The Driller Incident




A game by design3d


A walkthrough by Chief


March 2010.



-This is a point and click game.


-To interact with any object, click right mouse to get a square with talk, look and action (hand icon).


-The Inventory is at the top of the screen.  Left click to use an item and right click to get a description.  You can combine items.


-The Main menu is in the square at right top of the screen: Resume game, Load, Save and Exit.


-The name of the main character is Molly.


-This walkthrough represents one way of playing this game.





After the introduction, right click the driller and then click the hand icon to get a lighter and a flashlight.


Go to the pedestal and take the saucer with oil on top.  Have a good look at this pedestal.  You will need to find three more in other caverns and in the dark with only the flashlight to help.


In this cavern, you can see two openings.





Go to the opening on the left. Click the flashlight in Inventory to get it lit and then click the opening to go in.



Use the flashlight (spot of light) in front of the feet of Molly to get her to walk where you want her to go.

Find a pedestal and a saucer on top in the middle of the cave near the back wall. Use the saucer with oil on the saucer and then the lighter on the saucer to get light in the cavern.


Click a hole on the right and get a crystal.  (You have 10 crystals to find)  Pick up a second crystal on the ground.


(The crystals are there to be found and to add an extra objective in the game, but you can’t use them.)


Walk to the whale and click it’s mouth to get a hook.


Go back to the driller cavern and go to the opening on the right.






Again, move the light in front of Molly to get her to go to another pedestal and saucer near the back wall. Use the saucer with oil and lighter on the saucer to get some light in the cavern.  See some spiders going to the opening on the right.


See and look at the big octopus on the wall.


Pick up the crystal on the ground and look at the corpse. Notice and look at the pack of antidote that you can’t pick up but you can take a pinch for Molly.


Go to the opening on the right.






Before entering this cavern, notice where the saucer with oil and the lighter are in Inventory. At one point in the spiders cavern, you will have to act fast.


Note: you can die when attack by the spiders.  You will see a red line around the screen telling you that. Of course, you will be ask to go back to the game.  If you succeed getting the light on but still have a red line, go back to the previous cavern and take some antidote in the pack, maybe twice to get rid of the red line.




Enter the cavern and find Molly on the left as quick as possible with the flashlight. Keep the light at her feet to get her moving and to chase away the spiders. No need to go fast.

Follow the fence until the opening in that fence and go up screen and then a bit to the left. See a pedestal.

As  quick as you can, get the saucer with oil and click it on the saucer on top of the pedestal.   Give back some light at the feet of Molly to chase the spiders even if you still have the saucer with oil in your hand. Right click to get rid of it.

Back in Inventory to get the lighter and to lit the saucer.

When the light is on, the spiders will run away.  You may need to get that antidote.


See and take a rope on the right and on the ground.  Also take a crystal.


In Inventory, combine the rope and the hook to get an anchor.





Go to the whale cavern and click the anchor on the opening above the pedestal.

You will see many crystals on the wall. Use the anchor on them and get three more crystals.

Back down the opening and Molly will say “Lucky I have a good memory” and get a map of caves.  Have a look at the map in Inventory.


Now, go to 





and click the opening above. You do not need to click your anchor from Inventory anymore.

Pick up the crystal and go through the opening on the left to pick up another crystal.

Back down to the Octopus cavern and go right to






Go to the opening above and see some holes: click one on the right of the light and get a crystal.  Molly will comment on finding the tenth crystal.


See another opening above the holes and go there.






This is the place Molly felt down with the driller.

You can push the two red buttons if you want.


Under the middle window, see two holes: click the slit to get a cellphone.


Right click the cellphone in Inventory and get a drop down menu at the bottom:

-read the message: do NOT push any buttons…….


-then text Jack until you get a comment about some instructions.


Go down the hatch and to the driller.






Click the driller and get the instructions: must press 2 round and 3 square buttons.  This is a random puzzle.


Just click until you get the correct number of buttons that will become green.


Then push the blue button.


Up you go with the driller to the control room where you will meet Jack .


Read the end conversation.


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