Evidence: The Last Ritual – Walkthrough

Part One

English Version: Not having played Missing Since January

 by Inferno


Just got another email from the Phoenix, says he’s found me
---- oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hmmm, wonder if he's cute…

The premise is that The Phoenix, a psychotic serial killer, has created this DVD ---- which is a group of videos taken by the Phoenix from two very different people who, though are on different sides of the world, will become intertwined with the Phoenix as the catalyst. The police have received it and are trying to decrypt it so that they can see the videos on the DVD and use it to catch The Phoenix.

They send it to the ICPA or International Committee for the Phoenix Arrest (of which you will be invited to join as the game progresses) for analysis. You get a copy of it for your system (The game itself comes in an official “evidence bag”) --- along with “other investigators” from this organization (hence the different and various virtual emails that you will receive).



General Notes and Introduction


Internet Research




General Notes and Introduction:

This is a puzzle game with a very strong story. This is also a game of observation and deduction. It is an "Expert" Level game --- make no mistake. It will require logical and deductive research on the Internet while “in game” playing --- and yes, you can keep your antivirus on while playing this game. You will require Macromedia Flash player and Shockwave player -- Java runtime apps and QuickTime 6 or 7, for the game and websites to work correctly. You must have your “popup blocker” turned off while you play this game. You should be connected to the Internet with you email open before you install the game to avoid most problems of setup.  This is a mouse driven game, which utilizes some keyboard strokes occasionally. Emails are a very big part of this game --- as most of the clues are located there. There is no save function --- the game saves for you automatically --- (you can "save" manually at various gates and Levels but this is not for someone who not computer savvy) --- The story is told between the puzzles and brainteasers that you must decipher and the videos that you will see.

It is truly a fascinating experience --- often frustrating and highly rewarding as you progress. But the content and graphic can be disturbing for some. This is a story that will send you straight into the mind of a very dangerous psychopathic serial killer.

This game is a game of thought --- intensive Internet research --- massive amounts of email ---- second-guessing the mind of an absolute loony -- and acute observation. That said --- this game is very non-linear. It should also be noted that this game is based on levels --- within these levels there are 36 "gates' or "doors" distributed unevenly among these "levels"  --- Each level may be approached in any combination – however, here is the most logical progression:


...And by the way

Ever wonder how the Phoenix came up with those names?

Have a look here: http://www.voynich.com/enigma/fig31.pdf



Straight out of the gate you must set up your email and login --- Some gamers have told me that they we ‘re having major problems with this, so have a look at how I did it using an online web based email program. While my default email is not AOL --- I found that using the “free” email account option and setting up a free account proved to be the best – for once it is setup and opened while you are playing --- this email program will “sound” every time you get a new email.


During the progress of this game you will receive many emails (over 100) from different characters. They are:

The emails are really hints ... they seem to come pretty close or right after you've found a solution, or when you are stuck. It is important to save and reread these emails from time to time --- you will need them, I promise you. They stop once you've deleted your profile from both the game 's interface and from the “pheonix.org” site as well.

Internet Research:


I found that Google was the best site to use for Evidence and all of my searches are based on that search engine. It is very important to note that you must type your searches in exactly as provided to obtain a quick result. As many of the web sites you will need to research will not be in English --- Remember to understand how to use an online translation program --- I use Babel Fish for most European languages and “Stars21” for ancient languages. You will need both. I strongly suggest that you create a special folder in your “Favorites” or “Bookmark” section of your browser and save all of your searches each time you find some useful “evidence” – you more than likely will be reviewing those same sites more than once. You do have to disable your pop-ups for some of the web sites that your searches will undoubtedly take you to, but the game allows you to keep your anti virus program running.

Now, a note here about the ICPA web site … It wasn't until I received the fourth email from ICPA that I was granted an invitation to join the team by email and a website link. So don’t panic if you don’t get your invite on the first email. Once you register there --- you can see the news of how other team members are progressing -- invite them to participate with you --- store notes on the game - write articles if you wish - access translation programs --- search functions and read News flashes (which are actual hints for the puzzles).

An interesting point here is that if you find either a solution during the actual DVD game play or succeed to the next level (there are eight) and then open up this web site, you will see a scrolling marquee at the top of the Webpage. This area will testify to your success for all to see.



