Dracula: Origin

Walkthrough by ronrob

June 2008



An important feature is the space bar that shows all the hot spots on the screen. You will save a lot of time and pixel hunting if you use it each time you enter a new scene or vantage point.

        The inventory is a little clunky. Right click to open the inventory (or Documents or Reports or archived Dialogs). Click “Items,” left click the item you want to use, and then right click again to close the inventory. The selected item appears in the upper right corner of the screen, and it remains there until you go back to inventory and turn the highlight off. You really need to turn the item off when you are done with it because otherwise the game will think you are trying to use that item any time you click the hand icon.

Use ESC for the main menu.


Double clicking the footprints will cause a scene change without having to wait for your character to walk there.


Professor Van Helsing's Study


Listen as Professor Van Helsing talks about the various ways to defeat vampires. He mentions some untested techniques such as garlic, mirrors, running water, and silver bullets. However, the three methods he trusts most are a crucifix, holy water, and a wooden stake.


Your lodger, Maria, arrives and delivers a letter and a newspaper. The letter is from your former student, Jonathan Harker, who was on a mission to seek out and destroy Dracula. (Right click and look in the Documents to read the letter.)

Pretending to be a librarian in order to get access to Dracula, Harker made the mistake of mentioning his beloved Mina and showing her picture to Dracula. This sent Dracula off to London in search of Mina, but not before Harker met his end at Dracula’s hands.


Right click again to read the newspaper. In this and in ensuing newspaper articles, the most  information to gather is (a) where the murder took place, and (b) the direction in which the perpetrator, in one guise or another, fled.


News Times 8/9/1898

Crime location: Melford home on New Kent Road

Flight direction: National Gallery


Note that the newspaper refers to another similar incident reported in the Tuesday edition.

You decide that Mina must be warned, and you go there automatically.


Mina’s Apartment


You decide not to tell Mina about Harker, especially because she is so upset over the news about the murder of her servant's sister.


After Mina leaves the room, pick up the newspaper from the stuffed chair and read the report.


Courier 8/9/1898

Crime location: Southwark Bridge

Flight direction: Tate Art Gallery


Pick up the single newspaper from the table next to the door.


Daily Big Mirror 8/9/1898

Crime location: intersection of Tottenham Court and Euston Road

Flight direction: St. George’s Cathedral


Finally, pick up the pile of newspapers at the end of the table. Recall that today's News Times, the newspaper brought to you in your study, referred to an article two days ago, i.e., 6/9/98. Find that newspaper.


News Times 6/9/98

Crime location: St. George’s Church

Flight direction: Victoria Station


Look at Jonathan Harker's picture on the left end of the table.


Come down screen and open the curtain to see a map of London. The objective is to use the four newspaper articles above to draw lines from the crime locations to the places to which the aggressor fled.

1. Pick up the red pencil and click it on the crime location circle with the correct label.

    You hear a confirmation that you are starting at the right place.

2. Drag the pencil to the circle that indicates where the aggressor fled. Release your

    mouse and you again hear a confirmation.

If you make a mistake, you can use the eraser at the bottom of the screen to remove individual lines.


The flight lines appear to intersect at Godalming Manor, so click that spot. This must be the refuge of the criminal, and you decide to go there right away.


Mina returns to the room, and you instruct her to take some precautions. Your assurances ring a little hollow when you promise to dine with her later - - if you are still alive!

Bloomsbury Cemetery


Knock on the door of Godalming Manor, and a thuggish guy named Hendrick comes out. You tell him a nutty story about being interested in buying the house, but it doesn’t work. (Note Hendrick’s comment about eating flies.) You need to find some other way to get into the manor.


Go through the gate on the left to enter the cemetery. Look at the urn with the swarm of flies. Try the tool shed, but it is locked.


Take the path that leads up screen and see Paul Long digging a grave with his hands. Look at the empty wine bottles on the coffin and take the scraper on the ground in front of Paul.


Talk to the grave digger. You suggest that he use a shovel, but it is in the locked tool shed, and he can’t remember the combination. Paul does recall his boss telling him that the combination can be obtained from the ages of J. B. Lemon and his wife. They are in the mausoleum near the north stairs. He also says that the numbers must be flipped upside down.


Continue up the path and around at the first right. The mausoleum you are looking forward is beside the stairs leading down.


Note: Because these are the north stairs, the entry gate to the cemetery is on the south side. This will be helpful to remember in later directions.


Look at the engraved plaques on the side of the mausoleum. Hold and drag the scraper around the plaques to clean them up. Keep doing this until you say “Perfect” and the dates are entered in the documents.


Return to the tool shed, either by walking around the outside or by cutting through the lower section. Look at the lock on the door and see that it is a 4-digit combination lock. Refer to the dates in the documents to see that J. B. Lemon died at age 69 and Suzy Lemon died at age 68. Therefore, the combination should be 6968, but the numbers must be flipped upside down: 9698.

Set 9698 on the lock and then push the yellow button at the right.


Enter the tool shed and look all around. Take the spade and the iron bar beside the door and the lantern from the table.


Go back to Paul Long, the gravedigger, and talk to him Godalming Manor. The former watchman made all the statues and said that there is a tunnel between the cemetery and manor. Unfortunately, the old watchman is dead. He is buried in the lower section - - a mausoleum with two monks beside a rusty gate. There is a book inside that mentions something about the tunnel passage, but Paul has no idea how to get in.

Go back to the north side of the cemetery and then down the stairs. Find the old watchman's mausoleum and look at the two monks and the rusted gate. There is a stone inscription on the ground inside the gate, but it is too dark to read. The inscription might offer a clue for entering the mausoleum.


Use the iron bar on the rusty gate to create an opening. In inventory, drag the matches to the lantern to light it. You can try the lantern on the opening in the gate, but you need something to get the lantern farther inside. In inventory, drag the lantern to the shovel to create a sconce. Now use the sconce on the opening to view the inscription.


When you look at the inscription, the poem is copied into the documents. It refers to the “celestial henchmen,” which means the statues of angels that you might have seen as you walked around the cemetery. There are four angel statues, and they can be worked in any order.


Angel #1 near the old watchman’s mausoleum


Staying at the lower level, go up screen to the angel you can see in the background. Look at the angel and see a saint lying horizontally and surrounded by demons and the faithful. Look at the bottom of the engraving and read the inscription:

When the saint sacrifices himself to redeem our sins, the demons drink his blood and the pure cry on him.


The squares in front of the surrounding figures can be toggled between a cup (for drinking blood) and water drops (tears). The objective is to set cups for the demons and tears for the faithful.

Number the figures 1 through 12, starting at the lower left and working clockwise. Set cups for 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 12. Set tears for all the others. Now press the saint at the upper left corner of the screen and hear the sound of a mechanism. You say, “Perfect.”


Angel #2 at the northwest corner   


Go up the stairs on your right and then come down screen to an angel that is bent over. When you look at the engraving, the text is copied into your documents.


The left pan of the scale holds seven sinners, and on the right there are weights to be selected to bring the scale into balance. The weights can be determined from the judgments in the text.

