A Carol Reed Mystery #4

Walkthrough by Witchen


Opening Notes:

Save often! 

You are often admonished to save frequently during game play, but in this game it is probably more important than usual, in order to avoid retracing your steps. The abundant save feature will bail you out more than once as the game is highly nonlinear.  Take advantage of the fact that the game affords up to 200 save slots. 


You will be able to find items and go to locations numerous times without progressing in the game if you have not completed a prerequisite action or gained a necessary item.  The game manual is on the disk.  To read it, pull up East Side Story via Start, All Programs, on your computer's main menu, and scroll down the East Side Story's peripheral menu to "Manual."There are also handy onscreen instructions on how to use the inventory which appear early on in the game. 

Important note:  Be sure to look at everything in your inventory in close up (right click on item in menu bar)!  This is vitally important to properly identifying and using items (names of items will sometimes change) and it is imperative to making progress toward completion of the game.  Also, make sure to individually read every news article, letter, page, envelope, etc.

Pay close attention to the details of the mystery and the absorbing storyline. You're in for a treat with this deliciously entertaining fourth Carol Reed adventure, developed by independent MDNA Games.  Well done!




Carol intends to spend a lovely summer basking away the time in her hammock under a bright, blue sky at The Allotment. The garden is replete with lovely flowers and vegetables. This is a  warm, pastoral scene to be sure, but destined not to be savored by our hero for very long!

1. Pull back to leave the hammock.  Turn right to pick up a PRIMITIVE KEY (and on screen instructions on how to use your inventory).  Back out and turn twice to see a small storage shed.  Use your magnifying glass for a close up.  Use the primitive key to open the shed door and pick up the green WATERING CAN.  Close the shed door.

2. Back out. Turn right and go forward once.  Turn right, forward once, then left.  (Go forward once to receive more on screen instructions on access to the game menu and how to use it.)  Go forward and turn left to see a large planter box filled with cucumber plants.  Turn back right.  Go forward to the compost bin. (Very "green," these folks!)  Turn left and go forward twice to the water faucet.  Use the magnifying glass for a close up of the blue pail. You'll see a red/blue gear symbol indicating that action is possible.  Use your watering can to get a FILLED WATERING CAN.

3. Back out.  Turn twice and go forward (another message will appear on controlling the game music).  Go forward again.  Turn right, forward, right again to face the bright cucumber planter.  Click to hear that Carol needs to water the cucumbers.

4.  Turn right, go forward, turn left.  Go forward twice to the faucet again.  Turn left and go forward to exit the map and go


5.  Carol receives a letter.  Pick it up and find its from handsome friend, Jonas.  Jonas writes of his friend, Anders, unfortunate circumstance when someone was murdered in his apartment in Paris, while Anders was away on business. Read the letter carefully.

6.  Jonas pleads with Carol to look into this mysterious death.  Anders' address is included: Byhagen 6, Floor 4.  The key is hidden outside the door.

7.  Read the news item behind the letter, explaining the circumstances of the poor, murdered man, Viktor Wallin.  Carol says, "Well, there goes that holiday."

8.  Back out.  Go into the living/dining room area ahead.  Turn left at the dining table and go forward to find the PLIERS on the top shelf of Carol's in-progress doll house.

9.  Wander around, familiarizing yourself with the separate rooms. Then go back to the entry and leave through the white door with the silver mail slot.  Exit to


10.  Pop in. Talk to Stina about everything and pop out.  Exit to


11. Go right on in.  Go up the steps and go left.  Enter the elevator, on your right, and press 4.  Get out of the elevator and go left to the end of the hall to Anders Borg's apartment. Look in close up at the name tag on the door.

12.  Find a SMALL KEY in a black door stop at the molding next to the floor on the left.  Back out. Turn left to find an enclosure above on the wall, with a lock.  In close up, use the small key on the lock to open the enclosure and find the APARTMENT KEY.  Close the door.

13.  Use the key on the apartment lock to enter. Turn around to find a pair of men's dress shoes on the entry floor.  Check out the water closet. (You'll never need to enter this door again.)  Turn to enter the living area where you see the black office chair.  Turn right inside the door to check out the bookcase. (Notice the games "Nightlong" and "Tex Murphy: Overseer" on the shelf)

14. Turn and go forward to check out the computer desk.  No action available.

15.  Turn around and go to the window.  Open it with handles to the left.  Look right and find the missing shirt.  You can't reach it.  Close the window.  Go back to the entry and pick up the long, yellow SHOE HORN in the corner behind the men's shoes.  Go back to the window and use the shoe horn to turn and open up the shirt. You'll hear Carol say, "Extra large. And that goes for the hole in the pocket too."  Both the SHIRT and the COAT HANGER go into your inventory.

16. Did you hear something fall to the street?  Carol says, "Something fell from it."  You'd better check that out.  While you're here though, go back to the entry.  Turn right and go forward to the bedroom.  Turn left to the double white doors and click to reveal the kitchen.  You'll be back here later.

