Dead Cyborg

Episode 1: The Beginning of the Death



A game by Endre Barath


A walkthrough by Chief

July 2011



-This game uses the WASD keys and the arrow keys for navigation.


-The SPACE BAR is the active key.


-After each level, you will get a save check point with a password.


-To start a level: “Start with password” in the main menu.


-Click on the magnifying glass to get a comment on the object you are looking at.


-Hand icon: action


-Exit: the ESC key.


-SUGGESTION:  read ALL the messages from the cubes and the binary codes.  In the walkthrough, they will not be mention except for useful utility.


-The INVENTORY: click the ENTER key to see an item and again to see another item.  Click the SPACE BAR to use the proper item. If you need to close the Inventory, press the ENTER key.


-All grates, piles of junk, tires, pipes and other similar objects will not be mention unless useful.



“You are a human being who has waken up in a cryotank….you have no memories, but you find some messages from the past….from yourself….”


Level 1: Cryotanks




The game starts in a chamber with four cryotanks.  Click on the first tank on the right. It is yours.

The HOLOCUBES will help you remember.


Check all the computer screens in the chamber.


Read also the message of the cube in your tank.  Press again to read the entire message.  (There is usually only one message line in a cube).

Look also at the other cubes in the other tanks to learn the name of the other three peoples.

Above the word TEST 3 on the second tank  on the right, pick up a rusty iron bolt with the hand icon.


At the back of the first tank on the left, pick up an acid spray.


Walk forward to the opening with the “danger” sign on top.

See the cobweb and the green button on the right: press the button and the message will stop.  See a dead spider robot.

Click on the cobweb to learn that it is made of very strong nano-metal.

Click the ENTER key to open the Inventory and use the acid spray on the cobweb by pressing the SPACE BAR.


Go through the opening.





Go forward to the tires and the cube and behind them, pick up another acid spray. 


Go  left to some grates blocking the way. With the hand icon, push them twice and they will fall down.

Forward again to two more doors and turn right to see another cobweb: use the acid spray on it.

Forward again to two more doors: click the door in front of you: down it goes.  But do not go through yet.  Look at the corridor on the right and see a robot.





The robot is blocking the way.  Click the rusty iron bolt on it: you may pass.

Go in and walk behind the barrels in the middle of this room and pick up the acid spray.

Go through the opening and look around this room.  Do not forget to read all the messages on the cubes and the binary codes. This goes as well for the entire game.


Walk to the opening with the cobweb and use the acid spray on it.


Step in this larger room and see some robots. Have a look around.


From the door, go left to a dead spider robot on a barrel.  Behind that barrel, hidden by a web, take the magnetic card with the code number 854382-01.

Pan right and pass on the right of the big green pipe and the robot to go to the far wall and a cube and a barrel.

Beside the barrel, see a grate: click it and take the magnetic card

with the code number 451238-02.


Go back to the door you came through in this larger room and go down the steps on the left.

Go to the body on the floor and click it.  You can’t take the gas mask.

Back to the stairs and see a grate on the left. Click it and take the magnetic card with the code number 534230-03.


Click the cleaning robot to get a very interesting comment. It is easier to click it when it is on the left of the green post holding a screen.

Just before going back up the stairs, read the binary code: “Look for NOBOD1, the wise robot”.


Go up the stairs, through the rooms and to the corridor.





Go back to the door you pushed down.  Forward to two more doors and some junk.

Go to the corridor on the left and forward passing some iron pipes.


See an opening with an energy field and a magnetic card reader.

Use the card # 854382-01 on the reader.

Walk forward and see another energy field. Use the card

#451238-02 in the card reader.  Walk to a third one: look to the ceiling to see the magnetic card reader and use card # 534230-03.


We have reach the exit.  Use the door to go to the next level.






Level 2: Corridors


The door we came through is now locked.  No way back.

As you walk, get a message that you feel very sick.

On the right, a big brown machine, a pressurized tank.

Passing the tank, look at the ceiling to see some sparks coming from electrical wires.





