Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern

Walkthrough by JeninChgo    8/22/04 (rev.1); 2/12/05 (rev. 2)

I’ve never written a WT before so hopefully this will be informative as well as entertaining. This is a long game, therefore, it goes to reason that this will be an even longer WT. (Mostly because I’m writing it) I’m going to start out very detailed & later shorten things, assuming by then you know how to use the interface. If you’re looking for the solve to, or how to trigger, a particular quest/sub-quest, scan the WT for the various quest recap lists, listed in order received & kept on the list until solved. If you find it on the list &, it says SOLVED next to it, the section between the last quest list & this is where you need to look for your information. If you’re having a problem, check the BUGS/TIPS section. If I’ve missed something or made a horrible error, please let me know. If there’s any typos, the butler did it.

A few words about this game......Adventure gamers might be put off playing this due to its reputation of action & timed sequences, not to mention keyboard controls. I want to clarify that this is 95% adventure & 5% of the ‘icky’ stuff. Of that 5%, it is easy once you know how.  If I can do it, you can, too. However, I’m comfortable with using the keyboard controls. If you’re not, you probably will be frustrated with this game.  The mouse is not used at all. I felt this game worth the annoyances. It’s got story, folks. There are no mazes, and jumps are all done in cut scene so there’s no falling off ledges. The game is somewhat linear, where you need to do certain actions to trigger other actions & move the story along or you need to be a certain level before you can do something. However, a lot of the quests/sub-quests can be done at any time, so the order I’ve done things in may not be the same order you’ve done them. If you miss something, a sub-quest may not trigger, and you simply will not get that quest. The journal is a good indicator. It fills in periodically, as you gather information. Blank pages or sections indicate missing information. You may need to reload an earlier save in order to get information written to the journal that you may have missed. It is not necessary to finish the game. You will never miss a main plot quest, just for the completionists out there. We know who we are. ;).

There is no apparent way to skip cut scenes. This will become your biggest annoyance in the game as every time you fly your dragon to a new land you’ll have a long one to endure. Think of it as intermission & take the opportunity to use the bathroom, get a snack, take a nap....most likely it will still be playing when you return to the computer.

There’s also a few known bugs. You may experience more, or none at all. None I’ve encountered have been game stopping. Just strange or annoying. I hope this list doesn’t stop you from playing, as I said, none are game stopping. Most are just strange visuals or quirks that can be overcome.

BUGS/TIPS: (Problems? Look here.....)

Camera Angles- Sometimes, the camera angle swings wildly & you cannot see very well. This happens most often during fights, of course. Pressing the right or left arrow key usually swings you around so you can see what you’re doing. You may need to move forward or back as well, but try swinging around first so you can still hit your enemy. Save often, just in case. You usually know when you’re about to fight & have the opportunity to do so.

In other cases, the camera doesn’t swing & what you think is a dead end is actually a turn. You should be getting a close up view & instead you’re far away & it’s hard to see if there is a corner to turn. Hug walls when exploring, leave no corner unturned. Sometimes exiting & reentering an area fixes it

The strangest camera glitch, by far, is the pinhole view. Hard to explain unless you get the bug, but the screen turns black except for a small circle which is stretched into bands like a time warp or sun rays. Using the arrow keys to move your character usually brings the screen back to normal.

Voice- When you set up the game make sure you choose subtitles/text option in addition to voice. The audio cuts out sometimes during conversations & you’d otherwise miss out on what was said.

Scarecrows- This happened to me once & freaked me out! After killing some guards in the prison level I saved the game. When I returned to the game, all the bodies were standing upright in a T formation, just like scarecrows! They remained like that even after reloading. They are still dead (non-interactive), but very freaky to see!

Giants- In one part of the game I was exploring & I saw a woman sweeping in the distance. When approaching her to talk, she was enormous in size. Clearly four times as large as D’kor. You should have seen the size of her broom! Pressing Spacebar initiated conversation & she popped back down to normal size. Good thing, because she gave me a key. It would have been as large as D’Kor! There were a few other places in the game where giants were spotted. Just another strange video glitch.

Sneak Mode- In several parts of the game you will be required to sneak past an enemy. It’s just a matter of pressing the action button when you see the sneak icon usually. However, sometimes when the icon is present you cannot seem to enter sneak mode. Here’s the scoop. Once you’ve visited several areas, you’ll notice that the default changes, depending on the area, from walk to run or vise verse. Meaning pressing the up arrow in one place might make you walk, while in a different area doing the same action would make you run. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Holding the Left Shift key toggles between the two, so if default is walk - holding L-Shift and the up arrow will make you run. Sneak mode will only work when you’re in walk mode. Running turns it off. So, if you’re at a sneak spot (you’ll know) and you can’t enter sneak mode, try holding the L-Shift key in addition to the action button (spacebar).

I can’t get no satisf-ACTION- I encountered this annoyance in several parts of the game. When there’s more than one action in a small location your dragon cursor will sometimes not reveal the other actions & favor one in particular. This most often occurred in combination with sneak mode. The point is, if you’re standing in front of a button but are not getting an action icon to push said button and instead are getting an icon to sneak, press the 0(zero)/INS key on the numeric key pad to scroll through available actions. This also works well when trying to talk to a particular person in a group but your dragon insists you keep speaking to someone else over & over. Hit 0/ins to scroll through the people. I also encountered this when in sneak mode & there was something on the ground to pick up. I kept getting the sneak icon even though I was already in sneak mode & couldn’t get the pick up icon. Pressing 0/ins solves this. This only works if there’s an action icon at the top of the screen.

Incorrect Leads: A few of the characters will give you unintentional bogus information. Usually it’s just a name & the correct person is near the person they told you to talk to. Nothing major, just be aware so if you’re trying to solve a particular quest & that person isn’t helping, it might not be them you need to speak with. Try others nearby. There’s one instance where a location is wrong. The habitat is correct, the name of the place you’re told is wrong. Don’t worry about it.  You’ll stumble upon it eventually. Interactive items/people are difficult to miss regardless of bad info.

Inventory: In one part of the story, you get all of your inventory taken from you. You soon get it back but I encountered a bug where I saved just after the items were taken. When I reloaded my game, the inventory was there again. I encountered a fight & had weapon ready only to find that I fought bare fisted & died. Not a big deal as I had just saved, but it could have been. This only happened at this point in the game. The rest of my deaths were all my fault.

Save Menu: The game automatically saves upon entering a new area with a “Loading” symbol. This top slot in the save menu overwrites itself automatically so you will need to save manually as well if you want to save more than just your current location. You will only get four available manual slots in the Save menu. In the Load menu you will get five open slots, plus the automatic save up top, if you’ve never saved before. This threw me for a loop for the longest time. The 5th slot, is for Quick Save or F9. Pressing this will save the game without going through the menu. Pressing F9 again will overwrite the game in the 5th Quick Save slot. So in essence there’s two slots for quick saves, but you only control one. Just understand there’s only four slots for regular saves.  Unlimited would have been nice as there’s some places where if you miss something, a quest will not trigger or you’ll be unable to complete a task. I’ll note these spots in the WT with a big WARNING!!! However, they are only sub-quests & entirely unnecessary to finish the game.

Fighting: Other than the weird camera angles at times, there’s no bugs. Here’s a tip. You’ll learn to fight very early in the game from a teacher. The teacher makes it far more complicated than it really is. You’ll have to follow his instructions to pass the learning portion which is easy. Do yourself a favor & forget what he taught you.  All you need to know is this: When you see the crossed sword action icon at the top of the screen, make sure your weapon is equipped & face the enemy. Walking, inch toward them a little at a time until they come toward you then stop walking & start swinging. Hold down the action key (spacebar) and tap the up arrow key repeatedly. Don’t bother with turning while fighting (unless you can’t see), blocking defensive, or hard swings. You’ll only get hurt/killed trying to be fancy, or at least I did. Keep it simple! Tapping the up arrow kills everything pretty quickly with little damage to yourself. You’ll usually know when there’s a fight about to happen so remember to save incase things don’t work out in your favor or if you get hurt badly.

Have you seen my lizard? : You’ll collect ‘Fire Lizard Eggs’ throughout the game. A fire lizard is the small dragon flying near you which acts as your cursor. When you collect an egg you’ll take it to your room & hatch it to create a different colored one. You can replace your current dragon with a newly hatched one. The only difference is color & it’s not necessary to anything in the game. Just a custom option. There are six eggs to hatch but even though I hatched them all I only was able to use the rust, blue, & green dragons. The bronze, gold,  & white disappeared as soon as they were hatched. I’ve put their pictures on milk cartons.

(***This tip is from George Sarosky (aka Buzman)...the missing fire lizards are in another room on a completely different perch behind what looks like a bathtub. It’s the room connected to D’kor’s bedroom where you pick up the brush for Zenth in the beginning. You’ll have to walk around the ‘bathtub’ to see it. So this isn’t a bug, it’s just a bad camera angle.)

Controls: Arrow keys are used for movement. Directions given in the WT are arrow keys to press or N/S/E/W within a room. Access Inventory by pressing the I key. Within you can access the maps, dragon menu, and journal via buttons along the right side. You can access the Maps directly by pressing TAB. You can access the Dragon menu directly by pressing D key. You can access the Journal directly by pressing the J key. (Keys F1-F5 also directly access these.)

Left Shift toggles run/walk, you must hold it down as you move (right shift gave me problems & Caps Lock doesn’t work). Esc brings up the Main Menu where you can save, load, quit, & change options/settings. F9 is quick save, use it before a fight.

Enter is used to select/equip/use an item. Spacebar is the “action” key. Whenever you see an oval action icon (talk/examine/take/fight/etc..) at the top of the screenthis is the button to make it happen. You also use it to shoot the crossbows. On with the show.....


Weyr Hall - Upper Level (UL)

D’kor’s Room

You awaken in your room. Once you gain control of D’kor, test out your legs by using the up, down, right, & left arrows to maneuver around the room. After you’ve stopped slamming into walls, walk over to the shelf on the side wall. When you get a close-up of the shelf, you’ll also get an eye with arrows/action icon at the top of the screen. Press spacebar and you’ll pick up the oil. Press spacebar again to put it into inventory. Zenth, your BIG dragon, will ask you if you’d like to learn how to use items in inventory. Choose yes for an overview or no to jump right in without a safety net. Press I at any time to view inventory.

After picking up the oil, walk back toward the bottom of the screen (south), hugging the wall with the shelf. There’s a large red “tapestry” hanging on the wall you can look at. Keep walking off-screen until the camera angle changes. You see a door. Enter the door and pick up the brush by pressing Spacebar. Press Spacebar again to put it in inventory. Exit the room and head back toward the oil shelf. Pick up the “note to self” on the dining table. Reading it prompts the riding gear quest. Walk to the door in the (north) back wall by the dining table. The door to the left is the exit & we can’t leave until we care for Zenth. Walk through the North door and up to your snoozing dragon. Walk close to the black bowl near his head & you’ll get an action icon. Open inventory by pressing I. Highlight the oil with the gold bracket cursor & press Enter. The bottle should now be in the gold circle at the top right of the screen. Press Enter to put the oil in the bowl. Open inventory again and highlight the brush. Press Enter to use the brush on Zenth.

After a short, informative cut scene, leave Zenth’s room and take a right (heading out the left side of the screen). Pick up the note on the floor in the hall as the camera angle changes. Read the note to prompt the meeting quest. As you leave, Zenth chimes in reminding you to pick up your riding gear (quest) and to cure your hangover, prompting the hangover cure quest. Exit the hall and turn right at the first doorway. We’ll go into that big dining/meeting hall in a minute.

K’tan’s Room

Walk into the room and find K’tan oiling his dragon, Branth. Press Spacebar to talk when you get the action icon. He’ll tell you about something happening with N’eth (quest). He’ll also give you a knife and teach you how to use it. Follow his instructions to learn how to equip and use a weapon. (Read section in Bugs/Tips on “fighting” to make your life easier.) After you pass training you’ll receive your 1st skill, knife. Now you can kill things. Whoo! Leave the way you came and head into the large meeting room.

Meeting Room

You’ll find K’tan seated at the table. How did he do that? He’s one of the 9 members you’re supposed to gather for that meeting. Looks like he’s there so 1 down, 8 to go. Actually, the note said V’hul would come on his own so 7 to go. Walk to the right. You can talk to K’tan. Keep walking around to an open door. Enter to V’kai’s room.

V’kai’s Room

V’kai is your Weyrleader. Try to talk to him. He’ll tell you to come back when you’re more  “conversant.” Hmph! If you look in inventory beneath health, you’ll find the knowledge section. Right now you are level 1 - “Able”. We need to reach level 2 - “Conversant” before he’ll talk to us so we’ll have to come back later. Note this down. There’s nothing else of interest here so exit & continue right, walking around the meeting hall to the next open door.


You’re now in the library. Speak with Lockenn to hear about his missing journal (quest). He’ll also offer you a map. Take it. Press TAB to view the map & arrows to turn pages We’re on the Upper Level.. The woman, Mishra, will not talk to you unless you attempt to enter the back private reading room. She’ll inform you that your reputation must be “highly regarded” before you can enter. Checking your reputation in inventory, beneath knowledge, shows us at level 1 -“ Honest”. We need to reach level 8 -“ Highly Regarded” before we can get in. Note this down. We’ll have to come back much later. Walk around the perimeter of the room & examine the shelves for various skins (scrolls) to read. Don’t forget the shelf just to the left of the doorway to the back room. There’s two scrolls of particular interest there (Nalaya & Gannell) that you’ll need to have read to solve upcoming quests. Don’t worry about noting down the info. You just have to trigger that you’ve found  it. There’s another skin “The Queen’s Hatching” to find on another shelf that is also a quest solve so find & read that. There’s more skins to read if you’re interested, and I know you are. When you’re done reading, we can go. Exit the library. If you check your map (TAB), you’ll note that we’ve been everywhere on the Upper Level except the reading room (can’t access until lvl 8) and S’bor’s room (blue curtain closed over doorway), so let’s go downstairs to the Middle Levels (ML). Go through the large archway with stairs leading down.

Weyr Hall - Middle Level (ML)

Press TAB to view the map of this level. You are standing in front of the stairs to the Upper Level. V’hul’s room is to the left so let’s visit him. Walk to the left (right side screen) and enter the door.

V’hul’s Room

Talk to V’hul and he’ll tell you a little about N’eth and give you a skin to deliver to F’ben (quest). Accept his errand and take the skin. Leave V’hul to sleep and exit back into the hall and directly across to the room right of the Upper Level stairs.

Gillian/Mullen/Jim’s Room

Enter to find Gillian crying & initiate cut scene about her son, Jim. Offer to help find him (quest). Mullen, her husband, might be of some help....once we find him. Nothing else here so exit the room and head up the stairs to the right to the Kitchens Area.

Kitchens Area

Press TAB to view the map for this level and see there are three rooms to explore. Head to the dining room.

Dining Room

Enter and chat with Horlas for important info on N’eth (quest) and an empty jar you’ll need for bug catching later. You can also chat with T’lor and H’ram. Leave the Dining Room and head for Stores.


Enter and chat with Kendrick to hear about an ore shortage (quest). If you look around a little, you should notice a black beetle bug crawling on the floor. We’ll be back to get him later, make a note of it. The kitchen is closed so we’ll head back downstairs. You can talk to Rowarth on your way.

Weyr Hall - Middle Level (ML)

Back down on the Middle Level, head to the right toward the circular platform with stairs. You’ll see Emmara near a large tapestry map on the wall. Talk to her & she’ll say she needs someone “Reliable” to help her. Checking our reputation in inventory shows “reliable” to be level 2. We’re still level 1, but it’s not that far off. Make note to return later. Walking past Emmara & hugging the wall, we next come to some large double doors, or the Gambling Room. Enter the doors.

Gambling Room

Talk to T’men and B’rak, two more people we need at that meeting. You won’t get them upstairs unless you stop them from playing dice. Walk around close to their table until you get the hand action icon. Press Spacebar to take the dice and send them to the meeting. 2 more down, 5 to go. Open the map (TAB) and note that L’tul, F’ben, and T’men’s rooms are off of the Gambling Room so head there. It’s the doorway you can see while talking to T’men & B’rak. T’men’s door (blue curtain) is closed, but that’s okay he’s already at the meeting. L’tul’s is closed, too. So let’s visit F’ben.

F’ben’s Room

Enter the only open door in this corridor & talk to F’ben. Deliver the skin from V’hul and he’ll go to the meeting. 4 to go. Exit his room, and the Gambling Room back to the hallway. Checking the map (TAB) head to S’lon’s room to the right after you exit.

S’lon’s Room

Talk to S’lon for more info on N’eth. He’ll head to the meeting. 3 left. Exit S’lon’s room and head left to Lytah’s room.

Lytah’s Room

Talk to Lytah and discover more about N’eth. She’ll also give you a book she found - Lockenn’s journal! Take it. Talk to her again to hear that Tom, the chef, has the best cure for headaches. Walk toward the exit and she’ll remind you that you’ve forgotten her Nameday (quest). We’ll have to find a present. She’ll head for the meeting. 2 more members to go. Exit and head to N’eth’s room.

N’eth’s Room

Talk to N’eth and discover that he’s done something bad to someone and asks you to fix it. Seems as if everyone is talking about this so I think you can figure out who. Choose to ask around for him. He won’t attend the meeting until you clear him. We’ll take care of that soon, but let’s return Lockenn’s journal first. Leave & head to the Upper Level stairs.

Weyr Hall - Upper Level (UL)

Head to the library.


Enter and talk to Lockenn. Crackdust! He’s already had another journal made. Good for us, we can keep the new journal. Before we can use the journal we have to learn how to scribe (write). I guess they didn’t teach that in Dragonriding school. Done here so lets go back downstairs. Exit the library, & take the stairs to the Middle Level.

Weyr Hall - Middle Level (ML)

Press TAB to view the map. Let’s go check out the Lower Level as we’ve seen all we can now of the rest of this place. Head to the Lower Level stairs to the left of the stairs you just came down.

Weyr Hall - Lower Level (LL)

Press TAB to view the map. There’s 2 rooms here we can go in, Scribing and Dorn’s Workshop. There’s also an area marked DANGER. If you continue to walk forward, you’ll encounter Jillan, who’ll tell you it’s too dark to go outside. So let’s visit the other rooms on this level. Head to the right to the Scribing Room.

