Escape From Monkey Island (MI4) Walkthrough.
by Wouter 'Timber' Looijen
Version 1.2

This walktrough is based on OBJECTIVES and is not in chronological order.
I advise you only use this walktrough if you're stuck in the game.
Printing out this walktrough and completing the game with the paper by your side
will spoil your game experience.

After Intro:

Look at the brazier of hot coals, then use it.
Then pick up the pile of hot coals.
Turn to the cannon on the right, and kick the coal to the cannon (the LOADED cannon).
(If you hold the coal for too long, it will become too hot, and Guybrush will kick it away)

Act I: Things To Do On Melee Island When You're Dead


Go to the Harbor, once there pick up the popped inner tube.
Then go to Melee Town, into the SCUMM Bar.
Go to the back, then look at the balloon.
Talk to the dart players, and get them to hit the balloon.
Now pick up the Jerky Pretzels at the drunken sailor.

Go to the Governor's Mansion, and use the inner tube at the funny-looking cactus.
Now offer the pretzels to the catapult operator.
When he leaves, tinker with catapult controls.


1: I Cheese
Mr. Cheese is located at the SCUMM Bar.
Ask him to join your crew (reason: to travel to Lucre to meet with your wife's lawyers).
Then ask him about Insult Arm Wrestling.
Ask Mr. Cheese to join your crew once again, and challenge him to insult arm wrestling.
The list of Insults and Answers:

I: Today, by myself, twelve people I have beaten.
A: By the size of your gut, I'd guess they were eaten.

I: I've got muscles in places you've never heard of.
A: Too bad none of 'em are in your arms!

I: Give up now, or I'll crush you like a grape!
A: I would if it would stop your WINE-ING.

I: My ninety-eight year old grandmother has bigger arms then you.
A: Yeah. but we both got better bladder control then you do.

I: I'm going to put your arm in a sling!
A: Why, ya studying to be a nurse?

I: My stupefying strength will shatter your ulna into a million pieces!
A: I'm surprised you can count that high.

I: Hey, look over there!
A: Yeah, yeah, I know, it's a three headed monkey.

I: Your knuckles I'll grind to a splintery paste!
A: I thought that bean dip had strange taste.

I: Your arms are no bigger than fleas I have met.
A: So that's why you're scratching, I'd go see a vet.

I: People consider my fists lethal weapons
A: Sadly, your breath should be equally reckoned.

I: Only once have I met such a coward!
A: He must've tought you everything you know!

I: You're the ugliest creature I've ever seen in my life!
A: I'm surprised you never gazed at your wife.

I: My forearms have been mistaken for tree trunks.
A: An over-the-counter defoliant could help you with that problem.

I: I've out-wrestled octopi with these arms!
A: I'm sure that humbled creatures everywhere are humbled by your might!

I: Do I see quivers of agony dance on your lip?
A: It's laughter that's caused by your feathery grip.

2 & 3: Carla and Otis
Talk to Carla and Otis in Melee Town.
Ask them to join your crew, by offering cushy government jobs.

Go inside the Governor's Mansion, and pick up the contract form on the table.
Show it to Elaine, she'll sign it.
Also, pick up the government paper that's on the commode. Look at it.
Now let Elaine sign this form also.

Now go back to Carla and Otis, show them the cushy form.


Go to the mansion, talk to Elaine.
Now tell her you don't got the authority to get a ship.
She'll give you the Gobernatorial Symbol.

Go to the harbor, then show the symbol to the Harbor Mistress.
You got yourself a ship.
(IT'S PINK!!!!)

Lucre Island


Go to the Law Office.
You'll receive a letter, now talk to the lawyers again if they found a way yet.


Go to the bank, talk to the Girl.
Tell her you want to retrieve items from a deposit box.


Pick up the sword, the hankey and the three sponges.
Now look in the safe deposit box, and pick up the music box and the grog that's inside.
Use the sword with the bottom hinge, use the broken sword with the crack.
Use the three sponges with the sword in the crack
Now use the grog with the sword/crack/sponges thingie.


First, you need to pick up some stuff:
In Jail: The chicken Grease.
In Sense & Sensibilities: Empty bottle, cologne.
House Of Sticks: Wood Shavings.
Bait Shoppe: Duck outside.

Talk to the store owner of the Bait Shoppe about the no-nosed thief.

Go to the fountain, use empty bottle on fountain.
Use the wood shavings on the bottle.
Leave town, go to mansion. Pick up flower, use flower on bottle.
Now go to the Swamp, and use the home made perfume on the puddle.
Go back to the Bait Shoppe, use the home-made perfume with the free bait.

Go to the Palace of Prostheses, use the home-made perfume on Deadeye Dave.
Dave will tell you the odor belongs to (insert name here).
The name is different in every game, so I can't put it in precisely.
The name always concists of 3 names. Use the first letters of the names on the filling

Bunny = A-D
Tree = E-H
Pumpkin = I-M
Monkey = N-S
Banana = T-Z

Guybrush M. Threepwood = G M T = Tree Pumpkin Banana


In the town, there are two pirates playing chess.
Talk to them, confuse them, make 'em look the other way etc. 'till they get into a fight.
Now pick up the clock.

