The Experiment (Experience - Experiment 112)


Walkthrough by ronrob & Becky


Updated May 2008




The opening scenes indicate that you are on an old dilapidated ship that is grounded. Who you are and how you got there is not clear. You do seem to have access to some security cameras, and the game begins with your finding Lea.


Chemical Ecology Lab, Upper Deck




You see Lea lying on a cot. She awakes and tosses aside the IV tube. Lea finds a note on the table:


Lea... if you're reading this letter... it means you've survived

...a terrible event...

...everything destroyed...


Lea thinks that the note was written by someone named John.


Lea spots the security camera, taps it to see whether it is working, and then hears a noise outside. When she returns, she asks whether she can trust you and gives you the code for activating the security system. In the code box, type EDEHN and Enter.


Note: These code boxes will be needed often. Whenever they appear, type the needed code and press Enter. Case is not important. (Sometimes you’ll need to click once on the small white horizontal portion within the box before the game will let you enter the code.)


Now Lea teaches you a little about the camera functions. She asks you to click Cameras on the menu.


Note: The main menu can be displayed at any time by sliding your mouse to the left edge of the screen. At the bottom of the screen, you see “Software Management.” This is where to go for Save, Load, Options, and Quit.


When you click Cameras, you see that only the Rotation function is active.


Note: You can drag the Rotation icon onto the camera screen to establish rotation for that camera only. It is best to click the word Rotation to affect all cameras. To rotate a camera, hold the left mouse button down and drag.


Now Lea asks you to click Maps on the menu. This produces a map of your present location and surroundings. The small blue wedge shows Lea’s current location. You can see that she is in Room UD01. Watch as Lea leaves the room and heads out to the corridor.


Note: The map can be dragged in any direction by clicking on the map surface and using the “hand” icon. This is especially helpful in locating room numbers so you can see where you are and decide where to go. You can also zoom in and out by placing the cursor over the map and rolling the mouse wheel. Also, note the small arrows at the top right corner of the map – these will be important later.


Turn on the camera nearest Lea (on the back wall) by clicking the red square.


Note: On my machine, the mouse gets very twitchy if there is more than one camera running. I found it best to turn off unneeded cameras and use only one at a time.




Lea heads toward the adjoining room and you need to activate another camera to follow her. She finds that the lights do not work and heads back to the corridor to flip the master switch. When she returns to the room, click the nearest light (red circle).


Lea suggests that you lead her by turning on lights in the locations you want her to go. She finds nothing of interest in UD02. 




Click lights to move Lea toward UD03. Note that the door to that room is red, meaning it is closed. Click the door to open it, and Lea enters.


Note: In this room, you see cameras and lights, along with triangles that represent possible special places of interest or objects. Click the red triangle to turn it blue and invite Lea to go there.


My experience was that you should click on every camera and rotate it fully - - left and right, up and down - - in order for Lea to find things. Not every camera or location will produce anything, but the only way to know is to try.


The important triangle here is the one on the left side of the room. Lea finds a night vision cartridge and loads it in the computer. Now you have a new camera function call Brightness. Turn on the camera nearest to Lea and click Brightness to confirm that it is working. You can use this function for any camera, as needed.


Note: When a camera is on, you can toggle night vision from the small panel of icons at the lower right of the camera screen.


Lea enters two objectives in the Objectives panel in the menu. Click on that to read them. She also explains how the Help panel on the menu can be used. Go ahead and try that.




Now Lea needs to go to Room UD05. Lead her to the door at the left end of the corridor and find it is blocked. Turn on the camera on the other side of the door and turn on night vision. This frightens a man who is holding the door shut, and you can rotate the camera to follow his escape.


When you enter UD05, do not go near the stairs at the left. Just work toward the door of UD06.




Open the door to UD06 and lead Lea in. This is a flooded “bleachery,” and there is nothing to see here. However, Lea has a flashback to a conversation with a man.


Note: It gives a little a way, but it helps to know that the man is Receptor 112, one of the “volunteers” on whom deadly experiments are being done. Later you learn that Lea had strong feelings for him.




Lead Lea through the opening on the left into UD07, the boiler room. Explore the room using the cameras and clicking on the lights until Lea finds a key on the floor.


Note: sometimes clicking on a light brings Lea to the location, and you have to click the light off and on again for her to examine whatever is in that location.


You will find that the camera windows, map and menu boxes become layered on top of one another, possibly covering up what you want to see. Clicking on a portion of the window or box brings that one up to the top so you can see it more clearly. Also, you can move an entire window to a different part of the screen by clicking on the colored title bar at the top of the window and dragging it.




Lead Lea back out through UD06 and out the door into area UD05. Do not go near the stairs on the left. Just keep using lights to take her northward. After the second light, Lea has another flashback, this time to an exam table surrounded by Lea and two men. It appears that the patient is 112.


Lea peers into UD11 and sees a dead person whom she believes is Dr. Zeitfel. He appears to have a magnetic card that Lea needs to enter another room. This results in a new Objective.




Lead Lea up to UD08 and enter. Try turning on the lights, but they are not working. Lea suggests night vision/brightness and using the various objects around the room. Do not go near the red door at the bottom of the room. (I got stuck there and never could move away.) Just work your way across the center of the room by clicking the triangles in order. Your goal is the opening into UD09.




Lead Lea into UD09 and turn on the camera without night vision. Lea sees a mutant plant and recalls the work done by Francois Pierre.




Return to UD08 and go to the door at the bottom of the room. It leads to UD10, but it is code protected. Lea decides to give you access to the Intranet which contains her records and those of the other “Collaborators.” She gives her user name and password to you:




Enter these at the top of the menu. Click Validate, then click on Collaborators. Then click Lea’s picture to access her records. Go to the very bottom of the form to find the door’s access code: 251803.


Note: While you have Lea’s records open, you might want to look at her files and mail as well. They give you a good idea of the personalities of some of her colleagues and of Lea’s relationship with Receptor 112. You cannot access her “sensitive files” without a code.




Click the locked door and enter the access code: 251803. Lea enters and says we need to “get in there,” by which she means UD11.


Go into the room on the left and explore until Lea finds a cassette and a small camera. She inserts the cassette and thereby activates the Zoom function. Click “Zoom” to activate it on all cameras.


Note: You can zoom in and out by placing the cursor on the camera screen and rolling the mouse wheel, or by holding down the right mouse button over the camera screen and dragging the mouse up or down.


Lea moves to the robot and inserts the camera. However, the robot needs a code to work. Lea believes Professor Zeitfel had the code in his record. She tells you his user name, but she doesn’t know the password. Zeitfel was forgetful and wrote it down somewhere. Now you need to look for it.


Use the camera at the upper left corner of the room -- pan downward and zoom in. You may need to enable night vision/brightness on that camera and use the large window size.


Note: You can adjust window size by clicking on the small squares at the very top of each camera window.


You will see the word “memoriam” and the numbers “12345.” Now you have what you need to access the file:

username: m.zeitfel

password: memoriam

sensitive files: 12345



Note: To open up a sensitive file, scroll down through the files of that particular Collaborator (accessed through “Files” in the main menu on the left of the screen) until you see the red sensitive file bar. Click on the sensitive file bar and enter the code.


You see that the robot code is 521AG18. (You also see the door code that you already have.) Look at everything for Zeitfel. Note especially the entry regarding Receptor 112. Under “Secured official code,” you find the user names and passwords for John Palmer and Mike Loyd.

username: j.palmer                             username: m.loyd

password: ud03                                   password: 114113145195


Look at Palmer’s files and mail. Note, especially that “area servers” must be switched in order to move from one sector to another.


Look at Loyd’s files and mail, especially regarding 112 and the mail exchange with Lea. Neither Palmer nor Loyd have any access codes.


Now you need to get that magnetic card. Click the robot and enter the code: 521AG18. Robot control mechanisms are displayed. You need to maneuver through the air lock to UD11.


The robot automatically goes into the air lock. Click on the up, down, right, and left arrows to move the robot through the opening into the next room across the way. The cameras in this room can be helpful, or at least interesting enough to use.


Move up close to the right side of the body and see the card lying on the table. Zoom in if necessary. Line up the robot’s arm with the card and then use the arm controls to lower it. I found setting both controls to 3:00 worked well. (If the arm doesn’t lower properly, back the robot up a bit so the arm doesn’t hit the table at the wrong angle.) Once the arm is lowered, press the center button on the navigation wheel to magnetize it. When you bring the arm back up, you should see the magnetic card on it. If not, keep maneuvering.


Now move the robot out of UD11, across the air lock and back to the opposite room where Lea is waiting. Move up close to Lea, and she takes the magnetic card.


Lea automatically leaves and heads for the area switch. She uses it to move to a new area, the Comparative Experimental Ethology Lab. This is the zone UD13/UD20 on the upper deck.


Comparative Ethology Lab, Upper Deck




Turn a camera or cameras on near Lea so you can examine this new location. Turn left into the first room. Lea has a flashback about that scumbag, Mike Loyd.


Move into the adjoining room and explore until Lea is close to a plant that she says moves like an animal.




