Delaware St. John  Vol.1: The Curse of Midnight Manor

by Big Time Games and Bryan Wiegele

Walkthrough by catsmom2


Story 1: The Fate of the Vandals

Watch all the opening credits of the game.
Then the game begins with Delaware and Kelly talking. Listen to the conversation carefully. It seems you only have a flashlight to begin with and you need to get the generator started. The generator is in the basement, so that must be the first step.

Explore the lobby and find the basement door, right of the reception desk. Explore the basement until you come to another door. Open door and try to enter, but you can't because its full of water, seems like you need something here to enter, so you must find something to help you out. Exit the door and use the left arrow key and find some boots. Delaware will automatically put them on.

Then enter the door again. Click forward until you come to an electrical box and open it. Read the note on the left, jot down the numbers, make sure you read the bottom line carefully. Back up a few times and go forward to the generator. Remembering the note, turn the generator on and then punch in the numbers from the note.>>6328. Finally there is light.

Go back upstairs to the lobby and see the ghosts. Listen carefully to what they say. Now lets explore the lobby and see if there is any room we can enter.

The only room we can enter is the lounge. Go forward to the bar and watch the ghosts. Examine the bar and find a earring, looks new to me. Explore the room and the upstairs. There is a ladder by the staircase, pick it up, you might need it later somewhere.

Exit the lounge Kelly calls you, listen to the conversation. Exit the lounge. Head back towards the basement and notice to the left there is a broken staircase. You now have a ladder you can use. Set the ladder down and exit up.

You are now on floor 1 above the lobby. Explore floor 1 and see and listen to the ghosts. Seems like the only room you can enter into is 104, so enter and examine the room. Look at the bed and see a burned figure. Examine closely and you will see a earring. Place the earring you have in inventory next to the one on the bed. Listen. When examining the room you will find a diary on a couch pick it up and read it. The diary belongs to Heather Malcom a teenager that was partying at the manor. (End of Demo.) Exit room.

Listen to Kelly talk. The next place to head to again is the basement. Watch the ghosts and go toward the locked door. Now a little bent. Listen to Kelly again. Use your fist on the door and it will open. Examine the room and then facing the door put your cursor on the wall. See the dark figures on the floor, click and you will have a vision of a plant.

Exit basement and go to the lobby. Find the staircase to the balcony. Examine the plant and find a key to room 104.

Go back to the step ladder and on the way you will see another ghost giving you a warning to head to room 104. You are now being chased by the hunter. Head to room 104 and use the key then enter the door. You must be fast or the hunter will get you and you'll have to start over. Examine the room and find 2 red doors. The red door on the left will open. Listen to Heather and find another page from her journal.

Exit the room and find yourself in a long hallway. Click forward twice and see a ghost on the left. Examine ghost and see the arrows. This is the way to get out of the maze.

Spoiler to the maze.

See Ghost. See arrows. Back away or exit. Forward 2 clicks, right arrow click. 3 clicks forward. Right arrow click. forward click 6 times. See ghost. 1 click forward. Right arrow click. Enter door.
See ghost, see arrows, back away or exit. 5 clicks forward. Left arrow click. Forward 3 clicks. Left arrow click, forward 3 clicks. Right arrow click. Forward click 6 times. See ghost. 1 click forward. Left arrow click, enter door.
See ghost, see arrows, back away or exit. Forward 2 clicks. Left arrow click. 3 clicks forward. Right arrow click. Forward 9 clicks. Right arrow click. 3 forward clicks. Right arrow click. 3 forward clicks. Left arrow click. Forward click 6 times. See ghost. 1 forward click Left click, enter door. You are now standing in the stairway.

Go down the stairs and enter the lobby. Watch the ghosts. Click on the couch and get Heather's journal page.

Go back to the lounge. See a chair sit up. Get Heather's last page of the journal and see a little doll. Click on the doll and take a photo of it. Kelly will tell you what it is. Take doll. Go to the upstairs of the lounge. When you start Ghosts will come and try to get you, click the doll on each one. You will move automatically up the stairs. See the figure on the ground, click on it. Something in your inventory will work on the figure. Click the journal on the figure and hear a Thank you.... Story 1 over.