Walk to the central big column.  You can look down to see some liquid.

Lets explore this are by going to the right.


On a military supply box, find and take an unknown pill and an anti radiation pill.   You swallow them automatically.  No effect.

The box will not open.

While going to the door, see a cube: a message from a robot that has no idea how to collect some clean oil from these puddles.


On the left of the door, take the rechargeable energy cell that is empty for now.


Go back to the center column and see a robot: “Leave me alone. I’m working”.  You can also click on it.


Time to explore the area behind the robot.

See a compact nuclear reactor and a red button to push on top of it on the left: nothing happens.

Walk past the tire and the grate and see another closed box on the left.  Behind the box, pick up the anti radiation pill.   Still no effect.

Across from the box, see a computer screen and a robot head.

The robot is holding something in it’s hand: a key. Turn around.

Click the hand icon on the door on the right of the stairs: it is stuck.

But click again to open it: see a red button on the right and press it to hear something; at the back of the room, on the right, behind the barrel, take an empty oiler.

Go out of this room.


Go to the stairs on the right with a welded grate blocking the way.

You are too weak to climb through.


Go back to the robot and the center column and go right. As you pass the column, see some sparks from electrical wires.

Walk forward in that area and see more electrical wires in the floor at right.  A bit further, a wheel with a built in engine.


You can look at the green computer screens on the left.


Go right from the four tires and behind them, press the red button: a creaking sound from somewhere.  Look to the right and see that a door is open.  Go there.


On the right, see a supply box.

Go left to pick up an automatic crowbar leaning against the wall.

Behind the door, on the barrel, take the robot eye. 


After this full visit, return to the electrical wires hanging from the ceiling near the tank.  Use the rechargeable energy cell on them to get a charge energy cell.   While you are there, go on the right of the tank and see an oil puddle.  Click the oiler on it to get an oiler with some oil.


After this, go to the area behind the robot and to the robot head on the floor.   Click the energy cell on it to connect it.

Now click on what it is holding in it’s right hand but the grasp around the key is too strong to pick it up.  Click the eye on the robot : it does not need the key that it is holding: pick up the large ignition key.


Go to the compact nuclear reactor behind the robot and click the red button to hear a sound.

Go to the door on the left of the central column and behind the box.  Enter.





See the strange vehicle: it is a strong electronic weapon.

Pan right and see a body and look at the corpse.


On the front of the vehicle, have a look at the control panel with two keyholes, a small and large key.  We already have the large one.

Then check the four screens on the right: the top left one is a message to Jack that the key is at the usual place.


On your way to the back of the vehicle, open the ventilation on the right before the box: check the plan of the vehicle: arrows in front and back.

Walk to the back of the vehicle and look at the end of the electronic gun: take the small ignition key. 


Now, with the two keys, go to the front of the vehicle and use them on the control panel: you get a huge electric discharge and a breaking noise.

At the back of the vehicle, see the gun firing electrical sparks at a window.  That broke a box and see pills on the floor: take them.





Go to the stairs across the robot head and use the crowbar on the grate.  You can know go up to the door.

Click on the door, but it is rusty.  Use the oiler on it.


The door opens.  Walk in and go to the other door.


It is the exit to another level.





Level 3: Catacombs





As you enter this room, pan left to see a cube under a computer screen.  Click the cube: “….I must learn how to build machine parts into my body….”

Next to the cube, see a compact reactor and just a bit further, on a barrel, see and pick up a large screwdriver.

If you feel continuing to walk further left, you will see a dead robot spider.

Go to the other side of the room passing over the junk pile between the pools and see a cobweb. Exit this room.





Go to the corridor with rusty iron pipes, grates and a robot head.


On the left of the grates, notice a hollow panel. Use the screwdriver on the panel but the tip is too blunt.

Across this panel, in front of the column, click the panel to open it:

See three red lights and a grate that we can’t open.


Walk toward the robot head and look left before the broken reactor to see that a ventilation fan is switched off.