Sin                    Weight

wrath            300               (100 for each of the three wrathful sinners)

conceit          300               (3 times what a wrathful sinner got)

envy             300               (Half the total for wrath and conceit: ½ of 600 = 300)

gluttony        300               (Half the total for wrath and conceit: ½ of 600 = 300)

miser            625               (Twice the total for wrath plus 25: 2 x 300 + 25 = 625)


The total is 1825 years, so select weights that add up to that total:

1000 + 500 + 200 + 100 + 10 + 10 + 5 = 1825


Angel #3 on the west path   


Go one scene change to the right and pick up the black veil on top of the cross. You see a chained angel on the other side of the path. Look at it and see sinners and the faithful. Read the inscription at the bottom. Only the pious and the pure have eternal salvation and nothing to fear.


You can click the heads of some of the characters in the engraving, but none of the demons or children. It is unclear whether you are to identify the sinners or the faithful, but clicking a head turns it black, so the sinners seem the best bet.

The fat gluttonous guy at the lower left

The woman who is beating a child at the bottom center

The woman exposing her back side

The man with the bag of coins at the lower right

The obese woman being carried


Click the sword at the top left, hear a mechanism, and yes, “Perfect.”


Angel #4 at the southeast corner   


Come down the walkway, past the gravedigger and the main gate, and continue to the southeast corner where you see another chained angel. A closer look reveals an engraving of various animals and reptiles.


Read the inscription at the bottom. The demon is everywhere, in the eye of the spider, the serpent, the toad and the wolves.


The objective is to click the eyes of the creatures listed in the inscription: the spider, the snake, the toad, and the wolves. There are only three wolves. One is attacking the horse, one is snarling at the boxer-like dog, and the third is howling below the horse.


Now click the wolf at the upper right, hear a mechanism, and “Perfect.”


When you have completed all four angle puzzles, you decide that the old watchman’s mausoleum must now be open.


Go left on the path back to the cemetery gate. Look at that urn again and see the flies. Use the black veil on them to get a bag of flies.


Go down the stairs across from the urn and follow around to the watchman’s mausoleum on the north side. The mausoleum is indeed open, so go inside.

Pick up the book from the top of the coffin and read part of it in the documents. It tells how a secret passage from the cemetery to the manor came to be, and it describes its location as the northeast angle (corner) between a tomb without a cover and a large Gothic cross.


Leave the mausoleum and go up the nearby (north) stairs. You want the northeast corner, so go up screen. There you see a tomb with no cover and the cross at the corner. Between them is a tomb with a gold edging. Use the iron bar on the cover of the tomb, and enter the secret passage.


Godalming Manor


Try the door and see that it has a lock. The objective is to move all the buttons to the right side. Each button controls two other buttons.


Button                         Controls

   1                                  2, 4

   2                                  5, 6

   3                                  1, 6

   4                                  1, 3

   5                                  2, 4

   6                                  3, 5


This table shows that there are three easy solutions: 1 and 6 or 2 and 4 or 3 and 5.


Now you are in the cellar of the manor. Note that the secret passage was hidden behind the shelves in the back. Look around at everything.


Take the nails at the front left corner of the work bench. Take the glass jar under the work bench. Take the pliers on the floor next to the large green jar on the left.


Come down screen and look some more. Take the saw that is leaning against the stairs.


Go up the stairs and through the door into the kitchen, where you see that idiot Hendrick eating insects. Look around at everything. Take the file on the floor right in front of you, and take the wooden spoon that is on the table.


You don’t want to make noise by going through the other door. In inventory, combine the bag of flies with the glass jar. Then give the jar of flies to Hendrick. Now you can go through the door into the lower hallway.


Come down screen to the front door of the man. Take the cane on the left of the door.


Go back up to the kitchen door and enter the door across from it. Look at everything, especially the brown safe on the wall behind you. You can’t open it yet.


Come down screen and look around. Take the pieces of wood from the floor in the back right corner. Exit the room.


Head up the stairs and stop at the first landing. Look around, especially at the candle on the back wall. It seems loose, so unfasten it with the pliers. Now look at the panel and see that some kind of key is needed to unlock it.


Continue up the stairs and enter the door on the left to Lady Godalming’s bedchamber. Pick up and read the brown message that is on the floor directly below the tilted painting. It refers to the man of the house touching a “torchiere.” Is that the candle that you just removed from the secret panel at the landing?


Take the spool of thread on the floor next to the blue material.


Come down screen and look at the jacket on the floor next to the bed. Hendrick must be using this room now. Take the tape measure on the floor at the end of the bed and the mallet that is under the boarded up window.


Exit the room out to the hallway and come down screen to a locked door. You feel that this room is important, but you can’t enter the door.


Come back and enter the library across the hallway from the bedroom. Look around at everything, especially the panel on the wall next to the huge clock. It is similar to the one downstairs, but you still can’t do anything with it.

Go right and look around. There is a box of various items on the table. Take the writing papers that are beside the box.


Now it is time to figure out how to open that safe downstairs. The keys to solving the problem are the panel down there and the panel here in the library. Return to the panel next to the clock.


Inspect the panel to see Latin words and raised rectangles below them. Use the inventory icon and take a piece of paper. Drag the paper all the way to the bottom and click to get a template for the raised rectangles.


Now go back down to the salon and look at the metal panel left of the door. The main difference between this panel and the one upstairs is that this one has 12 dials below the raised rectangles. There is also a compass in the upper right corner that seems to correspond to the dials.


As before, click the inventory icon and take a paper. Use paper on the metal panel, drag it to the bottom and click to get another template.  This template has higher holes, so call this the salon template.


Go back upstairs and enter the library. Use the salon template on the metal panel and move it down over the words. Letters can be seen through the holes:  N E N S SE E. Click to enter these letters in your reports.


Go back to the salon downstairs and repeat the process. Use the other template on the metal panel

and move it down over the words to see more letters: SE E N SE N SE. Again, click to enter the letters in your reports. Back away from the metal plate.


Now you have the information needed to open the safe. The code consists of the two sets of letters


SE   E   N   SE   N   SE   N   E   N   S   SE   E


where N = North, S = South, and SE = Southeast. The markers on the dials correspond to these same directions, as shown on the compass at the upper right. Set the dials in the sequence above.


When the safe opens, take the key.


Now you can tackle that secret door at the stairs landing, the door that needs a special key. Go there, look at the panel and see that there are four holes. Click any of the holes and decide that you must first measure the depth of the holes.


In inventory, combine the spool of thread, the measuring tape, and the wooden spoon to get a measuring instrument. Use the instrument on all four holes to measure their depths: 10, 8, 12, and 5 centimeters. These measurements are entered in documents.


Go back into the kitchen and through the other door. Go down the stairs to the work bench in the cellar. Look at the vise to get a close view of the key making area. There is a ruler and a collection of brown dowels below it. Along the right side are the file, the nails, the mallet, and the saw.


Take a dark brown dowel and drag it to below the ruler so that one end is at the end of the ruler and then click it into place. Drag the saw over so that the tip of the saw is at the 10 marker on the ruler. Click to cut the dowel. Then drag the dowel up and insert it into the top hole of the thick vertical dowel above.


