Elder Scrolls - Walkthrough
by Eric the Redguard
Redguard the Ultimate Pirate Adventure!

New to the sword?

Once you arrive into the harbor of Stros M'Kai you get your first taste of
steel as your ship is attacked by two ruffians of the Restless Leauge Pirates
Guild.  Better be quick or you'll be dead!  Swordfighting is essentiual to
this game, so you better learn those keys fast.  Using the Ctrl key and the
arrow keys will direct your sword thrust, while holding down the Alt key will
defend your enemies attack.
Once you get the basics it's time to get advanced.  The Control key will give 
you the basic Single Slash, hitting the Ctrl key twice will give you the 
Double Slash, hitting the Ctrl key three times will give you the Triple Slash,
although this gives the most damage it also you leaves you open for an attack.
Want a power attack, just hit the forward arrow key and the single thrust
Ctrl key, it will key those pesty guards and pirates at bay.
The Lunge Attack,  will keep Cyris a safe distance away from his attacker,
use the forward arrow key and the Double Slash combination to achieve
this end.
Sidestepping attacks, backstepping, incoming lunges, and jumping are all 
excellent swordfighting techniques.
Although jumping makes Cyris look like a fool, it is actually a very effective
tool to use.  Try it and see!

You're new in town?

Once you are in Stros M'Kai, talk to everyone along the docks, starting with
your Captain Bremen.  He can give valuable information on the town, the
location of the Dragon Tail Inn, what's been going on during the Empire's War,
and the Restless Leauge.  Although Cyris cares little for politics, ye best be
careful where NPC's put thier loyalities.
Now leave the ship and go and talk to everyone you might meet.
Trivic, is a good source of information, he's walking along the docks waiting
to get his boat repaired.  It seems it wasbroken into a couple of nights before.
You'll also meet a very friendly girl walking along the docks, her name
escapes me now, so many women so little time. 
She has valuable information on your missing sister and the local
barkeep.  She even knows Tobias, your contact in town.   By the warehouse,
you'll meet a man offering you a job.  It is a quest to retrieve and deliever
an amulet to the Govenor of Stros M'Kai, accept the job but don't go on the
quest just yet ... there's still plently to do.  Go to the town square, here
you will notice many of the major bildings in town.  Most notiable the Dragon
Tail Inn, the Mages Guild, the Temple, the Bookstore, the Cartographer's shop,
the Silversmith shop, and the General Goods Store.
But first, go to the Dragon tail Inn and talk to Tobias, your contact in town.
He's the one that informed you of your sister's disappearance.
You also meet Drekkius the barkeep, a lizard from the Black Marsh.
Talk to both of them.  Pick a fight with the local boys in the tavern,
their Forebears and pissed about the empire.  This way you can pratice up
on those swordfighting techniques.  Don't worry, the local lads won't kill you, 
only ruff you up a bit.  After this go and talk to everyone about everything. 
Even try entering a few of the buildings, although most be locked,
and talk with the people there.  Most notiable the local drunk in town,
Crendel.  Brother Niddle in the temple. Mara, the local flower girl.  
Felicia, at the Mages Guild.  Lakene, the mr. fix-it guy in town.
Makio, at the Cartographer's Shop. And Gerric at the General Goods Store.
You get the idea ...
Once you have enough information it's time to go exploring along the
island.  You'll learnalot about the different locations and know what's where!
Don't stray too far off course or you just may run into some pirates or some
very angry guards!  Along the Orges Tooth Mountains, you'll find an abandoned
house.  Inside are goodies, keep them all, especially an empty flask.  If you
go back to Gerric's shop and buy aloe, you can mixed with pure water to create
a healing potion.  You can get water from the local well in town, by the
Dragon tail Inn.  Make sure you talk to parrot in Gerric's shop, he has
valuable information about your sister and her hidden stash of gold.  But you
have to rhyme to him to get him to talk.  Gold is everywhere on the island,
just laying around on the ground, go and pick some up when you run out.
Explore everything and talk to everybody, this is the key to Redguard and to
solving all of the puzzles and mysteries.  Buy all the books at the bookstore!

Izara's hidden gold!