To get to UD17, you have to go through the room to the left of it on the map because there is debris blocking the doorways. There is also debris farther down the corridor. Explore this room and then enter and explore UD17. Continue on through the next room and on into UD16.




This is the room where the HO is stored, but it is destroyed. Lea says that she will need to make HO, and she adds Objectives.


Light the safe at the lower left corner of the room. Lea goes there and finds an HO ingredient. She goes back to the computer and updates the first HO objective. Then she returns to the safe (or lead her back there) and finds the password for Francois Pierre. You can’t see it, so she decides to write it on the blackboard. Watch where she goes and activate the needed camera. Zoom in and see that the password is: tyriades. You can assume his user name.

username: f.pierre

password: tyriades


In Pierre’s file, you see two access codes. Freezer: 310005B   Vault: 2514


Look at Pierre’s files and mail for quite a lot of useful information.

In particular:

file: cryptology: Polybius square and Blaise’s grid

mail:   Polybius square with code: (3,5) (3,4) (3.1) (5,4) (1,2) (1,5)   è   polybe

key to tank CT07 (Lea found this key in the boiler)

NOOB is the password for all personnel of rank level 0

Blaise de Vigenere - decryption method


Note: Dimitrinko says that his Polybius Square encryption is for Pierre’s sensitive files password. It decodes to “polybe,” but I was not able to get that to work. A person on the Gameboomers Forum said that “polybius” worked for her. It did for me, too. We will come back to this much later.


Dimitrinko gives Pierre instructions for using Blaise’s grid along with an exercise. The instructions are a little convoluted, so here is how I worked it out.

1. Write the encrypted letters with the key word letters directly above.

2. If you run out of key word letters, just start from the beginning.


B   L   A   I    S    E   B   L   A   I

N   Z   N   L   S   C   K   F   L   G


3. Go down the first column to find the first letter of the keyword (B).

4. Go across the row of that letter to find the corresponding encrypted letter (N).

5. From there, go up to the first row and record the letter found there (M).

6. Repeat for all the other letters.


B   L   A   I    S    E   B   L   A   I

N   Z   N   L   S   C   K   F   L   G

M  O   N   D   A  Y   J   U   L   Y


Dimitrinko says that this is his “indirect password.”


Move Lea to the object at the upper right side of the room. It is a kind of freezer containing HO. To open the freezer, enter the code found in Pierre’s file: 310005B. Lea takes a drink, but she needs more HO to inhale.




Leave UD16 and move to UD18 on the other side of the corridor. Upon entering, Lea has a flashback of a sexual encounter (112?).


Continue into the room and find three things (you may have to click on the lights twice or use the cameras twice to get Lea to find everything):

1. Clothing of Abdalah Melik and a key that Lea takes.

2. Uniform of Andy Leonard and another key that Lea takes.

3. Lea’s log book.


Lea gives you some additional information about 112 and tells you her sensitive files password: arcane. Retrieve Lea’s files and use “arcane” to access her sensitive files.

1. Under secured codes, you find the information for John Palmer, already known from Zeitfel.

2. Under 112, you see a log of Lea’s dealings, somewhat romantic, with 112.

3. A description of the sinister Loyd’s extortion racket.




Move into UD19 and help Lea find a mirror.




Continue into UD20 and discover the body of Abdalah Melik.




Go back out through the three rooms and out into the main corridor. The first triangle you see on your left is the activation server to take you up to the poop deck. Go there and click the server.


Hint: Once Lea goes up, you need to click the up arrow on your map to display the map of the area.


Lab Rooms and Dining Room, 1st Deck




Go directly to Room 1P09. Along the way, Lea’s notes bullet holes. After you enter the room, use the lower camera and lights to hear Lea’s description of the research that was being performed.


At the other end of the room, help Lea find a letter written by Andre Mourin. Lea saves it in her files, and you can access the letter there. Note that the letter also contains codes for Abdalah Melik.

username: a.melik

password: neuroleptic

sensitive: UYUCVUW (encrypted)


Take a look at Melik’s files and note the one about manufacturing synthetic HO, a process that Lea might need later. Look at the mail and see that Melik has been supplying something to Nancy Edwards, possibly in exchange for sexual favors.


In another mail, Dimitrinko supplied the key word CESAR for decrypting Melik’s sensitive files code.


C    E    S   A   R   C    E

U    Y   U   C   V   U   W

S    U    C   C   E   S    S


Access Melik’s sensitive files and see his opinions about the physical and mental conditions of various crew members. You also find several codes:

Alain Mourin

username: a.mourin

password: me


Harimanja Namrik

username: h.namrik

password: kim


Nancy Edwards

username: n.edwards

password: luxury


Let’s see what can be found in those files.



Access code to 1P08 archives: 1P08A25

Files: Melik’s schemes, resignation

Mail: sensitive files code: ethology

Sensitive files: more on Melik and two videos



Access code to store entrance: 55SW321

Files: thoughts about Kim, tank electrical system (fuse locations), bathyscaphes

Mail: sensitive code: 17061947

Kim’s password: yokobue

Sensitive files: Tank 7 code: CT07A01



Mail:  Lincoln’s codes


Password: password


Browse through Michael Lincoln’s files, but there isn’t much there.


Leave the room and go to the right. The object there will allow you to go out to the open deck.


Outer Deck Area


First Deck


Move Lea to the end of the deck (left on the map), and keep going until you see the first object. The area camera shows a staircase leading up. Switch to the upper map level using the up arrow on your map, and turn on the light at the top of the stairs to bring Lea up.


Second Deck


Whether or not you are using night vision, Lea will find it dark and dangerous. She suggests a spotlight “up there,” by which she means the camera/light combined icons that are opposite her and slightly lower on the map.


Note: the camera and light icons are so close together it is difficult to turn them both on. If you are looking for the camera, for instance, hover the cursor over an icon until the text identifying it pops up – if the text identifies it as a light, move the cursor ever-so-slightly until the text changes to indicate that the cursor is over the camera. Then click.


Turn on both the camera and the light and, using night vision/brightness, scan around to find the path you need to lead Lea to the next stairway. The path looks like wide boards. Lea should follow the path as you light it. If not, after you have the path well in mind, shut off the night vision and slowly use the spotlight to guide Lea along the path of boards to the next stairway. She goes up to the Third Deck.


Third Deck


Explore the area and try the ship’s horn, the object at the right. Move her to the lower left of the area. If she doesn’t automatically go back down to the Second Deck, click the down arrow on the top right corner of the map and then click the closest light to Lea, and she’ll go back down to the Second Deck.


Second Deck


Move Lea to the bottom left corner where she finds barrels blocking the stairway down. She moves the barrels and then rests. Do not go down the stairway now. Instead, move along the bottom to the right and find the object associated with the second deck (this leads to section 2P02/2P05).


You are looking for 2P03. At the intersection, open the bottom door. (A key is needed, but Lea has it.)




You are in Dr. Melik’s cabin. Use the computer, which is the first object in the room. Lea finds and installs the thermal function for the cameras.


Light Lea’s way farther into the room, and she finds the hospital key (2P05) on the floor near the desk. Go behind the desk and click the other object. It is the telephone and it rings. Lea answers it, but she can’t hear anything. Use the telephone again. This time, Lea hears you, and you have unlocked the dispensary.


Leave the room and head north along the long corridor. Turn left and enter the dispensary.




Look around with the cameras and lights. Lea finds some chemicals, but she cannot remember what to do. For review, look at Melik’s Personal File “Heat Response of HO Ingredients.” It says that tryethylen oxylate heated to 35 degrees produces a bioluminescent glow and converts to sodium sulfate crystals.


Lea mentions an air conditioner – at this point you’ll see a triangle (air conditioner) appear near Lea on the map.


Turn on the air conditioner. Set the dial up and turn on thermal vision on the camera that shows the bottles on the desk. Use the thermal camera function (looks like a bulls eye) on the tryethylen oxylate bottles. Ignore Lea’s complaints about the heat. Setting the dial to 37 degrees will usually heat the ingredient in the bottle to 35 degrees.


Hint: although setting the dial to 37 degrees usually works, on one playthrough 37.1 worked. And on another playthrough, nothing would work – if this happens to you, try leaving Room 2P04 altogether and then return and try again.


If you do this correctly, you see the glow, Lea takes the tryethylen oxylate, and leaves the dispensary.


Note:  Save your game here.  If you leave the game in the middle of the next challenge, you may need to return to a saved game.




The oven is in the back of the room. Turn on the uppermost camera – the one between the two octagonal structures on the map (this gives you a back view of the inside of the oven). Click on the light nearest to this camera – this will lead Lea to the oven. She fiddles with the oven and produces the second ingredient. Watch this process – you’ll need to do something similar in a minute. Go to Melik’s Personal File and review “Manufacturing Synthetic HO.” You need 5 units of the red ingredient and 3 units of the blue ingredient. The mixture must be heated to 42 degrees.


