EGYPT 1156 B.C.
Walkthrough by Witchen =O)


You are Ramose, an ordinary man about to be thrown into an extraordinary situation.  Your father has been accused of arranging the robbery of the royal tomb of Sehti 1.  You must find proof of your father's innocence and show this proof to To, the Pharaoh, or your father will be punished with death for a crime he didn't commit, and his name will be forever erased from history.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Before you get started playing Egypt 1156, keep in mind that if you miss any of the four critical clues in the game, you will not be able to go back and get it.  You will have to start over or go back to a save game to retrieve the missed clue. So, save your game often.

1. The Tomb of the Pharaoh

You, Ramose, begin your journey in the center of a night time plains setting.  Turn slightly right to find the Temple of Sethi 1.  And, just above it, the Tomb of Sethi 1.  Click on on the pointing finger to meet Montoumes, Chief of the Medjai, who is in charge of the safety of the Valley of Kings.  Talk to Montoumes and ask all possible questions. (This will mean clicking on him more than once.)  He will give you a lighted torch and will tell you to go and search the tomb.

From your next position, just inside the tomb on the stairway, turn and go forward once.  When you come to a stop, turn extreme right and click on the fist that appears over the plank (leaning against a support beam) to pick it up. Turn back around and continue going forward six times. You will come to a dark hole with no apparent way to cross.  Use your plank to span the hole.  Go forward twice to cross to the opposite side.  You find yourself in a small antechamber.  Look at the first pillar on your left.  Use the coded message in your inventory on the pillar, to find your first clue: Ptah.

There is a stairway leading down in the left corner of this room.  And, there is a doorway straight ahead of you.  Walk forward to the doorway.  Walk into the room.  Toward the back of the room, behind a pillar, you will find a long rod.  Pick it up.  Turn and leave the room.  Go forward to the doorway where you left the wooden plank.  Turn right and go forward twice.  Then, turn right and go forward again to descend the stairs.

Go forward six times to enter a second antechamber.  Turn and go forward to the chamber on the right.  Use the rod on the snake to get the amulet.  Return to the main chamber and go forward to overhear a conversation between two men in the room ahead of you.  They are talking about the tomb robbery and the delayed delivery of wheat.

When the two men have finished their conversation, go forward into the pit of rocks you see ahead of you.  Look at the Ostracon.  Pick up three rocks to see the complete carved symbol on the Ostracon.  Pick it up.  Go up, turn and leave the pit.  Turn around and go forward to the two men.

If you try to talk to the men and you haven't used the rod on the snake, Inherkhaou the Young, will take the rod away from you.  The other man is Imennakht, the scribe.  Talk to him about the condition of the tomb and who was responsible for the robbery.  He will assist you in your investigation.

Talk to both he and Inherkhaou until they have nothing further to tell you.  Show both of them the coded message and the Ostracon in your inventory.  Imennakht will tell you that the Ostracon bears a sketch made by a craftsman of the village.  Ask him about it again and he will tell you the monkey sketch was made by Hori.

Click the Ostracon on Imennakht again.  He will tell you he can see a map of this tomb on the Ostracon.  Click the Ostracon on the ? next to your inventory to view a closeup of the monkey sketch.  Click again to turn the Ostracon over and see a map of the tomb.  Put the Ostracon back into your inventory and use the up pointing cursor to exit the closeup.

Click on both men several times with the amulet you got from the snake.  It is a cartouche, a sign of King Ammenotep.  The amulet must have come from the workman in the village.  You must go to the village.  But, Imennakht eventually tells you that you cannot use Montoumes' pass to enter.  Then, click the Ostracon on Imennakht and he will give you a ring for safe passage at the house of Penmenefer, the wise man and guardian.

Go back to the entrance of Sehti's tomb and talk to Montoumes.  In the following cut scene, you will go to the quarry to look for Hori and hear the foreman call the morning roll.  You will be given the roll call list by Montoumes, with the admonition that Hori, the missing workman, must be accounted for.

2. The Village of Deir el-Medineh

After the cut scene, it is morning.  You are again in the middle of the plain.  turn until you find the Village of Deir el-Medineh.  Travel to the village and meet Pentaour, a guard.  He will not let you pass initially.  Do not show him the ring you got from the scribe, Immenakht.  When he starts repeating himself, turn around and talk to Montoumes, who is standing behind you.  He will just remind you that you have what you need.  Turn back to Pentaour and show him the ring.  He will acknowledge the ownership of the ring and allow you to enter the village.

