Dead Reefs

by Streko-Graphics

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   July 2007


Gameplay:    This is a keyboard controlled third person game. The main menu has new game, save, load, settings, credits and exit. The main menu is accessed by the ESC key.

The settings menu has the audio and keyboard settings. The audio menu has the music, sound, voice and subtitles selections. The keyboard settings allow changes to the default settings: W = go forward or combine, A = go left or scroll left, D = go right or scroll right. Right arrow = action, left arrow = look, up arrow = talk, down arrow = inventory. M = map, Q = documents, N = notebook, X = search, shift = run or walk, S = back out of combine or turn 180 degrees and space bar = puzzle and ma interaction or read documents.

Inventory is accessed by the down arrow. Once the frame is seen, select the item using the A or D keys. Then use the action key-right arrow. To combine items, select one of the 2 items and then press the W key. A small picture of that item will be seen. Scroll to look for the other item in the inventory pictures. Then use combine icon (top one at bottom right of screen) and the items will now be combined. Use the back out or S button to deselect the first item after pressing the combine button.

Use the space bar to skip cutscenes. Tab key changes the camera angle in some areas. No CD in the drive is necessary to play this game.

There are unlimited saves.

Map - Once the map is taken, it can be used outside any structure to jump from one point to another. Use the M key, select the place you want to go to by the use of A and D keys and then press the space bar. You will automatically be transported to that spot area.

Active Spots - Use the X key and see all the active spots in an area.

Documents picked up - Use the Q key and then use the D key to see documents picked up. To read a book picked up, open it using the space bar.


See a man attacked on a lookout structure and later see his body at the bottom of the cliff.

October 13, 1727:    You are Sir Amadey Finvinero, an investigator from the mainland sent to find the killer. The crew of the ship leaves Finvinero at Dead Reefs.


Inventory - In inventory (down arrow at bottom right) is a walking stick. Press the down arrow again to remove the inventory circle.

Document - Press Q to see the journal or N for the notebook alone. Press the space bar to read what has been entered already. Check the journal throughout the gameplay to learn what is observed by Finvinero. Press the ESC key twice or press the space bar to close the journal and then use the Q key to remove the journal.

SAVE GAME OFTEN! You can die in this game with no second chance.


Pier:    Go and talk to the man waiting at top of the dock's steps. William Hooke is the local clerk and will update Finvinero of the events that brought him to Dead Reefs. Say goodbye to Hooke. He will have dinner ready at the Inn at right.

Walk around to familiarize yourself with the controls. Look and talk to the 2 men by the cart and also to the man in front of the Inn; unfriendly local fishermen. Look at the strange symbols that are drawn on walls, doors and gates in town.

Klenton's Inn:    Look at the symbol on the Inn's door. Enter the inn.

Go to Hooke sitting at far right corner of the inn. Talk to Hooke about everything. Learn about the symbols, the history of Dead Reef's inhabitants, the fall of Patrick the son of Baron Arthur Wyndham at Signaling Cliff and Benish Sue. 

Go and talk to the innkeeper who looks like the helmsman of the ship, Shedwick Klenton. Learn about the symbols, ghosts at the manor and the cook at the manor. Exit the inn.

Estate - Wyndham Manor:    Go forward right of the Inn. Go forward, down the stairs-ramp and try to talk to some unfriendly locals. Go forward and see a house with stags on the gate posts. You can enter the house later. Go cross the bridge and be at the manor.

The side gate is locked. Go to the door and knock twice or more until a voice is heard behind the door.

Foyer - Meet the butler, Belmont. The lady's picture on the second floor tilts. While he prepares the room, look around the manor.

Footsteps are heard on the blocked door of the left wing.

Go to the right wing and look around. The clock has stopped and the 2 doors at right end of the hallway are locked.

Kitchen - Go to the left end of the hallway and enter the door to the kitchen. Go to the right and look around the kitchen.

Wine Cellar - Go down the stairs at bottom right of the kitchen.

Look at the bottle on the shelf at right. Hmm - strange smell. The document says that it is aroma scents.

Go to the left and check the wine. Go to the hallway right of the wine cellar and see the door to the garden.

Go back to the foyer.

Second floor landing - Climb the stairs and look close at the 2 pictures depicted on the wall.

The lady's picture is skewed. Take note of the necklace. It is unique.

Look at the man's picture and note that he must be the pirate.

Bedroom - Talk to Belmont. Learn his version of why the left wing is closed. The portraits are of Baron Kasbert Wyndham and his wife, Clarissa.

Read the document - press Q or N, then space bar, scroll using the A or D keys and then close the journal using the space bar and then Q key.

Look around the bedroom.

Desk - Click on the desk's papers and Finvinero starts to write. Hear a woman singing by the cabinet.