Go to the robot head and turn left to see a red button: press it : a fan starts somewhere near.  It’s the fan we just saw.

Go to that fan and use the screwdriver on it to sharpen it.


Now, let’s see if we can open that hollow panel on the left of the big column using the screwdriver: indeed we can: click on all three objects if you want.


Passing the robot head, we have three sections to visit: right, in front and left of the robot.





So, passing the robot head, turn right and see a robot in oil heaven.

In the other small pool, plain water.

Turn right and under the binary code and on the left of the tire in the pipe, we have another hollow panel.  Use the screwdriver on the panel : the screws are damaged.


Walk across the two small pools and on the left, a hollow panel:

Open it and among items, see a red button #1: press it and hear the click of an electric switch.






Go back to the robot head and turn right to be in the “In Front” section.   See two barrels and five tires.  Push the five tires with the hand icon three times to be able to go through.

There is a hollow panel on the right where the stack of tires was, but we can’t open it.

Go to the back wall and left and click that panel with the screwdriver to open it.   You will find some objects in there and two hollow panels. On the left wall, the second panel, that can’t be open and the one at the back that we can open.


See a narrow corridor.  There are many items in there and a red button #3 that you press to hear the click of an electric switch.

Go forward in this corridor and you can click anything you want to.  Further down, on the left, see a robot holding an urn: click it to read the message.  Funny!

At the end of the corridor, meet NOBOD1 the wise robot: click it to get his message.  Press the SPACE BAR to see the entire message.

On the left, see a fan and click the hand icon to take the acid spray.

Go out of this corridor and walk right to face the robot head.





So, facing the robot head, go right to see a body on the floor.

On the left wall, click a hollow panel and press the red button #2.


NOTE: there are other hollow panels but they can’t be opened.





Go back to the robot head and go right all the way to the two pools room and the cobweb.  Use the acid spray on it and pick up the iron hook.





Let’s visit that opening where we saw three red lights that are now green. The grate is gone.

Read the message of the cube. Hum!


Click on the huge balloon: it is stuck between the walls.  Use the screwdriver on it.  Pick up the deflated balloon. 


Turn the corner to see another balloon and use the screwdriver on it.  You have dropped the screwdriver under the gratings.

Use the iron hook on the grate to get it back.


Go  to the end of the corridor to see a room filled with lethal smoke that you can’t enter.

In the middle, a barrel with smoke coming out of it.

How can we stop that?


Let’s take a walk to the robot in the oil pool.  Beside it, is the water pool: click the balloon on the water to get a balloon filled with water.





Back to the room with smoke.  Click the balloon on the barrel in the middle: the smoke is dispersed.


You can look around to click everything.


Go to the door with the faulty electronic control.

Pan right and use the screwdriver on the faulty electronic control in the wall to short the circuit.   The door is now open.


This is the exit to the next level.





Level 4: Death Room
This level starts in a narrow corridor.
Walk forward to three barrels and see two stacks of money.
Click them and they crumble to dust.  Too bad.

Go to the left corridor (We will use this name for it later) and walk to the pile of junk: you can’t go this way.  See a laser gate in the back ground.


Go back to the three barrels and left to see that a few floor panels are missing.  Look up and use the hand icon twice on the grates.

Walk over them to another barrel and door.


On the left, a door ajar, but stuck, and to weak to open it.

We can think that there is a room beyond that door.


Note: there is in fact a room in there. Four corridors run around this room.  We are presently in the Bottom Corridor.


Go back to the corridor and go left.  See a cleaning robot that you can click and an empty energy cell with a stack of money that crumbles to dust. 


Continue on to a room with a polluted oil in the pool.

On the right, a robot head and a stack of money behind it. Same result when you click it.

Continue walking around the pool and read the message of the binary code on the wall at the right of the door: “This is a message you don’t understand, but it seems interesting, so you memorize it”.


Note: this binary code and password must be read to open the upcoming laser gate.


Go out of this room to the corridor and take the first corridor on the right.





