DreamCraft Entertainment


Walkthrough by Chrissie March 2012


On launching the game you have the option to adjust Screen resolution, Graphics quality & play in Window mode. (Clicking on the ‘input’ tab gives you options to reconfigure the game controls &/or use a joystick).

Pressing ‘play’ takes you to the Title Screen with the options: New Game, Load Game & Quit.

NB New Game will give you the option to skip the prologue (not recommended!)


Your desktop can be accessed throughout the game by pressing the Windows button on the keyboard.


Controls: The game is played in 1st person perspective in a full 3D environment using the mouse & keyboard. Use the mouse to look around & the WASD or arrow keys to move. (Instructions for game controls flash

on-screen intermittently during the prologue)


Interaction: Use the left mouse button. There are only two icons - a magnifying glass which appears if you can examine an object (which occasionally you may be able to use an inventory item on), & cog wheels to perform an action/use an inventory item or talk to someone.  NB You need to be close to the object or person.


When talking to someone a dialogue box will appear. Click & drag the slider at the side of this to scroll up/down to see complete list of dialogue choices when available.  


All in-game commands are contained in a notebook which can be accessed by pressing Esc which will take you straight to the Main Menu page, I to take you to your Inventory pages or the Tab key to take you to the Game Options page.


Game Options: From this page you can access the Inventory or Main Menu pages.


Inventory: Here you have the option to Present, Examine, Use & Combine objects – press the command first then select item(s). When the pages are full an arrow will appear at the side.


To present an item, press the command & click an item to show to another character if the option appears in the dialogue choices. 

To examine an item, you can either use the mouse to rotate it or use the A, D/side arrow keys to turn it over. Pressing W, S/up, down arrow keys will move the item further away/bring closer. If you click on a book an option to read it will appear – pages can be turned by clicking on arrows at the side.

To use an item, once selected, the game screen will automatically appear. Click on the place you want to use the item or right-click to return it to inventory.

To combine items, press the command, & click on items.


Clicking on ‘Go back’ at the bottom of the page will flip it to the Game Options page.


Main Menu: Here you have the options to Save, Load & Quit or return to the Title Screen.


Clicking Save will take you to a notice board with 4 photo slots which can each be overwritten. Only the time is recorded.


Clicking on ‘Go back’ at the bottom of the page will flip it to the Game Options page.


NB Not all items that can be looked at or interacted with are mentioned in this walkthrough. Directions are included but in some cases there may be alternative routes. 




Read & click through the opening words.


In the Woods Somewhere

Turn to the right & take note of the pick-up truck. Open your Inventory; see that you have a Lock-pick Set as well as the Flashlight. Examine both sides of the Hand-drawn Map – flip it over by using the A, D or side arrow keys.


Go in the direction of the light from the truck headlamps & the flashlight. Follow the path ahead until you come to 3 old rune stones on the right – close in on each to read them.


Go back onto the path & continue ahead & enter the ‘Jaws of the Beast of Stone’. Go forward & take the path to the right & follow it around until you see a path ahead & one to the right.  Go right & continue following it until you eventually come to a cross. Look at it – it’s a tomb stone.....................


You land in what seems to be a basement storage area & have dropped your flashlight. Move forward & look down at the floor. Pick-up the Flashlight – the batteries have fallen out. Look at the broom leaning against the wall on the right. Turn left & see the batteries on the floor. Move forward & pick up them up. In inventory combine Batteries with the Flashlight.

Follow the corridor ahead until you come to a dormitory. Go right before the door ahead, click on the cabinet drawer & look at the bottle. Go back to the door & use the Lock-pick Set  

Lock-pick Puzzle 1: From left–right click barrels 1, 1, 2.


Enter the next room – it’s seems to be some kind of refectory. Ahead there is a metal gate with no apparent means of opening it. Go to the left of the room & look at the story book on the table – you can just make out the title Fables of Calmwood (upside down) – you have the same one at home.  Go to the right of the room & around behind the crates to the crank in the corner. Click on it – the gate opens but closes again when you move away.  Click on it again & use the Flashlight.


