By Wanadoo and Canal+ Multimedia

Walkthrough written by NKuderna, MaGtRo, and Ozma38


Revised: October 2008

Gameplay:    This a point and click first person game. The manual in the September 2008 release is in .pdf form installed with the game. The main menu is accessed by the ESC key. The main menu has selection for new game, load, save and quit.

Please check the manual for the various cursor icons used in the game.

The inventory is accessed by right mouse click. The items collected are placed in a circle. Select one by clicking it in the small circle. Combine objects by drag-drop one item over another item.

There are 8 saved game slots and they can be overwritten.

Press the space bar to skip the cutscenes.

As shown in the ending of Dracula Resurrection:    Jonathan Harker is seen escaping Dracula Castle in a flying machine with Mina and the Dragon Ring in his possession. His escape is blocked by 2 of Dracula's brides. Miraculously, Jonathan escaped.

Dracula talks to a minion to watch Harker. Later Dracula appears to Hopkins to see if all his plans to get Mina and the Dragon ring back are in place.

Nothing can stop me now. Nothing and no one.

It has been one week since Jonathan returned to London with Mina.  Dracula followed them, set up a sanctuary at Carfax, and plans to get Mina and the dragon ring back. Mina is taken care by Dr. Seward. Jonathan knows he must confront and destroy the count for Mina to be safe.


In inventory, there is a key and a gun.

Gardens:    Before going inside, take a look around the gardens.  To the left you will find a large metal box with a wire hinged top and a couple of pipes at the sides. 

Pool:    To the right you will see a shallow pool.  Go into the pool, turn around and take a round knob from the center of the 4 sculptured tiles. 

Wall:    Go to the other side of the garden, right of the house.  Go straight to the stone fence and find 4 more of those tiles behind the dry bushes. Take that knob also.  Turn around and go forward then turn right and look toward the base of the tree.  Pick up the oil can.

House:    Now it is time to enter the house.  Use the key on the door knob and go inside. 

First upstairs room:    Go up the stairs and enter the room at the top. 

Go forward toward the dresser. Open the film cans labeled Styx and pick up a token, notched paper, and box of matches.  Look up at the picture on the wall. Click on it and then after you hear about Carfax, turn the picture over and pick up the note attached to the back. 

Turn to your right and open the chest.  Pick up the telescope and candleholder.

Turn to your right again and go over to the desk.  Open the drawer on the right side and pick up the compass, key/cylinder mechanism, the red book and the candle.  Read the book from your inventory. 

Turn to right of door and go in back of the screen.  It is dark back there!  Place the candle holder on the table and then in inventory, use your matches on the candle.  Place the lighted candle on the holder.  Ah!   Now we can see there is a key hanging on the wall a bit to the right. Take the key.

In your inventory use the bullets on the gun to load it. Good idea to get it ready! 

Second upstairs room:    Turn toward the door next to the screen and use the key on the door knob.  Enter that room and look at Pibody. 

Escape the first vampire bat:    Before taking the key from his jacket SAVE YOUR GAME! As soon as you pick up the key a large vampire bat will breakdown the door. Turn around from the bat and shoot the door lock where Pibody was leaning on. 

Open the door and go forward once into the room, turn around and move the dresser that is on the left side of the door to block it off from the vampire bat. 

Third upstairs room:    Now you can take your time to explore the room safely. 

Take care of the first vampire bat:    Pick up the chair in front of the fireplace and put it below the round boarded up window.  Look in the fireplace. Get the other knob and the poker right of the tiles. Use the poker to remove the boards from the window. 

Go to the other side of the room and pick up the large mirror.  Place it in the middle of the room, then slide the dresser back away from the door allowing the vampire bat to enter.  Protected by the sun!

Take care of the second vampire bat:    Pick up the other mirror and leave the room.  As you are leaving the room you originally started in you see a vampire bat standing by the doorway. 

SAVE YOUR GAME!  Go forward once into that room, look down and place the mirror there.  Another bat will disintegrate! 

Take care of the rest of the bats:    There are more vampire bats outside on the balcony and down stairs. Since you can't go right, turn left and quickly go to the end of the balcony and click on the chandelier!  Watch the Harker take care of the 3 vampire bats.

Basement:    Use your poker on that boarded up door to the left of the stairs. 

Enter the basement and look at the crates along the right wall.  Slide the middle crate and pick up the wire cutter. Slide it back and pick up another knob from the tiles.

Box at Garden:    Go outside via the main door to the large metal box. 

Open the water gates:    Get a close up of the lid on top. Cut the chain with the wire cutters.

Use the oil can on the hinge at top of the screen. Then lift the wire screen.

Put the note you found behind the picture of Carfax on the top of the box. Use oil on the note and you will be able to see pictures corresponding to the knobs you picked up earlier.

Place the corresponding knob next to the picture. See picture.

Notice the different triangles on the note. Get a close up of the wheel with the triangles and move the wheel to correspond with the triangle shape that is drawn on the note. You will only need to change the top left one and 2 of the bottom triangles.

Once you have done that the lid pops open and you will hear a clang. Pull back.

Go toward the metal box again and turn the round handle on the front. The pool will now fill with water.


Go back to the basement where you found the wire cutters and you will be able to open the door with the huge locking device. This door leads to the sewer.

