A Game by Nocturnal Works


A Walkthrough by Chief


March 2013



-This is a keyboard control game using the WASD keys.

  The W key is mainly use during the game to go forward with the use 

   of the mouse to pan left and right.


-The Escape key will get you to the main menu.


-Other keys are use also:  space bar: jump

                                          left ctrl: crouch

                                          shift: run

                                          I: inventory

                                          L: lantern

                                          F: flashlight

                                          J: journal

                                          M: map


-The hand icon is use to pick up or use objects.  You can also move   

  some objects.


-The game autosaves at certain points in the game.  Look for the   word “Saving” at the upper right side of the screen. 


-A lot of exploration is done in this game. Get ready to follow many paths and to remember where everything is.


NOTE: “This walkthrough is based on the version 1.0 of the game.  The most recent version (V.1.2) adds an element of threats in the game that you will discover as you play, The story line of both version is the same”.





After the opening scene in which the car is hit by a boulder, explore a bit around if you want to and open the trunk of the car to take the backpack: this will give you access to the flashlight (F).


Walk toward the front of the car and pass it to see a fence on the left.  Follow the fence and see a path going left.  Follow it until the village.




As you enter the village, check the door of the houses on the left and right.  Both closed.


Note: all the doors are closed in the Village.  You will have to find a certain number of keys.


Continue on the path and get a cutscene and hear a woman scream.

Go back to one of the houses you just visited and talk to the woman: she needs your help and she also mentions that a man said “in vino meritas” (the truth is in the wine).


And now the batteries of the flashlight are dead but you still can see enough to go around.




Go back following the path and get to the village square.   Have a look around:  blood on the ground, houses with signs (click on them to see what they mean) and a fountain of clear water.


Then take the passage on the right of the fountain (see a light at the end), open the gate and go further.  You will arrive at a small area with stairs on the left going down to a closed door.   Click the door to open it and crouch down to go down the stairs to the cellar.  As you enter, notice a generator with no gas.


Exit the cellar and forward to the stairs in front of you. There is a closed fence on the left.

Half way down the stairs, look to your right and take the hose from the water tap.

Continue on down the stairs and in the passage between houses and see a path going down to the river. Near the river, see a big boulder that will indicate that the path is there.




You need to do some exploration here.  Go right along the bank of the river and check for a sound:  see and take a container  in the river among some branches.

Go back to the path and going back up, see another path (not easy to see) on the right.  Walk to an area with logs.  See and pick up the axe.

Back to the main path to go up and see an old motorcycle, a Vespa.  Have a look at it: some gas left in the tank: use the hose on it and then the container to get a full container.




Go back to the cellar to pour the gas in the generator.  You now can see what is in the cellar: check the barrels and find an empty one.  Use the axe on it and you take the key.


There will now be a cutscene, find your way to the door and you will get hit.






See a cutscene in which you get out of a coffin you were put in. See a man running away. The key is no longer in Inventory.

Walk forward and take the lantern (L) that you can use.


You can look around if you want but look out for a grave with a light candle.  Take the matches. 


Look for the opening to leave the cemetery and follow the path.   At the intersection, go right to the village, pass the three first houses on your right and turn right.  You can see the entry to the village from above the stairs and the house where the woman was. She is gone.  Where?




Go back to the intersection and continue on forward, passing in between high walls of rocks.  You will see a man running in front of you: follow him on the path, across a bridge (you will loose him here) and continue on the path until a dead end of a rock wall.


See a spiral symbol.  Nothing to do with it.


Come back toward the bridge and see a small path coming from the left, in between two big trees, but closer to the second one : take it and go through the bushes and forward until you see a rope ladder.   Nothing to do here for now.


So, come back to the main path and go left toward the intersection leading to the cemetery or the village.


Before you get there, see a path going left and up. Walk it (to another path going left to a stair and a close fence) going right to a house.

The door is lock and notice a horseshoe on the door.  Go to the back of the house to take a blue screwdriver that is beside a generator.


Go back down the path and left to the village.




You arrive at the village, but pass in the back of a row of houses on the left until you see a path going left to another house above where you are.  Go there.

Check under the doormat and take the key.  Go in using the key on the door.

See a radio on the table and use the screwdriver on it: you get a magnet.

