Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon

by Anuman Interactive, Koalabs & TotM Studios

Walkthrough by MaGtRo  June 2013

Gameplay:     This is a point and click game.

After a profile is selected; the game mode selection is shown:

Casual mode has display of markers/hotspots and has the skip the puzzle feature. The skip bar can hide as a pull down tab at top of the screen.

Adventure mode has the option to have markers and has more challenges.

The main menu has new game, continue, prologue-tutorial, load a game, options and quit the game.

Options have audio settings, general options and credits. Audio settings have adjustments for sound effects, music, videos and voice volume.

General options have selections for: mode (casual or adventurer), subtitles, display of the markers (hotspots) and rotation of the view (normal or reversed).

Profile can be changed using Ellen's picture at top right of screen.

The game has no manual saving feature but autosaves at certain points and when one exits the game.

Inventory is seen at bottom right of the screen.

The inventory when opened has a frame for items-object (suitcase), medicine (cross), dosage of medicine and achievement (trophy).

Objects in inventory can be combined. The items that can be combined is shown by a gear at bottom right. Click-hold-drop one item over another item that can be combined.

Medicines and food items can be combined and can be taken separately or combined with other medication-food. Knowing items or combination will help Ellen increase her energy or it might harm her.

Bottom left of the inventory screen shows the main menu link and the score obtained during gameplay. Certain specific actions in the game give the gamer points. The center bar shows the description of the highlighted icon or item in inventory bar.

At right of the notebook are tabs for the journal (pencil), to do list (bull's-eye) and dialogue done in the game.

The game is video extensive. It is best to check if your computer can handle the game.

Thanks to Henryk77 for the achievements.

A cargo ship carrying a prestigious painting collection to be given to the Museum of Art sinks. Professor Vambery goes down with the ship.

A tunnel leading to a door is seen. The door opens to a columned room.

Ellen Cross is an art restorer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Ellen's medicine that keeps her alive is discontinued. She has a blood disease. The doctor gives Ellen her last set of medications.

One of the 15 lost Vambery paintings surfaced in Budapest. Ellen is sent there by the museum director to check its authenticity.


Prologue: Budapest

Examine the painting to figure out if it's a Turner:

Talk to Bizlos Lazlo, the police inspector.

Turn right and check the painting on the easel.

Open inventory at bottom right and click to highlight the ultraviolet lamp.

Exit inventory and see the lamp at bottom right.

Click the painting to use the lamp on the painting. +2

The painting is Whitby by Turner. There are 2 scenes that were retouched by the painter. Obtain the Expert Eye award for identifying the painting.

Put the Turner painting in the safe under seal:

Collect items needed:

Take the framed painting from easel.

Check the box left of the easel. Place the painting inside the box.

Turn right and take the seal on top of the safe.

Go towards the door. Turn left to the table. Take the red wax and plastic packing strip from table.

Go back to Lazlo. Take the scotch tape and lighter from Lazlo's desk.

Use the plastic packing strip on box with painting left of easel.

Look close at the round metal clip on the box.

In inventory, combine the lighter and wax to get melted wax. Use melted wax on the round metal clip. +2; 4

Use the seal on the red wax to get a BR seal on the wax.

Take the sealed case. Open the safe at right and place the sealed case inside.

Restore the recording that was made in the suspect's cell:

Go towards the door at end of the room. Check the pictures of the lost paintings on the bulletin board on right wall.

Turn to the tape recorder at left.

Click on the tape box at left and learn that the suspect talks in his sleep. The tape is damaged and Ellen volunteers to see what she can do.

Take the damaged audiotape. In inventory combine the damaged audiotape with the scotch tape from the Inspector's desk to get audiotape. +2; 6

Use the audiotape on the tape recorder. Look close at machine. Note the requirements needed at top of the machine.

Turn the machine on by clicking on the green arrow at top left. See that there are noise green waves.

Get rid of the noise: Turn the on button at left panel. Turn the F knob to 100 to see orange waves.

Attenuate the music volume:    Turn the n button at middle panel. The aim is to combine the 2 waves to show the peak at top and the 2 waves of the same height.