Repeat this process for dowels cut to 8, 12 and 5 centimeters, with the cut dowels placed in the holes in that order from top to bottom.


Now drag the big light dowel to under the ruler and click it into place. Use the saw to cut the dowel. This appears to be trial and error. Keep trying until you find the proper length, which should be 5 centimeters. Drag the cut dowel up and insert it into the large hole on the left side of the vertical dowel above.


Drag the file over to the dowels and use it on each one to shape them. Drag the nails over and insert them in the side opposite each of the five dowels. Finally, use the mallet on the nails to cinch the nails. Now you have a homemade key.


Return to the landing and use the homemade key on the panel to open it. After you enter the secret passage, go up the stairs. Watch out for that hole with stakes. Go up to the locked door and open it with the key that you found in the safe.


Now you are in Dracula's room. The open window suggests that Dracula flew out that way.  :    Look around at everything. In particular, there is a pentagram design that needs additional information to solve.


Walk left and look around. Open the book that is on the middle shelf of the right bookcase. Look at the page and see a sketch that looks like the pentagram design. The sketch shows symbols in the triangular sections and text in the outer circular segments. It also shows the jewels at the tips of the pentagon.


Return to the book with the pentagon design under the Dracula portrait. The first task is to display symbols in the triangular sections and text in the circular sections. You can do these in either order. No solution is needed here because the puzzle is very easy.


1. Click any two blank triangular (or circular) sections to interchange them.

2. Click the bat above. Symbols (or text) will appear on any section that is in the right


3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until all the sections have been filled in.


The final task is to move the jewels out to the tips of the pentagon.


Note: As far as I can tell, there are no clues to help you know the positions in which the jewels are supposed to be. If you move a jewel to a particular tip and then press the bat, the jewel will light up if it is in the right location. If it isn’t, then try other locations until the jewel lights when the bat is pressed. In this way, you can trial-and-error your way through.


There is a rumor, however, that too many failures could cause the bat to lose all its blood, which resets the whole puzzle. I did not experience this myself, but the puzzle will definitely reset if you place all the jewels incorrectly and then press the bat.


Here is the solution:        Jewel                           Location

Black                        top right

Red                           bottom right

White                        top left

Blue                          bottom

Green                        bottom left


Read Dracula's book to learn more than just about anyone would want to know. The bottom line is that he yearns for the return of his beloved Irina, and he needs to find the Demonomicon of Wliwggi in Cairo. You need to get back to Mina to save her.


Hendrick is seen walking along the upper hallway. Leave by way of the door with swords, go down the stone steps and automatically return to Mina's apartment.


Mina's Apartment


Observe the basket of garlic, but it hasn’t been strung up around the windows as you instructed.


Try Mina's door in the background, but you feel a “presence.” Grab the crucifix and enter Mina’s bedroom. Too late. Dracula has already bitten Mina and, after threatening you, flies off in the form of a bat.


Read the telegram that you sent to Seward MD, Director of Carfax Sanatorium, and a former disciple. You have asked for his help with Mina and for your battle with Dracula.


Presumably later, Seward emerges from Mina’s bedroom and tells you about her condition. Come down screen and use the wall map to display a map of Europe. Based on Dracula’s journal, select Cairo at the bottom right of the screen.


You tell Seward your plans to find the Demonomicon before Dracula does or, lacking that, to destroy Dracula.




Don’t bother trying to talk to any of the loiterers in the streets because you don’t speak the language. Go forward to the market place.


The sign on top of the building at the right edge of the screen indicates that you are in right place because eventually you will need a camel. Continue forward toward the building with the sign.


Mustapha is the man in the red fez. He is a perpetually tormented fellow who at least provides some comic relief. Talk to him and arrange for an inconspicuous room. He also more or less gives you directions to the Egyptian Museum. 


Return to where you came from and check the sign on the post of the camels’ stall. It points in the direction of the museum. Go right along the path at the bottom right of the screen. You automatically end up inside the museum.


Look around and then come down screen to the man sitting at a table along the back wall. Talk to him and learn that he is the assistant director of the museum.


He is too busy to assist you, so offer to help to him. He gives you a list (recorded in the documents) of items that you are to find in the museum. After you look at the list, ask him what a deben is. After he explains, he gives a copper deben and a stylus to you. Also, pick up the Giza pyramids sketch from the desk.


Now it is time to search for the items on the list, but you might as well take any other items that you can. Go right to the back end of the shelves.


Outer Right Shelves

Take the 1852 excavation papyrus from the middle shelf. Take the flail and the miniature pyramid from the front shelves. Also, take the key that was under the pyramid.


Inner Right Shelves

Turn to the inner right shelves by clicking the footprints on the shelves themselves, not forward or back along the aisle. Look at the foreground shelves and take the pyramid and the knife with a mother of pearl handle.


Center Shelves

Come down screen and right to the desk to face the center shelves. Take the pharaoh with a broken head from the front table Take the Spanish helmet from the end shelf on the left. Take the pyramid and the green crook that are on top the chest below where the helmet was..


Come down screen to see more of the center shelves and tables. Take the granite scarab from the shelf on the left and the pyramid from the center table.


Inner Left Shelves

Go around to the right of the door to see the inner left shelves. Take the head with a solar disk and the pyramid in the foreground shelves. Look at the small chest at eye level and use the key you found earlier to open it. Take the pyramid from inside the chest.


Far Left Wall

Use the footprints in the bottom right corner of the screen to go to the far left wall. Place the crook and the flail in the hands of the sarcophagus next to the mummy. When it opens, take the pyramid that is hidden inside.


Now that you have found all the items in the list, go up screen to return to the assistant director and talk to him. You learn about the worship of the black sphinx and the Demonomicon, which might be at the Blood Rocks. He doesn’t think anyone would agree to take you there.


Note: This conversation covers a lot of ground and goes by somewhat quickly. Remember that you can review the entire discussion by reading it in the Dialogues.


Exit the museum, and you are automatically back with Mustapha’s camels.


Walk up past the camels to find Mustapha. Talk to him and learn that his camels are all sick. You cut a deal with him to use one of his camels if you can find a cure and you pay triple the fee. He mentions a monk that might know of a remedy and tells you where you can find him.


Go past Mustapha to the left and see the monk standing on his porch. Come down and talk to Herodotus of Judas. He wants you to find out what is wrong the camels.


Go back to the market place. Take the dish from the ledge behind Mustapha. Take the pitchfork that is leaning on the cart. Use the pitchfork to remove the herbs in the water trough in front of the camels.


Return left to Herodotus, the monk, and show the herbs to him. He tells you they are poisonous and, when burned, they will scare snakes away (something that will be useful later). He gives you an antidote for one of the camels, and he issues dire warnings about Blood Rocks.


Return to Mustapha and give the antidote to him. He guides you to Blood Rocks.


The Temple at Blood Rocks


Enter the temple, only to have the door blocked by a rock slide. Dracula's henchman has covered the exit with boulders, so you will need to find another way out.

