Dead Mountaineer's Hotel

by Electronic Paradise & Akella

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   November 2011


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click.

The main menu has new game, load game, settings, credits and exit.

The settings option has subtitles, shadows, dialog volume, music volume and effects volume adjustments or selections.

Move the cursor around and the cursor changes over locations, items or actions.

Right click opens the notepad seen at right side of screen that has items (inventory), diary and in game menu.

The diary has notes, characters, plans and events. An arrow at top left brings back the main selections after selecting a document in the diary.

Double click on an exit (side of screen) hastens the transition to the next screen.

Lieutenant Peter Glebsky drives up the mountain. Peter arrives in front of the Dead Mountaineer's Hotel and is welcomed by Alec Snevar, the owner of the hotel.

Alec relates the death of the mountaineer because his carabiner failed and the ensuing avalanche.

Talk with Alec:   

Alec wants you to follow him to his study. Follow Alec inside the hotel.

Go left to follow Alec at the lobby. Dinner is at 6 at the dining room.

At the side corner of the lobby, see a golf bag.

Hotel floor plan:    Check the frame on the wall to place the hotel plans from basement to 3rd floor in the diary.

Library:    Follow Alec to the room at right. Meet Lel, the victim's dog. Pat the dog.

Check the picture of the dead mountaineer.

Study:    Enter through the door at left. Talk with Alec.

Victim's room -museum:    After checking in, Alec brings Peter to the preserved victim's room - museum.

Check then cigarette burning on the ashtray. Check the perpetual motion machine at left.

Go to bottom left to see the bedroom area.

Check to take the boots with fresh dirt. Check the newspaper on the dining table.

The call bell by the bed is yellow.

Talk to Alec. Learn that someone else is smoking the leftover cigarettes of the victim. Alec made the perpetual motion machine. The shoes are du Barnstocre's lost shoes. Give the shoes to Alec.

Peter's room 4:

Bedroom:    Talk with Kaisa completely.

Learn that Mr. & Mrs. Mozes, Mr. Simone, Messrs du Barnstocre, Bruen and someone else are the guests here.

Ask about all the guests until the dialogue is removed. Simone is the scientist across the hall and the Mozes stay in rooms 1 and 2 and possibly 3. du Barnstocre is the hypnotist. Bruen, a young person has a motorbike. She doesn't know the someone else that leaves wet footprints and reads the papers.

The call button above the bed is purple-violet.

Open the suitcase and take the cigarettes and lighter.

Bathroom:    Enter the bathroom at right. Take the straight razor from the sink, towels from top of chest and the mirror at left shelf.

Exit the bathroom. Try to exit room through door. The door is locked.

Sitting room:    Go to bottom left of the room. Check the small sitting room.

Exit at left to go the balcony.

Open room 4 door:

Balcony:    Check the frozen carpet over the balcony railing. Go around to the left.

Check the floor plan, second floor in the diary. See that room 5 is beside Peter's room 4.

Room 5:    Try the door at left. It is locked from the inside.

Look through the window and see a man reading inside. He can't hear Peter's knock on the window.

Catch the attention of the man:

Right click to open the notebook. Open items. Select the mirror.

See the mirror at right and a hand cursor on the window. Click the window.

See the inside of the room.

The object of the puzzle is to get beams of light to surround the man and catch his attention.

Click on the bottle in front of the man and see a circle and a bobbing light.

Maintain the light inside the circle until the circle is filled with red and light bounces to another item.

The beam of light from mirror to bottle on floor to lamp at right wall and then to lamp of the dresser beside the bed forms a triangle around the man and eventually shoots a beam to his face and catches his attention.

Talk to Simon Simone. He is a physicist.

Check the call button by the bed. It is red.

Exit at bottom of screen to the hallway.

Park the car:

Room 4:    Check the lock and automatically take room 4 key.

Peter wants to park his car. Go to bottom of screen.

Check the floor plan of the second floor to see where the stairs are located.

See the stairs at bottom left of the floor plan that will lead to the front door.

There is stairs close to your room at back. Let's take that one. Go down to the first floor.

Alec:    Talk to Alec about being locked in. He mentions a "him". He is fixing the call system.

Talk to him again about the car. Take the garage key.

Go through entryway to the library at left. Go forward until the lobby.

Garage door:    Go outside and enter the car. Click forward to drive the car.

Click on garage door and see that the lock is frozen over.

Go right to go around the hotel and enter through main door or go left to enter through side door.

Snack area:    Find the small snack area. It is the second door by the stairs at bottom left stairs. Check the floor plan.

See Simone waiting for dinner. Talk to Simone.