Turn the left Fc knob to 200 and the right width knob to 200.

Increase the voice volume:   Turn the on button of the right panel. The right clue above shows 80<Fc<150.

Turn the FC knob to 115 and the right width knob to 70. +10; 16

Listen to the suspect's voice.

Look at Friedlen's file in the Inspector's archives:

See that Lazlo is gone from his desk. Go forward to the board on the wall by the easel. See the suspect A. Friedlen CV 00014.

Go to the file cabinet behind Lazlo's desk.

Open the cabinet CV at bottom left (AD label on top row of letters and UZ at column at left).

Pull the #14 file and read Friedlen's file. +5

Take the strip of paper. Learn that Friedlen shared a cell with Yacub Kilic file NI 0008.

Click on the tab at right to open another page. Learn that he has a notebook with encoded notes and that he is having panic attacks.

Look at the file of Friedlen's former cellmate:

Yacub Kilic's file is NI 0008.

Open the cabinet that is under MQ at top and HM at left; second from top. +5; 26

Read file #8. Kilic is from Turkey.

Check the suspect:

Go through the door by the desk and forward to Lazlo in the suspect's cell. Friedlen has just died. There are disturbing details in his death.

Look at the tattoo on his wrist. Talk to Lazlo. The last sentence in the fixed recording is familiar to Ellen. The security cameras stopped working.

Turn left to the sink and check the soap bar. It seems that the suspect used it to write something on the wall. Lazlo gives the key to the cabinet in the hallway.

Exit the cell and go left. Use the key with cabinet. Open both doors.

Pick up the materials from the cupboard in front of the cell:

Take the Polaroid camera, empty sprayer, film, batteries and fingerprint powder.

In inventory combine empty sprayer and fingerprint powder to get sprayer with powder.

In inventory combine Polaroid camera with film; then combine it with the batteries to get completely equipped Polaroid camera. +8; 32

Go back to cell and use the camera:

- on Lazlo and get Paparazzo award.

- on the victim's wrist tattoo and on his terrified face. +3; 35

Examine cell walls:

Use the sprayer filled with powder on the wall above the sink. +5

Read the words. The sentence is translated as He's coming to kill me.

Take a picture of the written words. +3; 43

Phone the museum director:

Energy-Medications:    Go back upstairs to the office. Ellen gets sick. Her energy is very low.

Take 2 cikloprex-red white capsules. Then swallow one  hemapromazine-blue tablets and one propoethyne-white blue capsule.

Check the energy given by each of the medications under the prescription icon. Take medicines or food when energy goes low or the bar turns yellow.

Know what food or drink is bad for Ellen (sleeping pills and alcohol).It is best that only 2 (not 3) items are taken.

Museum:    Use the phone on Lazlo's desk Call the museum to talk to the director.

The director gives a new mission. The professor's assistant said that there is an extra painting that was sent together with the 15 in the list. The director wants Ellen to find out which painting it is. She is to go to the manor in Whitby.

Get From Budapest with Love award after finishing the prologue.

Get the Amateur Detective trophy after solving 3 puzzles.

Vambery Manor

Go to Whitby to meet Professor Vambery's assistant:

Enter the manor and talk to Adam Stoker, Vambery's research assistant. Learn that Adam is Bram Stoker's great grandson.

Vambery's room:   

Turn left and climb the stairs. Adam left the notary's number by the phone. Adam will check the inheritance.

Enter the first door at right and look around.

Check the side table drawer by the bed. Take the sleeping pills. This pill is bad for Ellen.

Read Vambery's notes about the passage, burial plot and model mechanics.

Examine the list of paintings sent by Vambery:

Exit and see the door to Adam's bedroom. Continue to the balcony library.

Go around to the desk and read the list of the paintings. The 16th painting is by Kaneyek with a call number A III 07.

Find where the call number A III 07 is:

Go to the wall with books. Check the books in the shelves. Learn that the As are at left.

Move the ladder to the left by the window. Click on the topmost book shelf at left. See that the slot for A III 07 has C II 15.

Find where the call number C II 15 is:

Move the ladder over the entryway. Check the book above the entryway.