Look around the room. Pick up a plank from the pile on the left. Take the turban and pick head on the right.


Come down screen and go right at the next wall. You see an abyss with stakes at the bottom. Look to the right of the hole and see that there is an opening down there. Place the plank on the far side of the abyss, cross over, and take the lantern.


Continue up screen and see that you can go left or right at the tee. First, go left and discover the body of a woman who was wearing a black sari. Pick up the belt on the ground beside her body.


Look at the metal door and see that it has a sun figure in the center. There is also a cross with slots at each of the four ends. The right indentation smells of garlic and the bottom one appears to be for a liquid.


Back away, return to the tee, and continue forward along the right into some kind of medicine room. Look at everything and learn that it is a mummification room. Take the oil flask from the table on the right. Take the linen strips from the front right corner of the medicine table.


Leave this room and come back down to the abyss. In inventory, combine the linen strip, the belt, and the turban to get a rope. Tie the rope to the plank. Now combine the oil flask and the lantern and then use the match on the lantern. Use the lit lantern on the rope to go down into the abyss


At the bottom, pick up the wooden spike on the floor right at your feet.


Go up screen through the hallway and discover a skeleton recently crushed by boulders. Pick up some “curious plants” from the bag near the skeleton’s head. These are the same kind of plants that poisoned Mustapha’s camels.


Look to the upper right of the boulders and see an opening. Combine the pick head and spike to get a pick. Use the pick to enlarge the opening. The pick breaks but the spike is still intact. Exit the temple through the opening.


One outside, you see your old friend, Herodotus the monk, and thank goodness he brought a camel.  Talk to the monk. You tell him that you are seeking the Demonomicon, but you don’t think it is here in the temple any longer. You tell Herodotus why you are seeking that tome.


Herodotus tells you about the history of the temple, how an ancient priest kept guard over the sealed tomb, by which he means the door with the sun and cross that you saw earlier. The sun disk needs to be recovered, along with the objects for the ends of the arms of the cross, in order to reproduce the seal. You need to find these artifacts that were taken by the looters and the by the authorities. These artifacts are kept in the museum, and Herodotus gives a list to you.




You automatically return to Mustapha’s area of the marketplace. He tells you that his wife's niece is missing and that she wears a black sari. Oh goodness, that was who you saw in the temple.


You have Herodotus’ list in inventory, but you (the player) can’t see what is on it. All you can do is just start finding things. Come down screen and then go to the steps into the market area at the far left. This puts you in front of a stall. (Again, you can’t get anywhere talking to the stall owner.)


Take the garlic from the post on the left. Take the flask and the pan balance from the right table. (We can only assume that you actually paid for these items and aren’t a simple thief.)


Leave the marketplace and return to the museum by the path at the bottom right.


Talk to the assistant director, and an assassin throws a knife at you. Take the knife from the bookcase and the mirror fragment from the right end of the table.


Give Herodotus' list to the assistant director. He confirms that those Coptic artifacts are indeed here in the museum, but there is a lot of red tape for getting them back. He doubts that the authorities would ever consent.


He throws you a bone by giving you a hinu receptacle as a souvenir. Then he seems to have an idea. Many valuable items have been stolen or embezzled. If you can recover them, the authorities will probably ignore the Coptic artifacts, and he will give them to you.


Finally, he gives a necklace to you, one with a diamond of great value.


Leave the museum and return to Mustapha. Show the knife to Mustapha. He says that the knife is an Ottoman blade that is owned by a Turk. This Turk is the head of smugglers and thieves (so maybe he is in possession of the stolen items the museum wants back). Mustapha says that the Turk has left his house and tells you how to get there.


Exit to the right. Then take the path to the left past the stairs into the marketplace. You arrive at a house with ivy on the walls. Try to enter the door, and you are confronted with a puzzle.


At the left is a ball pattern that looks somewhat like a “4.” The objective is to move the balls to create that arrangement. The red rectangle resets the puzzle.


When you move your cursor over a ball that can be moved, you see one or more red arrows that indicate the direction(s) in which the ball can be moved. Click the red arrow to execute the move.

Moving a ball at the end of a column or row moves all the adjacent balls in that column or row.


Note: Although a little tedious, this is not a difficult puzzle. I will not offer a “solution” because there are many, many different ways to go about it and any approach you take will involve quite a few steps. Just keep your eye on the target pattern. 


For a step-by-step solution, see the walkthrough by MaGtRo at Gameboomers.com.


Once the door is open, go inside the Turk’s house. The items of interest are on the chest at the bottom left and the table at the bottom right. Take the pyramid and the black sphinx from the chest. You copy the hieroglyphs of the black sphinx. Pick up the axe that is in front of the chest.


Look at the items on the table and take the torn parchment from the table. Assemble the pieces by dragging them into place and using right click to rotate them. The completed parchment shows hieroglyphs, and it is copied into your Documents.


Come down screen and try the door by clicking the padlock. The urn next to the door teeters and breaks, and a cobra crawls out to block your way. Place the curious plant on the on the brazier, and watch as the smoke knocks out the cobra.


Pick up the key near the broken vase and use it on the padlock to open the door. Go into the next room, which is apparently where the Turk stored the stolen loot. Take the solar disk that is leaning against the back wall. Take the gold powder from the shelf to the left of the window.


Take the scrolls and the letter from the vase on the low table at the bottom right. The first letter establishes a link between the Turk and Dracula. The second is a note written by Dracula after a short stay in Cairo and on the verge of his trip back to Europe. He wants you dead.


Leave the house and return to the museum. The assistant director thanks you for finding the loot. The Turk’s name is Suleiman, but the authorities have not caught him yet. You are given a bag that contains the Coptic artifacts.


Show the Turk's letter (the parchment with hieroglyphs) to the assistant director. He says that you can use the book on his table to decipher the hieroglyphs.


Pick up the book and Turk’s page of hieroglyphs appears. Each word on the left is a translation of one of the hieroglyphs. Drag the word under the corresponding hieroglyph and click it into place. Unfortunately, you get no indication of a match until the entire parchment is completed correctly, at which point the hieroglyphs turn red.


A few of the hieroglyphs are somewhat discernable, but most are not. The open book helps a little. One approach is to try to form sentences out of the words before you start dragging the words to the hieroglyphs, but the sentences are fractured and lack verbs.  


Top Line:         Weapon     With     Magical Powers     Within     Seker      Head

Middle Line:   Cursed     Blood     Hidden     Under     North     Altar

Bottom Line:   Before     Enter     Darkness     Destroy     Guard     Curse be on you forever


This translation now appears in the Documents.


Show the black sphinx to the assistant director. He explains the significance of the statuette and tells you about the phrase “Ny ar lut hotep.”.


Leave the museum and return to talk to Mustapha, who remains in trouble over the missing niece. You don’t reveal what you know out of fear of reprisals.


Go left to the monk, Herodotus, and give the bag of Coptic artifacts to him. He gives a “host” to you and says that he doesn’t know anything about the two items that the demons fear. He assumes that you do. He will create holy water by blessing it, but he needs water that has never touched the ground. 


