The Drowned God - Walkthrough
Author: George K. Ison

Conspiracy of The Ages


In this game, F or F1 means forward once. R means turn right. L means turn left.

You start the game in the Bequest Globe. Click on the Ancient valve-operated computer, you will be asked to type in your name. In turn, you'll receive your Sacred Number and Sacred Symbol, which you will need to remember for the remainder of the game. Click your sacred symbol and each picture. Once you have your sacred number and symbol, enter the Crypto wheel just to the right of the computer. Click on one of the two hot spots (either 1 or 9.) Once you enter the Crypto wheel you can either go up to Kether, or down to Malchut first. In both places, you must enter the room and click on the monitor in the middle of the room. After the message, a number will flash on the screen, remember this number. Once you have both numbers (3 and 8), leave the Crypto wheel and go back to the ancient valve-operated computer. Enter the numbers, 3 and 8, then press ENTER. You now have access to the first Realm, Binah.

Go back to the Crypto wheel and click on the hot spot corresponding to number 2. You will enter the Realm of Binah, to the interior of Stonehenge. Turn left once. Walk through the Temporal Gateways until you reach the Armored Torso. (Note, there are four possible places to go in the Stonehenge formation: the Armored Torso, the Helmet, Merlin's Oak, and the Beach.) Enter the Armored Torso. Turn right, F4, and L to the Shield Puzzle on the back of one of the chair.

Click on the puzzle to start. The object of the game is to connect all of the nodes without crossing the line you have drawn. The solution:

Click the very bottom, then the next three spots counterclockwise. Click next circle in, then next five spots clockwise. Click third circle in, then next five spots counterclockwise. Click in to center circle, then three spots clockwise. Click next spot out to lower left, then up one. Left one and down one. Click very outer spot at lower left, then back to starting point at bottom. After you solve the puzzle and see the vision of the Holy Grail, walk out of the room through the same door you entered to see more visions. Your reward for solving the Shield puzzle is the Tower card. Place it in your inventory.

Once the visions are finished, you can turn around and enter the Armoured Torso once again. This time, you'll see an alien craft rather than the Round table. Walk over to the computer where the Man In Black was standing. You must select your Sacred Symbol, slide the symbol for Binah time (the Grail, top symbol), and click on the position for Binah on the Crypto wheel (the top right corner of the square. Once you've successfully selected these three elements, click the large green button and the alien craft will rise. An elevator down to Leonardo's Workshop is revealed. Don’t go there just yet.

Turn right, forward one, left, forward one, right and click the door in the Armoured Torso. Walk nine steps to the Stonehenge formation and turn right twice. Go forward to Merlin 's Oak. Note: by turning around in the middle of the Stonehenge formation, you'll change where the temporal gates will transport you. Once you find Merlin's Oak, click on the three drawers until you release the Elemental. One pattern that works to release it is to open the bottom drawer first, then the middle, and finally the top drawer.

Once you release the Elemental, it will guide you to the beach. Turn around and go forward four steps into the Stonehenge formation and turn right twice. Walk forward through the gate that the Elemental opens for you. Walk to the water's edge, turn left and click on the figure to summon the boat. Get on the boat, and you will be taken to Avalon. Enter the tower building and you will face the Knights Templar puzzle. A DIFFICULT solution to this puzzle is found on page XXIX of the game manual. The goal is to remove the last flame or flames so that only the chalice remains, thus forcing the Knight to drink. NOTE: you will always lose the first game because the Knight places the chalice on a stable square. Thus, you must win the second and third games. You must remove the flames so that when they are gone, the chalice is on a shaded square for the new active board dimension. If the chalice is on a stable square, it will always be on an unstable square at the next turn. Likewise, if it’s on an unstable square, it’s always possible to make it stable on the next turn.

Since you go first in the second game, turn away from the board and SAVE GAME. Turn back to the board and always place the chalice in a corner. Quite often, the board will change and leave only the corner chalice and four flames in a row with the chalice. If this does not occur, turn away from the board to reset it. Turn back to the board and try again.