Check A III 07. It is A Guide to Building Model Ships.

Examine closely the Guide to Building Model Ships:

Take the viewer and look close at the text on the left; starting from top to bottom.

Look for letters or numbers that has a dot below that character. Click it to have that character written down. Find F IV 0.

Click the scalpel to highlight it. Cut the tape at corners of the slide. Take the slide.

Pick up the viewer again and look at the text hidden under the slide. Find 5. So the new call number is F IV 05.

Use the viewer on the drawing at right page.

The bottom picture of a model ship has "The Dark Key" written on it. +10; 53

Find where the call number F IV 05 is:

Check the shelves left of the desk. See that Fs are close to the corner.

Learn that the letters are arranged from left to right and the rows are arranged from top to bottom. So 4th shelf from top is IV. Check the 5th book on that shelf.

It is Dracula by Bram Stoker. Take the books out and see a keyhole.

Find what lies behind the shelf F IV 05:

Model ship:    Go to the curtain of the balcony balustrade. Use the tie to pull the curtain close.

See a box on the wall. Click the model ship hanging over the sitting room below. It looks like the one from the book. Hmm...

Look down below and click on the compass rose.

See also a deer head on the wall which is not seen when you are downstairs. LOL.

Box:    Look close at the box on the wall that holds the rope of the ship.

The right set of gears when arranged turns the ship.

The left set of gears when arranged lowers the ship to the bottom floor.

Turn the model ship:   Take note of the directions of the arrows below the top 2 gears. When the center movable gear at bottom is attached to the rest; it will change the direction of the arranged gears.

The wheel turns the gears and the knob at right changes the direction of the small middle gear.

Arrange the gears at right and position the middle gear to be part of the arrangement.

Turn the wheel and see that the ship model at right changes direction. Position the ship to have the front part pointing up.

Lower the model ship:   Arrange the gears to be on the left side. The middle small gear is not needed to change direction on this set.

Turn the wheel to lower the ship. +10; 63

Take the key:    Go down to the main floor. Go to the sitting room.

Look close at the lowered model ship. Take the key that is in the lifeboat. +3; 66

Open the keyhole behind F IV 05:    Go back upstairs to the library.

Use the key from the model ship on the keyhole behind F IV 05. See a keypad plate.

Find the "passage" that Vambery mentions in his notes:

Slide:    Go right of balustrade. See a slide projector.

Take the slide viewer rack. In inventory combine the slide viewer rack and the slide taken from the model ship book. +2; 68

Use the rack with slide on the slide projector.

See a map of the Slavic countries. Use the arrows at bottom left to move the red circle projected on the map.

Click on the red circle to look close at what place is pinpointed.

When the red circle is at top right corner; it is on Vladoviste in Rumania. Numbers 2517 is under the label. +8; 76

Keypad:    Go back to the keypad on the bookshelf. Press 2517. +5; 81

Restore electricity in Vambery's secret office:

It is dark in the secret office.

Kitchen:    Go down to the main floor and enter the kitchen. Look around and pick up everything. LOL.

Open the cabinet right of the stove hood. Take bleach and flashlight.

Turn left and take the container left of sink. Use the container on faucet to get full container.

Turn left and take the penetrating oil from the hutch. Open the drawer. Take fuses and tube of glue.

Turn left and take as many fruits as you can - 2 pears and 3 apples from the basket on the table. Take the knife beside the basket.

Secret office:    Go back upstairs to secret office. Use the flashlight from kitchen on secret office.

Turn around and check the fuse box left on doorway. Use fuses from kitchen on the fuse box at left.

Open the fuse cabinet at left. See a 2 part puzzle.

Arrange the metal bars at left so that all are connected and ends on the 5 plates at center. When they are correctly arranged, all 5 green lights turn on. Click a bar to turn it.

Place the squares at bottom bar on the empty squares at right. This is the same principle as dominoes. The same number dots must be adjacent to similar numbers on the next square. Use the scroll arrows to see all the squares. Light turns on. +15; 96

Obtain the Real Adventurer award for solving 5 puzzles

Inspect Vambery's secret office:

Look around.