Go to the swamp, use the clock on the raft, the clock will now show the time.
use the clock and the directions to get into the swamp.

Example: when the clock says 13.50, look at the directions.
On the paper, there are some times. So when you see 13.50 W, you go west.

Use the directions 'till you get to a gate. Another Guybrush will appear.
He will give you a key, a gun, a rope, and a chicken with a pully in the middle.
Remember or write down in which order he gave you the stuff.
Also, remember everything he says.
Talk to Guybrush, he'll tell you a number. Remember the number also.
Now use the key to open the gate.

Now go further with the directions, untill you reach the gate again, but now you're
on the other side.
Now give the other Guybrush the stuff in the same order he gave it to you.

Continue untill you reach Pegnose Pete's house.


Walk towards the house, you will here Pete & Mandrill talking.
Use the Chicken Grease on his doormat, and throw the ckicken in the window.
Pete will fall into the trap.


Go to the bank. Outside you will see a manhole.
Use your broken sword with the manhole. Now pick up the manhole cover.
Look at the cover, you will hear three names.

Go to palace of prostheses, talk to Dave.
Tell him you want to get a free prosthese.
You must tell him a story. Use the 3 names from the manhole cover in the story.
You will receive a fake skin.

Go back to the bank and use the skin on the manhole.
Use the manhole and you'll find yourself in the bank.
Climb down the ladder & use the pull chain. The lights will go on.
Pick up the Supperware.
Notice the weird shadow that looks like a nose.
Pick up Pete's nose.


Go to the palace of prostheses.
Use the music box on Dave, and pick up the prosthetic hand.
Now pick up the music box again.

Go to the Bait Shoppe, and use the prosthetic hand on the termites.
Pick up some free bait. Use the bait with the Scupperware.

Now go to the mansion.
Use your cologne on one of the stuffed animals.
Ozzie will break his stick.

Go to the House of Sticks, and use the termites with Ozzie's stick.

Now go back to Ozzie's mansion and tell him you saw him with Pete.
When he leaves, follow him.

Go down the hidden passage, and press the button.

Go outside again and dive into the lake.
Use the Scupperware with the fishes.
Go into the passage.
Now pick up the heirlooms, and the screw.

Now go to the prison and show the loot to Canard.
After that, show the screw to Canard.

Act II: Enter The Manatee

First, you must go see the Voodoo Lady.
Enter the House of Mojo.
Use the 'different' finger of the hand, she will appear.
Talk to her about everything, then leave.


Go to Meathook's place, then talk about everything, then pick up the paintbrush.

Now go to the Harbor.
Pick up the quarter in the grog machine.
now use it with the machine.
Kick it, punch it, slam it untill alot of grog comes out.
Pick up a can of grog.

Go to the SCUMM..uuuuum...LUA Bar.
Pick up the chopsticks on the table.
Sit down, and talk to the waitress.
Order the flaming scuttlefish.
When the flaming boat reaches the pole on your right side, use the brush on the mechanism.
(Stick the brush when the boat reaches the pole on the far side of the canal)
Now go into the kitchen, use the grog with the steam generator.
You will get the painting.

Go to the harbor, use the earrings, necklace, pen and painting on the figurehead of your boat.

Yambalaya Island


1: Monkey Head.
Go to Starbuccaneers, look at the lady's bag.
Pick up the mug.

Now go out of town, to Stan's.
Pick up the glue.

Go to the micro groggery, use the glue on the manatee.
Ask the bartender if you can ride the manatee.
You will be given a coopon.

Another way to get a coopon is to go to Starbuccaneers, outside look at the cup near the window.
Now go inside Starbuccaneers, and pick up the cup at the window.
Give the cup to the counter clerk, he'll give you a refill.
Go to Stan's, drink the groggoccino.
Now talk to Stan, and listen to the pitch.
You will receive a coopon.

Go to Planet Threepwood.
Read the menu.
Ask the waitress for something to eat, use the coopon.
When you sit on the chair, ask the Jolly pirate to make a charicature of you.
Now use the glue on the charicature, and use the charicature with your Starbuccaneers mug.
Swap your self-made mug with the monkey mug.

2: The Golden Man

To get this one, you need to be the best at diving.

First, go to Starbuccaneers and pick up a mini-bagel.
Now eat it.

Go to Knuttin Attol (with the rowboat at the harbor)
on Knuttin, go into the school.
When you get the test, have every answer wrong by acting real piraty.
You will get a dunce hat. Now ring the alarm & go into the school.
Pick up the whistle in the box.

Now go to the tall rock on Yambalaya, use the bagel on the lotion.
Talk to Marco, then talk to the judges and ask them if you can dive.
You will get a certificate.
Now dive against Marco, you will see you won't do very well :)

Next thing is to be sure every judge will give you a 10 when you dive.