Scribing Room

Talk to Kevan. He’ll teach you the Scribe Skill. Now your journal will be usable and a valuable source of information. Press J now to view all the quests & information you’ve already learned. Use the right/left arrow keys to turn pages. Time for a Quest Recap....

Visit Craftmaster Dorn & pick up riding gear.

Deliver ballad to F’ben for V’hul (not quite solved yet...)

Find Jim - find Mullen

Lytah’s Nameday - find pearl

N’eth’s offense

Get members to meeting (2 left)

Visit V'kai when "conversant"

Visit Emmara when "reliable"

Visit private readin rooms when "highly regarded"

Bug (black) in Stores room (Kitchen's area)

With me so far? Good. Leave the Scribing Room and head across the hall to Dorn’s Workshop.

Dorn’s Workshop

Talk to Dorn and get your riding gear. Check your journal to find your first “Quest Complete.” How’s it feel?  See, it’s not that hard is it? Good job! Also, look in your inventory to see your first outfit change. Cute, eh? You can walk around wearing it if you want but I found it a little chaffing. Nothing else to do down here so lets go see if the kitchen is open yet. Exit Dorn’s and head upstairs to the Middle Level.

Weyr Hall - Middle Level (ML)

Head upstairs to the Kitchen’s Area

Kitchens Area

Talk to Rowarth. Enter the kitchen.


Talk to Tom and clear N’eth’s name, completing that quest. He’ll also ask you to run an errand if you go to Ft. Hold. We’ve no such orders yet so we’ll have to come back when we do. Talk to Roma and receive a quest for 10 food items. You can gather these along the way & deliver what you find as you pass by. This is an ongoing quest. Finally talk to Urik to get the headache cure. Next ask for something to eat. Each item gives you a little bit of health if you eat it. I chose fruit. Save the food for later. Go into your inventory and take the headache remedy by highlighting it with your gold bracket cursor & pressing Enter. Your health should increase dramatically. Leave the kitchen & head downstairs to N’eth’s room.

N’eth’s Room

Talk to N’eth. He’ll tell you of a potential Weyrwoman here in the hall. Seems our last one, Nalaya, died & we need a replacement for the golden egg that’s about to hatch. He’ll head to the meeting when you’re done. 1 left. We need to find L’tul, he’s not in his room nor anywhere else that we’ve explored yet. Let’s go check out that info N’eth gave us on the potential Weyrwoman & talk to Kendrick up in the Stores (Kitchens Area). Head up there.


Talk to Kendrick. He’ll tell you about Ramalla, his daughter. She’s not present here at Hall so we’ll have to wait to solve this quest. Looking at inventory, our knowledge has incrased to level 2 - conversant! Let’s go talk to V’kai. Head back downstairs and then upstairs to the Upper Level.

Weyr Hall - Upper Level (UL)

Enter V’kai’s room.

V’kai’s Room

Talk to V’kai. He’ll give you the quest to find 10 candidates for Weyrwoman. This is another ongoing quest like the food list from Tom. We’ll collect them as we go. Nothing else to talk about here so let’s check & see if it’s light enough to go outside in the Weyrbowl. Head downstairs to the Middle Level & then down again to the Lower Level.

Weyr Hall - Lower Level (LL)

Upon entering you should get a cut scene where Jillan opens the large double doors behind him.   Let’s check quests now, if you’ve done or at least have record of what’s listed below, Jillan will open the doors.

Dorn - Riding gear - SOLVED

Deliver skin to F’ben - SOLVED

Dorn - Riding gear - SOLVED

Deliver skin to F’ben - SOLVED

Find Jim - Weyrbowl, talk to Jax & other kids, find Mullen

Lytah’s Nameday - find pearl

Neth’s Bad - SOLVED

Roma’s Recipe - (ongoing) 0 of 10 items

Tom’s Favor - talk before going to Ft. Hold

Ramalla - check Weyrbowl house, potential Weyrwoman

T’men & B’rak dice - SOLVED

Get 9 members to meeting - find L’tul (8 of 9 members)

Visit V’kai when “conversant” - SOLVED

Visit private reading room when “highly regarded”

Visit Emmara when “reliable”

Bug (black) in Stores (kitchens area)

Collect 10 Weyrwoman candidates (ongoing) 0 of 10

Question ore trader about shortage


Okay, lets head downstairs & outside into the Weyrbowl.

Weyr Hall - Weyrbowl (Lower Level/LL)

Up on entering you see a windmill surrounded by water & off to the left, a small bridge to a cottage with smoke rising from the chimney. Let’s head there, our journal said Ramalla might be there. Run toward the bridge, ignoring everything else for the time being. Once over the bridge, turn left. Enter the white door by pressing Spacebar.

Ramalla/Kendrick’s Cottage

Talk to Ramalla to complete that quest. You have found your first Weyrwoman candidate! Exit the cottage. Walk away from the door and the camera angle changes to show the windmill. Let’s check it out. Head over the little bridge in front of you, not the same one you just crossed to get to the cottage.


Once on the island with the windmill, talk to the Miller. You can try to help him by pressing Spacebar while standing by the stuck lever. It won’t budge yet because we need to achieve a strength of  level 8 - “Formidable.” We’re wimps now. Yet another quest we’ll have to come back to. Just a note that it pays to write some of this stuff down for future reference. If you haven’t noticed, only certain things register in the journal as quests. Some, like this stuck windmill, are bonuses (sidequests), but it’s up to you to keep track of them. Go back over the bridge toward the cottage. When the camera angle changes you’ll see the cottage, a well, and a stable next to yet another little bridge. Walk to the well.


Once you’re next to the Well you should get a hand/action icon. Press enter to use the Well. Feeling like a total wimp? Well, again we have to return here once we’ve beefed up. This one, however, is at least noted for us in our journal. Let’s cross that other little bridge by the stable. You can check inside the stable but there’s nothing in there.

Weyr Hall - Weyrbowl (Lower Level/LL)

Cross the bridge and see Hal hammering away at a large rock. Pass him for now and talk to Perry, sitting on the cart. Perry’s the ore trader! We should report this to S’bor, but let’s finish here first. Go around to the other side of the card & find Jax petting the herdbeast. Talk to him if you want but he’s not helpful yet. He will be in a minute. There’s a large archway cut out in the wall to the left. If you head there, you’ll find it blocked by Jillan. Talk to him to get a small crossbow & the ongoing six bug quest. Now we’ve got our bug catching gear. Turn around and walk away from Jillan. You should see a little girl wearing a blue shirt playing near the water. Talk to Helan to learn more about the missing Jim. She rats out Jax so now let’s go talk to him. He’s hiding now, eavesdropping on our conversation with Helan. From facing Helan and the cart in the background, turn completely around so they are behind D’kor. D’kor should be facing you (the screen). Walk forward blindly until the camera angle changes and you should spot Jax. He’s behind a set of 2 rocks, just to the right of that large archway Jillan is guarding. Talk to Jax. He’ll tell you more about Jim and offer you a map of the Dark Caves. Take it. View the map by pressing TAB. Talk to Jax again and he’ll point you to the cave entrance. Hug the rock wall behind Jax and head right. You’ll see another little bridge. Just before the bridge is a cave with some large boulders blocking it. Once you get close enough, you’ll find Mullen & the cave entrance. After the tiny cut scene, talk to Mullen again. We need to find something to smash the boards. We have nothing in inventory that can do this but we did see someone who’s got the right tool. Turn back around & head back toward the cart. Talk to Hal to borrow his hammer. Run back to the cave, but before you do anything, walk to the little bridge next to it. Notice the light green plant to the right? Walk to it & a hand/action icon appears. Press Spacebar to pick it up. Now, because we are not skilled, or knowledgeable, we do not know what kind of herb this is. It could be a healing herb or it could be poisonous. Keep it in inventory for now. Okay, let’s go find Jim. Walk over to the cave entrance. You’ll have to be in front of Mullen to get the proper action icon. Equip the hammer in inventory by highlighting it with your gold bracket cursor & press Enter. Press Enter again to break the boards down. Follow Mullen into the Dark Caves.

Dark Caves

Follow Mullen to a blocked passage & you’ll get a small cut scene. With the hammer equipped, press Enter to smash your way through the rocks. Follow Mullen into the passage. Keep following him to a bridge. You should get a cut scene. Cross the bridge and it collapses behind you. Wonderful. Mullen will run off for help. Up ahead you see some sort of animal moving about. That, my friend, is a Tunnel Snake and they bite. Hard. Equip your knife by highlighting it in inventory & pressing Enter. It will not show up in the gold circle but it will have a gold glow around it. Save your game here. Once equipped head toward the snake, but don’t get too close. Now, you can kill the snake or you can run past it & take the right-side path. I say kill it now so we don’t accidently bump into it later. Walk toward the snake until you get a crossed sword/action icon. You should still be a safe distance away and the snake should not attack. Practice your fighting moves - press & hold Spacebar until D’kor assumes a fighting stance. (The sword/action icon must be present to do this) While holding Spacebar, tap quickly on the up arrow key to hit. Got it? Okay, face the snake & advance slowly toward it, inching a little at a time until the snake starts to shake & advance toward you. Stop & hold the spacebar. Start tapping the up arrow key & a couple of hits should kill him. If you get hurt badly, reload & try again. You can usually defeat the snakes without being hurt at all. Once he’s dead walk down the corridor the snake was guarding. You’ll get a cut scene with Jim. We have to keep an eye out for Jim’s trapping basket. Turn around a walk in a few steps. You should get an arm/action icon. Press Enter to pick up the darts for shooting bugs. Walk back to the dead tunnel snake and take the other path. Walk down the path until you see another tunnel snake blocking a path to the front and an opening to the left. Again the choice to fight or avoid. I prefer to clear out an area of enemies, & then explore freely without fear, so for this WT, I’m killing it now. Follow the same procedure as the last fight. Save before you attack just incase. Your strength should increase once you kill him. Skip the path on the left for now & head down the corridor he was guarding. Be careful! There’s 2 more tunnel snakes to kill & they do walk around. Explore this lower area fully, killing both tunnel snakes & gathering any herbs you find. You should also grab that Tunnel Snake Egg. Notice there’s another one of those beetle bugs here. This one’s brown. Catch it! Save here before trying, incase you use too many darts.

Catching Trundlebugs

Equip the small crossbow in inventory by highlighting it with the gold bracket cursor & press Enter. It should show up in the gold circle. Exit inventory. Run around until you find the bug & are close by it & facing it. Press Enter to get the cross-hair view of the crossbow. You’ll have to be quick as the bug moves faster than the cross-hairs move. Use the arrow keys to center the bug in the cross-hairs and press Spacebar to shoot. This make take a few attempts. Once you shoot the bug it will turn belly up & you can then walk over & pick it up. It will be kept in the glass jar. You can only carry one bug at a time so we need to give this to Jillan as soon as we can so we can get the next bug.

When you’re done bug catching, head back up the ramp and take the first right. At the ledge you should get a running man/action icon. Press Spacebar to jump onto a rock pillar in front of you.  Don’t worry. You can’t fall off. Walk forward on the pillar until you get the next jump/action icon & press Spacebar. Continue jumping across the pillars to the other side and into the cave. Follow this cave up and you’ll encounter another tunnel snake. Kill it as you’ve done already. Be sure to save before attacking. If the camera angle is weird &, you can’t see the opponent, press the right/left arrow keys to circle around into view. After the snake is dead, you can see a small light brown box on a ledge in the back of the cave. Walk toward the box above & under the ledge to a lighter grey boulder. Approach and you’ll get a push/action icon. Press Spacebar & you’ll try to move it. Seems as if we’re still too weak. Make note of this place to return later when we’re stronger. Walk back to the dead snake. Facing the cave entrance you came through, hug the wall to the left. You’ll smack into a boulder and get a jump/action icon. Press Spacebar to climb up. Again a bunch of pillars to jump. Keep moving forward, pressing Spacebar to climb, to the top ledge. Pick up the trapping basket. Jump your way back down. At this point take a look at your strength in inventory. Each jump/climb gives you 5 strength points. If you’re close to achieving the next level, you can play around on these pillars to level up. You can literally max out your strength here but it would take some time & be incredibly boring. I jumped the pillars one extra time & brought my strength up to lvl 3. Still not strong enough to move that darn boulder. Darn. Head toward the other cave exit, the one with the greenish glow. There’s another snake to kill here, so save first. Dispatch it & continue forward. You should spot Jim down the path. As you head toward him you’ll get an eye/action icon as you pass some boulders on the right. Press Spacebar & it will tell you they are loose. Continue forward toward the crying Jim. Just as you get near him, a door comes crashing down blocking your way. Turn around and walk back to the loose boulders. The door raises again. Walk to Jim and it closes again. Hmmm....must be a pressure plate here. Equip the hammer in inventory & press Enter by the boulders. You’ll hit the rocks with your hammer. The rocks fall & one large round rock is on the left. Walk over to the large rock & press Enter when you get the push/action icon. The rock will roll down & prevent the door from closing when you near Jim. Now we can reach Jim. Walk to the door & press Spacebar to crawl under the door. The rock breaks and the door crashes down behind you. Talk to Jim. Looks like we need to find another way out. Walk to the mining cart and press Spacebar to find it’s rusted and stuck. If you push from the back, it’s stuck. If you push from the side closest to Jim, the lever is rusted shut. Hit Enter to use your hammer on the lever. Oops! Broke the hammer. Walk to the back of the cart & push. It will follow the track down & bust through the wall marked “DANGER” on the Lower Level Weyr Hall map. A cut scene will ensue. Jim’s mom & dad will whisk him away and thank you with a Reputation increase. Checking stats in inventory, you should be at level 3 in all.

Weyr Hall - Lower Level (LL)

The bald guy in front of you is the missing meeting member! Talk to L’tul He’s off to the meeting. We have them all!!!  Before we leave the Weyrbowl let’s go give the bug we caught to Jillan. Head downstairs & out into the bowl.

Weyr Hall - Weyrbowl (Lower Level/LL)

This time, head toward the right. You’ll see a ramp going up the wall, leave it for now or explore it to find yet another rock you’re not strong enough to move. Keep going and you’ll bump into J’cob. Talk to J’cob. He’ll teach you about the Dragon button or D key and it’s function if you haven’t already figured it out. You can check out the functions now but you can’t leave on your dragon yet. Walk toward the little bridge past J’cob and pick up the herbs to the left and right. Cross the bridge and head to Jillan at the big arch. Give him the bug and he’ll give you back the empty jar to catch another as well as a Reputation increase. 1 of 6 done. While we’re here let’s go tell Hal the bad news about his hammer. Run to the cart & talk to Hal. He’ll take his hammer parts and leave. (***Tip from George Sarosky (aka Buzman)....Buzman kept the broken hammer. He was able to get the hammer repaired later at Mastersmith Hall by talking to Klor & then returned it to Hal. I am unable to trigger this after a gazillion attempts. Every time I talk to Klor he just complains about Govan. Repairing the hammer could be worth more Rep points but it you don’t need them to complete the game.) Head back toward the exit to the Lower Levels but don’t exit. When facing the exit, to the right is a much larger cave opening. Enter there to the Hatching Grounds.

Hatching Grounds

Walk in to see the gold dragon, Morath, sleeping and Syllia near her head. Talk to Syllia and she’ll give you a fire lizard egg. We can hatch it if we’re “knowledgeable.” Checking our Knowledge in inventory, we are at lvl 3 and able to do it. Before we go, walk past Syllia to the back of the cave. You’ll see a ramp up. Head up to find Ramalla. This is where the potential Weyrwomen candidates go when we find them. You can talk to Ramalla, if you’d like to. Continue forward down the other side of the ramp and exit the Hatching Grounds. Head right and exit the Weyrbowl to the Lower Level. Take the stairs up to the Middle Level.

Weyr Hall - Middle Level (ML)

Walk forward and to the left until you see Emmara working on the tapestry. Our reputation is high enough so let’s chat with her again. She’ll give us the quest to help her create the tapestry by answering questions about the worlds so she can record it. Talk to her again and she’ll ask about the Dark Caves. Answer - Tunnel Snakes for a Reputation increase. We have to check in with her from time to time and see if there’s new questions to answer. For now we’re done here. Let’s head up to the Kitchen’s area & catch that bug in Stores. Head there now.


Arm your crossbow, & capture the black beetle just as you did the bug in the Dark Caves. Again, it might take a few tries. Save before attempting. After you capture the bug leave the Stores & visit the Kitchen again.


Talk to Roma & deliver the 1st ingredient for the recipe, a tunnel snake egg. We’ll need 3 more of these. Before we attend the meeting on the Upper Level, let’s drop off this bug to Jillan. Go back downstairs to the Middle Level & down the other stairs to the Lower Level. Exit to the Weyrbowl.

Weyr Hall - Weyrbowl (Lower Level/LL)

Run across the bowl to Jillan, either way will get you there. Talk to Jillan to give him the bug & get your empty jar back. Another Reputation increase. 2 of 6 done. Time for a quest recap.

Find Jim - SOLVED

Lytah’s Nameday - find pearl

Roma’s Recipe - (ongoing) 1 of 10 done

Tom’s Favor - talk before going to Ft. Hold

Ramalla - SOLVED

Jillan’s Trundlebugs - (ongoing) 2 of 6 done

Emmara’s Tapestry - (ongoing) 1 of 6 done

Get members to meeting - SOLVED (but we still need to attend)

Visit private reading room - need Rep. lvl 8

Bug in Stores - SOLVED

Visit Emmara when “reliable” - SOLVED

Collect 10 Weyrwoman candidates - (ongoing) 1 of 10 done

Question ore trader - SOLVED

Report ore shortage to S’bor

Push rock in Dark Cave when stronger (under trapping basket)

Push rock in Weyrbowl when stronger (up ramp)

Help Miller with windmill - need Str. lvl 8

Use well in Weyrbowl when stronger

Everyone on board? While we’re here let’s see if we’re strong enough to lift a bucket. Run toward the cottage and the well.


Walk close to the well by the handle & you’ll get an action icon. Press Spacebar to crank up the bucket and receive a fire lizard egg. Press Spacebar again to get some bug darts. That’s it? Well, at least we get 2 items. Feeling a little cocky now that we kicked the bucket? Let’s see if we can handle that big rock. Run toward the exit to the Lower Levels.