Cabinet - Go to the cabinet. Look and open it. Use the walking stick on the cabinet.

Use the hand icon on the back of the cabinet. See a padlock. Look close and use the space bar. The pictures rotate. Use ESC to back out of the puzzle.

Exit the room and check all the other doors. See that except for one other door (left wing door) everything is bolted shut.

Check the Wyndham coat of arms at each end of the hallway. Go back to your bedroom.

Padlock - Look close at the padlock.

Use the space bar to rotate the pictures.

See that the pictures are the same as that of the Wyndham crest.

Arrange the pictures to be similar to that of the Wyndham crest.

The back wall opens.

Secret passage-Upper level:    Climb the stairs. Go to the hallway.

Library - Enter the door on the right. Look around.

Desk bureau - Go to the desk at bottom left of the room.

Take and read a page from the Baron Kasbert's diary. It will now be in the documents.

Learn about a monk, relic, curse and Clarissa. The post script says something about cannon fire from the ship.

Open the top small left drawer of the bureau. Take the old key. Exit the library.

Bedroom - Go to the door at end of the hallway. Use the old key.

Meet Clarissa's ghost. Clarissa gestures to follow her and she goes through the fireplace. The fireplace is blocked.

Look around the room. Look at the chair and see blood stain.

Go to fireplace. Take the lamp from the right of the fireplace.

Music - Play the music box by the window.

Piano - Replay the 4 tone music heard on the music box.

Use the A and D keys to move. Use the space bar to play the piano keys.

From left to right, numbered 1-9: press keys 8 9 8 7.

The back of the fireplace opens.

Take lamp from inventory and use on the fireplace. Enter the fireplace.

Beyond the fireplace:   

Go down the stairs and forward until a passage goes to screen left and below.

Take the screen left path. Go forward until a fork in the path.

Take the upper right path. The bottom path is blocked.

Grotto - Go forward and be at a grotto. See Clarissa. Take the rusty key from top of a ringed pedestal.

Turn back and go forward until the fork. Take the upper left path back to go to the main path.

Continue to the bottom of the main path. See Clarissa beckoning again.

Locked door - Go to the locked grilled door. Use the rusty key.

Enter and at the end see that it is the bottom of a dry well. Climb up.

Cemetery:    Go forward and see the tombstones. There are nine graves and they died nine years apart. Go left through the break in the wall to another part of the cemetery. Look around here. Then enter to the cemetery on the left. See Clarissa go through the first mausoleum at left.

Go to that Wyndham family tomb. Try to enter; it is locked.

Caretaker's cottage - Go to the caretaker's cottage at the other end of the cemetery. Enter and talk to Oliver Boon. Learn about the curse. After Oliver left, take the cemetery keys from the wall left of the fireplace-stove.

Wyndham family tomb - Go to the crypt-mausoleum and use the keys. Strange - it does not work.

Caretaker's cottage - Go back to the cottage and look at the tool box on the table. Take a crowbar, Wyndham crypt key and sharpening stone.

Wyndham family tomb - Go to the crypt-mausoleum and use the Wyndham crypt key. The key broke.

Entry to crypt - In inventory, combine the sharpening stone and the cemetery keys to get fixed cemetery keys.

Use the fixed cemetery keys on the crypt door. Enter and go down the steps.

Clarissa's tomb - Look at the tomb right of the stairs. Clarissa died 9 years earlier and on the same day as the first of the nine cursed death.

Use the crowbar on the tomb. What? Where's the body?

Patrick's body - Go to the left side and look at Patrick.

Use the hand icon to examine the body. Get a handkerchief. Look at it in inventory and see an eye in the handkerchief.

Look at the body again and see a cut received just before he died on his hand. Something is clenched in his fist.

Use the hand icon again but his fingers would not budge.

Witch - Exit the crypt and go forward.

Enter the fenced in plot before the cottage and talk to the witch, Benish Sue.

Learn about her vision, Patrick's murder and the curse passed from the ancestors.

She tells you to go see her for the memory potion.

Intruder - See a man jump down from the tree and run. Finvinero chases the eavesdropper.

Go to the wall at top right corner of the cemetery. At the broken part of the wall, see a piece of his robe.

Go back and continue to talk to Benish Sue.

Learn what she knows about black overcoat man and how to unclench a dead man's hand.

She advises to see the alchemist at his mountain top tower.

Exit the cemetery by turning around and go forward to the gate.

Exit and automatically walk to the manor. Sleep and wake up the next day.

Estate - Wyndham Manor:    Finvinero wants to talk to everyone in the house. Read the documents or notebook to review what has transpired.

Exit the room, go down the hallway and exit through the door at right.  Go down the stairs. Go to right hallway and enter the door at the right end.

Steward's room - Talk to Mr. Belmont. The laundry woman, Miss Hemfry will not be here till later.