When Lea asks for your help, click the object on the map that appears near the back of the oven. You’ll need to enter a code – it’s from Dr. Melik’s files – 245CX852. A control panel is displayed. Press the arm + at the bottom to boot the system. You see full columns of red and blue ingredients.


Note: if at any point you get the wrong combination of ingredients, you can always reboot the process by clicking on the + sign on the control panel.


Inside the oven is a small robot that can be moved left, right, forward, and back by clicking on the arrows on the menu (using the mouse). The small robot can also be lifted vertically with the space bar or by clicking on the center circle of the menu. Position the robot directly under the tube coming down from the ceiling of the oven (you may need to move the camera around a bit to see the ceiling of the oven and then the floor of the oven to see how to move the robot to align it with the ceiling tube). You know the robot is in the right position when you use the space bar to raise the robot up into the tube and colored gas comes down into the glass globe of the robot – and you’ll also see the bars on the menu registering how much of the substance has gone into the robot.  You can do either blue first, then red, or vice versa. Extract 5 units of red and move the robot to the other tube to extract 3 units of blue. Lea has something to say when you have done this correctly.


Now move the robot so that it is struck by the laser beam shining horizontally through the oven. Turn on the thermal function so that you can watch temperatures. Adjust the thermal dial/bulls eye so that it is right where the robot and laser meet. Use the space bar (or click on the center circle on the menu) to lift the glass globe of ingredients up to the laser beam (you may have to hit the space bar or click repeatedly to keep the robot at the right level). Hold the globe in the laser - - not too high, not too low - - and watch the temperature go up to 42 degrees. Release the globe immediately when the temperature is right. Lea will tell you when to stop.


Note: if you have managed to save your game while in the middle of this challenge, you may not be able to access the oven when you return via that saved game.  If this happens, you may be able to use the Automatic Backup (very first save in the “load” menu) instead.  The Automatic Backup will not show the triangle/object on the oven, though – you have to click the light near the oven again so that Lea will talk about the process and then the triangle on the oven appears.


Lea grabs the HO and hurries off to the Inhalation Lab. You will need to switch the map levels until you find her.


Outer Deck


Go to the bottom left of the area and through to the place where Lea removed the barrels from the stairway. Switch the map level down and bring Lea down the stairs. Move her up across the stern and then across the top to the right until she reaches the entrance to 1P01/1P11. Activate the switch to enter the area.


Lab Rooms and Dining Room, 1st Deck


Bring Lea straight down the corridor and into 1P10. Lea sees three corpses that she is reluctant to touch. By turning on various lights and an object, you can persuade her to search them. She thinks that one is the Professor Resa Leeglind’s daughter, Mathilda, and wonders whether Mathilda is the password.

username: r.leeglind (assumed)

password: mathilda

The main item of interest is the access code for 1P10/1P11: 45FR36D.




Go to the airlock between 1P10 and 1P11. Enter the access code just found: 45FR36D. Lea enters the inhalation lab. After she enters information in the computer, you can lead Lea into the inhalation chamber. She has a flashback of someone who did not do well there. When she is finished, she says she feels better.


Leave the area out to the corridor and head north.




Turn right into 1P08 and turn on the cameras. Click the object and hear the phone ring. You are telling Lea to fix the wiring. Now the archives console is powered up, but you need a code to access it: 1P08A25, from Mourin’s file.


Browse through the various files, paying particular attention to the 22Z audio file in which you get the passwords for Lincoln (you already have) and Andy Leonard.

username: a.leonard

password: P38

Leonard’s file contains the access code for Security Room 1P05: 1P05U83




Use the preceding access code to enter 1P05 where Lea finds Leonard’s body. Use the light and object at the bottom of the room to have Lea examine him.


Note: in one playthrough, Lea could explore this room but could not be made to search Leonard’s body until after she had already explored rooms 1P03, 1P02 and 1P01.


Lea learns Leonard’s sensitive files password and goes to the computer to record it in her file. Open Lea’s files to learn Leonard’s sensitive password: rigour.


Open Leonard’s sensitive file and see information about possible spying and a list of crew member characteristics. You have all the codes except the ones for Paul de Provence:

username: p.provence

password: ra


Opening Provence’s file reveals nothing much of interest.


Keep exploring until you find a panel of keys. (I can tell you the correct key, but that would spoil all the fun.) Just select any available key at random.


Note: in one playthrough, Lea could explore this room but could not be made to find the panel of keys until after she had already explored rooms 1P03, 1P02 and 1P01.




Leave the Security Room and pause outside the entrance to 1P03. Before entering, switch on the first camera in 1P03 – the one nearest the door.  Then make Lea enter through the door. Lea is confronted by a beast. Use the object to her left to emit steam and chase the beast away.


Continue through 1P03 and 1P02, exploring as you go.




Enter, examine the carcass, and hear Lea tell more about tyriades. Continue down toward the bottom of the room where Lea finds Provence’s body. She also finds a notebook with Provence’s favorite recipe and probably the code to his sensitive files: bouillabaisse. She also finds a secret notebook with codes.


Open Provence’s files and use the code above to access his sensitive files. These are clearly the reports of a spy. The third report refers to and describes a charm necklace. Have you been wondering about that necklace Lea is wearing?


Head back through the rooms toward 1P05.  If you haven’t examined Leonard’s body yet or picked up a random key, go back into 1P05 and do these things. Go to the corridor to the right of 1P05. Then go upward to the door leading outside. The map label is “1P/2P/CT.” Activate the switch and step out to the open deck.


Outer Deck Area


For reference, the bow of the ship is to the right, and the stern is to the left. Work your way around to the right until you reach the bridge, the narrow walkway that leads far off to the right. Lea encounters dogs, and she is unwilling to go out there.


Come down to the bottom part of the deck and work your way to the left. At the stern, Lea finds and picks up an animal carcass that might be used to distract the dogs. Go back to the bow on the right where Lea feeds the carcass to the dogs, thereby clearing the way. Now head out over the long bridge until Lea reaches the end.


At the small rectangular area, come down, switch the map to a lower level, and use lights to take her down. Lea is now in the hatch area. Use the lower right camera (with night vision/brightness if you need it) and lights to move Lea to the hatch. Note the lettering on the hatch: CT06T. Unless you were very lucky, the key she took from the Security room does not work. If you were lucky, then skip the next paragraph. 


Upon learning that the key is wrong, Lea sees the lettering and automatically starts heading back to the Security room to get the right key. After switching the map level up, lead her all the way back over the bridge, up around the open deck, and in though the door you exited before.


Return to the Security room (1P05) and go to the key panel again. Select key 06 under the CTT column, and Lea confirms that it is the right key. Now retrace your steps all the way back across the bridge and down to the hatch area.


Lea uses the good key and, before going down, flicks the area server switch.


Workshop, Tanks




Lea arrives in a large cargo hold. Look around a little and then enter the door to CT6C.




Lead Lea to the thing with a disk-shaped end. Lea goes to the computer and updates the Objectives. She looks up and hears a man talking to her.


He says that Lea has slept for 34 years, that he commands the ship now, and he is scared of all the creatures. He instructs Lea to retrieve an egg that is about to hatch. It is on the funnel (or smoke stack). She adds this task to the Objectives. The funnel is on the third deck by that ship’s horn you saw earlier. Yes, you have to go there.




Here is the route:

1. Leave the cargo hold and go up the stairs in CT6T.

2. Switch the map level up and return to the bridge.

3. Cross the bridge back to the open deck.

4. Come downward and go left to the stern.

5. Go to the light at the bottom between the two triangles (arrow points to UD05/UD02) – don’t click the triangles.

6. Switch the map level up and go to the second deck (2P01) where the barrels are.

7. Use the triangle object diagonally across from the barrels. (Lea goes there.)

8. Switch the map level up and go up to the third deck (3P01).

9. Go to the end of the funnel and click (possibly twice) on both lights. Lea climbs a ladder attached to the funnel.


Use the camera to look up at the top of the funnel and see the birds. This prompts Lea to say things. She suggests using the siren (ship’s horn) to scare the birds. Click the triangle at the right to blow the horn. Lea gets the egg. Turn off the two funnel lights, and Lea automatically goes all the way back to CT6T. (She suggests using the time to go through files, but I think it is better to wait until she gets to her destination.)


Note: When Lea arrives back at CT6T, I recommend that you not continue into CT6C, and be sure to save your game here. Once you go into the other room, you will be engaged in a looping conversation that cannot be broken by a Save or even a Quit without an error.  


Workshop, Tanks


With Lea in CT6T, we can look at some files. Access the main menu on screen left. Go to Collaborators. In Namrik’s mail, you found Kim-Lan Lee’s password.

username: kl.lee

password: yokobue


Open her file and learn:

Access code for the gate to the ocean: CT054400

Bathyscaphe information

Linda Manchek:

username: l.manchek

password: archi

sensitive: ocean


Stephen Algun:

username: s.algun

password: s.algun

sensitive s.algun


Now open Linda Manchek’s files using the codes on the preceding page.

A list of codes with the seventh one not shown.

Bathyscaphe codes, operations manual, and protocols

Aquatic path


Open Stephen Algun’s files using the codes at the top of this page.