17. Turn back to the right and pick up the note on the bedstead ahead of you. Read the note from  Inspector Ryde explaining the reason that Anders' bedclothes have been confiscated by the police.  Back out and turn right to the entry. Check out the size of the white short-sleeved shirt now accessible there.  Hmmmm, its a size medium, as opposed to the extra large shirt found outside the window.

18.  Leave Borg's apartment and go down the elevator to the street entrance.  Turn right on the street to see a down arrow.  Check out the grate.  You can see a key laying at the bottom of the catch basin.  In inventory, use the clothes hanger with the pliers to create a MODIFIED COAT HANGER.  Try using the new tool to reach the key, or lift the grill.  No dice.  You need something more.

19.  Go back up to the apartment and go to the kitchen and turn to the refrigerator.  Remove the bright, orange FISH MAGNET.  Go back to the entry and take a pair of SHOE LACES from the shoes.  Leave the apartment and go back down to the street. Turn right and look down to readdress the grill in close up.  In inventory, combine the shoe laces with the fish magnet.  Use this combined tool to retrieve the SET OF KEYS from the catch basin.

20.  Now you need to find the lock for this new set of keys.  Go back into the building and up to the 4th floor again, via the elevator.  Continue on up the staircase left of the elevator.  At the top, use the newly acquired keys on the metal attic door.  Turn right inside.  Go forward down a dark corridor of wooden storage lockers.  Click on the doors left and right as you go to find that number 62 is open and empty.

21.  Go forward. Turn right to locker #66.  Use the keys on the lock to enter the storage area.  Interestingly enough, there's a mattress in here.  It appears to Carol that someone, maybe the owner of the extra large shirt,  has been sleeping in the locker.  Turn left to a woven basket.  In close up use the modified clothes hanger to open the basket.  Remove the CUSHION to find a magnetic PASS CARD  with four unidentifiable symbols.  Put the card in your inventory and read all three news items about the Stahl barn, the closing of the Gusum Factory, and an obituary for Mrs.  Elvira Wallin.

22.  Exit the storeroom and leave the building.  On the map, see that you have two new possible destinations,  the Skateboard Barn and the Library.  Exit to


23.  In the entry, turn right and attempt to open the Lucky Tattoos door.  You'll be greeted by Tony Hesse. He's in charge.  Complete all conversation.  Find out the connection between Viktor Wallin, his deceased mother, Elvia, and the Cornflower Foundation, benefactor to the skateboard barn. This is important information, as you will learn later.  Learn about the old timer, Richard Svensson.  It appears, that in order to find Richard, you must find the honorary members list which, over time, has been misplaced.  Exit through the door with the odd red symbol.

24.  Go right to the skateboard arena.  Turn right inside to face a large wooden skate bowl.  Go forward twice to the window.  Turn left.  Go forward. Turn left and look down to pick up the "Honorary Members list, page 1."  See Richard Svensson listed at the bottom, but his address is apparently on page 2. Regrettably, its not here.  Turn around, look down and examine a crumpled bag with pink and green circles.  It is of no consequence.

25.  Go back to the center of the arena.  Go straight ahead up the ramp.  At left, click on the orange bag to find page 2 of the honorary members list which contains Richard Svensson's address.  Go back to the center of the arena. Turn left. Go forward and turn right.  Go up the dark colored ramp.  Turn left and use your magnifying glass on a crumpled bag down in the large crack.  The colored circles are yellow, red and green; again of no consequence.  Turn around and go back to the center of the arena.  Go left out to the lobby and exit the skate barn. 

26. You will see Richard Svensson's address added to the map, but lets go to the library first.


27.  Enter the city library and use the mouse to take a close look at the computer in front of you.  The screen displays "Articles and Knowledge Data Base."  Click on the mouse to bring up the screen "Elvira Wallin - The Gusum Factory."

28.  Click on Elvira's name and read all about her.  Elvira, Viktor's mother,  was an activist and a feminist. Apparently, a fairly free spirit. Click on the Gusum link to read about Gideon Sunbach and his zipper invention and, more importantly, about Samuel Kohler's factory operation.  Read both pages thoroughly and see the diagram of the modern zipper.

29.  Come out of the computer close up.  Turn left twice and leave the library.  Exit to


30.  Ring the doorbell above the lower lock, a small black button.  Darn!  Richard is not home right now.  Exit and go to


31.  Stina tells you that the strange symbols on the pass card you found in the locker are part of an old alphabet code used by tramps. Well now, that's an interesting tidbit of information.  Go back to


32.  Ring the doorbell and ask Richard about Viktor Wallin's death.  Viktor was Richard's best friend. First though, Richard wants you to find his watch and reading glasses he lost during a drinking outing at the River Park last night.  Exit to


33.  Go down the steps and to the right to pick up a news article about Samuel Kohler's death reported by Randy Sluganski.  Samuel Kohler has left an heir, his grandson, Leonard Kohler.  Go along the boardwalk a short distance, taking in the lovely scenery.  At the end of the walk, continue forward along the gravel path 5 times.  Turn left and find Richard's SPECTACLES WITH ELASTIC ATTACHMENT in the grass.  Pick them up. 