There is a Wyndham family chronicles at the Baron Arthur's study. Get a key for Patrick's room across Edward's room at the right wing. He doesn't recognize the handkerchief.

Patrick's room - Go upstairs. Enter the right hallway and use the key on the room at left.

Look around the room. Look at the tools left of the door by the washstand. Take the rope.

Go to the desk. Take the map of the island. Take the smelly bottle to be compared with the flask at the basement.

Exit the right wing area and go down.

Kitchen - Go to the left end of the hallway of the right wing. Enter the kitchen and talk to Melvin Klenton, the cook.

Learn about Patrick's passions (treasure and women), the smelly bottle and a week of insomnia for the occupants of the manor.

Wine cellar - Go down and look at the smelly bottle on the shelf.

Open inventory and use the smelly bottle from Patrick's room. Finvinero will smell both bottle and conclude that they are the same.

A running man's noise is heard. Follow the man by going forward and exiting through the door on the left.

Climb the steps to the garden and look down on the footprints on the ground.

Go back to the kitchen and talk to the cook. Learn that he lost a knife the day before Patrick's accident.

Exit the kitchen and go forward to the other end of the hallway. Enter the door on the left.

Go forward and down the stairs to the left.

Laundry room - Talk to the old maid, Ms Hemfry.

Learn about Edward's drawings, Annabel Klenton the innkeeper's daughter, Mervin and the lifting of the curse and the anniversary of the ghost.  Learn about the story of the poisoning of the woman captive by Clarissa and brother's jealousy.

Steward's room - Talk to Belmont again at the room next to the laundry room. Learn about Patrick, Edward and his alibi.

Baron Arthur - Climb the stairs and enter through the right wing door. Immediately go left and forward. Enter through the door at end of hallway.

Go right and look at the desk. Read the family chronicles and learn about Clarissa. Take the paper on the desk and read about the Baron's order for books. Look around and note the balcony door and telescope.

Talk to the Baron. Learn about Patrick's search for the ancestor's relic. The relic is a small statue encased in precious metal. Learn more about Annabel.

Edward - Exit the room, forward, right and right to Edward's room. Enter and look at the portrait of Annabel beside the fireplace.

Look at the fireplace and see something there. Wait until Edward is gone from his room.

Go upstairs and look at the painting at right of room. Go to the left side of room and look at all the paintings.

Talk to Edward. With the talk of the curse, the painting of the woman beside a rock with evil shadow had red paint splattered on it.

Mr. Hooke arrives in the manor. Exit the room and go down through the front door to meet Mr. Hooke.

Signaling Cliff:    Talk to Mr. Hooke. Learn about the ship just off the cliff.

Look at the hole in the ground by the broken fence.

Go to the lookout building. Go to the front part and look at the broken board on the railing. Take the board and it falls off to the bottom of the cliff. Strange.

Go back to the broken railing down the path. Continue down the path to be at the bottom of the cliff.

Just below the destroyed rope railing above is a rock and he makes a comment that it is where Patrick was said to have fallen.

Continue forward and be under the lookout building. See a rock at the fire pit. Use the walking stick on rock and see blood on the ground. It is clear that the body was thrown off from the landing.

Go back up to the main path. On the main path, someone pushed boulders to stop Finvinero.

Continue forward, go up the stairs and to the right by the cliff face. Look at the cliff edge and see that the rocks were pushed from here. Not a trace.

Look at the fire pits.  Go to the path at top of the screen and be in pier area.

Map:     Check the map by using the M key, select the place you want to go to and then press the space bar.

Inn at the pier:    Enter the Inn and talk to the Innkeeper, Shedwick Klenton, Annabel's father. Annabel was sent to the mainland the morning of Patrick's death.

Madam Sue Benish:    Exit the Inn. Use the map to go to Madam Sue.

Talk to Sue :)  She wants help on the runes since she miscast the potion. Learn about the insomnia potion for nightmares.

Runes puzzle - Look around. Look at and then take the runic alphabet on the dinner table left of door.

Move the hand selection using the S and W keys. Then use the space bar to write the runes. Press ESC to get out of puzzle.

If you want memories you will see

Any creature on earth

Give back the cane of memories - The first rune is already written

To the swamp owner at dawn - king frog

That six eyed monster guards - spider

Where the unborn laborers dwell - ant eggs

Bring her the boar's treats barefooted - acorn

That grew on the wise-man in the green cape of eternity - Hundred year old moss

Automatically take the chalkboard. If wrong, Benish Sue will say they don't look right. Redo the puzzle over.

Talk to Sue. She said to come back later since the potion needs to boil.

Exit the house and take the path to the right.

Town:    Be at the town center. Overhear the townspeople talk about a body found on the shore.