Monitors:    Turn to the right and see 3 small monitors and one large one. See the places where the security cameras are focused on.

Turn on the large monitor.

Keypad:    Look at the keypad left of the large monitor. See 4 lit squares. Each square is a monitor.

The places the cameras are focused on are the columns. The left column is the entrance of the manor.

Press the squares on the second from left column. See that the monitors now show hallway at main floor.

Press the squares on middle column to see the passage in the library.

Press the squares on the 4th column to show a Latin engraving. Check the large monitor to read the text.

Press the squares on the fifth column to show a storage room or vault.

Manor picture:    Turn right. Check the manor picture on the wall.

Click on the pictured statue on the pedestal at left corner of manor.

Table:    Check the table. Take the vitamins, St Benedict's medal and hydrogen peroxide.

Prepare a solution that removes traditional ink:

Look close at the letter with ink stain. Ellen says she can remove the ink stain.

In inventory, combine the full container of water with bleach from the kitchen to get diluted bleach.

Combine diluted bleach with hydrogen peroxide to get ink remover.

Use ink remover on the ink stained letter. It is about the burial plot of Vambery's parents the Wambergers. +9; 105

Listen to the cassette tape found in the secret office:

Turn right to the cassette tape recorder. Open the cabinet at bottom. Take the audio cassette and whiskey. Whiskey is bad for Ellen.

Use the audio cassette on the machine. Hear Vambery speak about an oppressive portrait that was owned by his parents. He thinks to give it to the museum. It is the added 16th painting. +5; 110

Contact Adam:

Use the phone downstairs in front of the front door. Adam translates the Latin prayer.

Adam says there is an old cemetery at the back of the manor.

Contact the museum:

Use the phone and call the museum. Ellen talks to the director about the painting.

Find and examine the statuette on the facade of the manor:

Exit and check the corner that is shown by the manor picture. It's too high.

Go right of manor yard. Turn to face the right corner of the manor. Take the shears and the ladder.

Go back to the statue on the manor corner.

Use the ladder on the wall and then use the shears to remove the ivy.

Turn the statue around and take the small key. +3; 113

Visit the Wamberger tomb where the professor's parents are buried:

Go right to the right side of the manor. Climb the steps to the cemetery gate now that Adam mentioned it to Ellen.

Look close at the lock. The key in the lock is jammed.

Use penetrating oil from the kitchen on the lock. The gate is opened. +2; 115

Find the family mausoleum:    Look around the cemetery. Check the name on the tombstones or mausoleum and then click the name on the label at bottom of screen.

Pick up the metal bar on the ground in front of the Porter mausoleum.

Turn left and forward to the mausoleum at left side of cemetery. Click on the name on the top of the building.

Enter the mausoleum:    Use the shears on the ivy covering the door.

Use the small key from statue on the door of the mausoleum. Enter the mausoleum and look around.

Find the crypt:    Check the engraving.

Look close at the circles below the engraving. The aim is to form triangles on the circle.

The triangles must be the same color as the central design. Left is blue, right is red and top is yellow. Remember these colors.

The 2 chain rosettes in between the circles are used to exchange small adjacent triangles from one circle to another.

The diamond at center of each circle is used to turn that circle.

Place all similar colors in the correct circles with care to the position they are placed on that circle.

The bottom left circle has the most formed engraving on it but of mixed colors. Use it as reference.

The plate on the floor opens. It's a big drop down there. +10; 125

Open the side tombs:    Use the metal bar on the right tomb but the lid is too heavy for Ellen.

Use the metal bar on the tomb at left. Take the rope ladder and pick axe inside the tomb. + 2; 127

Explore the crypt under the tomb:

Energy:    Check Ellen's energy to see if she needs food. Remember that whiskey and sleeping pills are bad for Ellen.

Use the rope ladder on the opening on the floor. Go down to the crypt.

Crypt floor:    Look around. Take a bone3 stone snakes and a terra cotta pot from the ground.

See a mound of dirt in front of the middle door. Click to remove the dirt.

Etched rings:    See a circle made up of 3 rings and a center circle. Each ring is engraved.