Go through the now open doorway & follow the corridor around until you come to what looks like a meeting room lit by candles. Try clicking on the door to the left – it’s not locked but something’s blocking it from the other side. Turn around & go  through the opposite doorway..................


One Week Later

You’re in an apartment. You automatically answer the phone when it rings – click through the dialogue.


A few days later...........


Calmwood (Day 1)


You’re automatically dropped off at the 912 bus stop. You need to find your father’s shop.


Look in your inventory & examine the Eviction Notice.


Turn right & go up the road past the gas station to the Nar kop/supermarket. Look at the mail box to the left of the doors then continue up the road to the Map of Calmwood. Look at it & also read the flyer next to it about Calmwood Museum. See a man ahead in the distance. Approach him & talk to the old man about all subjects.


Get into the Antique Shop

Go to the front door of the shop. The door is locked. Try the bell on the left if you want. Go around to the right side of the shop & forward. Click on the gate in the fencing to enter the antique shop backyard. Click on the backdoor – it’s locked. Take the Piece of String dangling down to the right of it.

Go towards the truck in the corner & look in the back. Take the Hammer. Look through the window – you can see the key to the house on the seat. Turn around & go towards the sandpit – use the Hammer on the loose nails on one of the corners to get Bent Nail.


Combine Bent Nail & Piece of String in inventory to get Improvised Fishing Hook. Use on the truck window to get Keys to Antique Shop.


Automatically turn around when you hear a man’s voice to meet Kent, the policeman you spoke to on the phone a few days ago. Talk to him – make sure you ask about the funeral. It’s this afternoon at 2 – Kent gives you a Tourist Map.


‘Home Sweet Home’

Use Keys to Antique Shop on the backdoor & enter an office/storage area.

Go towards the desk & look at the strange box. Pick up the book Fables of Calmwood. Click on the lower left drawer & look at the old photo. Examine the Fables of Calmwood in inventory to read the story about the Forest Witch & the origin of Calmwood.  


Go through to the front of the shop.  Behind the counter area look at the white rose & read the note from your sister. Take the White Rose. Click on the cash-register. Look at the phone & answer-machine. Click on the phonebook to look up the addresses for Kent, then Anna Smith – she’s not listed.


Return to the back of the shop & go upstairs to the living quarters & look around all of the rooms. Look at the painting in Anna’s room.  Use the Hammer on the stuck drawer of the desk in the corner of your old room & take the Lock-pick Set.


Henry’s Funeral

Leave the shop & find your way to the church. Go down the path left of the decked area near the Map of Calmwood, go to the right then up into Victor Strauss Street & keep moving ahead until a command box appears to give you the option to go to the cemetery.


Talk to Kent; show him the Lock-pick Set if you want! Enter the church & see the Calmwood Museum flyer on the right. Go to the casket at the front, click on it & through the dialogue. Automatically turn around & see Anna coming towards you. Talk to her; show her the White Rose if you want. Continue to talk until a strange man waiting for Anna approaches her.


You now find yourself in the cemetery. Turn to the left & look at dad’s grave. Choose to leave the rose if you want.

Turn left, go forward, turn left go forward, turn right & go forward to leave the cemetery. Return to the antique shop, go upstairs to your room & click on the bed.


Dream 1

Click through the dialogue.

Find yourself crouched down behind some large cardboard boxes. Move forward as close as possible. Ahead see your targets lined up – 3 tin cans & a small cardboard box to the right. Look down to your right & pick up ‘ammo’. ‘Fire’ at ‘Stupid Monster’ on the left, ‘Ugly Monster’ next to the small cardboard box, ‘William, the very stupid troll’ & finally ‘The very evil Lord Ted’ turning to pick up more ‘ammo’ each time. NB You may have to try ‘firing’ at the very evil Lord Ted first..........!    