Show the black sphinx to Herodotus. The hieroglyph on the sphinx that was translated by the assistant director is the name of the “messenger of the ancient gods.” He goes on to explain the mystic significance of the black man with no face.


Go back by the camels to figure out how to obtain water that has never touched the ground.


Use the dish in inventory to get water out of the trough in front of the camels. Place the dish full of water on the grill that is below the large barrel. Now you have a dish of boiling water in your inventory.


Use the knife on the necklace to pry loose the diamond. Use the diamond on the mirror to cut it into a square mirror. In inventory, place the mirror over the dish of water, and steam condenses on the mirror. In inventory, move the flask to the mirror with condensation to fill the flask with water that has never touched the ground.


Return to the monk and give the flask to him. Now the monk gives holy water to you, and he tells you what to do once you are through the sealed door. (You can review this in the Dialogues later when the time comes.) You are automatically transported back to the Blood Rocks.


The Temple at Blood Rocks


Enter the temple through the opening that you hacked out earlier. Go forward, climb the rope, go forward again, and then use the left corridor to go to the sealed door.


Look at the seal and note that all the items you need are displayed along the left of the screen.

1. Place the solar disk at the center.

2. Put the host into the top slot.

3. Put the garlic into the right slot.

4. Put the mirror into left slot.

5. Pour the holy water into the bottom slot.

Now you speak in tongues and the sealed door rises.


The door rises. Enter into a chamber with a whirlpool in the center basin. Now it is time to refer again to the translated hieroglyphs that were on the Turk’s parchment.


Weapon     With     Magical Powers     Within     Seker     Head


Look at the fallen statue on the right side of the chamber and see that it is the god Seker. Use the axe on the head and take the silver spear tip.


Cursed     Blood     Hidden     Under     North     Altar


Note that there are four altars surrounding the basin. Only the one at the bottom left is accessible. Look at that altar and see two rows of hieroglyphs. Some of the hieroglyphs are the same as those on the black sphinx, which translated to “Ny ar lut hotep,” the messenger of the ancient gods.


Use the icon at the bottom of the screen to access Documents and bring up the hieroglyphs of the black sphinx. With that as a guide, press the altar’s hieroglyphs in the same order. The altar rotates to reveal blood underneath.


Use the brown receptacle to collect a hinu of blood. This is the first of the two items Herodotus said you would need to open a secret passage. The other is a deben of gold.


Leave the altar and place the pan scale on the chest at the left of the chamber. You are automatically reminded that a gold deben is 13.6 grams. Pick up the dish that is just to the left of the chest. Go to the right side of the chamber and take a copper deben from inside a jar.


Place the dish on the pan scale. Now you have a view of the scale, along with the copper deben from the museum, the copper deben you just took from the jar, a stylus, and a scoop. Just below the scoop is a reset bar.


Begin by weighing each of the items. Place the item in the left pan and then add scoops of gold dust from the bag at the bottom left to the right pan. When the two pans are in balance, the weight of the item is displayed.


Item                                                     Gold dust                    Weight

copper deben from the museum              5 scoops                      27.3 grams

copper deben from the jar                      5 scoops                      27.3 grams

stylus                                                  7 scoops                      41.0 grams


Note that the two copper debens have a total weight of 54.6 grams. The difference between that weight and the weight of the stylus (41.0 grams) is 54.6 - 41.0 = 13.6 grams, which is exactly the weight of a gold deben.


Therefore, place the two copper debens in one pan and the stylus in the other pan. Then add gold to the stylus pan until the scale is balanced (3 scoops). The bowl in the bottom left corner lights up. Scoop the 13.6 grams of gold into the bowl, and you have a gold deben.


Continuing to follow Herodotus’ instructions, place the hinu of blood and the gold deben into the basin and see the whirlpool change into sand.


Only one step remains. Herodotus said that the sun must hit the summit of the Pharaoh's tombs.


Look at the middle pillar at the left of the chamber. You need light, so use the lit lantern on the pillar. This displays three pyramids with light beaming down on their tops. The arrows at the bottom corners are used to slide the lantern back and forth.


The objective is the place a large, medium, and small pyramid over the lantern and to adjust the pyramid as need to cast a perfect shadow on the pyramid above it. .


The best place to start is with the large pyramid. Slide the lantern underneath it, drag one of the large pyramids down, and place it in the open space above the lantern. Now a shadow is seen on the upper pyramid. The vertical scale on the left can be used to raise or lower the pyramid.


Play with the vertical scale to try to cast a perfect shadow on the upper pyramid. If this is not possible with the pyramid that you selected, then try another pyramid. Keep tweaking until a perfect shadow is cast on the upper pyramid.


Now repeat for the small pyramid on the right and then the medium pyramid in the center.


Note: The vertical scale raises and lowers all the pyramids that you have placed. Therefore, once you have the large pyramid in place, it is best not to use the vertical scale anymore unless you have exhausted all possibilities for the other pyramids.


Once all your pyramids are casting perfect shadows, you hear the usual hooray: “Perfect.” Now the only pyramids in inventory are the large, medium, and small pyramids. (You might want to drag them side by side in inventory to help you see which is which.)


Now the pyramids must be placed in the sand. Refer to the document “The Giza Pyramids” to see the order: small, medium, large from left to right. Light beams down to the pyramids and a secret door opens.


Go through the secret door and watch as a crocodile slithers from the platform into the water. You need to make some kind of bridge to get to the other side.


Return to the chamber and look at the funerary barge between the two statues. Take the metal bar from the statue on the left. Pick up the broken piece of column from the floor right of the statue on the right.


Go back to the barge and look at the support on the right. Breaking it would cause the boat to fall. Use the axe on it, and the supports collapse. Now use the piece of column under the right end of the boat. Wedge the metal bar between the piece of column and the boat. The pull down on the metal bar to dislodge the boat and send it skittering down the stairs.


Go back down the stairs to the secret room and look at the structure atop the platform. An undead creature reaches out, and an explanatory entry is made in the Reports. Walk over the barge and go forward to the darkness behind the structure. A misty supernatural force stops you and you realize that the spell must be broken.


Before     Enter     Darkness     Destroy     Guard     Curse be on you forever


To “destroy the guard,” go into inventory and use the axe on the black sphinx. Use the broken black sphinx on the mist, and it fades away, allowing you to advance.


Go forward into the next room. Take the papyrus scrolls from the altar. Suddenly there is an earthquake so leave the room. You automatically return to the marketplace.




Go left and talk to Herodotus. The papyrus scrolls are written in the ancient language of his order, but he can’t understand any of it. All hope seems lost, but then he remember as European monk named Brother Alberto who said that he knew some of the language. If he is still living, he might be found working as an illuminator at St. Carousel Abbey in Vienna.


Go back and talk to Mustapha, who gives you a letter. You give him a fictional account of what happened to the niece. The story has a kernel of truth to it, but it is embellished and deceptive. To add credence to it, you give the gold dust to Mustapha and the diamond necklace for the niece's family.




