Dead Cyborg

Episode 2: IN THE DEATH



A game by Endre Barath


A walkthrough by Chief

March 2013


-This game uses the WASD keys and the mouse for navigation.

-After each level, you will get a save check point with a password.

-Left mouse: activate.

-Right mouse: Inventory and left mouse to use selected item.

-To start a Level: “Start with password” in the main menu.

-Shift key: run.

-ESC key: exit.

-Magnifying glass: click it on an object to get a definition.





The game starts in a yard where you can see different objects.


You are in front of a military computer still operational and beneath it, one that is out of order.

To the right, a green chest protected by a brain scanner: it will open when a certain piece of knowledge is present in your mind.

To the left, the round door to a passageway you came through to be here.


Continue on toward a blue robot: “I should repairs all 10 cameras to gain access to the bunkers”.   Notice the camera near the robot.


Continue on passing two barrels on the left to a strange thing blocking our way.

Come back to where the game started and turn right after passing in front of two barrels.   As you turn, look to the right to see an unusable key pad.

Click the instrument just below it to move it.

See a blue button: press it.




Look inside that garage.   Check the green chest: empty.

Over the chest, on the right,  see a faulty camera blinking red.

DO NOT take the pills in the container.


Exit and go right.  Before you exit, notice the camera on the right, above the blue barrel.  As you exit and turn right, open the container on the right: take the CD for “Maintenance of industrial cameras-training CD.


Go back to the military computer where the game started:  use the CD on it and learn how to repair cameras, but you also need a special screwdriver.


Click on the green chest beside the computer and it ejects a large screwdriver,  take it.


As you exit the military computer area and going left, see a camera over the two barrels: click the screwdriver on it to repair it.


Go back to the garage, use the screwdriver on the camera over the green chest and it is instantly repaired.

Do not forget to repair the camera before the exit on the right.


As you exit, go a bit to the left: see a camera above the graffiti, repair it with the screwdriver.


From that camera, go right and pass the container.  See three chests: click the left bottom one and get, behind the chest, a can of meat that you can eat.


Go forward and turn left. Look up to the left: see a camera: repair it.


See another camera a bit further on the right: repair it.




Go to the speaker on the right: “… friend….I’m waiting for you…..”

See another operational military computer.


Turn the corner on the left and see a blue robot.   Beside it and the barrel,  a blue strange item.    And also, as you turn around, look up to the left and see a camera: use the screwdriver on it to repair it. 


See also a container; on it’s left, you can take a bottle of radioactive water.


Go back to the strange thing blocking your way (on the way, repair the camera beside the blue robot) and use the blue strange item on it: go through.




Forward to the three barrels and look up to your left: another camera to use the screwdriver on.


Forward to three barrels blocking the way: use the hand icon on them and keep walking.

See a red barrel and look up to the right to see a camera: use the screwdriver.


Turn the corner and see an open door if you got all ten cameras activated. If not, see a metal gate. On the left, a computer: Task completed, gate opened OR the gate will only open if the assigned task is completed.  If you missed a camera, go back to find it. 


See a round door to a passageway: but you are to weak to open it.


Go to the garage and take the pills in the container.  If you are still to weak, look around for cans of food or bottles of water.


Try now to open the passageway: it is stuck.  Use the screwdriver on it and go in.


The PASSWORD to Level Two:     DEEPDIVE






The keypad is unusable.


Pick up the screwdriver from under the keypad.    The green chest is empty.


See a camera over the chest and left: it’s operational.

On the opposite side, after turning the corner, see some wires and a red button: press it and hear a faint click from somewhere.




See a container that you can’t open, but see a bottle.  Turn around and see a red button on top of the post: click it.

On the left of the container, you can crush down the wall, but we will go there later.

The three yellow chests are empty. Notice a robot on top of the chest. Behind them, see a red button: click it.


Look up to the blue light on the left and see a red button to press.




As you move forward, see a red button at upper right: click it.


On the left, a closed security gate: click on the robot’s head: this door can be opened with five blue buttons.


On the floor, in the corner, a can of meat that you can eat.  You will vomit after eating.


Walk further to an open gate that we certainly opened by clicking the red buttons.




Passing that open gate, see a can of meat that you can eat.

See a door to a passageway.   Behind the blue drum, click the blue button: a faint click somewhere.


Left corridor: as you enter the corridor, see a computer and over it, a blue button to press. Walk all the way to the lattice that you are to weak to open.


Right corridor: from the lattice, go right passing the open gate on the right, turn the corner on the left and click on the false wall to open it.




As entering, on the right, a closed security gate.  Across from the gate, two yellow chests: click the bottom one and take a pack of GMO worms  that you need to place in an organic medium.

On the left of the yellow chests, click the blue button.  See also another blue button to click a bit more to the left.

On the right of the yellow chests, click the blue robot’s head: “If a button doesn’t work, press it several times!”


Click the speaker in front of the closed gate: “Welcome, last Man…I no longer need your body….No need to be afraid of me anymore.”


Continue on to the next corridor to a closed gate: the computer on the left says that the security gate can only be opened with the Big Green Button.


In front of the computer, a blue button to press.




Go there in the corridor behind the rocks.  It is now open since you pressed five blue buttons.

See a yellow chest: click it to take a thick straw.  

You can also take a can of meat on the left and pills behind the chest.


Go to the container you couldn’t open and use the straw on the bottle: the water makes you stronger.


