by Nancy Griffin (burpee)

Have you given up?  Are you frustrated and want to break your Monkey Island CD into itty bitty shards of plastic?  Has Monkey Kombat caused you to pull out your hair when you are so close to the end?  Well, fret no more, the following instructions will (hopefully) be the undoing of Monkey Kombat’s secrets.

Important things to keep in mind:

(This is going to be confusing but that’s why you are here isn’t it?  Read these instructions more than once and try some of the suggestions while practicing)

#1-Monkey Kombat is a learned art.

#2- You learn the information needed to win by practicing.

#3- You will have to practice.  There is no way around it.

#4-There are 5 different monkey stances:

       Anxious Ape AA
       Bobbing Baboon BB
       Charging Chimp CC
       Drunken Monkey DM
       Gimpy Gibbon GG




#5-Each stance beats 2 other stances.

#6-To change from one stance to another you must utter 3 different monkey sounds from a possible 4 sounds.

       Ack up arrow A
       Chee left arrow C
       Oop right arrow O


down arrow






#7-You learn the 3 sounds needed by copying what sounds are made by the monkey you are fighting with during practice.

#8-When you have a DRAW (no one wins), the monkey stance for you and the monkey will change to a new stance.

#9-The 3 sounds needed to change from one stance to another, is the same changing from either direction. 

      Example:  If you want to change from Anxious Ape to Bobbing Baboon and the 3 sounds are ACK-OOP-CHEE you can also change from Bobbing Baboon to Anxious Ape by saying ACK-OOP-CHEE (the same 3 sounds).

#10-If you get a FOUL you have used a set of 3 sounds that don’t work with the monkey stance you are in.  Let’s say that you are Charging Chimp.  Here are sample Charging Chimp change codes.

      Charging Chimp to Anxious Ape chee-eek-oop
      Charging Chimp to Bobbing Baboon oop-ack-eek
      Charging Chimp to Drunken Monkey ack-eek-chee

      Charging Chimp to Gimpy Gibbon






*****To stay Charging Chimp hit any 3 same sounds (ack-ack-ack or chee chee-chee, etc)  This works for any stance you are in.*****

      Also remember that these same codes work backwards.  If you are Anxious Ape and want to be Charging Chimp you would use chee-eek-oop, the same as for Charging Chimp to Anxious Ape.

      OK now, if you used oop-chee-eek you would get a FOUL as it is not a Charging Chimp code.

#11-The code sounds I am using are for my game.  It is possible that your game uses the same codes.  Wouldn’t that be nice J

#12-While practice fighting use the spacebar to pause the game and write down the needed information.  Let’s say you just started your first practice fight. You both are Anxious Ape and the monkey goes first.  He utters: chee-eek oop and you hit the spacebar to pause the game.  Write this down: AA (for Anxious Ape) to __________ = CEO (chee-eek-oop).  Hit the spacebar again to unpause the game.  The monkey’s stance changes from AA to Charging Chimp (CC).  Hit the spacebar to pause the game again and fill in the blank with CC (Charging Chimp).

AA to CC = CEO (anxious ape to charging chimp type in chee-eek-oop)

You also now know that CC to AA = CEO (remember #10?)

#13-After the monkey changes from Anxious Ape to Charging Chimp you will get zapped and lose a banana.  (This is what happened in my game but you may have different codes and what beats what in your game).  You must  record what happened.

#14-Write this down:

Anxious Ape beats _________     __________

Bobbing Baboon beats  ________   _________

Charging Chimp beats _________   _________

Drunken Monkey beats _________   _________

Gimpy Gibbon beats __________     _________

      You can now write in that Charging chimp beats Anxious Ape.  My filled in stance record looked like this:

AA beats BB and GG

BB beats CC and DM

CC beats AA and GG

DM beats AA and CC

GG beats BB and DM

#15-You need to fight Timid monkey, smelly monkey and brawny monkey in practice fights to gain all the information that you need to beat JoJoJr.

#16-Memorize everything you’ve just read.

Let’s do a practice fight

You start with Timid monkey and you both are probably Anxious Ape.  The monkey will probably go first during early practice rounds.  He utters chee-eek-oop and becomes Charging chimp. You lose a banana.

Write down “CC beats AA” and also “to change from AA to CC and CC to AA say chee-eek-oop (ceo)”.

You don’t know any codes yet so you say chee-eek-oop and also become Charging Chimp.  You have a DRAW and no one loses a banana. 

You both now become Bobbing Baboon and the monkey goes first.  He utters: ack-oop-chee and becomes Anxious Ape.  You lose a banana.

Write down “AA beats BB” and also “to change from BB to AA and AA to BB say AOC (ack-oop-chee)”.

You still don’t know enough codes and stances to defend yourself so you just say ack-oop-chee and become Anxious Ape as well.  Draw again.

The monkey says eek-eek-eek and he stays Anxious Ape (remember #10).  Another draw and no one loses a banana.  Now you have the upper hand.  You are a brilliant deductionist and know from the very first move that Charging Chimp beats Anxious Ape, so you say “chee-eek-oop”.  You have become Charging Chimp and zap your opponent.      

You unfortunately will lose a couple of times.  Use the spacebar.  Take your time figuring out what beats what while paused and then zap him.

When you finally beat him, you need to move on to the next monkey.  That would be Smelly Monkey.  You will learn new codes and what beats what for different stances.  You may learn the Gimpy Gibbon code to become Charging Chimp and or that Drunken Monkey beats Anxious Ape.

Record every new thing you learn.  You will eventually move on to Brawny Monkey and learn the last codes needed to beat JoJo Jr.   Don’t worry, JoJo is easy.  He flubs at the end.  You just need to know your codes and what beats what. 

It’s possible that you will have the same set of codes and what beats what so I’m listing what I recorded while learning to fight Monkey Kombat.  Everything is abbreviated.

STANCES – what beats what

AA beats BB and GG

BB beats CC and DM

CC beats AA and GG

DM beats AA and CC

GG beats BB and DM

CODES – changing sound codes

CC to AA = CEO = AA to CC

CC to BB = OAE = BB to CC

CC to DM = AEC = DM to CC

CC to GG = ACE = GG to CC

AA to BB = AOC = BB to AA

AA to DM = EOA = DM to AA

AA to GG = ??? never got it, never needed it

BB to DM = ACO = DM to BB

BB to GG = OCE = GG to BB

DM to GG = AEO = GG to DM

I hope that this makes just enough sense to help you understand the information needed to compete and win at Monkey Kombat.  It looks like a lot of information but really it is just hard to explain, not hard to execute.

Good luck and have fun!

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