Having ‘defeated your enemies’, go around to the right of the boxes & pick up the Strange Box. “Dad, dad! Look what I found.........” Click through the dialogue.


Calmwood (Day 2)


Go downstairs to the desk in the office/storage area & pick up the Strange Box - it could be worth something. Remember the flyer for the museum.


Open the Strange Box

In inventory combine the Lock-pick Set with the Strange Box.

Lock-pick Puzzle 2: From left–right click barrels 1, 2, 3, 3, 4.


In inventory examine the now open box. See a winding key – it must be a music box. Click on the drawer & on the figurines (you may have to tilt the box forward) to get Figurine Forest Witch, Figurine Small Child A & Figurine Small Child B.

Back in inventory, one-by-one, combine the figurines with the Strange Box. Each time when the figurine appears outside the drawer, move the cursor over the ‘grass’ area at the top & click on one of the shapes to place it. The Forest Witch obviously belongs on the left! If you examine the box at this point, if the figurines are correctly placed the winding key will work if you click on it - but you hear nothing. There seems to be 3 places for the small child figurines – one must be missing.


You can’t leave yet as there is someone in the kitchen. Go up & talk to Anna then exit the house through the back door & side gate.


Turn left, go forward, turn right, go forward & then left towards Calmwood Museum. Click on the door to enter.  


Calmwood Museum

Enter a large gallery & go through the left door to a smaller gallery at the back. Look at the Forest Painting on the back wall & the nail that’s holding it up.

Go through to the right gallery at the back & talk to the curator. His name is William & he is the new owner. Ask about the paintings, then click on the dialogue option ‘Show Item’ & present him the Music Box. He goes to check some books in the basement. Look at the painting of the Forest Witch while he’s gone. Talk to him when he comes back – he can’t find any information & offers you 400 for the music box. Ask if you can look at the books yourself.......       


Distract William

Talk to William & present the Music Box again. When he goes again to re-check his books go to the left gallery & use the Hammer on the nail above the Forest Painting. Go back to the right gallery & talk to William – hear the painting fall. Automatically find yourself in the left gallery. When William goes into his office go back to the right gallery & use the Lock-pick Set on the door to the basement.

Lock-pick Puzzle 3: From left-right click barrels 2 & 3.

Enter the basement.


The Museum Basement

Go down the steps & straight ahead right of the boxes – follow the corridor around until you reach a door. Enter a bathroom. Look at the beauty products on the sink to the left to pick up the Face Powder.


Go back towards the steps & click on the door on the right to enter a library/archive room. Go behind the desk, click on the top left drawer & then on William’s diary. In it he mentions in reference to the combination to the safe that he’s never been good at remembering numbers.


Find the safe

Go over & look at the painting on the right wall. “It seems like a rather new painting of The Forest Witch”, mmm..........

Use the Face Powder from inventory on the painting to see fingerprints appear on the frame. Click on the painting to reveal a safe. Click on the safe to see a list of options (drag the bar at the side to scroll down to see all of

them): Turn 1 right, Turn 5 right, Turn 10 right, Start turning left, Reset Safe.

Click on Reset Safe & then click on safe to leave the puzzle.


Work out the Combination

Go to the opposite wall & click on each of the paintings, from left-right:

It’s a painting of the forest witch. The label says, “Children of the Forest, John Linderburger, 1860”

It’s a painting of the forest witch. It depicts her capturing and torturing men as in her legend. The label says, “Curiosity of the Flesh by Johanus B. Eng, 1912”

It’s a painting of the forest witch. I believe that it is supposed to be Calmwood that she watches over. The label says “Sanctuary, Peter Nilsson, 1945”.


If you read the Fables of Calmwood in your inventory earlier the elements of the story will be familiar, & the dates of the paintings are obviously the clue to the safe combination.


Go back to the safe. Logically there are 3 paintings therefore 3 numbers to enter. They were painted in the order 1860, 1912 & 1945.The numbers are too large to input using the options available so perhaps they’re the first part or more likely the 2nd part of the date: 60, 12 & 45. The numbers don’t work so maybe they’re in the wrong order.  


