Escape From Monkey Island
Location Oriented Walk Through

A list of items to find, things to do, & places to go in game sequence.
Written by John T Burt, copyright 2002
Location Oriented Walkthrough
Written by John T Burt, Copyright 2002

   This walkthrough is laid out by location as opposed to objectives. If you get stuck or want to see if you missed anything, you can simply look up the location. For most locations, the objective is in parenthesis right after the name. You can also use the walkthrough to tell you where to go next although I avoid doing that because it spoils the fun of what little exploring there is. You do not have to do everything in the order presented here but I think this is the most efficient sequence. There are not very many details on how to do most things though. That remains for you to figure out.

   I initially found this game frustrating, annoying and tedious. If it had not been for the walkthroughs from, I wouldn't have even bothered to finish it. Once I had the walkthroughs, it was no longer frustrating and annoying. It just got boring quickly. I could play it for about an hour before I got bored, talking to most of the characters and figuring things out on my own before looking at a walkthrough.

   The game is sort of like an interactive Saturday morning cartoon. In fact the videos reminded me of those cartoons almost every time. I'm not a big cartoon fan.

   The games I like are the Tomb Raider series and Myst series. In both there is a lot of exploring and very little contact with other characters. The necessary objects are pretty much right out in the open, it is obvious when one has been found, and it is easy to figure out which item to use next. Both games are very intuitive.

   Tomb Raider is, in fact, rather linear in sequence and the necessary object to use comes up automatically. Tomb Raider adds some enjoyable, but not too complex, puzzles and some foes to fight for action. Myst is not as linear and adds more complex puzzles, some too complex for me, but there is plenty of exploring and there is always help available when I get stuck.

   Monkey Island, on the other hand, is all about talking to characters with very little exploring. In fact the talking is the main component of the puzzles and the game. In addition, more than half the talking is meaningless and has nothing to do with solving the game. Some of the solutions are not intuitive at all and there are hidden trigger questions. If you fail to ask a character the right question, the next segment won't be active. In one case I failed to go the right direction and the game locked up. I had to look that up in a walkthrough.

   To sum it up, if you like Tomb Raider and Myst in the way I do and are not a big cartoon fan, you probably won't like Escape from Monkey Island. But Escape is tolerable.

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PIRATE SHIP: (sink the enemy)
   Kick over the brazier of hot coals by using it.
   Pick up a hot coal on the floor with your foot.
   Kick the hot coal to the loaded cannon.
   You should get a video taking you to Melee Island for Act 1.

ACT 1: Things to do when you're Dead

MELEE ISLAND: (get a ship)

   You don't need to talk to the operator but, if you do, he will give you a hint about what to do.

SCUMM BAR: (get the pretzels and a navigator)
   Talk the dart players into hitting the balloon by the drunk.
   Pick up the pretzels.
   Talk the pirate sitting down (I. Cheese) into joining your crew by beating him at insult arm wrestling.

   Pick up the popped inner tube.

CATAPULT: (destroy the catapult)
   Use popped inner tube on the funny looking cactus by the mansion.
   Give some pretzels to catapult operator and tinker with the controls while he eats them.

MANSION: (get a job contract and the gubernatorial seal)
   Pick up the cushy government job contract on the china cabinet.
   Get Elaine to sign the contract.
   Talk Elaine into giving you the gubernatorial seal so you have authority.

OTIS AND CARLA: (get them to join the crew)
   Convince Otis and Carla to join your crew in exchange for cushy jobs.
   Give them the cushy job contract.

HARBOR: (get a ship)
   Show the harbor mistress the gubernatorial seal so she will give you a ship.

LUCRE ISLAND: (get the family heirlooms and prove you are alive)

LAW OFFICE: (read a letter)
   You must READ the letter you get.
   I'm not sure if you need to talk to the lawyers, but I don't think so.

BANK LOBBY, first time: (get into the vault)
   Pick up the Scupperware.
   Use the letter and gubernatorial seal to get into the vault to check your safe deposit box.

BANK VAULT: (get out)
   Pick up the hanky, sword, three sponges, music box and bottle of grog.
   Use sword on bottom hinge and the broken sword on the crack.
   Use all three sponges and the grog on the crack.

   Pick up the chicken grease.

   Pick up the cologne and an empty spritzer bottle

   Fill the empty spritzer bottle.