Doors:    See 3 doors with engraving above them.

Open the doors:    The aim of the rings on the floor is to form the design above each door on the arrow that points to that door.

Only one door can be opened at one time.

Place the 3 stone snakes on the empty circles of the rings.

Middle door:    Start with the middle door. Study the design above the door.

Form that design under the arrow that points to the top.

Turn each ring by click-hold-stop.

If correct; a sound is heard. Go to the now opened door. The middle room is an ossuary. +5; 132



Right door:    Open the right door by copying the design on top of the door onto the rings on the floor.

The design should be left of the arrow pointing to the door. Note that there is a dot or line inside the reversed V on outer ring.

The middle door closes. +5; 137

Enter the right room. See a snake. Ellen is scared of snakes. Use the terra cotta pot on the snake. +3; 140

Pick up the antique flask with oil. Use the knife to take a piece of cloth-tissue.

Left door:      Open the left door by copying the design on top of the door onto the rings on the floor.

Note that there is a break in the line of the fish tail on middle ring. +5; 145.

Find Vambery's safe:

Enter the left door. Use the flashlight on tunnel but the battery dies.

In inventory combine the strip of tissue with the bone to make unlit torch.

Combine the unlit torch with the antique flask containing oil to make a torch. +4; 149

Light the torch with the lighter to get lit torch. +2 151

Use the lit torch on the tunnel. Go forward once and then turn left.

Place the torch on the holder right of the metal door. See a metal door.

Open the vault:

Prayer:    Turn around and read the prayer for protection against Satan. It is the same message on the medal of St. Benedict taken from the secret room.

Take note of the first letter of each Latin word: IHS V R S N S M V S M Q L I V B.

Turn back to the door.

Metal door:    Place the medal of St. Benedict at center of the circle.

Arrange the letters similar to the letters at periphery of the medal.

The bottom letters can be taken from the prayer on the wall.

There are 4 round buttons inside the circle. These exchanges 2 letters on each quadrant.

The arrows at center turn the letters clockwise or counterclockwise.

Place IHS at top and going clockwise arrange the letters: V R S N S M V S M Q L I V B.

If correctly done, the door opens. +15; 166

Get the Vambery's Secrets trophy after opening the secret office and the vault.

Get the Real adventurer trophy after solving 6 puzzles.

Search the vault:

Enter the vault and look around.

Take the strap off the cloth covered item on the pedestal. Remove the cloth to see a bust of Vlad Tepes - Count Dracula.

Someone is watching Ellen through the security camera.

See a Romanian flag hidden at the corner behind the bust. The flag is made up of blue, yellow and red.

Open the chest:     Look close at the chest. Turn-click-hold each of the squares to show blue, yellow and red colored plates (like the puzzle by crypt door and the flag).

The chest opens. +10; 176

An announcement states that the battery is low and the door will close automatically.

Energy:    Ellen panics and her energy goes down. Take enough of the medicine to make her well. Add vitamins to give her full health. Replenish vitamin inventory. Get In Perfect Health trophy if Ellen is in full health.

If you mix whiskey and sleeping pills; obtain the Reckless One award.

Check the door and see that it is locked.

Chest:     Look inside the chest. Check the title of the book: Dissertations upon the Apparitions of Angels, Demons and Ghosts. That sounds familiar.

Take the short piece of string, broken wax cylinder, silver bullets and leather box.

Find an exit to escape from the vault:

Find a possible exit:    Look at the bricks on top of right wall. Use the pick axe on the bricks. A small hole is made. + 2; 178

Make a larger hole:    In inventory; combine knife with silver bullets to get powder.

Use powder with leather box.

Use short piece of string on leather box filled with powder to make an explosive.

Obtain the kamikaze award for combining the dynamite and lighter in inventory.

Use explosive on the small hole made on the brick wall.

Use lighter on explosive. That made a larger hole but it is too small to fit Ellen. +6; 184

Break the wall:    In inventory combine rope and grapnel.

Use the rope and grapnel on the hole on the wall.

Use strap on bust of Vlad Tepes.

Click on end of strap to automatically tie it to the rope of the grapnel.

