By Jonathan Lessard & Absurdus

Walkthrough by MaGtRo      September, 2002

Game play: The game is point and click interface. Read the manual that can be found on the CD. The top right star on the game frame is the quit button. The top left star is the Options menu. The Options has the new, save, load game, deactivate music and sound. The inventory bar is at the bottom of the screen. Consult Abdullah's notebook for clues and recap of what has happened. Talk to each character repeatedly using all dialogues especially the blabla dialogue until they repeat themselves. The cursor changes to red on a hotspot and a framed arrow for exits. Right click to return taken inventory back in the bar. By checking or looking at each objects or character will add them in the dialogue list. I found several glitches. If I go back to a saved game, some of the inventories taken in events after the saved game opened are gone. And if I'm in a different timeslot and try to go to a saved game of an earlier timeslot, no matter what is done no progress to the next timeslot happens. These problems are solved by quitting and restarting the game.

The introduction shows a caped man wearing a hat being chased by another man on the street and at dockside. The caped man climbs aboard a ship and escapes. The next day, Abdullah reads a letter aboard the ship, Glutomax.

Dear Abdullah,

The Eye of Kraken has been stolen from me. It is an object related to a cult of worshippers of the Great Kraken. If it were to end up between the wrong hands, it could prove very dangerous for the human kind. I don't know the identity of the thief but I know for sure that he is presently aboard the Glutomax. I want you to identify him and get the Eye of the Kraken back.

Good luck and have a good trip.

Yours truly,

Titien Granzoub

Monday Morning

Abdullah's Cabin #1:            There's a knock on the door. Aboubakar enters the cabin. Abdullah is on a diplomatic mission to deliver a secret document to our correspondent on Hyade Island. Kraken is a giant mythical squid.  Aboubakar found a small wooden squid.  They discuss a plan that Abdullah be the one who found the squid. This will facilitate the search for the owner and can ask questions. Aboubakar advises to ask the captain for the list of the passengers. Aboubakar is in cabin #6 and he wants to be informed of the progress of the investigation. In inventory is the notebook, money, top secret letter and the message from Titien.

Check the porthole, parrot that talks and hookah that needs grass to use. Examine the chest and find grain bags instead of your things. Take the teapot and saber. Exit at lower right.

Corridor:       Check all the cabin doors on both side of the corridor. Except for Abdullah's, Fitzcarraldo and Aboubakar's, all the other passenger cabins and the Zog sailor's cabin are inaccessible at the moment. Check at least one of the paintings on the wall.

Fitzcarraldo's Cabin #2:         Enter and check the gramophone, bed and plans on the wall. Take the bananas on top of the desk. Note the binoculars on top of the desk and the camera on top of the ice machine. Talk to Fitzcarraldo, an Irish contractor specialized in disproportionate projects. Learn that passengers teleports around the ship, they repeat word for word when they are asked the same questions and night falls quickly aboard the ship. He is making plans for the ski resort he will build on Hyade Island. Ask about the binoculars and he will let you borrow it if you can get a recital from the opera singer at the next cabin. The ice machine will make snow-ice. To use it: feed it water, salt, sausage and then pull the lever. Sausage is the fuel. Get permission to use the ice machine. Take the wooden squid from inventory and show it to Fitzcarraldo. Find out that there's once been a cult that wants to summon the giant squid to rule the ocean and a Giant Kraken monument in Hyade Island He gives you his squid statuette. Exit and see that you are not where you're suppose to be.

Aboubakar's Cabin #6:        Knock and enter. Check the Chicken, howling poultry that is Aboubakar's fetish. Check also the hut, calabashes, masks, balaphon and the cowry cells on the table. Talk to Aboubakar about everything.

Go up to the next level using the stairs at the end of the hall close to the Zogs' cabin #5.

Storeroom:        Check the bell, barrels and rope on wall. Take a cannonball. Knock on the door to the Captain's cabin.