34.  Continue to the end of the path where you can advance no further. Turn around and take the path to the left, the upper path.  Go three clicks forward and look down left.  Use the SHOE HORN through the fence to pick up the Y-SHAPED TWIG WITH SOME PEBBLES.  Combine the twig, elastic band and pebbles to form a SLING SHOT.

35.  After creating the sling shot, go back to the fork in the path.  Turn around and take the right path again.  Go 5 clicks forward.  Turn right toward the river and find that glittering little speck up there in that tree.  Could that be Svensson's watch?  For crying out loud!  How could it get up there? It must have been a wild night!  Use your sling shot to bring the WATCH down. Back  out. Pick it up.

36.  Go back to the beginning of the river walk and exit to


37.  Give Richard the reading glasses and the watch.  Richard tells you that the murder victim, Viktor Wallin, had become a tramp after being fired from the Gusum Factory. Viktor had begun drinking heavily.  Richard offers that Viktor had been sleeping in the Oil Mountain Tunnel in Lindo. But that was last year.  Richard also offers that the tramp alphabet is a secret.  Thank Richard and exit to


38.  Go down the wooded trail 7 times.  Turn left.  Go forward to the decaying structure, the tunnel.  Open the right side of the gate and enter.  Go 6 clicks down the clammy, dark tunnel.  Yeeeesh!  Its hard to imagine someone choosing to sleep in here, unless maybe that person  thought they might be in danger.  Turn right and climb the stairs.  Turn right again, go forward, turn left to face a pitch black alcove off the walkway.

39.  Although there appears to be some action available here, you don't yet have the necessary inventory item(s).  So, exit and right along the walkway twice more, turning left to see a striped mattress and a couple of empty soup cans.  Click for a close up of the mattress and pull the letter out from under the top end.

40.  Click on the letter again to see and read the contents.  The letter contains Svensson's recommendation of the Oil Mountain Tunnel as a sleeping place for Viktor. Svensson's letter came from the Salt Field Shelter.  Exit the close up and go right to leave the tunnel, checking the dark rooms along the way.  You'll be back....   Exit to


41.  The administrator tells you that Viktor Wallin stayed at the shelter on occasion and he did receive his mail there.  She adds that Viktor had a phobia about trains since his father was killed by a train at Fiskeby Station.  Richard Svensson is receiving financial help from the shelter. The shelter is currently having difficulty with expenses and is about to lose its funding.  The administrator informs you that she will allow you to read Viktor's mail should he receive any in the future.  Exit to


42.  Punch up the computer and click on "The Fiskeby Station + Accident."  Read about the suspicious death of Erik Nyman, the husband of Elvira Wallin - mother of Viktor.  The Fiskeby Station has been closed for 50 years and rumor has it that the ghost of the stationmaster, Nyman, still haunts the premises.  There is local argument about tearing down the station.  Exit to


43.  Walk around the station building and try all the doors.  You'll have one close up of a window with wilted daisies, but you'll enjoy no entrance to this main building.  Go around to the front of the building, where you are facing the main entrance.  Turn right. Go forward twice along the tracks and turn left to see an old out house.  Go forward and enter. 

44.  You can open door #1 and door #3 for no reason, but you need something to open #2.  Exit the building and look right.  Go forward once.  Turn right.  Go forward twice and turn right.  Go forward to the yellow out building you can just see through the trees.

45.  Look around carefully and try the doors.  The gears symbol appears at the door above the concrete step. You need something to get in, which you don't yet have in your inventory.  Leave the area and start back toward the station house.  Turn right just before you get to the back yard.  Turn right to see a dilapidated barn red house.

46.  Go inside and look around.  You'll find another inaccessible dark room. We'll return here later.  You'll find Erik Nyman's dusty old hat on a bench.  Turn left from the hat and click on the calendar to hear about what was happening in 1954 in Sweden.  Look on the opposite wall next to the doorway and take the RUSTY KEY.

47.  Look at the jumper cables on the work bench in the adjacent room.  This must have been the Nyman's family residence while he was the stationmaster.  Leave the house and go left near the station house to find the old yellow building again.  Go around to the back and use your newly acquired key to get inside.

48. Inside, click on the old cardboard box on the shelf ahead of you.  Just old Christmas cards in there. Apparently nothing of interest to your investigation.  Swing right and open the green corner cupboard.  Note the scribbling on the back of the door.  Take the bottle of Kentucky Bulleit Bourbon from the top shelf.  Examine the bottle in inventory to see its a BOURBON BOTTLE WITH SOMETHING IN IT

49.  Click on the bottle in inventory and use the modified coat hanger to reveal a LETTER AND NOTE FROM BOTTLE. Its a letter from a doctor to Erik Nyman concerning his congenital infertility.  Perhaps his disappointment in not being able to father children led to his drinking and suicide? Note the coded scrap of paper attached.  There's more to this story.....