When you finally get four flames in a row with the corner chalice, get rid of the flame next to the chalice and you win the second game. You can also win the third game by resetting the board.

THIRD GAME: Keep resetting the board until the knight places the chalice in the middle square on any edge. Then, get rid of the next row of flames from that edge. You should end up with the chalice and only two flames on one side of it in a row along that edge. If not, reset the board until you do have the chalice and two flames together, for instance OOCFF. O means empty squares. Then all you have to do is get rid of the flame next to the chalice. I once had to reset 12 times, but still I was guaranteed a win.

Once you beat the Knight, an elevator will appear behind him. Get in the elevator and turn around. Go up to visit Morgan Le Fay and click the light. Here, you will receive the Star card for getting past the drunken knight. Keep clicking on her till she repeats herself. Then, take the elevator down to the bottom (2 floors down.) Get out of the elevator on the bottom floor and walk directly across to the Priory of Sion book. Place the Tower card from your inventory on the table, and you'll be able to open and explore the book. You icon will look like a page at the right edge to turn the pages. This will also unlock the metal door to Leonardo's workshop. Be sure to look at the illustration on the wall, behind the book, and checkout its mini-animations by clicking on the hot-spots.

Now, turn left and walk through the white door at the end of the hallway and enter the Einstein and Newton puzzle. The goal here is to arrange the 4 phrases from Einstein and 4 phrases from Newton into a logical conversation. Walking through the right or left door will get a different statement from either Einstein or Newton. Press the NOW button to start.

The first statement should be from Newton: “What goes up, must come down.” When you hear the proper response from Einstein: (after going through some doors) “Nonsense, there is no up or down, there is only infinity”, click the Now button. Always click the Now button after the next logical statement. Here is the complete list of statements in order:

Newton: What goes up, must come down.
Einstein: Nonsense, there is no up or down, there is only infinity.
Newton: Infinity irrelevant, the solar system is a finely tuned mechanism.
Einstein: Not a mechanism, a highly evolved organism, a figment of God’s imagination.
Newton: Then did God also imagine quantum mechanics?
Einstein: Quantum theory, bah! God does not play dice with the universe.
Newton: No, you do. Einstein: I did not open Pandora. I did not fill the balloon up.

Once you solve the puzzle, you will receive a metal ball, actually it's the Automaton's Heart. Place the metal ball in your inventory. Walk back through the white door to the hall. Walk across the hall until you reach the metal door, go through the door to enter Leonardo's workshop. Ahead and to the left, enter the alcove with charts, books, and such. On the right. On the right, look at the two books on a small table. Look at the map above the table.

Turn right, go forward, turn left, go forward then left. You should be facing a Star Map puzzle. You must first place the Star card on the holder before you can proceed. The goal here is to match numbers in each axis to make the pattern of the Sirius constellation. The axis co-ordinates were found in a book on a worktable in the alcove.

The corresponding numbers on the map are, in order: 17, 2, 19, 5, 24, and 37. They have to be marked by selecting the proper number across the top and along the left side. 17 is marked by clicking 3 along the left and 1 across the top. When the others; 2, 19, 5, 24, and 37 have been marked, you'll be able to view Leonardo's secret drawings by clicking on the button. Click each picture twice, then the button for another picture. Finally, the screen disintegrates and you receive the Star card again.

Now walk over to Leonardo's bench, where the spinning dial is. Get close and turn left. You’ll see a stone plaque with the Automaton's image on it. Step toward it and place the Automaton's Heart, you received in the Einstein and Newton room, in the stone to activate the Automaton. Go over to the Automaton and pick up the Babel Cylinder that it produced for you. You're now ready to re-visit Morgan Le Fay. Look up, turn right, go to the round exit left of the large black machine, and open the door. Three steps forward and turn left to the elevator. Go up two floors to Morgan Le Fay. Put the Star card on the golden holder and she'll tell you where to place the Babel cylinder. Once done, she'll give you the Moon card.