Examine the Fables of Calmwood in inventory & rearrange the dates of the paintings to match each theme to the progression of the story, starting with the earliest, to give you the dates: 1912, 1860 & 1945. (Thank you Wincey for sharing that tip in GB Hints)


Using the last two digits of each date click on the following:

Turn 5 right x 2, + Turn 1 right x 2 (=12)

Start turning left 

Turn 10 left x 6 (=60)

Start turning right

Turn 10 right x 4, + Turn 5 right (=45)

Open safe


Click on the safe & take the Calmwood Artwork Guide – there seems to be a news article attached to the book Open inventory & read the Calmwood Artwork Guide, & also the Newspaper Clip which mentions that Charlie Nilsson was your father’s assistant.



Leave the basement & William catches you. Show him the Calmwood Artwork Guide - no good! Click ‘Show Item’ again & then examine the Artwork Guide in inventory. Use the A, D, or side arrow keys to look at the back of the book. Click on the sticker stating that it is the property of your father Henry Smith. Click through the dialogue – it doesn’t matter what response you give you keep the book.


You think the Music Box may be the unidentified article made by Ramsey mentioned in the Calmwood Artwork Guide but William needs better evidence. Click on him again to find out what proof he needs. Leave the museum.


Visit Charlie

Go to the antique shop & look up Charlie Nilsson in the phone book. There’s no phone number but his address is Victor Strauss Street 1.


Go down the path left of the decked area near the Map of Calmwood, go to the right then up into Victor Strauss Street (the same road leading to the cemetery). This time take the 1st turning on the left & go towards the house on the left. Knock on the door & talk to the old lady. Go around to the back of the house & towards the chalet in the corner. Use Lock-pick Set on the door.

Lock-pick Puzzle 4: From left-right click barrels 1, 1, 2, 2, 3 & 4.


Charlie’s Room

Look around the room then look up & see a ceiling hatch. Use Improvised Fishing Hook on it to access the attic. Go to the desk & read Charlie’s diary – he doesn’t seem to like someone called Simon very much. Notice the ’bunny’ comments similar to the one in the lid of the music box. Click on the figurine next to it to get Figurine Small Child C – it seems to be the one missing from the music box.


You hear the old lady calling up – she tells you that Charlie is out praying but needs to be home before 5. He must be at the church.


In inventory combine Figurine Small Child C with the Music Box & place it in the remaining area. If you click on the key it will now play a tune.


Find Charlie

Exit to Victor Strauss Street & turn left to make your way to the cemetery. Charlie’s not in the church so go forward, take the 2nd path on the right, go forward & pan to the left. Approach the old man you saw earlier. Click through all dialogue to learn a little about his thoughts & also where you can find Charlie. Pan to the left, go towards the shed & turn right.


Follow the path forward & wind your way down into the old part of the cemetery Go towards the crypt & click on the door – its Ramsey’s. Turn left & approach the young man by the edge of the pond.


Talk to Charlie. Click on ‘Show Item’, in inventory examine Music Box, click on the key to play the tune. Click through the dialogue - Charlie doesn’t like the tune & denies knowing anything about the Music Box but he will now talk to you if you stop playing the tune.


NB If the Music Box doesn’t work, click on the figurines to re-position them from left-right: Forest Witch, Small Child C, Small child A & Small Child B & then click on the key.


You think that Charlie is hiding something. Click through the dialogue options, choosing the response ‘That’s not true!’ when relevant & presenting him with the appropriate item – you need to show him the Newspaper Clip & the Music Box. NB Depending on your responses & order of dialogue, you may have to examine the Music Box in inventory & click on one of the figures to get a reaction.



NB Additional dialogue from Charlie can be generated by clicking on alternative responses. 


A: What can you tell me about Ramsey?

C: Well everyone in this village knows who Ramsey is.

