

Press F1 to read Geron's diary to learn about the oak leaf challenge.

Geron's room:    Go down to the stairs at center of room.

Check the picture of Geron's parents on the left wall.

Take the 2 copper oak leaves under the pillow.

Open the clothes trunk at foreground and take the flute.

Check the catapult under the window and learn that the strings rotted away.

Check the hinge on the closet door made by Jindrich's father when they were still friends.

Street:    Exit through door to be on the street. Hear Olgierd and Ulfried talking at right.

Enter the door right of the 2 bullies. See Geron at upper window.

Olgierd repeats the clue given by the guard. The guard says that a guard standing by castle gate has a trouser and shirt; one of those has one of the oak leaves. I give you my word.

Market:    Go to the market by clicking on the road at center beside the barrels.

Look around. Check the Temple of Rhodra.

Talk to former friend Jindrich the blacksmith that is honing a sword. He thinks the knight Bogumil Wrathling is the best but he can't compete at the joust.

See a tankard right of Jindrich.

Look at the clothes on the clothesline above the street. There are underclothes and doublet hanging there.

Hilda and Lottery:    Talk to Hilda. She wants a lark.

Learn about the pot with lots-acorns at right. There is a drawing. One draw costs a Kreutzer. The prize is a choice of a straw puppet, plum spirit or wheel of cheese.

Buy a lot and lose. Question the odds and learn that the winning acorn is marked with a pattern and kept in the box at left.

Learn that Magistra Dorata is dead; her dead eyes were torn from socket like Knight Olderich.

Hilda might not hold herself back and go to the musician; if the minstrel plays her favorite song Bruin's bride.

Check-right click the plum spirit, straw puppet and the cheese. Learn that the pigs are given plum spirits.

Distract Hilda:    Talk to Gleeman Fredhelm, the minstrel and learn how he became a fiddler. Ask for Hilda's song. Encourage him.

While Hilda is clapping, open the box at left and see acorns. Geron takes the winning acorn that Hilda marked.

Ask the fiddler for another song so that Hilda will not be entranced anymore.

Buy another lot from Hilda. Geron exchanges a blank acorn with the patterned acorn.

Ask for the plum spirit. It can be exchanged for another prize later.

Get the fourth copper oak leaf:

Pig Sty:    Go back to top left and be in front of Gwinnling's house again.

See the pig sty where Geron was dunked. Check the pigs.

Use the plum wine on the pig trough. Hahahaha.

Left and right click the pig trough to get Geron's copper oak leaf.

Get the stolen copper oak leaf:

Get Olgierd's brass oak leaf:

Market:    Go back to the market through the middle road.

Castle gates:    Go left of the pigs to be at castle gates. Talk to Trogar, the castle guard. Note his doublet.

Market:    Go back to the right and get the doublet hanging on the clothesline. Too high.

Use the cane on the doublet to get the doublet.

In inventory, right click the doublet to get a brass oak leaf.

Get the stolen copper oak leaf:

Go back to Olgierd standing by the pig sty and Gwinning's house. Talk to Olgierd. Learn about Olgierd's feeling about the Nostrians.

Geron shows the brass oak leaf from castle guard's clothes to Olgierd.

Swap oak leaves to get the stolen and last copper oak leaf.

Get the prize:

Go to the castle gate and talk to Chamberlain Newcastle, the Royal Chamberlain. Chamberlain wants another task done.

Hang the banner of Andergast at castle gate:    Place the banner of Andergast on the pennant fastener left of the chamberlain.

Turn the crank on the pole to raise the banner.

The chamberlain instructs Geron on how to act in front of the King.

King's audience:    Chamberlain reports to the king.

Use very formal address and confirm about Gwinnling's relation.

Assure the King that you can do the job.

The king gives Geron the duty of ridding the royal guest chambers of crows.


Look around and see that the room is torn apart. There are 3 crows here.

Catch the first crow:    Place the net trap on the rug on the floor.

Place the egg on the bird-net trap as bait.

See that one crow is caught. The other 2 crows check the trap. The stag head falls off the fireplace.

Pick up the bird trap with crow.

Catch the second crow:    Pick up the stag head. Place it back on the fixture above the fireplace.

Take the chandelier-candlestick by window and place it on the fireplace.

Use the cast net on stag's head. Geron drapes it in front of the fireplace on the antlers and chandelier.

Use the caught crow on the cast net as bait. See one crow get caught in the net.

Memory:    The third crow attacks Geron causing Geron to recall a memory of the burning of the seer.

The blind dark seer points at Geron and says You spell doom! Ah - doom for whom?

Geron is told by the chamberlain that he has until 6 PM to catch all the crows.

To catch a fairy:

Gwinnling:    Go back home by going right and then up. Enter the house at the corner with a bird drawn on the door. Climb up the stairs.

Gwinnling wants Geron to catch a fairy. Talk to Gwinnling. Gwinnling believes that the seer is back.

Harp:    Learn that the Fairy is the only one that can unleash the power of the harp. No man can play the harp without dying.

The magic harp is from the realm of the fairies and is the one shown on the drawing at right.

The seer wants the magic harp as gateway to power. If the magic harp sounds; Andergast will perish.

Learn that Gwinnling led the group that burned the seer at stake.

Gwinnling caught the crow with the use of an attractant and water touched by a fairy.

The Fairy is in Stone Oak Forest; near an old sealed portal. If you hear a great waterfall, you are there. Lure the fairy with the flute.

Take the cage.

See the fairy:

Exit through the door at cellar. Leave town through the archway at left.

At the waterfall, look around. Geron plays the flute. Talk to the fairy hidden inside the hollow tree.

Since Geron does not have forest friends, he needs to make up forest friends.

Catch the hedgehog:    Check and touch the pile of leaves at bottom right and get stuck by a hedgehog.

Check and take the snail from the rocks at left. Place the snail inside the cage.

Use the cage with bait on the pile of leaves hiding the hedgehog. The hedgehog is trapped.

Make up a forest friend:    Try to pick up the hedgehog in cage and get hedgehog spikes.

Collect the chestnuts twigs from the ground close to rock wall at right.

Combine the chestnuts and the hedgehog spikes to make chestnut mannequin.

Use the chestnut mannequin on the tree hollow. The tree entrance is opened. Enter.

Get the fairy to be able to leave the Fairy Gate:

Talk to Nuri. Learn that she cannot go far away from the sealed fairy gate. She needs to be near the water of the fairy gate or else she gets sick.

Check the fairy gate and see a brittle spot on the wall holding the water. Check the mandrakes dressed as dolls on the tree.

Check and take a leather ribbon from the rock at right.

Go back outside and release the hedgehog from the cage. Pick up the cage and snail shell.

In inventory combine the snail and the leather ribbon to get snail shell with leather ribbon.

Go back inside the tree.

Use the hammer on the brittle spot on the wall of the fairy gate. Water pours out.

Use the snail shell with leather ribbon on the runlet.

Use the blank acorn with the snail shell with well water.

Give Nuri the snail shell amulet.

Geron and Nuri set out to leave the forest.

Danger at Gwinnling's house:

Raven:    Outside the town gate, Nuri talks to the Raven perched on the scarecrow.

The Raven warns them that 2 dark creatures entered the town. Learn that the Raven was given a human's conscience as punishment.

Hide Nuri:    Geron and Nuri find the cellar messed up. There is blood on the floor and stairs.

