Nicolas Eymerich The Inquisitor: The Plague

by TiconBlu & Imagimotion

Walkthrough by MaGtRo


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

After opening the game, a configuration frame is seen. Graphics: screen resolution, windowed and graphics quality selection is seen. Input has keyboard input information and can be changed.

The main menu has play, continue, load, options and exit selections.

Options have language, enable dialogue text, dubbing, Gfx mode, dialogue control panel, easy reader texts selection can be done. Music and sound effects volume can be adjusted here.

The game screen has menu icon (M), cross and book at bottom of screen. Inventory can be see by using the pull down arrow at top of screen or the use of the space bar.

The game menu can also be accessed by the ESC key. It has main menu, save and resume.

The tab key will show active items one at a time in the game screen or what to look for next.

The book at bottom right has objectives (lens) and observation of the events (feather). The observation pages are read to you when that page is clicked on. Click again to return to active game mode.

When an object or character is clicked on, selection of action icons is seen (look, talk or take).

There are only 10 saved game slots. Save slots can be overwritten and label changed. Click on the save bar at bottom to enter the save file.

Cross:    This functions as the skip button or hint icon. It will skip puzzles or jump to the next available action that will move the game forward.

Map:    A map can be obtained at start of game. You can click on a location to jump there. It is seen as the scroll at bottom right.

Easter Eggs:    During gameplay, objects that should not be there can be seen. I did not find all the Easter eggs.

This walkthrough has adventure completed at 80% (+4 new Easter egg posted) and score of 82% (+4 new Easter egg posted).

Episode 1: The Inquisitor

July 2013


1364:    Nicolas Eymerich arrives in Carcassone. He was called from Avignon by the Father Vinet, head of Holy Inquisition. The reason was not explained.



Reason for summon

Corridor:  Look around.

Lion's head:    Check the lion's head left of the door. The lion's head have slots as big as stone.

Guard:    Observe and then talk to the mercenary guard with pendant with a strange symbol on his arm. Talk to the guard to gain entry to the study. Enter the study.

Abbot Vinet:    Observe and talk to Father Vinet, the head of Inquisition. Pope Urban sent Eymerich's work to the abbot. There are Cathari in Calcares.

Father Jacinto Corona was sent early September to Calcares to investigate the disappearance of a Cistercian monk.

The abbot gets upset when Eymerich asks to be Head Inquisitor. Learn that the guard by the door is the bastard son of the Count of Toulouse.

Look around. Observe the crucifix, chest by window, Virgin Mary statue, hourglass and Abbot desk. Exit the study.

Get map:   

Go left to the dark hallway.

Easter Egg:    Go down the stairs and see a crack between the stones at right wall. See a lightning logo of Imagimotion.

Map:    Go forward to the sign on the wall-bas relief on the right wall and Eymerich will copy the map.

The map will now be seen at bottom right beside the book. You can use it to jump from one place to the clicked on location. Map locations will be added as they are seen.

Go back to main corridor; then right to the colonnade.

Find the stable and get horse to ride to Calcares:

There are several ways to get to the stables: use the map; go back up and to the colonnade and then bottom right or go down to the courtyard and go left to the stables from the courtyard.

Stable:    Observe the horse. Observe and take the saddle at left. The saddle has a broken strap. Take the rope on the post at right.

Observe and talk to the stableman. Learn about cursed Calcares. A female demon drawn by 4 beasts is seen by a returning merchant. It takes at least 3 days to get to Calcares.

Easter egg:    Take the rubber chicken between the front legs of the horse.

Consult notes:   

Colonnade:    Go back to the right and be at the colonnade.

Vision:    Observe and talk to the shivering servant with cap. He describes the vision of Diana seen in sky towards Calcares. The woman has a quiver and a bow over her shoulder. There is a moon on her forehead.

Observe and try to take the tapestry close to the stable exit at right.

Eymerich's cell:    Go down the corridor and then enter the open doorway at top left.

Look around. Observe the window. It is like a mirror.