A: Continue

C: He was this artist that mostly did sculptures and such........

A: Continue

C: My mother really liked his work but I don’t really care for it. And that’s all I know about him......

A: Wait, tell me more

C: I don’t know anything more! Why are you asking me these questions? I don’t know him any better than anyone else in this village.

A: That’s not true!

C: W-what do you mean?

Click ‘Show Item’ & present Newspaper Clip.


Click through the dialogue – Charlie still denies knowing anything about the music box.


A: How was it that you started to work for him?

C: Well, I was about 7 when there was this Ad in the paper. It wasn’t very specific but Ramsey

was looking for a young assistant to help him out in his studio. So I wrote him a letter.

A: Continue

C: Anyway, a few days later I got a letter telling me to come and see him twice a week.

A: Continue

C: I did some chores for him. Cleaned his tools, made him lunch, that sort of thing.

A: Tell me more

C: I was never involved in any of his work in any way......

A: That’s not true!

Click ‘Show Item’, & either present the Music Box or examine it & click on Figurine Small Child C (the one with the red hair)


If Charlie doesn’t respond, click on the dialogue box & then ‘Could you repeat the last thing?’ & repeat your responses & actions. If you’ve presented the box & he again denies seeing it before, click through & choose ‘Look at this redhead figurine...It looks like you...doesn’t it?


Click through the dialogue & accuse Charlie of carving the eyes out of one of the figurines. Continue talking to him until he relates his experiences of working for Ramsey & tells you about the music box.


Leave the cemetery. Pick up the Metal Spear on the left just past the shed.



Now that you have proof that the music box was made by Ramsey go to the museum & talk to William who is standing outside. He buys the music box. You have no need to visit anywhere else at the moment so return home.


Antique Shop

Go to the study/storage area at the back & see Muller standing by the desk. Click on him – he tells you he’s waiting to talk to you about mother.............


................you recall a conversation you had with your father Henry – click through the dialogue.


Dream 2

You come-to & see that you are back in your old apartment. Click on the large clock – you can set the time. Click ‘Step away from the clock’ to back out.

Click on the key (the icon is below the clock) – it’s stuck.

Look around & click on the TV to see the number 40. See the calendar hanging up behind the phone & notice 8 marked with a cross. Go into the toilet & click on the toilet lid – could that be the number 210, 20 or 40 written on the inside? Go back to the clock & try setting the time to 8.40. Step away from the clock & click on the key to get Strange Key (it looks like the one on the music box).   


Use it on the front door & exit. If you turn around you will see your eviction notice on the outside of the door.


Go down the corridor & turn the corner to see a strange ‘white alien’. Continue on, passing a chair with one of the child figurines laying on it, & later another ‘white alien’ – at some point you will see the Forest Witch figurine floating in the air. When you eventually come to a ‘death trap’ automatically turn around to see an army of ‘white aliens’ coming towards you...........


Calmwood (Day 3)


You wake up in your room at the antique shop. Make your way down the stairs & hear someone at the door. Go to the front door & notice items have been strewn around the place. Pick up the Mysterious Letter. Examine it in inventory.........


Ramsey’s crypt

Go to the cemetery & make your way down to Ramsey’s crypt. Use the Metal Spear on the door & click to enter. Walk around the stone coffin & see a plate on each side that can be interacted with. In inventory examine the Calmwood Artwork Guide & turn to the last page for a clue. Turn the plates of the coffin according to the illustration. (The roots & crown need to be upside down). Click on the lid – it’s empty. You need to report it.


Police Station

Leave the cemetery, turn right at the end of Victor Strauss Street & go forward. The police station is on the right just before the fire station. Click on the door to enter – there’s no-one at the front desk.


Go through the left door & ahead into Kent’s office. Talk to him & click through all dialogue – he mentions that he has some of your father’s belongings & believes he may have been murdered. When you mention that Ramsey’s body is missing from his grave Kent goes to investigate leaving you locked outside of the police station. Use the Lock-pick Set on the door.