Facing the exit there’s a ramp up to your left. Climb the ramp to the top, & find a large rock blocking a cave. Push the rock by pressing Spacebar when you get the action icon. Enter the cave and pick up an Ancient Artefact and some more bug darts. If you can’t see them, don’t worry. Just walk around the cave & when you get the action icon press Spacebar to pick an item up. We can’t do anything with the Artefact yet & we know what the darts are for. Nothing else in here so exit the cave & head down the ramp. Now we can leave the Weyrbowl and head upstairs to the Middle Level.

Weyr Hall - Middle Level (ML)

Assuming you made it up here without directions. Head toward the stairs to the Upper Level, but before we go up let’s check in with Jim’s family to the left. Enter the door to the left of the UL stairs and talk to all 3 of them. You’ll get a Reputation increase. Now we can attend the meeting upstairs. Exit the room & go upstairs to the UL.

Weyr Hall - Upper Level (UL)

Walk in the room & down the small stairs to the table area where everyone is now seated. If a long cut scene doesn’t start, then you’ve encountered a minor bug. I had the bug. Someone will still be missing from the meeting. Walk around the table & take attendance. You may need to press the 0/ins key to cycle the cursor through the available people. Once you figure out who’s missing run to their room & talk to them again. That usually sets things running again. If you’re lucky, the meeting should start & you should not have to go fetch anyone. So, now we’re to head to Fort Hold with K’tan to deliver news of Nalaya’s death to Lord Gralt. Lytah reports Nalaya’s death to be suspicious. We also report the ore shortage to S’bor.

D’kor’s Room

We regain control in D’kor’s room. Walk over to the fireplace. Open inventory and highlight the two fire lizard eggs in the lower right box. They are pinkish. Press Spacebar when standing in front of the fire to place the eggs in the sand tray to hatch them. Two new fire dragons will hatch and fly to the perch to the left. You’ll collect more eggs and hatch them as the game progresses. Now, you can pick a new little dragon to replace your current green one if you’d like but it makes no difference which color you pick, just a pretty feature. Press 0/ins if you’re having trouble picking and the wrong color keeps being chosen, to cycle through the choices. Just watch who the current dragon is flying over & press Spacebar when it’s over the right one. Once you’ve made your color choice, let’s head out. Exit D’kor’s room and another cut scene occurs. V’hul brings you a note from S’bor and asks you to deliver it to Lamrat at Ft. Hold. You have no choice but you accept. Exit down the stairs to the Middle Level (ML).

Weyr Hall - Middle Level (ML)

Head up to the Kitchen’s Area as we promised Tom to return the favor if we were headed to Ft. Hold. We are now, so let’s see what he wants exactly. Enter the Kitchen.


We find J’cob here as well. Talk to J’cob to hear about an epidemic at Healerhall. Talk to Tom. He wants us to deliver a note to his brother, Jak Keeting, the chef at Ft. Hold. Take the note & head back downstairs to the ML.

Back downstairs, head down again to the Lower Level (LL) and go out onto the Weyrbowl.

Weyr Hall - Weyrbowl (Lower Level/LL)

Run in a little and you’ll talk to K’tan. He’ll brief you on flying Zenth, your BIG dragon, if you need it. Press D or the Dragon button in inventory and the world map will pop up. Tell Zenth you’re ready to leave. Arrow to highlight the place you want to go and press Spacebar. Choose “Ft. Hold”. A long cut scene occurs where you fly your dragon through a portal “Between” and to your chosen destination. A little disappointing, eh? I was hoping to actually fly the dragon, not watch it.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

You arrive in the large courtyard surrounded by vendor stalls set up for The Gather. K’tan tells you he’s going to see Lord Gralt and you should search for potential Weyrwomen. There’s a large arched doorway ahead and what looks like someone selling bread or pies to the right of the door. We’ll start there & work our way around clockwise.

Arrie’s Food Stall

Talk to Arrie. She’ll tell you of a thief in the courtyard market. She’s afraid we wont be able to catch the thief because our current outfits clearly distinguish us as Dragonriders. The thief will surely avoid us dressed like this.

Borl’s Bar Stall

Head to the right and talk to Maloren and Taolousien sitting on the benches near the bar stall. The drunken miners will tell you of secret caves beneath the Hold and give you a map. They’ll also give you a Knowledge increase. Press TAB to view the new map. Talk to Borl, behind the bar and order a drink. He’ll tell you a little about the drunken miners. Another patron or two might stop in (Perella &/or Archen) while you’re there or you might encounter them elsewhere in the Courtyard. You can talk to them but they aren’t useful. Continue to the right to the next stall.

Skarn’s Tapestry Stall

Talk to Skarn. Offer to deliver the tapestry to Salyn, the Headwoman at Harperhall. Take the tapestry and continue on to the right.

You’ll next encounter Faran with a broken cart. During this time a little girl, Keela, will come by the cart & steal candy. Faran will chase her away. This sequence is repeated until you talk to both of them. I spoke with Keela first by waiting until she stole the candy & ran off. Follow Keela and talk to her. She’ll tell you about Daize, her best friend who’s grumpy because she lost her toy. She’ll also ask you if she can touch Zenth. Be nice and let her. She’ll give you the candy she stole and a Reputation boost. Now go talk to poor Faran with the broken cart.

Speaking with Faran will prompt the quest to find him a wheel bracket and a new herdbeast. You have to help him otherwise you’ll never get through the door he’s blocking. Accept his quest for a Reputation boost. Continue on to the next stall to the right.

Parlan & Archen’s Clothing Stall

Talk to Parlan or Archer, whomever is there, and he’ll offer you some boots or clothes, depending on who you talk to. Take them. Wait for the other one to walk over (sometimes he’s at the bar, Parlan and Archen take turns going to the bar while the other works the clothing stall) and talk to him. It may take a little time for him to come over. He walks between the bar & the clothing stall so just wait & he’ll come.  He’ll offer you the other half of your outfit. Take it. He’ll only offer them to you here, not at the bar. You now have a full set of civilian clothes. Keep your Dragonrider outfit on for the time being.

Head to the right again along the wall. Note the crates in the corner. The next person you’ll encounter is Lamrat, guarding a large arched entrance. A cut scene occurs and you deliver the note from S’bor. Lamrat tells you to catch the thief if you want access inside the Hold he’s guarding. He also suggests Harperhall as a means of gathering information. Save your game here.

You’ve never had to change clothes before because you automatically put on/take off your riding gear. Enter inventory & highlight the 3rd outfit. Press Enter & you’ll change into it. Nice hood. I can barely recognize you.. You are now “undercover” and are a target for the thief. He will rob you eventually, but it’s random as to when/where within the Courtyard & it’s pretty quick so you’ve got to be watching for the text message that he stole your knife. Just keep exploring & following the WT until you are robbed, then come back to this next section.

ROBBED! Once you are robbed you must catch and confront the thief. Run to the crates in the corner to the left of Lamrat. He stinks at hide and go seek and you’ll spot him easily. Run over & talk to Natty, the thief. He’ll return your knife and give you a map of The Gather (courtyard market & indoor Hall). He’ll also teach you the Sneak Skill. Practice the skill as it can be hard to get into sneak mode here if you follow Natty’s directions. He fails to mention that because you’re in run mode you also need to hold down the L-Shift key while pressing Spacebar (action) and use the directional arrows to move. (See Bugs/Tips for more info.) Once you sneak out of bounds of the crates Natty will leave and you’ve got a new skill in inventory. You can only sneak when that hooded action icon appears. We can try to sneak past Lamrat, but let’s finish exploring out here first.

Joliad’s Pottery Stall

Head to the right of Lamrat & meet Joliad, the potter. Cranky guy. A check of the journal shows he needs a new bracket for his potter’s wheel. What is with the wheel brackets in this land? Sheesh! Head right again to the next stall.

Derna’s Trinket Stall

Derna has a few interesting items. A mining bracelet that costs 3 marks. Darn, we’re broke. Perhaps later we can buy it. Ask about the top and she’ll give it to you. Nice lady. Done here so continue to the right.

That was the last of the vendor stalls. You come to a large arch with double doors. Looks like one is open. Enter it.

Fort Hold - Fountain Square

Sytra is nearby sweeping. Talk to her if you’d like. Walk to the right and find Ollerth, Carrick, and Stephe standing around drinking. Talk to any of them to start a cut scene. Ollerth needs Llama Hair. Whatever for? Best not to think about it. They’ve nothing further to say so talk to the family seated on the bench by the fountain. This triggers a cut scene. Ah, so this is Daize, Keela’s friend. They will tell you where to look for the missing toy dragon. Save game here.

Behind the family is the Archery Contest. Mantaran, Huwell, & Jolliffe are competing. Neelet is running the show. Talk to Neelet and enter the contest. When it’s your turn you’ll automatically walk up to the shooting line. Shoot the target just like you’ve done the bugs. You must get “Yellow” to win. If you don’t, try again. Reload the save if you miss too many times & run low on darts. Once you hit “Yellow” you’ll win 1 mark. You can only win once so move on back to the fountain once you do.

Back at the fountain, on another bench, you’ll see Skjald, a harp player. Talk to Skjald and he’ll relocate to the Courtyard market to annoy the potter. This increases your Reputation, oddly enough.

Walk to the caravan trailer, just past the fountain, and talk to Manwor. He’ll tell you of a land called Ista and an illness affecting people and cattle. Next to Manwor is an animal pen. Harlat is in front of it. Talk to Harlat. We need a herdbeast for Faran’s cart. He wants a baby tunnel snake, alive, in even exchange. Maybe Jim back at Weyr can help.

Okay, we’ve talked to everyone here. Just one thing left to do before we leave the Fountain Square. There’s one of those Trundlebugs here. A blue one. Shoot it with the crossbow & capture it. Once you’ve got it, you can leave the Fountain Square back to the Courtyard via the doors you came in.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

A cut scene ensues between the harp player and the potter. Run forward, past Derna, to the benches between Derna’s stall and the potter’s. Talk to Skjald, the harp player. Walk over to the potter’s stall

Joliad’s Pottery Stall

Take the pottery wheel by pressing Spacebar when you get the action icon. Nothing else to do around here so let’s try to sneak past Lamrat.

Run over behind the crates to the left of Lamrat to get the sneak/action icon. Remember to hold down L-Shift and Spacebar to enter sneak mode. Walk to the edge of the crates near the stairs. Wait until Lamrat goes over to Keela, playing ball. Sneak up the stairs and down the corridor until it cuts to the interior of the Grand Hall. If you get caught, no biggie. Try again as many times as you need. Start as close as you can to the stairs without catching Lamrat’s attention. You’ll have to do it quickly as I believe this part is timed. Lamrat will eventually stop talking to Keela & return to his post on the stairs.

Fort Hold - Grand Hall

Once inside, walk down the blue pillared hall to the Stages Area. If you’re stuck in sneak mode hold L-Shift and the up arrow to run forward. That will turn sneak off. You may encounter Lyntikka, busy changing light bulbs, sorry glowlamps...you can talk to her but she’s not helpful. She moves about so don’t worry if you don’t see her now. You will next time you walk this corridor.

Stages Area

Walk straight ahead into the large room & you’ll a wooden stage being built. Janeth is standing in front of the 1st stage. Talk to Janeth. He’ll say he’s lost his bag of nails. Good thing he’s not using wheel brackets! Walk around to the right, hugging the stage & see Tolwin, hammering at the stairs. Talk to Tolwin & he’ll walk away leaving a bag of nails. Pick the bag up and bring it back to Janeth. Talk to Janeth & he’ll take the bag & give you 1 Mark (gold) in return as well as a Reputation increase.

From the stage walk right & you should bump into Larin, the sculptor. He’s standing in front of a large statue. Talk to Larin. He needs help uncovering the statues in here. There’s 5 to uncover around the perimeter of the large room. From Larin, head right back toward the entrance. Follow the wall around, keeping it on D’kor’s left. You’ll next see 2 men blocking a doorway. Talk to Grathol and Fandel. They will start arguing in a cut scene. This is Lord Gralt’s room and we’re not getting in here at the moment. Continue right following the wall.

You should next see in the distance what looks like a giant white Xmas tree or a teepee. That’s a statue covered in a tarp. Boy they must use a lot of starch! Walk close to it, VERY close, until you get an action icon. Press Spacebar to pull the tarp off the statue. 4 to go! Continue right, keeping the wall on D’kor’s left, toward the exit. Step into the pillared hall with the glowlamps a few feet to trigger a cut scene with Lamrat. He’ll tell you he needs you to find the cure to an illness. The cure is found deep within the caves beneath the Hold. Accept his quest. We need to find something to light our way in the dark caves. That mining bracelet Derna was selling will do the trick, but we don’t have enough Marks yet. Let’s finish exploring the Grand Hall.

            Turn around and walk back into the large room. Head left, following the wall. You may encounter Narska sweeping. Talk to her if you want. You should spot the next covered statue. Remove the tarp like you did the last. Remember you may have to get really close to get the action icon. Turn to put the wall on D’kor’s left again & continue forward along the wall.

You’ll see a door but it’s decoration only. Walk past it to the next statue to uncover. Pull off the tarp. Put the wall on D’kor’s left side again & continue forward. You’ll next see another purely decorative door. Pass it to the next statue. Purvis is also there admiring a tapestry. Talk to him if you’d like. Pull the tarp off the statue. Turn so the wall is on D’kor’s left again & continue forward around the corner to an area with a bunch of tables. The nearest door is another one of those unfunctional pretty doors. Ignore it & move to the next door. This door is to the kitchen but is blocked by crates. Don’t bother with those just yet, even if you get an action icon. Ralliss should be nearby. Talk to Ralliss. She’ll offer you a Bronze Key. Take it.

If you walk around in the table area you’ll see Saror wiping down a table. Walk over to Saror. Talk to him if you’d like. Next to Saror are some stairs leading to the 2nd stage. You can walk up the stairs and talk to Narak. He can’t seem to get the acoustics right. I’ve found no way to help him either. Walk around on the stage & you should see Tregard . He’s on the ground but you can talk to him from the stage. He’s in the corner by the stairs you came up on stage. Talk to Tregard. Those misplaces boxes he’s complaining about are the crates blocking the kitchen. Go down the stairs and back through the table area to the crates. You’ll get an action icon when you’re close enough. Press Spacebar to pick up & deliver the 1st crate. Walk back to the crates at the kitchen door & press Spacebar again to get the 2nd crate. Once more to get the final crate. You’ll get a Reputation increase and 1 Mark. Walk back over to the kitchen doorway but don’t enter. You’ll see Daize’s toy dragon where the crates used to be. Pick it up.

Let’s leave the kitchen for now & finish the Grand Hall. Turn right & continue forward keeping the wall on D’kor’s left. Look, another useless door to ignore! Keep going & you’ll see the last statue up ahead. Walk to it & remove the tarp. Keeping the wall to D’kor’s left walk forward past yet another useless door. You should now have come full circle around the room & should next encounter Larin, the sculptor, again. He’s waving at you. Talk to Larin & he’ll reward you with a Reputation boost and 1 Mark. Okay, let’s head to the kitchen. Turn around & run back to the table area & enter the doorway you cleared.

Kitchen & Stores

Walk straight in and POOF! Jak will appear. Talk to Jak & you’ll deliver the note from Tom for a Reputation increase. If you walk to the right of Jak (behind the counter), you’ll find Holly. You can talk to her. Walk to the left of Jak & meet Anne. You can also talk to her. Walk past Anne, to a storage area with crates. There’s a locked door. Trying the Bronze Key, we find it doesn’t fit. Guess we’ll be coming back here later. Time for a Quest Recap!

Lytah’s Nameday - need pearl

Roma’s Recipe - (ongoing) 1 of 10

Tom’s Favor - SOLVED

Jillan’s Trundlebugs - (ongoing) 2 of 10 (with 1 in inventory now)

Emmara’s Tapestry - (ongoing) 1 of 6

Deliver note to Lamrat/Sneak past Lamrat - SOLVED

Deliver tapestry to Salyn - at Harperhall

Fix cart for Faran - need wheel bracket and herdbeast

Get cure in caves for Lamrat - need mining bracelet

Find Llama Hair for Ollerth

Stages Area

Exit the Kitchens & Stores the way you came in. Leave the Great Hall interior & exit to the Courtyard. Just run straight from the kitchen to the exit. You’ll have to skirt around the stages. Press TAB to view the map if you get turned around.

Fort Hold - Courtyard         

In the Courtyard, turn left and head to Derna’s Trinket stall.

Derna’s Trinket Stall

Talk to Derna & buy the mining bracelet.< WARNING: Now that you have the bracelet, talking to Lamrat will trigger your entrance into the Ancient Caves beneath the Hold. Avoid talking to him until you’re ready to tackle the beasties beneath. >

Next, go past the doorway to the Fountain Square & visit the Food stall.

Arrie’s Food Stall

Talk to Arrie. She’ll give you a reputation increase for catching the thief. Head for the door to Fountain Square. Enter.

Fort Hold - Fountain Square

Walk to the fountain & give Daize back her toy by talking to any of the family. Kastalla, her mom, will give you a wooden carving in exchange and a Reputation increase. Walk back out to the Courtyard.

Fort Hold - Courtyard         

Okay, other than now being able to enter the cave for Lamrat, we’re stuck here unable to fulfill quests. Let’s call Zenth (press D) to travel somewhere new. Highlight Mastersmith Hall and press Spacebar.

Mastersmith Hall

After the 3 hour cut scene (yawn), you arrive at Mastersmith Hall facing a building, a river with 3 water wheels turning, and a little bridge. Run forward & cross the bridge. Continue forward until the camera angle changes. There’s a big concrete block in front of you and a fork in the path around it. Head right and go around the corner of the building. There will be a large doorway immediately to D’kor’s right. Enter the door to the Workshops.


Talk to Govan. Another “grumpy gus”. Wonder if he’s related to Jolian? Walk forward, behind Govan, & then slightly left to meet Forn. Forn is your weapons connection. He’ll tell you he’ll upgrade your weapon in exchange for the Artefact you’re carrying. Take the upgrade, the Artefacts are otherwise useless....not that the upgrades are anything but gold stars. They’re prettier! I noticed no difference in killing. Probably just another side-quest. Every time you get an Artefact bring it to Forn for another gold star, I mean, upgrade. Walk to the left, past Forn, to meet Klor. He’ll fix Joliad’s wheel, remove the wheel bracket & replace it with a new one. He lets you keep the old one too, for Faran! Talk to Klor again for further discussion of that sweetie, Govan. Exit the workshop outside.

