Diamonds in the Rough




Walkthrough by ronrob


Game Play Notes


1. Do not throw away the “letter” inside the game box. As you will see early in the game, you

    cannot complete the game without it.


2. The game manual is on the disk. You should print and read the important pages.


3. Note that the right mouse button is used to cycle through the available action icons, and the

    left mouse button is used to perform the selected action.


4. Each scene of the game is rich with things to look at. To get the full flavor of the game, it is a

    good idea to check out everything, at least the first time through. However, this walkthrough

    includes only those things that must be done.


5. The TAB key will reveal all available exits from the scene. Use it often so that you don’t miss

    places to which you can go. Note that you must have the footsteps cursor to exit.


6. Jason’s “thoughts” are recorded on Post-It notes. These can be used like any other inventory

    item - - i.e., you can click them on people, on inventory items, or on each other.


7. A bell sound is heard when something new is added to the inventory or to the thoughts.


8. A total of 400 points can be earned, but this walkthrough ignores that feature.




This is a very lengthy opening scene, so wait until you have time.


You are Jason Hart. You are in front of your web cam to record an awful story. You learn of a meeting with an enigmatic man, Mr. Hungerton, who has identified your “special skill” and has offered a job to you at Diamonds in the Rough (DITR).


Mr. Hungerton knows that you are a loner from a dysfunctional family. Your job offer includes a good salary and a nice house.


Your special skill is in making the right choices - - not choices that you want to make but the choices that someone else wants you to make. Jason relates his early experiences at DITR, but after four weeks he begins to feel uneasy about what he is doing and why.

Jason’s House


When you first take control, you are standing in the kitchen of your house. In your inventory (I), you have a Post-It and a cell phone that you can’t use except to take pictures.


On the thoughts bulleting board (T), you have four thoughts: Jason Hart, William Hungerton, Diamonds on the Rough, and special abilities.  Look at all four.


Leave the kitchen out to the hallway and then go up the stairs to the attic. Look at the desk on the right. There is something carved on the surface, but you can’t make out what it says. Try to move the desk, but it’s too heavy, and you will need some help. This adds a thought: desk in the attic. Look at that thought.


Go back downstairs and enter the storage room in the back. It is very dark. Click anything to decide that the light bulb must be burned out. Try to use something to decide that you must replace the light bulb, which adds a thought: order a light bulb. Look at that thought.


Leave the storeroom and enter the bathroom through the rear door on the right. Look at and pick up the bottle of detergent at the lower left corner.


Leave the bathroom and enter the living room through the forward door on the right. Look at and take the piece of paper from the table. In inventory, look twice at the paper to see that it is your  current assignment.


Leave the living room and enter the bedroom across the hall. Next to the bed is a night stand with three drawers. For each drawer, open the drawer and then look inside. Take the notepad from inside the middle drawer.


See that the desk has two drawers side by side. Open the left drawer and take the pen. Try the right drawer, but it is locked.


In inventory, try the pen on your assignment paper, but you decide to write the numbers elsewhere. Keep trying the pen on your notepad until you decide that you need to see the doctor for help.


Go back to the living room and out the front door. Go back around the left side of the house and pick up the can of lighter fluid next to the grill. Note that there is a bird house in your back yard.


Come back around to the front of the house. Look at the mailbox to see that this is where you order things that you need. At the thoughts board, pick up “order a light bulb,” place it in the mailbox, and close the mailbox.


Walk to the right and continue forward until you reach a fork. Take the path on the left.

Hungerton’s House


Continue forward to Mr. William Hungerton’s house. Try knocking on the front door, but there is no answer. Look at the young boy and then talk with him. Just to know that it is there, walk past the guard to the patio at the back of the house. When you return to the front, Jerry is gone.


Town Square


Leave Mr. Hungerton’s house and go back to the fork. This time take the path to the right. This leads to the town square. Continue up past the pavilion and look at the statue and the inscription.

She is Corinne Feller, the Founder of DITR.


Apartment House


Walk left of the statue and then come down screen to see a large brick building with many dormers. Look at the building to learn that this is where all DITR employees with paranormal abilities live (except you). Enter the building.


Go up the stairs to the second floor and look at all the doors.