Open the closet at right. Geron tricks Nuridarinellavanda to enter.

Gwinnling:    Go upstairs. See Gwinnling with his eyes out and dying. The seer is back.

Talk to Gwinnling completely. The old fairy scholar is next. They want the fairy. Learn that the creatures were sent by the seer and have pale faces and pointy claws.

The fairy scholar was the one that sealed the Fairy Land. He is at Blood Barrier at Red Lake in Orkland.

Gwinnling wants Geron to kill the fairy. Gwinnling dies.

Bad leads to Worse:

Save Nuri:

Nuri:    Hear the mob outside yell "witch". See that Nuri is on the roof of the house across Gwinnling.

Go back inside the house. Pick up the broken knife from the foot of Gwinnling.

Go down and outside.

Raven:     Talk to the Raven perched at foreground. Learn that Nuri let the animals free. The crowd chased her and she fell on some bowls in a stall. Nuri fixed the bowls while the crowd was watching her.

Barrels:    Check the barrels beside Nuri.

Use the hammer on the stake on the ground holding the rope of the barrels.

Enter the door at right. Talk to Nuri. Get her to fix the broken knife.

Use the knife on the rope holding the barrels. The barrels roll over the street.

Get Nuri:    Go back to Gwinnling's house.

Use the hammer on the hinge of the closet door at right. Pick up the cabinet door.

Go upstairs. Look out the window.

Use the cabinet door on the barrels to make a ramp. Geron calls out to Nuri.

Nuri enters Gwinnling's house. Geron tells her about Gwinnling's orders to kill her. They leave the town.

Outside town, they talk to the Raven. The bell sounds the 6th hour of the evening which is Geron's deadline to catch the crows. The Raven calls Geron, Night-hair.

Chapter 2


Carnie widow:

Talk to the woman. Tell the truth. She doesn't like Raven. Learn that she is Isida, the carnie bride but is a widow now.

She has a broken wheel and is going to Andergast. Darian her husband was an acrobat that fell off the high rope. Geron convinces her to not to go to Andergast and to take them with her north. She will take them with her if the wagon wheel is fixed.

Fix the wagon wheel:

Collect the parts of the wagon wheel:    Look around. The wagon is locked.

Pick up 2 parts of cart wheel from the ground and the one attached to the axle.

Check-right click the bank slope at right. Take the last part of cart wheel to get broken cart wheel.

Talk to Nuri. Learn about Aves. She explains how to mend items. Nuri's reassemble shell blue magic ability is now at left of the inventory bar above Geron's yellow disassemble broken pot icon.

Use the blue reassemble magic on the broken cart wheel. It is now whole.

Isida:    Isida shows them her magic. Nuri notes that she threw white powder on the camp fire to make them blaze.

Wagon wheel:    Place the fixed wheel on the axle.

Talk to Isida about the cart wheel. She gives the key to the wagon.

Inside the wagon:    Use the key on the trailer door lock. Look around.

Nuri opens the brass cauldron on the left to see magnesium white powder that Isida used on the camp fire.

The Seer's creatures:

Distract the creatures:    Hear Isida cry. See the seer's creatures threaten Isida to tell them where Geron and Nuri are.

Check behind the curtain and see puppets. Take the hollow puppet head that has fallen and the rag on the open drawer.

Open the brass cauldron left of the door. Use the puppet head on the magnesium to fill it up. Use the rag to plug the opening of the puppet head with magnesium and get plugged puppet head.

Take the ladder from right wall. Use the ladder on the skylight at the ceiling.

Go up. See the creatures kill Isida. Geron lies to Nuri about Isida. One creature is at the door. Go back up the ladder.

Use the plugged puppet head on camp fire. It doesn't explode.

Use the destruction spell on the puppet head in the camp fire. The creature is stunned.

Go down to the wagon.

Escape:    Open the door latch right of the bed.

Release the brakes right of the window.

Take the whip hanging above the window.

Use the whip on the horse.

The other creature breaks in and attacks Nuri. An injured Nuri pushes the other creature out of the wagon.

Thasch Mountain Range:

Geron and Nuri stop in a small town at Thasch Mt.

Raven:    Talk to the Raven on top of the wagon about Fate and will of the Gods. Learn about Satinav.

Wagon:     Enter the wagon. Check the puppet hanging by the bed.

Collect the drumstick on the drawer; reins on the gate at right, tin bottle on bed, lid left of door and staff of bells by the stove. Exit the wagon.

Nuri:    Talk to Nuri. Learn about her power of moonlight that burned the creature and that the creatures are sad fairies; ones that lost all their magic.

Knight Wrathling:    Talk to Knight Bogumil Wrathling that blacksmith Jindrich mentioned.

Learn where they are now and what the knight is doing here. There is unrest with the zholochai.

Gram has the provisions needed by Geron. The knight has a beef with Gram about the death of his horse. He will buy the horse from Geron when he settles on a price.

Gram:    Check the shutter of the building at left. It's closed.

Get Gram to open his store:    Examine the tower at right. Check the storm bell's engraving: lone dwarf in battle with the orcs. Check the mechanism to ring the storm bell.

Use the reins on the mechanism.

Use the staff of bells on the mechanism to use as crank.

Now turn the mechanism to ring the storm bell.

Gram the dwarf opens the store screaming the alarm about orc attack.

Talk to Gram. He is asking one ducat for the provisions. Stay out of the argument between knight and dwarf.

The fairy scholar passed by here but he won't give any information until Geron does a favor in exchange.

Get provisions:    Now that you know how much the provisions cost, talk to the knight about selling the horse.

Convince the knight using Nuri's dialogues and get help for Nuri. Being a chivalrous Knight, he gives the ducat for the horse and for Nuri's smile.

Buy the gear from the dwarf. He still doesn't want to give info about the scholar.

Rope, flintstone and tinder, water bladder and blanket are now added to inventory.

Get information about the scholar:    Check the vial with blue liquid on the window at left.

It is Jenner Creek Blue Shine Beard dye for the dwarf's beard. It is the dwarf's most beloved possession.

Use the disassemble yellow magic on the vial. The bottle breaks and spills all the tincture.

Smell the glass shards; it smells like juniper berries.

Click on the oneberry bush on the top window at left. It is too high.

Talk to Raven and ask it to get oneberries. Pick up dropped oneberries from the table.

Combine oneberries and lid. Use the drumstick with the lid with oneberries to get juice.

Combine oneberry juice with the tin bottle to get tin bottle with oneberry juice.

Talk to Gram to offer the beard tonic.

Learn the whereabouts of the Fairy scholar and why he was here at the mountain. The scholar is in a cave close to the orc statue. The scholar has an imp.

In the Blood Barrier:

Watch the travels of Geron and Nuri through the Blood Barrier. Nuri nearly gets killed on a hanging bridge.

In the camp of the Zholochai:


The party reaches the camp of the Zholochai, the fiercest of the blackhides-orc tribe.

Raven says that the orcs are here to perform a ritual that could take days to do.

Check the orcs sitting above the camp. Eavesdrop on the orcs.

Talk to Nuri to know the translation. Nuri mentions about Tairach, their Blood God. They are waiting for a sign from their god.

Look around. Check the rubbish and take the wooden board beside it.

Take the split skull from the ground.

Use the reassemble blue snail magic on the split skull to get a skull.