50.  Exit the building. Go back to the main station building and exit to


51.  Check with the administrator to find that Viktor has received no new mail.  Exit the shelter and go


52.  When you enter, your phone is ringing.  Click on it to receive a message from Richard Svensson.  He wants to talk to you and he cautions you to be ready for something unusual. Exit and go to


53.  Richard tells you that someone had threatened Viktor.  He adds that he lost a key that Viktor had given him, but he presents a note.  Richard needs help understanding it and is confused.  He has trouble concentrating due to symptoms caused by his methadone treatment.  Carefully study the note in inventory.


54.  It appears that maybe Viktor is speaking of his dark and dingy crib in the Oil Mountain Tunnel where his head was positioned on the mattress?  Exit to


55.  Go forward three clicks and turn right to see a red pin flag out on a golf course.  Go forward and look down in the hole.  Pick up the GOLF COURSE PLAN.

56.  Go back to the main trail.  Turn right and go forward 3 more clicks and turn left.  Follow the dim trail up the hill to the collection of large boulders.  With a large boulder in front of you, turn right.  Continue forward through the fence  to find three concrete bunkers, the first of which displays "SNUFF  MVS."

57.  Go forward and left between the bunkers and click for a close up of a huge refinery in the distance.  Turn around past the "Hip Hop" bunker and go back 2 clicks.  Turn around left to see down behind the third bunker.  Go forward once and turn left to see an opening leading inside the bunker.

58.  Go forward to encounter


59.  Using Viktor's note as a guide "turn up all four real quick," set all four rods in the up position.

60.  Using the note again, "Then one, two, four, six does the trick." Pull up the golf course plan  in inventory.  Note the numbers of the holes and particularly the associated colors:

one (1) is red

two (2) is brown

four (4) is green

six (6) is blue

Set the rods in the above color order and the metal door opens to a dark storage area. Surprise!  Its a GOLF BALL

61.  On the golf ball is inscribed "The Lessen Fortress.  Look over the south-west corner."  Put the ball into your inventory.  Close the door.  Exit the bunker.  Go down the hill, turn right and follow the  main trail back to the beginning.  Exit to


62.  Enter the fortress area and go straight across the overgrown field to the stage on the far side. On the stage, turn right to see a number of broken boards.  Use your magnifying glass on the Lessen Fortress brochure:  "The Lessen Fortress - A Brief History."  Read the history of the fortress' transition from Norrkoping's water reservoir to become a music concert arena.

63.  Leave the brochure and the stage.  Walk out into the field and check out the graffiti covering the walls on three sides.  Go toward the bleachers and turn left just as you get there.  Go forward twice.  Turn right, forward, left and up the concrete steps. 

64.  At the top, go left and down the wall to the "south-west corner" as indicated on the golf ball.  See the message in close up.  "Look for 3 green holes."  Whatever could that mean?  Where would you look for three green holes here?

65. Go left. Go forward once. Look left to see a black bicycle laying on its side on the roof of the stage.  Click on the middle of the handle bars to hear a message from Carol about not being able to reach the "lamp."  Another piece of inventory is required here.  Meanwhile, go back to the corner where you saw the "3 green holes" message.  Come to think of it, and considering again the content of the golf ball message, look more carefully "over" the top of the wall.

66.  Look over the top of the wall above the message and use your magnifying glass.  Click again where you again a magnifying glass.  Carol exclaims, "That's the Belvedere.  Its one of the highest places in town."  Come out of the close up.  Turn around and follow the wall to the end.  Go down the steps, right, across in front of the bleachers and leave Lessen Fortress. Exit to


67.  Read the Belvedere's history on the sign post at left.  Go up the stairs toward the tower.  At the top, go right and pick up a LONG TWIG from a pile of leaves and branches.  Go back left, then right and into the "always open" tower.

68.  Go up into the tower and take a look at the landscape through the telescope. Nothing stands out here but the scenery is lovely.  Back out of the telescope.  Go left to the other 20 X 80 Kowa telescope.  Scan to the far left of the field you see through the eye piece.  Click on the arrow to continue scanning left.  In the lower right quadrant of the field of view, your magnifying glass will pick up "three green holes."

69.  Carol states that these holes are at the Arken's Rosearium.  Leave the tower.  Go down the hillside path and exit to


70. Go forward and then left at the end of the bridge.  Climb the steps. Go forward to see the green holes.  Turn right.  Go forward once and turn left.  Facing the green holes, which are empty fountains in reality, click where you see the magnifying glass.  Click again to pick up a message,  which is only partially readable due to water damage.

71.  This appears to be a letter from Viktor expressing his angst at being threatened.  Click on the  MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNTAIN to place it in inventory.  Turn left and go back to the bridge.  Exit to


72.  Go to the security box on the wall ahead of you.  Use your passcard.  Well, that appears to be about half the requirement to enter.  Now the box demands your code.  Hmmm... Where might we find the code?  Leave the Skandia Bank and exit to


73.  Go back up on the fortress wall.  Go 1 click past the "3 holes" message.Turn left to the bicycle.  Click on the bicycle.  Use the "long twig" to knock the lamp loose from  the handle bars.  Oooops!  The lamp has fallen off the edge of the roof.