Note: It would be helpful to sketch floor plans for this floor and the next one up so you can find people easily.


Look for Sydelle’s apartment and knock on the door. When Sydelle answers, you get a thought: Sydelle Williams. Look at that thought to see that she is your best friend here.


Go into her bathroom on the left and open the cabinet along the left wall. Reach in and take the bottle of detergent. (Note that you now have two bottles of detergent. One is chlorine-based, and the other is ammonia-based.)


Talk to Sydelle about everything. During the conversation, Sydelle mentions Henry, and you get a thought: Henry Saunders. Look at it to see that he is hard to get along with. Sydelle gives her current report to you to deliver to DITR.


Click the thought “special abilities” on Sydelle to hear what hers is: dreams that DITR thinks can make things happen. In thoughts, click the thought “special abilities” on the thought “Sydelle Williams” to obtain a new thought: Sydelle’s problems. Look at that thought.


Leave Sydelle’s apartment. In thoughts, click the thought “Sydelle’s problems” on her report envelope in inventory to obtain the Sydelle’s report. Look at the report to read Sydelle’s descriptions of her dreams

Go up the stairs to the third floor. Knock on Curtis’ door, the first on the right. Go in and talk about everything with Curtis. Note that he loved the book by William Flake. Click the thought “special abilities”on Curtis to learn about his special ability: colors.


Maybe Curtis could help you with that desk in your attic, so click the thought “desk in the attic”  on him. Curtis agrees to help you, but first you have to exchange a book at the library for him. You get a new thought: Curtis needs a book. Look at that thought.


Look at and take the William Flake book on the coffee table.




Leave the apartment, go down the two flights of stairs, and leave the building. Go right screen twice and look at the library, the brownish building behind the statue.


Go into the library and talk to the snippy librarian. Hand over Curtis’ book to the librarian. Go right to enter the stacks.


You can try many bookshelves to find a good book for Curtis, but the one that works can be found by going forward as far as possible and then turning left to the science fiction novels. If you just try to take a book, you will fail. Instead, click the thought “Curtis needs a book” on the books. You find Chants of Experience by William Flake. Take that book.


Go back to the librarian and hand the book to her. She checks it out.


Apartment Building


Go back to the apartment building and go up to Curtis’ apartment on the third floor. Enter and give the book to Curtis who now agrees to help you with the desk.


Jason’s House


After you and Curtis move the desk, you see a message carved on the surface: “We’re not diamonds, we’re pieces of coal.” This gives you a new thought: Message in the attic. Look at that thought.


You are disturbed by this message, and you wonder who carved it in the desk. Who lived in this house before you? Perhaps Sydelle would know.


Leave your house and take the right path back to the town square. Were you to go to the apartment building in search of Sydelle, you would find that she is not there. Instead, you go to a new area indicated by the open door at the bottom right corner of the screen.


The Park


Go forward to see Sydelle and Anthony. Click the thought “message in the attic” on Sydelle. She says that the person who lived in your house was Robert Bennet. She doesn’t share your concerns about the message and suggests that you talk to Henry because he and Robert were friends.


You leave with a new thought: Robert Bennet. Look at that thought. The click the “Robert Bennet” thought on the “Henry Saunders” thought to get a new thought: Robert was Henry’s friend. Look at that thought.


Apartment Building


Return to the town square and continue left to the apartment building. Go to Henry’s apartment on the second floor and knock on the door.


The gruff Henry doesn’t want to talk to you, so click the thought “Robert was Henry’s friend” on the door. Henry comes out, but it’s not safe to talk here. He will meet you at the pavilion in half an hour.


Note: I don’t think it matters, but you can look at Jason to get the current time.


Leave the apartment building and go left to the restaurant, a red building.


The Restaurant


Look at the restaurant and enter. Talk to the barkeeper about everything. He won’t serve you because you are underage. You learn that the DITR receptionist loves to drink, but she can’t handle booze. This prompts a thought: receptionist. Look at that thought.


Go left to see Nadine and get a new thought: Nadine Conner. Look at that thought.

Look at Nadine and talk to her about everything. She is vague about her special skill, saying only that she provides the final touch.


Click the thought “message in the attic” thought on Nadine. She says that Robert left rather suddenly, and the DITR explanation was that his contract had expired.