During your trip to Vienna, you read the letter that Mustapha gave to you. It is from Seward, who blames you for the fact that Mina is getting worse. She wants to go to Europe to join her lover. Seward and Mina will join you in Vienna.


At the home of Duchess Orlowski, you speak with Seward and the Duchess while Mina is sleeping. You relate your difficulties in getting into the abbey. Neither Seward no the Duchess can be of any help. However, Seward does recall that the abbey signed over some of its property to the university so that a library could be built. Duke Orlowski insisted that there be a door connecting the library and the abbey.


Duke Orlowski had a key to the university that he planned to give to a student who could pass a test that was to be administered in this room. He died before the test was given, but the Duchess thinks that the key is still in this room.


Come down screen and try the white door. The Duchess says that it leads to the library.

Come back down screen and look at the painting of piano keys. You copy it into your documents, and you can see chemical formulas on the keys. Look at the closed panel just right of the piano and see that it is a small laboratory setup. Perhaps this is where the Duke’s test was to take place. Take a page from the chemistry book on the lowest shelf of the middle section of the bookcase. The black and white smears surely were meant as a clue to the piano painting.


Go back and talk to the Duchess. She hums a melody that the Duke used to play on the piano. The notes of the melody are recorded in the Documents: C, G, D#, F, D, A#, C2.


Go back left to the small chemistry laboratory and look at it. An explanation appear in Reports. There is a rack of test tubes of differing chemicals and colors. The objective is to dip litmus paper into the test tubes in the correct order. To determine that order, you must use the Duchesses’ melody and the Duke’s painting on the wall next to the white door.


In the following table, the piano keys are listed from left to right. The chemicals are from the painting at the upper left, and the colors are taken from the chemistry book page at the upper right.


Key                 Chemical                                 Color

  C                    Na2CrO4                                  yellow

  C#                   H2SO4                                     beige   

  D                     HgS                                         red

  D#                    NiO                                         green

  E                     POCl3                                      brown 

  F                     MnO2                                      black

  F#                (No information)

  G                    CuSO4 5H2O                           blue

  G#                   NaOH                                     grey

  A                    O2                                            pink

  A#                   Na2Cr2O7                                 orange

  B                    C2H6O                                     violet

  C2                   TiO2                                         white

In the following table, the keys of the melody are shown in the top row. The bottom row shows the associated colors from the table above.


C             G             D#             F             D             A#             C2

       yellow           blue           green            black           red             orange         white


Now drag litmus papers from the lower right corner to the test tubes in the order shown in the bottom row above. As you do this, numbers appear in the white space below the test tubes:

2, 6, 8, 12, 14, 15, 18


Go left to the corner of the room where you see something that looks like a giant urn. Click it to reveal a safe. To open the safe, use the left and right arrows at the top to move the pointer to each of the numbers above, in order. Each time you point to a number, click the handle on the right.


Reach into the safe and take the key and the wooden angel. You also get a letter from Duke Orlowski that appears in Documents. Read the letter to learn that something sinister was going on at the university.


Unlock the white door right of the bookshelves and enter. Somewhere her in the library is the secret door that leads to the abbey.


Come down screen and see the long banner with the university insignia. Pull the curtain aside and see a round receiving area for the black (demon) and white (angel) pieces. This must be what Baker, Orlowski’s student referred to.


Although you don’t have all the needed pieces, you can go ahead and fit the ones that are there to get some idea of the pattern. Just experiment. After only a couple of locked in pieces, you will see how they will all eventually fit together.


Go up screen to the dissecting table just left of the foot of the stairs. Pick up the tweezers and the scalpel. Now check the cabinet with the butterfly collection on the wall behind the table. Open the cabinet with the scalpel and take an angel.


Go to the ornate radio between the bookshelves right of the butterfly cabinet and take an angel.


Go up the stairs behind you and see a map of Europe. Click Transylvania, a country in gray just right of center, and take another angel.


Go right along the bookcases. There is a book with an angel on the cover at the end of the first middle shelf. (You might need to step forward a little so you can see it. Take the angel and read about crossbows.


Come back down the stairs and go up toward the fireplace on the left. You are looking at the left side of the staircase. Pick up the poker in the lower left corner. Try the winch and watch as the chandelier is lowered.


Come back down and take the moveable stairs. (Huh?) Place the moveable stairs under the chandelier by clicking the stairs on the chandelier. Go up and get another angel.


Go right of the central staircase to the anatomy display. Take the suspenders from one of the skeletons.


Come down screen to the Medicine shelves next to the desk. One of the large jars contains something of interest but it has a stopper. Combine the suspenders with the poker to make an “obedience collar.” Use the obedience collar to open the jar. Then use the tweezers on the jar to get a demon.


You should now have all the remaining angels and demons that you need. Go to the back wall and complete the angels and demons pattern. The secret door to the abbey opens. It took poor Baker years to figure out something that took you only a few minutes.


You enter the St. Carousel Abbey, only to have the door close behind you. Look around at everything. You are in the anteroom of a wine cellar. Take the linen cloth that is over a basket right of the door.


The desk has a front drawer that is protected by a dragon head. Look up at the left bookcase and take St. Michael's spear from the statue. Use it on the dragon head to open the drawer. You find a safe with a lock.

The objective is to set lighted balls at all the tips. Clicking on a circle displays a ball along with paths along which the ball can be moved.


One approach is to recognize that you do not want lighted balls that are two spaces apart. Doing so blocks the ball across the way from being moved. My method was to keep moving the balls to locations that are three spaces away from the previously set ball. For example:


1. For your first step, choose any circle and move the ball to either possible location. Call

    it location A.

2. Now count three spaces (clockwise) from the ball you just set at location A. Call this

    new circle location B.

3. Keeping your eye on location B, look across the way and select the circle that is

    connected to location B, and move the ball to location B.

4. Keep repeating steps 2 and 3 until only one circle is unlit.

5. Click the final circle to open the safe.


Reach into the safe and take the chalice and the key.


Come down screen and pick up the old broom handle that is next to the broom leaning near the left of the arch. Look at the wine barrel on the shelf to see that the spigot is jammed. Use the scalpel on the barrel, and the alcohol pours out on the floor. (This doesn’t seem very productive, but it will come in handy later.)


Go through the arch and look at the dreadful mess. Below the hanging man is a student’s pack. Look at the very bottom of the screen (below the rats) and learn that the man must be Baker, the student that the Duke mentioned in his letter.


Look at the rats and decide that you must get rid of them. In inventory, attach the linen cloth to the broomstick to make a torch. Now use the matches to light the torch. Finally, use the lit torch to chase the rats away. Oh yes, Perfect! Reach into Baker’s pack and take the holy water.


Go up screen (under the chains) to a hallway. Nothing will open the door, but there is a monk’s robe that will be a good disguise. Take it and automatically put it on.


Return to the wine cellar and see a zombie-like monk enter and threaten you. Use the lit torch on the alcohol that you spilled on the floor earlier. Pick up the key from the floor next to the ashes.


Return to the hallway where you found the robe. Try the key (the gold one) on the locked door.