Sewer:    Go down the sewer all the way to the left until you come to a dead end. Turn left and climb the ladder and then go through the manhole.

Seward's Asylum:    You will be at Seward's Asylum. Knock on the door and when the video stops go into his office.

Talk with Seward about the ring and matches. Mina is hypnotized again.

Pibody is the man Seward asked to check on Dracula. Seward gives you a key as you leave his office.

In that waiting area outside his office go forward, left, and forward again behind the desk toward that other smaller door.

Use the key on the knob and enter another sewer.


Go forward into the sewer, turn right, forward once and look to your right to find a rope on the wall. Take the rope.

Continue going forward 3 more clicks until you come to a control box on your left with a little red light. Turn to your right and look down. Pick up the wheel.

Continue on in the sewer until you come to a dead end and see a ladder in front of you. There's a filled reservoir in between. Combine the wheel with the rope in your inventory and use it on the ladder. The ladders falls down.

Walk to the other side, look down and open the little tool chest. Take out the wrench.

Go back down the tunnel to where you picked up the wheel and saw the control box. Use the wrench on the wheel and take it.

Go back and cross the ladder again, but stop when you are halfway across and look at the wall to your right. You will see a notched area where you can put that wheel. Use the wrench to tighten it and then turn the wheel. The water will drain out.

Continue across the ladder, turn around, look down and take the ladder. Place the ladder against the right side of the pit vertically, so you can climb down.

At the bottom of the pit, pick up the ladder and go through forward once through the little tunnel.

As you turn to your right you will see a hot spot showing you where to place the ladder. Climb up and use your gun on the latch to open the cover.

Climb out and you will be in Highgate cemetery.


Find and go to the large entrance gate to the cemetery.

Facing that gate, turn right, go forward once, then turn right about 135 degrees until you find the magnifying glass cursor on the wall of the graves area.

Get closer and use Pibody's key on the lock. Pick up the ladder.

Go back toward the gate, turn left and go forward 2 clicks until you reach the intersection with the manhole at the center. Turn right, go forward 2 clicks, turn left to face the tomb with the statues on each side. Use the ladder to climb to the top. Look down and open the briefcase. Take the cross and stake.

Pibody:    Climb back down and see Pibody who is now a vampire.

Use the cross on him and he will fall into an open grave and get crushed with a tombstone.

Go up the stairs at right, go left and see the open grave. Look down at Pibody and use the stake on him.

Pick up his watch and notebook. Read his notebook in your inventory, click the page and he will talk about watching Dracula enter his vault.

Dracula:    Go back to the path and go across to the ladder. Go up the ladder to the top of the tomb again.

Use your compass, click on the NW point and you will see Dracula's vault.

Use the watch and when it finishes getting to 6 o'clock use the telescope to see Dracula entering his vault.

Go down and over to Dracula's vault, the one at the intersection.

Go up to the statue, click on the eyes and try to enter the door to the vault. You will hear high-pitched sounds and Jonathan will pass out.

When he wakes up that morning, he will stumble over to the asylum to see Dr. Seward.


Office:    Dr. Seward is not in.

Go around to the front of his desk and open the top left drawer. Take the stethoscope. Listen to the recording machine on top of the desk. Seward and Mina were taken by Dracula.

Go over to the fireplace, look down and to your right towards the window near the chair and you will see a magnifying glass cursor. See picture. Pick up Mina's wedding ring.

Safe:    Turn back toward the fireplace and move the picture to find the safe.

Open the safe:    There are 4 little combination locks. (It doesn't matter which order you choose to do them.)

On each lock, position the stethoscope in the lower left corner. 

Move the cursor on either side of the dial to see the turn arrows. Turn the dial with the little arrows seen until you hear a clunk sound. Do this to each of the dials.

From top left clock-wise the numbers should be 8, 3, 6, and 4.

Open the safe and take the dragon ring. Open the case and take the green vial (anti-vampire serum) green notebook, photo negative, and another recording cylinder.

On the top shelf take Hopkins' file. Read the file and take his key. Read the green notebook.

Go back to the desk. Remove the recording cylinder and place it in the case on the desk.

Place the new cylinder on the machine and click on the needle.

The needle will stick half way, so click on it again. It tells you to raise the temperature 5 degrees for the anti-vampire potion in order for the blood to thicken in the solution.

Asylum:    Leave the office and go into the asylum through the side door.

Station:    Go down the stairs to the desk.

Pick up the sugar cube from the saucer and combine it in your inventory with the matches. Then place it on the table.

Hear that pesky fly? That would make a nice snack for Hopkins! When the fly lands in the box, pick it up.

Hopkins:    Go up to the cells and look at the 3rd one. You will see Hopkins through the little panel.

Open the door with the key you got from his file. Give him the matchbox with the fly. He will tell you about Mina and Dr. Seward, then he will get upset and stop talking.

Leave his cell, turn right and enter the room at the end.

Bill:    Bill has turned into a vampire also! Use the cross on him and then on his forehead after he falls into a wheelchair. Take the key from his waist.

Go out to the desk again and use the key to open the drawer. Take out the syringe. Go back to Bill and use the syringe to get blood from his right arm.

Anti-vampire potion:    Turn around and open the roll top desk.