Go up the stairs.  Open some drawers and in the second one, take the key and read the message: the key is for the general store.




Knowing where that general store is, go there and use the key you just found.  Enter.


Look for and take some batteries from the shelves. 


You can now use your flashlight (F) if you want to.


Under the counter, take a key and read the note. No need to bring the scale to the blacksmith but go to his house, the one with the horseshoe on the door.




With the key, go in the house and look around.  Find a rake leaning on a wall.




Now we need to take a good walk back to that path leading to the rope ladder.

When you get there, use the rake on the ladder: be close to the wall and a bit under the ladder.

After the cutscene, you will be on top of the cliff.  Look around and see that you can move a very big log.  It will become a bridge for your way back.

That done, follow the path until you get to a fence.  Open it.




Of course the door is locked.  Go to the outside toilet and click on the bench: something is in there.  That will be fun….

Use the magnet and get a key.  Go to the house and use the key to go in.  Have a look around.

Take a shovel leaning in a corner.  

Open the trunk and read the journal by clicking on it:


“Some story about strangers that arrived at the village. They were members of a cult doing dark rituals they called “Arima”.  There is also something about invocation of a deity called “Typhoeus”.  It is also mention of a sacred item that can stop the invocation.  To do the invocation, they wanted to use an unborn child of one of them.  But the couple manage to escape.  The pregnant woman was hidden in a monastery and the husband buried outside the cemetery.”


Go to the stove and take some ashes. 


Exit the house and go to the cemetery.




Go left outside the fence and walk to some light dirt just before a tree with no leaves.  Use the shovel on the dirt and see a body.  Have a look at it and get a key. 


Walk back to the village and forward on the path to past behind the houses on the left.  Walk this path until you get to a gate.  Use the key on it.




The door of the house is locked, of course.   Go to the left of the house and enter the small storage shack.

Take the blue pliers/cutter. 

Look around.  No keys to be found.


Exit the shack and walk toward the back of the house.

Behind the shack, see some barrels forming steps.   Jump on the barrels to be on the roof.  (You may have to jump on the first blue barrel being sideway if you can’t jump on it on the line of the steps).

On the roof, see a plank.  Click on it and it will move toward the house and the open window.


Walk slowly on the plank and use the hand icon on the open window to get in.


You are in the bathroom.  Nothing of interest here.


Exit and see the stairs.  Go to the room right next to the stairs. In the bedside drawer, take the lighter fluid container. 


Exit and go down to the first floor.  Check the door on the left of the fire place: locked but find a way to pick the lock.

We need something.


Do not take the pestle from the fire place now.


Unlock the front door and go outside to your left.  See a bicycle on the side of the house.  On it, use the cutter  to get two pieces of wire. 


NOTE: you must now go to the blacksmith’s house in order to make a lock pick: put the wires on the vice, use the pliers on the wires: the lock pick goes in Inventory.


Back to the door you need to pick the lock at the Mayor’s house, use the lock pick and enter.


The Office


Walk to the desk and take the Map.     (letter “M”)


Read the book on Typhoeus.


Walk around the desk and open the middle drawer:  read the letter.   The letter is about a sealed temple and a sacred item hidden there.  The same item as in the journal. Need some initiation to enter the temple.


Open the left drawer and take the key for the doors to the temple area. 


In the bookshelves near the desk, you can read the green book: Eleusinian Mysteries:  sacred concoction: mix the ingredients in this order: 1.Grinded barley with eresybis

2.Ashes  3.Clear water  4.Mint


In the other shelves, the brown book: Automata: mechanism to force the door of a temple to open automatically.


The Kitchen


Exit the office and go to the door next to the table.  See a bowl near the sink.


Take the bottle in the sink.   We need to gather the ingredients.




Go and take the path toward the blacksmith’s house, but instead of going there directly, turn left to go to the stairs and the closed fence. Use the key on it and go up.

Follow the path and some wooden stairs to the temple.


The doors are sealed and no lock.   Check the stone pillar with a hole in it.   What’s next?


Go back down the wooden stairs and notice a path going to the right.  Go right and see a house.  Enter.  See a sack that is open. Take the barley with fungus.   


Go back to the path you used to go to the temple and then right to go to the long set of stairs.


Go to the village square and the fountain.  Take some clear water using the empty bottle.


