Enter Ouni's house and speak to Tuya. She senses an unclean animal on your person, so give her the dried scorpion that you removed from the wall in Memphis. She tells you to concoct the healing formula by copying it in red ink on a blank papyrus.

Take some blank sheets of papyrus from the mastaba (at 1 on the map) and zoom in on the writing materials (at 2 on the map) to the left of the blank sheets. Place one blank sheet of papyrus in front of the papyrus containing the formula. Pick up the calamus, dip it in the jar of red ink and then use it to copy the healing formula onto the blank papyrus.
Take the healing formula and show it to Tuya, who inserts it into an unfired figurine. Pick up a lighter from the small stool next to Tuya.
Pick up the twigs on the floor at 3 on the map and place them inside the hole near the bottom of the kiln at 4 on the map. Use the lighter on the twigs to fire up the kiln and put the unfired figurine on the top of the kiln. Wait for it to cool down before picking it up again.
Ouni is outside the house and he tells you about the problems at the quarry. To get to the quarry go past the area where you previously found the dried donkey droppings.


Although there's a jar of water next to the rocks near the fire, it won't douse the flame. Did you take the mat (at 5 on the map above) from the room next to Tuya? If not, return to the house and fetch it. After using the mat to douse the flame you notice a strange object in the embers. Remove the mat, then use the stick (found along the edge of the quarry) to get the mysterious knife from the embers.
On the way back to the village talk to Ouni, who tells you that there's not enough water in the Nile to transport the obelisk to Pi-Ramses.
Return to the guide and ask him to take you to Memphis.