Easter egg:    Observe a spider. If you have taken the wineskin from the kitchen already - use it on the spider. Eymerich will make a comment about someone else dictating his actions. (Thanks to Marjo of Afterwards,  trample the spider on the floor.

Click on blue icon on the first step at left. It is the logo of TiconBlu.

Satanic apparition notes:    Go to and observe the bed.  Observe and look closer at the book-notes on the bed. Click on all the pictures in the book to get descriptions.

Demeter:    At the end of the book after the glued pages, see the drawing of Demeter drawn by 4 horses. Homer described the Infernal Charioteer in the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Find the talisman notes:  

Courtyard:    Exit and go down to the courtyard. Look around at the stick on ground, the headless statue and other active place.

Monks:    Talk to all the monks and see what they have to say. One monk mentions a stink in the corridors.

Tumbleweed:    See a tumbleweed on the ground between the statue and archway. Kick the tumbleweed to have fun.

Vision:    Click on something in the sky above the collapsed wall at right. It is the way to Calcares. This is where the servant saw the vision.

Notes:     Check the notes. Turn to the end of the book and see the list to make the burned at stake brother's talisman. Huh!

The talisman is made up of natural elements of particular shape: mushroom, flower, acorn, lichen and leaf of poisonous herb.

Collect the ingredients:

Mushroom and lichen:    Go to the alley between the boarded hut and the wall at right.

Take the peculiar mushroom from the ground at left and the rare lichen on the beam or on the ground at wall of the building at right.

Squirrel with strange acorn:    Go in between the two huts and see a squirrel running on the roof of left hut. See that it is carrying a strange acorn. Eymerich says to trap the squirrel.

Collect the stick on the ground between the 2 huts. Push the protruding beam under the roof of right hut.

Go left towards the stable and the rear. Observe the collapsed staircase at right.

See that the squirrel goes behind the hut at left.

There is a wood gate blocking the way. Break the gate and Eymerich kicks the fence down.

Click on hidden area-clearing between 2 trees and Eymerich will say that it is the perfect spot to trap the squirrel.

Flower and Leaf:    Go farther to the bottom of screen. See and take a white horrendous flower.

See a trap door on the wall at left.

Exit and observe the strange plant left of the entrance to the back of the hut or under the window of abbot's office. Take the extravagantly shaped leaf.

Kitchen-larder:    Go to the kitchen-larder between the 2 huts. Enter the building, then right and through kitchen-larder door at back right.

Go to far right screen and take big walnut on the shelf left of the window. We will come back here later.

Exit kitchen and the building or jump to the courtyard. Go to headless statue at center of courtyard.

Take the flat moving stone on the rim of the headless statue's circular base.

Trap:    Go back to the back of the hut; where Eymerich says is a perfect spot for trap.

In inventory combine the stick and the flat stone to make a trap.

Use the trap on hidden area between the two trees.

Use the walnut with trap. It is ready. Now exit the back of the gate area to not scare the squirrel.

Go back to the hidden area trap to get the double acorn from the trap.

Get vision of Diana:

Catalyst-talisman:    In inventory click-hold-drop one of the catalyst items over another until they combine to make the catalyst (acorn, mushroom, flower, leaf and lichen).

Go to the courtyard and see a faint vision of a woman in the sky.

Use the catalyst on the woman in the sky over the collapsed wall. The woman is the plague. There is a plague in Calcares. Eymerich had the plague when he was young and now someone or something wants him to see the plague in Calcares.

Go back to Abbot Vinet:   

Study:    Go back to the abbot at his study. Talk to him about everything. Eymerich does not want to leave until tomorrow. The abbot shrugs off the disappearance of the Cistercian monk and state unsubstantiated political motives to what is happening at Calcares. Ask about the merchant.

Find out what the Librarian is working on:

Library:    Go to rooms at end of colonnade. Enter the librarian's cell at bottom right.

Observe and talk to the stuttering librarian. The librarian says that there are no copies of forbidden books like the Homeric Hymns. The librarian does not want to help even though Eymerich gave his credentials. Ask about the merchant.

Observe the locked chest at right.

Easter egg:    Observe the parchment right of the window (Don Zaucker).