Push the bust of Vlad Tepes to make a large hole. +10; 194

Exit through the large hole on the brick wall and be in Adam's bedroom.

Get the Great Escape trophy after getting out of the vault.

Adam:    Talk to Adam.

Report to the director of the museum:

Go downstairs. Use the phone to call the museum. Talk to the director.

Learn that Kaneyek is a 16th Istanbul artist. The name changed to present day Yanek.

Listen to the wax cylinder found in the vault:

In inventory, combine the glue with the broken wax cylinder from the chest at the vault to get wax cylinder.

Go to the glass case close to the piano. Open the glass lid.

Use the wax cylinder on the middle long rod. Lower the horn over the wax cylinder and then turn the crank.

November 1870 in Vladoviste; listen to Vambery's grandfather talk about his exploits with Ioan Hartner. Hartner's wife Luciana was taken and turned by Dracula. Learn what happened to Hartner and Luciana. +7; 201

Get the Voice from the Past trophy after listening to the wax cylinder.

Decipher the encoded message found in Friedlen's file:

Go back to Adam upstairs in the library. Talk to Adam about Kaneyek and The Path of the Dragon.

Adam mentions that the strip of paper from Friedlen might be decoded using the scytale in his room.

If you use the scytale before Adam tells Ellen about it, get the Independent award.

Go to the Adam's bedroom. Use the strip of paper with encoded message on the scytale that is on the desk.

Seek information on Kaneyek's descendants:

Get the address of Yanek in Istanbul: Yanek Tevkkifhane sokak 7 34110 Fatih, Istanbul. +5; 206.

Tell Adam about Kaneyek.

Go downstairs and call the museum. The director sends Ellen to Istanbul, Turkey.

Get more fruits from the kitchen.

Say goodbye to Adam at the library.


Hotel room:

If you start the chapter in perfect health, get the Perfect Patient award.

A lighter and a knife are in inventory.

Use the knife to open the box on the table.

Read the letter from Gerry. Take the camera and the medicine.

Exit the room.

Visit Yanek:

Yanek:    Enter the open door. Ellen calls out for Yanek.

Look at the Lilith painting at right. It is one of the missing painting in the Vambery collection.

Talk to Yanek. Learn that Yanek is a painter as well as a puppeteer.

Avoid the question when asking about Friedlen. Get the Diplomat trophy after avoiding angering Yanek.

Find a place from which to monitor Yanek's departure:

Turn around. Move the garbage bin. Enter the door that is unblocked.

Look through window to see Yanek leave.

Look around. Pick up strip of metal on top of metal drum. Pick up knotted rope, lock picking hook and pliers.

Break into the studio:

Look close at Yanek's door and see that the lock picking hook is already inserted.

In inventory combine the pliers with the strip of metal to get a tension tool. +2; 208

Use the tension tool in the lock.

Lock picking:   

The tension tool can be moved up-down by click-hold-move. There are 6 positions that it can be moved to.

The inserted lock pick hook can be moved in-out. The lock pick hook has 5 teeth.

The tension tool is at the upmost position.

Get an award - Experienced Burglar.+15; 223

original position

The upmost position of the tension tool is the start. If you go back here; you have to start from the beginning.


Move the lock pick hook to show 4 teeth in the lock. Move the tension tool to the second from upmost position.


Move the lock pick hook to show 1 tooth in the lock. Move the tension tool to the third from upmost position.


Move the lock pick hook to show 5 teeth in the lock. Move the tension tool to the fourth from upmost position.


Move the lock pick hook to show 2 teeth in the lock. Move the tension tool to the fifth from upmost position.


Move the lock pick hook to show 3 teeth in the lock. Move the tension tool to the sixth from upmost position.

Repair the broken puppet:

Turn around and flip the light switch right of the door.

Puppet:    Look close at the alcove desk that has painting items - Yanek must be making a puppet.

Look close at puppet show and click on rightmost switch at the bottom. A puppet falls of and breaks. Ellen says she has to restore the puppet.

Pick up the broken puppet.

Paint an arm:    Look close at the painting desk at left. The arm needs to be painted and cut.

