Entombed - Cheats

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1. When starting Entombed, instead of typing entombed in the file run box, type:
entombed chaos rules to access all cheat codes with password 1
entombed chaos rules all to access all cheat codes with password 1 and; 2 N.B.
The 'chaos rules all' must be in lowercase.

2. Once in the game press the 'c' key and type the cheat code in upper case.
Cheat Code Password Effect
1DL 1 Day room, lights off
1SL 1 Star room, lights off
1EL 1 Evening room, lights off
1NL 1 Night room
1DLS 1 Day room, with missing day piece
2HE 1 Great hall, entrance
2L 2 Great hall, left side puzzle done and door open
2 Great hall, right side puzzle done and door open
2C1 2 Chipper, crystal chunk chipped off
2C2 2 Crusher, crystal chunk crushed
2C3 2 Smelter, energy crystal formed
2CS 2 Acid pool island, crystal inserted
2CE 2 Acid pool island, just before crystal is energized
2T 2 Tunnel area
3M 2 Start of maze
3ME 2 End of maze
4C 2 Cathedral, beginning facing south
4P 2 Cathedral, teleport piece ready for taking
4G 2 Cathedral, mind glasses ready for taking
4M 2 Cathedral, transporter activated
4R 2 Cathedral, nuclear reactor activated
4L 2 Cathedral, stellar movement detector activated
4T 2 Cathedral, stellar clock activated
4K 2 Cryogenic chamber, just before sleeping
5P 2 Cathedral moat, energy crystals generated
5T 2 Dimensional temple, energy crystals in place
My thanks are extended to Chaos Concepts Pty. Ltd. who created Entombed.

New orders of Entombed are currently shipped by:
Software Creations, 26 Harris Street, Clinton, MA..   01510   USA
Details and orders,  Phone: (508) 368 - 8654   Fax: (508) 365 - 7214

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