The interface has no manual save system. All saves are automatic and once you start down this road there is no going back to a previous level. So – make sure you take copious notes. You may exit the game by either hitting the ESC key or – once the “tool bar” has been in installed clicking on the far right “X” will also give you the choice to either exit or cancel and continue with the game.

You will be accessing both the Internet and your email during the game session through a “Tool Bar”. – The emails from Gery Millander and ICPA will advise you of links to certain downloads that will “update” this tool bar by adding various tools to help in your investigations.

If you lose your emails or if you are experiencing difficulty with installing these tools, simply go into your game at the top left of the screen. Click on the small gray rectangle to bring up your "Tool Bar". When the Tool Bar is active --- Click on it in an "empty section" and type in the access code for the Tool that you need. You will only have to do this once, but you must wait until you have the Tool Bar in order to use the access codes.


Investigative Tools from Gery Millander:   (These are severe spoilers --- run your mouse over them to read it)

·         ZOOM Tool with TEXT decoder  -- access code JZ9444

·         .PNG Image Analyzer  --  access code HY2149

·         TRACER  -- access code TS8169

·         *Update to Movie Tool Bar  -  VIDEO DECRYPTING KEY – JA3429

·         ROOTKIT --- XM7172


There are cheat codes as well to complete a puzzle or review a movie clip --- but I’ve been asked not to release them yet. Besides --- all the information you need is here. So, quit your whining.

There are 36 doors or gates distributed throughout 8 levels. You must open each of these in order to view a video clip and progress through the various levels. Once inside a level you may choose which ever puzzle you like --- however be careful here this game while very non-linear can trip you up by doing so – and add to your frustration. The lay-out for choosing which puzzle to work on first is outlined here within this walkthrough and represents the most logical path for you to take. If at anytime you wish to exit out of a puzzle and choose another (returning to the beginning of a Level) --- simply look at the bottom center of the screen --- there you will find the name of the door or gate that you are trying to access. If you click on it --- it will send you back to the start of the level that you are in.

Want to know where your saved games are stored? They’re in your “My Documents” folder under “im_lastritual”. (Your password is stored there as well.)    


The game is comprised of ten sections:

·         Introduction and Training level  or CHALLENGE 1 - 3

·         LEVEL1

·         LEVEL2

·         LEVEL3

·         LEVEL4

·         LEVEL5

·         LEVEL6

·         LEVEL7

·         LEVEL8

·         ENDGAME


I have booked marked these to make it easier for you to search the walkthrough for just what you need.

Along the way you are introduced to two stories, which will intertwine later on as the game plays out. One story include various players in which 3 are from "Missing" I believe, Jack Lorski, his cameraman Frederick and Gerd Hanke, the police team from Spain --- who are trying to connect three grisly murders to the Phoenix. The other is about Jessica Moses and her friend Sharon Berti who are trying to uncover the whereabouts of Jessica's brother Adrian Moses, who disappeared two years before, somewhere along the East Coast of the US. They are independently investigating and recording their findings by each making a film documentary.

Main Strategy

Throughout this game it is very important to use the keywords presented in both the movie clips and what the Phoenix tells you during the game in a search engine. The movie clips will give you clues to puzzles and which web sites you may need to search … keep your eyes peeled.  Puzzles themselves will give you clues (sometimes hidden and sometimes overt) overlook nothing! The Phoenix will say something to you at the beginning of each door and then again when you have completed any puzzle or completed parts of any puzzle – look carefully at what he says; the clues are there for you interpret. Make diligent notes of what happens in the game and whom it happens to (the victims for example). Mind the esoteric values of the killer’s mind --- for it will help you get through the endgame. Remember that each solution means something … whether it is a running number, a date, a distance or a postal code. Whether it is a name, word, phrase or anagram it all means something to the Phoenix.  

Some of the brain teasers in this game will require you to either enter the answers into the text boxes provided --- some will require that you click on the dashes to set letters and/or numbers as the case may be. Still others will require you to “catch” or “pull” letters into their proper places. 