Back outside, you see what looks like another doorway to the left. Go forward, past the doorway. You can’t enter, it’s just an ore bin. There are 2 more ore bins you can’t enter here. You’ll also find Guy walking around here. Talk to him when you see him. He’s lost his pickaxe. Guess we’ll be keeping an eye out. Keep walking forward between the last ore bin & a grey boulder until the camera angle changes. Then take a right into the cluster of rocks. In this group of rocks you’ll find Guy’s pickaxe. Walk back around the rocks & talk to Guy again. You’ll give back his axe & he’ll give you a Reputation increase. He also gives you a sword! Finally, a real weapon. Too bad we’d put an eye out if we tried to use it. We need to find someone to teach us the sword skill. Guy mentioned traders and there’s a lot at Ft. Hold for the gather. Walk between the last ore bin & the grey boulder again, only this time go left. Run to the Windmill.


Talk to the Miller. He may be around the side near yet another stuck lever. I wonder if the same company that makes wheel brackets in this land also dabbles in windmills? Walk to the lever and press Spacebar to learn we have to be “formidable” before we can budge it. The Miller also mentioned he needs new sails.

The next building, left of the windmill  is the Masterminer’s Area. Hug the wall of this building left to find the door, which is locked. The bronze key doesn’t work here. Guess we’ll have to come back later. Turn around and follow the edge of the adjacent building. You’ll encounter Rillat & Nisan. They’ll talk more about that ore problem and teach you the Mining Skill. Look for weird colored walls & cracks from now on. The miners will get off the cart and get back to work. Leaning on the cart is a spare pick-axe. Take it!

There’s a caravan trailer nearby but it’s only decoration. Walk past the miners & turn right curving behind the ore bins the miners are working near. Follow the dirt path to the right. It dead ends behind the Masterminer Area building. There’s an herb on the ground to the right. Pick it up. Turn around and follow the dirt path back. It will merge with another path and ahead you can see a small bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the dirt path around a to a pond. Before the path ends at the pond, there’s another herb on the ground to the left. Pick it up.

The Pond

Walk into the pond. Stop in the middle. There’s some small, white things sliding around in the pond. They look somewhat like Trundlebugs, but are oysters. Pearls come in oysters. Eureka! We can get a pearl for Lytah here. Maybe. Save your game here. Equip the crossbow and shoot an oyster much like you do the bugs. These guys are quick so reload the save if you miss too much or run low on darts. Not every oyster has contains a pearl, but you’ll get an “edible oyster” out of it if it doesn’t. You can eat them to replenish your health. I saved after each oyster kill to conserve darts. I found a pearl in the 2nd  oyster I shot, but it’s random. The next time it was the 4th oyster. If you kill all the oysters and are still pearl-less, don’t worry. There’s another area later in the game that also has oysters & you’ll get a pearl there. I found if I stood in the middle & faced the path, many oysters used this area to stop for several seconds and we’re easier to hit. Just look around for where a lot of them stop to change direction & aim there. One, or several, will come into view. Take your time. It’s frustrating. Once you’re done either killing all the oysters or have a pearl call Zenth (Press D) and travel to Fort Weyr.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (Lower Level/LL)

After the familiar cut scene, you arrive back in the Weyr-bowl. We’ve a few things to do here at Weyr. First, let’s give Jillan this Trundlebug. Zenth drops you near the Hatching Grounds, so run over to the far side & talk to Jillan. He’ll empty the jar & give you a Reputation increase.

While we’re here, let’s go see if we’re strong enough to move that rock in the Dark Cave. Follow the rock wall to the right of Jillan over to the boarded entrance you broke earlier. Enter the cave.

Dark Caves

Walk down the path. There’s a path forward and the path to the right that you broke down earlier. Both are dead ends. Opposite of the path on the right is one of those cracks the miners told you about. So walk even with the path on the right & turn left. You’ll get a close-up & and an action icon on the wall. Equip the pick-axe, it’s under “usable” items and press Enter to break down the wall. Walk inside & pick up the “Medicinal Brew”. This is just a healing potion. Take it if your health gets really low. Leave the cave back to the Weyrbowl the same way you came in.

Before we go indoors, run around to the cottage area. Right in front of the bridge to the Windmill you’ll find Helan playing. Talk to Helan. She’ll say she’s got something & she’ll only give it to someone “Dependable”. Checking stats in inventory, we see that she wants level 6 in Reputation. We’re only lvl 4 so we’ll have to come back later. Exit the Weyrbowl to the LL.

Weyr Hall - Lower Level (LL)

Head up the first set of stairs up do not go up to the ML. Instead, take a left on the landing to the place marked “DANGER” on the map. Enter the Dark Caves the back way.

Dark Caves

Walk up the corridor and find Gethen. Talk to Gethen, then head up through the doorway he’s working on. Walk up the path & you’ll come to another oddly colored wall on your left. It’s past the boulders you knocked down to block the door. Equip the pick-axe and knock it down. Walk inside and pick up a tunnel snake egg. It’s a little dark in these caves. Let’s try out our Mining Bracelet. Equip it in inventory & press Enter to turn it on/off. Ah, that’s better. Save your game here. There’s a tunnel snake just ahead so let’s equip the knife (not the sword!) now and continue up the path with caution. As soon as you get the action icon, hold down Spacebar & start swinging! You may need to inch forward a little until it attacks. Kill it and SAVE. There’s another snake just ahead. Proceed forward into the room with the rock we need to push & kill the snake. Okay, check your Strength lvl in inventory. We need a lvl 4 to push the boulder. We’re lvl 3. We came in through the greenish-glowing entrance this time, so exit the other cave entrance to some rock pillars. Jump across the rock pillars to the other side. Just out the door and to the left is another tunnel snake so be ready. Walk out & kill it. SAVE. Continue down the path to the left, he was guarding. Be careful, there’s 2 more snakes down here. Find and kill the 2 snakes. There’s also an herb along the wall to pick up. Exit this area the same way you came and pass the opening to the pillars on your right. Continue up the path forward. There’s one more snake to kill to the right. Walk right & kill it, then turn around and head back to the pillars because this area is all dead ends. Jump back across the pillars and into the cave. Enter the room with the rock & the other greenish-glowing entrance. Go to the back of this room & push the rock & pick up the Ancient Artefact. Walk back out & exit the room through the greenish-glowing door. Follow the corridor down and out to where Gethen is. Talk to Gethen again for a journal update. Gethen will leave. Exit the Dark Caves following Gethen, down the path to the right. Head upstairs to the ML.

Weyr Hall - Middle Level (ML)

Walk in to the right & talk to Jim. He’s playing outside his house. He’ll give you the baby snake in exchange for the candy & top you got from Ft. Hold. He’ll also give you a Reputation increase.

Lytah’s Room

If you’ve got the pearl, bring it to Lytah. Use the map (TAB) if you need help finding her room. If you don’t have a pearl, don’t worry, we’ll be back here many times. Lytah will give you a Reputation increase once you give her the pearl. Head up stairs to the Kitchens Area, checking the map again if you need help.

Kitchens Area

Jax will be playing there. If he’s not just wait a minute before entering any of the rooms here. He’ll run by soon. Talk to Jax to hear Roma wants Flax for his recipe. Jolliffe has Flax, but wants Llama Hair in exchange. Okay, this is wrong. Olleth wants it, but the results are the same. We give hair we get flax. Enter the Kitchen.


Rowarth & Roma are there. Talk to Rowarth to discover that Nettleweed is missing from Stores. He hopes he wont be hunting in dark caves for it. Well, HE wont be. Talk to Roma and he’ll take the next tunnel snake egg from you. Exit the Kitchen.

Take the stairs down to the ML & then again down to the LL. Go out into the Weyrbowl.

Weyr Hall - Weyrbowl (Lower Level/LL)

Once in the bowl, run left staying close to the wall. Pass the Hatching Grounds. You can see a large cave opening high up on the rock wall. Just under that and to the left is another oddly colored wall we can break open. This is in the area just before the bridge to the cottage. Equip your pick-axe and break the wall. Enter & pick up a “Medicinal Brew”.

Exit and head over the bridge toward the cottage & then over the other bridge by the stable toward Hal. Hug the wall to the left until you get another action icon. There’s another oddly colored/cracked wall between the bridge & Jillan, the bugman. Equip the pick-axe and break it down. Enter & pick up bug darts.

Okay, we’re done here. If you can endure the cut scene, go to Mastersmith Hall first & drop off the Artefact. You can wait until later, save on cut scenes. We’ll go there several times as well. For this WT’s purpose, I’m going there first & then on to Fort Hold. Call Zenth (press D) and select your destination

Mastersmith Hall

Head over the bridge and fork right. Enter the door on D’kor’s right to the Workshops.


Talk to Forn and get the weapon upgrade. Walk back outside and talk to Guy. He’ll complain that he’s a craftsman, forger, and stonemason & shouldn’t be smashing ore. Call Zenth (press D) right there & go to Ft. Hold.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

Upon arrival at Ft. Hold, you’ll be facing the entrance to the Great Hall. Lamrat waits inside. Let’s deliver what quest items we can. Joliad, the potter, is also ahead & slightly right. Go there.

Joliad’s Pottery Stall

Talk to Joliad. You’ll give back his repaired wheel & get a Reputation increase. Head right and enter the doors to the Fountain Square.

Fort Hold - Fountain Square

 Turn left and talk to Harlat. You’ll exchange the baby snake & basket for a herdbeast. A cut scene will happen & D’kor brings the herdbeast to Falan.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

Turn around and run back to the Fountain Square. (You could also give Falan the wheel bracket at this point but I wanted to finish up here before tempting myself with a new area.)

Fort Hold - Fountain Square

Head left again & talk to Manwor. He’ll offer to teach you the Sword Skill if you’ll negotiate the Herdbeast sale with Lord Gralt on his behalf. Agree to do it. Immediately he’ll show you the skill. The fight/action icon appears & your sword is automatically equipped. Press Spacebar. Weak attack is tapping the up arrow. Strong attack is holding down the up arrow. Defending is the down arrow. Once you pass, you’ll have the skill. For future fights use the sword in the same fashion you’ve been using the knife. Keep is simple & stick with the up arrow tap alone. Harlat is gone, once you deliver the herdbeast. Walk left & enter the empty animal pen. Pick up the Llama Hair near the piece of fence in the center. Exit the pen & deliver the hair to Olleth standing by the fountain with 2 other men. Stephe will offer you the Flax for it. Accept his offer. Exit the Fountain Square back to the Courtyard.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

Deliver the wheel bracket to Faran. Finally the doorway is clear. We also get a Reputation boost. SAVE and exit the newly cleared door. A cut scene occurs and Zenth informs you K’tan & Branth are ill. You need to speak to Hered at Harper Hall about The Ballad of Moreta’s Ride. Continue down the ramp and you arrive in Harper Hall.

Harper Hall - Courtyard (Lower Level/LL)

Walk forward & to the left to find Malan seated on a bench along the wall. Talk to Malan. She’ll speak of Belan, Nalaya’s ex-lover before she became Weyrwoman. He lives on Ista Island. She’ll get up & leave. There’s a red-brown door to the right of the bench. Walk to it & get an action icon. Bronze lock! Ah Ha! Equip the Bronze Key in inventory & press Enter to use it. Enter the room & pick up the Ancient Artefact. Exit the room & head left. There’s another similar door but it’s non-interactive. Keep going left & there’s a few stairs down to a closed door. This is the kitchen, and it’s closed for the time being. Go back up and head left again. You’ll spot a couple of doors across the courtyard but they are all decoration only. Go up the couple of stairs to the left. On the left side is an open doorway. Ahead is a hall to one side & wide stairs leading up on the other. To the far right is a closed door. Enter the open doorway on the left. In here are Moragol, Tarrie, and Brona preparing for the gather. They offer nothing useful. Salyn is by the fireplace. Talk to Salyn & deliver the tapestry from Skarn. She’ll give you a Reputation increase. She thinks our Weyrwoman’s death & this new illness are related. She also tells us to visit her if we’re traveling someplace new to contact other Harpers. Exit the room, pass the hall to the left, and head up the wide stairs to the Upper Level.

Harper Hall - Upper Level (UL)

There’s an open doorway to your left. Go there.

Kilimi’s Room

Inside, talk to Kilimi. She forgot her ballad but you can help her to remember it. Just talk to her again. Zenth tells you she’s Weyrwoman material. Another candidate. Finally! Exit her room.

Walk straight past the stairs to the opposite side of the room. You’ll see another open doorway. Enter.

Tinossi’s Room

Tinossi is teaching Seph. Talk to Tinossi. She’ll tell you Hered is away and we need to find a drum pattern to signal him to return. We must find a scribe to help us. Talk to Seph. Exit the room.

Turn left & walk behind the stairs. There’s one open & one closed door. Enter the open one.

Yellin’s Room

Talk to Yellin. What luck, a Scribe! He gives you the drum pattern and tells you that you’ll need a harper to play it. Seph just mentioned he’s good on drums. Exit and head back to Tinossi’s room.

Tinossi’s Room

Save, there’s a cut scene ahead you might want to replay if you miss anything. Talk to Seph. He’ll take the pattern & go summon Hered. Wait right there for Seph to return, then talk to Tinossi again. She’ll mention a late student, Kern. Wait a little longer & Hered will show up. Cut scene time. He tells us to talk to K’tan and Lord Gralt about the illness for more info. Flash to K’tan and he collapses from the illness. You arrive in Healer Hall.

Healer Hall - Infirmary

Talk to Hered, K’tan, & Tratol. Tratol will walk over checking the patients so just wait for him. Walk South one bed & talk to Cruften. Sorry. Such a long time to suffer for just one meaningless sentence. Keep heading South and the camera angle will straighten out. There’s an open door on your right. That’s the exit. Skip it for now. Wait a bit there & Emrik will stroll past. Talk to him. Turn left and walk around to the other side of the cots and head North. There’s a blue curtain over a door to the right. Seral will be the 1st patient on the right. He’s hard to see, behind the pillar until the camera angle changes. Talk to Siral. He’ll mention he was recently in Ista. He asks you to deliver a pearl to his wife, Maria, on Ista. No choice here, we accept. Continue North & encounter Merrick. Talk to him. He sends you to fetch hot food for the patients. If you walk close to Merrick, the camera angle changes and you can see there’s doorways on either side of the fireplace. Doesn’t matter which you enter, they both lead to the same place. Pick one & walk in.

Infirmary Stockroom

Take a look around, you’ll find a lot of action icons near shelves. Most of the shelves actually contain nothing but if Sygull is in here, you’re not going to find out. This is a silly timed puzzle. The hassle is not worth the reward & you can skip it without problem...which is what I suggest. If you try to look at any of the shelves when she’s in the room she’ll ask you to go away & you wont see the shelf contents. Sygull walks in the North door & makes the same repeated stops, then exits the South door. While she’s walking around again to the North door through the Infirmary is the time to check shelves. You can check them all if you wish but only one contains a measly “medicinal brew”. You want to know which shelf? Ha! Ok, ok, I’ll cut you a break. It’s the 2nd bookcase flat to the West wall from the North. It’s hard to see because of the camera angle. An archway over the pillars blocks your view. Just kiss the West wall (heading south from the north) and walk around until you get the action icon. Once you’re done here, exit the stockroom & head south to the Infirmary exit. Exit to Harper Hall.

Harper Hall - Courtyard (UL)

Talk to Boralen as you enter Harper Hall. He tells us to come back later to visit the Masterhealer. He can teach us new skills. Walk forward & take a right into the open doorway.

Lockenn’s Room

Talk to Lockenn and Mianna. Lockenn’s lost something again. I wonder who will find it? Check all the shelves & read the scrolls. While these aren’t necessary, they do provide a lot of info. Particularly, Blind Man’s Shards, Fire Lizards, and the stack of scrolls about the characters. The bookcase along the back wall blocks a secret chamber. You can get an action icon but it’s fruitless. We’re not getting in here until our Reputation level is “highly regarded” like required for the other library at Weyr. You can take a sneak peek if you want....equip the crossbow. Walk into the bookcase front as close as you can. Press Enter and your cross-hair view will reveal the room behind the bookcase. You can’t shoot anything so don’t waste the arrows. Exit the room,  take a right & go down the stairs.

Harper Hall - Courtyard (LL)

Walk back out in the open area & you’ll see Fin. He’ll ask you if you want to know more about either Trundlebug or Tunnel Snake egg locations. Neither is very helpful. The bug info is wrong & you already know that snakes live in caves. So, pick your favorite & take the info with a grain of salt. He’s still around the immediate area if you’d like to hear the other choice. Exit Harper Hall back to Fort Hold.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

Once inside, turn right & go to the tapestry stall.

Skarn’s Tapestry Stall

Talk to Skarn. He’ll give you a small tapestry and a Rep. increase for making the delivery. Head left, to the bar.

Borl’s Bar Stall

Order 3 drinks in a row for some info and a journal entry. Skip the drunken band on the benches and talk next to Arrie at the food stall.

Arrie’s Food Stall     

Nice lady. She gives you some cold pies for the patients at Healer Hall. Now at this point you could be intuitive & heat the pies before delivering them as I originally did, but you wont get a journal entry. You can bring hot pies warmed by Jak in the Fort kitchen, if you don’t care. Take the pies back to the sick, cold, if you wish to fill your journal. For this WT, we’re doing all steps so leave the Fort with cold pies & head back to Harper Hall.

Harper Hall - Courtyard (LL)

Walk forward & up the 3 steps. Take the hall to the left of the wide stairs to Healer Hall.

Enter straight ahead, past Boralen.

Healer Hall - Infirmary

Turn left and run past all the patients to the back. Talk to Merrick. He’ll tell you to warm the pies in the kitchen. D’oh! But we got our journal entry! Head back to the LL Courtyard.

Harper Hall - Courtyard (LL)

The kitchens are closed here so we have to go to see Jak in the kitchens of Fort Hold.

Before we leave, head up the wide stairs to the Upper Level of Harper Hall.

Harper Hall - (UL)

Turn left at the top of the stairs, & left again heading back toward the brown door. You’ll see a hallway on the right once the camera angle changes. Walk down the hall. The door doesn’t open, keep walking. Follow the hall around the corner & down some stairs to the student sleeping quarters.