While talking to the parrot at Gerric's shop, you will learn about Izara's
hidden gold.  Make sure you buy a shovle, you'll need it.  To find the gold,
exit Stros M'Kai and walk north until you reach a bridge.  Don't cross the
bridge, but head west along the edge of the stream, and you will come upon a
statue of Hunding, a great hero of Hammerfell.  It's seems someone has knocked
his head off, if you stand the way the head faces and walk 20 paces (in walk
mode) and start digging.  There you should find 300 gould pieces, enough to
buy all the things you want but didn't have enough money for before.

N'gasta Island.....Part One

Buy plenty of healing potions from the Mages Guild and pratice up on your
swordfighting before attempting this mission.  Once you feel comfortable
enough, it's time to go adventuring!  If you want to go to N'gasta's Island,
go across the bridge and head west until you reach a series of wooden bridges.
But be carefull, these bridges are old and rotten and will fall apart as you
try to walk across them.  The key here is to run and jump, and to save often.
One you reach the other side, you will find a Skeleton Boatman, tip him with
your gold and he will take you to the island.  Once there follow the path to a
stone pavalion, there you will find several healing potions to help you on
your journey.  But beware, skeletons pop up out of the ground to kill you!
Don't try and kill the zombies, because you can't.  They fall down sure
enough, but they won't stay down.
At the Main Gate turn right, and walk along the edge of the wall until you find
a skull lever, pull it and it will open a secret door.  Go inside and get the gold, 
potions, and most importantly the crowbar.
Use the crowbar on the main gates to pry it open.  Once inside, turn
left and continue until you see a green building with a giant eyeball onto of
it.  Climb up the stair and turn the wheel, which will turn the eyeball.  You
may notice the big green statue in the background move, run to it and jump on
it's back.  Once there, climb up on it's head and walk across to the main
gates of N'gata's Tower.  He's waiting there to talk to you!  After this,
return to Stros M'Kai, your adventure has just begun.  But do not return the
amulet to the Govenor just yet, or as I like to call him Fat Boy.  If you do,
the guards will chase you around for the rest of the game making your other
quest quite fustrating and annoying to complete.

Hunding's Artifact

Well by now you may have notice the huge statue of Hunding in the bay.  Must
be a great hero or something.  To learn more about him, ask around.  Still
don't know enought, go and buy the book on Redguard Heroes at Jeffer's
bookshop to learn even more.  It seems Hunding defeated the goblins under
Stros M'Kai with a power artifact.  seems it's been missing for years.  I
wonder where it is?  Go to the warehouse, where the guy offered you a job
about an amulet, and turn to the right.  There should be a small building, and
behind it should be a small crate.  Climb onto the box and and up onto the
roof.  Once there, jump across to the balacony on the other building.  Climb
up on it's roof, and walk across the clothing line to the next building.
Tightrope your way across, just like in the cirus.  Psycho Circus, and welcome
to the show!  Sorry, got a little carried away with that one. Once your on the
next building, jump to the main gates of Stros M'kai.  Walk as far as you can
until you walk no futher.  Jump of the wall, and hang by your fingertips.
Make your way along the edge, until you can climb back up.  Walk to the
statue, and inside you will find the most treasured artifact of Hunding.  To
get down, you can either go back to the way you came, or just jump into the
water!  Aaaah ... a refreashing swim!