Get hot water:    Go to bottom of screen.

Pick up the thermos bottle on counter at right and the tea kettle on the table left of door.

Beside the tea kettle is a hot plate. Switch it on. Place the tea kettle on hot plate.

Wait until it boils. Use the thermos on boiling tea kettle.

Hear Kaisa remind Peter to turn off the hot plate. Switch off and Peter will unplug the hot plate.

Enter the kitchen and talk to Kaisa. She talks about the call system always ringing.

Take the matches on the work table at center of room.

Exit through the door at bottom screen at left or through the dining area door.

Thaw the garage door lock:    Exit the hotel by going down at the hallway outside the kitchen and then right to the lobby area. Exit through main door.

Go around to the garage door left by the skis or right on the road.

Look close at garage door. Use thermos with boiling water on frozen lock.

Use garage key on lock. Drive inside the garage.

Garage:    Go to bottom screen. Go to bottom screen again to see the work area.

Take the screwdriver from the worktable at right.

Basement:    Go back to bottom screen. Enter through door ahead and be at basement.

Check the electrogenerator drawing on the wall.

Take the funnel on crate at bottom of screen.

Wine cellar:    Go to bottom of screen. Look around and check the wine cellar at end. See a room at far end that has a generator.

If you climb the stairs at the end of the wine cellar, you will be at the kitchen.

Go back to the basement by the garage. Climb the stairs.

Fix the call system:

You are now at the base of the stairs at top of the floor plan. The door at left leads to outside.

Go forward and talk to Alec again about the call system. Have a shot at it.

See colored wires crisscrossed on the panel. The colored wires should be correctly attached to the correct room numbers (4 -10).

Find the colors of the call buttons in each room:    We already know some of it.

Room 4 (Peters) is purple or violet. Room 5 (Simone) is red. Room 10 (Victim's room) is yellow.

Go through library and then through the alcove left of the floor plan wall.

Lounge:    Enter the double doors at left. Go to the fireplace area.

Talk to du Barnstocre, the hypnotist. Bruen by the fireplace is his brother's child.

Talk to Bruen and eventually give him-her a cigarette from the suitcase.

Bruen is in room #7 and has an orange call button.

Go to bottom of screen and see bookcase and revolving globe.

Other rooms:    Exit the lounge.

Check the floor plans. See that other rooms are at second floor except for rooms 1-3 of the Mozeses.

Go down the hallway and up the stairs. Go forward and check rooms right of the balcony.

Knock on room #9 at left. No one is home.

Knock on middle door - Room 8. du Barnstocre talks to Peter. Check the call button beside Barnstocre. It is blue.

Room #7 is at right. Bruen is at the lounge.

Go right and check room #6 beside the billiards room. No one at home.

Fix the call button:    Go down the back stairs right of room 6.

Go forward and look at the panel worked on by Alec.

Take the screwdriver from inventory.

Click on the numbers to remove all the wires from the holder.

Click on a number and then click on the end of the colored wire.

Attach the correct colored wires to the bare wires with the correct label:

Room 4 (Peters) is purple or violet.

Room 5 (Simone) is red.

Room 7 (Bruen) is orange

Room 8 (Barnstocre) is blue.

Room 10 (Victim's room - museum) is yellow.

Room 6 and 9 are unknown. Connect light blue for room 6 and green for room 9. Alec will say if they are wrong.

Alec says it is correct. He says Kaisa should have dinner ready.


Go forward and then go left. At the lobby, enter the double doors.

Baptism by Fire:    Alec offers an exotic liquor, distilled from Edelweiss petals to Peter.

Accept - sounds charming.

Drink the liquor and click on center of the red circle until the red is emptied out of the circle and Peter gives a thumbs up. Commentary by Bruen will inform you if you did it correctly. The game continues even if you lose the puzzle.

Buffet:    Click on the buffet table. You have to select one from each course.

Do not repeat any of the ingredients on the different courses. If you already selected chicken in either the soup or salad or casserole; do not choose it for meat.

I chose mushroom soup, Tuscan salad, chicken and vegetable and pepper beef.

Pull back. Commentary by Bruen will inform you if you did it wrong. Kaisa says Bon appétit.

Dinner:    Talk around the dinner table ensues. Talk to everyone at the dinner table.

Learn that someone is peeping at Olga Mozes' window.

Mozes complains about the shoe thief.

Simone says his boots are always wet.

Bruen leaves to ride his-her motorcycle.

Alec invites Peter for port.

Kaisa says there are wet footprints.

End the talk when dialogue repetition occurs.

Go to your room and have a nap. After the nap, Peter mentions Alec port.