Student Quarters

There are beds and chests along both sides of the room. All the chests are locked and we don’t have any of the keys. Walk to the other end of the room. There you’ll see Kurn sleeping. Try to talk to him but he won’t wake up. Watch him sleeping. He rolls over occasionally & reveals a key. Large, isn’t it? When he rolls over, the action icon changes from talk to pick up so press Space and take the key. Don’t worry if you miss it, he rolls over repeatedly. A “small” key. I’d hate to see the big one! Open the chest at the foot of Kurn’s bed by equipping the key & pressing Enter. You’ll get Kurn’s flute. Equip & use the flute & Kurn will wake. He’ll take back his flute & give you a Rep. boost. Exit out the way you came. Go back downstairs & straight out through the Courtyard to Fort Hold.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

Run straight ahead & enter the Grand Hall.

Fort Hold - Grand Hall

Blow past Lamrat (don’t talk to him!) straight into the Stages area.

Stages Area

Head North to the other side, skirting the stages. Enter the Kitchens & Stores.

Kitchens and Stores

Talk to Jak & he’ll warm the pies. Okay, hurry back before they get cold!!! Just kidding. You can take your time, I think, returning them. I walked slowly the entire way back, stopping to chat with someone and the pies were still hot when I delivered them. Exit the kitchen & the Grand Hall entirely back to the Courtyard, then exit to Harper Hall.

Harper Hall - Courtyard (LL)

Run straight in & down the hall to the left of the wide stairs. Enter Healer Hall, past Boralen.

Healer Hall - Infirmary

Save, another key cut scene ahead you might want to replay. Head to the North & give the pies to Merrick. He’ll take the pies & trigger a cut scene. You’ll also get a Rep. increase. Merrick will tell you the disease comes from Ista and we’re probably infected. Herdbeast are spreading the disease. We need to check out Ista soon. Once you regain control, you’re in the Infirmary Stockroom. Exit back to the front of the Infirmary. Talk to Emrik. He’s handing out pies near the exit. He’ll tell you about a former student that has been expelled and also severed from the family name. Hmmm....wonder who that is? Exit Healer Hall to Harper Hall. Then exit Harper Hall to Fort Hold.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

Let’s tackle those Ancient Caves for Lamrat. Run straight ahead into the Grand Hall.

Fort Hold - Grand Hall

SAVE YOUR GAME! Talk to Lamrat. In a cut scene, you’ll follow him to the Stores of the kitchen. He’ll give you a key and shoo you through the locked door. You’ll regain control in the Ancient Caverns.

Ancient Caverns

Equip your Miner’s Bracelet and turn it on. Make sure your SWORD is equipped as well. Walk forward a little until the camera angle changes. There’s a path to the left & one continuing forward. Take the path to the left and you’ll encounter a tunnel snake. Kill it and SAVE. You’ll cross a stone bridge. No matter what you do the bridge will collapse, dropping you to the area below. There’s a tunnel snake down here so be careful & kill it. Reload if you get very hurt or take a lot of potions. SAVE AGAIN, once it’s dead. Walk around the room & you should get an action icon. There’s a rock jutting out overhead on dry land, to the side of the other stone bridge still intact. Press Space to climb up. Get ready for a fight! There’s 2 more ledges to climb up. On the 3rd ledge is a Wherry, and it flies! It will attack you once you’re on the 2nd ledge. Kill it as you’ve done the snakes. Climb up the ledge into the cave. SAVE! Walk down the long corridor. It will make a right curve and around that bend is another snake. The camera angle didn’t change for me & I couldn’t see it. I held down space & tapped away at the up arrow when I got the action icon and got notice it was dead. Blind fighting is a little scary! SAVE so we don’t have to do that again! If you’re having trouble with killing it, try running past the snake until the camera angle changes, then turn around & tackle him. Keep walking and you’ll come to another stone bridge. On the other side you can see a snake waiting. There’s also a cave opening to the left but we can’t get there from here. Walk over the bridge & kill the snake. SAVE! From here, the path forks left & right. Take the path up to the right. It curves around heading up, and around one of the bends hides another snake. Kill it (SAVE) & continue up to the cave opening. Nothing here so head back down and take a right at the fork. There’s another snake to kill around here so be ready as you round each bend. Continue up the cave opening after killing the snake and saving. Once you walk out the mouth of the cave a Wherry will attack from a ledge to your right. Kill it & save. Looks like this is the cave to the left of the bridge we saw earlier but couldn’t get to. Pick up the herb. Climb the ledge to the right and then one more to another cave opening. There’s a snake just ahead. Kill it & save. You’ll come to another fork where you can turn left or continue forward where you can see another snake waiting. Continue ahead & kill the snake. What’s this? Dead end! Turn around and take the other path. Walk out of the mouth of the cave & to the right. You’ll get an action icon to jump to the next cave. There’s 3 ways to go here. If you go forward you’ll get an action icon and jump to a rock. You can’t go any further. So go right, up the ramp. At the top you’ll get an action icon and push the rock so it falls below. Run down the ramp and pass the center up the left side and do the same thing on this side. There’s also an herb up here to pick up. Run back down and take the center path, now that you have stepping stones to cross. Walk & press Space until you get to the other side of the water. Head up into the cave ahead. SAVE! Walk down & you’ll come to a door guarded by a Wherry. Kill it and the door opens. Enter.

The Metal Cave

You find yourself in the Metal Cave and the door slams shut behind you. If you examine the keypad next to the door, you’ll find it broken. From the door, head left & pick up the stout, broken pipe. Doesn’t it look like the floor is missing here? Anyway, left of the pipe is another door with keypad. This one works but it wont open without the proper code. Follow the wall around and you come to yet another door with keypad. If you walk close to the door, it will partially open. The keypad doesn’t help. Wish I had a crowbar. Wishes do come true! Equip the metal pipe in inventory and press Enter to pry open the door. There’s another door if you keep hugging the wall but it’s also closed with keypad, so ignore it for now and enter the newly opened door. Walk down the little ramp in the center of the room down into the computer area. You should get an action icon down here to pick up a “strangely textured skin”. Walk back up the ramp toward the door you came in. At the top of the ramp, go left and around the sunken area. The camera angle will change and you’ll get an action icon in front of a grate in the wall. Press Space to open it & Space again to crawl through. From the grate, turn left and pick up another “strangely textured skin”. Walk around until you find the door. Enter inventory & press enter on each of the “strangely textured skins” to see that they are key codes. Once you look at them you’ll be able to use the keypads and open the doors. Enter. We’re back where we started. From the door, head left & around the corner. The first door you see is the exit to the Ancient Caverns so pass it & continue to the next door. Use the keypad & the door will open when you approach it. Enter some sleeping quarters. Walk into the room & to the left. There’s a small safe in the bunkbeds. Open it and get an Ancient Artefact and “info for Lamrat”. Walk to the table in the center of the room & press Space to drag the table back a few feet. Equip your sword & SAVE. Press Space to climb up & out of the Metal Cave back to the Ancient Caverns facing a snake.

Ancient Caverns

Kill it, save, and continue up the path and across the stone bridge. Keep walking through the next cave and turn left when the cave opens up again. There’s another cave over there to enter, but it can be hard to see. Walk through the other cave until you see a part of the wall that looks extra rocky & is lighter in color. Equip the pickaxe and bust it down. Enter and pick up a Wherry egg, and a medicinal brew. In the back, if you’ve got the bracelet lit up, is a drum pattern on the wall. Check it out for a journal entry. Exit the room and continue to the left, making sure to equip your sword again. There’s another snake just ahead. Kill it, save, and continue forward. The cave will open up to a ledge with a boulder on it. Push the boulder off the ledge. Now you can use it to jump down to the ground. To the left is an herb to pick up. You can see another cave opening to the right. Right of the opening is another one of those weird rock walls you can knock down so equip your pickaxe and do so. Walk in & pick up a tunnel snake egg, darts, and an herb. Check out the back wall & read the ballad. It’s the same one you read in the library at Weyr & we’ve already helped Kilimi. Exit the little room & head right out the cave. Walk straight ahead, ignoring the path on your right. The door up ahead is the kitchen. We’ve come full circle. Exit to the Kitchen & Lamrat will take the cure & leave. SAVE! Time for a quest recap!

Lytah’s Nameday - SOLVED

Roma’s Recipe (ongoing) - 2 of 10 with 3 items in inventory now

Jillan’s Trundlebugs (ongoing) - 3 of 6

Emmara’s Tapestry (ongoing) - 1 of 6

Deliver tapestry to Salyn - SOLVED

Fix cart - SOLVED

Caves under Ft. Hold - SOLVED

Llama Hair - SOLVED

Sword Skill - SOLVED

Negotiate with Lord Gralt for Manwor

Summon Hered - SOLVED

Visit Belan on Ista

Return Kilimi’s ballad - SOLVED

Food for the sick - SOLVED

Lockenn’s missing items - need lvl 8 Rep.

Visit private reading room (Weyr) - need lvl 8 Rep.

10 Weyrwoman candidates (ongoing) - 2 of 10

Push rock in Dark Cave (Weyr) - SOLVED

Help Miller (Weyr) - need lvl 8 Str.

Baby snake for Harlat - SOLVED

Joliad’s wheel - SOLVED

Mining bracelet - SOLVED

Ancient Artefacts for Forn (ongoing) - 0 of 6, 1 in inventory now

Help Miller (Mastersmith) - need lvl 8 Str.

Enter Masterminer’s Area - need key

Helan’s got something (Weyr) - need lvl 6 Rep.

Visit Salyn if traveling for harper contacts

Deliver pearl to Maria in Ista for Siral

Visit Masterhealer for new skills

Wake Kurn - SOLVED

Show drum pattern to Tinossi.


Exit the kitchen & back through the Grand Hall toward the exit to the Courtyard. Just before you exit, Zenth will pop in & tell you to get to Healer Hall in a hurry. K’tan is dying & his dragon ain’t feeling so good either. A cut scene puts you automatically there.

Healer Hall - Infirmary

Talk to K’tan. There’s nothing else to do so exit. Go down stairs & pull a U-turn heading up the wide stairs to Harper Hall UL.

Harper Hall (UL)

Take a right & enter Tinossi’s room

Tinossi’s room

Talk to her & show her the drum pattern. You’ll get a Rep. increase. Exit to the LL and back to Ft. Hold’s Courtyard.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

A cut scene will trigger. Zenth will tell you S’bor at Weyr wants you to report to Lord Gralt immediately. Go to the Grand Hall. SAVE!

Fort Hold - Grand Hall

Run in to the stages area, to the right.

Stages Area

The first door on the right is Lord Gralt’s room. It was previously guarded by the arguing men, Grathol & Fandal, but is now clear. Enter the room.

Lord Gralt’s Room

Talk to Gralt. You’ll discuss the illness and it’s origination. You’ll also negotiate the herdbeast sale for Manwor. Exit the Grand Hall back to the Courtyard.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

Go to the Fountain Square.

Fort Hold - Fountain Square

Talk to Manwor for a Rep. increase. Exit back to the Courtyard.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

SAVE! WARNING!!!!!!WARNING WILL ROBINSON!!! Once you leave Ft. Hold via dragon, the merchants will be gone upon your return.  So, if there’s anything you need to clear up before you go, do so now. Speaking with Lord Gralt triggers this. Call Zenth to leave & Lamrat approaches. He’ll tell you about a plot to kill S’bor. S’lon has bought poison from a man called Guriol. He’ll also give you a letter to deliver to V’hul & a journal entry. Go to Mastersmith Hall.

Mastersmith Hall

Run over to Forn in the workshop & exchange the Artefacts for weapon upgrades. Call Zenth again & travel to Ft. Weyr.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (LL)

Exit the bowl to the LL & up to the ML.

Fort Weyr - (ML)

Head to the left & talk to Emmara. She’ll ask you about the Ancient Caverns. Answer “Wherrys” and you’ll get a Rep. increase, even though snakes are more abundant there, in my opinion. Talk to her again and she’ll ask about the traders at Ft. Hold. Who served at the food stall? The 3 visible choices are wrong. Arrow down to “Arrie” and select her for another Rep. increase. Next head upstairs to the UL..

Fort Weyr - (UL)

The Dragonriders are still seated at the meeting table. Walking down to the table area triggers a cut scene. You’ll be told to travel back to Ft. Hold & then on to Ista Island with S’lon & N’eth. You’ll also be named Wing Second, much to some riders’ dismay. You’ll end up in your room when you regain control.

D’kor’s Room

Exit your room & head down to the ML.

Fort Weyr - (ML)

You’ll meet V’hul there & give him the message from Lamrat. Mullen is also here running around. His son, Jim, has gone missing again. I guess they don’t believe in babysitters in Pern & DCFS doesn’t stand for Dept of Children & Family Services....it’s Dad Can’t Find Son. (Groan) Head down to the Weyrbowl.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (LL)

To the left are Perry, Gillan, & J’kob to talk to but not much info to get. Up the ramp to the right, where you pushed that boulder, are Jim & Helan. Seems as if they’re responsible for Faran’s cart troubles. Helan asks a question and gives you a Wherry egg & a Rep. increase. Let’s go drop off these recipe items to Roma before we leave. Head up to the ML & upstairs to the Kitchens area.


Talk to Roma & deliver the recipe items (Flax, Snake & Wherry eggs) You’ll get a journal update. Exit the kitchen back downstairs to the Weyrbowl.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (LL)

Call Zenth and travel to Ft. Hold.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

Upon arrival, you’ll notice the place is empty of merchants. Cut scene with the Dragonriders and Lamrat. You’ll see a man walking 2 Herdbeast from Fountain Square to a caravan trailer in the Courtyard. He wont be active until he’s at the trailer. Talk to Levitt once he’s made it to the trailer to hear the traders have left for Ista. Exit to Harper Hall.

Harper Hall - Courtyard (LL)

Upon entering you’ll see the kitchen is open now that the Gather is over. Head to the left & down the stairs in the Courtyard to the Kitchen. This is the area right as you enter Harper Hall from the Fort, before going up those 4 stairs.

Harper Kitchen

Cut scene with Lord Gralt. You’ll discuss the illness & he’ll tell you Masterhealer wants to speak with you. Talk to Salyn for Ista Harper info. We’re not getting help without proving ourself. We must find the herdbeast traders, Manwor & Faran. Exit the kitchen and head left up the little stairs & down the hall toward Healer Hall.

Healer Hall

Pass Lockenn’s room & enter the Infirmary. Enter & walk to the opposite side of the room. The doorway with the blue curtain is now open. Enter Masterhealer’s room.

Masterhealer’s (Jazon’s) room

Talk to Jazon. You’ll discuss the disease and the cure, which you’ll discover, is what you retrieved for Lamrat. Talk to him again & he’ll talk about that mysterious former student. Exit Healer Hall back to Fort Hold.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

SAVE! Call Zenth & travel to Ista Island.

Ista Beach

You arrive on the beach facing a curved building. Turn around & head South, into the water. You can walk in a few feet & you’ll see the dragons to the right. You’ll also see a dolphin, either sitting there or swimming around. In the water are more oysters. So if you still need a pearl for Lytah, here’s your chance. You can also gather oysters to save in inventory for health boosts. Walk over to the dolphin & you’ll get an action icon. Press Enter & Zenth will inform you a “genius” is required to find out what the dolphin wants. Checking Knowledge in inventory, we find that “genius” is lvl. 8 and we’re only lvl 6. Make note, we’ll have to come back later. Exit the water & talk to N’eth & S’lon on the beach. They’ll leave.

There’s a fisherman on one of the stone piers. Walk up the pier & talk to Hammit. He’ll give you a map of Ista. Press TAB to view it. It’s only the upper part of town, not including this beach area. Exit the pier & head left toward a stone arch. Just to the left of the curved building is a palm tree & behind it, in a niche, you can see something yellowish on the ground. Head to it & pick it up. Flowers? Immediately, Kiristi will appear, take the flowers from you, & ask you to get a new gravestone for her grandfather, Gannell. Talk to her again & find that you’ll need to visit Mastersmith Hall to find a stone mason for this task.

Head around the corner, toward the dragons in the water, & go through the stone arch. You’ll see 2 men off to the left near the water. Talk to H’tem & K’larn, also Dragonriders, from another Weyr. Turn around from them & head toward the rock wall behind them, away from the water. Follow the wall to the right & around the edge to the left to a path up to Ista Hold.

Ista Hold

Run in until the camera angle changes & you see 3 arched stables to the far right. Head there.

Ista Stables

Talk to Drakk. He’ll tell you his cattle are fine, so the illness isn’t coming from Ista cattle after all. In front of the left most stable are 3 herbs. Pick them up. Head back down to the road, the way you came. Before you reach the 1st fire urn, there’s another herb to the left. It’s really tiny & hard to see. Just walk around until you get an action icon to pick it up.

Ista Hold

 Go straight, passing the fire urns on your left, crossing over the path from the beach. The camera angle will change & there will be a house with a door on your right. Enter the door.

Moria’s House

Talk to Moria & Laria. Moria’s parents, Keriil & Hellion, have gone missing. Laria, Keriil’s sister, is caring for Moria in their absence. Perhaps we can help them? Make note of this as it’s not in the journal. Exit the house.

Ista Hold

Head right. You’ll come to another house & door with 3 pots outside. In the distance, between the houses, you’ll see a woman walking back & forth. Talk to her. Loretta says her husband, Joseph, has also gone missing. Go back to the door with the 3 pots & enter. Darn, it’s locked. Make note, we’ll come back later. Head left a little more & pick up the herb on the ground. Head back to the path Loretta is walking, none of the other doors in this immediate area open. At the end of Loretta’s path turn left & follow the road up the hill to the right. Neither of these two houses are active so keep going up to the Dawn Sisters bar. Sam is ‘guarding’ the door. Talk to Sam. Seems as if the folks in the bar don’t like Dragonriders. No wonder, those guys on the beach were real sweeties. To get inside we need to lose the Dragonrider outfit, so change into civilian clothes & talk to Sam again. Now you can enter.

Dawn Sisters

Gamut is behind the bar. Talk to him & buy a drink. Note that herd shipments are 1st thing in the morning. Talk to Bennett, also at the bar. Go downstairs and talk to Jake. Exit the bar outside, & head right.

Ista Hold

You’ll see the door to ‘Ista Tapestries’, but it’s locked for now. Make note. Continue up the path & you’ll see a Villager, grunting and shoving at a door. Talk to him. His door is stuck. Walk to the door & get an action icon to open it. As a reward for opening the door, you’ll be allowed to take anything from inside. Sounds like a sweet offer until you get inside and find the only thing there is a medicinal brew on top of the armoire in the back. Take it and leave, heading left out the door.