Talk to the hippie judge, he will tell you you need to imitate Marco's moves to get a 10 from him.
He will also tell you how to make the moves:

Keelhaul = UP
Rum Barrel = DOWN
Spinning Swordsman = RIGHT
Alpha Monkey = LEFT

So when Marco uses a Keelhaul, Keelhaul, Alpha Monkey combination, press UP,UP,LEFT when it's your turn.
If you do it well, the hippie jugde will give you a 10.


Talk to the wise old judge, he will tell you you're spashes are too big,
so you need to be more aerodynamic.
When it's your turn to dive, wear the dunce hat when you dive.


Go to Stan's, ask him about the pamphlets, you will receive one.
Now look at the pamphlet.

Go to the big rock, ask the grouchy judge why he's giving you 1's and 2's.
Show the pamphlet to him.

Now dive, imitate Marco's moves & wear the dunce hat.
Dive again, just make 3 moves.
You will receive the golden man.

3: The Bronze Hat

Go to the Micro Groggery, ask the bartender for some grog.

Now go to the statue, and talk to the tourist.

Go to Knuttin Atoll, talk to the puppets.
Ask the puppets if you can see the puppeteer.
Show the puppeteer your painting of the Ultimate Insult.
Now pick up the puppets.

Go to Knuttin's beach.
Talk to the pirate.
Now go to the stone beach, use the whistle.
Give the grog to one of the parrots, that way you will be able to find out which one lies and
which one is telling the truth.
Ask the truth telling parrot if this is the stone with the hat, if it isn't, ask him the direction
you need to go. Continue untill you found the stone.
Now use the puppets on the stone.

Act III: Escape From Monkey Island

Go to the canyon, pick up the Banana Picker.


Go to the Vista point.
Pick up a rock, throw it into the right canal.
when it hits a branch, throw a rock into the middle canal.
When a rock hits a branch again, throw one in the left canal.
When a rock reaches the last branch, throw a rock in the left canal again.

Now go to the church, pick up the little shields with the banana picker.
Ask the guy if you can ride the ride.
When you pass the milk bottle, pick it up with the banana picker.
Now steer your boat into the puddle, push the tree.

Go to the camp, pick up the coconut

Go back to the beach, use the banana picker to pick up the bananas.
Give a banana to Timmy, he'll follow you. (when he stops following, give him another banana)

Go into the mine, walk to the big door.
Open the vent (use) and throw a banana in it.
Close it again, now use a banana on the portal.
Go into the tunnel, use the banana picker to pick up the weed whipper.

Go to the other side of the island (with the lava ride),
go to the village. Use the shields when you're near the monkey with the accordeon.
Pick up the accordeon.

Go to the camp, talk to Herman.


Throw the coconut at Herman.
Now throw the milk bottle at him.
And the last one: the accordeon.
When you threw a different item at herman (banana,shields etc.),
Herman won't remember anything.
Just throw the coconut at him, then throw the coconut at him again.
Then throw the bottle and the accordeon.


Go to the village, talk to the sitting monkey.
Ask him about the monkeys, then about monkey kombat.
To get the bronze hat, you must beat Jojo at Monkey Kombat.
You need practice first, fight with the monkeys in the forest.
To remember all the moves, write 'em down. Do it like this:

From Drunken Monkey to Charging Chimp = Ack, Chee, Oop
From Anxious Ape to Gimpy Gibbon = Eek, Oop, Chee

All these moves work vice versa also.

Also, write down what beats what:

Bobbing Baboon beats = Anxious Ape & Charging Chimp

When you beat the browny monkey, challenge Jojo.
You'll win eventually, and receive the Bronze Hat.


First, use the weed whipper at the weed near the lava pool.

Now go to the Giant Monkey Head.
Throw the Bronze hat on the head, and use the banana picker on it's nose.
Once inside, use the Gubernatorial Symbol you got from Herm..Marley on the slot.

Act III+: Guybrush Kicks Unusually Large Butt

Pick up the plank, use it on the small tower.
Climb up the small tower, and jump un the plank.
Once on the high tower, pull the switch.

You will face a giant LeChuck.
The secret to beat him is to get 3 draws, that's it.

Congratulations, you have finished Escape From Monkey Island.


Well, I kinda made this walktrough all by myself,
but of course the GREATEST thanx go to:

Ron Gilbert for starting the whole Monkey Madness!
Mike Stemmle & Sean Clark for designing EMI.
The whole EMI crew for making the game as great as it is.
Dominic Armato and all the other voice actors for making the voices so incredibly funny!
George Lucas for uuuuummm........Creating Star Wars....YEAH......kinda.

Got questions, comments or hate mail (no wait, nevermind the hatemail)?
Send an email to

You CAN use this walktrough on your site,
as long as I (moi, me, ik, ich) get credit for it.

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