Check the red rock on the left. The rock is bleeding color. Use the knife on the rock to get red stone.

Check the neglected orc pony. Take the empty fodder bag right of the pony.

Check the upper jaw hanging on top of the pole of the left tent.

Ask the Raven to get the upper jaw. Raven takes and drops the upper jaw. Pick the upper jaw.

Ritual area:   

Go left and be at the ritual area. See the shaman talk/pray/shout in rhythm of the drums.

Look around. Check the smoking basins on the ground.

Check the puddle and it has a different frequency-rhythm than the drum.

Check the Orken war horn tied to a drum behind the drummer.

Check the pipe weed bag under the sleeping dog at right.

Check the shaman and the drummer.

See the statue of an Orc God on the wall of the mountain across the abyss.

Orc God:

Go up the path at right and see the close up of the face of the Orc god. It has a gap on its jaw.

See water flowing at left. Go back down to the Ritual Area.

Disrupt the chanting of the shaman:

Remember that the drummer is not too steady in his drumming. Use the skull on the puddle at left to get a different rhythm.

The shaman's screeching stops and he scolds the drummer.

Use the knife on the rope tying the war horn behind the drums.

Make a sign for the Orcs:

Go up to the Orc God's face.

Place the wooden board on the abyss; then cross to the other side.

Combine the rope with the upper jaw to get a grappling hook.

Use the grappling hook on the rotten tree to divert the flow of water close to the face.

Combine the red stone with the war horn.

Use the war horn with red stone on the gap in the jaw of the god's face. Now the god is bleeding in his mouth.

The shaman and the orcs are screaming down there at the camp.

Go back down to the camp and see that the camp is empty.

Nuri and Geron leave the camp.

The Fairy Scholar:

Imp:    The imp appears on top of the tree at Red Lake. See that he wears a hat with a buckle.

Talk to the imp. He jumps on top of the strange plant and then on the red rock at left. He would not tell where the scholar is located.

Look around. See nice flowers. The blossom on the left across the water is the Lily Queen. She has the brightest spot of all. See a butterfly on a flower on a red rock. There is a flower inside the strange plant - maybe to attract insects. There are flowers in the shadows of the rock at bottom area.

Check the gap in rock at far right.

Orc camp:    Go back to the right to be at the orc camp.

Take the bracelet hanging on the rock at top right and the orc shield at top middle rock.

Use the knife on the roast to get meat.

Pipe weed:    Go to the ritual area at left.

Give the meat to the now awake bulldog. Pick up the pipe weed.

Go back to Nuri and the imp at Red Lake.

Catch the imp:

The imp was telling Nuri his life story.

Prepare the trap:    Pick up the blossom under the butterfly to get the butterfly to go to the Lily Queen across the water.

Give the blossom to Nuri as a small present.

See that the sun shine through the gap on the Lily Queen. Use the orc shield on the gap at right.

The butterfly flies to the only flower with the sun shining on it - inside the strange plant. The plant closes itself and drools after it eats the butterfly.

Take the slime of the strange plant.

Use the slime on the imp's favorite spot - the red rock on the left.

Catch the imp:    Now talk to the imp to get him to jump on his favorite spots.

The imp falls in the lake. He climbs back up. He says that his pipe weed is wet.

Nuri noted that he is bald; making him realize that he lost his hat.

Give the imp what he demands:    Give the imp the pipe weed taken from the dog.

In inventory, combine the fodder bag from the orc pony with the jewelry-necklace taken from the orc camp to get decorated fodder bag.

Give the decorated fodder bag to the imp.

The imp gives the direction to the cave where the scholar is located.  The scholar might be with his fairy artefact.

The Cave:

Cave:    Nuri and Geron arrive in the cave. The scholar is not in the cave but he might be with the fairy artefact.

Look around. Check the fireplace and get charcoal.

See a dark niche with a basin in front of it.

Check and take the drawing on the rock at center of the cave.

Open the chest at left. Take a stone tablet with something written that Geron cannot decipher.

Check the tunnel to the right and Geron says they need directions.

Light up the dark niche:    Check the butterfly-summerling inside a jar at top right pedestal.

Use the disassemble magic on the jar to release the butterfly. Nuri gets upset for breaking the jar.

Use the reassemble magic on the jar. Nuri fixes the jar.

Place the blossom on the basin in front of the dark niche. The butterfly settles on the blossom and lights up the niche.

Find the explorer:

The maze map:    See the map on the wall.

There are 6 dripstones-stalactites on the ceiling and 6 threads tied to stalagmites-posts on the cave floor.

The threads can be untied from the stalagmites and attached to any dripstones above.

Stone tablet:   

Study-right click the stone tablet in inventory.

The numbers are the posts and dripstones that are to be connected with the ropes.

Only one location needs be done but you can do all if you want.

1x4|4x1 is the location of the copper mine (optional).

Place the thread from #1 leftmost post to the 4th dripstone.

Place the thread from the 4th stalagmite to the first dripstone.

Untie the threads from the dripstones.

6x3|2x4 is the location of emerald spider nest (optional).

Place the thread from 3rd post to the 6th dripstone.

Place the thread from the 4th stalagmite to the second dripstone.

Untie the threads from the dripstones.

5x1|3x6 is the location of the diamond grotto (optional).

Place the thread from 1st post to the 5th dripstone.

Place the thread from the 6th stalagmite to the third dripstone.

Untie the threads from the dripstones.

4x1|2x4 is the location of the fairy artefact.

Place the thread from 1st post to the 4th dripstone.

Place the thread from the 4th stalagmite to the 2nd dripstone.

I think I know where the explorer is now.

The orcs are coming to the cave.

Enter the tunnel at right. They need to copy the directions.

Click the charcoal on the drawing and Geron copies the map. Now enter the tunnel.

Fairy artefact cave:

The scholar is entranced with Nuri. Jacomo Nauta introduces himself.

Don't touch under any circumstances! Nuri touches a crystal. A cave-in occurs.

Talk to Nuri. Nuri starts talking in another language and giggles uncontrollably.

The scholar is stunned. There is a gap that separates Nuri from the men.

Scholar:    The scholar coughs. Give the water bladder to the scholar. Talk to the scholar.

Get the backpack:    Try to get the backpack. It landed far from Geron.

Pick up the half a yardstick from the ground.

Try to get the other part of the yardstick under the rubble at left.

Use the half a yardstick on the rubble to raise and pick up then other part of yardstick.

Use Nuri's reassemble magic on the broken yardstick.

Try to use the yardstick to get the backpack but Geron wants a hook.

Pick up the arm of the fairy knight statue. Use the arm with the yardstick to get yardstick with arm.

Use the yardstick with arm on the backpack. Give the backpack to the scholar.

Give the direction to Nuri:    The scholar draws a map for Nuri to follow. They will meet at the mill.

Give the direction to Nuri. Geron throws the paper but it flies away. The scholar says it is fairy interference.

Talk to the scholar to get another direction. Click the direction on the wicker basket in front of Nuri. (If you threw the direction into the basket first; you might get an achievement).

Nuri takes the direction and leaves to go to the Mill.

New Prospects:

The scholar talks to Geron. Learn that Jacomo sealed the fairy gate at the Stone Oak Forest after the seer was already captured. This was to prevent other fairies from being captured. There was rumor of a fairy that was saved.