The next door, up the hill a bit, on your right is locked The one to the left is decoration only. Head up toward the building with the double doors at the top. If you check the map (TAB), that bldg. is The Red Star Inn. As you walk toward it, the camera changes & you’ll see another locked door with a sign saying ‘Ista Supplies’. There’s also 2 herbs to the right of here to pick up at the dead end. Walking around this area is Ralf. Talk to him & learn his brothers have gone missing and receive a journal entry. Sure are a lot of missing people ‘round these here parts. Head to the Rising Star Inn. Foral is sitting on the roof. Enter.

Red Star Inn

To the right is Matrice. Foral will enter after you. Talk to them & you’ll ask for some rooms. Matrice will tell you to come back later. You can go downstairs & check it out, but for now it’s just a hallway with 3 locked doors. Exit the Inn and continue left, up the road.

Ista Hold

You’ll see a house to your left with 2 doors you can’t open. There’s also another Villager there, sitting behind a crate covered in books. Walk over & talk to him. He’ll give you a riddle. Answer - “Between”. You can now enter the door closest to the crate to retrieve your reward of darts, on the side table. Take them & exit.

Head left, past the barrels. The camera will change & you’ll be looking down on yourself.  There’s 2 active doors here. One on the left, North of some pots. Try to enter & Kallior will tell you to go away. Directly across the street is the other active door, which is hard to see. Just turn around & walk. Press Spacebar when you get the action icon. It’s locked. Make note of these 2 doors to return later. Turn to the left and head North. The next 2 doors you’ll see on the left are decor only. The 3rd door on the left is active. Enter.

Roem’s House

Talk to Roem’s Father. Roem is sick & needs help. Zenth chimes in telling us to check Healer Hall for help. We get a journal entry. Exit the house.

Ista Hold

Head left up the path. The 2nd door on the right is active. Enter.

Siral & Maria’s House

Talk to Maria & you’ll deliver the pearl from Siral. Zenth comforts her & we ask her to become a candidate for Weyrwoman. Another one found! Leave the house.

Ista Hold

Head right & you’ll come to some stairs leading up to the Harper’s Drumming Platform and the end of the road. Turn around & head back down the path to the Red Star Inn again.

Red Star Inn

Matrice will tell you about Holin, who skipped out on his bill. Accept her challenge to find Holin. She says he’s at or near the bar. Exit & go down the hill to the Dawn Sisters (check the map if you’re lost).

Dawn Sisters

Talk to Gamut. He’ll give you a little more info on Holin. Leave the bar. SAVE!!! Make sure your sword is equipped.

Ista Hold

Turn right, heading up again. Pass the Rising Star. As you pass by the area with the over-head view, where Kallior tells you to go away, you get a cut scene. Holin and his gang are threatening Sorian in an alley. Walk toward them for another cut scene. Teach him a lesson. You’ll end up in fight mode. Smack him a few times with your sword & the cut scene will ensue once more. You’ll win the fight (with fists), get the money owed Matrice, and Sorian escapes. Head to the left, back down the hill following Holin & his gang until you see Sorian, near Ista Supplies. (Food Stall on map) Talk to Sorian. He’ll tell you about Holin’s loaded dice. Help him clear his name. We’ll have to expose Holin’s cheating to Gamut at the Dawn Sisters. We get a Rep. increase and a journal entry.

Head back up the hill, to where you fought Holin. Once you get past the barrels, you’ll find him & his posse there again. (If they aren’t there, talk to Gamut at the Dawn Sisters & then come back) This is a tricky puzzle. We need to get Holin’s trick dice, which are on a pouch hanging from his waist. Turn around and walk back, past those barrels and around them to the right. SAVE! You should be to the right of the crate with the books on top, where the Villager gave you the riddle. Around these barrels you’ll get 2 action icons, sneak & pick-up. We want to sneak first, or we wont get a journal entry. So walk around there behind the barrels until you get the sneak icon. This area is a run default, so you’ll have to hold down L-Shift and Space for it to work. Once you’re in sneak, it will trigger a cut scene. You’ll overhear Holin and his men talking for a journal entry. Meeting a Dragonrider about some caves? Something fishy’s going on here. Now let’s pick up a rock. Hunt around behind the barrels until you get the pick-up icon & grab a rock. Equip it & press Enter to throw it right there. Now you’ve got to be a little quick here, as it’s timed. You’ve got plenty of time & the only bad thing that will happen if you’re caught is that you’ll have to do it over again. No fighting or death, so relax & do it! The rock will send Holin’s men off to look in that direction leaving Holin alone. Walk to the outside edge of the barrels & you’ll get a sneak icon. L-Shift & Space to enter sneak mode. Tip toe on over to Holin & press Space to take those dice. Turn around & tip toe back to the barrels. You’ll have to do this before his henchmen return. You’ve got about 25 seconds. Once you get the dice, they’ll take off down the hill. Head down the hill to the Dawn Sisters.

Dawn Sisters

Talk to Gamut. You’ll bust Holin & Sorin’s name is cleared. Gamut gives us the dice to keep. Sorin tells us about smugglers up the hill. Exit and head right, up the hill to the Rising Star Inn.

Rising Star Inn

Talk to Matrice & give her the money. She’ll give you & your companions free rooms. You regain control in your room Walk to the bed & get an action icon. You’ll go to sleep and wake the next morning. We need to get down to the stables for the morning herdbeast arrival. Exit the room & go left up the stairs. Talk to Matrice. She’ll tell you that Belan is in the room next to yours. Exit the Inn & follow the path all the way down the hill to the stables.

Ista Stables

Walk toward the stables and a cut scene happens. No help there. We still don’t know where the infected beasts are coming from. From the stables run directly across to the houses opposite, on the other side of the road.

Ista Hold

Run past the 1st door to the house with the 3 pots outside the door. Doorin is standing there. Talk to him. He’ll invite you inside & introduce you to Mantrell, his wife, and Janifer, his daughter. Nalaya was Mantrell’s sister & Janifer will make an good candidate for Weyrwoman. Sorry Doorin. Talk to Janifer & she’ll accept. Another found! Exit the house & head up the hill to the Ista Tapestries (next to Dawn Sisters).

Ista Tapestries

Enter the shop, which is now open in the light of day. Talk to Hela. She wants to see your small tapestry from Skarn. Let her. She’ll tell you about the family we just visited and also she’s got something for us later. Make note. Exit the shop, heading right.

Ista Hold

Continuing uphill, you’ll see a Drudge standing in front of a door near the Inn. Talk to him for a Rep. increase and he’ll ask you to open his stuck door. Walk behind him until you get the action icon & push the door open. As a reward, you get darts from the side table inside his house. Take them & leave, heading up the hill again, all the way to the top.

Harper’s Drumming Platform

N’eth is up here & Terrol, who is seated carving something. Talk to Terrol. Give him the carving & you’ll get a Rep. increase. Terrol leaves & goes back to his shop, Ista Supplies. Guess it’s open now so let’s go check it out. Head back down the hill. It’s just beneath the Inn. Enter.

Ista Supplies

Talk to Terrol. He’ll tell you to take anything for free. Take the fruit on the counter, & examine all the shelves around the store. You’ll get a medicinal brew, an herb (sweatroot), and some bug darts. Exit & head to the Rising Star Inn, next door up.

Rising Star Inn

Go downstairs to the last room on your right. A cut scene with Belan will occur. What a psycho! Nalaya’s death & the illness are related. A mysterious stranger is involved & the only thing to go on is a brooch. We exit his room, leaving Matrice to guard him. Head down the hill to the Dawn Sisters.

Dawn Sisters

Go to the left of the stairs, to a sitting area by the fireplace. Talk to Manwor & Faran. Seems that they’re to deliver the cure from Lamrat to a Dragonrider here. They’ll ask you if that person is you, but no matter how you answer, you won’t be getting it. They know it’s a Green rider & you’re a Bronze. If you answer YES, you’ll get a journal entry. Talk to Gamut about the smugglers. Exit the bar & head to the top of the hill, to the Drumming Platform. N’eth was there earlier & he’s a Green.

Ista Hold

You wont get far before N’eth walks by you. He’ll stop between Ista Supplies (Food Stall) and Ista Tapestries. He’ll stay there until you find him. Talk to him & he’ll offer to get the cure. He’ll walk toward the Dawn Sisters. Follow him. Talk to N’eth again & he’ll enter the bar telling you to meet him at the Inn. While he’s doing that, hit the beach. Walk all the way to the bottom of the hill & out past the stables to the path down to the beach.

Ista Beach

The dragons & riders are gone now. On the other side of the piers are two fisherman you can talk to. Walk up the pier & talk to Hammit again. He’ll ask you to push his boat into the water. Walk off the pier & take a sharp right U-turn. Next to the pier by the water is a small boat on it’s side (not the boats the fisherman are sitting on). Walk to the backside end & you’ll get an action icon to push the boat. After the boat’s in, go talk to Hammit again. He’ll give you a bottle of old, rare wine. Just the stuff Roma wants. You’ll also get a Rep increase. Head back to town.

Ista Hold

Let’s see if N’eth is done yet. Head to the Rising Star Inn. On the way, stop at Ista Tapestries.

Ista Tapestries

Talk to Hela & she’ll give you some ‘heavy canvas’ and a journal entry. Head to the Inn.

Rising Star Inn

If N’eth isn’t outside, go inside the Inn & then exit again. N’eth should be outside waiting. Talk to N’eth & you’ll get the cure. Let’s get this to Healer Hall post haste! Run on down to the beach.

Ista Beach

Zenth will pop in & tell you to go to Harper Hall & speak with Salyn. Okay, we’re headed there anyway. Call Zenth & go to Fort Hold.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

Turn around & exit the courtyard to Harper Hall (LL).

Harper Hall (LL)

Head to the Kitchen area which is now open that Gather is over. It’s in the far left corner of this courtyard before going up the 4 stairs. Go down the stairs to the Kitchen.

Harper Kitchen

Talk to Salyn. You’ll exchange info & she’ll give you a drum pattern to summon the Ista Harper now that you’ve proven yourself. Of course, we’ll need a drum. Let’s get this cure delivered. Exit the kitchen and take the hall to the left of the wide stairs in the Harper courtyard.

Healer Hall

Pass Lockenn’s room & enter the Infirmary. Enter & walk to the opposite side of the room to Jazon’s room.

Masterhealer’s (Jazon) room

Talk to Jazon & deliver the cure. He’ll teach you the Healing Skill. Now you can USE the herbs in your inventory safely. Go into inventory & highlight the different herbs in the “instant” section. The description will either read “healing herb” or “poisonous herb”. Make sure you take the right one when you need it. You’ll also now recognize the special herb in the “tradeable” section as Sweatroot. Exit Healer Hall & head up the wide stairs to Harper Hall (UL).

Harper Hall (UL)

Turn left & go to the back of the stairs & down the long hall to the right to the student sleeping quarters.

Student Quarters

Talk to Limoriad. He’s got a broken drum that needs a skin. So we need to find a skin for it. Head downstairs again to the Kitchen where Salyn is.

Harper Kitchen

Talk to Kelli about a drum skin. She’s got them but they are not finished. Exit the kitchen. Head back up to the student sleeping quarters. Perhaps Limoriad might know where we could obtain one.

Harper Hall (UL)     

At the top, you’ll get a quick cut-scene showing someone sleeping.

Student Quarters

Across from Limoriad is another man sleeping. Walk to the desk between his bed & the next. You’ll get a pick-up action icon. Yallin will awake & you’ll get a cured drum skin. Now walk over & wake up Limoriad. He’ll make the drum for you & you’ll end up in one of the rooms behind the stairs. Exit the room straight out & down the stairs to the Harper Courtyard.

Harper Hall - Courtyard (LL)

Exit Harper Hall to Fort Hold.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

Call Zenth & travel to Mastersmith Hall. Let’s see about that gravestone for Kilimi.

Mastersmith Hall

Run over toward the Workshop area but don’t enter. Instead, run over to Guy (the missing pick-axe guy) & talk to him. You’ll discuss the gravestone & he’ll agree to make it for 5 Marks (gold). Checking inventory, we note we only have 1. We need to make some cash somewhere to pay for this. Run over to the windmill & talk to the Miller. You’ll give him the heavy canvas.

You’re still not strong enough for the lever, so don’t bother. Time for a Quest Check.....

Roma’s Recipe (ongoing) - 5 of 10 with 1 in Inv. (wine) - Weyr

Jillan’s Trundlebugs (ongoing) - 3 of 6 - Weyr

Emmara’s Tapestry (ongoing) - 3 of 6 - Weyr

Negotiate with Lord Gralt for Manwor - SOLVED

Visit Belan on Ista - met him but not solved yet - Ista

Lockenn’s Missing Item - need lvl. 8 Rep. - Healer Hall

Get cure from Manwor & Faran - SOLVED

Find Ista’s secret harper - have drum & pattern to summon - Ista

Fix Gravestone for Kilimi - need 5 marks - Mastersmith/Ista

Find where diseased cattle comes from - find smugglers - Ista

Cure Roem - have healing skill - Ista

Get Matrice’s money from Holin - SOLVED

Clear Sorian’s name - SOLVED

Holin & Dragonrider meeting at ‘Cove’ - Ista

Visit private reading room - need lvl 8 Rep (weyr)

10 candidates for Weyrwoman (ongoing) - 4 of 10

Help Miller - need lvl 8 Str. (weyr)

Artefacts for Forn (ongoing) - 4 of 6

Help Miller - need lvl 8 Str, gave canvas (Mastersmith)

Enter Masterminers area - locked (Mastersmith)

Helan’s got something - need lvl 6 Rep (Weyr)

Visit Salyn for Harper contacts - SOLVED

Deliver pearl to Maria on Ista - SOLVED

Visit Masterhealer for new skill - SOLVED

Show drum pattern to Tinossi - SOLVED

Missing people from Ista (Loretta’s hubby, Moria’s Mom & Dad, Ralf’s Bros.)

Visit K’tan in Healer Hall - SOLVED

Deliver letter from Lamrat to V’hul - SOLVED

Prove ourselves to Ista Harper - SOLVED

Talk to dolphin - need lvl 8 knowledge (Ista)

Locked door w/ 3 pots - (Nalaya’s relatives) SOLVED

Meet with Herdbeast traders in morning - SOLVED

Enter Ista Tapestries - SOLVED

Open Villager’s door - SOLVED

Enter Ista Supplies - SOLVED

Get rooms at the Inn - SOLVED

Solve Villager riddle - SOLVED

Enter Kallior’s door - locked & guarded (Ista)

Locked door opposite Kalliors - need key (Ista)

Talk to Nalaya’s family - SOLVED

Get item from Hela (tapestry shop) - SOLVED

Open Drudge’s door - SOLVED

Push Hammit’s boat - SOLVED

Get drum & skin - SOLVED

Whew! Call Zenth & head back to Ista.

Ista Beach

The only person on the beach now, besides D’kor, is Kilimi. Run up to town.

Ista Hold

Head all the way up the hill to Roem’s house, the last house on the left just before the final curve up to the Drumming Platform. Enter.

Roem’s House

Talk to Roem’s father. You’ll give him the Sweatroot & get both a Rep. increase and a journal entry. We need to come back when Roem is feeling better. Exit & go left, up to the Drumming Platform.

Harper’s Drumming Platform

Equip the drum and play it. Fin will appear & tell you the Harper will meet you on the beach. Head down the hill to the Rising Star Inn.

Rising Star Inn

Matrice is back at the bar, which means Foral is guarding Belan. Head down stairs and talk to Foral. He’ll tell you another Dragonrider took Belan. You’ll end up in Belan’s room & get a journal entry. Walk to the chest at the foot of the bed. You’ll get an action icon. Take the Large Crossbow Bolts & a ‘Smugglers Map’. Press TAB to view the map. Exit the Inn.

Ista Hold

S’lon will approach when you exit the Inn. He tells you N’eth has been kidnaped & you make a bunch of accusations toward him. You agree to work together for the time being to help N’eth. SAVE! Make sure your sword is equipped & head to the beach. After you pass the stables, Holin & his men will attack you. You’ll have to beat all 3 of them. This is the most difficult fight so far. Just tackle one at a time, as they attack you. It will do no good to attack them if they aren’t in fight mode toward you. Take potions or herbs as you need them & try not to panic getting to them. ;) Once you’re in inventory they don’t hurt you, but they keep trying. Once you defeat them, a cut scene will occur where you lose the fight & Zenth comes to your rescue. You’re probably beat up so take some healing items & head to the beach.

Ista Beach

Run to the pier area & you’ll see Matrice. Talk to her. She’s the Harper! She’ll introduce you to some gambling fishermen; Jurinor, Fillian, & Jorak. Talk to each of them. You’ll get some info on the sumgglers and a ship called the ‘Clear Endeavour’. Fillian will ask you to play Blind Man’s Shards. Answer “What’s That?” even if you already know how to play. There’s no way to win just yet. Exit the beach back to town.

Ista Hold

Go all the way up to Roem’s house again.

Roem’s House

Talk to them both & Roem goes off to become a Weyrwoman candidate. Another found!

Exit back down to the beach.

Ista Beach

Okay, we can’t do anything else here until we play dice with Fillian. We need help to win. We last saw    B’rak at Fort Hold, playing with dice in the courtyard. Perhaps he can assist us? Let’s also drop by Weyr and clear up a few things. Call Zenth and head to Ft. Weyr first.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (LL)

Run toward the little cottage over the bridge. Just in front of the bridge to the windmill, Helan is playing   on the ground. Talk to her & she’ll give you an Artefact now that our Rep. level is high enough. Exit the  bowl up to the ML

Fort Weyr - ML

Run over & talk to Emmara. You’ll give her the fruit for a Rep. increase. Run up stairs to the Kitchens Area.


Enter the Kitchen & give Roma the Wine. Exit back out & down to the Weyrbowl (LL).

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (LL)

Call Zenth and go to Fort Hold.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

Talk to B’rak. He’ll teach you to use Holin’s dice. Don’t worry about the rules, they’ll be written in your journal for review later. He’ll also allow you to trade in items for Marks (gold). You can only sell things in inventory unnecessary to the main plot. Sell the pipe, the drum, the tapestry, the drum pattern, both ‘strangely textured skins’, & the fresh fruit. He’ll also give you 3 marks for the Artefact, but you wont get the weapon upgrade. Your choice. I kept it. Call Zenth & go to Ista Island.