Captain's cabin:        Enter and listen to the Captain reprimanding a Zog sailor about a chest of filthy rags. He is looking for a chest full of pigeon food. After clarification of the misplaced chests, you are in your own cabin. Go back to the Captain's cabin. Check the porthole, cage, map, poster, astrolabe, periscope, wheel and bathtub. Checking on things will add them to the dialogue list. Talk to the Captain especially about the passenger list. Hyade Island is a Gluttenburger protectorate. The bell outside is a submarine and has air for 10 minutes. There are 4 twin Zog brothers. Glutomax is a creature from Gluttenburger mythology and is the figurehead of the ship. They will reach Hyade Island Friday morning. Show the wooden squid to the Captain.

Climb the stairs that look like a hatch cover to go up to the next level. From the back bridge, go down at right screen to the front bridge.

Front bridge:        See a man, Villon being seasick. Check the cannon and 2 anchors. Go to the right screen.

Fore:        Check the figurehead of the ship, the Glutomax. Go back to the back bridge and enter the door to the restaurant.

Restaurant:        Talk to the black-robed Rasputin, especially about seasickness. Show the wooden squid to Rasputin. Take the salt on the other table. Check-search everything on the buffet table. Take a glass of wine and shrimp. Talk to a Zog brother and find about their collective minds. Show the wooden squid to the Zog.  Go to seasick Villon.

Front bridge:        Advise or give the wine to Villon. He will go to the restaurant for the cure.

Restaurant:        Talk to Villon and then show the wooden squid to him.

Go to back bridge and climb up the stairs to the poop deck.

Poop deck:        Check the plant, mop and the lounge chair. Talk to Olaf and show the wooden squid to him.

Exit and the timeslot should change.

Actions necessary to move to next time slot:

1. Get list of passengers.

2. Exchange chest with captain.

3. Show statuette to all characters available.

4. Cure Villon's seasickness by discussing seasickness with Rasputin and giving Villon advice or wine.

Monday Afternoon

Poop deck:        See and talk to Aboubakar and Ophelia.

Restaurant:        Talk to either Rasputin or Villon about Ophelia and Villon will go out of the room. Finish talking to Rasputin and find out that Villon left to defend his honor.

Poop deck:        Talk to Ophelia and find out that Villon beat up Aboubakar. The Captain brought him to his cabin.

Aboubakar's Cabin #6:     Enter cabin and the captain will say he needs ice immediately to prevent Aboubakar's disfigurement.

Ice:  1. Go to captain's cabin and use teapot to get water from the bathtub.

        2. If you haven't taken the salt yet, it is at the restaurant's other dining table.

        3. Talk to Ophelia at the poop deck about sausage and she will get sausage from Villon's cabin.

        4. Go to Fitzcarraldo's cabin #2. Use teapot, salt and sausage on the ice machine. Use machine and take ice.

Go back to cabin #6 and automatically give the Captain the ice.

Poop deck:        Talk to Ophelia and show her the wooden squid.         Restaurant:        Talk to Rasputin and Villon.       

Abdullah's Cabin #1:            Automatically read a letter on the floor by door. Put the squid statuette in the cannon on the bridge before going to bed tonight. If you don't exactly follow these instructions, you will expose yourself to great danger. Signed 'Anonymous'.

Exit and a timeslot change should occur.

Actions necessary to move to next time slot:

1. See Aboubakar and Ophelia at the Poop deck and tell Rasputin or Villon about them.

2. Make ice.

3. Show statuette to Ophelia.

4. Read the Anonymous letter.

Monday Evening

Aboubakar's Cabin #6:     Enter and automatically talk to Aboubakar. He recommends that you find a way to see who will pick up the statuette. Talk to him again and he recommends that you observe the cannon at a distance. We should get that recital for Fitzcarraldo so that he will lend us that binoculars.

Olaf's cabin#4:        Knock and enter. Check the book, shield, horn (foghorn), helmet, chest, rock behind Olaf and the watering can. Be sure to ask Olaf about the runes and be told it is a Greenlander joke.       

Captain's cabin:        Talk to the Captain in his cabin again, especially about blabla - he's writing to a Scandinavian language and runic writing specialist.

Restaurant:        Search the shrimp pot on the buffet table and get a Dostoevsky book 'Crime and Punishment. Talk to Ingrid. Ingrid will give a recital but she needs a metallic hat with 2 horns. Now, where did we see one?