Leave the restaurant and go left.


DITR Building


Look at the DITR building and enter.


Note: If this is your first visit here, you will now have to get past the game’s security protection. You will need the “letter” included in the game box. Click through the instructions on the screen until you are told the paragraph, line, and word number to find in the letter. Be aware that “Dear customer” is the first paragraph. Now type the word that you found. If you are correct, you are granted entrance. Otherwise, you have to try again. These words are randomized, so you are on your own.


Once inside, go forward to the receptionist. Look at her and talk about everything. You should learn that Mr. Hungerton and the doctor are both in.


The receptionist’s office is the door on the left. Try to enter . . .


Go to the door on the right side of the lobby and go up the stairs. Just to see that it’s there, enter the meeting room through the first door on the right and look around.


Exit and enter Mr. Hungerton’s office, the second door on the right. Talk to him about everything and then leave.


Enter the kitchen through the last door on the right. Take the bread from the table on the right and the handkerchief from the table on the left. Leave the kitchen.


The door at the end of the corridor leads to the examination room, but it is locked.


Enter the door to Dr. Brown’s office on the left. Look around and talk to him about everything.

(If you clicked the pen on the notebook earlier, a dialog choice will be, “Dr. Brown, I wanted to talk to you about my assignment¼ I think I’m going to need some help.” If you didn’t do that before, do it now.)


You and Dr. Brown go to the meeting room, where he puts you into a drowsy trance and runs you through a test with numbers. Apparently, you make the right choices.


Afterwards, you are back in Dr. Brown’s office. Complete your dialog with him and learn what Dr. Brown is trying to do with you. Give Sydelle’s report to Dr. Brown and leave.


Now for that meeting with Henry. Leave the building and head back to the town square.


Town Square (Pavilion)


Continue as if you were going back to your house (lower left corner), but stop at the pavilion where Henry is waiting.


Note: Henry will not be there if there are certain things above that you haven’t done. Also, there might be a small bug here. Try going back to the square and then returning to the pavilion.

Talk to Henry about everything. Then click every one of your thoughts on him. Here are some important things that you learn.


1. You need to keep completing your assignments and perfecting your special ability.


2. Robert’s special ability was to produce apparitions, but he became suspicious of

    DITR’s motivation for perfecting that ability. Another employee seemed to be helping

    Robert and Henry get to the bottom of things. Pieces of paper were left in the bird

    house to let them know when certain locations would be unattended. Henry thinks

    Robert was murdered.


3. Henry wants you to try to find more information about Sydelle.


4. Henry thinks DITR is some kind of government, probably military, operation. You are

    to look for yellow dossiers everywhere you go - - DITR, the warehouse, and

    Hungerton’s house. He also thinks the computers would have valuable information, but

    they are password protected.


5. Henry’s special ability is that he can tell when someone is lying.


6. Henry doesn’t like or trust Nadine.


7. Henry thinks that Sydelle’s special ability might be among the most important to what

    DITR is trying to accomplish.


Jason’s House


Come down the path and go to your house. Go around left to the back yard and look at the empty birdhouse to recall Henry’s comment about it. Put the bread into the bird house.


Go back to the front of the house and then right back to the birdhouse. Look at the bird and then “use” the bird to see that there is a small piece of paper attached to the bird’s leg. Click again to detach the note. Read the note in inventory: “the woman is the key.” This gives you a new thought: woman is key. Look at that thought.


Come back around to the front of the house and check the mailbox for that light bulb order you place previously. Take the light bulb and look at it to remind yourself that it is for the storage room. Go into the house.


Go into the store room at the back of the hall and use the light bulb to replace the burned out one. (The bulb spot is directly over your head near the top of the screen.)


Pick up the scissors from the shelf at the right.


The middle shelf on the left side has a partly hidden photo of a woman. Click the thought woman is the key” on the photo. When you look behind the photo, take the key.


Leave the storeroom and go into your bedroom. Use the key on the right drawer of the desk

Look in the drawer and take the matches. Look at the matches to see that someone has written “Longstreet: Dr. Brown” on the matchbox.


Leave the house, head back to the town square, and then left to the restaurant.


