Escape from Evergreen Forest

A game by Don McPherson

A walkthrough by Chief

February‏ 2008


*Note from the Read me File: if you complete the game with a perfect score of 65 points, you get a “Bonus Adventure”.

By clicking right mouse, you get these icons: walk, see, take (action), talk.

You have the same icons on top of the screen.

On top of the screen, see also the inventory (Bag), game options, save, load, quit.


Don went for a walk in the woods to enjoy a nice day. He ventures deep into an unfamiliar area of Evergreen Forest.

Time to find his way out of this place.


Grassy Field

The game starts in a field where you can see some roses. But better leave them alone.

Go West (left) to a clearing.



At the top of the screen, see a “Tree Thing”. Talk with it: left click to have the questions to ask at the bottom left and click again to have the answers.

The Tree is one of the Voices of the Forest and it is thirsty.

So, Don offers to find water for the Tree.

Go East (right) for two screens.


Clearing with old trees

See a log on the right. Above it and to the left, look at a branch. Take the branch. (1pt)

Go East again.


Fresh Water

See a tree on the left with a hole. There is some kind of an object in the hole.

Use the hand icon on the hole: it’s to high.

Use the branch on the hole to get a bucket. (1pt)

Use the bucket on the fresh water to get a full bucket. (1pt)

Before leaving this place, pick up a white flower (1pt) at the right bottom of the screen. Take the one from the top row on the left.

Go West for three screens to the Tree Thing.



Give the full bucket of water to the Tree Thing. The Tree is pleased and hands you an item: a gold key given by a wise crow, Hector. (2pts)

The Tree talks also about an evil Wizard.

Talk to the Tree again.

Go South (down) passing a field with two birch trees and go South.


Hector, the Crow

See and talk to Hector completely. (1pt)

Hector talks about the Wizard “Seadus” that hurts the land. Be careful in the caves.

Find the red crystal of power that grows underground to protect yourself.

To get out of the forest: go East. There is a bridge.

Go back North (up) to the Tree Thing and then East to the roses. Then go South.



See a round door. There is a keyhole. Use the key on the door. Use the hand icon on the door. (1pt)

In the lab, take the lantern (1pt) from the shelf. Also take the flute (1pt) on top of the book stand.

Look at the book and read it. It contains strange symbols and some drawings of a white flower, a red flower and a blue mushroom.

When you come back to the lab, you can read the book again.

Take the paper pieces from the table: drag the pieces to form a complete message: (3pts)

Ash, Klaatu verrata.

Indy, Orichalcum.

Hiker, Breeblebrox.

Ripley, LV 426.

Exit the puzzle by clicking the Exit button on top left of the screen.

Is this message an Incantation? To have it work, you must click the talk icon on Don when in the lab.

Walk out the lab and go South. Then go East four screens.


The Bridge

See and go to the bridge. Someone is approaching. It is the Wizard. Talk to him in any way you want, he still destroys the bridge. But do not forget to say this to him: “I’d love to stay and have a battle……..” (1pt)

When the bridge is broken, see and take a blue mushroom. (1pt)

Go South once and West.


Pool of water and cave

See an entrance to a cave in the center of the screen and enter.

Since you have the lantern, you can go forward.

As you enter the cave, see bones on the ground and a bit right, an arm bone. Take the arm bone. (1pt) And say “Rest in peace” to the bones. (1pt)

Move to the center of the cave and see a lion. Use the flute on Don and the lion will fall asleep. (5pts)

At the top left of the screen, see a green lever: use the hand icon on it but it pops back up.

A noise from the West? Go to the left of the lever and see a portcullis. How can you open it?

Come back to where the lion was. It is gone.

Go to the lever and use the bone to hold it down.(2pts) The portcullis is now open. Go West.

Enter and go forward. See another lever and pull it down. (1pt)

Walk forward to see some crystals. Go a bit to the left, look at the ground under what looks to be a big hole on the wall and see shears. Take the garden shears. (1pt)

Use the branch on the crystals in center of the screen to get a red crystal. (2pts)

Leave the cave and then go West once, then North and then West to be where you started the game.


Grassy Field

Use the shears on the rose bush at left bottom of the screen to get a red flower. (1pt)

Go South once.