Highlight the paint brush. Click-mix yellow and red paint to make orange. Use the orange paint on the sleeve of the arm.

Wash the brush in the bowl of water. Use blue paint on the cuff of the sleeve.

Highlight the scalpel and cut the outline of the arm. +10, 233

Get the Steady Hand trophy when the outline of the arm is cut with no mistake.

In inventory, combine the movable arm and the broken puppet. +2; 235

Examine the Lilith painting:

Puppet show:    The aim of the puzzle is to get the man with the key to enter it on the keyhole under the balloon.

Numbering the switches from left to right - 1 to 6.

1. Click switch #5 left man in boat to raise the right side of the boat.

2. Click switch #6 to get the right man on boat to jump and change the sun to moon.

3. Cut the balloon rope by clicking on switch #2 - the second man from left. He is carrying a knife.

4. Click the switch #4 - man at center to call the dragon (increased in size because it is night). The dragon eats the man with a knife and clears the way for little man with key.

5. Click switch #1 - the balloon loose and it will float to change night to day. This will remove the ivy from the stand that has the keyhole.

6. Click switch #3 to move the little man with key to the left and insert the key on the keyhole.

The secret door at left opens.  +15; 250 Puppeteer achievement received.

Lilith painting:   

Enter the room beside the stairs. Take the rod in front of the covered painting.

See the Lilith painting. Examine it and then take a picture of the painting. +5; 255

Photograph the paintings that look like they come from the Vambery collection:

Go right and see a painting on an easel that is covered with red paint.

Turn to the table and take the sponge and paint solvent.

In inventory combine the sponge and the paint solvent. +2; 257

Use the sponge with solvent twice on Vambery's Brueghel painting with red coat. +5; 262

Take a picture of the exposed painting. +3; 265.

Find the 16th painting on Vambery list:

Go back to the stairs and remove the room divider. Go upstairs to Yanek's bedroom.

Side Table:    Examine the side table.

See rings with ornate mosaic design. Turn the rings to complete the design.

The outer ring moves itself and the middle ring.

The middle ring moves itself and the inner ring.

The inner ring moves itself.

Use the yellow, red and blue and green mosaic tile at center design as a guide.

Turn the outer ring so that the 2 stars of the same color is positioned across the same colored tile at center.

Move the middle ring to match the outer ring. Move the inner ring to match the rest. +10; 275

Take the hook from the opened side table.

Attic:    Look up at ceiling and see the attic trap door.

In inventory, combine the rod from the secret room and the hook from the side table.

Use the rod with hook on the ceiling trap door. +2; 277

The ladder is down. Climb to the attic.

Missing painting:    Turn left and take the rope from wall and screwdriver from stool.

Check the box at right side. It is the A III 07 16th painting from the list of the Vambery collection.

It has an ornate lock. Take the sealed case. +5; 280

Body:    Turn right and move the curtain. See a dead man on the floor.

Examine the body and see that the pockets are empty.

Look close at wrist and see that it has a dragon tattoo.

Use the camera and take a picture of the dead man. +3; 283.

Close the trap door to slow Yanek down:

Ellen hears sound from downstairs. Close the trap door by clicking on the handle at right.

Flee through the window:

Look at the window. Use the screwdriver on the 2 screws holding the metal plate with the padlock.

In inventory combine the rope from the attic with the knotted rope from the hiding place to get long rope.

Use the long rope on window. Escape. +2; 285

Contact the police and the museum:

Use the phone on the side table. Call the police and get a recording.

Call the museum and talk to the director. He wants Ellen out of the country before reporting the murder.

Open the chest that's sealed shut:

Look close at the sealed case and see a panel with 2 plates with holes at 2 sides.

The aim of the puzzle is to depress the squares in the keypad to match the holes on the side plates. The number of holes should match the depressed pads at center.

The top holed plate is for the columns and the right side plate is for the rows.

When done correctly the holes on the 2 side plates are all lit up. +15; 300

Get the Thank You trophy for watching the credits. Get The End trophy for finishing the game. Get the 300 trophy for getting 300 points.

Ellen opens the case and sees the painting of...

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