Shore:    Jump to shore using the map. Go forward and have a talk with Mr. Hooke.

Body - Look at the body and see the tattoo of a boar on his hands.

Move to the side of the body and look again to see that he was stabbed in the heart. Use the hand icon to get a medallion.

Talk to the man and woman. Exit through the path at right or use map.

Inventor Tirell:    Use the map to jump to Inventor Tirell or take the path left of the ramp in town or right of the house with stags.

Lower the bridge - Look close at the stand left of the raised bridge. Read Master Tirell's letter.

To gain entry, Tirrell devised a puzzle to verify identity.

Prisoner puzzle - See a circle with 7 prisoners.

There are seven dangerous criminals sitting in one cell. You have determined that they are planning to mutiny. Before they are ready to strike you must separate them into individual cells by dividing the main cells into smaller ones. Keep in mind that you have only enough bricks for three straight walls.

The object of the puzzle is to draw 3 straight lines to separate the prisoners into each own cells.

Move the pen using the A D W keys. When placed the other end where you want, press the space bar.

Move the pen and see that a line is now formed. Move the pen to the place where you want the line to end and then press the space bar.

If wrong, Finvinero will crumple the paper. If correct he will pick the message up.

Take the golden ball capsule from right of that stand. Automatically, the message is in that capsule.

Go to the left and use the capsule on the catapult. See the capsule fly to a funnel. The bridge is lowered. Cross the bridge.

Enter the house. See a flying machine hanging in the other room.

Tirell - Enter the tower where the stairs are located (right of the blackboard).

Go down the screen on the next level and knock on the door.

Tirell says that there's an electric fish at the laboratory that can help open the fist of Patrick.

The tattoo and the medallion are signs of the Order of Necromancer and can be explained by reading The Fall of Darkness found in his library.

The flying machine theoretically flies but the wings are too big to pass through the gate.

Library -bedroom - Go down the steps. Then go down to the lower level using the stairs in the tower.

Take the tin plated scoop right of the entryway.

Look at spider web left of the entryway to get a fly.

Go to the table with plates and food. Take pieces of food.

Go to the table with red and green powder. Take the empty jar.

Go to the other side of the table and get electrodes.

Go to the side of the bed. Take the needle and thread from side table of bed. Combine in inventory to get fishing hook.

Get the electric fish - Go to the aquarium close to the bed. You can try to take the electric fish and get zapped.

Combine fishing hook with fly to get fishing hook with fly.

Combine the jar and electrodes to get jar with electrodes.

Now, you can use the fishing hook with fly on the aquarium and get jar with electric fish.

Get the book - Go to the automated librarian machine by the railing facing the library.

Use the machine. Move the knob to a letter and then press the space bar to enter it.

Move to T, space bar and then press the lever using the space bar.

Move to F, space bar and then press the lever using the space bar.

The book is taken by the automated librarian.

Read The Fall of Darkness by William Tirrell. Learn about the Son of Abyss, the Spirit's Nest relic and the demon. Learn also the different ranks: The magistrate (infinity with 2 eyes), casters (no symbol known), controllers (hand with staff), observers (eye) and runners (boar).

Use S to pull back. An explosion is heard. The book is now added to the documents.

Look at the symbol on the handkerchief taken from Patrick's body. Looks familiar.

Go back up and talk to Tirell.

Go down the stairs. Take the candle from top of the barrel. Exit the tower.

Madame Sue:    Go forward and Finvinero sees the same footsteps seen this morning outside the wine cellar at the manor on the ground in front of the hut's door.

Go inside and look at Sue. There were 4 stabs wounds. Use the hand icon to take the knife.

Let's chase the murderer. Exit the hut.

Go left and forward and be at the forest.

Forest - This is a maze.

Maze - Go forward and see a boulder ahead. Take a left.

Go forward and see trees at the next fork. Take a right.

Go forward and see A tree ahead at the next fork. Take a right.

Go forward and see 3 trees ahead and a boulder a bit to the left. Take a left. See footprints here.

Go forward and see tress ahead at the next fork. Take a left.

Go forward and fall into a trap.

Trap - Take a rock at bottom left of the pit.

Combine rock with rope taken from Patrick's room to make a sling with rock.

Go a bit to the left wall of the pit.

Use the sling with rock on that wall that you can not reach.

The sling is automatically taken.

Sloop - Go forward after the trap and see the sloop ahead.

Men aboard - Go forward and aboard the sloop. Look around.

Go to the right end and try to enter the hatch. There might be men there.

Go to the left end and see a bell.

Go to the other side and see a rope tied to the crossbeam. Try to use the knife and Finvinero says to lure them out first.

Lure the men - SAVE GAME here because you can die. Use the bell.

Immediately, go to the rope tie to the crossbeam. Face it and use the knife on the rope.