Open the special book-dark book facing outward on the bookcase (Father).

Observe the orbit of skull at bottom of bookcase to hear spoken words.

Guard at Abbot's study:    Abbot's study is closed.

Talk to the guard. The abbot must not be disturbed at present. Learn about another library but the guard wants a bribe to continue talking. Ask about the merchant.

Librarian:    Go back to the librarian and inquire about the antiphonary that he is writing. He refuses to let Eymerich to see what he is working on.

Antiphonary:    Look around. Observe the antiphonary that is being written and the copy of antiphonary that the librarian is copying. There are strange codes at side of the written antiphonary.

Look close at the antiphonary. Beside the antiphonary is a sheet full of notes.

Click on the miniatures on the side of the written text and the librarian notes at bottom right.

Click on the bottom right miniature and then the librarian notes at bottom right to get a translation - Numen inest (There is a spirit here).

Rags:    Eymerich thinks that the librarian is a secret Cathar. Talk to the Librarian again. Eymerich offers the help clean the place.

Pick up 8 rags on the floor by the chair of the librarian. 7 rags are easily seen. The 8th rag is as shown below. Eymerich will say when all are collected.

Piece the rags together:

Go to Eymerich's cell. Look close at the window.

Place one piece of the rag at a time and piece the written words together. Click-hold-drop a rag beside another rag to form words.

Be sure to drop the rag on the window separately.

If correctly placed, the rag cannot be moved anymore. Only 7 pieces will be pieced together. The rag with lines is not used.

Consolamentum perfecti. The Cathars rules.

Confront the librarian:

Go back to the library and talk with the librarian.

The librarian in fear of being staked reveals where the secret library is located. The secret library is at end of middle corridor beyond the staircase, hidden behind the altar of St. John with an eagle at its feet.

The librarian tells the truth that he doesn't know where the key to the secret library is hidden.

The librarian attacks Eymerich but was overpowered.

Go to the colonnade and take a piece of the tapestry hanging beside the entrance to the stables.

Go back to the unconscious librarian. Use the rope-tapestry on the librarian.

Take the antiphonary and the copy of the antiphonary.

Easter egg (Thanks, Marjo of Keep kicking the helpless librarian, until Eymerich says "I thought I heard his ribs crack.

Check for items in corridor:

Guard:    Observe the guard outside the abbot's door.

Observe the medallion hanging on the guard's left upper arm. It depicts Baphomet, the ones that is said to be worshiped by the Knights Templar.

Eymerich thinks to get the guard drunk.

Dark corridor:    Go left from the guard. Go down the stairs and then left to the other dark corridor.

Gems:    Pick up a ruby gem-strange stone at right and the pulley beside it.

Pick up tiger's eye-another gem at left hidden by a wooden panel on the floor.

Pick up a sapphire gem from the bottom log left of the tiger's eye gem.

Go to the left and pick up the opal-gem from the basin-bowl in front of the barrels.

Pick up another opal-gem  and another tiger's eye-gem by the potteries.

Easter egg:    In inventory combine the rubber chicken with the pulley. LOL.

Go to the dark corridor by the stairs at right. Go to the alcove-hole on the wall.

Use the chicken with pulley on the hole on the wall and enter a catacomb. Click on all the pictures to have fun. Check here later and more pictures will be added as you progress in the game.

Check for items in kitchen:

Enter the kitchen right of the potteries and exit. Look around.

Take the rag on top of the sink-well under the window.

Take the metal object-handle from the sideboard.

Counter:    Click on the green bottle with cork at bottom counter.

Take the clay colored bottle behind the green bottle to get a wineskin filled with mediocre wine.

Observe and move the metal pitcher right of the green bottle. Take the hexagonal piece of metal.

There is a closed hatch under this counter with bottles and wine.

Observe the scale on the center table. Take the pocket knife from the table.

Go right and move the pot-crockery at bottom right. Take the triangular metal piece under the pot.

There is a closed hatch right of the window.

Get the guard drunk:

Guard:    Go to the guard by abbot's study.

Give the guard the wine taken from the kitchen. Talk to him several times. No new information is gathered. He wants more wine. He is getting warm.