Now that you have the three ingredients, go and enter the lab.

Read the book on the stand to know what you must do next.

Click the blue mushroom, the white flower and the red flower into the mortar. Use the hand icon on the mortar to crush and mix the ingredients and to take them out: prepared ingredients. (2pts)

Put the prepared ingredients in the empty flask. (1pt) Click on the flask with the eye icon to read that something else needs to be done.

Use the incantation by using the talk icon on Don. (2pts)

The flask now contains a blue potion. Take the full flask. (1pt)

Exit the lab and go South once and East twice.


The cave

Enter the cave and go East to a lava flow. See two stepping stones. Go across the lava and then North.

The Green Cavern

See two passages. Go to the East passage and see a red wall and candles.

Go further East to see a ladder (We will come back to the ladder)

When you are in that screen, see a small hole at the bottom of the wall: use the hand icon to get a mirror. (1pt)

Come back West to the green cavern and walk to the North passage. See some stone statues.

Go further West and see a woman. For now, stay away of her but talk to her.

She is Mistress M. The underground is her home.

Walk to her to have a better look. But you are feeling a sudden heaviness.

She is Medusa You will turn to solid stone.

It is time to use the blue potion on Don to restore his mobility. (5pts) Then use the mirror on her and she turns into stone. (5pts)

Now, you can explore this part of the cave. At top left of the screen, see a strange wall. Use the red crystal on the wall (3pts) to have a translucent wall. You can see another chamber.

Enter the chamber to see the Wizard. He did not see you yet.

Try to hide in the shadow on the right, but he sees you anyway. Talk to him.

He sends lightning on Don. But he is protected by the crystal.

The lion appears. Throw the crystal in the large vat. (10pts) The only thing remaining is a giant hole.

Time to leave this place by going South.

But a big face appears on the wall. Talk with Rock Face. Don was chosen as a Protector to help defeat the Wizard.

Don ask for a way to go back home: once on the surface, go East. And the face disappears.

Talk to the Face again about the other people seen in Medusa’s garden: these people have been restored and returned to the surface. (5pts)

Now get out of the cavern by going South, then East (see that the scary statue is still there) and South to be at the green cavern. Down South and pass over the stepping stones, go West and then South twice to be at the pool of water.

Time to go back to your friend the Tree Thing: go West, North and West twice.



See Hector on the Tree Thing. Talk with Hector and with the Tree. (1pt) It starts to rain.

Don says he will begin his journey back home.

Remember the ladder in the cave? Time to go there: go East twice, then South and East to be at the pool of water.


The cave

Enter the cave, go North once and East to the lava flow, over the stones and North. Go to the East passage and walk to the ladder. Use the hand icon on the ladder to go up.


Clearing with stump

You are now outside and can only go South to trees and rocks.


Forest path

There is a small path between the rocks to get to the brown and red forest path.

Now go East to be in front of rose bushes.

Keep going East and be at one of the gardens on the edge of Evergreen Forest.


The Garden

Walk the path of the garden and meet Indy. He is looking for a Ghost face thief guy. (Where did we see him).

If you did not get 65 points, you will not see Indy and you will go to Silver-Town.

Don decides to follow Indy going South on the garden path.


Bonus Adventure

-In the next screen, see Indy who will be looking for the Ghost face and get back the Dagger of Ra.

-Have a look in inventory to see a lantern, a whip and a revolver.

-Indy is going to the clearing with the stump: to get there, go West along the Forest Path until the trees and the rocks. Go North on the small path to get to the stump. Climb down by clicking the hand icon on the stump.

-Indy is now pack in the cave with the red brick wall.

-As he goes West, he almost falls in a pit trap. Use the whip on the wall beam on top to see him swing across the trap.

-Go West and then to the North Passage where the statues were. You will see something shiny: a small object on the cave floor: a single bullet. Take the bullet.

-Go West again and to what was the chamber of the Wizard. See the Ghost face and talk to him. After some talking and action (Ghost face falling), see and pick up the Dagger of Ra.


The Garden

Back in the Garden with Ron.

Walk the path and be at good old Silver-Town.


End of game


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