Watch as the crossbeam knocks the 2 men down. If slow, the man will throw a knife and game over.

Go to the man knocked unconscious and look at him. Use the rope to tie him up. If you forget to tie him up, you can die - game over.

Lower deck - Enter through the cabin door.

Take Benish Sue's memory potion from the top of the barrel.

If you don't have any candle yet, take the one from on top of the barrel at bottom right.

Go to left side of the cabin. Look at top of the chest.

Take the order of the Magistrate to Runner Tarston to retrieve the artifact from the Observer at Dead Reefs. The Observer is to be taken care of.

Take the book that states that the demon's feeding cycle is every 9 years at quarter to one at night. The page of the spell used to control the demon is torn off. The book and order are added to the documents.

There is a goat's skull on the wall. Exit the cabin.

Talk to the tied up man. (If the man was not tied up, he throws a knife and kills you - game over). Thanks, catsmom.

After the threat, learn about Tarston, the 'someone' who's been here a year (hmm...), relic and who Tarston is.

Use the map to go back to town.

Mr. Hooke's house:     Enter through the entryway with the stags on both sides. Try the door; it is locked. Look at the ladder at left. One rung is missing.

Go to the Inn and talk to the innkeeper about Mr. Hooke and the man in the sloop. Exit to town.

Cemetery:    Use the map or take the road across Mr. Hooke's house.

Go to the Wyndham crypt and see that it is locked.

Go to the plat where the witch was earlier and see that there is vandalism. Someone has been digging graves.

Take a piece of shroud from the left dug grave.

Scare Mr. Boon - Go to the caretaker's cottage and knock on door.

He's scared and thinks that it's the demon out there.

Go to the side of the cottage and see a scarecrow.

Use the shroud on the garden scarecrow. It needs a skull.

Use the map to go back to the sloop and see that the man is gone.

Look at the blood on the side of the boat. He was pushed overboard.

Enter the cabin and take the goat's skull.

Use the map to go back to the cemetery.

Use the goat's skull on the scarecrow with shroud.

Still missing something. Use the candle on the shrouded skulled scarecrow.

Use the prepared scarecrow. See Mr. Boon run.

Enter the cottage. Take the cemetery keys from the wall left of the fireplace.

Crypt - Use the cemetery keys to enter the crypt.

Go down to Patrick's body.

Use the jar with electric fish on Patrick. The fish died and now have a jar with dead fish in inventory.

Shore:     Jump to shore using the map.

Boy - See a boy sitting on the rock.

There's a jar in front of him. Look and see that it has an electric fish inside.

Talk to the boy. He will trade the fish if you solve the riddle.

Riddle - Look at the riddle. It is a fish facing right.

Move 3 sticks so that the fish moves in different direction.

Move the numbered line on left picture to the new position at right picture.

Use the WADS keys to move the cursor to the line needed. Press the space bar to select that line.

Use the WADS keys to move it to the new position and then press the space bar to place the line in the selected position.

Go to the jar of live electric fish and use it to get the jar with electric fish.

Use the map to jump to the cemetery.

Cemetery:    Enter the Wyndham crypt.

Patrick - Use the jar with electric fish on Patrick. Get a button from his unclenched fist.

Finvinero uses the memory potion and sees what happened to Patrick.

Now, we need to find the owner of the torn robe and missing button. As well as find the relic.

Locked in - Go up to the door and try to get out. Drunken Boon locked Finvinero inside the crypt.

Go to and look at the window at right end of the crypt. The bars are loose.

Go back to Patrick and take the 2 ropes under his body.

Combine the 2 ropes together. Use the combined rope on the bars of the window. The rope is tied to bars and Clarissa's tomb lid.

Use the crowbar on the tomb lid. Exit through the window.

Use the map or use the gate across the caretaker's cottage.

Estate:    Go to the manor using the map or take the bridge left of Mr. Hooke's house.

Mr. Belmont - Enter the manor and talk to Mr. Belmont cleaning the mantle of the fireplace.

Learn that the cook, Mr. Hooke, Edward and Annabelle have arrived back to Dead Reef 2 years or less.

Edward's room - Go to the second level right wing. Try to get in the door at right and across Patrick's room; it is locked.

Look at the door and a comment about a simple pin can open the door.

Go down and talk to Mr. Belmont. Edward is painting in the mountains.

Go to the Laundry room and talk to Ms Hemfry ironing by the window. Get a pin.

Go back to Edward's room and use the pin on the door. I must be a poor thief. Didn't open. We must find another way then.

Go to the Baron's room. Go left before exiting the right wing door. Go forward and enter the room at the end.

Go to the door beside the telescope. Use the pin on the balcony door.

Go right and over the balcony railing. Walk the ledge to the next balcony. Enter the balcony door and be in Edward's parlor.