Olaf's cabin#4:        Talk to Olaf about Ingrid and take the helmet.        

Restaurant:        Give the helmet to Ingrid. She will give a recital at Cabin #3 tomorrow evening.

Fitzcarraldo's Cabin #2:         Talk to Fitzcarraldo about the binoculars. Automatically be given the binoculars and have dinner at the restaurant. Talk to Fitzcarraldo at the restaurant.

Front bridge:        Place one of the squid statuettes on the cannon. Automatically, go to the fore and use the binoculars to spy on the cannon. Somebody drugged him at dinner and Abdullah falls asleep.

Actions necessary to move to next time slot:

1. Talk to Fitzcarraldo about binocular.

2. Get Ingrid to do a recital.

3. Place statuette in cannon.

Tuesday Morning

Get awaken by a Zog brother and find out that Joe Zog, who is not feeling well is the server at the restaurant last night.        Front bridge:        Check the cannon.        Poop deck:        Talk to Olaf.

Restaurant:        Talk to the Zog brother about everything. Talk to Rasputin and find out that he gave Villon soporific mushroom to sleep.

Zogs' Cabin #5:        Enter the cabin. Check the Captain's picture on the wall and mat on the floor. Harvest the flower on the left of the screen. Later, try giving the flower to everybody. Check the Zog in bed and find out that he has 2 holes on his neck and been vampirised.

Captain's Cabin:        Talk to Captain about everything. He gives a passkey for you to investigate the vamparisation.

Olaf's cabin #4:        Use passkey on door. Click the notebook on the rock runes to copy it. Use the saber to cut some grass.

Vlad's cabin # 10:        Use passkey on door. Check the plaque - Here lies Vlad Drakhul 476- (Remember Count Dracula). Talk to Vlad by knocking on the coffin.

Villon's cabin #9:        Use passkey on door. Check the lute, portrait, graffiti, target, empty bottles of wine and books. Take sausage from wall. Take Camembert cheese and dice from table. Later, try clicking the dice on all characters. Read the paper on table - Great Kraken, we call upon you. May your reign return and may the seas bubble under your tentacles! Check out the flammable stool. Hmm!

Rasputin's cabin #8:        Use passkey on door. Check the chest, icons and still. Pull out the thing under the bed and see that they are mushrooms. Harvest mushrooms. Remember to push the box under the bed.

Ingrid and Fitzcarraldo are in their cabins (3 and 2, respectively). There is snoring heard in Ophelia's cabin #7.

Captain's Cabin:        Talk to Captain about Vampire and he will nail Vlad's cabin shut. Give him the copy of the runes from Olaf's cabin.

Restaurant:        Talk to Rasputin. Play dice with Rasputin and lose all the time.

Exit and the timeslot should change.

Actions necessary to move to next time slot:

1. Find Joe Zog vamparised.

2. Tell Captain about vamparisation and get passkey.

3. Investigate accessible cabins.

4. Report to Captain.

5. Play dice with Rasputin.

Tuesday Afternoon

Aboubakar's Cabin #6:     Enter and automatically talk to Aboubakar. He wants a date with Ophelia and asks you to drug Villon this evening with Rasputin's mushrooms. He thinks that the Eye of the Kraken is in Ophelia's room. Click the dice on him. He ends up giving you an ultimate bad luck fetish for dice. The opponent must wear it. Talk to Aboubakar again.

Ophelia's Cabin #5:        Check the books and open the wardrobe. Use the phone. Close the wardrobe.      Villon's cabin #9:    Check the paper on the floor by table.

Restaurant:        Talk to the trio having dinner. Click the mushroom on Villon's plate.

Exit and the timeslot should change.

Actions necessary to move to next time slot:

1. Talk to Aboubakar and get fetish from him.

2. Search Ophelia's cabin and her wardrobe.

3. Drug Villon with mushrooms.

Tuesday Evening

Automatically, enter Ingrid's cabin and listen to the recital with Fitzcarraldo and Olaf.         Fitzcarraldo's Cabin #2:         Enter and talk to Fitzcarraldo.   