To help Nuri, Jacomo has to know more about her homeworld which he suspects is Neirutvena. The location of the magic harp is not known. The scholar will help save Nuri. Learn about Satinav the steersman of the barge of time. He was chained to barge and can see the past and the future but he cannot change them.

The scholar recommends that Nuri go back to her world. There is another gate to Neirutvena located in the swamp lands. Meander Goswin in Enqui has a crystal-prism from Neirutvena. It points to the gate and also opens the gate.

The scholar will go to the university in Andergast to find more about the Magic Harp. Jacomo gives Geron his notes about the gates and fairy world. There is a creature that has eyes like a basilisk that guards the gate.

New Old Enemies:

Geron arrives at the mill at nighttime.

Enter the mill. Geron is overpowered by one Seer's creature. Geron has vision of the burning of the seer. Learn that the Raven is the seer's spy. Geron is left in darkness. One creature is left to guard the mill while the other one goes and fetch the Raven.

Nuri:    See that there are 3 holes in the ceiling.

Call Nuri on the left hole. Geron asks for moonlight. Nuri gets sick when she uses magic.

Release the foot fetters:

Click on right ceiling hole and see the broken mill. Check the gear to see that it is broken. Use the blue reassemble magic on gear.

Click on middle ceiling hole. See several items.

Use the disassemble yellow magic on the oil lamp close to the ceiling hole. It drops on the stool close to the saw.

Use the reassemble blue magic on the glass shards of the oil lamp. The oil lamp pushes the saw close to the foot fetters of Geron.

Use the saw and Geron saws the foot fetters off.

Release the hands:

With the moonlight through the middle ceiling hole, kick the leg of the cupboard. This tilts the cupboard and the hourglass on top shelf is moved to the left.

Click on left ceiling hole. See the hourglass tilted.

Nuri's shard is on the other pan of a broken scale. Use the blue reassemble magic on the scale.

Use the yellow disassemble magic on the hourglass and it pours the sand on the other pan. This raises the pan with Nuri's shard close to Geron's hand fetters.

Take Nuri's shard. Use the shard on Geron's hand fetters.  Geron is free of the fetters.

Take care of the creature:   

Pick up the fetters from the floor.

Click on right ceiling hole. Take the straw and all of Geron's gears removed by the creature.

Click on middle ceiling hole.

Try to open the trapdoor. Use the fetters on the trap door. Now open trapdoor. Look down the hole. It is far down and no ladder.

Take the stool and twin saw.

Use the blanket on the opening of the trapdoor.

Use Gwinnling's knife on the sagging blanket.

Place the straw over the blanket to camouflage the trap.

Nuri gets sick and Geron calls to Nuri. The creature enters and falls in the trap. The trap door closes.

Bring Nuri down:    Exit the mill.

See Nuri sick at right. Talk to Nuri. Lie about what the scholar said and how to fix things. Fanglari is a made believe realm where Nuri will be safe.

Place the stool on the catwalk below Nuri. Describe Fanglari to encourage Nuri.

Use the twin saw on the beam as the second step for Nuri. Tell about the Raven but Nuri doesn't believe Geron.

Chapter 3


Nuri believes in the existence of enchanted realm of Fanglari. She now understands that she has to go back to the fairy realm to be safe from the seer and she wants to take Geron with her. They arrive at the swampland.

The Prism:

Geron knocks on the door of Meander Goswin's house.

Jarre:    The man says that Goswin was murdered a year ago. Talk to the Jarre. He listens and knows what Geron said to Nuri. He recommends to check at the bathhouse to learn more. He wants money for more information about the prism.

Check the rubbish in front of Jarre to get a broken hand mirror. Fix the mirror using Nuri's blue reassemble magic.

Boat:    Check the boat with tarp over it. It's knotted tightly.

Use the knife on the tarp. Take the grappling hook.

Use the blue reassemble magic on the tarp since Nuri doesn't like destroying things.

Drunkard:    Take the empty spirit bottle beside the drunkard at end of pier.  Try talking to the drunkard.

Find news in the bathhouse:

Enter the building behind the drunkard. Geron leaves Nuri outside and she talks to the drunkard.

Look around. Hear the woman messenger that is being treated by Minka. Her beau is the one in the tub that whistled.

Take the towel hanging on far tub and the bucket by right wall. Take the tap on the left foreground.

Check the frog figurine sitting above the bath woman - Minka. Try to get bandages behind her.

Talk to Minka. Learn that Goswin became a boozer and talks about far world and prism. Learn that honest merchant Harm bought Goswin's house. Frog statue is a gift from Harm.

Talk to the injured woman. Learn that the message is from Aarauken her boss. Try to open the backpack in front of the messenger.

Talk to the guest in the tub who is the messenger's boy friend. His name is Rahjard. Learn that the message is for Harm. Aarauken is the King of the Ghost Light Hill.

Get the messenger's message:

Talk to the messenger again. Ask about Harm and learn that Harm is always at his ship. She will not let Geron take the message. Make the messenger jealous. Geron says that the lover is with a girl but the messenger can't check that is so.

Exit the bathhouse.

Talk to Nuri. Send Nuri to bathhouse.

Go back in the bathhouse and see that Nuri is in the tub with Rahjard.

In inventory, check the mirror and see that it is foggy. Use towel with mirror.

Give the polished mirror to the injured messenger. Now she sees the tub and is distracted.

Use the backpack to get the message to Harm.

Deliver the message to Harm:   

Jarre:    Talk to Jarre in front of Goswin's house. Learn about Harm. He is called honest merchant. Learn about stone figurines that he sells to Aarauken and his smuggling. Harm is in his ship Therbunera.

Ferryman:    Go up through the covered path left of the water. Talk to the ferryman. It is nice that Geron can understand him. He doesn't want to give a fish. He charges too much for passage to the swamp. Ask about other way of paying and learn that he wants booze for passage.

Take a smoking hook right of the ferryman.

Therbunera:    Go right and see Harm's ship.

Talk to the guard standing by the ramp. Tell the guard you have a message from Aarauken.

The guard asks for the passwords: Harm's profession and preferences for animals and wine.

What is Harm's profession? Select Honest Merchant.

Which animal does Harm likes best? Ah... Select any answer and it will be wrong.

Jarre:    Go back to Jarre and talk to him about Harm. Harm likes only money.

Guard at ship:    Go back to the guard at the ship and answer him with "honest merchant" and "money".

The guard asks what money is in smuggler's banter.

Jarre:    Go back to Jarre and talk to him about smuggler's banter.

In exchange, Jarre wants to know to know where Harm's transfer site of the smuggling operation is located and he wants a carving of a kraken-newt used by the smugglers.

Find the transfer site:

Go back to the ferryman area. Check the beam on top of the post left of the ferryman.

Use the grappling hook taken from the boat on the beam. Go across from the beam now.

Transfer site:    Look around at the transfer site of the smugglers.

Take the hammock.

See petrified cat, water pipe and kraken-newt on the top shelf.

There's a barrel on the right with a petrified rabbit on top.

Get the Kraken Newt:   The statues are too high to get.

Take the cupboard bolt off and see that the middle shelf inclined.

Use the yellow disassemble magic on the middle water pipe. This tilts the cat that pushes the kraken-newt down to the inclined shelf and down to the floor.

Take the kraken-newt carving.

Get the passage fare to the swamp:    Check the barrel at right; it has an orc's head on it.