Get in the elevator and go down two floors. Enter the round door to Leonardo's workshop and walk through the door by the Automaton. Continue to a darkened wall and turn right. Go up some stairs and down the other side. At the bottom on the right is a shield. On the left is a dark box. Place the Moon card on the box, and the hallway will light up. SAVE GAME. Here’s the last puzzle in Binah, Merlin's Retort.

This is a timed puzzle, so you must match the symbols quickly. You can turn the box by clicking on the left or right edge of each panel. TIP: Initially, view all faces by rotating the box in one direction. Copy the symbols from each face. This way, you can efficiently plan your moves. If it gets dark, restore or just click on the box light behind you. Match all of the pairs, and you'll be transported back to the interior of the Stonehenge.

Here you must go back to several places in Binah and set back the clocks. Each place will have something very simple to do in order to set the time back. For example:

When you go back to Morgan Le Fay's lair, click on the candle to the right.
When you go to the monitor in the alien craft, slide the grail back into its original position.
At Einstein and Newton, press the button on the dial.
At the tree, open the top drawer. Click the revolving clock to start it backwards.

After all areas have been taken care of, you are rewarded with the Holy Grail. Click the portal and get transported back to the Bequest Globe, where you can continue your quest for Truth.


Back at the Bequest Globe, enter the Crypto wheel by clicking on either 1 or 9, you can either go up to Kether, or down to Malchut first. In both places, you must enter the room and click on the monitor in the middle of the room. In Kether, the upper room, you will receive the Magician card. Walk over to the world map on the wall and place the Magician card in the holder. Move the green square up to Stonehenge. You will access information about Stonehenge. When finished, walk back over to the monitor and receive the code number (4.) Turn around and go down the stairs all the way to the bottom.

In Malchut, you'll receive the Temperance card. Walk over to the drawing on the wall and place the Temperance card in the holder. After seeing the painting, walk back to the monitor to receive the code number (8.) Once you have both numbers (4 and 8), leave the Crypto wheel and go back to the ancient valve-operated computer. Enter the numbers, 4 and 8, and press ENTER. You now have access to the second Realm, Chesed. Go back to the Crypto wheel and click on the hot spot corresponding to number 3. By walking through the Crypto wheel, you will enter the Realm of Chesed, starting in the Pyramid area.

The Chesed environment has multiple pathways between the Sun pyramid, the Moon pyramid, the DNA Ark, and the U.S.S. Scorpio areas. Most of the puzzles can be solved nonlinearly.

The pyramid you should visit first, once you enter Chesed, is the Horus Pyramid. Follow the long trench to the first pyramid. Turn right, forward a step, left, forward 3, left, forward 3, right.

Climb up the steps and you'll find the Horus Pyramid Game. The goal here is to fill in all of the nodes. It’s not very difficult. If you want to start the puzzle over, just turn all the way around. Once you beat this puzzle, you'll receive a metal ball, which you will place in the plinth at the Oracle later on.

Now to find the Ball Court puzzle. Go down the steps. Turn R, F1, L, F1, L, F1. The object of the Ball Court puzzle is to raise all of the stones to make a level surface. One pattern to solve this puzzle is click on the stone (or stones) in the back row first (while they are lowered.) Once the row is level, move to the next row towards you. Repeat this until all the rows are level. One stone remains slanted. Now click on the key on the far wall. This will open a door and you'll be able to walk into the interior of the Moon pyramid. Keep clicking on drawing on the wall, and you'll receive the top half of the Emperor card.

You can leave this room now and go out to the front of the Horus pyramid. Cross back over the stones. Then, R, F1, R, F3, L. The pyramid next to the Horus pyramid, is the Sun pyramid. Climb up its steps and you'll find four cards. Pick up the left one and carry it over to the calendar stone at the top of the Moon pyramid, which is around the corner from the Horus and Sun pyramids. Turn around and go down the steps. Then, L, F, R, F3, R, F, R. Go up the steps and place the first card. Go back for the next card. From the bottom of the steps, L, F1, L, F3, L, F, R. When you finish placing the fourth card, click the hot-spots around the calendar. You will receive the Heart Stone from the calendar. With the Heart Stone, you can access the interior of the Sun pyramid. Turn around and go down the steps. Then, L, F1, L, F3, L, F, R. Go up the steps and place the heart stone on the statue.