Put the contents of the green vial into the distillation flask and add the syringe of blood. Place the empty green vial under the coiled glass tubing.

Get a plus sign to the right of the Bunsen burner and click on it once - twice until the temperature reaches 35 degrees. Click on the negative sign to the left of the Bunsen burner and click on it once to keep the solution from over heating. The solution will boil and then fill up the empty flask. Pick up the active anti-vampire potion.

Combine the active anti-vampire potion with the loaded gun in your inventory.

Hopkins:    Go back to see Hopkins and he will talk to you some more.

He gives you his spectacles which give Vampire vision in exchange for the Dragon ring.

Dracula:    You hear a phone ringing (it is not a loud ringing; more like a buzz). Go to Seward's office.

Answer the phone even if you don't hear it ring. Dracula knows your plans and says it is hopeless.

Sewers:    Go back to the asylum.

When you return you will find that Hopkins is gone from his cell.

Go check on Bill at the room at the end and see that Bill has left also.

Tunnels:    Where the wheel chair had been is a trap door in the floor leading to the sewers. They must have escaped through that door. Follow them! Go through the tunnels in the sewer. Turn right at lit part of the tunnel. There is no sign of them!

Use the spectacles that Hopkins gave you and you will be able to see green foot prints. Follow the tracks and you will come to an open area.

Sewer crossroad:    Go up to the control box in the center of the hub and flip the switch.

Bill will appear! Use-click your vampire glasses on Bill, then aim and fire your gun at that red spot.

Take the path to the left across center of the hub; behind the control panel.

Follow the tunnel (left fork) until you come to a dead end. You will see a door you can't enter and a panel to the left of the door.

Pull the hook to open the panel. See pictures below.



Sewer door lock:    Use the key mechanism you picked up in Carfax on the slot of the panel. Make a note of the numbers that show up (2, _, _, 1, 3, 4) and the symbol to the right of the key.

Take the key from the slot. When you take your key out it separates in your inventory.

Use the narrow key with the notches on the red notebook. Activate your vampire glasses and you will notice rows of numbers along the right side of the page. Move the notched key to the symbol that you saw on the panel. Write down the numbers in the notches. (5, 1, 0, 3, 8, 2)

Use the numbers you have from the panel to figure out the numbers to use from the book. If you flip over 3 pages in the book and using the vampire glasses, you will see an example. For this particular lock this is how to figure the numbers. Line up the numbers like this:

2 _ _ 1 3 4

5 1 0 3 8 2

The top row of numbers will give the order for the numbers you need. They are 3, 5, 8, and 2.

Now take the other part of the key that looks like a cylinder and look at it in your inventory. Put the 4 number code on the cylinder. Place the cursor above or below the numbers to get the + and - signs.

Place-combine the notched key back in the cylinder and use it on the lock again. Take the key back.

The door will open! Enter the Styx!


Audience area of the theatre:    Enter the theater.

Projector:    Go to the far end at the table area below.

Go to the mechanical Dracula and the projector. Use the token you picked up from Carfax on the projector.

Watch the short film of Dracula carrying Mina up the stairs of his castle.

Organ:    Walk up to the balcony on the other side and over to the organ at the end.

Look close and use the perforated paper you picked up from Carfax on the hot spot at right side.

The organ will start up and then some gas will come out of it. Jonathan passes out.

Bedroom:    Jonathan wakes up in Dracula's bedroom.

Dracula demands the Dragon ring.

Hopkins arrives to help him. He mentions that the ring is in the protection of St George at the cemetery.

Go around the bed. Look below the foot of the bed to find your gun.

Backstage:    Leave the room and you will discover you haven't left the Styx at all. You were in a movie set!

Vampire:    A vampire is in front of you. Use-click the vampire glasses and shoot him in the red heart.

Walk forward and you will see Seward in the elevator. He is now a vampire also.

Mechanical Dracula:    Turn left and go forward. See the control box with the red and green lights on the left. Open it and flip the switch. Mechanical Dracula will come at you! Turn to the left and grab the sword from the dragon. Use it on Mechanical Dracula!

Use the sword to cut the cable by the wall in front of you and you will end up in the stage flies. Turn left from the rungs on the wall, forward and pick up the grappling hook and the handle.

Turn around, go back and climb up that rungs on the wall to the next walkway. Turn around and look down to find a box. look close at the box and see a hole to put the handle. Insert and turn the handle. The platform you are standing on will go towards Mechanical Dracula who is in the lift. You see him use a key from his finger on the lift controls and something falls to the floor. He knocks some metal railing loose.

Turn and go to your right. At the end of the walkway, turn right and see a hotspot on the cable. Use your sword on the cable. This drops the railing. Turn left and climb up that broken railing to enter the vent air ducts.

Go forward, turn right and use the sword on the fan to jam it! Crawl over the fan and go left until you come to the second vent grill. Take the key that is sticking out of the vent grill.

Turn around and go back the other way, but don't go over that jammed fan again, just continue around until you come to the second ventilation grill on this side.  Use the key you just picked up to open that grill.

You are now above the Mechanical Dracula. Use the grappling hook and rope on the Mechanical Dracula. He gets smashed to pieces by the fan!

Look over at the pieces of the Mechanical Dracula and take the tuning fork from his chest. Open the wrist and turn the hand over. Move the mechanism in the wrist to activate the finger key and take that.