Fireplace - Look in the fireplace. There is something there. Use the walking stick in the fireplace.

Get the burnt paper and read about Patrick's plan. He needs to go at low tide to retrieve Baron Kasbert's relic.

Go upstairs and look at the painting Edward was working on earlier. We have seen this before.

Go down and exit through the balcony door. Cross over to the Baron's balcony, enter and exit the Baron's library.

Secret Passage:    The painting is the stand we saw in the grotto where Clarissa led us to.

Go to your room. Open the cabinet. Use the walking stick on the back of the cabinet and enter.

Climb the stairs and enter Clarissa's room Use the piano and go to the fireplace. Use the lantern on the fireplace.

Go forward and left to the side passage. Take the upper right path.

The water receded because it is low tide. See the pedestal shown in the painting.

Ringed pedestal - Press the space bar to rotate the rings of the pedestal

Use the S key to go down to the next ring.

Enter from top to bottom:    VIII, II, X, VI.

The door opens. Press ESC to back out of the puzzle.

Go and enter through the door. See Clarissa say Edward and she entered the opened door.

See tracks on the ground. Enter and see poor Clarissa. The necklace is broken.

Exit and go back to the main path. Go to the bottom path and climb the well at the end.

At the cemetery, use the map to go to the pier.

Lighthouse:    Time to search for Edward.

Inn - Go to the Inn and talk to the innkeeper about Edward. He says go to the lighthouse and look for Edwards in the mountain.

Lighthouse - Take the path behind the Inn or use the map.

Enter the lighthouse. Go right and talk to Neal. He dropped his spyglass somewhere.

Exit the room and climb the stairs to the top of the lighthouse.

We need a spyglass. Go down and talk to Neal again. He says the innkeeper has one. He saw Patrick and Mr. Hooke; then Edward.

Inn - Jump to pier. Talk to Innkeeper. The spyglass is in the chest but the lock is broken. He gives a set of keys to the cellar.

Go to right side of the inn. Use the set of keys on the door.

Wine cellar - Go down to the wine cellar. Go forward, left and then forward to the far end where the desk is located.

Take the key right of the table. Use the key on the chest left of the table. That didn't work.

Use Shedwick's keys on the chest. Get the spyglass.

Exit the Inn and go to the lighthouse.

Search for Edward - Climb the stairs and automatically be at top.

Use A and D keys to move the view through the spyglass.

Move to the right and focus downward to the cave on the cliff side. Zoom in using the W key and see the cave and the rope.

Signaling Cliff:    Go down the path. See the rope hanging down the cliff side.

Murderer - SAVE GAME here for to replay other endings. Go down the rope.

Listen to Edward and Mr. Hooke.

Select who the murderer is: Edward or Mr. Hooke. Use the saved game to see what happens to the choices.

If Edward, watch what happens. The cannons are fired from the ship as mentioned by Baron Kasbert's diary.

If Mr. Hooke, he wrestles the pistol from Edward and points it to Finvinero.

Select the dialogue, 'the gun is empty'. Then when possible, immediately use the hand icon.

Watch what happens.

At the edge of the cliff, immediately use the hand icon to save Finvinero.

Relic - Back inside the cave with Edward, take the pistol.

Go deeper in the cave behind Edward.

See the Necromancer ritual circle drawn on the floor.

Enter the circle and take the relic.

Finvinero takes a dose of the memory potion. See the monk that once guarded the relic.

Use hand icon again and get a page torn off the Necromancer book. It describes the ritual.

Go back to Edward and talk to him.

He says to destroy the relic. The way to destroy it must be in Hooke's house. He gives the amulet key that was once Clarissa's necklace.

Exit the cave and climb the rope.

Mr. Hooke's house:    Go to the house with 2 stags on the entryway.

Enter the house - Go forward and walk to the door. See a loose step on the landing. Use the crowbar to get broken step.

The door is locked and the key is at the bottom of the sea.

Go to the ladder leaning besides the landing. Look and see that it is broken. Use the broken step on the broken ladder.

Climb up.

Bedroom - Check the wardrobe left of the opened window. The cape with missing button is found. Go forward, look again and see something inside the pocket. Get a written clue. It is added to the documents.

Dressing table - Go to the dressing table. Check the handkerchief on the table. It proved that Hooke is the observer and Patrick's murderer.

Go down the stairs.

Clock - Look at the clock and see that it does not work.

Look at the floor marks on the floor left of the clock. Looks like the clock has been pushed before.

SAVE GAME here since the puzzle does not reset. Push-use the clock and it barely moved.

Time - Read the Summoning Demons in Documents. The time quarter to one is underlined.

Look close at the clock face. It must be set to a specific time - but what time?

Enter quarter to one on the clock. Then press ESC to get out of puzzle.