Lock-pick Puzzle 5: From left-right click on barrels 3, 4, 4, & 6                                          


Go to Kent’s office & click on the binder on his desk. Look through the Evidence and Belongings records. Your father’s items are listed on the last page: 1987 Q2 003.


Go out into the corridor & go left until you come to a security door – you need a code.


Go to the front of the police station & look at the newspaper article on the notice board right of the desk. 1966 was a special year for Kent. Go back to the security door & enter 1966 on the keypad. NB there doesn’t seem to be any way of resetting if you click the wrong number – just keep clicking on 1966 until it works!


Once you’re through the security door click on the locker 1987 Q2 & choose folder C-003 to take the Car Keys. Return to the antique shop.


Anna’s secret

Find Anna waiting for you in the back room. Talk to her & click through all dialogue to learn about the Guardians.


Answer the phone when it rings – a male voice can give you information but not on the phone. He gives you a clue if you want to find out the truth.


Go through to the desk at the back & use the Mysterious Letter with the lit desk lamp to see some words & a number appear. Go to the backyard, use the Car Key on the truck window, click on it & go...     



Trollglade 2

Follow the path to the right of the truck until you come to a gravestone. Click on it – “here lies David Harrison”.


Go back to the truck, go forward & go to the building on the left. Use the lock-pick set on the door.

Lock-pick Puzzle 6: From left-right click on barrels 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4 & 5


Enter the shed. Take the Scythe leaning on the right wall & the Box of Nails from the bench ahead.


Leave the shed & go forward to the house - the front door is blocked from the other side. Walk around to the left side of the house & look up to see an open window. Walk around to the right of the house & towards the chicken pen. Use the Scythe on the patch of stinging nettles & enter the pen. Use the Box of Nails on the old planks in the corner to make an Improvised Ladder.


Go back to the left of the house & use the Improvised Ladder on the top window then click on it to enter the house.


Go forward then right into a bedroom. Click on David’s journal to read about his mysterious tenant called Michael who lives in the wine cellar.


Go downstairs, look at the pink mat under the table & click on the hidden trapdoor. Go towards the shelves filled with skulls & bones. Hear ‘David’ behind you & automatically turn round to see the old man you’ve met a couple of times. Click through all dialogues to learn who he really is & who killed your father.


Leave the cellar, turn right to go through the doorway & make your way around to the front entrance. Click on the chair & exit the house. Go to the pick-up truck & return to the antique shop.


Calmwood (Day 4)


Visit William

Go to the museum & through to the left gallery. Talk to William, click through the dialogue until he agrees to arrange a meeting with the ‘enlightened one’ but you need to carry out some tasks first.

Task 1: He gives you a Sealed Letter to post. Go to the mailbox left of the supermarket doors (to the right of The Map of Calmwood) and use the Sealed Letter on the mailbox. Automatically turn around when you hear Kent behind you. When he mentions Ramsey’s body you can click on either response. Go back to the museum. William gives you another task.

Task 2: Go to the antique shop & up to Anna’s room. Click on the childhood picture to get Painting. If you flip the picture over in inventory you will see another painting on the back. Take it back to William & click on him.


Take me to your leader!

You arrive at the Sacred Grounds of the Guardians. Talk to William & ask him what to do.


Follow the path ahead as far as you can & turn right to see a group of 3 robed figures in the distance. Approach them & talk to Ted in the centre. He asks you to follow him.


The trial

You automatically arrive in a chalet. Click through the dialogue with Ted – your trial will be held later meanwhile you need to stay there & study the sacred writings. Go forward to the desk & click on the Guardian Book to read it.


Go to the door, click on it & choose to do the trial. The correct answers are 1: Own Fate. 2: Wisdom. 3: Truth. 4: Calmwood & its People. It really doesn’t matter what answers you give!


Automatically be back in the chalet. Talk to William about all subjects. Talk to Muller after he arrives. Turn around & click on the left bunk & choose to go to bed.