Enter and see some kind of satanic worship ritual. Observe that one of the monks drinks from a chalice atop an altar on the right. You also see Brother Alberto in a cage. Come down right and talk to him. You must get rid of the zombie monks.


Back away and go up inside the pentagram. Look at the chalice at the right of the pentagram. You can’t just pour the holy water into the chalice. Instead, in inventory, combine the holy water with the chalice. Then use the chalice of holy water on the altar to swap chalices.


Move away and watch the effect on the monk who drinks from the chalice. While the other two monks are - - er - - preoccupied, go back and talk to Brother Alberto.


His leg is broken and, worse, his has been blinded, which means he cannot read the text. He tells how the abbey was taken over by the Prince of Darkness and how he was the only one to resist. He says that Dracula must be conquered on his own soil. If he is defeated, his link to those he controls will also vanish. Poor Brother Alberto expires.


Use the key (the black one) to unlock the door to the right of Brother Alberto. You automatically return to the home of Duchess Orlowski. Mina has been taken by Dracula. You and Seward must battle Dracula on his own soil - - Transylvania. On the way, you make a crossbow.




Accompanied by an ill Seward, you arrive at an inn that is near Dracula’s castle. Speak with Seward and then automatically enter the inn. After more conversation with Seward, you decide that you must proceed alone.


Talk to Abraham du Varmin, the temperamental innkeeper. Try to look at the menu at the left end of the counter, but Abraham fusses.


Look around at everything, especially the decor. Come down screen and look around some more.

Take two pretzels from the bowl at the end of Seward’s table. Also, take the spoon and the silver paper from the table.


Look at the slimy substance on the bench at the right. Use the spoon to scrape off some of it. Try to take the silver key hanging left of the door, with predictable results. Try going out the door, with the same results, but you conclude that the door leads to a stable and possibly a coach.


Seward is getting worse. Talk to Abraham about a remedy, and he leaves to find one in the stable. Now you can look at the menu on the counter, but it isn’t a menu at all. It is an extract from Harker’s writing. Learn that Harker was made into a vampire.


When Abraham returns, the animal head falls and a tooth is dislodged. As Abraham tends to Seward, go pick up the molar from the floor.


In inventory, combine the silver paper and the sticky substance. Then combine each of the two pretzels and the molar with the silver paper. Finally, combine the three silvery parts to obtain a fake key.

Swap the fake key and the real key that is left of the door. Talk to Abraham about something a little stronger for Seward. While Abraham looks for some moonshine, use the real key on the door to the stable. (There is no hand cursor - - just use the footprints cursor.)


Look around at the stable, especially the coach and the large barrel on top. You hatch a plan for hiding in the cask and sneaking into Dracula’s castle. Of course, the cask is full, and turning the spigot would leave a mess that would not go unnoticed.


You have another problem. If you check the horses, you find that they have red eyes, and they are being aggressive. You need to calm them down.


Go to the work bench and pick up the bucket from the floor at the left end. Fill the bucket with the oats that can be found right at your feet. Go back to the horses and give them the bucket of oats. Oh wait! These are Dracula’s horses. How does their master feed them?


Go back to the door where there are hanging carcasses with blood dripping from them. Use the bucket of oats on the carcass to mix some blood into the oats. Try again to give the oats to the horses. Now you have made them happy and you go around to the front by coming down screen.


Take the dried-up beaver's cadaver from beside the chopping block near the front gate. Take the wooden box and the funnel from the table, as well as the trough from under the table. Finally, take the large tube from the ground in front of the horses.


Return to the coach and put the wooden box on the ground in front of the back wheel. Place the trough on top of the chest, the beaver carcass on top of the trough, and the funnel on top of the beaver. Now place the large tube at the lower end of the trough, and you have a sluiceway to the hole in the ground.


Open the spigot on the cask and watch wine flow down into the hole. Click the trough to automatically dismantle the whole arrangement.


You hear the sound of someone coming, and you automatically climb into the cask and watch your trip to the castle.


Castle Dracula


The coachman will be a problem, and you decide to set a trap for him.


Take the leg trap from the end of the worktable. Note the bucket of blood on the floor right under where the trap was.


Come down screen to see the door the coachman went through. There are two barrels along the left wall. Take the two ropes that are on top of those barrels.


At the top of the screen above the window with the swinging shutter is a pulley. Use one of the ropes on that pulley. The attach the leg trap to the rope. The trap is now resting on the ground.

Attach the other rope to the trap. Note that the rope lies along the ground and runs to the right behind the coach. Go there and click the pulley that is above the table at the very top edge of the screen. This attaches the loose end of the rope on the other side.


Take two hooks from the bottom end of the table. Look back down the table until you get a hand cursor at about the middle of the table. You see a dead rat that has been trapped. The two hooks you just picked up are at the bottom of the screen. You will use the hooks to open the trap so you can get the rat.


Place one hook at the right of the trap and the other hook at the left of the trap. Just drag the hooks up there and keep clicking until they fall into place. Then take the rat.


Return to the leg trap and place the dead rat in it. Watch what happens.


Talk to the coachman about Mina. Dracula has begun his ritual for bringing back his first love. The place where Dracula and Mina are is protected by a beautiful beast with black hair.


Talk to Igor again. He is hungry and wants a heart with jam. Pick up the axe in front of him.


Look back toward the door Igor used and see a red package near the ground. Slice the package open with the arrow for a crossbow and take the jam pot with preserved hearts. Take the gold bowl from just above where the red package was.


Give the jam pot to Igor who is now beholden to you.


Go right and then up screen to the front of the coach. Use the bowl on that bucket of blood that you saw earlier at the end of the work table. Now you have a bowl of blood.


Go right and enter the door to the castle. Come down and take the old fur coat from the barrel at the bottom of the screen. Take the yellow curtain cord from the red material at the right.


Enter the door up screen and find yourself in front of a gate that leads to a crypt. Look at the gate and then at the panel on the right.


Take a look at all the elements of the panel. There is a 4x4 picture of Dracula whose tiles can be toggled off and on. At the right is a large grid with a variety of symbols in various colors. At the top and right of the grid are four symbols.


Finally there are two color panels, one at the top left (currently all green) and one at the bottom left (currently all blue). The upper color panel corresponds to the four symbols at the top of the grid. The lower color panel corresponds to the four symbols at the right of the grid.

It will be helpful to identify the various symbols of the grid:

A         triangle within a triangle with a horizontal line

B         triangle within a triangle

C         triangle with a horizontal line

D         blank triangle


Begin with the symbols at the top of the grid. The symbols are A D B D.

1. Run your cursor over the first symbol and see one of the tiles of the Dracula painting.

2. Find that tile in the Dracula painting and turn it over.

3. Repeat for the remaining three symbols.



































4. With four tiles of the Dracula picture now grayed out, grab the frame of the picture and

    drag it over to the grid.

5. Now find a location on the grid in which the all the symbols that appear in the holes are

    the same as those shown in the table above. The easiest method is to find a symbol A,         for example, and then check to see whether the other symbols match up.