Storeroom:        Rasputin must have been the one that ate the mushrooms. Check Rasputin's body and get a small key. A voice is heard. See that Villon is in the bell. The Captain placed him there for brutalizing Aboubakar again. Talk to Villon. Place the fetish on Rasputin's body. If Aboubakar is beaten up again we might need ice. Enter the Captain's cabin.

Captain's Cabin:        Use teapot on bathtub to get water.         Aboubakar's Cabin #6:     Enter and the captain wants ice again - told ya!        Fitzcarraldo's Cabin #2:         Use teapot, salt and sausage on ice machine. Use machine. Take ice.        Aboubakar's Cabin #6:     Enter and automatically give ice to the captain.

Rasputin's cabin #8:        Use the key taken from Rasputin's body on the chest. It is filled with Vodka and a paper. Read the paper in inventory. Ultimate power potion for cockroaches: Mix pigeon guano, wine, camembert and grass. Distill the mix in a pot still. Administer the potion to the target cockroach. The cities listed on the back of the paper are Athens, Istanbul, Odessa, Syracuse and Jerusalem.

Abdullah's Cabin #1:            Read automatically the new letter from anonymous. Anonymous wants you to put the real wooden squid in the cannon tomorrow night before going to bed.

Restaurant:        Talk to Ophelia.         Poop deck:        Talk to the Zog brother especially about bribe (dialogue seen after reading the anonymous letter). He wants a big pile of money to watch the cannon tomorrow night. He will wear a red shirt to be identified from his other brothers. You only have a medium pile of money - needs more then.

Go down to the corridor level and automatically go to your cabin to sleep.

Actions necessary to move to next time slot:

1. Get key from and place fetish on Rasputin's body.

2. Make ice again.

3. Read the second Anonymous letter.

4. Talk to Zog brother at Poop deck about bribe.

Wednesday Morning

Wake up in Abdullah's cabin.            Fitzcarraldo's Cabin #2:         Fitzcarraldo wants to talk to Aboubakar.         Storeroom:        Talk to Villon who still inside the bell.

Front Bridge:        Listen to the Captain berating Odysseus, whose raft collided with the ship. The Captain will let him stay and replace the sick Joe Zog until Hyade Island. The Captain introduces Odysseus, the Mediterranean parasite. Talk to Odysseus. In exchange for his help in search for the Eye of the Kraken, he wants you to find a champion cockroach to challenge the cockroach he's trained.

Restaurant:        Talk to Rasputin. We still need money for the Zog bribe. Click the dice on Rasputin and challenge him at least twice with a large amount of Canadian money. Stop when you have enough for bribe. Talk to Zog brother. Search the shrimp pot and get a cockroach. Now, we have to make him powerful enough to challenge Odysseus cockroach.

Captain's cabin:        Talk to the captain. Open the cage and the captain will give you pigeon guano from his personal stash. The guano is automatically placed in the teapot.

Villon's cabin #9:        Use the cannonball taken from the storeroom on the wooden stool to get boards. Take the board and cannonball.

Rasputin's cabin #8:        Now, we follow the cockroach recipe taken from Rasputin's chest. Mix pigeon guano, wine, camembert and grass. Distill the mix in a pot still. Administer the potion to the target cockroach.

Cockroach potion:

1. Mix all the ingredients needed in the teapot: Take the teapot and click on all the other ingredients in inventory.

                Pigeon guano from the Captain's pigeons that is already in the pot.

                Wine from the restaurant buffet table.

                Camembert from Villon's cabin.

                Grass from Olaf's cabin.

2. Click the mixture in the teapot on still.

3. Place wooden boards from Villon's stool on still.

4. We need water. Go to Captain's cabin and use teapot on bathtub to get water. Place water in teapot on still in Rasputin's cabin.

5. Use still and listen to the process of distillation.

6. Collect the cockroach power potion in teapot.

7. Use the cockroach power potion in teapot on cockroach taken from the shrimp pot to get a green doped cockroach.

Front bridge:        Challenge Odysseus by clicking the doped cockroach on him. Win the race. Odysseus says that Olaf is not a Viking. Aren't you glad we had the captain check that rock rune copy we made from Olaf's cabin?

Exit and the timeslot should change.