After dinner drink:    Go down to the lounge. Use the front stairs down to the first floor and then go forward. Enter the double doors at left.

Talk to Alec sitting by the fire.

Mozes is not a businessman. Mrs. Mozes is supposedly beaten by Mozes. He has a whip.

Bruen enters and says that someone rattled his-her doorknob. Someone is coming.

Olaf Andvaraforce and Hincus enter. Alec brings them to his study.

The next day:

After waking up, exit the room and meet Olaf. He invites Peter to ski.

Ski:    See Peter on skis pulled by Bruen.

The object of the puzzle is to keep the arrow at green area. Use the keyboards left and right arrows.

The game continues even if you lose the puzzle.

Find out who is in the shower:

See that a line is formed in front of the shower room on the first floor.

Standing in line are Simone and du Barnstocre. Talk to both completely.

Hincus arrives and Barnstocre returns Hincus' flask. He leaves to get fresh air.

Olaf stands in line. Talk to Olaf completely. He will wait at the foyer.

Go to the kitchen and get breakfast from Kaisa.

Go to the foyer and talk to Olaf completely.

Go to Alec's study and see Mozes there with Alec. Talk to both of them completely.

Go to garage via the basement. Go through the door left of the stairs at top part of the floor plan.

Exit to garage through the door at left. Go to bottom screen to the work area. Talk to Bruen. She-he wants a cigarette and mentions that someone has lain in his-her bed. Go right and see Bruen's motorcycle Bucephalus. Talk to Bruen again.

Go back to the basement and up to the hotel. Climb the stairs to the third floor. Check the floor plan.

Go left to side hall and enter the dark room at left.

Go back to main hallway and enter the room at left before the greenhouse door at bottom of screen.

Take the generator belt hanging on wall at right. Look around.

Peter realizes that no one is in the shower room. All characters are accounted for. Lel is missing though. LOL.

Enter the greenhouse and talk completely to Olga Mozes.

Exit the greenhouse at back door. At the balcony, talk to Hincus. He asked about the skier (that's you)).

Go to bottom screen twice. Check the floor plan and see that the open door at left is way to a staircase leading down to the billiard room.

It is dark in there. Use the lighter in that dark room and read the inscription on the wall - There is no way out.

Shower:    Go down to the shower room at the first floor. Enter.

See the dead mountaineer's jacket and radio.

Click on the shower. Later, Peter wants to hang his towel since it is wet.

Exit and talk to the 2 men in line.

Thefts and notes:

Room 4:    Go back to room 4. Peter says someone has been here and to look around.

Check the suitcase. Go to the bathroom and place the wet towel on top of the chest.

Go to the sitting room left of the bed.

See an anonymous note glued to the desk.

Read the note. It states that a dangerous gangster named Khinkusa also known as Eagle-owl threatens death to one of the clients.

Exit and go down the hallway.

Room 10 - Museum:    Peter hears something at the museum.

Enter room 10 by going right of the balcony and take the door at right.

Talk to Mozes completely. He lost his gold watch which was on the table that morning. Exit the room.

Room 6:    Peter says that he should try to check Hincus' room.

Go to room 6 by the billiard room and see that it is locked.

Win the gift of the fair lady:

Hincus:    Go to the back staircase and meet Hincus. Talk to Hincus.

He's pale and scared. He says that he has tuberculosis. Hincus wants a drink.

Olga:    Go down the stairs to first floor and see Olga standing there.

Talk to Olga. She invites Peter to join her at the billiard room.

At the billiard room, Simone challenges Peter to billiard contest. Accept the challenge.

Billiards (necessary):    Olga leaves her shawl as the prize and then leaves.

See the billiards table. The object of the game is to shoot more balls into the pocket than your opponent.

To not get "foul" --- Hit a ball you want to go to the pocket by hitting it with another ball. (Thanks to oldbroad.)

Left click the ball you want to shoot.

Move the cursor to the ball you want to hit while adjusting the cue to face the ball.

Move the crosshair over that ball to adjust the angle of the hit.

Left click-hold the cursor and see the bar at bottom of screen change length depending on the strength you want to hit the ball.

Release the cursor to shoot the ball. Win Olga's shawl.

Darts (optional):    Click on the dartboard right of the door.

The object of the puzzle is to shoot when the red bar at right hits the top or close to top.

Move the cursor close to the bull's-eye.

Click the dartboard to start the game.

Get master key:

Library:    See Olaf and du Barnstocre playing 21 or black jack. Join if you want (optional).

To end the game, press ESC key of your keyboard.

Alec study:    Go down to Alec's study.