Knock on doors and get various interesting responses from the villagers, until you come to the home on the left side of the street where you will find the Worker Hardly Awake. (His house is four clicks forward from Pentaour's position at the entrance.)  Keep the man talking until he has responded to all possible questions.  He will tell you Hori's name in on his house. Now you know to look above the doors for a sign.  (Note:  Hori's sign is also on the the roll call stone you have in your inventory.  But, it does not look like the one over his house.  To make it easy for you, there is only one house that has a sign over it in the village.  That one is Hori's.)

Turn right and continue forward, looking for a house with a sign above the door.  You will come across a Woman Innkeeper down near the end and to the right of the main street.  When you talk to her, don't go with her.  Instead, ask her about Hori.  She will tell you where Hori's house is if you "satisfy her heart."  Show her the ring. She loves it, but still won't tell you where Hori's house is.

Go right, then left, then right, from the Woman Innkeeper down a narrow alleyway.  Turn around to see a ladder.  Take the ladder.  Leave the area and go right, then left to see Penmenefer standing in a lane.  Ask him all questions.  He tells you, among other things, that Hori's house is to the right.

Go back to the Woman Innkeeper.  Then go two clicks to your left.  Turn around to find an Old Man sitting on the ground.  Talk to him.  Ask  all questions.  You won't find out where Hori's house is from him either.  Turn and go back to the Woman Innkeeper.  Take your ladder out of inventory and place it on the wall to the left of the red door with the markings on the top of the door frame.  This is Hori's house, after all.

When the Woman Innkeeper starts yelling, "Thief, " give her the gold ring.  Then, climb the ladder to enter Hori's house.  Inside the house, go left to check out the bedroom.   Return to the main room and go forward to a second bedroom.  Look at the closed bed.  You will find Ostraca fragments drawn by Hori.  Place the Ostracon you found in the tomb with the other fragments.

Turn around.  Go back to the other end of the room and turn left to go further into the back of the house.  In the next room, you will find broken pottery strewn all over the floor.  Look at the covered basket to the left of the next doorway.  Open the basket to find more evidence; a broken amulet belonging to Hori.  Place the other half of the amulet, you got from the tomb, with the piece in the basket.  Turn left and walk to the end of the room where you see a bed platform.  Pick up the black mat on the platform.  Go forward down the hidden stairs to find Hori's murdered body on the earthen floor.  Get the Papyrus of 7 Knot Necklace that Hori has clenched in his hands.

Turn and go back up the stairs.  Turn to your right and check out the red Lararium niche on the wall.  Look at it to find a statuette.  Take it.  Under the statuette, in a recess, you will find a Silver Urn.  More evidence.  It is part of the stolen items taken from Sehti's tomb.  Turn around and enter the room to your immediate left.  Nothing in there except some amphora jars which you can't access.  Go back out to the room with the broken pottery.  Turn left.  Enter the last room of the house.  Nothing of value to check out here, either.

Leave the house via the front door and go forward, left, and forward all the way back to the entrance of the village. Talk to Pentaour about everything.  Tell him you think Tchai may also be implicated in the theft at the tomb.  You need to find Tchai.

Go six clicks forward down the long main street and enter the house on the left.  Go into the right rear room and pick up the Fire-lighter and Tow from the floor.  Return to the center room and go to the left rear room.   Look at the engraved headrest on the mat.  You will get a close up view of an engraving of Pedjet: "bow" in Egyptian; also means troops.  Use your coded message on the engraving to pick up the second clue: Pedjet.

Leave the house, turn right and continue down the street one click.  Turn right and see Penmenefer.  Go talk to him, He wants the parchment (7-knot necklace) you found in Hori's hand.  Give it to him.  Show him the Urn from your inventory.  He says he will take it to Montoumes.

Turn around and go forward out of the alleyway.  Turn right, go forward twice.  Find the ladder in front of Hori's  house.  Turn left from the ladder.  Go forward twice and turn left to where the Old Man was sitting.  This is Tchai's house.  Take the peg above the door and use it to solve the puzzle and open the door.  (Just keep pulling on the two colored pieces of twine until you are able to pull the peg out.)

Take the lamp from the stand to the left of the red doorway.  Enter the dark room to the rear of the house.  In inventory, combine your Firelighter and Tow with the lamp you just picked up to light the lamp.  In the left corner of the room, click on the Casket for Oushebites.  Look at the dagger in the open drawer.  You will not be able to take the dagger.  Retreat from the closeup and use the fist icon to pick up the entire Casket.  Put the Casket in inventory.