Now, go to the back of the mayor’s house and take the mint leaves from the pot in the circle of plants.




Go to the fire place and take the pestle from the pot.


Now, in the kitchen, put the barley in the wooden bowl and then use the pestle.  Add in this order:  the ashes, water and mint.

See a cutscene when the mixture is drank and the following effects.




Go there to see the symbol of a theater near the doors.   We must go there.


Note: you may not see this in your game. Just go to the theater anyway.




To go to the theater, walk back down to the main path and go right.  Walk to a path on the left and go to the theater.


See a cutscene of a man in a robe  hiding something under a stone.


Go there, in the middle of the stands, near a bush (second row up): click on the stone on the right of the bush and take a plate.


The effect of the mixture are now gone.




Now go back  to the temple and the pillar with the hole on top.

Put the plate on it.  Then use the lighter fluid and matches on the plate. That will start a small fire.  The doors to the temple are now open.


Walk in the temple and see a locked metal box: something is missing.


Behind the box, on the left, see and take  a pentacle: the pentacle matches the faint lines on the Map.

Open the Map and see the pentacle on it: click on the Map:  it points to fives places:  behind the hidden house, above the theatre, outside the mayor’s house, near the waterfall and on the side of the path to the village entrance.


Be ready to take a good and long walk and to do some searching.




We have to find five stone parts in the places mentioned above by using a shovel to unbury them from a shiny dirt pile.


Behind the Hidden House


This is the house past the rope ladder.

Place yourself behind the house (go behind the house by passing on the left) on the right side.  Go to a tree in front of you and passing it to go to the rock wall a bit on the left: use the shovel and take the first stone part. 


 Above the Theater


Go up in the centre of the stands, passing the bush, to a tree and just beneath it, take the second stone part. 


 Outside the Mayor’s House


Instead of going inside the fence wall, go to your left and then go along the fence and then right which is at the back of the house.

Go to a big boulder and take the third stone part.   


 Near the Waterfall


Go down the path to the river bank and walk to go right to the waterfall.  From the waterfall, go right to a big pine tree.  The dirt pile is behind it.  Take the fourth stone part.



On the Side of the Path to the Village Entrance


Go back to the road where the car is and walk back to go to the village.  From the beginning of the path, count four big trees on your right.  After the fourth one, turn right and go to a big boulder. Take the fifth stone part.


When you have all five parts, go back to….




Put all five stone parts on the metal box:  open the box: take the strange shaped metal item.

 Exit the temple and see a cutscene.


Search the man and find a key. 




Go back to the village square and up the stairs past the fountain.  Look at the top of this building to see a bell; this is the church.

Use the key to go in.  You can look around and walk to the alter: click on it.  It moves aside. See a hatch, but no handle: use the screwdriver to open it.


Go down.







The hatch is closed and the alter moved back by someone.


Walk forward to a brick wall.  Don’t mind the side passages.

On the ground, in front of the wall, see a pentacle.   The stones of the wall, when clicked on them, seem loose.


We need something to break it.


Turn around from the wall and go to the first passage on the right.  Open the tomb and take a wooden staff.


Use it on the brick wall and go forward in this new passage.


After walking a bit, see a cutscene.


There is now a small action part: after the cutscene, start running (shift key) away from the black smoke and jump over (space bar) three holes.  At the end of the passage, the door will close itself.


NOTE:  if you fail from running away from the smoke or fall in the holes, you will get back to the main menu.  Click on “Continue” and redo the action part.




You are now in a big cave. Walk forward to the big opening. After it, turn left and go to a lantern on an alter.

See a black robe.  Click it to wear it.


Get back to the main path and go on to the left to another big opening in the rocks.

Hear some singings.


Get a cutscene in which you see the woman.  Listen to what see says.   YOU are the chosen one.


She asks to enter the pit to become the vessel of Typhoeus.


OR  you can use the strange shaped metal items on the pit to stop them.  The entire area will then start to collapse.


Run left to a column that breaks down.  Jump on the column and crouch to past the entry of a passage and run to go outside.


NOTE: if you miss doing this, you will be able the start over that action part.


See a road light ahead.  Go there.



After the acknowledgement to the participants in the making of the game, you will get the chance to try the other ending: jump in the pit and listen to the final commentary.





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