Access code for door to CT07: CT07A01


Now it is time to deliver the egg.




Go into CT6C and to that disk-shaped thing again. The man arrives and a lengthy conversation takes place. Lea now recognizes him as Mike Loyd.


Loyd wants to know who the traitor was. As he recites names, swing the camera left and right for “No,” up and down for “Yes.” From your reading of Provence’s files, you know he was the one. Keep swinging the camera until Lea responds.


Loyd comments on Lea’s charm necklace, and he gives her the key for maneuvering the bathyscaphe until the exit lock. He also gives her glowing creatures to light the way.


Loyd tells Lea about the tanks:

Tank    Status 

   3       flooded

   4       spare parts - Loyd could not open it.

   5       bathyscaphe tank, completely dark

   6       change room, needs to be searched

  7,8      there were rumors about them, Loyd does not have the keys


Finally, he gives out his file codes:

username: m.loyd

password: 114113145195

sensitive: oxoldines


After Lea updates the Objectives, open Loyd’s file. It contains Igor Dimitrinko’s sensitive file code: pigpen. (You still don’t know the password.) The files also contain three blueprints for bombs. Also, the story of Provence telling of a “charm” that could regulate the need for HO.


Your next destination is CT6B. Do not leave the way you came in. Instead go to that thing with the disk-shaped end and then pan the map around to find the way to CT6B. Use lights to lead Lea around to the far left side of the map, and then use the server switch at the bottom left corner.


Submersible Deck, Tanks




When Lea arrives in CT6B, go forward to the locked door to the storeroom. Use Namrik’s code to open the door: 55SW321. Go in and look around. In particular, choose the light in the center for Lea to see fuses. She decides there is nothing of interest here and automatically leaves.


Bring Lea down to the bottom of the room, switch the map level up, and light her way along the stairs to the room below.  Then switch the map level back down.




Move Lea to the door at the bottom right corner of the room. Open it and move her into the next room. It is CT7C, but it is not labeled clearly on the map.


Note: If you have trouble clicking on the door icon, go to the bottom portion of the map menu and click to disable “Lights.” This will make it much easier to click on the door.  Then be sure to re-enable “Lights” in the bottom portion of the map menu.


CT7C (Bathyscaphe Area)


The room is dark, so use night vision/brightness. Lea realizes the power is out, and she needs a fuse. She goes to the computer and enters a new Objective.


Open Namrik’s file and look at the Tank Electrical System folder. You see that the fuse she needs for CT7C is red.  Retrace your steps back to CT6B. (Don’t forget to switch map level up and down to negotiate the stairs.)




Go up to the door that needs an access code. Use Namrik’s code: 55SW321.


Warning: Don’t turn on any lights in here because Lea will think you mean to take the fuse there. She will automatically return to CT7C, only to find it is the wrong fuse. Note: In one playthrough, picking up two fuses -- one right and one wrong -- and carrying them both around before using the right one did not cause any problems with gameplay.


Use the cameras and zoom to locate the red fuse. The one that works is the camera at the lower right of the storeroom. With some zoom, you see the red fuse up on a metal walkway. (There isn’t nearly as much red on the fuse as Namrik’s file indicates, but the fuse still works.) Switch the map level up and click the blue triangle (lower right) near the fuse. Lea climbs the stairs and takes the fuse.


Switch back down and watch Lea automatically leave the storeroom and return to CT7C.




Lea enters the room, replaces the fuse, says it works, and checks off the Objective.


Work your way up along the left side of the large circular airlock in the center of the room. (For the best view, switch to the camera above the circular airlock – turning the night vision/brightness function on the camera to “on” may help.) Approach the airlock, and Lea asks for the code: CT054400.


Move Lea to the door at the upper right corner of the room in front of the door.


Note: If you have trouble clicking on the door icon, go to the bottom portion of the map menu and click to disable “Lights.” This will make it much easier to click on the door.  Then be sure to re-enable “Lights” in the bottom portion of the map menu.




Enter the room, which is Dimitrinko’s office and workspace. Lea goes to a computer and tells you to look in the files. This is premature, however, so click the triangle at the upper left of the room to break her free.


Lea may insist that you log in under Francois Pierre’s name.  To do this, go to Collaborators, click on Pierre’s picture and click “Validate.” Lea instructs you to read his correspondence – so you click on the “Mail” bar.  Once you have done this, Lea will now respond when you click the lights to get her to move.


On the desk, Lea finds a camera add-on for Sharpness and loads it. Nearby on the desk, Lea finds a key, but she doesn’t know what it opens.


Farther down, she finds Dimitrinko’s “agenda,” a kind of calendar with dates and words. (You may have to click the lights on the desk several times before she finds this.) Recall that you earlier decrypted Dimitrinko’s code to obtain MONDAYJULY, which he described as his indirect password. Lea loads the digital agenda into the computer – you can look for it under “Agenda” in the files under any of the Collaborators. Look under July on the list and find Monday: mediocritas. Now you have full access to Dimitrinko’s files.


Use the main menu to add Dimitrinko as a validated Collaborator.

username: i.dimitrinko

password: mediocritas

sensitive: pigpen (from Loyd)


Access Dimitrinko’s files. For the entrance lock to the subterranean base, three keys are needed:

#1 - U45Z56                             #2 - X31M89                          #3 - L02F38

Another file shows the protocols for using those keys.


He also shows encryption key words:

BLAISE - his

CESAR - Melik’s sensitive files

HILL - file owned by Lincoln and Leonard: “Reminiscent Anamnesis (part 2)”

ALBERTI - file owned by Lincoln: “Reminiscent Anamnesis (part 3)”


He also has an encryption/decryption program.


He also shows Lyse Montflour’s password: X22AU5001. He thinks the sensitive files password is the name of a family member.


See also a hidden video of Kim. When it zooms in on her tablet, pause it and read the two words written there. (This will probably take some gamma adjustments.) The words are “yokobue,” Kim’s password that you already have, and what is probably her sensitive password: gagaku.

username: kl.lee

password: yokobue

sensitive: gagaku


Come farther down into the room with a movie projector. Lea finds a digital version and loads it in the computer. Access Lea’s shared files and view “The Magnetic Rift.”


Search around for Linda Manchek’s locker. On the side of her locker is a list of coded letters. These are clues to the code for bathyscaphe #2. If you have trouble seeing the letters, open Manchek’s file and find them there. You saw the earlier. Now Lea wants you to figure out what the current code is.


Line 1:                                                             U A Z Y  P E T O                   Pattern A

Line 2:                                                             U Z A Y  P T E O                   swap letters 2, 3; swap letters 6,7


Line 2:                                                             U Z A Y  P T E O                   Pattern B

Line 3:                                                             U Z Y A  T P E O                   swap letters 3, 4; swap letters 5,6


Line 3:                                                             U Z Y A  T P E O                   Pattern C

Line 4:         E                                                 Z U A Y  P T O                      Bring 7th letter to front; swap all pairs


Line 4:         E Z U A Y  P T O                                  Pattern A

Line 5:         E U Z A Y  T P O


Line 5:         E U Z A Y  T P O                                  Pattern B

Line 6:         E U A Z T  Y P O


Line 6:         E U  A Z T  Y P O                                 Pattern C

Line 7:      P U E  Z A Y  T O


Thus the code for Bathyscaphe #2 is: PUEZAYTO


Move Lea over to the changing room at the center of the left wall, and she changes into the bathyscaphe suit (provided the camera is not on her).


Continue along the right side until you find Dimitrinko’s locker. Lea opens it with the key she just found. She finds a data cartridge, an inscribed photo of Lyse Montflour, and what looks like a cryptology manual. She loads the data cartridge, but a look at Lea’s file shows that it contains Dimitrinko’s sensitive password (pigpen) that you already have.


Bring Lea to the door at the bottom. The key that she found in the boiler room ashes opens it.


Tyriadontology Rooms, Tanks




Lea finds a veritable natural history museum. Look all around and click on everything, but avoid the two squares with lights near the bottom of the map for now. Move her to the office at the upper left corner of the room (upper right on the map). Lea finds a data cartridge that suggests another intelligent species on Earth. Read Algun’s report under Lea’s file “My Knowledge.”


Have Lea leave the office and go down toward the two squares with lights. The left one will take her into CT8C.




Above the ground level are two levels of walkways. Work your way up to the top level, which requires quite a lot of map level switching. Lea sees some corpses up there. Bring her back down and return her to CT8T.


Move on through CT8T and into the bathyscaphe chamber, CT7C


Submersible Deck, Tanks




Lea is about to take a ride on the bathyscaphe. Before you do anything else, you would do well to visit Manchek’s files and read up on how to navigate the bathysphere and how to engage the three keys. I will provide the information a little later. First, Lea has to pick up the bathyscaphe and deposit it in the circular opening in the center of the room. The gate/airlock was opened earlier.