Go back to the kitchen.

Look closer at the closed hatch under the counter at bottom of screen. See a close up of a drawer with a keyhole.

Take 3 loose metal parts from the edging of the counter above the drawer and 3 metal pieces on the sides of the drawer.

Click on the drawer (not the lock) and select these actions: hit, pull, push and move. Pull out of close up to reset.

Then take the fourth metal piece (first-leftmost metal piece from the edging on top of the drawer) from the top of the counter. Eymerich inserts the metal piece on the side of the drawer. The drawer is opened.

Take the antidote and poison.

Get the key from guard:

Go back to the guard. See that he removed most of his armor. Look close at the clothes piled beside the guard.

Use the poison on the Baphomet medallion.

Talk to the guard again. Eymerich tricks the guard to kissing and then licking the medallion. The guard is now affected by the poison.

Show the antidote to the guard. Eymerich does inquisitor justice. The guard dies and Eymerich gets the secret library key.

Hide the body:

Jump to the kitchen. Look close at the closed hatch right of the window at far right.

See a close-up of an lime encrusted panel under the hatch.

Use the pocket knife from the table to remove the crusts. Click-hold-scrape off the lime scales.

Use the 3 metal pieces taken from kitchen on the shaped slots: hexagonal and triangular. Place the handle piece on the left end of the bolt.

Click on the 3 pieces in the correct order: handle, hexagonal and then the square bar at right

Go back to the study door and take the guard's body. Eymerich drags it to the hatch and pushes him out.

Merchant information (optional):

Stable:    Go left to the stables. Talk to the stableman and learn that the merchant smells of the plague. The merchant asked to stay the night at the abbey.

Merchant information:    On the hallway by the cell or library, see an insolent bald monk (or wait for one). Talk to the monk and learn that he assigns the cells to visitor. Learn that Eymerich's cell is the cell that the merchant slept in.

Easter Egg (Thanks to Marjo): When the bald monk is near Eymerich, type DANCE MONK using your keyboard. The monk will dance.

(From REDIIX: I found that using parser near bed (after talking with bald monk) and writing "look under the pallet" (the phrase should autocomplete after first/second word) enables you to finish the quest by looking under the bed and finding a mandragore the unfortunate merchant tried to keep with himself as means of protection. Thanks REDIIX!)

Remember also that one monk mentions a stink in the corridor. Check the other 2 closed doors in this hallway.

Open the secret library door:

Maze:    Go to the curtain at end of the hallway beside Eymerich's cell. Enter and see a maze.

Take the lit candlestick on the left newel. Save game here.

There are spike traps that prevents moving forward.

Altar 1:    Climb the stairs to the right. Go down to bottom of screen. Go right down the steps to altar 1.

Look close at the mosaic background with a cross at center.

To activate this altar; find 17 hidden buttons. The mosaic dragon is a reset button.

The aim is to tilt the cross to the right until Eymerich says all buttons are found.

Then click on the cross to put it back to center.

This removes the spiked trap on the stairs leading to altar 2.

Altar 2:    Go to center of the maze or click on the altar at center of room. Completion of altar 1 removed the spiked trap on the stairs leading to altar 2; a travertine altar with bas relief.

Look close and see an angel with no halo at center of angels, demons, saints and damned souls.

To activate the altar, reliefs-hidden elements is to be pressed in a specific order. Each correctly pressed hidden elements opens the crack on the angel at center.

The crack opens to reveal that the angel is really a demon.

This activates altar 3.

Emerald:    Go down and take the emerald-gem from the landing of the stairs.

Wall:    At top of the stairs, see a depiction of a lion's head on the wall. It looks like the one by the abbot's door.

Altar 3:    Click altar 3 to go there.

Look close to the now activated shrine-altar 3. It is made up of saints and angels with a naked woman at center.

A decoration should be pressed to release another decoration's active spot.

This removes the spiked trap on the way to altar 4.

Altar 4:    Click on altar 4 to go there. Look close at altar 4.

Click buttons that are activated. The statue rises.

Click on the lock and Eymerich will say he is missing something to get to the secret room.