Story 2:    Done with mirrors

You begin part 2 of the game in the lounge. Watch and listen to Rupert's magic act. After the scene click on the casket and it reveal Rupert with the swords going through him. Listen to what Rupert says. At this time you can explore the stage. Go behind the stage and go to the corkboard. Examine the post. Maybe a photo to Kelly would help. Listen to what Kelly say, she sees no poster just a newspaper clipping. Strange. Click once again on the poster and it will reveal a newspaper clipping. Take a photo of this clipping and listen to Kelly. She mentions room 204.

So lets head there. Let's try the elevator. Head back to the elevator on the 1st floor and push the button. DSJ says the elevator isn't working. Maybe Kelly could help. Listen to Kelly. Let's head to the basement.

When you enter the basement you will meet a ghost named Katie. You'll meet up with Katie again so lets go fix that elevator. Head straight ahead and look closely at some crates. To the left is a brick wall. Run your cursor over it and get the eye. Click it and you will come to a panel. Read the note and figure out the code in a code. Read the last 2 lines of the note. Ben thinks I hate him. With the numbers 2 4 3 1 2. Read the last line I hate Ben, I hate him. Those numbers come to 3 1 2 3 1 2.Turn and look at the numeral keypad. If you need help solving this connect with Kelly. She says the 6 numbers are coordinates. So maybe 31 23 12 will work. The first button to be pushed is 3rd across and 1st down = 3. The 2nd set is 2 3. Try 2nd across 3rd down = 8. Last button to be pushed is 1st row 2nd down = 4. Elevator is now working.

The elevator doesn't work in the basement or the lobby so head up the stairs and use the elevator on the first floor. Push the button to go to the 2nd floor. Exit elevator and head to room 204. But alas the door is locked. Head back the way you came and encounter Katie. Listen to Katie and she will tell you about a big cat hurting her bunny rabbit, Arthur. She leaves, walk forward and click on the sofa. See a vision of where the leg to Arthur is. Looks like its lying on some boxes. Boxes remind me of the basement so lets head there. Examine the basement and find the leg. If you go towards the generator door turn left and you'll see it. Head back up to the 2nd floor and place the leg near Arthur. See another vision. This time the arm. Its on a table. I haven't seen a table yet so maybe its where I haven't been yet. Head up to the 3rd floor via the elevator. Fine Arthur's arm on a table. Head back to the 2nd floor and give Arthur's his arm. Katie appears and lets you enter Rm. 204. So let's go there.

Enter and see a desk. Listen to Kelly talk about Roxanne Black. Exit room. See the ghost. She will tell you the Hunter is coming. GO to the lounge as fast as you can.

Enter lounge and listen to Kelly. She talks about Victoria Shaw and her daughter Katie. Exit lounge and see another vision - room 300. Go to the 3rd floor via staircase and then elevator. See little Katie, enter room 300 and explore. Watch vision. Explore room and find a key. Where have I found something that needs a key. Oh yeah, the trunk in the basement. Let's go there. Push for the elevator button and watch the vision. Head down to the basement and open the trunk. Sad (I almost cried).

Listen to Kelly. She talks about Roxanne Black on the 3rd floor stairway. So lets go there. Push elevator to the 3rd floor and exit. Hear a strange voice. Head to the stairwell and hear Roxanne. Take a recording of the voice and listen to Kelly. the voice is saying room 306 closet. Lets go find the door to room 306. It is locked. Well ya got to get in, so lets break it down with our fist. Easy. Examine closet and and pick the magic word - Towel. Open door and find a small key. Looks like it belongs to a keepsake box.

Head back to the basement and hear a ghostly voice. Open keepsake box. Listen to Kelly. Take photo of Rupert and Roxanne.

Head back to the 3rd floor stairway. Place photo on the darken figure on the stairwell.

Head back to room 204 and see a vision of Faye. Go forward and find the note - A confession. Poor Rupert. Maybe, we can set his soul to rest.

Let's go head to the lounge. Oh no, it's the Hunter again. Listen to Kelly. Go forward and see a ghostly note on the wall. Head to room 305.Uh oh room 305 is locked. Bust it down. Enter room and face the Hunter. Listen carefully.

Head to the lounge to set  Rupert free. Click on the stage drapery and Rupert appears. Click the note on Rupert. Hear a Thank you. Then listen to Kelly and watch the closing credits....Game Over. Thank you.


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