Now go back to the main room where you found the lamp.  Turn to your left and look left, past the center pillar.  You will see an alcove in the wall.  Click to enter another part of the house.  Go forward into the back room.  You can check out everything in here.  But, there is nothing to interact with.  Leave the house and find the main street again.  Look left as you go, to find the lane where you talked with Penmenefer.  Turn down the lane and you will see a door on your left.  Go forward into Penmenefer's house. Talk to him.  When the initial conversation is over, turn to see Imennakht, the scribe from the tomb.  Talk to him also.  When he is finished talking, click the Casket with the dagger from Tchai's house on him.  He will tell you that you need to find Tchai (whom you suspect of murdering Hori) by going to the Embalmer's shop and posing as Tchai's assistant.

You must now deliver the casket.  Click on the floor mat to sleep and dream.  When you are awakened by Penmenefer, you will find yourself outside the village again, ready to find the Embalmer's workshop.

3. The Embalmer's Workshop

Turn until you find the Workshop of the Embalmers.  It is just to the right of the Temple of Ramses II.  Click on the workshop.

Go forward, right and forward twice to knock on the Embalmer's door.  Talk to him.  When he asks, give him the Casket with the dagger.  He asks you to wait and bends over the Casket. Follow him inside.  Turn right and go forward into the embalming room.  Go forward again.  Turn left and right, moving forward, to examine the natron bodies under the linens.  You will find that the middle body on the left side is wearing a 7 Knot Necklace.  It is Tchai.  Use the necklace you have in your inventory on Tchai's body to take the necklace.  Go forward into the rear of the shop.  Go to the left rear corner.  You can check out the embalming area and tools of the trade, but there is no interaction here.

Turn back into the first room and talk to the Embalmer who has reappeared there.  He pays you 2 debens and asks you to follow him because you need to answer a few questions.  Uh oh!

Follow the Embalmer into the room behind where he was standing.  He is waiting for you and now wants you to give him the amulets connected with the evil deeds of the god Seth, as a sign of recognition.  You need to choose the four correct amulets.  Pass your cursor over each amulet until you get a question mark.  Then click for more description of what each amulet means.  Remember that the key word is Seth.

Here's the layout of the amulets:

Oudjat Eye      Heart Scarab     Serpent's head
light blue          dark blue              pale green

                                                                                   Ousekh necklace

Djed-Pillar     Vulture        Ouadj-sm column            Tit-Knot
med. blue         pink                pale green                         red

If you figured out the correct solution, you should have picked up the Oudjat Eye, The Djed-Pillar, Ouadj-sm column, and the red Tit-Knot and put them into your inventory.

Now, the Embalmer has another riddle: "That which is broken bears that which has been wounded.  Under the belt of the widow, is found the body of the victim." The four squares at top left on the amulet display screen must be filled with the correct four amulets from the first puzzle solution.

Correct placement of amulets:

1.The Oudjat Eye                             2.The Tit Knot
 that which is broken                          under the belt of the widow

injured during the fight                      the buckle of the red belt of
with Uncle Seth                                   Isis, Seth's widow

3.The Ouadj-sm column                 4.The Djed-Pillar
bears that which has                          is found the body of the victim.
has been wounded

broken in two by Seth                    wakes the backbone of Osiris,
                                                              killed by Seth

After you have solved the second puzzle, the Embalmer tells you its about time to be leaving with the funeral cortege.  Take time to check out the body in the process of being mummified and the rest of the articles in the room.  Then, turn left and enter the room where the Embalmer stores furniture to be entombed with the dead.

On the right side of the room, as you move toward the back, look at the lamp base.  Then open it to find a statuette, also a piece of the treasure stolen from Sehti's tomb. DO NOT take the statuette.

Turn back to your left and go forward again.  Look at the green and gold sarcophagus.  Use the coded message on the symbols near the top of the sarcophagus.  You have picked up the third clue: Heri.

Look down and to the right of the green sarcophagus and click on the golden vase sitting on the floor.  Another stolen item from the tomb.  DO NOT pick it up. (Note: If you take the statuette and vase, you will die.)

Turn and go forward down the length of the room.  Exit out the left doorway into the courtyard.  Follow the funeral procession to see the death ritual and the burial of the nobleman.

4. Inside The Tomb

After you find that you have deliberately been closed up inside the tomb, use your Firelighter and Tow to light the standing lamp, which is to the left of where you are standing when you hear the noise of the tomb being sealed.