The Goblin Caves

After talking to Brother Niddle and Mara the flower girl, you will learn of
the disappearnce of a monk from the local temple.  It's seems he had dealings
with your sister.  You will find out that alot of people of disappeared
lately.  Go to the town's guardens, Mara can tell you the way, and look
closely at that waterfall.  Pretty isn't it?  Notice something, there seems to
be a small ledge under the waterfall.  You know what to do?  Run around to the
otherside of the bridge and jump in the water, swim to the edge of the falls
and jump down.
Once your own the ledge, climb down the rope, and there you go!
Kill the goblin waiting there for you, and cross the bridge.  To your
right you will see a small locked gate, don't try and enter because it's
locked.  To your left, you will see to huge doors that are also locked.  Must
be something big behind there?  But I'm not telling, not yet anyway.  Once you
have climbed up to the huge doors, jump across the ledge on the other side.
There you will find several potions and gold.  Now take a look down!  A long
way isn't it!  Mushrooms anyone?  Jump off the ledge and bounce, bounce, and
bounce your way across the mushrooms to saftey.  A key to bouncing is once you
hit the mushroom, use your arrow keys to turn in the air to hit the next
mushroom.  Save before you jump, is always good advice from an aged old sage.
Go into the next room and kill some more goblins, and climb upwards to a
crossing bridge, but be careful vines shoot up out of the ground to eat you!
Ouch!  That's gotta hurt.  Walk across the ledge and you will notice a scar in
the wall, jump onto and hang your way across, watch out for those vines, once
you fall into a room where the dead monk is.  Here you will find his journal,
and learn all you need to about him and your sister.  You will also learn
about the Archmage's Ring.  Go to the locked door in the same room as the dead
monk, and say the words .... Ubula!  The goblin will open the door, kill him!
In the next room will be a teleporter, jump on it and see's where it takes
you.  One room will be by the main entrance.  Remember the little locked cage
door, well this is it, unlock it!  You may also notice a huge crack in the
wall.  How do I get that open?  Use the force Luke!  No, use the Hunding
Artifact!  Once your done, jump back on the teleporter and you may find
yourself in locked cage, don't worry soon the teleporter will kick in and you
find yourself in the first room.

Jump down the ledge, and kill three goblins there, make sure you get those
potions!  You will come to a ledge that looks down onto a room, a strange
building of somekind is there.  You will find a barrel by the shore of this
green-junky river.  Man, the polution must be bad in Stros M'Kai!  I wonder if
there is a dwarven nuclar powerplant near by?  Well, don't worry about it,
light the barrel with your torch and run, you should see a nice explosion.
Now jump way across the floating pieces in the water to this beached ship on
the ledge on the otherside.  I wonder how this got here?  Must floated in
somewhere!  If you look up, you will notice a big hole in the ceiling.  Look
familiar?  Yes it is the same big hole, you found in the ground out by the
bridge.  Now why is that there?  Just light the barrels with your torch and
run like hell!  the bridge should explode, opening another doorway in another
Go to it and enter the doorway.  Eventually you will come to room filled
with mushrooms, go down there and kill a big green monster.  You can't really
kill him, but you can put him to sleep.  Go to the ledge, and look down.  More
mushroom anyone?  You know what you have to do?  Bounce, bounce, and bounce
your way to a ledge all the way to your left.  Once there, hang your way
around until you get to a tunnel, and jump in it!  Walk to the next room, kill
more green monsters, and you should find a Skeleton Elevator.           Take a
ride down, and kill two more goblins.  Jump onto the cages hangin over the
river and jump on the squid-like thing swim by.  It should take you to a
wooden house sumerged in the green junk.
You may also find in the game, a huge wheel under a ledge, climb down to it
and turn it, and a damn or a door should open.  Exploring is the key here, since
I don't remember exactly where it is at!  Save alot, and watch out for those vines,
and slippery ledges, it's long way down!
Afterwards you will come to a huge damn, and a river of green
junk.  Go down and kill the goblins, and green monsters.  make your way along
the side, until you reach a room with a wheel.  Turn the wheel, and the damn
will close.  Now jump down into the empty riverbed, and walk along it's path
until you find a dead goblin.  He'll have an important skeleiton key on him.
Climb back up, and reopen the damn with the wheel.  Now how do I get across,
or back the way I came.  You may notice that the ledge you walked down on, you
can't climb back up.  I wonder why?  reopen the damn, and climb up onto it's
doors, and jump across them.  This will get you to the otherside.  Kill the
green monster under the mushrooms and the goblin by the door.
Open the door with the skeleton key and enter the next room. Jump across
the stones in the water, and climb up on the ledge on the far side. Kill the gobin,
and walk across the skeleton bridge.  Inside you should find a huge room 
supported by pillars.
Inside is the King of Gobins.  Big isn't he?  You can try and kill
him, but you can't!  Not on your own anyway, you need help.  And some big
help, get him to swing his axe at the pillar and the ceiling will come
tumbling down on him.  But you better get out of the way!  Also in this room
is the dead Archmage Volo, get the ring off his body and make your way back
across the skeleton bridge.  It is possible to get the ring without killing
the King of Goblins, but who would want to?  Once you jump back across the
river, you will see a teleporter in a locked cage to the far right wall.  Go
to it and turn the wheel, the door should open and hop on it!  Teleport your
way back to the main entrance, and leave the tunnels the way you came in ....
up the rope and jump down out of the waterfalls! 