Lifting Arm for the Bathyscaphe


Move Lea to the right side of the chamber and switch the map level up. Lead Lea up the stairs to a platform. This is the control mechanism for picking up and moving the bathyscaphe. A lifting arm menu appears. The small white squares on the left of the lifting arm menu are actually buttons. To lift the bathyscaphe, you must click and drag these buttons that operate the mechanical arm.  It will be helpful at this stage to turn on three cameras (and perhaps to turn on the night vision/brightness function on some of the cameras) to point at the opening and help you see your progress. Move the controls slowly.


Here is some guidance on picking up the bathyscaphe:

Leave C at 0.  Move A to max.   Move B to max. 

Move D slowly to the right until Lea says “Be careful.”


Now drop the bathyscaphe into the opening. Watch the cameras!

Slowly alternate moving B left and moving C right a little at a time:

C ends up at max, B ends up at or almost at 0.

Move A to 0.

Slowly, move D to max.

If Lea says you don’t have it right, make slight adjustments. 


Once the bathyscaphe is positioned properly, Lea automatically climbs in and discusses your respective roles.


Aquatic Zone


A new kind of map is displayed. Some cameras are mounted on the bathyscaphe, and the others are along the canyon. You must climb up the canyon to the area known as the Tyriades Spine and find the entrance to the advance base. Your job is to manage the operation of the bathyscaphe, the lights, and the arm.


Lea says that the first task is to familiarize ourselves with the bathyscaphe, and she asks for the code: PUEZAYTO. Be sure to turn on the bathyscaphe light(s). The navigation control panel can be toggled by using the triangle in the bathyscaphe in the inset. 


Manchek’s file gives you the order of initialization:

MG 48W









Manchek’s file also gives the navigation information you need:

7                   rotate left

8                   go forward

9                   rotate right

4                   move laterally left

6                   move laterally right

2                   go backward

Page Up        ascend

Page Down    descend

Enter            deploy arm



Note: The keystrokes listed above might work on your keyboard, but they didn’t on mine. In a later playthrough, the keystrokes worked, but only if I’d clicked on the menu/control panel first. In any case, using the control panel is easier. Move your mouse around the control panel to see what movements are available, and play with them a little to get a feel for them. The scale on the right is for ascending and descending.


Before taking the Bathyscaphe trip through the Aquatic Zone, save your game.


Bathyscaphe Trip Through the Canyons (Aquatic Zone)




Lea tells you to descend, so press the down arrow on the control panel until Lea says you are at the right depth.


Note: There are three on-board cameras. The most important is the one that is directed forward and shows the bionic arm. Be sure to turn that camera on.


As you work through the aquatic path, you are likely to collide with walls and rocks frequently until you get lined up. Lea will complain, but this is not a game ender. As you reach intermediate goals, save the game.


Keep panning around and look for blue areas. Those are generally the places you need to follow. You will need to adjust depths frequently. Be sure  to use all available cameras to help with your navigation.


There are two ways to reach your goal: the scenic route and the easy route.  The scenic route will show you the challenging, rugged canyon interior. It’s beautiful and it can also be intensely frustrating. The easy route shows you mostly blue water. Since you’ve saved your game, you can try the scenic route and then return to the easy route if the scenic route isn’t working out.


Scenic Route Through the Canyons (Aquatic Zone):


Now move south toward the canyon camera below. When you get there, turn until the arm is facing southwest and you see a blue area in the distance. Go in that direction toward the next camera. Pass a little north of that camera.


Lea mentions the “Ring of the Titans,” and you see a faint outline of an underwater archway. Go west toward the arch, which comes into clearer focus. You need to go under the arch, so you must descend quite a bit. Navigate to face the water below the arch. Turn on the camera directly west of you and pan it so that it faces the arch from the other side, i.e., so that it faces the bathyscaphe. Now work your way under and through the arch, with the west camera helping to guide you.


Continue to and past the west camera. Lea congratulates you, and mentions a stone “spur” in the distance. It actually looks a little like a column. Head that way and right of the “column.” See a dark blue opening (if you have turned your night vision/brightness on, turn it off to see this). Go through that opening and continue southwest toward the black triangle on the map.  


Now Lea states a new Objective: Reach the “Tyriades Spine.” Head west through the gap by the black triangle. You come to another low arch, so descend and approach the opening under the arch. Turn on the camera that is northwest of you to help guide you under and through the arch. Note that you are still going west.


Look up and left to see an opening. Face that direction (south) and go through the opening. On your right, you see boiling water, which is not good. Look left and down to see an opening, so descend to it. Turn on the camera south of you for guidance. As you go through the opening, you are still going south straight toward the camera.


Ahead, you see more boiling water. This time go on through it. When Lea complains, ascend until you see bubbles in the distance. Keep going south.


Ascend a little more and see an opening southeast of you. Go through the opening, and continue east toward the gray triangle on the map. At the gray triangle, look southwest for some blue area. Go forward and descend into the key locks area – the base is near the center.


Easy Route through the Canyons (Alternate to Scenic Route Above)


Go forward (south) until you see the ground coming up close beneath you in the front camera. Ascend as high as possible.  Ignore Lea’s protests. Continue directly south out of the shadowed basin area on the map into the pure white area.  (If you bump on the ground, try to go even higher, or move slightly to the left or right to continue on.) Once the ground drops beneath you, descend slightly. At this stage, drag the map to see your goal – the base is approximately south and west of you. Start edging west, as well as going south, monitoring your progress on the map since there aren’t any cameras placed in the canyon near you.  When you are near the base on the map, go south of where the map says ZA03, and go in the slight depression (you’ve essentially used a “back door”). When you are over the center area of the base on the map, activate the cameras near the base and descend until the cameras can “see” the bathysphere. You are now in the area outside the advanced base, and the key locks are around you.


Key Locks, Aquatic Zone




Go to the intersection of the cables that look like roots. On the map, the locks are the white knob shapes attached to the ends of the cables.  When looking through the cameras, you’ll note that the locks are circular and each has a small light going around at the edge of the circle. Look at about 11 o’clock on the map (top left or northwest on the map) and see the first key lock. Approach it squarely and move up close, using the bathyscaphe camera that has the arm sticking out front.


Note: For all three locks, turn on the target (click the “on” button) at the bottom of the control panel. When you are close enough to the lock, you will see a circular hole at its center – this is where you aim.


Insert the arm into the hole. Lea should say: “Perfect.”  Usually a box will appear for entering the code within a few seconds.  Occasionally it doesn’t, and you have to try to insert the arm in the center hole again. Now you have to enter the code for lock #1: U45Z56.


The second lock is in the back of the lower right area on the map. It is the same drill, except this time there are currents that rock the bathysphere around. After you are up close, you need to keep making quick adjustments, but you can time them pretty well. Code: X31M89.


Finally, the third lock is at the back of the lower left area on the map, about 7 o’clock from the intersection. The obstacle here is heat, and Lea says it has to be a one-shot affair. For one thing, you should keep the code handy so you can type it quickly: L02F38.


Now that you have opened all three locks, you are ready for the main entrance lock at the middle of the zone. Watch the map as you move the bathyscaphe directly onto the square. Having all three non-bathyscaphe cameras on, so you can watch the bathyscaphe’s orientation, will also help. Then descend until Lea says she is there. She has a flashback of a time on the beach with 112.


Advanced Base


Lea switches to this new location and enters a new Objective: Get to the Tyriades doors. She is on freight elevator at Level 3 and wants to go down.


Save the game here – there’s a sequence coming up that you might want to replay to watch what’s happening again.


Take Lea down to Level 2 and watch her descent on the map. There are things to explore on this level, but you can do that later. Click the light beside her (you may have to do this twice) to take her back to the elevator. Take her down to Level 1. (Make a mental note of where the elevator is on the map.)


At this stage, turn on two cameras – the camera on the bottom left (it will show the interior of an office). And the camera in the open area on the right lower portion of the map -- it’s by the black square and below the two cylindrical tanks (it will show a glass window that looks a bit like an old-fashioned ticket booth and – harder to see – a small white R2D2-like robot). Make sure the windows don’t overlap, and move them to the right of the screen because, just as you want to look at them, Lea will enter objectives that will make the main menu pop up at screen left. On this second camera, something will emerge during the next sequence from the right, there will be a quick interaction immediately in front of the “ticket booth” window, and then the something will go back out screen right – you can follow this by panning the camera to the right now, but do so only if you know you’ll be quick to pan it back when the interaction occurs, as most of the interaction takes place where the camera is currently aimed.




Lea looks around and soon sees a shadow move. She asks that you use lights and cameras to find out what is going on. Click the office light left of where you came up on the elevator (on the map it’s near the lower left camera that you turned on earlier). Lea goes there and sees another body – you can watch her through the first camera that you’ve already turned on. Ring the phone (the red triangle on the desk). Lea sees that the body is that of Lyse Montflour. Lea takes a key and a map. She also looks at a photo of a family member. As suspected earlier, the name is Lyse’s sensitive files code: MADY. (Wait a few minutes before opening up the main menu to try entering the sensitive code, though.)