The Restaurant


Walk over to the left and see that someone left a bucket and a mop on the floor at the back. This is an opportunity to get a bottle of booze for the receptionist, but first you need to get rid of the bartender. Use the handkerchief on yourself to cover your mouth and nose. Then pour both bottles of detergent into the bucket. After the bartender leaves, grab a bottle of bourbon from the shelves behind the bar.


Leave the bar and go left to the DITR building.


DITR Building


Go in and give the bourbon to the receptionist who can’t resist. Leave the building and then return to find the receptionist has gone on her break. Now is your chance to enter her office through the door on the left.


Look around and see three yellow notebooks (dossiers) in the left shelves. Open each dossier, read it, and then use your cell phone to take pictures of the file: Benjamin Skiles, Curtis Sloan, and Diana Carter.


Look at the computer to see that it is on. Try to use it, but you need a password. Click the thought “special abilities” on the password box (not the text part). After repeated clicking, you are able to divine the first three alphanumerics of the password. However, nothing more comes to you. Click “Cancel” to exit.


Leave the office and the building and go to the apartments.


Apartment Building


Go up to the second floor, knock on Henrys door, and speak to him. He wants you to find a way to get into the warehouse and gain access to the computer.


Tell him about the three photos you took and transmit them to his cell phone. Then leave the apartment building and go back to your house.


Jason’s House


Look at the paper on the table to see that you have a new assignment. Pick up the assignment, leave the house, and return to the DITR Building.


DITR Building


Go up the stairs to Dr. Brown’s office and hand the assignment to him. Another hypnosis session is held and this time you are able to choose 8  of the 25 numbers. Might this marked improvement help with that password?


Go back down to the lobby and into the receptionist’s office at the left. Go to the computer and see again the password box. Click the “special abilities” thought on the box and, after multiple clicks, you obtain the remainder of the password: 2ne3er.


Add that to the 1ma that you obtained earlier to get the full password: 1ma2ne3er. Use your keyboard to enter that password and then click “Continue.” The password is accepted, so click “Continue” again to arrive at the desktop screen.


The email and recycle icons at the upper left of the screen are the only ones you can use. Starting with the email, read the two emails in the inbox and the one that was deleted.


Click the recycle bin and open the Untitled.txt file. Look (eye) at any of the entries to conclude that this is just a list of books. Look again to decide to write down the entries. Look once more to obtain the list.


Exit the recycle bin and then exit the computer by clicking the yellow star in the lower left corner of the screen. Look twice at the list of books in inventory. Note that each entry begins with an alias, followed by the book title and actual author.


Leave the DITR building and head for the library.




Enter and go back to the bookshelves. Recall that you can go to two bookshelves on the left, two on the right, or back farther into the stacks.


You are looking for the four books on the list. The eye cursor can be used to see what kind of books are on each of the shelves. The method is to go to a shelf and click the list on it to see whether any of the books you are looking for are there. If one of the books is there, click to take the book.


Search on your own or use the following guide: None of the books you are seeking will be found in the front four shelves, so go farther down the aisle to the back four shelves. Here is where you will find the books:

Book Section              Book

European authors       King Mouse

Horror novels              Black Mansion

American authors       Without Guilt

Science fiction                    - -

You could not find Rocketfall, so you were able to find only three of the four books. Look at each of the books in inventory. Recall that someone had written “Longstreet: Dr. Brown” on the matchbox, so here is a summary to date of what you know:


DITR Employee          Alias                            Title                             Author

Robert E. Lee                  Rocketfall                   Jim Axleton

Dr. Brown               James Longstreet            Without Guilt             Thomas Clumsy

Jennie Hodges                 King Mouse               Jimmy Clavellmore

Frances Clalin                 Black Mansion           Stephanie Queen

You can get past the librarian without checking out the books, so leave the library. Go back to the DITR building and the receptionist’s office.


DITR Building


Click your cell phone onto yourself to activate the phone’s Bluetooth function.


Use the computer and click the “Red Filter” icon and see a message: “SUCCESS --- Red filter sent to remote device. Exit the computer and take the black ink pad from the desk


Leave the office and the building and go to the apartment building.


Apartment Building


Enter the building and go to Henry’s apartment on the second floor. Talk to him about everything.