74.  Leave the wall and cross the grassy area to pick up the XENON BICYCLE LAMP on the ground in front of the stage.  Leave the fortress and exit to


75.  Go all the way down the now familiar trail.  Enter the tunnel and go clear down to the steps on the right.  Go up the steps and turn right.  Go forward once and turn left into a dark cavernous area.  Use the bicycle lamp when the gear symbol appears.  In this screen, click left and then click on the forward arrow to go deeper inside.

76.  You'll see a pile of red chairs.  Click screen right again, twice.  See that you can now go forward again. Then click on the right side of this screen.  Wow!  Is it ultra creepy in here, or what!  Against the back wall here, pick up a POKER.  Turn around and exit the dark room.

77.  Leave this area, retracing your steps, and return to the tunnel. Turn left. Walk forward four times and turn left to another dark cavern.  Creeps me out, is what Carol has got to be thinking. But, will she chicken out, abandon the investigation and leave?"  Nope, not going to happen.  In she goes.

78.  Use your bicycle lamp and sweep around until you find the door in the middle of the screen.  Open it and scan the area.  Click right once to find an open doorway.  Go forward and swing right to see an old bed frame leaning against the wall.  Click right twice to see a blue circuit box on the wall and go forward.  Click on it to find that you can't open it.  Click left twice and go forward.

79.  Scan the scene to find a white piece of paper on a table.  Click on it to reveal what appears to be a puzzle solution, similar in appearance to the Bunker Puzzle you solved earlier.

80.  Click out of the close up.  Go right and then forward 3 times.  Scan another dark room.  Click left once and then click forward to see the tunnel exit.  Turn completely around.  Click left and find another door.  Open it.  Click right and look down to see a WRENCH sitting on a block of concrete.  Click right, go forward, click right to exit to the tunnel.

81.  Leave the tunnel area.  From opening the tunnel gate, go forward three times.  Click right and go back up the hill to the boulders.  Go right from the boulders and forward through the fence.  Go forward once and turn right.

82.  Go down behind the bunker and enter underneath to the puzzle door.



83.  Using the top part from the blue circuit box in the tunnel:

- move all rods to the up position.

- click the lower left red rod to the down position

- click the upper right brown rod to the down position

Note:  You will see no change indicating that you have successful solved the puzzle, but something has happened back in the tunnel.

84.  Go back to the second cavern (nearest the tunnel entry).  Use your bicycle lamp and open the door in the middle of the screen.  Scan the area and click right once to the open doorway.  Go forward.  Turn right to see the bed frame.  Click right twice to see that the circuit box is now open.

85.  Click on the box and pick up the FILE.  Back out.  Go left once.  Go forward, right, right, right and forward to get out to the tunnel entrance.  Leave the tunnel area and go back down the trail to the end.  Exit to


86.  Go around to the right side of the station.  Go forward twice, right, forward, left to the ruined barn red house.  Go inside.  Go left, forward, right, and forward to the dark closet.  When you see the gears symbol, use your bicycle lamp.

87.  Scan the area and pick up a green box with orange buttons.  Find it on the right side under the red counter top.  Remember the letter in your inventory to Erik Nyman from Dr. Reiner?  Pull the letter up in inventory and note the scrap of paper attached with the code:

1:3,   2:4,   3:2,   4:1


88.  The box has four orange buttons.  the first number of the code above designates the number of the buttons from left to right. 1, 2, 3, 4.  The second number designates how many times each button must be pressed:

- first button 3 times

- second button 4 times

- third button 2 times

- fourth button 1 time

89.  The box opens revealing a NOTE FROM ELVIRA to Erik asking him to keep a certain combination safe.  The note goes to inventory.

90.  Put the lid back on the box and leave the house.  Go forward four times toward the railroad tracks.  Turn left, go forward, turn left, go forward to revisit the outhouse. Enter.  Use the rusty key from inventory to open the middle stall.  Seeing the little hand appear over the hole might be a bit off-putting (to put it mildly). So, finding something to use as a tool would be an excellent alternative.

91.  Try the modified coat hanger.  Hmmm.  That was surprising.  One would think it to be the best option here.  Try the poker.  Nope.  Try the file.  Nope.  Maybe the poker will work if you use the file on it first to make it sharper.  Combine the file and the poker in inventory.  You'll get a SHARP POKER.  Click on the hole to see the gears symbol, use the sharp poker to retrieve a partially completed note to Elvira from Erik UNFINISHED LETTER FROM THE TOILET.  "Hmmm, Gusum.  Didn't Stina used to live there?"

92.  It looks like its time to pay Stina another visit.  Leave the outhouse and exit to


93.  Talk to Stina.  All points.  Exit and go to


94.   Richard says he doesn't know the tramp alphabet.  But, he tells you that you  can find some hints on the wall at the Bow of Hope.  Exit and go to


95.  Go down to where the Bow of Hope crosses the river.  Turn around to the Wall of Dreams behind you.  Scan the tiles with various odd notations.  On the last two sections of the wall you'll find tiles displaying the tramp language.