Actions necessary to move to next time slot:

1. Talk to Odysseus about Kraken.

2. Win money from Rasputin by playing dice.

3. Make power cockroach and win the race.

4. Have given the rune copy to Captain to translate.

Wednesday Evening

Captain's cabin:        See the Captain steering the ship's wheel. Talk to him. He still hasn't received the translations of the runes.             Olaf's cabin #4:        Talk to him about Odysseus.           Ingrid's Cabin #3:        Check the piano, candlestick, painting and search the scenery.              

Restaurant:        Listen to Odysseus entertains the passengers with his exploits while manning the buffet table. Talk to Odysseus, Rasputin and Ophelia. Villon will be released tomorrow morning. Ask Ingrid about the painting of her father who is restoring the Knights of the Templar.

Poop deck:        Talk to the Zog brother about bribe and automatically give him the money.

Front bridge:        Place second statuette in the cannon.

Go down to the corridor level and automatically go to your cabin to sleep.

Actions necessary to move to next time slot:

1. If you haven't yet, ask Olaf about the runes on the rock.

2. Give money to Zog brother at Poop deck.

3. Place statuette in cannon

Thursday Morning

Wake up in Abdullah's cabin. Check Vlad's door. Listen to Fitzcarraldo's cabin - Irish swearwords and Wagnerian chirping!! Someone is in Villon's cabin.

Aboubakar's Cabin #6:     Use passkey and take the exaggerated denture with pump from the table.

Zogs' Cabin #5:        Enter the cabin. Oh, another one! It is the one with the red shirt, the one bribed. Vlad is not the culprit.

Bell:        Villon is still in the bell.         Captain's room:        He's sleeping.

Front Bridge:        Automatically check the cannon and the statuette is gone. Talk to Odysseus and he gives a magic ring to tell when one says the truth. Abdullah places it on his fingers and changes to a pig. Odysseus says it is punishment for cheating. To return back to normal, Odysseus says to eat a sausage. Oink!         Fore:        Look at glutomax figurehead.

Villon's Cabin#9:        Knock on door and Ophelia opens the door. She recites the new poem translated by Villon from a Latin document given by Rasputin - Great Kraken, we call upon you. May your reign return and may the seas bubble under your tentacles! We return to you your long lost eye. May it give you back life as well as sight. Ophelia gives the sausage to pig-Abdullah and he transforms back to human form. Talk to Ophelia bout everything. Later, try clicking the ring on everybody.

Restaurant:        Talk to Zog brother and Rasputin.

Poop deck:        Talk to Aboubakar. Show the denture with pump-suckomatic to Aboubakar. He makes love potions with the blood taken. First potion is for Ophelia and the next potion is for Fitzcarraldo to use on Ingrid. So that is why they are both in Fitzcarraldo's cabin. Poor falsely accused Vlad.

Exit and the timeslot should change.

Actions necessary to move to next time slot:

1. Get the denture from Aboubakar's cabin and show it to him at the Poop deck.

2. Find the bribed Zog vamparised in their cabin.

3. Talk to Odysseus and transform yourself back to human form.

Thursday Afternoon

Poop deck:        Talk to Aboubakar.               Front Bridge:        Talk to Odysseus.       

Restaurant:        Talk to Ingrid, Fitzcarraldo, Rasputin and Ophelia. Search the salad bowl and get a dehydrated Minotaur.   Ask Rasputin and Ophelia about the translation. Show the Minotaur to Fitzcarraldo and Rasputin.      Storeroom:        Talk to Villon in bell about the translation.

Captain's Cabin:        The captain recites the translation of the runes - Here lies Olibrius the bastard. May the demons from hell tear out his guts by the ass. Talk to the Captain especially about the Zog and Runes. Putting the blame of vamparisation on Odysseus gets him thrown overboard. Villon gets released from the bell. Get a rune translation in inventory - in subsequent replays, there is no rune translation in inventory seen. Place the dehydrated Minotaur on the bathtub and watch.         Storeroom:        Villon is not in the bell anymore.        Front bridge:        Automatically use the binoculars to see Odysseus floating on raft.