Leave the theatre:   

Walk forward and right into the lift. Use that finger key on the lift controls and go down.

Turn right and go forward to see Seward sitting against the stage of the theater. He tells you about a secret passage behind the organ and gives you a key for his laboratory in the Asylum. He asks for your gun.

Go to the organ and use the vampire glasses so you can see which key to click on to open the secret passage. It is at bottom left. When you open that passageway, Seward destroys the Styx and himself!

Sewers:    Go forward into the sewers and hop in the boat. Go forward in the boat down the rat infested sewer until it comes to an end. Walk around the corner and to your left is a door and another of those locks you encountered to get into the Styx.

Figure out the code in the same manner with your key cylinder.

The number is 4 3 - 2 1 -. Remember the symbol at right.

Code number is 8 4 6 2

You are now back in the basement of Carfax.


It is time to do what Dr. Sewards asks - destroy Carfax, one of Dracula's sanctuary:   

Pick up the cloth-covered crates. See a red coffin on the left.

Go into the next room, turn left and place these crates below the stairs. Pick up the gardening shears, the mallet, and the axe.

Go back into the basement and use the axe on Dracula's coffin. Pick up the pieces of broken coffin.

Go up stairs and use the mallet on the desk. Pick those pieces of wood up too.

Go into the next room where you found Pibody's body and cut the drapes with the gardening shears. Pick the cut cloth up.

Go back to first room and enter the back of the screen. Take the candle you placed there earlier.

Go downstairs. Go under the stairs to the crates. In each of the crates put the pieces of coffin, desk, and drapes. Use the matches on the candle and put the lighted candle on these crates.

Dracula will appear and he leaves you to burn in Carfax!

Turn around and go to the door across the room.

To the left of the door you will see a little niche in the wall where you find a key.

Use that key on the door and you will discover a way out of Carfax!


Go forward and then turn to your right. Find and turn a sluice wheel. The water rises. Turn around and see an opening on the wall.

Save Game Here!  Time to go for a swim!  Dive in the reservoir, go underwater, turn left, click on debris by the wall, look close and click on exposed sluice wheel.  

Look directly up and then turn a little to your right to get the forward cursor.  

Go up once then turn to your right again and go towards the little arched opening.  Go through that opening.  If you are running out of life, save your game and you will get more time.  

You come out in the sewers, go forward 3x passing a closed grilled gate. Turn left, climb the ladder and come out to the entrance to the asylum. Enter.


Turn left, enter the asylum proper and proceed to the room where you found Bill.

Develop the picture:    Turn right and open the cabinet with the key Dr. Seward gave you before he sacrificed himself.

Look behind the curtain underneath the workbench and find a photo developing setup.

Place the photo negative on the top part of the equipment on the left.

Turn off the light using the switch on the middle of the back panel.

Get paper from folder on the right of the switch.

Turn on the equipment with the photo negative.

 Click on paper that was automatically developed and read the developed photo.

Note that the gauge is set to 8, the ammeter reads 7 and a #4 on the right.

Back out and look at the work bench.

Read the note found on the left side of the bench. Seward needs an aerial or antenna from the world of vampires for it to work.

Anti-Vampire system:    Put together the Anti-Vampire System, Dr. Seward described. Read the backside of the note for instructions on how to use the setup.

Place the resistor/u-shaped object on top.

Look close on the round object at the center of the resistor and set it to 8 using the +/- icon.

Place the electrolysis tube in front of the u-shaped object. Look close at needlelike part of resistor and adjust it to 4 using the +/- icon.

Place the ammeter/white square box on the middle left and the rheostat/coiled wires at the bottom.

Look close on the coiled wire and adjust the ammeter setting to 7 using the +/- icons.

Remove the antenna that Dr. Seward said is not working well and replace it with the tuning fork obtained from the Dracula robot.

Close the door and take the crank on the right side of the apparatus. Take the Anti-Vampire apparatus.

Exit and go through the trap door. Enter the sewers.


Go forward, turn right and see the rats.

Operate the Anti-Vampire system:    In inventory, use crank on the newly made Anti-Vampire System.

Get the rat reading:    Look close at the apparatus. Place the bottom middle switch to the left by clicking on the left square box for reception.

Point and click the antenna on the rats when the green light lights up on the energized apparatus seen on the bottom right of the screen.

Adjust the machine to the rats' reading:    Look at apparatus in inventory. The number 7 on the left gauge is the frequency of the rats read by the apparatus.

Using the middle right knob, adjust the reading of the right gauge to 7.

Click the bottom right square box to transmit the frequency.

Point and click the antenna on the rats again when the green light light up on the energized apparatus seen on the bottom right of the screen. The rats leaves.

Go forward 2x, turn right and go to the main junction of the sewer system.

Look close on the electric panel. Insert the silver ventilation key at the bottom of the panel. A gate being raised is heard. That must be the grill gate to Highgate, we passed earlier.

Look close on the panel again and raise the right lever. The bridge moves to another exit. Turn right, cross bridge and enter.

The empty reservoir is blocking the exit. Turn around and pick up wood planks and place them across the empty reservoir and cross over. Look up and go out the manhole.


Hopkins' help:    Go to the main gate of the cemetery, turn left, move forward and turn right to a wall with black plaques.