The Guardian Headquarters

You wake up & hear Muller snoring.

Leave the chalet & go forward - you need to find the main building. Turn right, go forward, turn left & forward over the small bridge. Continue forward following the path, past the rock on the left, round to an amphitheatre flanked by rune stones. Turn left into the path opposite; go forward then right, forward & over another small bridge. Go towards the lake & click on the boat – you need oars. Turn around & go towards the shack. Take the Oar lying on the ground. Look up & see the other oar on the roof of the shed. Use the Oar in Inventory on it to get Oars. Go back to the jetty & use the Oars on the boat. Automatically arrive on the opposite bank.  


Turn around & follow the path ahead to the large building & use the Lock-pick Set on the door.

Lock-pick Puzzle 7: From left-right click on barrels 1, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5 & 5



Enter a kitchen. Go around into a dining area, go through the arch on the left & forward. Click on the door on the left to hear voices. Turn to face the arch & go to the hall on the right. Look at the middle painting on the wall. Pan around to the right, go through the door ahead & click on the hole in wall to eavesdrop on Ted & Anna in the next room.


Hear someone behind you – you’ve been caught snooping!


Automatically find yourself in the next room. Talk to Anna about all subjects then leave the room. Turn left & click on the front door to exit the building. Choose to go to David’s house.


Trollglade 2

Enter the house, click on the trapdoor & move forward to prompt David to appear. Talk to him about all subjects until he tells you about a map your father left in a safe place guarded by a clueless man. Exit the basement & the house – hear a gunshot.


Go towards the pick-up truck, talk to Anna & present her with the Calmwood Artwork Guide. It contains some kind of code which she deciphers. Automatically arrive at the co-ordinates.


In the Woods Somewhere

If you look ahead you will see a large rock (just left of the moon) – go towards it & see another large rock ahead. Go towards that & then around to the back of it to find an entrance to a bunker.


Go down through the door, along the corridor & through another to door to enter what seems to be some kind of ‘meeting’ room.


Go through the doorway to the right & follow the corridor around until you see Anna on the other side of a metal gate. Talk to her & present her with the Hammer.


Go through the now open doorway, approach Anna & talk to her about all subjects to get Cog D.


Go back to the meeting room & go through the doorway on the right (opposite to the one you originally entered by.) Go down the steps & follow the corridor round to a locked door. Try using the Lock-pick Set on it & click through the dialogue to learn that the key is in the lock on the other side.

Use the Tourist Map on the door & then the Lock-Pick Set. Now click on the tourist map to get Tourist Map & Old Key.


Use the Old Key on the door to open it. The door seems to be quite stiff so keep clicking the key on the door to gradually nudge it open wide enough for you to get through.


Enter a room with a pedestal in the centre. Click on the pillar to take the Skull – it was resting on a pressure pad that controls a gate mechanism for the two side rooms, so use Cog D on the pillar. Pick up Cog A from the floor by the door mechanism.


Go through the door right of the pedestal, click on the pillar to get Cog C & replace it with the Skull.


Go back to the centre room & go through the door to the left. Click on the drawers in the corner to get a Bronze Horse. Click on the pillar to get Cog B & replace it with the Bronze Horse.


Go back to the centre room & take Cog D from the pillar.


Use each of the cogs on the machinery & click on the machinery to open the door. Click on the door & then keep clicking on the machinery to nudge it open wide enough for you to get through.


Walk ahead into a room surrounded by strange writings on the walls. Go forward to the table & look at the book – it’s the Book of the Guardians you read earlier. Automatically turn when Anna arrives. Click through the dialogue – Anna deciphers the writing - click through to learn the secrets of Calmwood.


Kent suddenly arrives in the room. Click through all dialogue.........


Automatically be in the cemetery looking at a grave strewn with flowers. Turn to the right & talk to Anna about all subjects. Your future will vary according to the choice you make.......


Read & click through the closing words.   




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