Back in town again!

Go and talk to Brother Niddle, he wan't to know what you have learned about
the missing monk and the Archmages ring.  Go and talk to Felicia at the mages
guild.  And Drekkius at the Dragon Tail.  Buy more potions and refill your
empty flask.  Speaking of flask ....

The Flask......Part One 

As your talking to the local town-people you may happen upon the quest of the
magical flask.  Everyone has heard of it, but no one has found it.  Remember
all those pirates long the island, there looking for the flask too.  That's
why they have maps on the island with them.  Go to the bookstore and buy the
book of Elven Artifacts.  Now go and take the book to Makio, the cartographer,
and he can make you a map to the flask.  It is but one piece to the puzzle.
You can talk to the snake charmer in town, by giving him gold, so many people
are like this!  He will tell you about Joto in jail!  A powerful mage that had
dealings with your sister, he has a piece of the map too!  But don't try
entering the jail, because the guards won''t let you in.  Don't worry, there
are other pieces you have to get first.
You can learn about another piece by talking to Drekkius at the Dragon Tail Inn,
it's seems the local drunk in town has another.  Go and talk to him,
he won't tell you anything though.  So go and talk to  Trivic, the guy who's waiting 
to get his boat repaired by the docks.  It seems his boat was broken into a 
few nights back, and a map piece to the flask was stolen.  Guess who has it?
That's right, the old drunk Crendel.
Go back and talk to him, and trick him into revealing the secret
location of the map.  Follow him, but stay a safe distance away.  One he leads
you into the park, wait until he leaves and run there and dig up the missing
piece to the puzzle.  Now you should have two piece, the cartographers map and
Crendels stolen map piece.  You can learn of another piece by talking to
Felicia at the mages guild, she tell you of a silver ship with a map on the
Now where can I find a silver ship?  Go and talk to the girl in the
Silversmith's shop.  Seems she' s new in town, being a Forebear and all, the
previous owner being a Crown and having died in the war.  Well with all this
junk around she has just thrown everything in her warehouse, and doesn't have
a clue about any silver ship.  Go to her house, next door and you should find
two guards tearing the place upside and down.  Now what could they be looking
for?  Kill the guards and go and talk to the lady again.  She will  thank you
and give you a key to the warehouse.  The Warehouse is not by the docks.  It
is actually right behind her house.  Just go around the building and open the
door with her key. Inside is two chest, one with a potion in it and another
behind some crates. Jump behind the crates and open the chest, inside is the silver ship.
Now go and talk to Lakene, the mr. fix-it guy it seems he has
the password into the local Smuggler's Den.  If he won't talk to you, go and
talk to the Silversmith woman again, and then talk to Lakene.  It seems he
doesn't want anyone to know what he's been up to in the Den, especially his
wife!  He will tell you he lost his wife's locket while playing cards to guy
named Rolo.  Who's Rollo?  Never seen him in town before!  That's because he
stays in his house drinking all day.  His house is located by the Dragon tail
Inn, who could have guess that?  Across from the well in town.  Go and talk to
him, but he won't budge, "Get out of my house!"  He'll tell you!  So how do
you get him to move, so you can steal the locket in his chest, that he happens
to be sitting on.  You can try killing him, but Cyris has morals and all that,
and won't strike an unarmed man!  Rollo should tell you, if you didn't piss
him off too soon, that he works for Gerric at the General Goods Store.  Go and
talk to Gerric about Rollo.
Gerric should tell you about his friend at the bell tower.  Go to the belltower, 
across from the snake charmer, and talk to Favis.  Hey dere young lad, 
de dum de dum de dum!  Hehehehe!  It seems his bell is broken, and he 
wants you to fix it.  Climb up the rope and look at the bell, well nothing seems
wrong with it.  Jump to the ledge, and get the eyepiece laying there.
Talk to Favis again, and he'll tell you about Pernell at the watchtower.
He never let's me swing the flag!  Go to the docks where there are
two buildings joined together by a walkway.  In the basement of the
first building is a chest with gold in it.  Go upstairs and and walk across
the walkway to the other building.  Inside is Pernell, he can't see to good
without his eyepiece.  So give him the one you found.  And he will let you
wave his flag!  Makes me feel young again!  Go to the walkway and wave the
flag.  You should notice that the bell should start ringing.  Return the flag
and run back to Rollo's house.  You should get there just in time as he leaves
his house.  His job is carry crates from the docks to Gerric's shop when the
bell signals a ship coming into dock.  Open the chest, get the locket and
return it to Lakene.  Now Lakene will give you the password into the
Smuggler's Den.  Go to the den behind the cartographers shop and give the
password ... Spoon.
Inside is a guy who knows your sister, looks like she was trying to buy something
from him and gave him a parchment for his trouble.  A worthless parchment to him,
but a valuable one to you!  It has big letter R on the front, for the Restless Leauge,
it seems Izara your sister was working from them and then running from them!
Now you should have four pieces to the map!
But there are five, and Joto in jail has the missing piece.  Go and talk to the
snake charmer agian.