Ista Beach

Run over to Matrice and the fishermen. SAVE! Check your journal for the rules of the game. We can make bets for 1, 2, or 3 Marks each. We can’t win 4 times in a row so we have to be sure to throw a loss after every 3 wins. What I did was: 3 mark bet - roll high (win), 2 mark bet - roll high (win), 1 mark bet - roll low (lose), repeat. There will be times where you’ll lose even if you try to win, just restart the sequence. Reload if you lose too many Marks. Just keep it up & when you accumulate over 20 Marks, the game will end & you win.

Once you win, he’ll give you info on the old cove, where N’eth might be hidden. Talk to Matrice. She’ll tell you of secret tunnels in the city leading to the cove. She’ll also tell us to check up in town about the recent strangers visiting Ista. Head up to town.

Ista Hold

Go to Kallior’s door (the guy who says “Go Away!”, where you had your first fight with Holin) and the door opposite will open. Sorian will call you inside & discuss the shady operations next door. You’ll devise a plan for Sorian to distract the men while you sneak in. SAVE! Exit Sorian’s house & he’ll follow. Enter the alley left of Kallior’s door & a cut scene ensues. You’ll sneak in. This is a timed puzzle so hurry! You’ll be inside the smugglers house & the sneak action icon will be present. Enter sneak mode & tip toe out to the right, toward the fireplace. Next to the crates you should get an action icon. Press space & you’ll pick up the key from one of the smugglers. Once he’s done talking to Sorian, you can put the key in inventory & tip toe back to the trap door in the floor you passed. Equip the Smuggler’s Key & use it on the trap door. You need to have the eye-action icon present at the trapdoor to do so. If you get caught, you’ll get beat up & tossed outside & will have to do it over. Just reload so you’re not hurt. After you open the trapdoor & get another cut scene, you’ll regain control in Smugglers’ Cove.

Smugglers’ Cove

SAVE! You’ll be in sneak mode, which doesn’t do much good now, so hold down Shift while walking to turn it off. You’re going to be seen by the enemy regardless, so might as well be speedy! Run forward & go right. A smuggler might spot you from the next doorway. Kill him if he does, but more times than not you can just run right past him without him noticing. Skip the doorway he’s at & go to the next on the right. Walk in & head down the loooong ramp. Halfway down there’s a little house you can’t enter. Turn & take the path down further. SAVE! Enter the doorway at the bottom. Head right (east). There will be doors out to the right and a path straight ahead. You can go right at any door, which lead outside, but all roads end up at the same place, it just takes longer. You might have better luck avoiding the guards outside, though. There are at least 2 guards down here, kill them if you’re attacked. If you’re lucky you can avoid them. SAVE & heal after each kill. Keep going East to the end (inside or out). When you can’t go east anymore, go left (from inside, if you’re outside you’ll have to turn left to get inside & then go forward). Walk in & you’ll get an overhead view with paths to the left & right. It is crucial you go in the door to D’kor’s right first or N’eth dies. So go right. Jump down the 3 large steps, ignoring the egg for now, & rescue N’eth who is staked out at the bottom. He’ll swim to safety. Go back up the steps, grabbing the egg along the way. If N’eth accidently dies, reload the save. Walk straight across & enter the other cave. You’ll find some sick Herdbeast & Belan’s body behind them. Search his body. You’ll get a brooch & a journal entry. Turn around & go back to the entrance of this cave. Go right, & walk straight outside. Go straight, over the bridge walkway & you’ll see some crates & another smuggler ahead. You get the sneak icon by the crates. Enter sneak mode & tip toe past the smuggler into the ship. (Notice the symbol on the sails is the same as the brooch?)

Cut scene - You’re sailing on the ship & Zenth is following above. You regain control inside the ship.

The Clear Endeavour

SAVE! There’s some bug darts to pick up next to the barrel you’re standing by. Grab them & sneak around the barrels to the right. Keep going forward & you should see a green Trundlebug. Capture it with the crossbow. Sneak toward the stairs, but don’t go up them. Instead, turn left. On the other side of some crates is a map on the ground. Pick it up. A cabin boy will come downstairs shortly. He’ll yell for Captain. Pay him to keep him quiet & get a Rep. increase. The ship will reach port via cut scene. You regain control on the dock. If the cabin boy comes down before you do everything, reload.

Ierna Beach (LL)

Run past the smuggler at the end of the dock & he’ll yell to the crew to kill you. SAVE! They are all on the beach in various spots & will attack you on sight. Fortunately, they don’t look around much. You can see the first from where you are & he’s alone. There are 2 sets of 2 men further down the beach. Take your time & kill them all. Save after each kill & remember to heal if you get hurt, or reload. To kill the pairs with minimal damage, inch your way toward the side of one man (out of sight from the other) & he’ll attack you with out the other noticing. Sort of like inching toward the tunnel snakes until they attack. When he’s dead do the same for the other man.

After you kill all 5 men, explore the beach. Grab whatever herbs you find. You’ll also see a gold Trundlebug but our jar is full at the moment. We’ll have to come back for this one. Along the back cliff wall is a ramp, leading up. We can’t call Zenth & leave until the ship leaves, so head up the ramp.

Ierna Beach (UL)

Going up the ramp triggers the ship to leave. Up here there are 3 openings, all guarded by large white cat-beasts. Do NOT go near them! They will eat you. Run to the area in the back with large rock pillars. Push the white boulder & enter the area behind it. You’ll get some darts & herbs. Call Zenth & go to Weyr. Cut scene- Zenth tells us to report to Weyr & come back here when we’re better prepared. You take off & a mysterious ‘Concealed Man’ watches from the island.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (LL)

Run toward the cottage. Helan is playing on the ground near the bridge to the windmill again. Talk to her & she’ll offer you a tunnel snake egg. If you say you want it, she’ll say no & run off to the Hatching Ground entrance. Go over the bridge to the windmill.


Our strength is ‘Formidable’, so we can now more the lever for the Miller. The hatch around the front opens & you can pick up some bug darts. Exit the windmill area

Run over to Jillan & give him the green bug. You can go over to the Hatching Ground entrance & talk to Helan again. She’ll offer to sell you the egg but you don’t need it. So just exit the bowl up to the ML & go to the Kitchens Area.


Give Roma the tunnel snake egg you already had in inventory. Now all we need is the Featherfern & Nettleweed. Exit the kitchen back downstairs & talk to Emmara.

Fort Weyr - ML

Answer - Fingertails for a Rep increase. Exit back out to the Weyrbowl.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (LL)

Call Zenth & go to Mastersmith Hall

Mastersmith Hall

Drop off the Artefact to Forn, if you didn’t sell it to B’rak, for a weapon upgrade. Run over & talk to Guy. Tell him to make the gravestone. Run to the windmill.


Push the lever on the windmill & a hatch will open in the back. Pick up the fire lizard egg. Call Zenth. I’m interested to see what new dragon cursor awaits us, so for this WT I’m going to Weyr to hatch it.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (LL)

Exit the bowl up to the ML & then up again to the UL.

Fort Weyr - UL

Jazon & S’bor are there. Ignore them for now. Go right, into the hall leading to D’kor’s room. Enter D’kor’s room.

D’kor’s Room

Place the egg in the sand tray. I encountered a bug here. The egg hatched & I got no new dragon. At least the trip wasn’t for nothing....go back out to the meeting room.

Talk to Jazon & S’bor. We need to find V’hul & S’lon for S’bor. Exit down to the ML.

Fort Weyr - ML

Rowarth will be standing in front of V’hul’s room. Talk to him & find out both men we seek are inside. Enter V’hul’s room & find only S’lon, rummaging through V’hul’s stuff. S’lon suspects V’hul as being a traitor. Try to exit & S’lon will ask you for help searching. Look at the table & you’ll pick up a ‘vile of liquid’ & a ‘letter from Lamrat’. Cut scene up to the UL. You’ll stop S’bor in time so he’s not poisoned. Now it looks like you’re implicated for being the delivery boy. We have 2 days to prove our innocence. Sheesh! That’s a fine “Thanks for saving my life”! We also need to gather the ingredients for the cure. Sure, we have nothing better to do. Exit down to the ML & then down again to the bowl.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (LL)

Call Zenth & go to Mastersmith Hall.

Mastersmith Hall

Run over & pick up the gravestone from Guy. You’ll also get a Rep increase. Call Zenth & go to Ista.

Ista Beach

Deliver the gravestone to Kilimi. She’ll now head to the Hatching Grounds. Another candidate found! Go up the ramp near Kiristi to the curved building at the beach. Enter the first door.

Curved Building

Walk in & down the stairs. Go around the crates & barrels at the bottom to the area behind the stairs. You’ll get a pick-up action icon & get some bug darts. Go back upstairs & through the doorway in front of you, a little to the right. In the next room, on top of a large crate, is a medicinal brew. You can explore the rest of the building, but there’s nothing else to be found. Exit the building.

Ista Beach

Around the other end of the curved building, opposite Kiristi, is another ramp leading up to the curved building. To the right of that ramp are herbs to pick up. There’s a purplish herb between two rocks next to the green herb. Make sure you grab it, it’s the Featherfern we need for Roma. Call Zenth & go to Ierne Island.

Ierne Beach (UL)

Zenth drops you at the upper region where you’ll notice 2 of the paths previously blocked by white cats are now open. Head down the ramp to the beach. Let’s get that golden Trundlebug.

Ierne Beach (LL)

From the ramp, head left. Capture the bug with the small crossbow. Head back up the ramp to the UL.

Ierne Beach (UL)

Head to the middle opening. It’s the ‘Keep Clear!’ area on the map. Walk in & get a pick-up icon. You fall into a trap pit & climb out the other side. Lear will “greet” you. You’ll follow him to the ‘Hunters’ Lodge’.

Hunters’ Lodge

Here he’ll test your sneaking abilities. He’ll tell you to stick to shadowed areas to move undetected in order to get the herb. It’s in the volcano area, guarded by the white cats. You’ll have to pass his test to continue. You’ll regain control with the sneak icon present. SAVE! There’s a closed cave entrance behind you. Enter sneak mode, turn around, & walk toward the cave door. Sneak to the right, around the rock you started next to. You’ll get an overhead view. Sneak to the cliff wall next to the rock. Follow the cliff wall, staying in the shadows best you can. Stay tight to the wall & you’ll walk around a large rock & right under Lear’s nose. From beneath Lear, sneak straight out to the ramp up to him. You’ll pass his test. He tells you to visit him once you’ve got the herb. You’ll also get your sneak skill enhanced. Walk up the ramp to Lear & enter the storage room behind him. Pick up the ‘empty glass container’. Exit down the ramp & you’ll see 2 herbs to the right of the target (D’kor’s left). Run over & pick them up. Press 0/Ins on the numeric keypad to get the pick up icon. To the left (if facing) of the closed cave entrance you started at, is an area with 3 tanks containing some natural acid. Equip the empty glass container & press enter there to fill it with acid. There’s also some herbs back here to pick up. If you follow the wall with the acid tanks to the left, you’ll find the exit back to the upper cliff. Jump back across the pit & run out to the UL of the beach.

Ierna Beach (UL)

Now all 3 entrances are open & none guarded by the white cats. Head to the entrance marked ‘Beware Felines’/ ‘To Volcano’ on the map. SAVE before entering.


Contrary to Lear’s advice, sneak doesn’t work very well with the cats. I had better luck running quickly & killing the cats one by one. There will be little glowing ‘niches’ to hide in & they will contain the sneak icon. I used the niches to hide in only. The cats walk past you with out attacking if you’re in sneak mode within a niche. If you walk around in sneak, you’ll be too slow, get caught, & have to fight. So run from niche to niche & make sure you hit sneak when you’re in the niche or you’ll be spotted & attacked in the niche. Yes they will come in after you if you’re not in sneak mode. Chances are that you’ll have to fight at least once, probably more. Just save often, every time to make it to the next niche unharmed or after every kill. Use herbs, oysters, & brews as needed. F9 is your friend. You can also run away if you’re attacked. Try not to panic & run to another niche & enter sneak mode. If you’re quick enough, the cats will go back to their patrol routes & leave you alone.

From the entrance, head in & to the right. There is only one way to go but there will be 2 niches to hide in. There is one cat ahead. Go around the corner & enter the blue niche. You’ll get a sneak icon. Enter sneak mode & wait for the cat to turn around in front of the niche. Follow him in a run (as long as you’re behind him he wont see you) to the next niche, which is green. Wait there in sneak mode for him to pass back the other way, toward the entrance. Then run opposite to the gap in the path. You’ll get an action icon to jump across. Hurry & run into any of the 3 niches there & hit space to sneak. With any luck, the cat there will not follow you into the niche & eat you. Kill him if you must, but try to do so from inside the niche or another cat might spot you & run over to help. Then you’ll have 2 to deal with. If you get 2 after you, your best bet is to run for your life to another niche,  jump back across the gap, or just reload & try again. There are 3 cats over here so be careful. This path curves around to the right & also makes a loop. Around the far side, there’s an edge to jump down to the middle area the path curves around. This is our goal, to get down there. If you find a long blue hallway-like niche with an herb inside, you’re in the right area. It’s about as far right as you can get on the path. It’s where the 3rd cat on this path patrols. From the blue hallway niche, wait until you see the cat turn around, then run out & to the right. You’ll see the edge, with no rocks blocking the way. You’ll get the jump icon. Quickly jump down once before the 3rd cat attacks you. SAVE! When you jump down twice more, you’ll have to fight a cat so make sure you’re okay on health & have the sword equipped before you jump. Jump down & kill the cat. After you kill it, take the herb on the rock. Cut scene & Lear will kill a cat attacking you from behind. You’ll get a journal update & follow him to the Hunters’ Lodge.

Hunters’ Lodge

You’ll discuss the people living on the South side of the island. He’ll give you a large crossbow and the skill to use it. This one’s not for bugs, but for people that bug you. ;) Exit the area, jump over the pit, back to the upper cliff of the beach.

Ierne Beach (UL)

Call Zenth and go to Ft. Weyr. Let’s get rid of this Trundlebug so we’ll have an empty jar....just incase.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (LL)

Run to Jillan & give him the bug. You’ll learn his daughter, Imogen, wants one more bug before you’ll get to meet her. Zenth says it might be a good idea to meet her. She might be Weyrwoman material. Run up to the ML & then up to the Kitchen Area.


Give Roma the Featherfern. Exit the kitchen back down to the ML & down again to the bowl.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (LL)

Call Zenth & go back to Ierne Island.

Ierne Beach (UL)

Enter the cave behind you, marked Thickthorn on your map, to Ierne Temple.

Ierne Temple

You are in an area that looks like a dead end. Just to the left of the entrance, you get an action icon. We need to kill the bush. Equip the bottle of acid, NOT the vile of liquid, & use it on the bush. The bush will vaporize & you can now pass through. You’ll see a large temple with moss covered pillars leading to it’s entrance. There’s nothing out here, except a door we can’t enter around the right side of the temple. Go inside to the Temple Interior.

Temple Interior

Walk straight in. You’ll see a central opening covered with jail bars. To the left of here are 2 more bar covered doors - a red one & a blue/purple one. To the right of here are also 2 bar covered doors - yellow & green. You’ll also see a bunch of stone heads around. Walk to the right of the central barred door, pass the area with the yellow & green doors, to the back of the room. Behind that barred central section is a staircase leading up. Go upstairs. Note the pattern on the floor. Red - middle, Blue - front, Green - front, & Yellow - middle. Front meaning toward the door. Each of these corresponds to the doors below. Exit down the stairs. SAVE!!! Walking straight out from the bottom of the stairs you’ll smack into a wall. You’ll also be correctly positioned behind one of those stone heads. Turn right to face the side of the head. You should be between the head & the corner of the room. Walk toward it & you’ll get an action icon to push it. WARNING!!!! It is important that you push the head in the right direction or you’ll wedge it in a corner & not be able to get it out. Be sure you are on the left side of the head & are pushing it toward the yellow & green door area. You’ll push the statue a little ways & stop. Push it again. This time you’ll push it all the way to a dark pressure plate on the floor & the green barred door will open. Turn around & walk back. You’ll see the yellow door and another head statue to the left of the yellow door. Walk to the side of the head & push it twice, in front of the yellow door. The yellow door will open. Go in the yellow door. The pattern on the floor upstairs showed yellow-middle, so walk straight at the lever & press space once to pull it. It should be straight up & down. Exit the yellow room & walk straight across to the green room. Green is supposed to be front, so walk straight to the lever & pull it once so it’s leaning toward the door. Turn around & leave the green room.

Go left & left again, pass the central barred section on your right, to the red & blue rooms. SAVE! Step between the head statue & the red door & push the head away from the red door twice to it’s pressure plate. Do the head near the blue/purple door. It’s pretty evident where it goes, in the corner next to the blue door. Enter the blue door. Pull the lever once so it’s leaning toward the door. Exit the blue room & go across to the red. Pull the lever once in the red room so it’s straight up & down. Once the levers are set correctly, a cut scene will show the central section opening. Go there & down the stairs. Go to the right & you’ll see a picture on the wall next to a door. In the corner, near a bush, is Roseleaf. Pick it up for a journal entry. If you can’t see it, put on your mining bracelet. Only one ingredient left to find for the cure. Walk over to the picture on the wall. The door is inactive for now. Look at the picture & discover the order (Red, Red, Blue, Yellow) to hit with the crossbow. You’ll automatically be equipped & be aiming at the picture. Center the red circle in the cross-hairs & press space. Hit red again. Then do the same for blue & finally yellow. The door will open. Enter & pick-up a fire lizard egg on the pedestal. SAVE! Exit back up & out the temple to the outside.

Ierne Temple

Exit to the beach & Lamrat will attack you from behind, knocking you out. You’ll awaken in prison.

Prison - (LL)

Flik tells you about the ‘Lord’ of this hold. You’ll discuss escape, and discover he’s got the key to your cell. Before he’ll give it to you, you must find a weapon. Pick up the Nettleweed on the ground in your cell. Then walk to the bed & take the leg off. Also grab the chamber pot in the corner. Talk to Flik when you’re ready. Via cut scene, you’ll summon the guard & knock him out. You’ll get the huge key to your cell & drag the guard inside. Flik says to come back with the other cell keys & release the others. Press the button on the wall left of Flik’s cell. That opens the bars at the end of the hall. Turn around & head there. Talk to Yuse, Joseph, Daeril, & Keriil along the way. Be nice in your replies for Rep increases. We need to keep an eye out for Keriil’s hubby, Hellion. She thinks he’s on an upper level of the prison. Exit out & turn right.

