Entombed - Walkthrough

This is not a complete walkthrough because many of the puzzles have multiple solutions or keep changing, but that is some of the fun of this game. I do hope it gives some helpful hints. It is also not complete because I am stuck at the very last puzzle.

First level:
To turn on the light you need to click on the moon and the half-dark earth. The darkened point of the sun needs to be excactly oposite the dark part of the earth. Turn towards the acid pool and press the the second sun-quarter from the right.

Turn around and you should see a sun-quarter in the lower left of the panel. The object of this puzzle is to change all the moons to suns and to leave the "earth "pieces on the bottom. As you click on a tile above the empty spot, it slides down and changes. The moon pieces change to earth and the earth pieces change to suns. Keep moving the pieces around until you have 8 suns on top and 7 earth pieces on the bottom with the space on the lower left corner empty. The big sun on top should now sprout points and the door to the next room opens.

Turn on the light in the next room the same way you did before. Turn right and solve the tile puzzle at the entrance to the next chamber. You need to follow the layout of the tiles exactly to avoid the trap. After every wrong attempt the sequence of the layout changes so that one time you have to follow it from the top, left to right, and the next time from the bottom, right to left.
You are now in a big hall with double doors. Turn on the light. Turn right and solve the tile puzzle for the next chamber. Turn on the light in the next room.

The puzzle in this room is a musical puzzle. Notice that when you press the top bar, seven different notes are played in the right-hand square. Next to the square are waves with seven different points. You are to repeat the sequence of the notes by clicking under the corresponding points of the wave. If you start out correctly and click on the top bar again the same sequence will play again. If you make a mistake however you will get a whole new sequence of notes. When you click on the shaft the notes of the waves will be played. Some sequences are obviously easier then others. I always wait until one starts at the very top or very bottom. Still it took me quite a while. If anyone has figured out the pattern, please share it. When you have successfully played back the seven notes, the puzzle repeats them. This opens the door to the next chamber.

On the left of this room is a star puzzle. Click on the moon, that turns the little stars above. Then click on each star on the bottom. Keep repeating this until a star jumps into the empty star shape on the left, next to the big star. Now click on the moon and then on the big star. Keep repeating this until the first little star vacates its place. Follow the same procedure for the other stars until all of them are in position. You can now take the big star.

Go back into the first room ( you need to solve the tile puzzle every time you go through a doorway) and push in all the sun quaters on the acid pool. Go back into the room with the big sun and plug the missing piece into the middle. Then click on the points of the sun. Start at the 5 till 12 position and click on every 4th point counterclockwise. These points will then grow bigger.

Go back into the big hall. Now there is a puzzle on the double doors. The object is to reverse the position of the sun and the moon. Keep klicking on the moons and the suns on the bottom. Once they have reversed their position the double doors will open.

Level 2
To make the rays of electricity visible, throw the rock through the open doors. Wait until there is a break in electricity then enter quickly. Turn left and solve the puzzle with the two balls. Again you need to reverse the position of the two object. Keep playing with the buttons on the bottom, the puzzle practically solves itself.

Turn right and work the light switch. It basically functions the same way as the others except that you need to click on the right wave in order to turn on the light. Enter the chamber. Right in front of you is a big red circle with a bullseye underneath. Click on the upper part of the red circle and then on the bullseye. This opens the first room upstairs.

Go upstairs and turn on the light. In the first room you need to make a raw crystal. Push the upper half of the buttons so that you get 3 1 2 2 blocks. Then push the stamp button. Take the crystal, go downstairs, close the doors and open the second room by pushing on the middle of the red circle.

Upstairs, put your crystal in the machine and crush it by punching 2312 and the tongs button. Take the flattened crystal, go downstairs and open the third room. Put your crystal in the hopper, push 1232 and the fire button. If you make a mistake on this or the previous machine you will lose your crystal and have to go back to the first room to make a new one.

Take your finished crystal to the acid pool where the star puzzle is to energize it. At the pool push the pointer on the very left. A walkway will appear. Go to the middle of the pool, put the crystal in the square hole and take the pointer. With the pointer in hand push the lower left point by the crystal. The walkway will move into the oposite direction. Click on the square on the bottom to get it back and go back to the edge of the pool. Release the first pointer, push in the second and return to the center. Again with the pointer push the next point. Repeat these steps until you have pushed all four points around the crystal. It will now be energized.

Take the crystal and go back through the double doors.Turn right and work the crystal prism puzzle. The object is to get the light from the left to the right. I did this completely by trial and error so I donït know the pattern. Just notice which buttons on the bottom control which triangles and try not to turn some off that have already been lit.

This opens the door to the next chamber. Turn on the light and take the empty torch on the wall next to the big hole. Put the torch next to your hand on the inventory screen and put the crystal on top. The two will combine and you have a working torch to enter the maze.

Level 3
The maze has five levels and a map is available for downloading in this library.

Level 4
The maze ends in the cathedral. Turn right and look at the machine with the ice block on top. The machine has six buttons: 1 2 3 4 5 6.  Push 4 2 1 , then the button on the right. Take the key. Turn left to a similar machine and push 3 5 6 and the button on the right. Take the glasses. Next to this machine is a pedestal with a glass block on top. Put the glasses next to your hand on the inventory screen and click on the glass case. Now click on the diary and you can read the conclusion of the adventure.

Go to the altar and place the key on it. You need to click on the lights that appear on the carved portion of the altar. Be accurate and quick. After the top of the altar lights up, take your key back and step back. You will be transported back into the hall of level 2.

Make another crystal, energize it at the pool as before and return to the cathedral by using the key on the altar in the hall.

Go to the nuclear machine, click on the middle door and put your crystal into it. Next to the nuclear machine is a rack with rods. Put on the gloves then insert each rod into the machine. Take the control rods out of the machine and put them on the rack. The machine should now be humming.

Find the stellar clock and timer. On the timer you need to shift the pieces around until the correct picture forms. When you click on two pieces, these two change places. Then make the connections on the stellar clock so it looks the same as the timer. When they are humming you are ready to go to sleep. Go up the steps behind the altar and enter a sarcophgus.

Level 5
After you get up you need to fashion four crystals for transportation. There are 4 more machines that have 8 buttons each. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Starting with the machine all the way to the right of the altar, the sequence for the 4 different machines is:

4 7 2 6 3 8 1
2 6 1 3 4 5 8
7 5 6 4 8 1 3 2
5 8 2 7 4 1 6 3

Then go to the moat opposite the altar. The crystals will be there. You now need to transport them forward in the right sequence and I have not figured out how to do this. So if you figure it out before I do, please let me know.

Final Solution submitted by Allen Rhodus

When you click on one it goes to a place on the raft starting at the left the first crystal (one) can be transferred with the the third put them on the raft and leave one or the other there and come back with the other.
Click the one on the raft and take it off then send the one second from the left on the raft with the one on the far right. Send them across put both of them in the temple now take the first crystal you moved to the raft and move
back to where the last crystal is load it on and go across.
After putting the crystals in the temple theres one last puzzle the crystal thats the uppermost left corner is one and the upper right is three and so on.
Hit 4321 then 431 the big crystal at the top should change colors then youre done and the game ends until the sequel

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