After Lea looks at the photo, watch through the other camera that you turned on earlier to see the ensuing action. Lea attempts to leave the room, but she is confronted by some kind of creature. Lea notes that her charm warned her and wonders what the connection is to the Tyriades. She thinks getting the power restored is needed and suggests a different floor.


Before you leave, you can now look at some files.

Montflour:    username: l.montflour

Password: X22AU5001

Sensitive: mady


In Montflour’s sensitive files you find more file information.

Edwards:      sensitive: sensuality


Lowel:          username: j.lowel

Password: osssecan

Sensitive: melkhar


Now look at Edward’s sensitive files. She gives the codes for Montflour and Melik that you already have.

Lincoln:        sensitive: order


Luciani:       username: a.luciani

Password: nialuci

Sensitive: hope


Next look at the files of Lowel and his mails to Guirnisch.

Abyss tunnel security door code: XX25K12

files: reports on 112, Tyriades queen, legend of the charm


Guirnisch:    username: p.guirnisch

Password: psi

Sensitive: symbiosis


Lincoln’s files offer two access codes:

Stealth-A03 security robots: ST038RK12

Tyriades doors: TEO13


To access the coded Reminiscent Anamnesis files in Lincoln’s sensitive files – for Notes on Reminiscent Anamnesis Part 2, highlight all the coded text by dragging with the mouse.  Hit Ctrl-C on your computer keyboard. Validate Dimitrinko on the Collaborator’s menu and access his sensitive files.  Open the Cryptography Executable. Click on Vigenere’s Grid. Click on the lower large box until you see a blinking cursor.  Hit Ctrl-V to paste the coded text in the lower box.  Then click on the upper box Key space until you see a blinking cursor and type in the word hill.  Then click on Decrypt and read the text.


For Notes on Reminiscent Anamnesis Part 3, use the same technique except in the Key space type in the word Alberti.


Luciani’s files contain the protocol for open the Tyriades door. There is a drawing here that will be important later.


Guirnisch’s files contain friendly communication protocols, a language lexicon, and pheromones responses - - all likely to be needed later.


Now return to where the elevator is and take Lea up to Level 2. Again, make a note of where the elevator is on this level.




Go to the locked door on your right. Lea updates the Objectives and then uses the key she just found to open the door. She heads in and down to an elevator for which she also has access. The elevator takes Lea up to the Control Room.


BA05 – Control Room


Lead Lea to the control panel, the light at the center top of the map. Be patient as Lea fiddles around and wait until she says she needs to fix the generators. She updates the Objectives. Go back to the elevator on the right and return to Level 2.


BA08 – Generator Room


Open the door and go to the corridor leading up and to the right. Go all the way to the end and switch the map level up to see a stairway. Lead her up the stairs. Move her around the generator area to the upper right light on the generator. She sees the problem and needs a tool and suggests you find the workshop.




Come down into the large rectangular area below the generator and work your way to the light at the upper left. Lea finds the biggest red wrench you have ever seen! Take her back out of the workshop and up to the upper right corner of the generator. She makes the repair and then automatically repairs the other one.


Now she wants to see if everything is working in the Control Room. Take Lea back to the stairs at the lower right, switch down, and bring her down the stairs to the corridor. Come down the long corridor to the door she unlocked earlier, through the door and down to the elevator. After she enters the elevator, switch up to the Control Room area.


BA05 – Control Room


Take her to the center light again. Lea finds that everything is working properly. She enters a new Objective, that of opening the Tyriades door. She suggests checking the files for how to do that. Meanwhile, she swipes her card, and a panel is displayed.


Click the top item and enter Lincoln’s access code: TEO13.


Tyriades Door Puzzle


Now you are presented with a control panel for an imaging puzzle. First, shift the map to the lowest level. At the top of the arc of the map, you see two vertical, parallel lines.  Now drag the map upward and look for the camera that is directly south of the parallel lines. It is left of two cylindrical tanks. Activate the camera and see a glowing image on the Tyriades door. (I recommend that you size the camera window to maximum and move the other boxes out of the way.)


The door image glows off and on, but the five elements stay gold. The elements are associated with the five numbered boxes. For each element, look around to see where it goes on the door. Then click the numbered box corresponding to that element and drag the box (the box, not the image) to the approximate correct location. Use the size and rotate bars to match the element to the image on the door. When you have the right size and orientation and drag the element over the door image, the element turns white. Lea congratulates you when all five are in place. (Hint: once you have a good idea of where each piece goes and have placed it as well as you can over its matching underlying design and have the rotation as close as possible, try moving the size slider slowly back and forth to try various sizes. If this doesn’t work, you might need to readjust the placement of the piece or the rotation of the piece.)


Neutralizing the Security Robots


Now Lea needs to go down to the Tyriades Doors, but she needs to disable the security robots first. Go right to the elevator and take the elevator down. Switch down, leave through the once-locked door, and go to the light at the top left of the two parallel lines. Take the elevator down to Level 1.




Lea wants to go to the fallen robot and set it on remote control so you can use it to neutralize the other robots. Lead her to the room on the left. Turn on the camera out in the open area by the black square and below the two cylindrical tanks. You can see a fallen robot.


Note: This is your last chance to save for a while, so SAVE NOW, especially because your robot might be defeated (falls over), and you have to start again.


Now use the light below the camera you used to view the Tyriades doors. You see Lea come out and repair the robot. You need to enter Lincoln’s code: ST038RX12.


Now you are ready to attack the other robots. Use the same camera with night vision/brightness and zoom, as necessary, to locate the three robots. Be patient and wait for them to come into view. Move to get into their paths and, as soon as you are close, get off a shot. If the robot ceases to move when you back away, you have neutralized it. Try to shoot before the other robot does. If you are hit too often, you are defeated. 


T02 – After Going Through the Tyriades Doors


Once you beat the three robots, Lea heads for the Tyriades door and enters the training room. She equips herself with a portable camera and an endoscopic camera. She suggests that you do Tyriades research in the files of Guirnisch, Edwards, and Lowel. The Objectives have been updated.


Look around the room. You should find a camera add-on, which is an audio decryption device for analyzing pheromones. You also find a data cartridge that serves as a remote control for the Language Pack. You can use this to emit pheromones as a way of communicating in the Tyriades world. The Language Pack is added to the menu on the left.


Familiarize yourself with the Language Pack. Running your mouse over the five pheromones at the top displays information about each one. Note that the associated emotions are listed in the pheromone table in corresponding lines. For example, the emotions for “B” are shown as the second lines in each of the top four sections of the table.


The three squares at the bottom are for entering pheromones. The four circles at the bottom allow you to select the force of emission. Try, for example, emitting “E” as a stationary emission and hear Lea’s response. To do this, click on “E” – the “E” will appear in the box below. Then click on the circle with an “o.” You’ll hear the pheromones as they are launched, and you’ll usually see a colorful cloud of gas that contains the pheromones. (You can also emit each of the other pheromones just to see Lea’s response.)


T01 – Tyriades Zone Cathedral


Try out Lea’s portable camera to get the hang of it. (If you don’t see any camera icons showing up on the map at this point, go to the lower part of the map and click on the camera icon in the legend to make the cameras show up on the map. The portable camera is the camera on the map that is now connected to the wedge icon identifying Lea.) Head north out of the training room and cross a metal bridge. Keep going and cross a plank bridge. In the large area, use the lights on the left to work your way up to the narrow passage labeled T03/T16.


When you cross the small up-and-down bridge, your path is blocked by plants. Wait quite a while for Lea to say she has an idea. She then explains the functions of the Language Pack. Set the portable camera for pheromone mode and turn on the Language Pack. You must pan the camera directly at the plant so that a gray box appears (if you can’t get the portable camera to pan, look to see if the top mode (rotation) above pheromone mode on the portable camera window is enabled). Pan the camera until the gray box is over the plant you want to communicate with, select “Euphoria” (gamma/gamma) and emit at force 2. The plant stands up, and you are free to pass. (In one playthrough, this worked without an obvious sign that it had worked.  If you’ve sent gamma/gamma a few times, it’s possible that you didn’t notice the plant standing up. Try clicking on the next light and see if Lea will go there.)


As you continue northward, you encounter more plants. You can experiment by using the language pack if you like – it will work on some of the plants that aren’t blocking your path. Sometimes the plant will “talk” back to you – you’ll see symbols appearing in the gray box that you didn’t send. (One plant informed me pheromonically that it was terrified.) “Euphoria” still works, but you might have to adjust your force. Continue forward up into the narrow passage and go all the way north to the server switch at the top. Use the server switch to enter T03.


Tyriades Zone Crossroads


You meet Miilyan, a communications Tyriade. Turn on the pheromone function on you camera (if it isn’t already on) in order to understand her. Lea and Miilyan hold a long conversation. You are missing the omega pheromone, and you need to find it. Lea updates the Objectives.




You are in figure-8 area. Come south to the area that consists roughly of three circles.  There are three different approaches to this section.


1 -- The Original Approach to Highland Forest Omega Bubbles (Involves T03, T04 and T05) For two other alternate approaches, see below.


