You find Ouni, the assistant architect, outside his house on the left at the far end of the village. Talk to him and hand over the quarry documents. After he tells you about the problems with the tools, go to the pile of dolerite balls in front of the canvas on the wall to the left of his house. Pick up a dolerite ball and use it to try and break the granite rock next to the balls. Take the damaged dolerite ball and return to Ouni. Speak to him again to learn about the misplaced papyrus (dealing with dolerite tools) and that his wife, Tuya, is preparing a cure for Paser.
Before going into the house, pan around 90° and walk forward once (towards the open area) to find some dried donkey droppings.

Enter the house and talk to Tuya, the healer. She gives you a transfer handkerchief and tells you to prove you're able to implement the spell. Did you notice that Ouni has a bad dose of flu? Go outside and use the transfer handkerchief on him, noting that the icon (top left corner) changes colour. Now pan to your left and transfer Ouni's flu to the donkey.
Again go talk to Tuya, who tells you she must leave for Heliopolis to consult Neferka. She also gives you the cobra of hypnosis and allows you to search for the misplaced papyrus.

Before entering the storeroom make sure that you've read all three remedies written on the papyrus marked 2 on the map. In particular, note the ingredients required for curing a snake bite.
The misplaced papyrus is inside the basket (marked 9 on the map) in the storeroom. Unfortunately, when you open the basket you get bitten by a cobra. The snake bite remedy written on the papyrus details all the required ingredients. In addition, you also need certain other inventory items to assist you in collecting the ingredients. Preparing the cure is a timed sequence, but you should be able to complete it quite easily in the allotted time.

The following items are needed to prepare the snake bite cure:

Dried donkey droppings - found outside the house, dealt with previously

Gum - on the bench at 6 on the map

Knife - on the bench at 5 on the map

Ocher - on the small table at 3 on the map

Jar fragment - break the jar marked 4 on the map with the damaged dolerite ball

Dried leaves of terebinth - hanging on the wall at 8 on the map

Bitter apple seeds - use the knife to cut the bitter apple on the table at 1 on the map

Pestle - next to the mortar (bowl) on the bench at 7 on the map

Once you've got everything, place the ingredients (dried donkey droppings, gum, ocher, fragment of a jar, dried leaves of terebinth and bitter apple seeds) in the mortar and crush them with the pestle. Maya will automatically drink the potion and be cured.
Remove the dolerite papyrus from the basket in the storeroom (marked 9 on the map) and then go back outside. Ouni gives you a dried snake and tells you to find Ptah by speaking to Khâemouaset, the High Priest of Ptah, in Memphis.
Return to the guide and ask him to take you to the Temple of Ptah...