Once you go inside the Sun Pyramid, you'll find a Nine Men's Morris game on the floor. Maybe some of you gamers remember it from “Legend of Robin Hood.” Go up the steps either side of the platform, turn right or left and step to the center. Turn to the front and step forward to see the floor puzzle. Click it to start. The computer is tough but beatable. It’s easier the more you play. The goal of the game is to place your markers three-in-a-row. This is called a Mil. When you place three markers in a row, you get to remove one of the computer's markers from the game. Of course, if the computer forms three in a row, you also loose a marker. Once all nine markers are placed, you move by sliding one of them to an adjacent space. You can move a marker from a Mil and then return it to reform the Mil and remove one of the computer’s markers. This is handy when you can’t get any of your other markers together. When you beat this game, you'll receive the bottom portion of the Emperor card.

Now you're ready to go to the Oracle. Walk through the trench directly in front of the Moon pyramid steps. Walk down through the tunnel and go forward all the way up until you reach the plinth. Look down. Open the door in the floor and place the metal ball from inventory in the empty space. This will fill the Oracle with water so Horus can appear. Be sure to take the metal ball again, and place it in your inventory, when the plinth door re-opens. (You will need to place it on the Rod of Osiris in the sub.)

To walk over to the Oracle, turn around and go down the steps to just before the tunnel. Then, L, F2, L, F2, L, up the steps and, R, F. Horus will appear and ask you to make the choice of life (alpha) or death (omega) for him. Choose life (alpha) and a secret door will open in the pool. (Otherwise, you'll need to enter the DNA Ark via the interiors of the Moon or Sun pyramids.) You will receive the High Priest card after you make your selection.

Go back around front and go down the right or left stairs to the empty pool beneath the Oracle. You'll see a doorway. Follow the tunnel until you get to the door with the bright white light. Turn right and go forward. You'll see the Water Organ. All you need to do is press any of the keys (in any order or combination) 6 times. You will then be elevated to the DNA Ark, where you will immediately see Noah. Turn around and you'll see the tattoo body.

To complete the Tattoo Body puzzle, you must scan the body of the Alien Astronaut and find all four representations of the Rod of Osiris. Each time you find one, and click on the scanner, you will receive a DNA sample. After you find all four Rod of Osiris tattoos and receive all four DNA samples, turn around and walk to Noah. One at a time, grab a DNA sample from your inventory and place it on Noah's chest. You will receive the Lovers card after you give Noah all four samples. Click the raised thing on Noah’s chest. At this point, you should have the Lovers, the Emperor, and the High Priest cards. If so, three indentations will appear in Noah's chest. Place the cards there and turn away. You will be transported to the U.S.S. Scorpio submarine.

You arrive in the engine room. Turn around to see the Rod puzzle, which you will solve later. Now find the periscope room (up two floors.) Turn back around. Then, F4, R, F2, L. F3, L, F3, R. Go straight ahead up some stairs and straight AGAIN up stairs to the periscope room. Take two steps into the room and turn right. Here you will find a key around the neck of the frozen captain. Then, L, F, R, F, L, F. You will see a Morse code chart. In the captain's quarters, you will need to enter Morse code for the word GENESIS. Once you have the key and the Morse code for the word genesis, find the Captain's quarters. From the chart, turn left, then F, L, F7, L, F3, R. Once there, look at the book. Enter the Morse code for genesis (--. . -. . ... .. ...), on the transceiver’s red button, at the desk. Then, click the green button. This will unlock the bathroom door behind you.

Enter the Captain's bathroom. To the right above the light, click the eye icon to see a monitor. Click it’s green button. On the desk, go through the memo's in the folder. The eye icon scrolls the pages and the page icon turns the pages. You'll find another key behind the last memo. Take it. Now you need to find the flooded engine room, the room you were in when you transported to the sub. Leave the bathroom and turn right. Then, F3, L, and straight ahead through two doors to an intersection. Then, L, F3, R, F3. R, F2, L, F4.