   Pick up the wood shavings and add them to the spritzer bottle.

BAIT SHOP: (get free bait, bait water, duck)
   Pick up some free bait and put it in the Scupperware.
   Add some bait water to the spritzer.
   Pick up the duck outside the shop.

OZZIE'S MANSION - not in town:
   Pick the flower and add it to the spritzer.

MARSH - not in town:
   Add water from the puddle to the spritzer.

BANK MANHOLE: (read the names)
   Use the sword on the manhole cover.
   Read and remember what's written inside the manhole cover.

PALACE OF PROSTHESES: (get the map, prosthetic hand, and prosthetic skin)

   Talk to Dave and then spray him with the homemade perfume. He should tell you the name of the person who smells like that. The name is different every time.

   Use the first letters of the first name, middle initial and last name to operate the filing apparatus (the code is below). You should get a sheet with clock times and compass headings on it.
   Bunny = A - D;
   Tree = E - H;
   Pumpkin = I - M;
   Monkey = N - S;
   Banana = T - Z

   Play the music box to Dave so he cannot hear.
   Pick up the prosthetic hand. It is a tricky timed process.

   Ask Dave for a free item as a gift for a friend. When he tells the story use the names from the manhole cover. You should be given the prosthetic skin. (Other names get other useless things.)

CHESS PLAYERS: (get the clock)
   Ask the portly player about Britney.
   Distract the players when they pick up pieces causing them to drop the pieces. Distract the portly player with food and the skinny player with Britney. They should start to toss pieces in the ocean.
   Pick up the clock.

MARSH - RAFT: (pole to the gate)
   Use the clock on the raft so you can see the time, which will change as you move.
   Use the time to look up the compass heading on the sheet from the prosthetics shop and move that way. If you do it right you will reach a gate and a second Guybrush from the future. [This was an annoying process because it is not precise. I ended up moving pretty much randomly until the second Guybrush showed up. Use the left and right arrows only to turn. Point the raft in the right direction and then use the forward (up) arrow. Save often.]

MARSH - GATE: (get to Pegnose Pete's)
   Write down what is said and exchanged in the exact order, including the number.
   Use the key to open the gate.
   Follow the compass directions again to meet the second Guybrush again.
   Repeat the sequence or die.

   After the talking inside the shack stops, use the chicken grease on the welcome mat, and the duck in the window.
   There should be a long video after Pete is trapped and you will end up back in town.

BANK MANHOLE: (get into the bank again)
   Use the prosthetic skin on the manhole cover and then use the trampoline.

BANK LOBBY, second time: (get Pete's nose)
   Downstairs, use the chain to turn on the lights.
   Upstairs look at the weird shadow overhead.
   Pick up the nose. You should get another video.

BAIT SHOP: (get the termites)
   Use the prosthetic hand on the termites.

OZZIE'S MANSION: (make Ozzie break his stick)
   Talk to Mandrill a bit and use the real cologne on the platypus. Ozzie will break his walking stick and leave to order another.

HOUSE OF STICKS: (put termites on the stick)
   Use the prosthetic hand with the termites on the walking stick. Ozzie should come, get the stick and leave, trailing sawdust behind him.

OZZIE'S MANSION: (make Ozzie go check the loot)
   Keep telling Ozzie you were framed and you know about the loot until he goes to check on it leaving a sawdust trail. Follow him.

FOREST ISLAND: (find the hidden passage)
   Follow the trial through the forest to a small island in a small lake.
   Go around to the backside of the island and go down a hidden passage.

   Push the button and leave.

LAKE and GROTTO: (get the loot and screw)
   Dive into the deep water.
   Use the scupperware with bait in it to catch a glowing fish.
   Enter the secret grotto entrance.
   Pick up all the loot AND the screw.

   Head back to the jail and show the inspector the loot and the screw. You should get a long video and end up on Melee Island for Act 2.

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ACT 2: Enter the Manatee

MELEE ISLAND: (get a ship)

HOUSE OF MOJO: (get earrings, necklace and pen)
   Use "the finger" to see the Voodoo Lady.
   Talk to her about the heirlooms until you get earrings, a necklace and a pen.

   Pick up the paintbrush (optional I think).

   Get the quarter and use it to buy a can of grog. You'll have to "assist" the machine.