Old Woman stones ... Part One

The snake charmer will tell of his friends camped out of the city.  They are
located to the north, across the bridge by the coastline.  You should find the
old woman drawing in the sand, and her son walking around doing nothing.  You
may even notice a grave there too.  To bad, since N'Gasta has his soul snare
and all.  They should tell you about there troubles and how they need your
help to free the old woman's son soul from the evil of the soul snare.  The
old woman won't talk to you, she's too busy chanting and all!  To help them,
you need a book on astrology from Jeffer's bookstore, and you need to visit
the Observatory on the otherside of the island.

The Observatory

Inside you will find an old elf who burnt his legs while trying to fix the
broken telescope.  He needs your help, because if he doesn't fix the
telescope, the Fat Boy will kill him.  He'll tell you about the ancient
dwarven telescope and it's strange powers.  To fix it you need a dwarven gear.
Which just happens to be in the dwarven ruins, it seems they disappeared a
long time ago.  Lakene, the mr. fix-it guy, knows all about them.

The Dwarven Ruins

Buy the book about Dwarven Artifacts from the bookstore.  Climb up the
mountains and kill some guards.  When you get to the door, go into the cave
behind it, and kill another guard.  By the dwarven crossbow is anothe door.
Open the door by translating the words with your dwarven book.  Inside you
will find two dead guards, don't walk on the pressure plates, or you will end
up just like them.  Jump onto the broken pillars on the floor and jump the
ledge along the wall.  Once your in the tunnel, jump over the hole in the
floor, until you get to a room where there are railroad tracks above and a
cart on th floor.  Climb up on the cart, and onto the railroad tracks.  Jump
across to the otherside, and turn left.
Inside is huge room with a waterfall, two golden statues, and two guards.
Kill the guards and look around the room. Notice the broken section and
the door above it.  Don't worry, you can't get to it, but there are several potions
behind the broken section.  To open the other two doors, stand on the pressure plate
and the golden statues should move.

Watch out for that sword, man!  Inside one room, you have to jump
across a chasm, jump across another chasm, swing on a rope, and turn a lever
to open a locked door.  To swing on ropes, just use the right and left arrow
keys and then jump.  Go back to the main room.  open the other door, with
pressure plate, and swing on the rope, and exit through the door you opened.
Inside is a big dwarven machine, drop down and kill the little robot there.
You may also notice a chasm you can't jump across.  Hang from the ledge, drop
down, jump foward to anothe ledge, jump on the pipe and then you made it
across.  Go to the end of the hallway, jump down, kill the guard, and climb up
the rope. You may come to a room with a several golden crossbows and a broken
bridge.  To get across shot the crossbow to the ledge on the other side.  Now
walk the pipes to the arrow shaft and jump onto to it.  Jump up to the ledge
and you can make it across.

Beettle Puzzle Blues

You will come into this room you will notice two guards impaled on the wall.
Ouch, that's gotta hurt!  And a giant beetle.  Must be there god or something?
Stand on the pressure plate and the beetle should move.  Stand on it again,
and it should swing the head away from you.
Now run to the back, climb up and jump on the head, once there, step backwards
and fall off the head.  Wow a transformer!  The head should move, revealing 
a man-like head.