Another general aspect of this game ---

Check you Phoenix Organization site after you've completed a puzzle --- You'll see that your name will be at the top stating that you've been successful! Also make sure that you keep your email open while you are playing. --- Many hints are given in the emails that you receive.

One more thing – in the upper right hand corner of the screen there is a small square with a question mark inside of it. Click on it at any time and The Phoenix will repeat his “clues”.

Sometimes he will give you a little more each time you click.

Remember to check your emails as you contemplate and work on the puzzles. And above all else – keep saying to your self – “It’s only a game.”


Index 2

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4





























Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8






















ZU 1

ZU 2












Beginning of Game



“Ready to come out and play?

You seem to enjoy my little production, little friend. Care to continue?

Free her from these bonds and Isis will reward you… “


This section is known as CHALLENGE 1 - 3.  It is a sort of “training ground” for what is to come.



A white robed woman crawls into view onto an ancient chalk drawn circle of power; her hands are bound behind her back. You are just before the "Gates" or 36 Doors, which is the entrance to the Level 1. The fair lady's name (as the Phoenix sees her) is Isis, --- Well, go ahead --- click on the ropes that bind her.

Well now, that was easy wasn’t it?  


Freed from her bondage, she seems to erase part of the circle and as she does, she uncovers your next path. http://www.xineph.com/251415211/ Click on it.

(This is why you need Shockwave and Flash player) Search this strange website and you will find what you need.


Don’t have a clue?

Yes, you do actually …more than one.  What do you see at the bottom of your game screen?


“_ _”. Two letters? Two numbers?  --- Search the site and find the answer.


If you click on that question mark, the Phoenix gives yet another clue…

 “Small white ones, written at the bottom of the Webpage…”


Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [RO]

As soon as you enter this answer by clicking on the dashes --- you will glimpse a video clip --- watch carefully --- The Phoenix has altered it.  



Ahhhh! The fair and noble Isis seems to be asleep. Do you dare awake her?  (Um, yes you do if you wish to continue with the game) 

“Go ahead, little friend. Don’t be afraid to wake her… Isis is waiting only for you.”


Click on the eyes of Isis to awaken that, which sleeps.

Notice that she is blinking at you --- there seems to be a pattern here. At the bottom of the screen there are some dashes --- if you click on them they will create numbers --- you have to find the right series. There are 9 in the series and they are connected directly to Isis. Watch her carefully --- wait until she has completed the series – then click on her again and carefully note down each “blink” sequence --- then enter each number below.


Solution:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [251415212]   

“Bravo little friend, you made it through better than expected... I realize, however, that I failed to make the proper introductions... Isis has loaned me her film journal. Would you care to see the beginning? Take a look…”


Video Clip

This is the first of the video clips you will view --- watch them carefully – they are filled with clues and hints… Some are obvious, others are hidden. Note that there are imperfections superimposed on them… it is only a flash but we will need that information later.    


Note* - check and read all emails now.



Here is Isis once again. After viewing the first video we learn her true name: Jessica Moses.

How did she come to this? You must play on to find out. She has crosses drawn on her hands. Click on them ---- what do you find?

Click one of the crosses and Jessica will pull down part of her gown to reveal a number on her shoulder.

“Go ahead, little friend, click on the code! What are you waiting for?”


If we click on the “?” in the upper right hand corner the Phoenix will give you another clue:

“One more password and the Third Door will open…”

Hint 1:    ---- Click on this number and it will take you to a website, which holds a clue. Hmmm very interesting --- looks like a possible number sequence, doesn't it?

Hint 2:    Notice the numbered needles pointing to Isis' hands.... 2 needles are on her right hand and the rest on her left hand... go back to the game.


Solution to Hands puzzles:

Her left hand = L       Her right hand = R

Click on her hands in this fashion (Click & drag inside these brackets.): [L R R R L R]. When this is done correctly --- remember it is "her" left and right and not "yours". Isis will "wake-up" and lift up her gown. She will point out the spelling of the next clue.


Solution for the Challenge 3 Gate:    Click & drag inside these brackets. [SETAOU]

Note* if you do a Google search of “RO Setaou” you find this site:

http://www.per-ao.com/en/index.html  --- Make sure that you bookmark it --- while you might not yet understand why --- you will need it later in the game.



Click here to go to Level 1


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