SCUMM (LUA) BAR: (melt the wax off the painting and get it)
   Pick up the chopsticks.
   Sit on "any" stool and order a flaming scuttlefish.
   Use the paintbrush to jam the sushi boat mechanism so the flames are under the painting. (The chopsticks might work instead of the paintbrush.)
   Run to the kitchen when the chef comes out and pour the grog into the steam generator (bottom right). You should see a video and end up with the melted painting.

HARBOR: (sail to the next port)
   Use the earrings, necklace, pen and painting on the figurehead.
   You should eventually end up sailing to the next port.

JAMBALAYA ISLAND: (get one part of the ultimate insult)

STARBUCCANEER'S COFFEE: (get a sample bagel, a mug and a cup of coffee)
   Pick up a free bagel, eat it and save the leftovers.
   Steal the mug from the lady.
   Optional: A coffee cup is visible from outside. Go inside, pick it up, get a free refill and save it.

STAN'S TIMESHARE - not in town: (get a pamphlet, glue and coupon)
   Take the free pamphlet. Take the glue (by the door).
   Optional: Drink coffee and listen to Stan's sales pitch. You should get a monkey meal coupon.

MICRO-GROGGERY: (get some grog and a coupon)
   Get free weak grog from the bartender.
   If you didn't get a coupon at Stan's, you can use glue on the manatee ride for a coupon.

PLANET THREEPWOOD: (get a monkey head mug)
   Order anything from the waitress, it doesn't matter what.
   Talk to the short jolly pirate and get him to draw you with the mug.
   Use the glue on the drawing and then use the drawing on the mug you stole at Starbuccaneers.
   Exchange the altered mug with the real mug.

STATUE: (activate a hidden game trigger)
   Talk to the tourist. I don't know what the exact trigger phrase is, but it probably deals with the statue's missing hat. If you don't do it right, the parrots won't work later.

DOCKS: (go to Knuttin Atoll)
   Use the rowboat to go to Knuttin Atoll.

KNUTTIN ATOLL: (get another part of the ultimate insult)

PUPPET THEATER: (get the puppets)
   Talk to the puppets to get the puppeteer out.
   Show him the Ultimate Insult painting. Pick up the puppets.

SCHOOL: (get a dunce cap and whistle)
   Give the nastiest possible answers to the test questions so you get a dunce cap.
   Back outside, pull the fire alarm. Go inside and take the whistle from the treasure chest.
   (You can repeat this for a boat, magazine, and gaming card but I don't think they are needed).

BEACH: (get the bronze hat)
   Talk to the fat pirate to activate a hidden trigger so the parrots will work on the beach.
   Go right to boulder beach.
   Use the whistle to call the parrots. (The escape key will hurry their flights.)
   Give one parrot some grog so he is woozy and you can tell them apart.
   Ask one a simple question to find out which tells the truth.
   You should now be able to ask the parrots where the bronze hat is. If not you missed something talking to the tourist or the fat pirate.
   Use the parrots to find the right boulder.
   Use the puppets on the boulder so the ship blows it up.

JAMBALAYA ISLAND: (get the last part of the ultimate insult)

DIVING PLATFORM: (get the golden man)
   Use the chewed bagel chunk on the lotion.
   Talk to the judges (and Marco if necessary) to get certified for diving.
   Talk Marco into diving and lose to him.
   Talk to the judges individually to find out how to win.

   Dive one:
       Remember Marco's moves.
       Put on the dunce cap.
       When the automatic dive starts, quickly hit the correct keys to match Marco's dive.
   Dive two:
       When you get to choose the moves, any pattern is OK. It's the bagel in the lotion that messes up Marco so you can win.

   When you have all three parts, a long video will take you back to Melee Island and then to Monkey Island for Act 3

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ACT 3: Escape from Monkey Island


   Notice the bananas overhead.

   You don't need to deal with Herman Toothrot yet.

   Pick up the banana picker on the right side.

BEACH: (get the bananas and get the monkey to follow)
   Use the banana picker to pick ALL the bananas.
   Give a banana to Timmy the monkey.
   Keep using them to get him to follow you to the canyon.

CANYON/MINE: (open the steel door and get the weed whipper)
   Use bananas to entice the monkey into the mine and through the vent in the steel door so you can trap the monkey inside (open it first and then close it silly).
   Use another banana in the portal so the monkey will open the door.
   Follow the tunnel and use the banana picker to pick up the weed whipper.