Second, run back and jump on the pressure plate again, this should swing the
beetle back around until the head is facing you and the legs are away from you.
Go back, and jump on the chain facing the legs.  Aaaaah .... a giant beetle man!

Third, run back to the pressure plate again until the bettle is standing
upright on it's legs.
Fourth,  run to the platforms on the side and jump on those green things sticking out
of his chest, this should releease his arms. They should be holding the chains on each
side now. Run back to the pressure plate, but be carefull remember those guards impaled
on the walls.  They didn't just run into those spikes! 
Fifth, turn the beetle again with the pressure plate, until it is laying flat down.
Run over to the chain and pull it!  this should make the legs fold back up and make
the arms fall down.  I wonder if he is dead?
Sixth, reactive the legs and spin the beetle back up until he is standing upright again.
This time his arms should be holding the middle chain and the door exiting the area
should open. Now onto the next room.

Pipe Puzzle Nightmares

Why did I call this Pipe Puzzle Nightmares?  Just for the very fact, that if
you don't read this spoiler it will keep you up for nights on end.
The First thing to do is turn the machine on in the back. I didn't do that at 
first and spent alot of wasted time running around and turning wheels. 
In the back, you will see a small golden building surrounded by lava, 
jump across to it and turn the wheel.  Wow....steam power! 
Second, run aroundthe ruins and turn all the wheels, you will notice that
they turn the pipes.  Connect the pipes so that they connect to the center pipe
by the stairs as you first come in.  Keep turning the wheels until you can get
two of the pedistals to lay down flat and the one above the stairs.
Third, jump onto the golden building in the back,and jump your way across
the pesidals until you get to the walkway above the stairs. Run to the two
towers and turn the wheels there, this should connect the pipes to the rest of
the ruins. Jump back down.
Fourth, is to go back and redo everything that you have already done
Sound familiar?  It should, just like the beetle puzzle. One the right is a map
of the puzzle, in the tower, turn the pipes until they look just like the map.
Once you have done it right, you should see a little movie about some
pedesials lowering in another room.
Now leave the way you came in, back through the door.  When you get to
the room where the pesdials are, the ones you saw in the movie, jump on them.
Jump across until you reach the chain hanging from the ceiling.  Swing arcoss
to the balacony and door. Inside this is room is a giant Dwarven Robot.  To
kill it, jump down where it is at.  And swing your sword at his left ankle.
There should be a green button there, just hit it, and the robot should come
tumbling down around you.  Inside is the dwarven gear you need to fix the
telescope at the Observatory.

The Observatory .... Part Two

Place the gear back in the observatory.  You can access the room by a secret
panel on the floor.  Jump across along the steam pipes until you get to the
gear room.  Don't burn your legs!  Once there, place the gear back into the
slot and ride the elevator back up to the main floor.  Now talk to the old
elf, an he will let you look through his telescope.  Remember the old woman
and her dead son!  Hope you have that book on astrology.  Look through the
telescope and move it around until you find the Snake's head and tail.  Once
you see it, go and help the old woman.

The Old Woman's Stones ...... Part Two

As you are standing behind the old woman, place one stone to the dark circle
to your left.  The second stone should go to the square next to it, towards
the center.  Once you have done this, the old woman will talk to you, about
soul stones!

Joto in jail

Now go and talk to felicia in the Mages Guild about the soul stones.  The
Archmage will get very angry at you and turn you into a rat-like bunny thing!
Oh no, what can I do.  Go around and try and talk to people, you will find out
that you can't.  Go to the jail, jump thorugh the window on the right, and get
inside the jail.  Go thorugh the jails and see if you can find Joto.  He won't
be able to understand you so you have to make your words sound like english.
I think the right combination is Joto, Jail, help, Izara.  The words should
sound like Ch .... ange .... Me .... Back!  And Joto will change you back.
But watch out.  Dram the dark elf is there, and he's gonna kill Joto.  And you
too, if your not quick with a sword.  Exit the jail and run along the
rooftops, fight the guards, and jump down onto Lakene's house, and then onto
his broken wagon to get back down onto the ground.  you should now have all
the pieces to the Flask Puzzle.