Talk to Alec about the watch, Hincus, note and keys.

Click the hotel registry on the desk. Alec's handwriting doesn't match the note.

Click on the keys on the desk. Peter says to lure Alec out of the study.

Lure Alec:    Go outside through the main hotel door. See the bell right of the door. Ring doorbell.

Go back inside and to the study. Meet Alec on the way out. He locked the study door.

Keep door unlocked:    Go out of the library to another screen or go to the lounge or kitchen. Then come back and see if the door is now unlocked (Alec is back inside).

While standing on other side of door (library-picture side), use the matches taken from the kitchen's worktable on the door.

Get key:    Use the doorbell again. Go back to Alec's study and meet him again on the way out.

Check the door and then enter. Take the master key from desk and leave.

Check the rooms (before doing Hincus' room):

Climb the stairs at left and look around Alec's private room. 

Check the map, the safe and the books. Alec might come back in soon but Peter makes an excuse. Leave the study.

Check Olaf's, du Barnstocre's and Bruen's room.

Bruen's room:    Take the wrench-spanner from the tools on the floor. See a woman's bag on the chair.

Go to bedroom and open the bottom drawer of the dresser with the phonograph.

See some illegal weed and Bruen's handwriting on the cover of the notebook. Bruen did not write the note.

Simone:    Check Simone's room across from Peter's.

Look at the papers on the wall left of the bed. Simone did not write the note.

Dead mountaineer's secret:   

Power the generator:    Go down to the garage via the basement.

Go down to the work area. Use the straight razor on the hose on the ground.

Go down and then right to Bruen's motorcycle.

Take an empty gas can beside the motorcycle.

Go forward and then right to go to Peter's car.

In inventory combine hose and empty gas can.

Use the can with hose on Peter's car to get can with petrol.

Go back inside - exit to basement. Go left and then forward pass the 2 closed doors.

Enter the door and see the generator at bottom left.

Use the wrench-spanner taken from Bruen's room on generator.

Use the funnel taken from basement by stairs and then the can with petrol taken from garage on generator.

Use generator belt taken from room before the greenhouse at third floor on generator.

The generator starts.

Radio room:    Go to third floor and left to side hallway. Enter the dark room at left.

See that there is light now. It is loaded with radio equipments.

Pick up the key on the floor.

Go down to Alec's study. Climb the stairs.

Now that you have the key from the radio room, click on the green safe.

Take the optical disc. Exit the study.

Mountaineer:    Go to where the 2 guys are playing at the library.

See a spinning globe at back wall. Go there and then use the optical disk on the spinning globe.

See 3 areas that have a black X around the picture of the mountaineer.

Go to the painting close to Alec's study door.

Look close at painting. Click on those 3 areas where the Xes were seen: above mountaineer's right shoulder, mountain at right by left elbow and on the rope attached to belt.

In inventory, get photograph album. Click on it to see the pictures.

Check Hincus' room:

Hincus' room 6:    Go to second floor - room 6. Use the key on the room right of the billiards room.

Enter and check the suitcase. Take the gold watch and the woman's handgun from top right of suitcase. Someone is trying to frame Hincus. Exit the room.

du Barnstocre:    du Barnstocre shows Peter a note he found by Olaf's door. It is a threatening note.

Dinner is ready.

Get together:

Get Hincus to join them at dinner:    Learn that Hincus doesn't want to join them at dinner.

Remember that Hincus wants a drink when you last met him by the back stairs.

Bar:    Go to bottom left and be at the bar. Check the bottom left shelf behind the bar.

There are 5 bottles:  Stolyar British whiskey, Taddy, Old Bushhills, Cutty Spark (Scotch whiskey) and Tomorrow Dew.

Take the orange labeled Cutty Spark second from right.

Go to third floor using the back stairs. Go through the greenhouse and out to the balcony.

Talk to Hincus to give him the Scotch whiskey. He agrees to go to dinner.

Dancing:    See du Barnstocre and Albert Mozes playing cards at left.

Talk to Kaisa and learn about fresh footprints from the shower.

Go right of Kaisa and see Simone, Olga and Olaf dancing.

Click on Olga. Talk to all of them. Dance with them. Peter stops dancing.

Bar:    Go left and then bottom left to the bar.

Talk to Hincus. He leaves to go get fresh air.

Talk to Bruen. Ask her to dance and give her cigarette.

Dancing again:    Go right to dining room. Talk to Kaisa. Simone and Kaisa leave the dining room.

Go right and talk to Olga dancing with Olaf. You're up next, Lieutenant.  Olaf will pass the dancing to Peter when he's done dancing.