Head down the hall & you’ll see 2 buttons on the wall in a wide niche to the left. When you approach, the buttons you’ll most likely get a sneak icon, and not a push icon. Press 0/INS on the numeric keypad to toggle from sneak to push. The 1st button extinguishes the torch, and gives a journal entry. The 2nd button opens the gate to the next area. Push them both. Leave the buttons niche & head back the way you came. Pass the cells door & into the room at the end of the hall with the fireplace. Pick up your stuff on the table & you’ll also get a bell hammer. Cut scene for a view of what’s to come. Equip the large crossbow (20 bolts), notice all of your inventory still missing except the weapons. SAVE! You have no items to heal with.

(NOTE!!! This section contains a puzzle that I chose not to do. This may or may not have resulted in the missing journal entry I have for Hellion. The puzzle involves ringing the bells on 2 levels, which calls the guards to various rooms depending on the number of strikes to the bell. This allows you to move, or move prisoners, undetected by the guards. I killed all the guards before I figured this out. Mine being the much easier, ‘thug solve’.)

Press the button on the wall to open the next barred door. Walk in the newly opened door, down the hall & turn right as soon as you can. You’ll get the sneak icon. Press the button on the wall. The torch goes out & you are safe from the patrolling guard. SAVE! Stand next to the left of the button with your back to it & press Enter to get the crosshair view of the crossbow. Wait until the guard walks by & shoot him. If you miss you can reload the save & try again. We need to conserve the ammo. One shot with the crossbow will kill them. If you use a blade, they will kill you. Once he’s dead, SAVE! Sneak around the outside of the pillar to the left, clockwise, staying close to the pillar in the shadows. If you go any other way another guard will come down the hall & see you. Sneak down the hall a few steps, toward where the 1st guard came from, but remain in the shadows. Aim the crossbow down the hall. Another guard will come out the door ahead to the right. Kill him from the shadows. SAVE! Tip toe across to the left wall & turn left around the corner, almost a U-turn, into a niche. This is directly opposite the door the guard comes from, & more are in there. Press the 2 buttons on the wall here. The torch goes out, making it safe, and 2 barred doors open elsewhere. Tip toe to the edge of the niche & face right, toward the door with the guards inside. Inch around, checking your crosshair view in the crossbow, until you can shoot the guard facing you. Kill him & SAVE! Tip toe across to the opposite niche & press the button there. It will turn out the light. Peek out like you did before & shoot the other 2 guards in that same room across the hall. SAVE! You can go up a few stairs to the right into a room with another barred door & a bell. (If you ring the bell before killing the guards, the guards will come in to investigate & you’ll jump into a niche. You’ll be safe if the light is out. You can then sneak into the room across the hall, I think.) I left it alone completely.

Walk across the hall into the guards room. At the bottom of the stairs, go right & on the wall is a numbered peg board. Get keys to cells 2, 3, & 4. We were in cell 6, so that means we still need keys 1 & 5. Walk to the other side of the room. There’s a button on the wall behind the chair that turns off the light & another in the niche. Press them. (Especially if you didn’t kill the guards & rang the bell instead. You’ll need the dark to hide in.) The niche button opens another door further down. Exit the room & head right, down the hall. There will be another barred door to your right, containing another peg board for keys. Locked for now, so keep walking. At the end, turn left & around the pillar. Press the button on the wall to douse the light. SAVE! Enter sneak mode. From the button go right. You’ll see an open door at the end of the hall & an opening on the left. Stop before the opening on the left! There’s 2 guards to shoot down there. Inch, a little at a time toward the opening, checking the crossbow view until you see a guard in the cross-hair. Kill him. SAVE! Inch a little more, peeking around the corner, checking the crossbow view until the other guard comes into view. Shoot him & SAVE! You should be able to kill all of the guards so far with them even noticing or hurting you. Go down the stairs where they were & press the 3 buttons down there. 2 turn off lights, the other opens the door to the numbered peg board we just passed. Run back to the right & then take a left to the peg board. Get key #1. Turn back the way you came & run past the niche, where you killed the last two guards, to the open door at the end of the hall. There’s a button to turn out the light just before you pass through. Press it & go through, curving around to the right.

You’ve come full circle and are back in the beginning hallway with the prison cells up to the left. Turn left at the 1st hall. Enter the room & get your inventory from the chest on the floor. Walk to the left, to the back part of the room & you’ll find another button. Press it & you’ll see it opens the gate behind the two guards you killed last. Exit the room & go left, past the prison cell hall, into the room with the fireplace. Go right through the next door & they’re will be an opening on your left. Get key #5 from the pegboard. Go back through the fireplace room to the prison cell hall. Let everyone out of the cells. Flik gives us Southern Star, a journal entry, & we get Rep increases from everyone. Zenth tells us not to let Keriil leave. She might be Weyrwoman material. (She never became a candidate in my game, maybe due to the bell puzzle or she’s an ‘extra’ incase you miss one?).

Exit the prison cell area & head right, following the hall as it curves left. Go through the door and the next opening on the right. SAVE! Make sure your crossbow is equipped. Enter the newly open door.

Prison (ML)

Cut scene with Lamrat. Shoot him with the crossbow. What a bad boy! V’hul is implicated as a traitor. You’ll let Lamrat go & he’ll attack you again. Some people never learn. Shoot him again. When he’s dead, loot his body. You’ll get the Masterminer’s Key. SAVE!

There are 2 new ways to go. The large, white double doors aren’t active. Facing those doors, head left, through the large archway. There’s a crystal bug in here. Equip the small crossbow & capture it. Look out the window. Zenth will now be able to rescue you. Head to the right, through the next room, and stop at the arch. Equip the large crossbow. You should see 2 guards in the next room to the left. Shoot them both from this room. SAVE! Run in & to the far left, down the hall. On the table is a skin of the bell instructions. Pick it up, equip it, and use it to read it. You’ll also get a journal entry. Walk back to the right, passing the dead guards on your right. Just past the guards, on the wall to the right, is a bell. (This is bell #2 for the puzzle. Ringing it will summon guards to certain areas, according to the skin you have in inventory. SAVE before you test it out, if you choose to do so. Or you can ignore it completely.). Past the bell is an archway. Don’t enter yet. SAVE! Equip the large crossbow. Look through the crossbow & kill the 3 guards in the next room from the safety of the bell room. SAVE again when they’re dead. Enter the room.

Push the rock in the middle of the room onto the trapdoor. It will fall through & Gladeril will appear. Zenth tells us she’s another potential candidate. Run over to the other archway across the room & talk to the man in white. Hellion will give you a large rusty key to open the white double doors in the last room. Turn around & head left to the double doors. Equip the rusty key & open it. Walk through this room of long handled axes to the white double doors on the other side. Use the rusty key again to open these. Enter & we’re back at Lamrat’s dead body. SAVE! Equip the large crossbow.

Go left toward the open archway. Cut scene with V’hul & Druse. V’hul leaves. Kill Druse with the crossbow before entering the room. You’ll get a cut scene & a journal entry. Walk in the room & you’ll be prompted to move the slaves to the window room. (This is part of the bell puzzle, moving them around in conjunction with the bell ringing.) Say yes & they will follow you via cut scene to meet up with Gladeril & Hellion. You can talk to one or two of them before you’ll be prompted to move them to the courtyard. If you say no, you can talk to the rest of them individually. Or say yes & they will escape, leaving you there, of course. SAVE!

Walk around to & enter the long handled axe room (opened white double doors). You’ll encounter V’hul. Shoot him with the crossbow as soon as you are able. Then another cut scene happens where you let him go. We are just too nice, or really stupid! He’ll give you an ornate key & a Rep increase. Go to the area where you first saw V’hul & killed Druse to rescue the 4 slaves. The double doors in the back are now open. Head in there & up the stairs straight ahead.

Prison (UL)

SAVE! WARNING!!! If you enter Roth’s room before you check out the rest of this area, a cut scene will occur & you’ll never get the chance to explore this place again. Reload the save if you mess up. On the top floor go left at the window. Walk around & push the rock blocking the doorway. Enter & pick up the ‘part of disc’. Exit & head back the way you came, passing the window on your left, to another doorway. This one is closed but approaching it you get an eye-action icon. You’ll note there’s a depression in the door. Equip the brooch from Belan’s body, and use it to open the door. Enter & pick up the other ‘half of disc’. SAVE! Equip your SWORD, yes that’s right, SWORD! Exit the room, head right. Walk around & enter the curtain lined door.

Cut scene with Roth (aka Expelled Healerhall Student, aka Hold Lord, aka Concealed Man). You’ll have to fight him. Remember to take Medicinal Brews if you get very low! You win the fight when you collapse from the disease before him. He’ll confess his entire story, a la Scooby Doo. Couple of fries short of a Happy Meal, ain’t he? He escapes after killing S’bor.

D’Kor’s Room

We regain consciousness in D’kor’s room. We’ve cured the disease! B’rak says V’kai (the Weyrleader) wants to see us. We get a Rep increase, a journal entry, & a knowledge increase. Checking inventory, we find all our healing items gone & boy could we use some right now. We also find we are now level 8 - Genius in knowledge! We have an unhatched fire lizard egg. Walk to the fireplace & put the egg in the sand tray. A white lizard hatches. I got a bug here & after it hatches it disappears. I’ve got 4 eggs in the tray but only 3 lizards to choose from. Ah, white makes me look fat anyway, blue is much more slimming. (See bugs section for solve on lizards) Exit your room.

Fort Weyr - UL

Head right at the meeting room. Check the map if you need to. Go to V’kai’s room.

V’kai’s Room

Talk to V’kai. You’re cleared of charges & he gives you the responsibility of choosing the new Weyrwoman. (Don’t worry, it’s not really your job.) Head downstairs to the ML & then up to the kitchen.


Give the Nettleweed to Roma, completing his quest. You’ll get a Rep increase & a journal entry. Talk to Tom. He’ll mention Rowarth & Soliard are missing. He’ll also offer you some food. Doesn’t matter which you take. Eat it to gain a little health. Exit the kitchen & go left into the dining area.

Dining Room

Talk to Urik. He’ll talk about the new faces about & Rowarth being missing. You’ll get a journal entry. Exit downstairs back to the ML.

Fort Weyr - ML

Talk to Emmara. She’ll ask you the 6th & not so final question. What features are inside the Ierne Temple? Answer - Fungus & Statues. Then she asks how many statues (that’s another question!). Answer 4. She’ll now be a candidate for Weyrwoman. You’ll get a Rep increase and a journal entry. B’rak will be on the opposite side of that cement circle near Emmara. Talk to B’rak. L’tul & T’men come over & they ask you to become the next Flightleader. Exit down & out to the Weyrbowl.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (LL)

Run over to Jillan & give him the final Trundlebug for a Rep increase. He’ll call Imogen over & you’ll ask her to be a candidate. You’ll get another Rep increase & a journal entry. With those Rep increases our Rep level is now 8 - Highly Regarded! Head back to the exit, but take the way past the Dark Caves & not the Cottage way. Beneath the ramp up near the exit, you’ll see Jax & Jim talking. Talk to them. They’ll tell you about the ‘nasty man’ who took Rowarth to the Dark Caves. You’ll get a journal entry. Don’t go into the caves just yet. It triggers the main plot along & we’ve got a few side quests to clear up. Exit the bowl up to the UL.

Fort Weyr - UL

Run to the left & enter the Library.


Run to the private reading room in the back. You’re finally allowed to enter! Look around at all the shelves. Pretty pictures! There’s also 3 skins to read on Lamrat, Roth, & Ierna Island. Take the key on the desk. Exit the library & go left to V’kai’s room.

Time for a Quest Check!

Roma’s Recipe - SOLVED

Jillan’s Trundlebugs - SOLVED

Emmara’s Tapestry - SOLVED

Visit Belan - SOLVED

Lockenn’s Missing Item - need lvl 8 rep (Healerhall)

Find Ista secret harper - SOLVED

Fix Gravestone for Kilimi - SOLVED

Find origin of diseased cattle - SOLVED

Cure Roem - SOLVED

Holin & dragonrider meeting at cove - SOLVED

Prove innocence in 2 days - SOLVED

Gather cure ingredients - SOLVED

Free Prisoners - SOLVED

Help Keriil & Hellion - helped but not solved in journal

Visit private reading room - SOLVED

10 Weyrwoman candidates (ongoing) - 9 of 10

Help Miller (weyr) - SOLVED

Artefact for Forn (ongoing) 5 of 6

Help Miller (Mastersmith) - SOLVED

Enter Masterminer’s Area - have key

Helan’s got something - SOLVED

Missing people from Ista - SOLVED (except for Keriil & Hellion)

Talk to dolphin (Ista) - need lvl 8 know

Enter Kallior’s door - SOLVED

Locked door opposite Kalliors - SOLVED

Save N’eth - SOLVED

Win Blind Man’s Shards - SOLVED

Clear entrance to Ierne Temple of bushes - SOLVED

Open doors in Ierne Temple - SOLVED

Find Rowarth & Soliard - Dark Caves in Weyrbowl

Figure out use for 2 half discs & Harper Key

V’kai’s Room

Talk to him & he’ll name you Flightleader. Exit down to the ML & out to the bowl.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (LL)

Call Zenth & go to Mastersmith Hall.

Mastersmith Hall

SAVE! Turn around & run through the water to the path at the other side. Pick up the healing herb to the right of the path. Eat it. Run around to the windmill area & use the Minerhall key to open the door to the Masterminer area. It’s the building between the 2 miners & the windmill. Walk in & pick up the skin on the table to the right. Walk in further & examine the shelves on the right to get another skin. There’s a locked yellow glowing box on another table. At some point during your exploration of this area, Rom will come in & kick you out. Unless you are hiding. If he catches you, take the wimpy way out & say you were looking for Gethen. We don’t have enough evidence to confront him yet. Use the key & go inside again if you get thrown out. Walk to the glowing box on the table & turn left. There are some crates in front of the fireplace. Walk to the left side of the crates & behind them. You’ll get a sneak icon. Enter sneak mode & wait behind the crates. Rom will enter & open the glowing box. He’ll leave & we can now examine the contents of the box. Grab the skin & exit. Go in inventory & read the three skins. F’ben is a traitor. (***Tip from George Sarosky (aka Buzman) Once the 3 scrolls are read, wait in Mastersmith Hall for Rom to return. Confront him with the news. F’ben will also arrive & you can confront him as well. This triggers a cutscene but does not affect the journal or any points. Just  ties up some loose ends.) Call Zenth & go to Ft. Hold.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

From the courtyard, exit to Harper Hall.

Harper Hall - Courtyard (LL)

Run to the hall to the left of the wide stairs & into Lockenn’s room.

Lockenn’s Room

Talk to Lockenn. You’ll give him the key & he’ll open the secret passage. Enter the secret passage & pick up the ‘map leading to a secret place’ on the back counter. Open inventory & examine the new map. It’s not in the Map section (TAB) with the rest.  It’s an item this time. Another secret passage around here somewhere. Exit the secret room & go left to the bookcases there. Examine the bookcases & you’ll find a small, rusty key. Lockenn & Mianna will approach & be relieved it’s found. Mianna is now free to become a Weyrwoman candidate. Use the key on the bookcase. It will open & you can walk inside. Take the Artefact, to the right. Exit back to the Fort Hold Courtyard.

Fort Hold - Courtyard

Call Zenth & go to Mastersmith Hall.

Mastersmith Hall

You might want to kill any left over oysters for food. We need all the health we can find. Run into the workshops. There’s an herb to pick up in front of the concrete block over the bridge. Eat it.  Enter the workshop.


Talk to Forn. Twice! He’ll take the disc halves & give you a fire lizard egg. He’ll also take the final Artefact & give you a weapon upgrade. Exit, call Zenth, & go to Ista.

Ista Beach

Run out to the water & talk to the dolphin. This make take some effort. The camera angle is hard to change. If you’re having troubles seeing the dolphin (or the shoreline for that matter), just go up on a pier. That should change the angle of the camera so you can see the dolphin. The dolphin talks about future adventures. Perhaps hinting at a sequel that will never be made....Dolphinriders of Pern? You might also want to kill any leftover oysters & eat them for health. Call Zenth & go to Weyr.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl (LL)

Run over to the entrance to the Dark Caves in the bowl. SAVE! WARNING!!! Do everything you need to before entering, this triggers the end game quest! Enter the caves.

Dark Caves

Cut scene & Rowarth will tell you Roth is going to poison the eggs in the Hatching Ground. We need to find four trustworthy Dragonriders to help us. Run to the ML.

Fort Weyr - ML

Head left & talk to B’rak, who should still be around that cement circle where you left him. He’ll head to the Hatching Grounds. Run into the Gambling Room.

Gambling Room

Talk to T’men. He’ll also help you, but wont move yet. Run to the back rooms of the Gambling area, to L’tul’s room.

L’tul’s Room

Wake L’tul. He’ll also head to the Hatching Grounds. Exit the Gambling area & head upstairs to the UL & into the Library.


Talk to Lytah. She is your 4th & will head to the Hatching Grounds to help. Exit the library & go to D’kor’s room.

D’kor’s Room

Hatch the final fire lizard egg in the sand tray. Head downstairs to the ML & then out to the bowl.

Fort Weyr - Weyrbowl - LL

SAVE! Equip the sword. Enter the Hatching Grounds.

Hatching Grounds

Cut scene and the four Dragonriders will take positions guarding the egg. After a short wait, and talking to a few of the Dragonriders, Roth will come & you’ll have to fight him. Kill him. The egg will hatch & choose a Weyrwoman. Cut scene - Dragonriders come to Ierna Island where Roth is being staked out for Thread.


Final thoughts & questions.......

All quests complete, except for Keriil & Hellion. If you remember, in the first house in the town of Ista were Moria & Laria. They were looking for Keriil &Hellion. After rescuing them from prison, I checked back on Ista but they still hadn’t returned. If anyone knows how to solve this quest & get the journal entry on pg 104, please email me.

I also wonder about pg 87 of the journal. It seems like a large empty space at the bottom of the page. My final entry on that page reads “URGENT - I must find some SWEATROOT to give to poor Roem.” If there’s another entry I missed here, please email me & let me know. It may be because the next entry on pg 88 is a picture & there wasn’t enough room on pg 87 for it, so we might not be missing anything. Then again, we could be missing a sentence or two concerning where to find the Sweatroot. Other than these 2 spots, the journal is complete. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

***Special thanks to George Sarosky (aka Buzman) for his valuable tips!

(Rev. 1 original)

(Rev. 2 added Buzman’s tips)


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