VISTA POINT: (fire a rock into the lava field)
   Pick up a rock and throw it to the Right canal.
   Throw another rock to the Middle canal exactly when the first root twitches.
   Throw another rock to the Left canal exactly when the next root twitches.
   Throw another rock to the Left canal exactly when the final root twitches.
   If the timing was right, the rocks will bump and one will drop in the center hole.

VOLCANO CASTLE/ CATHEDRAL/ LECHUCK CHURCH: (get the shields and ride the boat)
   Use the banana picker to get up the two shields above the door.
   Talk to the priest until he will let you ride the lava boat.

LAVA FIELD: (get the bottle and cut the weeds)
   Steer the boat towards the bottle and use the banana picker to get it.
   Steer towards the pool by the rock you threw earlier.
   Use the weed whipper on the weeds.
   [Go to the monkey village next or the game might lock up.]

MONKEY VILLAGE: (get the accordion and learn about monkey kombat)
   Talk to JoJo Jr. about monkey kombat.
   Use the shields / cymbals on the musical monkey.
   Pick up the accordion.
   [On the way back to the beach you will have to kick over the palm tree.]

CLUTTERED CLEARING: (get the gubernatorial seal)
   Pick up the coconut.
   [You have to hit Herman Toothrot with three items. I don't know if you have to talk to him after each item but you will at the end.]
   Hit Herman with the coconut, the bottle and the accordion.
   Talk to him until you get the second gubernatorial seal.

FOREST AROUND MONKEY VILLAGE: (learn monkey kombat)
   There is a monkey wandering around in map mode. When you encounter him you can play monkey kombat with him to learn the moves. Actually, there are several monkeys and you have to beat each one to get enough points - otherwise, JoJo won't fight you.
   The moves are apparently different in every game so write yours down. I suggest using the pause key to freeze the screen and recording the moves in the tables below as I did. You have to record both the trigger phrases and which stance beats which. Once you have them you can look up which stance will beat the monkey and how to activate it from your stance.

Table 1: SAMPLE - which stance wins Table 1: SAMPLE - which stance wins
  Gimpy  Drunken Charging Bobbing Anxious
Gimpy --- duplicate duplicate duplicate duplicate
Drunken Gimpy --- duplicate duplicate duplicate
Charging Charging Drunken --- duplicate duplicate
Bobbing Gimpy Bobbing Bobbing --- duplicate
Anxious Anxious Drunken Charging Anxious ---

Table 2: SAMPLE - stance change codes
  Gimpy  Drunken Charging Bobbing Anxious
Gimpy --- duplicate duplicate duplicate duplicate
Drunken AEO --- duplicate duplicate duplicate
Charging CAO ACO --- duplicate duplicate
Bobbing AOE OAE EAO --- duplicate
Anxious AOC OAC AEC ACE ---

Table 1: YOUR - which stance wins
  Gimpy  Drunken Charging Bobbing Anxious
Gimpy --- duplicate duplicate duplicate duplicate
Drunken   --- duplicate duplicate duplicate
Charging     --- duplicate duplicate
Bobbing       --- duplicate
Anxious         ---

Table 2: YOUR - stance change codes
  Gimpy  Drunken Charging Bobbing Anxious
Gimpy --- duplicate duplicate duplicate duplicate
Drunken   --- duplicate duplicate duplicate
Charging     --- duplicate duplicate
Bobbing       --- duplicate
Anxious         ---

   Challenge and beat Jojo to get the hat.

GIANT MONKEY HEAD: (activate the giant monkey robot)
   "Use" the bronze hat with the giant head. It will end up on top.
   Use the banana picker on the nose and go inside.
   Use the gubernatorial seal on the prominent slot inside the control room.
   You should get a video taking you to Act 3+.

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ACT 3+: Guybrush Kicks Unusually Large Butt

GIANT TOWER ISLAND: (flip the switch on the conch shell)
   Pick up the large plank and use it on the small tower.
   Climb the small tower.
   Jump on the plank.
   Flip the switch.

ULTIMATE MINKEY COMBAT: (This is counterintuitive!)
   To win you have to get a DRAW three times in a row. In other words, match LeChuck's move instead of beating him.

   As near as I can tell, you get the same result no matter which phrase you choose - kind of dumb and disappointing.

Location Oriented Walkthrough
Written by John T Burt, Copyright 2002

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