Henry isn’t impressed with what you found in the receptionist’s computer. He gives a key to you. It was found among Robert’s belongings and possibly opens something at your house.


Leave the building, head to the town square, and toward the fork in the paths. You bump into Jerry along the way. Talk to him about everything. His parents live in the apartment building in the apartment on the “second” (third) floor, right across from the stairs.


Continue along the path to the fork and then take the left path to Mr. Hungerton’s house.


Mr. Hungerton’s House


Open the mailbox and look inside to see a stamp. Take the stamp and look at it to see that it is an official DITR stamp.


Go back around the right side of the house to the patio. Look at and pick up the book on the table. It is Rocketfall by Jim Axleton. This is the missing book from the list.


Go back out front, head back to the fork in the paths, and go back to your house.


Jason’s House


Go into the house and up the stairs to the attic. Look at the locked chest and use the key that Henry gave to you on the padlock. Reach inside and take the wireless modem and Robert’s diary.


Click Robert’s diary on yourself in order to read it. Turn the pages with the hand cursor. You see  Robert’s change from early elation to despair. Note that access to the basement of the DITR Building is controlled by Hungerton’s computer.


Leave the house and go around to the back. Look at the birdhouse and then at the bird. Take the note attached to the bird’s leg. It reads “Page 77.”


Click each of the four books from inventory on yourself. In each case you automatically turn to page 77 to find the page blank and light red in color.


Go back inside the house. As you walk through the living room, Sydelle knocks on the door. She is upset because she knows you are up to something and you haven’t shared with her. You tell her everything, but she is still skeptical about your arrangement with Henry. She eventually agrees to serve as a distraction at the warehouse.


Leave your house and take the right path at the fork to the town square. The warehouse is the building left of the statue and library.




Enter the warehouse to see Sydelle talking to the warehouse boss. He goes through a ridiculously long accounting of everything stored there. (You can left-click through much of that dialog.)

Step forward into the warehouse and, when the boss’ back is turned, continue toward the back.


Note: There is much to do here and because this is your one chance, you cannot leave the warehouse until all the tasks have been performed.


Look at and take the extension cord immediately to your left on the second shelf from the bottom. Look at it to see that will accommodate three plugs.


Continue back into the warehouse and see an office with an open door. You can try to enter, but there is someone in there.


Continue all the way to the back of the warehouse where you see vehicles of all kinds. Look at the fire detectors on the ceiling.  This gives you an idea.


There is a reddish crate down the left side of the aisle. Try to set the crate on fire with your matches, but the crate is too damp. Pour your lighter fluid on the crate and then try your matches again. You realize that this would set off the sprinklers and damage the files in the office.


Look at the “board” on the right wall and use it to get a closeup. Click the water switches on the right side of the board to turn off the water, but leave everything else alone.


Now go back to the crate and try your matches again. The fire signal goes off, but not the sprinklers. Come back down screen and enter the now empty office.


Next to the door is a printer atop a stand with three drawers. Open each drawer and look at it to see whether there is anything inside. Take the letterhead paper from the top drawer and the key from the bottom drawer. Look at these items to see that the DITR letterhead paper is blank and that the key is a master key to the apartment building.


Look at the desk and see two yellow dossiers. There are two more on the shelf right of the computer. For each of these folders, open and read, then use your cell phone to photograph the contents. Note that Henry’s and Nadine’s dossiers are included here.


Now you are done in the warehouse, so leave the office and the building and go to the apartment building.


Apartment Building


Go up to the third floor and knock on the door across from the stairs. This is where Jerry said his parents live. You get no answer, so try the master key on the door. However, you reconsider and decide to talk to Nadine first.


Go down to the second floor and knock on Nadine’s door. Having read her file, you know that Nadine’s special ability is in controlling animals. You confront Nadine with her being the one who has been sending messages via the bird. Nadine hasn’t wanted to become more involved than that because she doesn’t want to lose her job.


You continue your web cam narration. You are obviously getting in bad shape, and you now regret being so suspicious of the goings on at DITR.