This is the way the game designers assumed this area would be played. Stop now and carefully read the communication and language information in Paul Guirnisch’s files. You will be working your way through the Highland Forest, looking for the Omega Bubbles, dodging Combat Tyriades and trying to communicate with the ones you don’t manage to dodge. If you don’t communicate correctly, you will have what seems to be a flashback, and then will be returned back to the Highland Forest to keep trying to get to the Omega Bubbles. It can be difficult to communicate accurately at all times because you don’t yet have the omega pheromone, which is a vital element for communication.


Note that there are two server switches for T04/T05 at the bottoms of the circles. Use either switch to enter the highland forest (at location T04). Lea has a flashback involving 112 in trouble, and she is certain she has been here before.


Lea says that she can see a Combat Tyriades patrolling the area.  Keep searching the forest until you find the omega bubbles. If you encounter plants, enabling the pheromone function on the portable camera and using gamma/gamma will still work on them. (You may not be aware that a plant is blocking you – if you can’t advance to the next light, use gamma/gamma and then see if clicking on the light allows you to advance.) After you arrive at the bubbles, Lea tries to take one, but she is unsuccessful. Use “Ecstasy” (alpha/alpha) at force 1 to freeze the bubbles. Immediately use “Desire” (beta/beta) at force 1, or “Enchantment” (delta/delta) and Lea grabs the omega pheromone.


Now you need to return to T03. You can use the nearest switch. Use gamma/gamma, as needed, on plants you encounter on your way back to the server switch. Use the switch to leave the highland forest.


Back at T03, your goal now is the labeled T11/T16 area switch above the upper left circular area.


Take Lea under the leftmost circle. About 3 lights away from the switch to T11/T16, stop to save your game.


Note: Save your game before going farther. It will be a loooong time before you can save again.


2. The Quick Pick Approach to the Highland Forest Omega Bubbles (Involves T03, T04 and T05) Alternate to Original Approach Above


Note that there are two server switches for T04/T05 at the bottoms of the circles. You want to use the closest switch, but only briefly.  Activate the switch to enter the highland forest (at location T04). Lea has a flashback involving 112 in trouble, and she is certain she has been here before.


Lea says that she can see a Combat Tyriades patrolling the area.  As soon as you can, activate the switch to return to T03. The game will now let you work your way through the southern portion of T03 to the server switch that takes you directly to T05, where the Omega pheromone plant is located. Work all the way around the circles until you are under the leftmost circle and then lead Lea south along the path leading down to another T04/T05 switch (brings you in at location T05).


Turn on the camera at the bottom of the area and see the omega bubbles. Now Lea needs to work her way down in that direction. If you encounter plants, enabling the pheromone function on the portable camera and using gamma/gamma will still work on them. (You may not be aware that a plant is blocking you – if you can’t advance to the next light, use gamma/gamma and then see if clicking on the light allows you to advance.)  After you arrive at the bubbles, Lea tries to take one, but she is unsuccessful. Use “Ecstasy” (alpha/alpha) at force 1 to freeze the bubbles. Immediately use “Desire” (beta/beta) at force 1, or “Enchantment” (delta/delta) and Lea grabs the omega pheromone.


Now you need to leave the way you came. Use gamma/gamma, as needed, on plants you encounter on your way back to the server switch. Use the switch to leave the highland forest.


Back at T03, your goal now is the labeled T11/T16 area switch above the upper left circular area.


Take Lea up the left side of the outlined area and under the leftmost circle. About 3 lights away from the switch to T11/T16, stop to save your game.


Note: Save your game before going farther. It will be a loooong time before you can save again.


3. The Learner’s Permit Approach to the Highland Forest Omega Bubbles (Involves T03, T04 and T05) Alternate to Original Approach Above


Note that there are two server switches for T04/T05 at the bottoms of the circles. You want to use the closest switch, but only briefly.  Activate the switch to enter the highland forest (at location T04). Lea has a flashback involving 112 in trouble, and she is certain she has been here before.


Lea says that she can see a Combat Tyriades patrolling the area.  As soon as you can, activate the switch to return to T03. The game will now let you work your way through the southern portion of T03 to the server switch that takes you directly to T05, where the Omega pheromone plant is located. Work all the way around the circles until you are under the leftmost circle and then lead Lea south along the path leading down to another T04/T05 switch (brings you in at location T05).


Turn on the camera at the bottom of the area and see the omega bubbles. Now Lea needs to work her way down in that direction. If you encounter plants, enabling the pheromone function on the portable camera and using gamma/gamma will still work on them. (You may not be aware that a plant is blocking you – if you can’t advance to the next light, use gamma/gamma and then see if clicking on the light allows you to advance.) After you arrive at the bubbles, Lea tries to take one, but she is unsuccessful. Use “Ecstasy” (alpha/alpha) at force 1 to freeze the bubbles. Immediately use “Desire” (beta/beta) at force 1, or “Enchantment” (delta/delta) and Lea grabs the omega pheromone.


Now you need to leave the way you came. Use gamma/gamma, as needed, on plants you encounter on your way back to the server switch. You may not be aware that a plant is blocking you – if you can’t advance to the next light, use gamma/gamma and then see if clicking on the light allows you to advance. Before using the switch, save your game.


You could return to T03, but you just might want to explore the areas in the T04 part of the highland forest that you haven’t seen yet.  And now that you have the omega pheromone, this is a good opportunity to practice communicating with the Combat Tyriades before the stakes get higher (you will need to be very good at communicating later in the game).  This is also the closest you will come to a Combat Tyriades, and it’s entertaining to take this close a look at them.


Have Lea walk around through the rest of the highland forest, hunting for Combat Tyriades for language practice in this non-pressured situation.


When you are “talking” to a Combat Tyriade, you need to have the camera’s pheromone bulls eye pointed in his direction so that a grey square appears around him. The pheromones that the Combat Tyriade is emitting will be in white squares near the bulls eye (with the grey square around it). You will notice that these are the same symbols that are in the Language Pack. At the same time, you’ll see a colorful cloud streaming from the tyriade’s head.


You respond to the pheromones/symbols by clicking on the symbols in your language pack and then sending them (probably at force 3) just as you did when communicating with the plants.  The difference is that here you will be responding to the tyriade’s symbols, rather than initiating symbols on your own. Your responses are recorded in white squares directly on top of the symbols from the Combat Tyriade. You’ll see other symbols in white – dashes, for instance. Dashes (I think) mean that the communication exchange had a neutral outcome. Plusses (I think) mean that you have elicited an emotional response (NOT what you want here).


Each Combat Tyriades will begin by asking you about your caste.

If the tyriade asks       You reply with

AA                                                      BB

BB                                                       AA


For all other communication, the strategy is to send back the same message, with or without omega, so that your reply is the opposite. For example,

If the tyriade asks       You reply with

BΔ                                                       BΔΩ

AΓΩ                                                    AΓ


Your response letters can be in any order. Working left to right can speed up the entry. If you fail at a particular communication sequence, you’ll see a brief “flashback” screen, and then you’ll be returned to the highland forest where you can hunt more tyriades for language practice.


If you’ve already talked to that particular tyriade, the next time you talk, your previous conversation will still be recorded in the gray square – just ignore this and respond to the new conversation.


In case you are wondering what the tyriades are saying (and what you’re replying) – once past the opening caste question, here are some translations:


AΓ                                                                               Conciliating

AΓΩ                                                                            Aggressive

BΔ                                                                               Curious

BΔΩ                                                                            Disrespectful

Γ E                                                                              Exalted

ΓEΩ                                                                            Apathetic

ΔA                                                                               Calm

ΔAΩ                                                                            Nervous

EB                                                                              Submissive

EBΩ                                                                           Domineering



Once you are comfortable with this form of communication, you can either return to one of the activation switches that take you back to T03. Or you can return to your saved game, which will erase your experiences in the highland forest with the Combat Tyriades (as far as the game is concerned, anyway). Then use the nearest switch to leave the highland forest and return to T03.


Back at T03, your goal now is the labeled T11/T16 area switch above the upper left circular area. About 3 lights away from the switch to T11/T16, stop to save your game.


Note: Save your game before going farther. It will be a loooong time before you can save again.


The Rambling Flowers


Continue toward the switch to T11/T16. As Lea moves toward the activation switch, before she can reach it she hears the threatening voice of Loyd, and she is pushed into a gully with floating flowers. Lea needs to use the flowers to get out of the gully.


Guirnisch’s files refer to “rambling flowers,” and indicate that beta/beta or delta/delta will move a flower toward the emission source. Choose the nearest flower and emit beta/beta at force level 3. When the flower comes close, Lea jumps in and is taken back to where the flower was. Wait for that to happen. Now choose the next close flower and repeat the process. Several flowers are needed to rise to the top.


Hint: The goal is to gain height, not to try to get over to the side where Lea could get off of a flower and onto the path.


Still in a flower, Lea sees Loyd preparing a bomb. After the conversation between Lea and Loyd, he runs off. Now Lea has a dream sequence in which Tyriades take her on a flower ride to the General Council.