Look close to the middle row of plaques. Click on the one by Bram Stoker thanking St. George.

Pick up the note from Hopkins and the dragon ring.

Read the note in inventory and see that Hopkins gives the code for the lock of Dracula's secret sanctuary.

Gargoyles:    You need to take care of the gargoyles so that no high pitch sound can disable you at Dracula's sanctuary.

Go around the cemetery and look for gargoyles that might prevent you from entering Dracula's sanctuary like before. In the last page of the red book, there is a picture of 3 gargoyles (and later the Anti-Vampire System).

Horned gargoyle:   

Find the gargoyle. In inventory, use the crank on the Anti-Vampire System, click on the left bottom reception mode square. Turn left, move forward, turn left, look up on the mausoleum roof at left and get the frequency (the green light is on the apparatus).

Adjust the machine to the gargoyle's reading. As before, move the right dial to the frequency reading of 6, click on the right transmission switch. Focus the antenna on the gargoyle and click. The horned gargoyle explodes.

Wolf gargoyle:   

Find the gargoyle. Energize the apparatus again and set it to reception mode by clicking on left bottom switch. Go back to the main gate, forward to the corner wall, look up at the gargoyle on the top of the corner wall. Get the frequency.

Adjust the machine to the gargoyle's reading. Set the transmission to 4, click the transmission switch at bottom right, focus the antenna at the gargoyle and click. The wolf gargoyle burst.

Birdlike gargoyle:   

Find the gargoyle. Energize and set the apparatus to reception mode again. Turn around from wolf gargoyle, walk forward 1x by side wall, look at the open crypt to your right, focus the apparatus at the head on top,

Adjust the machine to the gargoyle's reading. Set the apparatus to transmit at 9 and explode the last birdlike gargoyle.

Look at the red book and see that all of them are marked off. Pan to the right and walk forward twice to Dracula's sanctuary.

Dracula's sanctuary at the cemetery:    Enter the mausoleum.

Look close on the vampire lock at front of tomb.

Based on Hopkins message, enter 9 - top left, 2 - top right, 8 - bottom right, 7 - bottom left by using the turn arrows.

Click on the half moon sign (dark on the left side) at the bottom center of the lock.

Enter the revealed passageway.

CD 2 (2001 game):

Dracula, separated by a grill warns Jonathan about his luck running out and his single life span possibly being shortened.

Jonathan travels to Transylvania and reminisced about the last time he was there.



Gates:    Turn around from the grilled gate with a vampire lock, forward 2x pass the broken bridge at left and down the stairs to the middle part of quarry. See another similar gate.

Lock:    The vampire lock on this one shows a half moon at the bottom center (dark side on the right).

Read the red book, using Hopkins' vampire eyeglasses and find the page (third page) that has the moon in rotation.

The letter beside the half moon with the dark side on the right is G. On the left page the numbers after G are 9,4,2,6.

Enter 9 -top left, 4 - top right, 2 - bottom right, 6- bottom left. Click the half moon.

Gate opens. Enter.

Go forward and see that the end of the hallway is blocked by a Vampire face.

To the right on the floor is a covered crate. Take the spade and the crowbar.

Quarry proper:    Go back out and down another flight of stairs to enter the quarry proper.

Go forward towards the wood structure twice. Standing with the wood structure on your left, turn right and look down between the stone slabs. Use crowbar to move the stone and pick up the detonator with cable. See it still on the ground.

Move forward towards the stairs, turn around and climb the pile of stones. Go forward, turn around and pick up the hammer and chisel at left on top of stone.

Go down to the table. Look close at the drawer. Use hammer and chisel to open the drawer. Pick up the cable. See a plate on the back of the drawer. Use the hammer and chisel on the back of the drawer. Pull out the drawer and pick up the key.

Go forward once to the right of the table and look down on the box. Use the key to open the box. Pick up the dynamite.

Go back up one flight of stairs to the tunnel behind the now opened gate at base of second flight of stairs.

Vampire face:    Place the dynamite in the mouth of the face and attach the cable.

At a safe distance (turn around and forward twice), attach the detonator to the end of the cable.

Press the detonator and see the vampire's head explode dropping a pink jewel. Pick up the pink jewel.

Enter the hole and go forward until you reach the prison.


Read the green book and see what this is all about.

First prison:    Turn right and go to the chessboard on the wall.

Turn right, look close on another carved head missing an eye. Place pink jewel on the right eye slot.

The chessboard wall rotate. Enter the hidden passage.

Second prison:    Go to the very end of the passage around the prison cells. The second from the end prison bars has an opening. Enter.

First skeleton:    Turn left, move forward through the skeletons, turn right and look down at a skeleton at the corner. Move his rib cage and dig on the ground under the rib cage using the spade. Pick up the bone.

Second skeleton:    Move forward, look down at another skeleton. Move him and dig again. Pick up parchment and skull. Kazan, the writer of the parchment states that he and his fellow prisoner have found a way to get to Lord Radu's tomb. He asks that you find and free his Lord Radu.

Look close on the parchment and it shows the layout of the prison and an arrangement of skull, bone, stone and candle. There is a little arrow in the lower right hand corner, click on that arrow to turn the parchment over.

Guard room:    Turn around, forward and exit the prison cell.