Here's the Rod game. You will have to manipulate the x, y, z, and rotational coordinates of the Rod of Osiris. First you must place the two keys in your inventory into the two keyholes. Click them near the upper left of the black and yellow sticker, then slowly move your mouse to the upper right. You will have four tries at placing the Rod in the correct coordinates and rotational orientation (right side up with empty rod on the right.) The puzzle varies the initial coordinates each game. The first thing you should do, at the start of the game, is move all control knobs to the far left, this is the 0 position. If you turn around, you can see the position of the Rod.

  • The upper left-hand knob controls the X axis. Each click will move the Rod one square to the right. (Note that if the Rod is in the rightmost box, it will move to the leftmost box in one click.)
  • The lower left-hand knob controls the Z axis. Each click moves the Rod back one square along the Z axis.
  • The upper right-hand knob controls the XY axis. Each click moves the Rod down one square to the right on the X axis, and two squares up the Y axis.
  • The lower right-hand knob controls the rotation of the Rod. The Rod must end up vertical, right-side up. You can set this knob to rotate the Rod upright, in the first control settings movement, then set it back to zero to keep other movements from changing the upright position.

It's best to change one or two movements at a time. Once you learn the workings of the coordinates, you might realize that certain controls are no longer needed and you can turn them back to zero. You have four moves to complete the puzzle before having to try again. Once you've completed the Rod puzzle, all three coordinates will be flashing. Turn around and place the Oracle Orb from inventory on the empty bar end at the upper right. You will be transported back to the Bequest Globe.


Back at the Bequest Globe, enter the Crypto wheel by clicking on either 1 or 9, you can either go up to Kether, or down to Malchut first. In both places, you must enter the room and click on the monitor in the middle of the room.

In Kether, the upper room, you will receive the High Priestess card. Walk over to the world map on the wall and place the High Priestess card in the holder. You will access additional information about The Bermuda Triangle, and The Pyramids in Mexico. Examine both sites. When finished, walk back over to the monitor and receive the code number (5.)

At the bottom of the stairs in Malchut, you'll receive the Empress card. Walk over to the drawing on the wall and place the Empress card in the holder. Notice the pieces of the STONE star. After seeing the painting, walk back to the monitor to receive the code number (9.) Once you have both numbers (5 and 9), leave the Crypto wheel and go back to the ancient valve-operated computer. Enter the numbers, 5 and 9, and press ENTER. Turn around and open the Crypto wheel. This time the number 5 on the wheel will be active. Click on 5 and you'll enter the third Realm, Din.

As you enter the Library , remember the bookcase you see because you'll need to place the books you find in this realm there later. Turn left to the desk and click on the book. The title is a vague clue. The first puzzle on the wall is the Traffic Control puzzle. Click the map spot, in front of the chariot, to start. You can control the direction by clicking once on the ball, for each path, at an intersection.

MAKE THE FOLLOWING MOVES: down two stops, over long straight track one stop, up slightly left one stop, left two stops to bottom of broken track, up new track two stops to very top, right one stop, down two stops, up slightly right one stop, down and right to larger exit. Once you solve the Traffic Control puzzle, you'll receive the Chariot card.

Turn away from the solved puzzle and go toward the door. Fall through a trapdoor in the floor to face the Mechanical Maze. (There are other ways to proceed, this is a quick one.) In this puzzle, you'll face two elevators in each room. You must go through either the left door or the right door. One solution to get through the maze is to go first go Left, then Right, then Left, then Right, etc., until you make your way through the puzzle.

Once out of the maze, you'll run into the old Relic Hunter. Follow him around. After he looks through a window of a door, turn around and go F2, L, F3, L, F. At the end of the corridor with several side passages, there’s an oval shaped door. Turn right and click the dark doorway. The hunter should be here and turn the lights on. Eventually he'll split in two and kill his other self. Pick up the Book of Orion and the Relic Hand to place them into inventory. Take the right door and go straight ahead along the riveted floor. Go between the staircases and left up the stairs.