Olaf's cabin #4:        Talk to Olaf. If you have the rune translation in inventory, show it to Olaf. If not, talk to him about the runes. He admits to be a fake Viking. He is a Bulgarian Marxist revolutionist.

Exit and the timeslot should change.

Actions necessary to move to next time slot:

1. Talk to everybody about the translation.

2. Talked to the captain about the Zog and the runes.

3. Talked to Olaf about the runes.

Thursday Evening

Corridor:        Open the trap door at the end of the hallway by Vlad's room.         Neo-Botchist lair:        Talk to the Neo botchists about everything.        Vlad's Cabin #10:        Use passkey and enter. Look at coffin and rats.

Aboubakar's Cabin #6:     Aboubakar advises to ask his howling fetish-chicken the annual question. They will ask the location of the Eye of the Kraken. To get the ritual started, a sea anemone is needed. Aboubakar recommends to stop the ship and use the bell-submarine.       

Go to Fitzcarraldo in his cabin and to the neo-Botchist and ask them about anemone.

Storeroom:        Use the powered up cockroach on the bell and it carries the bell to the front bridge.

Front bridge:        Stop the ship by detaching both anchors. Use bell and realize you need help.        Aboubakar's Cabin #6:     Ask him for help.        Front bridge:        Vlad arrives and asks what they are doing. Eventually, you are underwater.

Underwater:        Talk to the 2 Moray eels on the left. Only Proustette, the right moray eel has an anemone. She doesn't sing anymore because of the anemone in her mouth. They are the Singing Morays. Try to talk and then flatter Proustette. All you need is love! She drops the anemone. Automatically pick it up.        Front bridge:         After giving Aboubakar the anemone, he says he needs time to prepare the ceremony. Abdullah leaves to sleep.

Actions necessary to move to next time slot:

1. Talk to Aboubakar.

2. Get and use the bell at front bridge.

3. Get anemone from the right moray eel.

Friday Morning

Wake up in your cabin. Save game here!      A major glitch occurs at the end of this time slot if you do not go to the Neo-Botchist lair before or right after the scene with Aboubakar.         Corridor:        Open the trap door at the end of the hallway by Vlad's room.         Neo-Botchist lair:        Talk to the Neo-Botchists about everything.      

You can go around and talk to everybody you want before going to Aboubakar's cabin.

Aboubakar's Cabin #6:     Aboubakar wearing a mask has everything ready. He chants insults to waken the howling poultry. The Chicken answers. The question given by Aboubakar is who has the Eye of Kraken in his possession and where is it hidden? A Hungarian scientist named Merouh Barok, fake Viking and pseudo Marxist. Barok wants to rule the world with occult power and have no intention of sharing it with the proletariat. He was helped by an alcoholic monk. The Eye of the Kraken is in the middle of the earth. Have to interpret, obtuse individual.

Rasputin's cabin#8:        Listen at the cabin door. Rasputin and Olaf are talking inside. Olaf says he moved it. Who could have found it there?

Olaf's Cabin #4:         Use the passkey and enter. Take a squid statuette on the floor. Look at the globe. There are holes in locations of some cities. Use the statuette on the globe and the tentacles fit perfectly on holes. It's empty. Where is the Eye of the Kraken?  Barok enters and derides Abdullah. He hid the Eye of the Kraken in a place where it will not be found. Have you really failed?

Front Bridge:        See the captain with a torch by the cannon. If you do not find the Captain, quit the game, restart the game, load at start of Friday morning again or right after visiting Aboubakar, visit the Neo-Botchist's lair and proceed from there. Talk to the Captain. He lights the cannon to announce arrival to Hyade Island. The cannon ball shoots out. Olaf-Barok runs in and cries 'My Treasure'. Olaf dives into the water following the 'cannonball'. Here comes Rasputin and follows Olaf - 'My Master'. Here comes the next one - Fitzcarraldo-Fitzgerald is Hot and dives into the water also.

* Using the hookah in Abdullah's cabin #1, smoke the banana and see and talk with Nefertiri. Smoke the flower and float. Smoke the shrimp and have a discussion with Karl Marx. Thanks kj!!

It seems the hunt for the Eye of the Kraken just begun!

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