Go back out to the hallway, turn right, move forward 4x, turn left and enter the alcove.

Turn right and enter the small room. Pick up lantern and crossbow. Climb table, pick up the arrows from the top shelf.

Go down, open drawer and pick up necklace with red jewel. Go out to the hallway.

Open the skull door:    See a door with an arch made up of skulls.

(To find the hotspot where you place the skull, look down from this position in the hallway, in front of those double doors.)

Look down on the ground and follow the direction on the parchment found under the skeleton.

Place the skull on the ground.

In inventory, combine red jewel with bone and place it on top of skull.

In inventory, light the lantern with the match. Place lantern behind the skull setup. The light passes through the jewel to a skull on the arch.

The jewel explodes and the barrier opens. Enter.


Third prison:    You are now in another group of prison cells.

Move forward and when you turn the corner, a growling sound is heard. Look up to see a monster.

In inventory, combine arrow with crossbow and then combine it with the green bottle. Shoot the monster.

Lord Radu:    Go down the stairs, move forward until you find the remains of Lord Radu, hanging at the center of the pit.

Jump forward to the skeleton, look close and open the metal helmet. Pick up the jeweled medallion in his mouth.

You fall down the pit. Move forward and then go out. You are now at Borgo Cemetery.


Climb out of the grave with a vampire bat tombstone.

Look at altar ahead with St. George's icon and a dragon on the snowy ground in front of it. There is a hole on St. George's icon.

St. George's icon piece:    Go right and around to the back of the cemetery.

Behind the crypt with chains and under a bird statue, look close on an indentation on the ground surrounded by candles.

Use the spade on the indentation surrounded by candles. Pick up the broken piece of St. George's icon.

Turn right, move forward and look behind the tombstone. Pick up the metal hand holding a cross.

Go back to the altar of St. George. Put back the found icon piece on the main St George's icon. A sound is heard and the icon is complete.

Dracula's crypt:    Move back to right side of the chained crypt, by the grave you came up from with the vampire bat headstone and tree behind the wall. Use Hopkins' eyeglasses and point it in front of the chained crypt.

See the white light coming from St. George meet the red light coming from Dracula's crypt. Use the metal hand holding the cross on the the white light of St. George. The chain explodes.

Enter the crypt, turn right, down the stair and out of Dracula's crypt into the castle.


Dorko:    With the crypt behind you, go forward 3x to a small door with stairs inside. Go down the stairs to see Dorko.

Look close on Dorko. She gives you warning about the dangers and tells you that she has lost most of her powers.

Click on parchment dialogue. If you don't get this dialogue, then look at Radu's parchment in your inventory and click on that little arrow that is in the right lower corner. Dorko explains that Kazan is the chamberlain of Lord Radu, Dracula's half brother. He disappeared the same evening as Radu and some loyal henchmen. The pentagram surrounding the parchment symbolizes the evil forces reigning in the castle.

The text tells of a Grand Knight of the Order of St. George buried in the castle cemetery. A Gold Cross was cast to commemorate his feast and is a symbol of the divine forces that can wipe out the pentagram that protects the castle. Kazan and his men supposedly stole the cross to prevent Dracula getting hold of it.

Look close on the translated text that has 2 square-shaped holes.

Give Radu's jeweled medallion to Dorko. She tells Jonathan that the combined Radu's medallion and Dragon ring can bring about the downfall of Dracula. The ritual to combine them can be accomplished on Dracula's stele at his final sanctuary but she can combine it now.

Before she can do so, she was stabbed by one of Dracula's woman vampire. The vampire took the dragon ring. Before she died, Dorko transfers her powers to her ring and gave it to Jonathan. The ring will protect him from the pentagram, the forces protecting the castle.

Go out and up towards the cemetery, but the vampire surrounds it with a red ring.

Enter the castle:    Go right to the yard and climb the stairs planked by 2 stone wolves - stand by the side and then click on top of stairs or the door.

Using Hopkins' vampire eyeglasses, look close on the lock of the door and see a pentagram. Use Dorko's ring on the door. Enter. Move forward until the end and pick up the rope with grapple.

Go back out and while standing on the landing at top of the stairs, look across the courtyard. In inventory, combine crossbow and rope with grapple. Aim and shoot it to the balcony across the cemetery. Swing over to the balcony using the rope. Enter the door.


Remove the castle's protection:

Clue to locating the golf cross:    Go forward to the end of the room. Open the roll top desk.

Pick up the chessboard paper.

Use crowbar on the inside panel on the left side of the desk.

A parchment rolls open. Look close on the parchment.

Get the translated parchment with 2 square-shaped holes from inventory. Click it over the desk parchment. Then click on different shapes to move the translated parchment.

Note the geometric shapes that when selected-clicked on shows a roman numeral number on the other squared-shaped hole.

The opposite square-shaped hole will show only a part of the selected shape. There will be 2 shapes with corresponding numbers seen on this side of the desk parchment.

Turn the holed translated parchment over and do it again. There will be 2 more shapes with corresponding numbers seen.

They are I - 3 dimensional cube, II - Sphere made up of triangles, III - Pyramidoid with 4 sided base made up of triangles and IV - starburst made up of triangles.


Secret panel:    Turn around, move forward, turn right and look close at the engraved panel between the bookcases.