Use the tap taken from the bathhouse on the barrel.

Take the petrified rabbit. Look at the rabbit in inventory - the animals are petrified.

Use the petrified rabbit on tap to hammer it in.

Use the empty spirit bottle taken from the drunkard on the tap to get bottle full of Fever Dream Spirit.

Jarre:    Go back to Jarre. Give him the carving of kraken-newt.

Jarre gives the crib notes for smuggler's banter. Check the crib notes for smuggler's banter in inventory.

Note that the banter for money is moths. Water-sea is frog's wine.


Guard:    Go back to the ship and answer the guard: honest merchant, moths and frog's wine.

Meet Harm:    Take note of the fishbone key on his neck.

Ask Harm about his rash. Geron was robbed. Aarauken warned Harm that the whale hunters are planning an attack tonight to get the prism. Select lie or truth.

Ask for task. Harm gives an anchor that all messengers wear. Prism is the key to a world full of healing and light.

Ask about remedy for rash. Harm asks for cod liver oil.

Prepare to steal the prism:   

Look around.

Noise:    Check the wooden box or the candle from the armoire at right. Geron determines that it is too quiet.

Open the window. The sound outside will mask any noise Geron makes.

Chest with prism:   Take the candle from the armoire.

Check the whale chest at right. There is light coming from the mouth. There are jingle bells on top of the whale.

Light the candle with the flintstone and tinder. Use the burning candle on the jingle bells on top of the whale chest. That will stop them from ringing.

Get cod liver oil from top cabinet of the armoire. Give the cod liver oil to Harm.

Return the candle on the armoire.

Boat:    See a hole on the window at top left corner. Exit the cabin.

See a lifeboat hanging just in front of the captain's cabin.

Go up and turn the crank twice to lower the life boat to the lowest level. Note that the first turn of the crank lowers the lifeboat just close to the window with hole.

Get Harm to remove the key from his neck:   

Bathhouse:    Go back to the bathhouse.

Hear the messenger complain about the powder that makes her itch and burn.

Ask Minka for powder and used bandages. The messenger nixed giving the used bandages because of fear of being cursed.

Minka says she throws the old bandages into the sea.

Get used bandages:    Exit the bathhouse.

Place the smoking hook taken close to the ship on the iron ring left of the bathhouse.

See old bandages thrown out of the window at right.

Place the bucket taken from the bathhouse on the smoking hook.

Wait for a used bandage to be thrown in the bucket. Take the bandage with itchy powder.

Make a fake key:    Talk to Nuri and send her to the ferryman to coax a fish from him.

Go to the ferryman. Talk to Nuri about the fish from ferryman and get the herring.

In inventory, use knife with fish to get fishbone.

Combine fishbone with miniature anchor necklace given by Harm to get miniature anchor with fishbone.

Harm:    Go to Harm on the ship.

Open the sideboard and get a cod liver oil.

Combine the cod liver oil with the bandage with itchy powder.

Give the cod liver oil with itching powder to Harm.

Harm itches and removes the fishbone key. He hangs it on the crossbow beside him and under the window with hole.

Steal the key and the prism:

Nuri:    Go back to Nuri by the ferryman. Talk to Nuri and send her onto the lifeboat.

Follow Nuri to the lifeboat. Give Nuri the miniature anchor with fishbone. Geron explains what she has to do.

Go back to the top of the ship. Turn the crank once so that the lifeboat is even with the window with hole.

Go inside to Harm. Talk to Harm to distract Harm from Nuri. Keep on asking until Nuri replaces the key with the false one.

Go to the crank and lower Nuri to the lowest level.

Go down to Nuri. Ask for the key. Nuri gives a great idea for hiding the key from the guard - hide it under his tongue. Tell Nuri to exit the lifeboat.

Prism:    Go back to Harm's cabin. Use the key on the whale chest.

Take the prism.

Take the wooden box on the armoire. Combine the prism and the wooden box.

Throw the wooden box with prism out the window.

Exit the cabin and go down where the lifeboat is located.

Use the hammock taken from the transfer site to get the prism and the wooden box.

Fanglari Ho:

Go to the fairy gate:

Ferryman:    Talk to the ferryman to bring them to the swamp.

Camp:    Nuri and Geron are in a camp. Nuri believes all of Geron's stories about Fanglari.

Nuri gives her necklace and her magic to Geron. Answer her anyway you want. The lovers slept.

While Geron sleeps, Raven arrives. Nuri tells the Raven about Fanglari.

Get a working boat:    Geron wakes up and needs only a paddle to get to the gate.

Take the blade of the spade at bottom right.

Take the hatchet on the post of the ruined house.

Use the hatchet on the cart left of the fire to get handle.

Combine the blade of the spade with the handle to get spade-paddle.

Check the boat wreck. Use the blue reassemble magic on the boat wreck to repair the boat.

Use the spade-paddle on the boat and away the two go.

Find the Fairy Gate:

Marsh:    In the middle of a marsh, look around.

Take the rope from the boat and the perforated boot close to the swamp. Check the ghost light on the water.

Try to take the strange plant at right. Use the spade to dig out the strange spitting plant. It spits stingy substance.

Check the hollow tree at center of the marsh.

Use the hatchet on the tree trunk at left to make a bridge.

Use the rope on the hollow tree. Go down.

Disable the guardian of the gate:

Look around. See a large eye watching everything.

Peacock:    Check the peacock on a stand. Right click the statue of the peacock and Nuri will want to check the peacock. When she touches it, a light beam is produced.

The light beam is directed to the nearest mirror. The eye follows the light.

Disable the eye:  

Ask Nuri to touch the peacock again. The eye is fixed on the bright light.

Turn the peacock to focus on the pool of lamp oil at left. Now the eye faces left.

Take the nearest mirror at right.

Go right and see a mushroom and a hovering dragonfly. Take the mushroom. Use the hammock to catch the dragonfly.

Examine the petrified woman. Take the petrified bat at bottom right.

Examine the eye and see that there is a lens protecting the eye.

Use the yellow disassemble magic on the eye to break the lens.

Examine the giant worm at right. It is full of holes.

Place the spitting plant on the large hole on the body of the giant worm.

Use the flint and tinder on the large hole to irritate the spitting plant.

Then the plant spits on the eye and it recedes.

Open the fairy gate:

Pool:    Go left and take the broken oil lamp. Use the blue reassemble magic on the broken oil lamp to get fixed oil lamp.

Use the water bladder to collect lamp oil from the pool.

Prism:    Continue to the left.

See a contraption-stand in front of the gate. Place the prism on top of the contraption.

Go back to the giant worm. Place the mirror on one of the small holes on top of the worm.

Go back to the peacock. Turn the peacock to focus light to the mirror on top of the worm. See that the light beams down to the entrance below.

Go back down to the contraption. See that the light now beams through the prism and produces a color on the wheel at center of gate.

Gate:    Read-right click the fairy scholar's notes. Learn that symbols mean the hovering, the burning and the magical. Those are the 7 elements of the fairy world.

Magical:    Blue color at center shows bricks and waxing moon on both sides of a basin.

Place the magically reassembled oil lamp in the basin.

See light from the center wheel is connected to the basin now.

Hovering:    Turn the gear of the prism contraption.

Green color at center shows beetle and bird-freedom on both sides of a basin.

Place the caught dragonfly in the basin.