Mr. Hungerton’s House


You automatically meet with Hungerton at his house and confess that you have been snooping. He knows what you have been doing and doesn’t seem to care. You end up outside his house. Go back to the apartment building


Apartment Building


Go up to the third floor to the apartment that Jerry said his parents live in. Use your master key on the door across from the stairs. You see that the apartment has not been inhabited for a long time, and you wonder why Jerry lied to you.


Leave the apartment building and head for the DITR building.


DITR Building


Enter the building and go up to the meeting room (first door on the right). Look at the electrical receptacle on the right wall and plug your extension cord into it to power the projector.


Now turn on the projector to get that hypnotic image on the screen. Use your cell phone on the screen to shoot a short video of it.


Click the book King Mouse on yourself and see again the blank red pages. Click your cell phone on the pages. After several clicks, including the activation of the red filter, you see the two pages filled with codes. Based on conversations with Nadine and others, you can assume that these are passwords or clues to passwords.


Note: Exiting the book will not lose the text.


Now repeat that same procedure for the other three books.


Leave the building and go to the apartment building.


Apartment Building


Go to Henry’s apartment on the second floor, knock, and use your master key to enter.


Go into Henry’s bedroom on the right and see the bulletin board with notes. Keep looking until you see a note about someone banging on his door and he won’t go down without a fight.


Go back to the main room and then into the bathroom on the left. Observe the blood on the floor.


Leave the apartment and the apartment building and go back to the DITR building.


DITR Building


Go upstairs and see that the door at the end of the hall is now open. Go into the examination room and look to see who the two people are.



Coming out of the right wall is a thick cable that is connected to a big machine in the back. Use your scissors to cut the cable.


Leave the examination room and go into Dr. Brown’s office. There is a yellow dossier on the shelf along the right wall. Take and read Sydelle’s startling dossier. Note that she has a 10/10 rating and that she has “targeted” 17 individuals.


While Dr. Brown is busy in the examination room, this is your opportunity to access his computer. Before you do, it will be helpful to try to complete the table of books that was started earlier:

DITR Employee          Alias                            Title                             Author

Robert E. Lee                 Rocketfall                     Jim Axleton

Dr. Brown               James Longstreet           Without Guilt                Thomas Clumsy

Jennie Hodges                King Mouse                 Jimmy Clavellmore

Frances Clalin                Black Mansion              Stephanie Queen

 Recall that you found Rocketfall on Hungerton’s patio table, so that association seems plausible.


Also, by using your special abilities, you came up with the password for the receptionist’s computer: 1ma2ne3er. Look through the four books to see whether any of the listed codes come close to that. The only you can find is 9ma8ne7er in King Mouse. Therefore, it seems reasonable to associate King Mouse with the receptionist. (Note, too, that the 9ma8ne7er code is for week 5, all times.)


By elimination, that leaves Black Mansion for the librarian. The completed table is:


DITR Employee          Alias                            Title                             Author

Mr. Hungerton            Robert E. Lee              Rocketfall                   Jim Axleton

Dr. Brown                   James Longstreet        Without Guilt            Thomas Clumsy

Receptionist                Jennie Hodges             King Mouse                Jimmy Clavellmore

Librarian                    Frances Clalin             Black Mansion           Stephanie Queen

In the case of Dr. Brown, his code should be found in Without Guilt. Look again in that book and see that two other items of information are needed to identify the code: the week and the time. You already know that this is week 5 from the receptionist’s book King Mouse.


As always, you can determine the time by using the eye cursor on yourself.


Note: The time will vary depending on where you are in the game, but the procedure is the same in all cases.


Look at Dr. Brown’s book Without Guilt and go to the section for week 5. You see the following:


00:00-05:59                             p2p2888hjre5454nb

06:00-11:59                             wetmrt567mxxx933

12:00-17:59                             799mbitrlsore4589

18:00-23:59                             nbnbvrr687knmoer2


From Robert’s diary, we know that the passwords are “dynamic” and that the codes in these books will not work. What adjustment needs to be made? The answer lies in comparing the receptionist’s book code with the correct password:


Book code:      9ma8ne7er

Password:       1ma2ne3er


Note that the letters do not change, only the numbers, and the numbers add up to 10! Thus to convert a book code to the actual password, keep the letters and subtract the book code numbers from 10 to obtain the password numbers.