96.  One of the tiles has its symbols partially obscured with bird waste. You need to remove it. The shirt from your inventory might be useful. Sadly, its prior owner isn't going to be needing it any longer.  Give it a go to remove the waste and reveal the hidden symbols.

97.  On this particular tile there are 10 symbols. There are 26 on the first tile, indicating that the symbols correlate with the letters of the English alphabet.


98.  Look at your passcard with strange symbols in close up.  Find these four symbols on the tile with 10 symbols.  Count how far each one is from the beginning of the line.

Note:  The first symbol is a zero.  How you would reason that, I'm not sure, but it is not an alpha symbol. It is numeric, so it does not count in the tramp alphabet.

99.  So, counting from the left and skipping the zero, the symbols matching those on your passcard are numbers 1, 9, 7, 2.  Maybe this is a combination for the security box at the Skandia Bank, so let's try it again. Exit to


100.  At the bank, use your passcard on the security panel and key in 1, 9, 7, 2 listening for clicks to verify your choice.  If you're successful a PLEASE ENTER message will appear on the screen above the key pad.

101.  Back up and open the gate.  Enter the bank.  Look around and go right  to the safe and the safe deposit boxes.  Well, you made some progress, but that's all we can do right now.  We need something else.  Exit to 


102.  Ooops.  No entry today. (You must make this visit, however.)  Exit to


103.  Enter to hear the telephone ringing again.  Its Jonas and he wants you to meet him at the allotment. You haven't been there in a while.  Exit to


104.  Find Jonas in the garden and ask him everything.  He says he's spent most of the time he's been away with Anders Borg.  Carol explains that her progress on the Viktor Wallin murder case is hampered.  Jonas can set Carol up with Leonard Kohler, of the Gusum Factory, to maybe get a key in order that Carol can continue the investigation there.  Jonas wants her to clean out Ander's refrigerator, since she already has a key to the apartment.  He will meet her back at the allotment when she has finished this task.  Off you go to


105.  Go upstairs and enter the apartment and then the kitchen.  Open the refrigerator.  Wow!

Its a good thing you can't smell this mess!  Close the refrigerator.  Look at the far left end of the counter top and pick up a LAVENDER-SCENTED BIN BAG.    Go back to the refrigerator and use the bin bag to gather up all that spoiled food. Its now a STINKING BIN BAG.

106.  Leave the apartment and go down to the entry level.  Go left, down the stairs, and left again to open the door to the garbage storage area.  Turn right to place the stinkin' bin bag in the garbage can.  You're outta' there.  Go up the steps and out the door.  Exit to


107.  Back in the garden, ask Jonas about progress.  He's phoned "peculiar" Leonard Kohler and has made arrangements for the key, but Carol will have to pick it up at Leonard's place.  Something about this doesn't feel quite right, but Jonas provides the address after asking Carol to come up and spend some time with him at this country place.  You will automatically exit.  Go to


108.  Leonard wants to know what you intend to do inside the old Gusum Factory.  After telling him that you just want to look for an old machine relevant to a case you are investigating, Leonard appears to be satisfied, but warns you to be careful.

109.  Then, after Leonard semi propositions Carol about joining some nudist club (Argh, what a creep!), Carol says she'll "think about" his offer and again requests the key.  Leonard relents and gives up the key.  Take the KEY TO THE GUSUM FACTORY #1386 and exit to


110.  Go forward five times and turn left.  Go forward, right, and into the building with the green and yellow graffiti symbol on the right side of the door.  Turn left and go forward into the dark area.  Turn left and pick up the HAMMER.  Leave the room, turn right and leave the building.

111.  Cross the road and enter the building directly ahead.  Go forward once and turn right to see a demolished mobile generator.  Click on the cable hanging at the rear.  You can't take it, but remember where it is.

112.  Leave the building. Turn right.  Go forward twice.  Turn left and enter the next building through the brown double doors.  Facing the stairs, turn right down the stairs and into another dark room.  Nothing to see or find here right now.  Go back to the stairwell.  Turn right and go up two flights.  Try to enter through the double blue doors.  Carol says, "Something is blocking the door."  Turn right.  Go to the window.  Turn right again to climb the steep stairs to the roof.

113.  Go forward toward the chimney.  Turn right and go forward once across the roof.  Turn right and look down through the broken skylight.  Look in close up at machine #132.

Note:  If you check your inventory you will find that the machine key Leonard gave you has disappeared.  Don't worry. You don't need it.

114.  Back out of the close up and pass your cursor over the skylight window to your left.  Use your hammer to break the glass.  Hit it again and pick up a SHARD OF GLASS.   Turn right and go to the stairs and leave the building.  Outside, go right.  Go forward twice and turn left.  Enter the building and go forward once more.