Click on it and a wooden frame is revealed showing the geometric shapes shown on the desk parchment.

Click on the geometric shapes in consecutive order shown by the roman numeral number associated with the shapes.

The frame turns around and reveals the gold cross of the Grand Knight of the order of St. George. Pick it up. Go outside to the balcony.


Swing on the rope again and jump off into the middle of the red ring.

Move forward, turn left and look close on the tomb of the Grand Knight. Open the tomb with the crowbar and pick up the dragon medallion off the skeleton.

In inventory, combine the medallion with the gold cross.

Turn around and while wearing Hopkins' eyeglasses, look down at the ground. A pentagram is revealed on the snow covered ground.

Use the combined cross and medallion on the pentagram. The red ring is destroyed.


Go to the atrium under the small library and enter the door. Go to the small library.

Move forward, turn right and look close on another vampire head lock.

Use Hopkins' vampire eyeglasses on the mouth of the vampire and see a pentagram.

Use the cross with medallion on the pentagram. Enter.


Look close on the chessboard and insert the chessboard paper found in the roll top desk underneath bottom part of the chessboard.

Open the red book and using Hopkins' eyeglasses, read the chessboard page. You will see the placements of the chess pieces.

Move the real chess pieces by clicking on the letters at the bottom. Move the bottom black pieces first and the white piece on top last.

Click on F, B, H, E, A, C, G, D. The chess pieces are now in the same position as shown in the red book.

Pull out the chessboard paper. The paper has holes punched on the black and white squares tracing a path from the bottom to the top.

Go out, right to the roll top desk and down the stairs to the big floor chessboard.


Look at the color arrangement of the floor chessboard and see that the colors are the opposite of the one on the paper. From the bottom, the paper start with white but on the floor chessboard that same place is a black square.

Looking at the paper as a guide to the path but using the opposite color, walk on the floor. Upon reaching the middle, the floor falls and Dracula appears and threatens Jonathan.

Using the telescope, look at the door at the far end of the room. Wear Hopkins' eyeglasses to view the door and see a pentagram. Use Dorko's ring on the pentagram thus build a red bridge to walk across on.

Now close to the door, use Hopkins' eyeglasses again to see the pentagram. Use the cross with medallion on the pentagram. Exit.


Turn to the right, and press the button on the panel.

Face the cable car that arrived and walk to the left side of the car, turn around and pull the lever down, platform slides out.

Go back in front of the cable car. Move forward to the cable car, turn to the right and click on freestanding box to open the doors. Enter.

Pull the lever on the left to close the door and press the red button to start the cable car moving. The cable car moves toward Dracula's keep.

Go out of cable car and meet Hopkins. He says that Mina is in Dracula's final sanctuary and he will take Jonathan there. One of Dracula's henchman throws a knife at Jonathan, Hopkins moved to intercept it. Dying, Hopkins gives Jonathan the door key to the keep.

Go back inside the cable car and get the ladder. Place ladder on the back door of the cable car. Climb up, open the ceiling door and climb out. Look up and get on the beam. Crawl towards the keep's door 1x. Look up on the ceiling, turn right and open the trapdoor.

SAVE GAME HERE. Exit to the top of the Keep.


They're coming:    Dracula's henchmen are coming to stop Jonathan.

Turn right, move fast to get to the back of the statue at the other end of the rooftop.

Find the head of St. George lying on the top of the stairs close to the outer wall.

Use crowbar on statue. See it roll down and crush the men.

Tower cannon:        Walk down the stairs and pick up a wood plank lying across the steps.

Walk down, enter the tower at left. Get the bucket on the floor on the left side of the cannon.

Go back to the roof towards the cannon by the outer wall, right side of the statue. Place plank across the big gap on the floor. Go across, look close at cannon, push cannon and pick up the cannon ball. Go back to the other side and do not forget to pick up the wood plank you used.

Go down into the gap-hole on the roof. Turn around and look down. Pick up a dragon pennant and pieces of wood under it. Climb out.

Move to front of statue, turn left and fill the bucket with snow from base of the statue.

Guard:    Go back down the stairs to the tower cannon.

Look close at cannon. Place bucket of snow on right square, cannon ball on middle square and dragon pennant on the left square.

In inventory, light the pieces of wood with the match and place it under the cannon. The cannon shoots and hits Dracula's henchman at the other tower across the way.

Get inside the castle:  

 Go out, turn left and place the wood plank on the gap on the walkway. Go back up the stairs and pick up the other wood beam leaning the wall next to the tower.

Go back down and walk the first plank you laid down and then place the new wood beam on the next gap on the walkway. Step on the second beam, turn around pick up the first wood plank, turn around and place it on the gap. Move forward to the other side.

Enter the tower on the left, look close on Dracula's henchman draped over the window at right and pick up a flat metal strip.

Go out and face the door. Use the key, Hopkins gave you on the door lock and open the door.


Elevator:    Enter the elevator. Look close on the right corner and see 2 red buttons and a slit. Press the bottom red button, the elevator descend.

See a door behind the elevator. Insert the flat metal strip into the slit, press top red button, jump out and see the elevator rise and expose the door on the other side. Move forward and find that you cannot exit again.