See light from the center wheel is connected to the basin now.

Burning:    Turn the gear of the prism contraption.

Red color at center shows fire and water on both sides of a basin.

Place lamp oil in the basin; then light it with the flintstone and tinder.

See light from the center wheel is connected to the basin now.

Now all are lit. Turn the prism; the light turns white and it opens the gate.

Geron calls Nuri. The Raven flies in. Talk to the Raven. Learn that he is the Seer. He wants immortality.

Learn about the madness of the fairy queen and the slow death of her realm.

Nuri pushes Geron into the fairy world. She thinks that the Raven is the Bird-man.

Chapter 4

Geron relives the memory of the burning of the seer again. This time there is a ring.

In Nuri's world:

Well room:

Talk to the eye creature - guardian of the gate seen at bottom right. He doesn't want to open his eyes anymore because he causes death. He is a very curious fellow.

Look around. Check the strange contraption at right.

Check the well at center of room. The water is icy because it is winter, of course.

Check the chute on the ceiling above the well.

See light fixtures on stands. Geron yells.

Check the light fixture by the stairs at left. It's whispering something. She's looking for her daughter.

Main chamber:

Climb the stairs at left and see that this is the area where the rooms meet.

A guard at left stops Geron. Talk to the guard. The guard brings Geron to the Queen.

Three Impossible Tasks:

Queen and tasks:

The Queen talks about the bird man foretelling the arrival of night-hair to Neirutvena and that he brings doom (but he might bring new beginning).

The Queen is at a loss on what to do with Geron.

Keep silent unless given permission to speak. Ask for hospitable arrest. Appease the concern voiced by the Queen. Ask about the second gate.

Geron is given 3 tasks and if he succeeds; he will be given access to the dream chambers where the second gate is located.

1. Get an apple from the garden and bring it to the Queen.

2. Get a life size statue of the Queen in the 6 colors of rainbow and bring it here.

3. Get the statue of the blind bird man to look at the Queen.

Find out more about the Bird Man, Neirutvena and the tasks:

Talk to the Queen again and ask about the bird man. The bird man had a black bird with him when he came here.

Pick up the goblet from the stand and the wicker basket by the entrance.

Blind birdman statue:     Look at the big face outside the balcony. It is the statue of the birdman and it has no eyes.

Garden:    Look out through the round glass window and see the garden. The apple tree has no leaves; the bees are in hibernation and the waterfall is frozen. The well at the ceiling looks familiar.

Guard:    Exit to the left and be at the main chamber.

Talk to the guard. Learn about the blind birdman statue. It is accessible and has paint all over the place.

The birdman's description does not fit Nuri's description of the birdman.

Learn about the dream chamber and the end of the mist.

New laws are passed so that what was foretold by the birdman will not happen.

The Weaver of Dreams is in the Dream Chamber.

Peacock:    See a giant peacock at center of the chamber.

Talk to the peacock. The clock-peacock is blind. Pavaurus is his name.

He gets his bearing from the wind. The wind blows in the direction of the sun that rises in the west in winter and east in summer.

The hermit's sigh tells the peacock where the wind blows.

The peacock knows if it is winter or summer by the flow of the water. If it flows it must be summer.

It also sleeps for a short time during the season.

The peacock's friend; the eye-creature has not visited him since his birthday. The eye-creature loves music of flutes and harps.

The hermit above is easily distracted by a nice scent.

Seashell:    Check the new laws by listening to the seashell at left.

Waterfall:    See that it is winter because the waterfall is frozen.

Get an apple from the garden and bring it to the Queen:

Garden:    Look through the round window at left and see the other side of the frozen garden.

Picture gallery:    Enter through the door right of the round window.

Look around.  Check the sculpture at left. Take both horns of the sculpture and the stake in front of it.

Check the mirror and the painting that depicts the garden in winter. The painting can be turned (just like what Nuri did to the drawing in the cave). Check the painting at right; it's a ledge.

Take the light crystal from the left stand and see that the right painting becomes flat.

Place the light crystal on the right stand. Go through the right painting which is now a passage.

Come out on top level. Take the light crystal off the stand and see that the paintings become flat. Place the crystal back on the stand.

Check the rainbow colored steps at center painting. Note that orange is missing in the rainbow colors.

Take the spear from the mouth of the sculpture at right.

Take the colour-stone from the basin on the floor at center. The colors in the room disappeared. It is all gray now.

Turn the garden to summer:    Go back down through the left passage.

Place the colour-stone on the basin at lower level. The garden painting is now colorful.

Exit through door at right and check the garden through the round window at left.

See a beautiful garden. The bees are busy making honey. The water is flowing on the waterfall and the apple tree is fully leafed and has an apple on top.

Get the apple:   

Bow:    In inventory use the blue reassemble magic on the horns-halves of bow to get a bow.

Spear:    Combine the spear and the bow to find out that the spear is too big.

Waterfall:    Look at the waterfall that was frozen before and see that it is flowing.

Stand at bottom water basin and see that Geron is large. Go to the upper water basin and see that Geron is now smaller. Huh!

Place the spear in the water at upper water basin.

Go down to lower basin and take the shrunken spear - arrow.

Apple:    In inventory combine the arrow and bow to get bow and arrow.

Go to the round window at left to see the garden in summer.

Use the bow and arrow on the apple at top of the tree.

Gallery:    Go to the gallery next door. Turn the painting upside down.

Go back to the round window next door. See that the garden is upside down and the ceiling hole is now a well.

Go right to the exit left of the guard and be at the well room.

Pick up the apple from the well.

Get a life size statue of the Queen in the 6 colors of rainbow:

Well room:    Take the figurine of the Queen light fixture from the stand at left.

Get honey:   Go left and look through the round garden window. See the upside down garden and the beehive is dripping honey.

In inventory combine the stake from the gallery and the goblet taken from the Queen's room to get goblet with handle.

Use the goblet with handle on the dripping honey to get goblet with honey and stake.

Gallery:    Go to the gallery. Take the colour-stone from the basin.

Turn the garden picture right side up.

Hermit crab:    Remember that the hermit crab is the one that tells the peacock where the wind blows and that it likes scents.

Go right to the Queen's room with guard and out through the entrance behind her to be out on a platform with a compass.

The stone pedestal-plinth to the dream chambers mentioned by the guard is at the end of the platform.

See that the hermit crab on top of the compass is facing east at the moment. Click on east pie area and it smells like something burning.

Get a peacock feather:    Place the goblet at different cardinal points to see the change in season.

Place the goblet of honey at south pie area and see that the hermit crab faces south.

Note that because it is winter (no color to the right side up gallery garden painting and the wind blows south); the peacock goes to sleep.

Go down to the sleeping peacock and take a peacock feather. Look at the feather in inventory, it is a waning moon.

Gallery:    Go to the gallery and place the colour-stone back on the basin in front of the garden picture. Exit.

See that the peacock is awake.

Statue face:    Go back up via the Queen's room to the compass-hermit crab again.

Take and place the goblet with honey on the west part of the compass. The hermit crab faces west and a path is formed at side of the statue face across the way.

Take the goblet of honey again. Exit through the Queen's room.

Go through the door left of the garden round window.

Remember the guard said that the face is being painted.

Enter the side door of the face. See that the eye sockets are windows.

Get orange paint:   Remember that the large rainbow painting at the top level of the gallery is missing orange color.