115.  Turn right to find that cable on the generator again.  Use the shard of glass to cut the cable loose and pick up the VERY THICK CABLE.  Leave the building.  Turn right and go forward twice.  Turn left to reenter the building with machine #132 and make your way up to the broken skylight.  See that the gear symbol now appears on one of the metal skylight supports.  Use the newly acquired very thick cable on the support to establish a way to get down to the factory floor.  Descend to the floor via the cable.

116.   You might suspect that you may be in some danger here because the music is suddenly sounding fairly ominous.  The machine on your left is #132.  Click on it and click again to remove the wire grill.  Use your spanner to loosen the bolts.  Only the top right bolt responds.

117.  Back away.  Turn right.  Go forward once.   Turn left and pick up the PINCERS from the floor.  Return to machine #132.  Try the pincers on the bolts.  Nope, no dice.  We need something more.

118.  Back out.  Turn right.  Go forward twice, turn right.  Attempt to open the door in front of you.  Heck, its obstructed.  Hmmm.  We've missed something.  Pull up your inventory and look at Erik's note from Elvira.  "In case something happens to me..."  Look at the No. 132 diagram on the lower half.  Voila!  That's the ticket to getting past those darn bolts on the machine.

119.  Go back to machine #132. 



- You've already turned bolt number 1 (picture) at upper right.

- Strike bolts number 2, 3, 4 in that order with the hammer.

120.  The housing falls away revealing a birth certificate.  Pick it up to see (as you must have already suspected) that poor Viktor Wallin, the murder victim, was also the son of Samuel Kohler.  Leonard Kohler, then, is Viktor's half brother.

121.  Use the magnifying glass over Samuel's name to be reminded that he was the owner of the Gusum Factory.

Note:  If you need to refresh your memory banks further, take a trip to the City Library.

122.  Otherwise, you're done here.  Go to the right and back to the double doors you couldn't open earlier.  Click on the locking mechanism at the top/middle of the doors.  Carol says, "I can't move it."  The gear symbol will appear.  Use your pincers on the lock to open the doors and exit to a familiar stairway.

123.  Before you can leave the building you are ordered to "STOP" in a malevolent, whisper coming from behind you.  You are ordered back up on the roof.  Obey instruction and, when on the roof, give up the birth certificate on the whisperer's demand, off to your right. 

124.  Go down the cable again to the factory floor.  Exit the building through the door where you used the pincers.  Turn right. Go forward once.  Turn left and go forward down the road to exit to


125.  The shelter's administrator gives you a new letter for Viktor.  The letter is from the Skandia Bank.  Its a billing for $39.95 for rental of a safe deposit box number 1757.  Looks like a follow up visit to the bank is in order.  The administrator indicates in parting that "Its probably nothing important."  But, on the contrary!  The contents of the safety deposit box could be highly important!  Exit to


126.  Use your passcard and the now familiar 1, 9, 7, 2 code to gain entry to the bank.  Oh, darn it!  Carol needs a key.  Of course, you should have though of that, huh?  Its obviously Viktor's deposit box, so where might he have hidden the key.  Remember the confusing note that Richard received from Viktor eluding to "Right above my resting place, there's a small and crummy space?" Maybe.....

127.  How about that cushion/pillow from the attic at Anders Borg's apartment that you've been carrying around almost since the beginning of the investigation?  Remember the pillow carries an obvious hand-stitching job, you may already have checked out.  Use the shard of glass on the pillow in inventory to shred it and fine the silver THIN KEY.

128.  Use the key on deposit box number 1757 to find Viktor Wallin's Last Will and Testament.  Viktor has a permanent lottery ticket and generous amounts of money left by his mother, Elvira.  Viktor wanted the money shared between his friend, Richard Svensson, and the Salt Field Shelter.  Note Viktor's reference to fearing for his life. Close the door at your right.   Exit to


129.  Be surprised by the colorful maintenance man who announces he can "read your mind."  After some silly banter about Brad Pitt, he tells you that Richard has been taken by ambulance to the local hospital; oh my, a suspected overdose!  However, the maintenance man has just heard some suspicious noises coming from Richard's apartment.  Enter the apartment using the door handle. Ye gad! What a remarkable mess!

130.  Go forward once to get knocked over the head.  When you come to your senses, use the up arrow to rise and discover you are locked in the bathroom.  Take a look around and notice the gear symbol appears in the sink drain.  Use the clothes hanger.  Then pound the hanger with the hammer to create an EVEN MORE MODIFIED HANGER.

131.  Turn to the door and use the even more modified hanger on the lock.  Now, the gear symbol appears just to the left on the door frame. Use your bank passcard to free yourself from the bathroom.  Now what?  Its likely hard to think with that awful headache you have after being crowned in the hallway, huh?

132.  Turn left and go deeper into the apartment.  Go straight ahead through the doorway where you see the blue office chair.  Uh oh!  What the heck is Leonard Kohler doing there searching around under the shelving?  Warning:  If you go a step further, Leonard will attack you saying, " I'll take you out for good this time!"  And, he will take you out!