You'll find Carl Jung's Memory Machine. First, click the picture, then click it’s button. On the machine, you must determine the pattern and position of four characters. Pull the lever to get started. After each of your guesses, you'll be told how many match and how many in the correct position. After trial and error, you get the correct pattern. You'll receive the Flying Saucer book. Turn around. Then, F, R, F, R, F, L. Click the button under the star drawing. Turn right and go F, R, F, R to the other side of the same level.

Here is Allistar Crawley's machine. First, click the picture button. Select your Sacred Symbol on the machine, then the eye symbol between the speakers, to start the animation. When requested, place the Relic's Hand on the hand imprint. You will receive the Book of Lies. After Crawley’s machine, turn around. Then, go F, L, F, L, F2, R, F4 to downstairs and turn right. Then, go F2, R. Click on the two dolls. Inside the chest plate of one is two notes you should read. The other doll will give you the Justice card when you click it’s open chest. Some of the posters might be interesting.

Leave the Theater, go out and take the blue steps on your right. Turn left to the subway. Choose the top, Machinery stop. Leave the Subway. Go up to ground level and turn left to the hut with a red light each side of the door. Inside, fool around with the controls till the man gestures at you and goes down an elevator platform. MAKE SURE THE RED SWITCH ON THE RIGHT IS OFF, then turn around and go back to the Subway. Go one stop down to the house and exit the Subway.

Go up to ground level and enter the house. Go to the ticker-tape machine that’s running. Look at the instructions which will raise the theater. Turn around and go F, L to the bookcase and put your three books into it. Enter the secret room. Look at the four posters around the room to see, Firebird, Gene Isis, Lost Angels, Majestic and their symbols. These are codes for the Four Server puzzle. Leave through a side pyramid door, turn left and go back out through the door and down to the subway. Choose the top Machinery stop.

Outside the hut, SAVE GAME! Inside, Set the controls according to the instructions: temperature 60, small star on, big dial at third position, purple gauge fully right (NOT 4 like the tape showed), blue gauge fully left, skull dial off, TT dial on, switch on, far right switch on (cogs turning.) The man appears and pulls a lever. After the animation, return to the sub and choose the far right stop (red dot button.) The screen breaks up and you teleport into the Hackers Caravan. Go to the video screen and click on it. This will bring up the Four Servers puzzle. It’s easy if you carefully do the following instructions:

  • Click the left pentagon symbol and click the trail to it’s right to start the rotating beam toward the pentagon symbol on the right. Keep going till you connect the two pentagons.
  • Click the top chalice symbol and bring the beam three chips to the right. Then, take the beam all the way to the bottom and left to the bottom chalice to connect them.
  • Click the top pyramid symbol and take the beam four chips to the left. Then, down six chips and back right to the bottom pyramid symbol.
  • Lastly, click the left spoked-wheel symbol and bring the beam down three chips, right six chips. Then up two chips and left four chips. Next, up four chips and all the way right. Now, straight down to the spoked-wheel symbol on the right. You receive the Hermit card. Don’t click the large triangle for the web site, the company is out of business. Click the top left icon for info.
  • GENEISIS for the snake and rod.
    LOSTANGELS for the chalice.
    MAJESTIC for the pentagon.
    FIREBIRD for the spoked wheel.

Click on each small icon in turn and enter it’s password from the secret room posters. Yellow scroll buttons are on the left. This isn’t necessary for game completion, but there’s some interesting reading and some mini videos in one of the groups!

Afterwards, go to the bedroom, turn right and click on the globe to return to the subway. Go to the top Machinery stop and enter the hut again. A card holder appears on the right. Put one of your cards in it. The man appears and moves a lever to raise the theater. Go back to the subway and choose the down stop to the house.