There is a pot of red paint here. Take the lid off.

Use the pot of honey on the red paint to get orange paint.

Use the peacock feather on the orange paint to get feather with orange paint.

Exit the face and go down. Go to the gallery.

Gallery:    Take the colour-stone from the basin. Go to top level via the doorway right of the garden picture.

Place the colour-stone on the basin of the top level. See the rainbow colors of the center picture.

Get a Queen statue with the colors of the rainbow:    Place the light fixture on the rainbow colors. See that it is the statue of the queen.

Left and right click the painting to note that orange is missing.

Take the crystal off the stand to make a flat surface painting.

Use the feather with orange paint on the 2-D flat painting. Now orange is added.

Place the crystal back on the stand. Now the painting is 3D again.

Take the rainbow colored light figurine of the Queen.

Make the statue life size:    Take the colour-stone from the top level basin.

Go down to the lower level and place the colour stone on the basin here.

Also be sure that the garden painting is upside down.

Go to the bottom water basin at main chamber.

Use the rainbow colored light figurine on the lower water basin.

Take the rainbow colored statue from upper water basin.

Get the statue of the blind bird man to look at the Queen:

Eye-creature:    Exit the gallery and go to the well room across the way.

Talk to the eye-creature now that you know all about his birthday from the peacock.

The eye-creature is very depressed. He wishes that he can find a place where he can spend eternity in grief.

Tell about a place for him. Since he is feeling guilty; select dialogues:    dark, empty eye socket and he can spend time in dream.

He can dream about his birthday. Geron picks up the eye-creature.

Statue face:    Go to the blind birdman face across the compass. Enter through the side door.

Place the wicker basket on the left eye socket that faces the Queen's room.

Place the eye-creature on the wicker basket. He falls asleep immediately.

Get the eye-creature to open his eyes:    Talk to the eye-creature about his birthday.

Tell him about the players, dance and raisin cake (all that was banned in the fairy world).

Queen and completed tasks:

Go back to the Queen in her room.

See the eye-creature peering out from the eye socket of the blind birdman statue.

Talk to the Queen now that you have the apple and the rainbow colored light statue.

The Queen gives the key to the dream chamber.

Talk to the Queen again about the birdman and the ring on the statue.

The ring is a present from the priests. The ring fills his priests with enlightenment. The priests went with him.

Dream Chamber:

Exit to the compass outside. Use the key given by the Queen on the stone pedestal at edge of platform.

A doorway is formed. Go through the doorway.

Fairy Gate:    Go forward and see scenes of Geron's past and future.

Go forward until the fairy gate. Enter the gate. The fairy gate rejects Geron.

Weaver of Dreams:    Talk to the Weaver of Dreams at right. She is the sister of the Queen. Nuri is her niece and daughter of the Queen.

There is a shadow over Geron and others like him. They do not challenge their fears and can't find the serenity of the here and now. The gate won't open for anyone driven by fear.

The magic harp makes one dream of the past and future. The Harp is a window to your soul.

Enter the dream:

Challenge the dream.

Geron recalls his dream: a crowd of people; unholy voice, black feather falling from the sky, fire burning and a wooden ring.

Geron falls asleep and wakes up in his room in Gwinnling's house.

Collect the shards of his dream - trunk:    Open the clothes trunk beside the bed. Hear taunting voices.

Take the magic flute.

Enter the trunk and be in the Carney widow's camp.

Take the key hanging from the door.

Go inside the wagon or click on door and be back in Geron's room. Exit through the door and be back at the camp.

Take the petrified fire at the fire pit.

Look at the hourglass hanging above. The sand is not trickling anymore. Use the yellow disassemble magic on the hour glass. Pick up the glass shard from the ground.

Go back inside the wagon.

Collect the shards of his dream - closet:    Use the key on the lock of the closet door. Enter and be in Nuri's hollow tree.

Pick up the Raven's feather on the ground.

Talk to the Raven at right. Use the magic flute on the Raven. The Raven disappears.

Look at the curtain of the water basin. Use the glass shard on the curtain. The voices taunt Geron.

Talk to Nuri. Nuri gives the ring - seer's artifact.

Lay to rest all the shards of his dream:    Exit the tree-closet and be back in Geron's room.

Arrange in order the shards-items taken on the hooks right of the door.

From left to right hang:    curtain (people taunting), magic flute (voice - you spell doom), raven feather (falling from sky), fire (burning of the seer) and seer's artifact (ring around his neck).

Automatically recall the event. The falling black feather entered the ring. The Seer says Corvus. Someone picks up the ring.

The seer used the ring to transfer his spirit into the Raven.

Talk to the Dream Weaver.

The fairy gate:    Go to and exit the fairy gate.

Chapter 5

A full moon has passed since Geron left Andergast.

Back Home:

Nuri's treehouse:

Geron is in Nuri's treehouse. It is full of ice. Check the fairy gate.

Use the knife on the thorny hedge.

Take the magic icicle from the side of the fairy gate. Look at it and see something inside.

Check the mandrakes on the rocks. They are rotten.

Take the plant-mandrake on the ground. Exit the tree.

It is icy in the forest also. Use the knife to take the lichen on the rock wall.

Knight Wrathling:

See the knight despondent outside the town. Talk to the knight.

Learn that he failed in finding the Seer and the situation in Andergast.

Take the brown oak twig on the tree trunk.

Enter the town.


Talk to Olgierd. He killed Ulfried because of his dreams caused by the crows.

Talk him out of suicide. Win his trust; bad luck charm and get the pitchfork.

Take the jug beside Olgierd.

Castle Gate:

Go to the center road, then to the left to be at the castle gate.

See the crows on top of the castle gate. They tore the town's banner.

Trogar:    Talk to the window above the castle gate.

He would not let Geron see the king until the crows are taken care of.

Learn of the misfortune of Trogar.

Take care of the crows:

Herb stand:    Go right to the market place.

See the body of Ulfried right of the herb stand.

Use the knife on the herb stand curtain to get white canvas.

Move the washing bowl and get the root.

Gwinnling's house:    Go to and enter home.

Check the bird cage with droppings to get a dove's egg.

Open the clothes trunk. Take the needle and thread and the green doublet.

Go upstairs and pick up the glass shards by the stairs.

Pick up the herbarium.

Get recipe for crows reverse the curse remedy:    Open the drawer at the corner.

The left side is wedged in. Pull out the right side drawer. Use the knife on right side drawer to remove the bottom.

Take the recipe. It requires one mandrake root, one yoruga, 2 ounces thrashbeard, one that attract crows and one that contains fairy magic. All of that is heated in a glass bottle.

Make the recipe:   

In inventory, use the herbarium on the root taken from the herb stand and see that it is yoruga.

Use the herbarium on the lichen and see that it is thrashbeard.

Use the blue reassemble magic on the glass shard to get glass bulb.

Use the glass bulb on the tripod on the table.

Place the yoruga, trashbeard, mandrake root, dove's egg and magic icicle in the glass bulb.

Use the flintstone and tinder on the oil lamp.

Take the reverse the curse remedy. Now it only needs for the crows to touch it.

Make a banner:    Remember that the crows attacked the town banner and shredded it.

Exit town left of Gwinnling's house and talk to Knight Wrathling. Ask for the pennant.

Combine the pennant with the red crown with the white canvas taken from the herb stand to get white cloth with red crown.