133.  Instead, turn around and leave the room.  Turn left.  Enter the living room. Turn left again and pick up the SKATEBOARD.  Go back to see Leonard still on his knees.  Use the magnifying glass to hear Carol say, "That's Leonard Kohler!"  Go ONE STEP closer and QUICKLY get the skateboard out of your inventory and bash Leonard a good one!

Note:  You may have to "Try again." several times, but you'll pretty quickly figure out the precise move and timing.  Leonard, the incredible creep, will be down for the count!

134.  Go through Leonard's pockets.  Find his wallet with his business card and THE PASSCARD FROM LEONARD KOHLER.  Exit to


135.  Go down the hallway and find ol' Leonard's office near the end of the hall on the right.  Check out his name plate as you enter.  Turn to your right and look at the CD off the shelf.  Open the case to see that the CD ready "Remedy."  Carol surmises that this might be some sort of backup software.

136.  Turn left to see a secured file under a desk.

Note:  If you've turned off the sound, its time to turn it up.

137.  The puzzle to open the secured file works on a sequence of clicks.  To start, you click on a  button till you hear a single click.  Then find the one with two clicks, and so on until you reach the button with five clicks.  If you choose in error just start over.


-  3rd button = 1 click

-  5th button =  2 clicks

-  2nd button = 3 clicks

-  1st button = 4 clicks

-  4th button = 5 clicks

138.  The unit opens to reveal an array of office supplies.  Find the hand cursor at the bottom edge of the drawer to note that there's more storage underneath.  Find the birth certificate stolen from you at the Gusum Factory.  Also find Leonard's dastardly "to do" list with only the first item checked off.  Hmm, he's forgotten the crow bar.

139.  Close the drawer to find even more storage.  Find a description of the deadly poison sodium monofluoroacetate. Wow!  Has Leonard poisoned poor Richard Svensson?  Maybe we'd better find that crow bar that is mentioned on Leonard's list. Pick up the BATTERY before you leave.  Exit to


140.  Go forward to the right and around the station house.  Go forward twice.  Turn right.  Go forward twice.  Turn left to see an old metal pot and beyond it, a T-shaped metal support.  Go under it and up the hill twice.  Turn left to see a bunker.  Go inside.  Use your bicycle lamp to investigate the dark room to the left.  Use your magnifying glass, then the hand cursor on the wooden box to the right.  Its empty.

141.  Close the box, back out, and turn left with the magnifying glass on a second storage box.  You'll hear Carol says that "...its nailed shut."  We sure do need a crow bar or a hammer.  Back out of the room and find the magnifying glass symbol in front of the dark room next door to the right.  You'll find this area identical to the one on the left but there is no action or item available here.

142.  We really need to find that crow bar!  Back out.  Turn around.  Go forward, right, forward 3 more times.  Go right and forward twice.  Turn left and go down the side of the Fiskeby Station to exit to


143.  Go forward five times.  Turn right.  Go forward once and left to enter the building where you found machine #132 and the birth certificate.  Inside the door, turn right.  Go down the stairs into the lower area.  Inside this door, turn left and pick up the CROW BAR directly ahead of you.

144.  Turn around.  Leave the building and retrace your steps up along the river bank to exit to


145.  Go right along the front of the building, left down the side. Go forward twice.  Go right, forward twice, then left.  Pass under the metal supports and forward once.  Turn left to reenter the left room of the bunker.  Use your bicycle light. Oh no!  Now the battery in the bicycle lamp has gone dead.  What next?  Now, if you click on the battery in inventory it'll be designated as a NONWORKING BATTERY.  When its replaced in inventory combine it with the bicycle lamp. Now the bicycle lamp lights and you can see again.

146.  Click on the wooden box to the left.  Use the crow bar to open it.  Find a letter with "Elvira" written on the envelope: 


- First there's a note from Erik explaining that he'd hidden the letter from her while she "collected her thoughts," presumably after his untimely death.

- Second there's a letter from Regina Kohler, Samuel Kohler's wife and Leonard's mother.  She outlines the affair between Elvira Wallin and Samuel and the circumstances around Viktor's birth.

- The third letter reveals that Erik had not initially known the Viktor was not his son.  Erik, refusing to believe the contents of Regina's letter had subsequently found out he was impotent. That fact established without a doubt that he could not be Viktor's birth father.  Consequently  drinking heavily and having lost his job, Erik could not bear all this trauma and he tragically ended his own life.

Learn, finally, that Leonard did try to eliminate poor, struggling Richard with rat poison! Carol's offering of evidence to the Norrkoping police revealed that Leonard wanted all the inheritance from his father. He killed Viktor so he could have the Salt Field Shelter inheritance and he attempted to kill Richard because Leonard thought Viktor may have told Richard some sort of secret, perhaps having to do with the inheritance.  Carol explains the conclusion in detail so the whole story is told.

Congratulations!  You've helped Carol solve a complex murder mystery and you deserve all the credit!  Leonard is cooling his heels in prison where he'll be for a long time. No nudist club allowed in there. ;)

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