Lion's head:    Go to the lion's head left of the abbot's door.

Place the gems collected at dark corridor on the slots of the lion's head. There should be 7 gems.

Place the opals on the ear slots and the tiger's eye on the eye holes. Place the sapphire and ruby on the nostrils. Place the emerald on the mouth. Hear a sound. Something has been released.

Secret library:

Go back behind the curtain. Get the candlestick and go to Altar 4.

Enter the altar-shrine. See the forbidden books. We have to find Homer's Eleusinian Mystery.

Place the antiphonary and the copy of the antiphonary on the empty brazier. Eymerich burns the books to get light.

Easter Egg:    Click on a book that are in the pile under the stairway's arch at background to see a yellow rose-Nomen.

Do the tab key and check the flames to get a new frame in the catacomb.

Red ink:    Go to bottom left of the screen to see red ink.

Eymerich says that red ink is used by librarians to mark forbidden books. Look for books with red ink on the spine. Pick up red ink.

Homer's Eleusinian Mystery:     Go up the stairs at left to be on the landing.

Look at the top centre bookshelves. Pick the third right of the small leaning book.

See the open book. Turn the pages (click-hold-turn) until the worship of Demeter is seen.

Read a page and then see a drawing. Continue reading the pages until all pages are read.

Confront Vinet and get power:

Go to the abbot's study. Talk to Abbot Vinet. After the confrontation, Eymerich ends up being the Inquisitor General and have the papal bull and ring to prove it.

Monk:    Exit to the corridor. Talk to the insolent bald monk and see what Eymerich does to punish his insolence. The monk is now assistant stable hand.

Leave Carcassonne:    Go outside to the courtyard. See the horse by the archway exit. Exit and travel to Calcares.

The horse collapses and dies on the way. Eymerich blesses the horse (but refuses to do so with the librarian, monk or stable master).



Outside town:

Look around. Observe the alley, puddle and cart.

Corpse:    Observe the corpse completely or else you will not move forward.

Front side:    click on forehead-eyes, mouth, chest. Click on pustules to turn to the side view of face.

Close up of face:    click on temple, eyes, mouth, pustules. Click on circular stone on ground left of the head and chin. Eymerich makes comment about different kind of plague.

Click on circular stone again - it is an ear. Automatically pull back from corpse.

Main Street:

If the corpse is completely examined, go to main street.

Look around. Observe the carcass, column at right and well. Check the Aurore inn and the door and landing next door.

Aurore Inn:

Innkeeper:    Enter the inn. Observe and talk to the innkeeper. She says it is safe here. She has beverage of fruit from south.

Get the key of the room.

Take the torch right of the fireplace. Use the torch with fireplace.

Landing:    Go to bottom of screen and climb the stairs to the landing. Eymerich places the torch on the ring on the wall.

Observe the rag on the table, stick on the floor and jars of wine-vinegar at end of hallway.

Room:    Use the key on room door. Look around and see cockroaches.

Observe and pull mattress. See a hole on the wall where the cockroaches enter.

Hole in the wall:    Exit the room. Take the rag and stick. Combine the rag and stick. Use the stick with rag on the jar of vinegar.

Go back inside the room. Pull straw mattress again to reveal the hole in the wall.

Use the stick with rag soaked in vinegar on the hole in the wall.

Cockroaches:    Click on a cockroach and then stump on it. Do this until all cockroaches are gone.


Go to sleep now. Eymerich dreams or has a nightmare.

Fiery eyes:    See eyes. Walk left and then right. When you see eyes with fire; click to destroy it - 4 fiery eyes. When all are destroyed, see a flaming archway at right. Exit through the fiery archway.

Greek letters:    Walk on hallway with Greek letters on wall. There are exits at each end of the hallways.

Collect-click on all Greek letters from different hallways - delta, eta, mu, eta with accent (?), tau, eta and rho.

Roman letters:    Go through the archway with white flame. Walk forward.

See Roman alphabet. Click-hold-drop the corresponding Greek letter from inventory on that letter to take it.  DEMETER.


Continued in Book 2: The Village

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