Combine the brown oak twig taken from the tree by the knight on the green doublet.

Use the knife on the green doublet with oak twig to get green oak twig.

Combine the green oak twig with the white cloth with red crown.

Use the needle and thread on the combined cloth to get the town banner-improvised flag.

Reverse the curse on the crows:    Go to town gate.

Lower the shredded banner by using the winch. Geron takes off the shredded banner from the pennant fastener.

Combine the improvised flag with the reverse the curse remedy.

Place the improvised flag with reverse the curse remedy on the pennant fastener.

Automatically, use the winch to raise the banner. See what happens to the crows.

King Efferdan:

Trogar gives Geron access to the king after seeing what happened to the crows.

Talk to the King. The Raven flies in and demands the ring.

When the Raven leaves, ask access to the Magic Academy.

The King gives Geron a charter as his envoy.

Academy of Magic:

Go to the marketplace at right. Go right of the Ulfried's dead body.

Talk to the guard in the guard's hut. The snotty guard finally allows Geron in after showing the royal charter.

Courtyard:    Check the Circle of the Gods on the ground. Note the names of the gods and the central hole.

See that there are lights on the top floor and that the windows are boarded up. Enter the building.

Library and Fairy Scholar:    Enter the door at right. Find Jacomo. Talk to Jacomo completely.

Discuss the artefact and know how to do soul exchange. Magister Oakward hid the ring. Geron wants to use the ring as bait.

Look around the library. Check all the tablets on the left wall and Jacomo translates them.

Take the magic glass and decanter from the scholar's table.

Find Magister Oakward:

Exit the library. Check the firmly latched door left of the stairs.

Check-right click all the tablets on the left wall.

Check and take off the carpet-doublet of the guard hanging on the wall at left.

Exit to outside. Go to the boarded up window at right.

Use the pitchfork to remove the boards and then enter.

Check the alligator monster and the notes on the table. Eius causa discimus. The Magister repeats the same words.

See that there is a crow here already.

Take the magician's hat from the floor. Talk to the comatose magister repeatedly. He repeats the same Latin words. We saw those words before.

Read the tablet on the wall. Exit through the window and go back inside the building.

Find the artefact:

At the hallway, check the third tablet - Eius tablet. Remember this tablet has the same words repeatedly said by the magister.

Use the knife to remove the Eius tablet and get a key.

Circle of the Gods:    Exit down the stairs to be outside.

Examine the Circle of Gods again. Note that the hole is not even one span deep.

Use the key taken from behind the Eius tablet on the hole. It fits.

See a close up of the circle of the Gods.

Note that there are 12 Gods. Check-right click on each God's symbol.

Learn that Praios is the first of the Gods.

Study the Eios tablet in inventory. Geron turns the tablet upside down and it turns into numbers = 5, 12 1, 3.

Since Praios is 1 and going clockwise: left click Boron as 5, Rahja as 12, Praios as 1 and Efferd as 3.

A spiral stair is formed.

Get the ring:

Go down to the hidden chamber.

See the artefact in magic cage. Above is a chandelier and below is a stand with a tablet.

Read the tablet. Try touching the magic cage. Ouch.

Study the chandelier above. It cannot be moved.

Fill the magic cage with wine:    Use the decanter on the magic cage and then the chandelier. Hmm...

Place the magician's hat on the chandelier.

Fill the hat with wine from the decanter. See if you can cut the magician's hat. Geron says that the wine might go through.

Make container for wine:    Use the yellow disassemble magic on the clay jug in inventory to get clay shards.

Use the clay shards on the magic cage. See the shards float around the ring.

Use the blue assemble magic on the clay shards. The ring is now inside the jug.

Get the ring:    Now cut the wine filled magician's hat with the knife.

The wine fills the jug and the ring is raise to the top and out.

Pick up the Seer's artefact.

Find the location of the magic harp and Nuri:

Gwinnling's house:    Exit the hidden chamber and the academy. Go back to Gwinnling's house.

Go up the stairs. Examine the painting of the magic harp at right. The print is so small.

Use the magic glass on the painting: Raven's Peak.

Academy's library:    Go back to the library at the Academy.

Check the bookshelves at right. Read all 4 books.

Learn about transmigration in Ars Magica and the location of Raven's Peak in Geographia.

Disarm the ring:

Jacomo Nauta:    Talk to the fairy scholar. Learn that the ring needs a focus for the transfer and it can only be used only once more.

Ask Jacomo about the focus. The focus has to have an actual part (hair, fingernail, blood) of the target's body and the body part must be conjoined with the ring (touch it).

Artefact as bait:     Ask Jacomo how to change the magic word. The original words have to be said backwards and use another word.

Ask about Corvus. Select Satinav as the new magic word. The scholar and Geron (automatically-not shown) change the magic word.

Geron says farewell to the scholar.

The Harp:

 Geron travels to Raven's Peak.

Outside the cave:  

Look around. See the seer's creatures. The Raven's statue is surrounded by sacrificed knight and several animal bodies.

There is a catapult at left.

Large catapult:    Go up the steps at side of mountain. See a large catapult.

The mechanism is completely frozen. Use the flintstone and tinder on the mechanism.

Turn the winch. It needs a lock lever.

See a dead horse's body at left.

Get a lock lever:    Go back down. See another catapult at left.

Distract the creatures by using the disassemble spell on the Raven's statue. The ice around the statue cracks.

Go to the catapult now that the creatures are around the statue.

Take the lever at left side of catapult. Go back to the large catapult.

Arm the large catapult:    Use the lever on the mechanism.

Use the winch and it lowers the arm. See that the chains do not have a sling.

Use the knife on the horse's cadaver to get hide. While here, use the knife again to get meat from the horse's body.

Use the hide on the chains.

Pick up a projectile from the ground and place it on the sling.

Use the lever to give Geron an experience he wanted. Hear screams.

Go down to the statue area. See that the ice cracked. The creatures and the statue are gone.

Take the broken sacrificial pole at top left of the circle.


Enter the tunnel. Look around.

See a pile of rubble by Geron's feet. The arch below has black birds guarding the entrance.

At far middle is the harp with Nuri playing it.

Remove the crows:    Go back to the pile of rubble at left.

Fix the broken sacrificial pole with blue reassemble magic to get sacrificial pole.

Use the sacrificial pole on the pile of rubble.

Place the horse meat on the pole. The crows fly to the meat.

Creature:    Enter the cave and be attacked by a creature.

Look around for something to use. There's a broken knife at right and skeleton at top right. Above the skeleton is an icicle.

Use the reassemble blue magic on the broken knife at right.

Use the disassemble yellow magic on the icicle above the skeleton. A rib rolls down to Geron.

Geron picks up the rib. Use the rib on the knife at right.

Use the knife on the creature.

Nuri, Harp and Raven:

Geron goes to Nuri. Talk to Nuri (as she is seen in the future vision at Dream Chamber).

Raven flies in. Nuri and the harp are one.

Raven wants the ring. He wants to be king of realm of dreams.

Find another way. Raven has seen the future - Geron will give the ring to the seer.

Quit the dialogue and talk to Nuri completely.

Nuri sheds tears.

Use the seer's artefact on Nuri's tears.

Give the artefact with Nuri's tears to the Raven.

Raven wears the ring as crown.

Raven and Geron discuss the Keeper of Time.

Nuri was free.

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