6. Once the picture is in a correct location, note the colors of the grid symbols. In this case,           

1A       green

2D       white

3B       blue

4D       blue

7. In the upper left color panel, set those colors in order.


Now follow exactly the same procedure for the symbols at the right of the grid. (To avoid confusion, it will help to restore the picture before you begin.)



































Set the color panel at the lower left to

1C       green

2B       white

3D       red

4D       white


When you are successful, the gate rises.


Enter the crypt.


Look at the coffin in front of you. Click the name, Moana, and the number, 12176, to enter the information in your Reports. Now click the near end of the coffin to open it and see the skeleton of a vampire. Check the Reports and see the observation that she had red hair. 


In summary:                                                    Moana            12176              red hair

Working counterclockwise, open the coffin on the left. There is nothing of interest here.


Continuing counterclockwise, look at the cover of the next coffin. Again, click the name, Illona, and the number, 8954, to enter the information in Reports. Check the Reports for the note that Illona was a blonde.


In summary:                                                    Illona               8954                blonde hair


Now look at the coffin in the foreground. It is Dracula’s coffin and must be destroyed. Smash the coffin with the axe.


Look at the dead bird below the coffin on the right. Open the coffin to find your friend, Harker.

Take Harker's journal from the end of the coffin. He writes about how he was turned into a vampire by a black‑haired “initiator.” He also describes what he had learned about Pelor, the shield of the Sun.


Take the glasses from Harker’s hand. Take and read the book at the side of the coffin to learn more about the Pelor shield.


In inventory, combine the stake and the mallet and use the result on Harker to give him peace.


Leave the crypt, come down screen, and enter the door on the right.


Walk to the left side of the great hall and look at the bluish-white painting on the floor in the corner: Fiat lux, “Let there be light.”


Look at the large tapestry on the wall and then zoom in. There two things to see here. Look at Dracula’s shield. Look at the rose-colored ribbon the left arm of the knight in gold at the left.

In Dracula’s diary, he mentioned a knight who stole his beloved. This must be the guy. Look at his shield to see two slivers of the moon that face in opposite directions.


Left of the tapestry is a curtain with a cord. Pull the cord to reveal a portrait of a woman and then pick up the cord from the floor.


Look closer at the painting and note that the area around her left wrist looks smudged. Zoom in on that area and use Harker's glasses. Keep moving the glasses around and clicking. Try to get the darker pink parts in the two lenses.


Obviously someone has tried to erase the pink areas, and your Report indicates that the erased item was a “dazzling rose.” Surely this must be Irina, Dracula's first and only love, and the lady who Dracula wants to bring back to life.


Go left and then across the hall to the other side where you see three more paintings. Look at the recent portrait of Dracula in the middle. Look at the other two portraits and at their nameplates. Illona with blonde hair is on the left; Moana with red hair is on the right.


Go right and open the door in the back (not the door on the right). Jada emerges and is not impressed with your crucifix. This is surely the black-haired “initiator” of whom Harker wrote. She is deluded into thinking that she is Dracula’s only true love. An important comment to note is that she has spent 5777 nights with Dracula. (By my calculations, that’s nearly 16 years - - poor girl.) Well, anyway, you are obviously not going to get past her through this door.


Try the main door on the right and see that it can’t be opened. Go right through the yellow lit arch. Look at the sword at the center of the grate and see that it is actually a lock with a dial. 


You don’t have enough information to unlock the grate. Who can help? Remember that Igor, the coachman, owes you one because you gave heart jam to him. Exit back out in the great hall and then come down left to the door at the end of the hall. Exit the great hall and continue forward through the left door.


Talk to Igor and learn that the numbers on the coffins of Moana and Illona  are the numbers of nights the women were with Dracula.


Igor then gives clues regarding the combination lock: “3 times the night with a white moon plus 2 times the night with a red moon plus 5 times the night with a black moon.” His word “moon” must refer to the women’s hair.

Woman           Hair                 Number

Illona             blonde               8954                          8954 x 3 = 26862

Moana             red                   12176                        12176 x 2 = 24352

Jada              black                  5777                          5777 x 5 = 28885

Sum:                      80099


Return to the great hall and the armory. Set the dials on the sword to 80099, and the grate opens.


Look at the middle shelf on the left and take the coat of mail and the crossbow (without a string).


Look at the lower three shields. Is one of these the Pelor shield? Recall Harker’s journal in which he wrote that there were many forgeries and that it would take some ingenuity to identify the real one. The middle shield can be recognized as that of the gold knight in the tapestry because it has two slices of the moon facing in opposite directions. The chances are good that this is the one.


Now review the book you picked up from Harker’s coffin, the Myths and Legends book. It refers to “crossing” the two moons. It goes on to say that the arrows must be aimed so that the “golden darts target the neighbouring silver and that silver, in his turn, points towards a nearby bronze.”


First, click the two moons completely around so that they face (or “cross”) each other.


Now to set the arrows. Clicking the outer ring turns it clockwise; the inner ring turns counterclockwise. A gold arrow must point to a silver circle, and a silver arrow must point to a bronze circle. A simple solution is to keep clicking the inner ring until you say, “Pelor!” Now the shield is in your inventory.


Leave the armory and try Jada’s door (the one on the left). You need something to attract her. Place the bowl of blood on the floor in front of the door. She emerges and takes the bowl of blood, but there you are with the shield - - “Let there be light.” Jada curses you to the end, but it appears there will be no night number 5778 with Dracula.


Enter Jada's bedroom and look around at everything. Pick up the pot of grease from the floor on your left.


Look at the coffin the foreground and see that it is another Dracula model. As before, destroy it with the axe. Take the key near the head of the coffin. Take and read the book The Vermis Mysteris (Mysteries of the Worm). It will be helpful to know later that “elemental forces that comes from the centre of earth or from the skies can cause harm to this black ones.”


Destroy the other coffin with the axe also. Look at the picture of Jada, the lovely brown-haired girl. (Apparently her hair turned black after becoming a vampire.)


Look at the mandolin that is leaning against the bed. Its strings are still good, so cut one off a string with the crossbow arrow. Combine this string and the crossbow.


Leave the room and enter the large door with the key that you took from Dracula's coffin. You are clearly near your show down. You will need to get past the green mist of spirits to save Mina, who is levitated while Dracula is performing a ritual.


Recall the book you just took from Dracula’s coffin. Elemental forces from the sky can disperse the green spirits. Perhaps the lightning?


Look at the metal top of the bookcase. The bookcase is on tracks that lead to the right toward a puddle by the left statue. Look at the tracks to see that the bookcase is movable, but the mechanism is jammed. Use the pot of grease on the railing. Now push the book case to the right.


Approach the silver statue on the left and see that it is made of metal. Drop the coat of mail into the puddle by the statue. Combine the two cords in inventory and tie them to the statue’s foot.


Go right and see that the lightning has caused a gap in the mist. Place the fur coat near the cord so that you can go through the gap. First, though, get your weapon ready. Combine the crossbow and arrow and select it from inventory.


Sneak through the mist and watch the end scenes. Yikes!

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