On a chair to the left of the now burning lamp, you will see a boomerang and a knife.  Pick up both items.  Pan around further left, just past the amphora jars piled in the corner.  Look at the wall.  See the outline of an opening?  Use your knife to access the opening, the way out.

After crawling through the passage, you find yourself in a lighted room with a draftsman who is attempting to complete a mural on the wall.  Talk to him until he tells you to get out of there " quickly as possible."  Go forward and  turn right to see the outer courtyard.  Go forward to the outside.

Turn right in the center of the courtyard to see a figure standing near the wall.  Approach and talk to this old woman, who tells you she has been sent by the Cobra.  You must solve a puzzle.  Leave the puzzle display when it comes up and walk over to the carvings on the far wall to your right.  Click on the leftmost carving identified as Senet.  Use your coded message on the ? in your inventory to compare the message with the Senet game carving on the wall.  There is a difference in the placement of markers within the two grids.  Your coded message doesn't have a marker in the upper eighth square from the left.

Leave the wall.  Go back to the stele beside the old woman.  Click on the stele. From the left, click on the 8th square in the top row of the puzzle display.  Use your coded message from inventory on the Cobra symbol.  You have found the fourth and final clue: Nefer. NOTE: When you are looking at the wall next to the old lady, and you've chosen the proper square on the wall, increase the size of the square by using your "eye" cursor on it.  Then put your coded message it.

Come back out of the closeup and click the now completed coded message on the old woman.  You find yourself back in the middle of the plain.  Turn completely around and find the House of Panehesy to the right of the Domain of Mout.  Go there.

5. The House of Panehesy

Talk to the guardian standing in the courtyard in front of you.  Answer "Ahmose" and then "Your master is called: Panehesy."   When he maligns your ragged garments ask him "Would you let me enter....if I rewarded you?"  Give him your two debens from the Embalmer's shop.

Go straight ahead once, turn right and go forward to a darkened area where you will find two doors.  The leftmost door is not accessible.  Go to the right along the footpath.  Turn left and enter the bamboo door to the inner garden.

A sniper with a bow and arrow will immediately start shooting arrows at you.  Repeatedly use your boomerang on the hot spots across the garden.  You will see a cut scene when you succeed in bringing down the sniper.  He is standing just to the right of the tree that is directly in the middle of your screen. Man, someone is really out to see that you don't succeed in finding the real robbers of Sehti's tomb!

After the sniper falls, turn left and go forward.  Turn left again.  Enter Panehesy's house through the yellow door.  You will be accompanied by a noisy orange cat.

In the house, you will need to find several articles to make your appearance more acceptable for a banquet.  When you enter, go forward and through the doorway on your right.  Turn left and go forward into the room with the door ahead of you.  Look at the articles on the floor and pick up the bowl of milk.  Turn and exit the room.  Go forward and right out the doorway.  Turn right and enter the room with the door ahead of you.  Turn until you hear the cat.  Place the bowl of milk on the mat beside the two sticks.  The cat will come into the room.  Look at the cat and take the earring its wearing.  Look up to the right of the cat and use the earring on the outline of a niche, about midway up the wall.  The door of the niche will open to reveal a letter and an ivory square; a Senet piece.

Turn and exit the room.  Go forward.  Turn and go forward twice.  Turn right, go forward.  Turn left, forward and enter the room with the closed door.  Go to the room on your right where you see two baskets and a lamp.  Find the necklace and the wig.  Go to the next room to the right of this one and find a tunic.  It will disappear, meaning you are wearing it.  Then go to the next room to the right of this one, a bathroom, and find the mirror and the kohl (makeup).  Use the mirror.  Put on the wig by using it on your face in the mirror.  Use the kohl the same way. Turn around and go out to the woman servant standing in the center room.

 Note: You may come across this woman servant before you find all the articles to make yourself less shabby for the upstairs banquet.  She will give you some static about your appearance.  But, there is no rush to find all the items. She will stand right there until you are dressed entirely for the banquet.

Show the necklace to the woman servant.  She will tell you that it will serve to complete your wardrobe.  Walk past her up the stairs.  Turn right at the top and enter the banquet room where the guests have already gathered.   Go to your right to hear about an upcoming celebration from two women talking in the corner.  Talk to the woman on the left.  She will warn you of danger and tells you to meet her later on the terrace.  Go down the right side of the room to where the men are gathered.  Listen to a brief discussion on local politics and then talk to Ptahemheb.  We will invite you to have a drink.  (You can do that if you like.  You can have several drinks.  But, not more than five or you will face dire circumstances.)