Move (hand icon) the clock. A secret entrance is seen.

Pigeons - Climb up the ladder and see pigeons and cages.

Look around. Look at the pigeons and see that they are mannequins.

SAVE GAME here! If you click on any bird that is in the wrong sequence, you die!

Review the paper taken from the pocket of the cape in the wardrobe in documents.

Move the cursor using the WASD keys. Then press the space bar to select.

First - was the twenty third, but not in order. It is the bird at second row, third from left - 23rd.

Second - flew higher than anyone else. The first one at top row and is the highest of all.

Third - was the center of attraction. The one at second row, fourth from left - the centermost one.

Fourth - moved as a "knight" and became second but was not first. The knight chess move is L shaped. The pigeon at bottom row second from left (not first row).

Fifth - was the most unlucky one. The one at second row 6th from left - the 13th pigeon.

Sixth - was offended. The last one at third row with his back turned.

Seventh - was himself. The seventh pigeon, last one at top row.

Eight - was blind. Tell him where the others sit and in return receive a prize. The black eyed pigeon, first one second row.

Once successfully done, get a page from the Summoning Demon book. It is added to documents.

It states that the place to destroy the demon is at Thunder Island. It also showed when to do it and how to arrange the runes. Before the runes are set, the chain must be disabled.

Exit the house through the window in the bedroom.


Find a boat - Go to pier and talk to the innkeeper about a boat.

Go to the right entrance to the dock close to the houses.

Talk to the fisherman. Ugh. He's unfriendly.

Go back to the innkeeper and talk to him about Peet.

Shedwick will forgive Peet's debt if he helps you.

Go back to Peet, the fisherman and talk to him. The deal is half of what you get on the ship at Thunder Island is his.

Upper deck - Check the 2 doors and the barrel.

Climb up and take the hook from the railing on the right.

Climb up to the wheel and take the rope on the right side.

In inventory, combine the hook and rope to get a grappling hook.

Go to the other end of the ship. Look at the left side railing.

See a crack in the hull of the ship. Use the grappling hook.

Lower Deck - Go to right room. Go through the open doorway. Go to the door at top end of hallway.

See 2 stairs going up. Climb up.

Steering wheel - See a steering wheel at center of room.

Use the walking stick on the rolled up map behind the wheel to pull it down.

Stand on the front of the steering wheel where there is a letter B on the stand.

Place the amulet on the wheel.

Look and see that the amulet is on the top of the wheel with the map as backdrop.

Turn the wheel while in front of it to have the amulet at the bottom - B.

Go to the other side and look to see 4 letters inscribed on the wheel - Y R F Z.

Go back to the front and use the wheel.

In close up, turn the wheel clockwise or counter clockwise (like a safe) to have the amulet point to Y R F Z.

Counterclockwise or hand icon on the left; use space bar to point to Y.

Clockwise or hand icon on the right; use space bar to point to R.

Counterclockwise or hand icon on the left; use space bar to point to F.

Clockwise or hand icon on the right; use space bar to point to Z.

The secret compartment opens.

Go to the back of the wheel and take the runes (Inus, Zeph, Urak, Acra and Culu) from the base of the wheel.

Exit the room - Go down to the door and try to exit. See that it is blocked.

Go back upstairs and go to the right where a cannon is sitting on a hanging platform.

Look and he says the ceiling boards are rotten and have to make the table 'heavier'.

Collect a cannon ball from around the area and place it on the platform.

Do this to the 3 cannon balls - One near the cannon at upper right, by the chest at left of room and downstairs, right of the stairs going up.

Go to the barrel left of room and see that there's seaweeds inside the barrel.

Use the walking stick on seaweed in barrel. See that there's shrapnel inside. Take buck shots-shrapnel and place it on the platform together with the cannon balls.

Watch the ceiling drop.

Exit the ship by going to the other side after climbing to the upper deck. Go to the corner and use the hand icon to climb down to Peet.

Flying machine:    Peet the fisherman says that it takes till tomorrow night to get to Thunder Island.

Use the map to go to Inventor Tirell. Go inside and see that Tirell is asleep by the blackboard.

Go to the flying machine and look at it.

Go to and look at the closed gate-barrier. It needs to be removed. A comment about powder from the ship is said.

Formula - Go back to the blackboard.

Read the formula on the board: 1 F oz reactant + 4 F oz of liquid; right proportion the process is unstable. It explodes! Aha!

Take the 1 oz of blue reactant beside Tirell.

Collect empty jars. Take the empty jar right of the entry to the stairs.

Go to the top of the tower and take the empty jar from the table.

Go back down and go to the full jar on the table across the blackboard.

Use the 2 empty jars on the full jar and they will be placed on the table.