Back in the secret room behind the bookcase, use a tarot card on the left arched door to the control room. Use the lever to move the house up to the theater. Turn around and go to the small pyramid and open it. Click the base near the symbols head and click on 5 three times. Each time the head says Fix Me, click on the head syringe. Click a final time for extra instructions, then the head lowers. Turn left twice, forward, then right. Go through the door. Just inside and to the left, go down the steps, into the hole, to the basement. Go forward till you get to the Immortal Man, Compte Saint Germain. Click the symbol on the left till a red glow appears. Click it to put it into inventory.

Go back up to the theater floor and turn right to the stairs. Go up the left stairs just to the top. Go left and past the star drawing to the door. Go through it and continue forward, through some watery sounding areas, to the Man In The Iron Mask. Click the left speaker till there’s a red glow. Click the red glow to put it into inventory. Now get a closeup of the plaque. Go back down to the theater floor and leave through the door between the two staircases. Open the small pyramid again and click the head for a closeup. Put your star stone into the receptacle. You’re asked to choose Iron Mask or Immortal. Put a tarot card into either space. Return to the Bequest Globe.


Enter the Crypto wheel by clicking on either 1 or 9, you can either go up to Kether, or down to Malchut first. In both places, you must enter the room and click on the monitor in the middle of the room.

In Kether, the upper room, you will receive the Devil card. Walk over to the world map on the wall and place the Devil card in the holder. You will access information about two additional sites, the Four Corner Area in the U.S. and the Great Pyramid of Giza. When finished, walk back over to the monitor and receive the code number 6. Go all the way to the bottom of the stairs.

In Malchut, you'll receive the Death card. Walk over to the drawing on the wall and place the Death card in the holder. After seeing the painting, walk back to the monitor to receive the code number 7. Once you have both numbers, leave the Crypto wheel and go back to the ancient valve-operated computer. Enter the numbers and press ENTER. Occasionally, if you can’t enter the numbers because the cursor is not an eye, you can probably go ahead and enter the Crypto wheel. If not, you’ll have to restore. Turn around and open the Crypto wheel. This time the number 4 on the wheel will be hot. Click on 4 and you'll enter the fourth and last Realm, Chokmah.

Once in Chokmah, turn around from the fence and go to the Hacker's Caravan trailer and enter by clicking on the mirrored door. Turn left and step forward. On the left, check out the phone message. Behind you, check out the secret notebook by clicking the page icon on the right side of the pages. Check the tape machine on the left of the monitor. Walk into the bedroom and you might see an alien.

Walk into the small room to the left of the couch. Click on the X-ray machine and you'll access the Brain Implant game. Click the spot above the lower eyeball to start. The goal of the puzzle is to force the computer to move to a spot next to you so that you can capture it on your next move. The key to winning this game is to go around the triangle in the lower left corner of the puzzle at the two yellow spots in a row. By going around that loop, you're piece will be in the correct orientation to always capture the other piece once you lure it to that area. When you win this game, you'll receive the Hanged Man card, which you have to give to the Pigman in the Diner.

Walk out of the caravan and go inside the Diner. Go straight ahead to the W.C. door, taking your time examining the booths. Turn around toward the front door and you might see some strange lights (Angels?) Walk to the other end of the Diner and answer the phone (by the pinball machine.) Now move over to the radio. You must tune in Edgar Mayce's broadcast. The broadcast is on the top line and about 8 notches over to the right (there are 11 notches total on the top line.) Once you hear all (or part) of his message, turn around and you'll see a vision of the Pigman. When the Pigman asks you for an item, give him the Hanged Man card. In return, he'll give you the Judgment card. When he disappears, turn to either side.

Once back at the Bequest Globe, visit the upstairs and downstairs rooms just like you usually do. The cards you get will open the locked doors in those rooms.

Behind each door, pick up another card but don't go further. With both cards in inventory, SAVE GAME!

Try a card at each of the two locked doors, for nearly identical endings except for the rooms. You’ll have to restore after each.

Finally, take the X and VIII cards back out to the main floor and use them on the Crypto Wheel door for an ending with the aliens.

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