Go out on the terrace through any one of the curtains on the side of the room.  Walk to the Senet game table.  Look at it.  Place your ivory piece in the empty spot on the Senet board.  In inventory, look at your coded message again by placing it over the ?   It shows you the proper order of the four codes you picked up along the way: Heri, then Pedjt, then Ptah, and lastly, Nefer.  Look at the document that appears.  Leave it up on your screen and put the little icon back in inventory.  The document will stay in view.  Move your cursor around until you see the words "The chief of the Ptahnefer troops....Heri, Pedjet, Ptah, Nefer".  Now exit the document and view the Senet game once again.   Use the fist cursor to click on (only) the four chiefs in the proper order.  A small drawer will open on the far end of the Senet board.   SAVE YOUR GAME here.

Note:  If you go beyond this point you will have to play the game of Senet.  The instructions on game play are on page 12 of the game manual.  But if you don't want to play......After Panehesy comes onto the terrace and warns you that you will be playing for your life, just turn and run off the terrace.  You will escape and can successfully complete the game.

After the game, or your hasty retreat from Panehesy's house, you are back on the plain.  Find the Domain of Amon-Re.  Click on it and you are on your way to.........

6. The Temples at Karnak

Look to your right to find a woman, Aamerout, standing next to a wall.  Talk to her.  She has been helping you to thwart her father-in-law, Ptahnefer's evil plan.  He is behind the tomb robbery to disgrace To, the first dignitary of the court.  Your father, as To's scribe, was the scapegoat to bring about To's disgrace and dismissal from his position.

After your conversation with Aamerout, enter the temple by clicking forward,  just in front of her, on the palm trees.  Aamerout will end up behind you after a brief cutscene.  She won't let you leave if you decide to speak to her again at this point.  Otherwise, go forward into the temple eight times and stop as you see a priest standing in front of you.  Turn left.  Go forward twice.  Turn right and go up the stairs to the roof of the temple.  Talk to the man in white, the Timekeeper.  With the Meket  the Timekeeper gives you, click on the Assistant of the Timekeeper sitting nearby.  The Meket will transform itself into a crude astronomical instrument.  Position it so that the bright, yellow star, just above the Timekeeper, is in the notch at the top of the Meket.  Click on it.  Then, go back down the stairs, just one flight.  Turn left to see the Timekeeper standing in a small antiroom.  He will ask you about your star sighting.  Tell him you found the yellow star  "...just above the assistant."  He will ask you to corroborate your finding with the bowls.

Click on the large basin on the floor, the Clepsedra.  Then, exit this view.  Tell the Timekeeper the bowl indicates the ninth hour.  He thinks the instrument is wrong and must check further with another instrument. The Timekeeper disappears.  SAVE YOUR GAME here.

Note: The next puzzle is a timed sequence.  You cannot save your game once you start the puzzle.

Look at the basin again.  Pick up the little wooden bowl beside it.  Put it in inventory.  Click on the basin again for a closeup.  Then click again with the little bowl. (The water in the bowl will disappear and you will see the water draining from a small measuring cup in the upper right of your screen. This is the puzzle timer.) Put the little bowl back in inventory.  Get out your knife and click  on one of the two covered buttons on either side of the basin.  Take the set of gold icons.  Go back down to the temple floor and stop when you see the pillars.  Turn right and go forward four times, passing in front of the priest dressed in white. Go all the way to the side of the temple wall.  Turn right and look down to see a damaged portion at the base of one of the pillars.  Click on it and remove the item from the chest necklace of Sehti.  Now, turn right again, go back to where the priest in white is standing.  Turn left and go straight ahead to the entrance of the temple where you will meet Aamerout, who is has been waiting for you.  Show her the set of two items from the water bowl first.  Then the item from Sehti's necklace.

You will be given the opportunity to see the ritual cut scene (Note: You will have already seen it, if you failed earlier with the timed water bowl puzzle.) When it comes time for To to ask you to identify Ptahnefer as the guilty one, tear the front of his tunic revealing the gold necklace, and place the last items from the water bowl and the base of the pillar, on the necklace.

You will be rewarded with restoral of your father's position as Chief Scribe and you will be promoted to Chief Scribe of the Troops.  Ptahnefer will pay for his crimes with his life.

Game over.  GOOD WORK!


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