Get 4 oz of clear liquid:

Look close and see that there's 8 oz liquid on the left, 5 oz jar at the middle and 3 oz empty jar at right.

Use the space bar to pick up the jar. Use the A and D arrow to select where to pour the liquid to. Use the space bar to pour the liquid.

Pick up 8 oz and pour to 5 oz (3 - 5 - 0).

Pick up 5 oz and pour to 3 oz (3 - 2 - 3).

Pick up 3 oz and pour to 8 oz (6 - 2 - 0).

Pick up 5 oz and pour to 3 oz (6 - 0 - 2).

Pick up 8 oz and pour to 5 oz (1 - 5 - 2).

Pick up 5 oz and pour to 3 oz (1 - 4 - 3).

Automatically pick up the jar with 4 oz clear liquid.

Take off - Go to the barrier gate in front of the flying machine.

Place the 4 oz clear liquid in front of the barrier gate.

Place the 1 oz reactant on the clear liquid.

Go to the flying machine and use the pistol on the flying machine.

See Finvinero adjust the flying machine and fires at the jars by the barrier gate.

And away we go!

Thunder Island:    Look around.

Go to the stairs and try to climb to find out it is electrified. Go to the left and see the mine entrance is blocked.

Mine Shaft - Walk to the right side of the island and get in the mine shaft.

Use the elevator to go down.

At the second level, the elevator broke.

Fix the elevator - See that the gears fly out and get stuck on the wall. One fell in a crack on the floor.

Take the gears from the wall and use it on the side of the elevator machine panel.

Look in the crack at center of the floor and see that it is too narrow.

Go to the table at other side of the cave.

Take the pick ax, tool kit and the mining shoes (one with no soles) from the table.

Go back to the wall where the gears where picked up (left side of the elevator).

Use the pick ax and get a magnetic ore.

Use the magnetic ore on the crack on the floor to get the nut.

Use the nut on the side of the elevator. It worked.

Use elevator to go back up.

Climb the electrified stairs - Go to the crashed flying machine.

Use the tool kit on flying machine and automatically fix the miner's shoe.

Also automatically wear miner's shoe. Climb the electrified stairs.

Destruction of the Demon:   

Learn the ritual - Look around to know what for and where things are.

Go to the center of the clearing.

Demon rune pillar - A small pillar at the edge of the clearing has runes inscribed on the base. Stand to the left or back to see the runes. It has the names of the demons and runes associated with that demon below it. Kapjip-Naviz has Acra, Urak and Culu runes under the etched name. (These runes is changed in later game release to Acra, Zeph and Inus). The small pillar is also the focal point of the stone veins coming from 5 stone spikes.

Relic pedestal - Behind the pillar are rising steps that goes up to a pedestal. Go up to the pedestal and see that it is the perfect place to put the relic. On the ground at left of path is the stone vein that brings electricity to the pedestal and comes from the rune pillar.

Glass globe - To the right of the ritual pedestal is another rising steps. It has a glass globe on the top.

Stone Spikes - There are 5 stone spikes around the area that have cavity on the base where the 5 runes are inserted.

Prepare for the ritual - Read the Destruction of Kapjip-Naviz page in documents. The  runes Acra, Urak and Culu are in boldface. (These boldfaced runes is changed in later game release to Acra, Zeph and Inus).

First, disable the entire chain of the knot, otherwise the lightning will strike the pedestal prematurely.

Use the pick axe to move the light colored stone vein segment going to the pedestal.

Secondly, find out which stone spikes are for which runes.

Go to the glass globe right of the ritual pedestal.

Use the glass globe and see a stone spike with a rune on it. Study the surrounding area so that you can identify it later.

Use the D key to scroll to all 5 stone spikes with their runes and learn their surroundings.

Then place the correct runes on the correct stone spikes.

If the correct rune is placed in its proper stone spikes, the rune will light up above the pillar at the edge of the clearing.

This verifies then that that is the stone spike for that rune. All 5 runes will light up when the rune tablets are in their own spike.


1. Verify that the light colored stone vein going to the relic pedestal is removed.

2. Place 3 selected runes on their proper stone spikes. (Note: The runes (Acra, Urak and Culu) given as clues above did not produce the solution needed for the correct ending).

Place the Acra, Zeph and Inus runes in their proper stone spikes. Thanks, Mordack!

Acra spike is situated at bottom right step from the glass globe. The backdrop is a cliff.

Zeph spike is situated across the glass globe stairs. The stairs go down and is beside the bridge on the right.

Inus spike is situated left of the arch and right of the pedestal close to the clearing.


See the runes above the pillar at the clearing. 2 different endings can be seen depending on the runes entered.

3. Place the relic on the pedestal. Aahhhhhhhh!

5. Immediately turn left, forward and use the hand icon on the moved stone vein.


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