The Flask Puzzle .... Part two

Add up all the numbers on the back of the pieces of the puzzle and go to
saintsport.  Watch out, there pirates everywhere looking for the flask.  Go to
the center pavalon in Saintsport and look up, and you should see a picture of
our goddess Leki, seen her in town before?  Maye.  Walk 63 paces forward and
turn left and walk another 16 paces, slid down a hill, and start digging.  And
there should be the flask.

The Lighthouse

Can't get into the lighthouse?  Well then you need to return the amulet to the

Return the Amulet

Once you return the amulet to the Fat Boy, he will throw you into jail. Who
could have guessed that?  To escape, the catacombs, talk to the guy in the
room with you and he will give you a key to the lighthouse, it seems he is
member of the Restless Leauge.  Use the key he gave you to dig out a stone in
the far wall, climb up on the stone and and climb up the robe.  Run around and
kill some guards and get to a room with all your stuff in it. Everything
should be there!
The hardest part of the catacombs is the three doors.  Step on the 
pressure plates until you can get a door to open.  Go through the rooms,
past the traps, and get the rune stones at the end of each three doors.
Once you have all three runes, go to the Wheel, Lever, and Door puzzle.
To get through here, turn the wheel, to five o'clock and place each rune in the
slot according to it's location on the dwarven writings on the wall behind
you.  Once the door opens, exit the catacombs, and see a cool movie!

The Lighthouse .... Part Two

Use the key to enter the lighthouse and signal the Restless Leauge.  The old
elf in the observatory is the key.  Flash, flash, fllaaaaash!  Those darn
ghost keep me up all night!   The restless League ship should now come to
shore, yes they can see the light even during the day time.  The woman on the
ship will want proof of who you are?  Give her the parchment with the big
letter R on it you go from the Smuggler's Den.  Then she will take you to the
Restless Leagues secret hide-out.

The Restless Leauge.

The first thing you need to do is to go and talk to they're leader.  He's
located on the west end of the docks.  Be careful here.  These pirates here
are touchy, and don't like strangers poking their noses into their business.
Some may even pull a sword on you!  Once you find the leader, talk to him
about your sister.  Notice the guy standing next to him, well he has a score
to settle with you.  Remember those two pirates you killed on your way into
Stros M'Kai, well it seems they were his friends or something, and he wan't
some serious revenge.  Watch out he's tough!  And quick with a sword!
To hurt him, swing your sword and jump like a fool!  That's the only way to win.
Once you beaten him, the leader will give you a bandage to heal your wounds.
He will also ask you to go to Izara's house and find her diary.  Her house is
located by the docks that you came in on, and use the key to enter.  Inside
you will find her diary on the table.  To open it, use the blood from your
bandage on the lock.  Read the dairy, and watch a cool movie!  This isn't
about your sister, Redguard!  This is about the Kingdom!

N'gasta's Island ..... Part Two

It seems N'Gasta has your sister.  If you have the flask, go and kill him!
Once you reach the tower, figt the two demons there, then get the vial and
fill it with the potions.  Pour the potion into the pit and jump onto it.  It
should throw you up onto a ledge.  After you, kill the fat squid N'gasta, you
need to mix a potion to get to his boss.  Mix orcs blood with amber, hist sap
with the unicorn horn, and ectoplasm with the daedra heart. This will take you
to the daedra lord Celis Vile.  Talk to the guards and enter the door.  Rescue
your sister.

The Govenor, the Dragon, and the Catacombs .......Part Two

Last you need to reenter the catacombs and go through the doors that you
couldn't enter the first time through.  Kill the Govenor and the dark elf
Dram.  Then find the Dragon.  To kill the dragon, I hope you have Hundings
Artifact.  Strike at his belly, make him knock over the braizer to make your
sword firey hot and continue to strike away until he is dead.  Wow....look at
all that gold!

Take the soulstone from the dragon back to the old woman and her son, and
watch a cool movie.

Fight a little more, watch another movie!

As you notice towards the end,  I didn't reveal everything.
What's the fun of the game if you know all the secrets? 
Hope you enjoy the game, I sure did!
Bethesda out did themselves with this one!  Great job guys!

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