Walk back pass the now open gate and put the worms on the green vomit: take back the worms and eat them.  You are stronger. 



Go there and click the door to open it.  Take the meat can if you want.


Click twice on the robot that moves away.  It goes to the closed Security gate.




Go there and click the robot twice to open the gate.  At the end of the corridor in front of you, see some pills that you can take.


Look up at the protection grid and use the screwdriver on it: press the green button ten times.

Exit and go right to the corridor with the other gate that was closed: now opened.




The green chest is empty.  From the robot on the side, take a robot brain shielding super cap.  


Over the chest, click the round door to the passageway, but you are to weak. Need some food.


Go to the robot that we saw before on the yellow chest in the three buttons room, put the super cap on it and take the pills on the yellow chest just below.


Go back to the round door to open the passageway.



The PASSWORD to Level Three:  DARKWAR






You are indeed back to the surface.   The two chests on the left are empty.

See a container: can’t get nothing from in there.

Click the top chest beside the container to get a sponge.   



Go forward in the passage between the rocks.   A green robot won’t let you pass.

Walk in front of the robot and go behind the drums: see a liquid with a strong corrosive odour: use the sponge on it to get a chemical-infused sponge. 

Go to the container seen at the start of this level and use the sponge on it: you will get a weapon in your Inventory.


Use the weapon on the robot.  It backs away a few feet and the weapon is destroyed.

But you can pass the robot on the left to go to a yard. 



See a massive war robot.


On the red drum on the left, take the screwdriver. 


Click on one of the three chests and get a bottle of water.


In front of the three chests, click on the green robot’s head to get a comment: use the screwdriver on the head and get small battery. 


Pass the energy wall and open the metal door.   Beside the blue drum, take the toy remote control with a weak battery.


See and touch the wall on the right that will slide down: there is a round door to a passageway there.  Can’t open it for now.


Go back to the robot blocking the way and use the remote on it: it moves back.  See a meat can under it on the right of the barrels.


Go forward to another yard.




Go forward to the back of the yard toward a green metal door passing another black liquid on the ground beside a red drum.  Use the sponge on the black liquid.


Go to that green metal door: press the two plates that will slide up: see a closed security gate.

The computer on the right scans brains: you need a certain piece of knowledge in your mind.


From here, go use the sponge on the robot: it scorched the sponge.


Come back to the container seen at the beginning of this level and use the battery on the yellow robot’s head: it is awake.  Next to it, click the blue robot’s head and get a code: ZZXX22.


Go to the computer near the closed security gate and click it: it recognizes the code: the gate is open.




Nothing to find in the yellow chests.

Go to a computer on the left side of the big robot: “Place a tissue sample in the pipe to manufacture the proper medication”.

Click the sponge on it and get some pills on the ground.


Go to….




Go pass the big robot and see that the energy wall is impassable: use the remote on it. Forward.


Then a strange thing blocks the way: use the screwdriver on it. Weird.


Go to the door to the passageway and click it.


If you need more energy, look for it.



The PASSWORD to Level Four: OILMAD






There are a few things to check on the right if you want to: chests, can of meat, bottle, wheel to a large vehicule.


After checking the bottle, turn around and see a red button on the wall: click it: a door opens on the left: go in to take the screwdriver.  Press the red button: not working.


The computer in the middle of the yard is out of order.


On the left of the computer, see a green device on the ground: click it and it will slide on the film of oil:  see that the blue cable is broken. We need a special tool.  Notice that the cables leads to a closed gate.


There is a small robot flying over: catch it: it’s in fact a small soldering robot.   Use it on the blue wire to fix it.


NOTE: to catch the flying robot, place yourself on the right of the vehicule in front of the three posts gate: look up to see a plank: when the flying robot passes over, you will get the hand icon to catch it.


Walk back to the non-working red button: press it : hear the noise of a machine from the distance.


The gate beside the repaired blue wire is now open.




Go to the back of this yard passing on the left and see two robot’s head on the ground.

On the right, a miniature nuclear reactor with three green lights.


See also a computer and at the back, metal doors: open the right one: go in to a pack of pills. 


The container is rusty.   See a blue busted barrel with a piece of metal in it: look inside and take a piece of radioactive material. 


Go to the back right part of the yard: behind the burst open blue barrel resting on the side, take a piece of radioactive material. 


Look around and see another burst open blue barrel: take a third piece of radioactive material. 


Go back to the miniature nuclear reactor and insert the three radioactive materials.    That opens a gate behind it (and the barrels). Follow the wires to enter….




Go around the yard: see a thin film of oil, some yellow chests with nothing in them, a massive robot and thin films of oil in front of the robot.


Click the green computer to push it twice under the robot using the films of oil.


Look up while standing on the computer and see a button with green lights on the robot: even if you are standing on the computer, the button is too high.  Use the screwdriver.   The wires from the robot lead to a metal door.  Open it.




See a small space ship.


And see a Cyborg, the dead one.  It’s his space ship.    But space is a lie.


Read its comments.


Try to open the door of the space ship: you are so weak.


On top of the container, take a magnetic card. 


On the left of the container, see another nuclear reactor.


Go back to the computer in front of the other reactor: click the magnetic card  on it and the metal gate on the left opens: click the device on the right and it slides on the oil puddle.  Take the pills.


Go back to the space ship, click on the door to open it and click to go inside.


If you need more meat or water or pills, go around to find them.


The space ship goes……. nowhere!!!!



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