The Council of the Generals


A human man tells Lea she must defend herself with the generals. Turn on the camera near the bottom of the map so you can see the arrangement of the generals. This will also allow you to see Lea as she turns to face them and to see which general is emitting pheromones.


Hint: Although Lea is nagging, you can ignore her and use some time to practice moving the camera from general to general.


Enable the Pheromone function on the portable camera (Lea’s shoulder cam). If you are having trouble because the camera viewpoint seems to constantly drift back under Lea’s chin, check to make sure that, at the top of the portable camera window, the “automatic tracking” icon is enabled.


Note: The most hideous part of this segment is the jerky camera. You can control it somewhat better by dragging it a little at a time and lifting your finger from the mouse. This will prevent the camera from swinging all around, but you still need to learn to move the camera quickly.


Since mouse movement is so important here, you might want to go into the Options menu and see if moving the mouse sensitivity slider further to the right helps you with movement.


Not being able to save during this segment is obnoxious, but there it is.


Finally, if you give up on this segment and quit, you should be able to restore with backup #1 (the automatic backup) without having to go through the flowers thing again.


Once you’re oriented and ready to get started, close down the map window and the second viewing window, so that only the portable camera window and the Language Pack is open. Minimizing the window of the portable camera to the smallest size might make “aiming” the camera easier because you don’t have to move the mouse as far. (If the camera movement makes you feel nauseated, the smaller window might also reduce the feeling of nausea.) Move the language pack window and the portable camera window next to one another on the screen, up high enough so that the subtitles won’t interfere with them.


When you are “talking” to a general, you need to have the bulls eye pointed in his direction so that a grey square appears around him and the pheromones he is sending appear as symbols – you will notice that these are the same symbols that are in the Language Pack.


For reference, number the generals 1 through 5, counterclockwise, starting with the general to the screen left of the man who seems to be presiding. When you have your bulls eye on a general, a panel will open to show which pheromones he is emitting. You must reply by selecting the correct pheromones from the Language Pack and sending them at force level 3.


Each general will begin by asking you about your caste.

If the general asks       You reply with

AA                                                      BB

BB                                                       AA


For all other questions, the strategy is to send back the same message, with or without omega, so that your reply is the opposite. For example,


If the general asks       You reply with

BΔ                                                       BΔΩ

AΓΩ                                                    AΓ


Your response letters can be in any order. Working left to right can speed up the entry.


Note: Look closely at the symbols on the language pack window – note that the “A” looks a lot like the triangle (delta) symbol. Since this sequence is timed, it’s easy (in your hurry) to mistake “A” for the triangle – make sure you don’t confuse them.


The pheromones that the general is emitting will be in orange squares to the right of the bulls eye you’ve aimed at his chest. At the same time, you’ll see a colorful cloud streaming from his head. You respond to the orange pheromones/symbols. Your responses are recorded in white squares directly on top of the orange symbols. You’ll see other symbols in white – dashes, for instance – but these aren’t as important and you can ignore them.


So far, it seems that each of the five generals always opens with BB, which means that you always respond with AA. (If, in your game, the general opens with AA, you’ll need to respond with BB – make a note the first time you see each general’s first set of “caste” pheromones, because that will always be his first pheromone sequence, and you need to know it in advance so you can answer it quickly.)


After you have answered the questions of general #1, pan over to generals #2 and #3. They seem to alternate: 2-3-2-3-2-3.


Note: The only time you may get out of this exact 2-3-2-3-2-3 sequence is if you make a mistake and send the wrong pheromone combination to one of the generals. This doesn’t necessarily mean failure – the general will sometimes give you a second chance. So, for instance, if you make a mistake with general #2, it’s possible by the end to have finished with general #3, but still have to go back to respond to another pheromone question from general #2.


When you take on generals #2 and #3, and are switching the camera back and forth between them, don’t wait for Lea’s comments or to see if the general accepts your answer. Launch the pheromones and move the camera immediately to the next general, enter the next sequence, launch, move, launch, move, etc.


When you have completed generals #2 and #3, the questions are asked by generals #3, 4, and 5. Again, the questioning appears to cycle: 3-5-4-3-5-4-3-5-4.


Between the end of the 2 generals sequence and the start of the 3 generals sequence, there is some conversation between Lea and the other human. Use this time to preload the upcoming response to #3 general’s caste (you will probably be answering with AA) and get ready to aim.


Lea will say “Three. That’s a lot. Let’s focus.” As soon as she finishes saying this, look closely at general #3, who should be starting to send out BB. Immediately send AA at him, then, without hesitating, send AA at general #5 and then AA at general #4. (This is where the 3 generals sequence is won or lost – if you don’t send the opening responses – probably AA -- at all three generals as fast as you can, Lea stops the sequence).


Then return to general #3 and see what pheromones he is sending. You’ll have to respond to two more pheromone questions from each general, but the timing for these seems a bit more generous.



If you fail a sequence, Lea sometimes let you know that you have failed. Other times, the only way you will know that you have failed is that general #1 suddenly is the only general sending you new pheromone combinations (in that case, he’ll probably be sending BB over and over). You will then have to start the whole sequence again, starting with general #1 again, then on to generals #2 and #3, and so on.


Note: If you have to start again, this sometimes leaves old orange pheromone sequences at the top of generals #2 to 5 from the previous attempt because you didn’t respond to them quickly enough for your response to register. Ignore these. Just go back to where general #1 is sending you BB, respond with AA and go from there.


Defusing the Bomb


After you have confused the generals, there’s more dialog and then Lea goes back to get some tools to defuse the bomb. Then you are automatically taken to where the bomb is. Lea will explain how you should communicate with her in order to defuse it.


You have a couple of minutes to defuse the bomb. You’ll need to use the language pack. You can look up the bomb drawings in Mike Loyd’s files if you like, which are somewhat helpful. There’s also a close-up window of the bomb that you can study. These things take time, though, and you don’t have much at your disposal.


It’s possible that the bomb defusing sequence is randomly generated, so that what works may differ for every game. Below is one sequence that worked. Sometimes Lea doesn’t seem to respond, even when you send the correct pheromones at her – sometimes I had to send them twice.


You will be sending either Alpha (A) or Alpha and Omega – this time, after entering the symbols, you press the little “O” button to launch the pheromones.


When Lea puts the wire cutters over the first wire (a sort of brown color), send Alpha Omega (DON’T cut).


When Lea puts the wire cutters over the red wire, send just Alpha (DO cut).


When Lea puts the wire cutters over the yellow wire, send Alpha Omega (DON’T cut).


When Lea puts the wire cutters over the green wire, send Alpha Omega (DON’T cut).


When Lea puts the wire cutters over the blue wire, send just Alpha (DO cut).


The bomb is defused. You are then taken to the Ascending Abyss, where you can finally save your game.


Note: If you fail to defuse the bomb, all is not lost! You do have to find your own way to the Ascending Abyss – go to the nearest activation switch/ triangle (the one north of your current position) and click on it.


The Wind Well


This part of the game is mostly for observing the amazing location.  You go straight – on the map it looks like there’s a crossroads, but in fact it’s made of bridge-like paths that pass in the air and don’t connect.  You can walk all around and eventually come back beneath the original bridge, but perpendicular to it.  At the end of your path is a door.  You’ll need a code.  XX25K12


The Ascending Abyss


Again, there’s just one direction in which you can walk.  You’ll see Miilyan when you reach the end, and you discuss matters.  Miilyan goes inside a central building.  You can walk around the building a bit, taking in the sights.  There are two doors but it’s hard to open them.


On the map, look down at the “legend” part and click on the “lights” icon.  This will eliminate all the light icons on the map, revealing the two door icons on the map.  Click on one door icon and Lea will enter the building. Re-enable the lights icon on the bottom of the map so you can see where the lights are in this new area.


Again, you have a conversation with Miilyan.  Lea automatically drops her language pack on the desk as instructed.  You get the last pheromone – Psi.  When this is done, open up the language pack window by clicking on the tool bar on the pop-up menu on the left of the screen.  Miilyan will explain more about the Ascending Abyss and how to communicate with it.


When you are asked for symbols (Psi should already be entered) use these:


Delta Delta (the two triangles) – send at force level 3

EB – emit at force level 3

B – emit at force level 0


Note: If you failed to defuse the bomb earlier, Miilyan will say that you must wait for the gas to dissipate.  You then wait for about a minute until she begins speaking again. In one playthrough, the exploding bomb had no effect on the settings above – they stayed the same.  In another playthrough, the gas from the exploding bomb caused one of the settings to change – the changed setting had to be figured out using trial and error.


You’ve reached the final puzzle.  You need to enter a code in order to use the Ascending Abyss to get to 112’s location.  The code is based on your trip parameters.  Miilyan gives you information:


Northwesterly winds, average velocity

Temperature at 23 degrees, slowly increasing

Residual Moisture 18%, declining

Stable pressure at 939 millibars


Go into Paul Guirnisch’s sensitive files and look at the file for Travel Lists and Their Explanations. When interpreting the information in these lists, look at the direction of the arrows, not their color.


The code works out to 05031012 – click on the code interface and enter this code.


See ending cut scene.



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