A game by Jeroen Stout


Walkthrough by Chief

version 1.02


Read the Divided Readme in Program files or All programs to get some information on how to play the game.

On top of the playing screen, find Restore, Save and Quit.

To save, write down the name of the save and then press the “enter” key.

At the bottom of the screen, find your inventory.

When viewing a book, move the cursor to the edges of the screen to flip the pages.




The game starts in a round cave and you are looking at the ceiling.

Click on the screen and you will be in front of a round table. On the table, click twice on the mirror and get a cut scene.

Back up from the table. Go around this table and take the book on telepathy. Right click to see the book go in inventory at the bottom of the page, along a piece of paper with icons on it. You can read the book and have a look at the icons.

Explore the cave to see a set of stairs and a door on top : you can click on everything you can: nothing to do here.

Come back down and see a chart on the wall about metals.

On the floor, see a broken piece of wood.


The door

Find the door in an arch. The central metal circle is divided in two: click on the bottom part and you will see some icons.

In inventory, look again at the piece of paper with the icons by right clicking.

Remember the mirror: this would mean the icons on the door will be reverse. So, instead of having the icon that looks like a hat on top left, it will be on top right and all icons on the left will go on the right and vice versa.

Back to the door and click on each icon until you get all of them in their proper place.

Click again on the bottom part of the central circle to close it.

Then press the top part and the door will open to the next cave.

If the icons are not in their proper place, you will only get blackness when you open the door. Click anywhere around the door to close it. You can go in anyway to see some kind of light: click on it to be back in the first cave.





Walk in this second cave and find two chained baskets and a third one further down.

Click on the center of the screen to be between the two baskets.

There’s nothing to do with the one on the left. In the right one, find a book and ear a clicking sound: click in the basket where the clicking sound is the loudest and get the book. Read it to get some information about the game.

After you have taken the book, look in front to see what looks like a mine opening. Go there and find a wheelbarrow. Inside it, take the pickaxe.

From the opening, go forward once and then left. Go toward the red curtain and pass through it.







After passing the red curtain, turn left to find a room/cave with two tables. On the left table, you will find different objects, but nothing interesting.

On the right table, find a box with a small wheel on top. Click on the center part to get a white bar in your inventory. On top of the box, a small lever that can be push to the left: click on the wheel to ear a sound and another sound if the lever is back on the right.

Go out of this room and find another red curtain on the left. Go through it.


Cave and buildings

You are in front of two big lights. Click on the center part of the screen and you are now standing on a platform. Go forward to the stairs of the central building in front of you and turn left to be in front of another set of stairs on your right.



Go up to see a panel with 9 squares. The object of this puzzle is to light up all the squares to be white. Just click on them and try to find a pattern that will have you get all white squares.

Back up from the panel when done and come back to the right  and go up to this panel and when done to the other two panels, this center building having a panel on four sides. You have to finish this puzzle on the panel with a lever on the right. When all four panels are all white, pull the lever down and all four panels will be black.

Pull back from the panel with the lever and go right to pass under the cottage and be in front of a panel with the number 328 and squares 4-7 and 9 lighted up. (Square one is top left)

See also a green icon: click on it. The stairs you came down when you first enter this cave will move around.


Deasil’s cottage

Go up and knock on the door. Meet Deasil. “You must restore the energy to his cottage”

When the conversation is finish, go around the cottage and look through the telescope and see a boat.

Next to the telescope, on a bench, take a round sound box.  You can have a look at it if you want and when you press on the right, you will hear some sounds.

Back down the stairs and go left to be in the back of the center building and turn left again on the walkway and be in front of a panel: number 479 and squares 1-2-3-4-5-7-8 and 9 lighted up.


The machine room

Click on the green icon to get the stairs: go up and open the door.

Inside the machine room, you are standing on a walkway. Let’s have a look around.

Go forward and turn left to see a close door with a padlock. Come back to the center and turn left and go to the door with the panel on top: open it to see what seems to be  the power source.

Go to the third door: at the end of the metal corridor, see a big round object with a center part: click on it and see someone that seems to be screaming.


Door with padlock

Now that you have explore the machine room, go back to the door with the padlock and get a close up on it. From your inventory, take the white bar and insert it in the key hole.

Take the round sound box and do the same thing: it will play some sounds but they are not the right ones to open the padlock.

Put the sound box on the screen by right clicking on it in inventory.

Each lever of the box can be place on five different marks by clicking on it.

Based on the picture of the upside down key in the book found in the basket, see that the first part of the key (on the left) is the longest, the second part has middle length, the third part is the shortest, the fourth part is between the first and second part and the fifth part is between the second and third part. So, place the left lever completely down; the second one in the middle; the third one on top and the fourth one on the mark before last. The fifth one should be on the second mark.

Put the box back in inventory, pick it up and place it on top of the key hole: the proper sounds will play and the door can now be open.

Go in and see the same round thing at the end of the corridor, this time with a black wire in front, and look at the center part to see someone.

Go left to see where that wire goes. Click on a round support on the wall to see that the wire is cut. Take the pickaxe and place it on the wire on the right of the screen: the wire will be pull down. Click again on the support and the wire will be connected to the other support. Take the pickaxe back.


Deasil’s cottage

Now that the power is restore, go back to Deasil’s cottage. Click on the green icon to get the stairs and see Deasil. He gives some comment on what to do with Dasil in the other cottage and gives you two test tubes: a blue and a green.


Dasil’s cottage

Go there, on the other side of the center building, and walk to the panel: see the number 245 and squares 1-2-3-5-6 and 7 lighted up.

But no green icon to get the stairs is seen.

Maybe if you try to find the correct combination of white squares on the panel that the green icon will appear.

Based on the numbers on the left of the panel (1,2,4,8,……), leave squares 4 and 9 black and change the black square #8 to white and #2 white square to black. (8 divided by 4)

The right combination of white squares is: 1-3-5-6-7-8

Click on the green icon and go up the stairs.

Get a close up of the door and try to open it: it will not.

Take the blue tube test and click it on the door.


See the end scene and then press Quit to end the game.


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