Drawbridge:    Look across and up and see that the drawbridge is up. Use crossbow with bolts on the right rope holding it up at top of the screen. The drawbridge goes down, walk across.

Gazebo:    Look and open the stand at the center of a gazebo. It has 3 markings of 3 handles. The stand has 4 drawers at the bottom.

Turn to the right and climb up the stairs. Enter and again realize that you are trapped and cannot get out.


Move to your left and pick up the skull.

Steps:    Go back and look down at the white steps. The first slab of stone serving as the first step has a marking on it. Looks familiar. Open the green book and read the part about Jacob's ladder. It has 6 Sanskrit numbers on the picture.

Step down on the stairs using only the slabs with those markings. After going down and back up without stepping through the arch make note of the marking on each slab. Then starting from the first slab even to the hallway as #1, go down/click on steps #1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10.

Step on the first slab even with the walkway.

Move cursor to the 3 third step. Click and be on the third one.

Place cursor on 6th step (3 down from where you are standing or count off from the base up or count off from the top down). Then 7, 9 and 10th step. A sound is heard.


Hand:    Go through the arch, turn left and forward to stone wall.

See a hand with a handle that looks like the drawing on the stand in the gazebo. If you pick it up the hand closes.

Place skull on the hand. Use crowbar on skull and pick up the u-shaped metal.

Look close on the metal and see 2 hands forming a handle.

Turn to your right, move forward (across the arch), climb down, out and up to the gazebo landing.

This is the gazebo floor below the floor with the stand. It looks like the stand is used to pull up an elevator. Move to the right stairs and enter.


Turn left and pull chain. A drawbridge to the center appears. Move forward. The drawbridge is pulled in and you get trapped at the center.

Dragon fire puzzle:    Surrounding the center are 6 outlets on dragon heads on the wall spewing fire and 6 hanging chains that close the fire outlets. The open doorway is on your back, the column with a carved stone is in front of you

Save game here! Check which chain when pulled will have the dragon head that stay closed. Then pull the next chain to find the next dragon head that will stay close. Always start at the first correct chain, then the next correct chain and subsequent chains to be checked until you find the correct order of the chains.

Numbering the hanging chains clockwise 1, 2, 3 on your right and 6, 5, 4 on your left, pull chains 3, 5, 2, 6, 4, 1.

The outlets are closed and the drawbridge appears.

Move forward to the column with a carving and pick up a handle that looks like 2 dragons.

The column turns and a door appears. Go through door and find yourself on the stand level of the gazebo. You have gone through the 2 stairs, now move forward to the opposite stairs going down. Enter.


The room looks like it is surrounded by giant pink live roots. Move to the center of the round room.

Egg:    Move forward to the pink egg-shaped thing at the other end. Click on and it becomes transparent. Look close and see the last handle we need for the stand at the gazebo. Pick up the handle and a Jonathan look alike forms from the egg.

Right root:    Move back to the center of the round root room. Use Hopkins' vampire eyeglasses, turn around to face the Jonathan look alike. Turn a little to the right and click. You will see that an aperture is feeding the egg.

Use crossbow with bolt dipped combined with the green bottle containing anti-vampire solution. Aim and shoot at the aperture that is opening and closing.


Left root:    Still using Hopkins' eyeglasses, look to your left and see another aperture is feeding the egg. It is protected by a metal visor.

Using the still glowing green crossbow with bolt, shoot at the metal visor and then on the mouth.

Look close at it. In inventory, fill syringe with anti-vampire solution and inject the live root. The egg explodes.

Pick the roots handle suspended in the air.

Turn around and exit the now unlocked door. Go forward to the stand at the center of the Gazebo.


Open the stand. Place the collected handles on each of the holes, thus opening 3 of the bottom drawers.

Pick up the 3 molds from each of the drawers.

Go back to the Dragon Fire Room by taking the stairs across from the stand in front of you.


Make the fourth handle:    Walk to the center and look close at the cylinder on the middle of the bubble top stand.

Open it and place the molds one on top of the other. Open the bubble top and find holes similar to the stand at the gazebo.

Go back to the stand and pick up the handles that opened the drawers. Go back to the bubble top stand at the Fire pit.

Place the handles on the holes of the bubble top. Close the top and turn the knob on the right of the bubble top.

2 Dragon heads heats up the bubble top and melts the handles, it pours into the mold.

Open the cylinder with the molds and pick up the fourth handle. Go back to the stand at the Gazebo.


Open stand and place the fourth handle on the horizontal slots. The elevator rises up.


Turn around, down the stairs to the Root Room, across to the other door and enter the elevator. It goes to Dracula's Final Sanctuary.

Jonathan is confronted, subdued and dragged by the female vampires.

Jonathan finds Dracula sitting on his throne on the stele and a confused Mina. Mina asks for proof of their love. Give Mina her wedding ring. Mina's mind clears up and defies Dracula.

Enraged, Dracula's boasts of his immortality and orders them dead.

The 3 vampires closes in.

Remembering Dorko's words, place Radu's medallion on the dragon ring found on the stele on the floor in front of Dracula's throne.

Red light emanates from it and wraps around Dracula. The keep starts to crumble, the roof falls on the floor. Boulders fall on the vampires. St George's statue falls through the roof and his lance goes through Dracula's body and he crumbles.

Is this really the end?


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