Thus, Dr, Brown’s password can be found in the following table, depending on the time of your game:

     Time                             Book Code                              Password        

00:00-05:59                 p2p2888hjre5454nb                p8p8222hjre5656nb

06:00-11:59                 wetmrt567mxxx933                wetmrt543mxxx177

12:00-17:59                 799mbitrlsore4589                  311mbitrlsore6521

18:00-23:59                 nbnbvrr687knmoer2                nbnbvrr423knmoer8


Enter the correct password to access Dr. Brown’s computer. Select “Network” to see two folders.  Click the Hungerton folder and then “Finances.mrt” to see his financial report.


Back out of “Network” and look at the two folders at the bottom right corner. Click “Conference.mrt” to read the report about the yellow phosphorus you have ingested.


Click “To Print.mrt” and read “Additions to Simon Davenport’s report.” Simon can visit other peoples’ dreams and take someone else to those dreams.

This sounds like a visit with Simon would be in order. Leave the DITR building and go to the apartment building.


Apartment Building


Go up to the third floor and knock on the door that is at the back right. You tell Simon that you want him to visit a dream (Sydelle’s) and to take you with him. He can’t do that without an authorization from Dr. Brown. Try to talk to him again, and he goes back inside.


And now for a little trickery. Use your pen on the blank letterhead paper. Knock on the door again and give the bogus letter to Simon. However, he still not satisfied.


After he goes back inside his apartment, use the stamp on the ink pad and then use the inked stamp on the bogus letter.


Knock on the door once again and present the stamped letter to Simon. Now he is okay with it, but to enter Sydelle’s dream he needs something personal that belongs to her


Go downstairs to Sydelle’s apartment, knock, and let yourself in with the master key. Go to her bedroom and pick up the pink blouse.


Go back upstairs, knock on Simon’s door and give the pink blouse to him. Simon transports you to Sydelle’s dream. Click on everything, including yourself. Women #25 and #30, the two black women, are the numbers you once chose in a test.


Once you have looked at everything, you are back outside Simon’s door again. Leave the building and go back to the DITR building.


DITR Building


Go up the stairs and enter Hungerton’s office. See the yellow dossier in the cabinet to the right. Read your dossier. Note the recommendation that Henry’s contract be terminated.


Try to get into Hungerton’s computer. The method is exactly the same as it was for Dr. Brown. Check the time by using the eye cursor on yourself. Hungerton’s book is Rocketfall. Use that book on yourself and turn to page 77. Look at the codes for week 5, choose the book code for your time of day, and convert the code to the correct password as before.


     Time                           Book Code                                 Password      

00:00-05:59                     251733yui9fakhh3               859377yui1fakhh7

06:00-11:59                     nnn118762klgj4b2               nnn992348klgj6b8

12:00-17:59                     nert6699dz9ubvmc             nert4411dz1ubvmc

18:00-23:59                     ujb48883mpec323               ujb62227mpec787


Look at the “unlock” icon in the lower right corner. According to Robert’s diary, this unlocks the door to the basement. Use the icon and hope it works.


Leave the office and go down the stairs. You see that the door at the foot of the stairs is now open. Go through the door to the basement.


Enter the first door on the back wall. You see a guard and a huge bank of monitors that are not working because of your sabotage with the cable upstairs. Look at the gun next to the guard. You can try to grab it, but that’s not a good idea.


Leave the room and enter the next door on the back wall. This is a lab of some kind, or maybe a morgue. Look at the sheet and lift it to find Henry. Look at him.


Look at the bottle on the shelf on the back wall. It is yellow phosphorus. Take the vial.


Leave the room and look at the gray metal door along the left wall. Go into what looks like a dungeon cell. A prisoner is chained to the wall. It’s Robert!


Robert talks to you and wants to be set free. Look around and then talk to him again. You suggest the plan of Robert’s sending an apparition to distract the guard, but he isn’t up to it.  


Click every one of your thoughts on Robert to learn more about DITR.


Use your cell phone with Robert to hypnotize him. If this does not eventually have the desired effect, leave the cell and then return. When you are told that it is okay to do so, leave the cell.


Go to the first room with the monitors. Now that the guard is no longer there, take the gun.


Leave the monitor room and sit back for a very long ending.


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