Go back to the bar and talk to Alec now that you saw all of the characters. Alec says he will sit by the fireplace.

Olaf:    Olaf enters and goes behind the bar. Bruen leaves. Have drinks with Olaf.

Olga:    Olga enters. Use the shawl on Olga to show her that you won it. (Thanks, Ludwig).

Olga invites Peter. Accept.

In Olga's room, talk to Olga. It was amazing.

While with Olga either in her room or dancing, an avalanche occurs.

Talk to Albert Mozes.


Alec:    Go to Alec at the lounge with fireplace around the corner.

Talk to Alec and learn that they are cut off. They will wait for rescue. Learn about Hincus' friends.

A man collapses upon entering the hotel. Peter looks for Hincus thinking that this is one of Hincus' friends.

Hincus:    Hincus is not at the balcony.

Go down to second floor. Peter hears something at the museum. Enter room 10.

Go to bedroom and see Hincus tied up. Use straight razor to untie him.

Talk to Hincus. He wants a drink.

Kaisa:    Go down to lobby and see Kaisa. Talk to Kaisa.

Get whiskey:    Go down to the bar by dining room. There is no whiskey on the shelf. Peter says there might be some at the wine cellar.

Exit dining room and go right.

Enter through the last door (kitchen) before the staircase.

Go through door at right to the cellar. Enter through door at left to be at wine cellar.

Take the Scottish Temples whiskey from the shelf at middle left.

Hincus' attack:    Go back to Hincus at room 10. Talk to Hincus about the strange man and the attack. He was attacked around 9 o'clock. Hincus wants to be locked up in his room.

Go to room 6 and lock Hincus inside the room.


Go down to room 3 by the Mozes' rooms 1 and 2. Go downstairs to the shower. Turn the corner and check the room where Lel lies guarding.

See the sick man. After talking to him, the man says he wants Olaf.

Alec and Peter go up to get Olaf.

Olaf:    Alec tries Olaf's door. du Barnstocre exits his room.

Check the note tacked on Olaf's door. Read du Barnstocre's note to Olaf.

Enter the room. Find Olaf dead. Talk to du Barnstocre.

Take the suitcase by the bed. Open it and see some energy cells.

Exit the room. Talk to Alec.

Check the other characters:

du Barnstocre:    Enter room 8. Interrogate du Barnstocre. He admits that he plays tricks but not the ones concerning Peter and notes. Half past nine was when he separated from the Mozes.

Simone:    Go to room 5. Hear a noise.

Simone thinks that Olga is dead. He relates that he was to meet her for a rendezvous.

Alec:    Talk to Alec sitting at the side lobby. Learn about the incident concerning Olga. Mannequin. Hmm...

Kaisa:    Go to the kitchen and talk to Kaisa. Learn who she saw after the party.

Mozes:    Go to the Mozes' room. See that Olga is not dead.

Talk to Mozer outside the room. Tell him that you need to talk to him about statements that might be invaluable to the investigation.

Inside the room, talk to Olga and Albert. Be placating to get information.

At 8:30 she saw Hincus, Bruen and Olaf. du Barnstocre was with them at around 9:30.

Simone:    Tell Simone about Olga and show him the suitcase.

Bruen:    Go upstairs and knock on Bruen's door.

Talk to Bruen. Learn what happened between her and Olaf. After the avalanche, Olaf threw her out and locked the door.

One armed stranger:


Luavric L. Luavric:    Go down to the ill stranger's room.

After informing that Olaf is dead, he wants to authenticate the body.

Bring him upstairs to Olaf's room.

After seeing the body, Luavric identifies Olaf. He wants the suitcase.

If you select "Take this" - the first ending is seen - game ends.

If not (describe the suitcase), continue with the game. He wants to lie down. Exit the room. Automatically, Luavric goes back to his room.

Hincus' confession:

Go to Hincus' room. Talk to Hincus until he divulges information. He saw someone that looks like him and that someone tied him up.

Go outside the room. Alec gives Peter a handgun with an inscription. that Lel found - from Champion to Owl.

Question Hincus as Owl and learn about Champion, Beelzebub and the woman with Beelzebub. Beelzebub never looks the same.

Champion will come to the hotel with 3 guys and kill Hincus for starter. Exit and lock the room.



Go down to Alec' study. Talk to Beelzebub. Learn what this is all about.

If you select "Take this" about the suitcase - the second ending is seen.

If you do not give the suitcase, see the third ending (if you did not give the shawl back to Olga) or the best fourth ending at the cave (if you gave the shawl back to Olga).

At the cave, go right to another cave and ask for explanations.

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