Walk forward to a pipe and click the stack of money near it.

In dust it goes.

Approach the laser gate that you can open by clicking the brain scanner seen above the gate.  It reads the mind and a password: it found the password, so the gate opens.

Going forward, notice a pile of junk on the left and the room we already have seen through a door earlier.  We can’t go this way.


Forward again to two doors: click the one on the right: not much to see inside but a screen: “….we’re going to meet soon….”


Back to the corridor and go right..  Walk to the door and a laser gate on the right.  Get scanned.  Nothing for now.

See a body on the floor.





Go left from the door to two more doors: open the one on the left: click on the money and read the binary code. This is the password to open the laser gate we just saw.  But we will go there later.

For now, exit to the corridor and go left to the door at the end.

Open it and walk to the pile of junk on the left that is blocking the way to the room.

Keep walking the corridor to the stack of money. Dust again.


And just beyond the money, take the empty coffee cup.

Keep going forward to a door on the right and a corridor on the left.





This is the corridor we saw before with the laser gate in the distance.  Go to the laser gate that you can’t open for now.

Turn around and walk back to the top corridor.





Go left to a gas cylinder and money beside it.  Dust again.

The door is locked.


Turn around and walk all the way back to the laser gate and the body inside.  Click the brain scanner and walk in.

Go to the body: body parts missing.

Click the money beside the corpse, dust.


On the left wall, see an obsolete coffee machine; put the coffee cup on it and click the cup again: leave it here. We need money.


Do not forget to read the message of the binary code: it is the password for the laser gate of the left corridor.


So, from the coffee machine, go straight ahead in that corridor and to the last corridor on the left.





Go to the laser gate and click the brain scanner to lower the gate.

Forward to enter the big room on the left.





See the cyborg in a glass cage.


Let’s look around.


Go right to two screen: read the messages from the cyborg.

In between the screens, see the ajar door that we saw before.

On the left of the door, on the floor, pick up the stack of one dollar bills.    Finally…….


Continue going around to a third screen to read the message of the cyborg. Further, see two more screens attached to the wall that you can also read.

In between those two screen, see two barrels, one on top of the other and read the cube behind them: “This man is turning into a robot”

And the tour of the upper part of this room will finish by seeing a yellow robot.


Let’s now visit the bottom part of this room by going down the stairs just after passing by the yellow robot.


Read the message of the two screen.  Look up and click the pipe: “This pipe smells of coffee. Strange….”


Go back up the stairs to go down the stairs on the other side.

Read the messages on the screens.


Back up the stairs and go to the door on the other side near the yellow robot.


Exit and go right until the end. Turn right and walk back to the coffee machine.  Use the money on the machine and get some thick liquid. It smells like coffee.

Take the cup with thick liquid.


Back to the cyborg room.  Go down the stairs in front of you.

Pan right and use the coffee cup in the water: it looks almost like coffee now.  Turn left to use the cup on the pipe that smells coffee.

The pipe sucks the coffee.  Read the message on the right screen: “Thanks for the coffee….I’ve opened a door somewhere near….See you later….”


Back up the stairs and exit and go right a bit to the door on the left that you can open.





Walk in.   See a massive metal door and a digital pad.    Check everything in this room.


Click on the cube in front of the screen: “What is the code? And where are the buttons?  Hint: The solution is in this room”.


Look up to the ceiling and see a red button.  It controls the left number (hundreds) on the digital pad.


Look at the entry door from the inside and see a red button at bottom left.  This button is for the right number (unit).


Look at the metal door and see a button on the right.


Click the other cube in between barrels: “Barrels, batteries, pipes”.


Maybe we should look around and count: 2 barrels, 7 batteries and

3 pipes.  Let’s see if 273 is the good number. To enter the numbers on the digital pad: use the proper button to do so.


The metal door opens.


Walk to the next door and enter a circular room.

Click the cube and read the message: “….Maybe there’s something out there to save you….”


Go forward to the other door and open it.


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