Famous Five 5: Secret Mission M.A.G. -X

(Julian, Dick George, Ann & Timmy)   

by Enid Blyton & Ravensburger

Solutions by MaGtRo    September  2005


Gameplay:    This is a point and click game. The main menu has new game, load game, save game and quit. At bottom left of the screen is the options menu.  The options menu has filter characters, cursor text, dialogue text, music volume and sound effects selections.

During gameplay, the in game map is accessed at bottom left of screen by clicking on the 5F logo. The menu to the right of the bar accesses the main menu. To change language, click on the map at bottom right of the page when the game initially loads to the gameplay screen or anytime during gameplay.

The inventory is in a backpack. Click on active character and the backpack will show up. To get an item from inventory, click on item, take item-cursor outside of frame and click item on place you want use the item on.

Double click makes the character run. The saved game frame has 10 slots. Enter the title and press 'save game'. Press the space bar to skip intro.


Nothing is exciting is happening. The famous five are bored. 'Let's just wait for something to happen'. An airplane crashes. They will borrow a boat from Alf and go to Kirrin Island.



There is an army knife in inventory. Go left and enter the shed attached to the house. Take nails and hammer from the table. Take planks (blanket in inventory) by shelf. Exit and go left to rearside.

Enter the annex. Take tar in bucket by door and the brush on the table. Exit by placing cursor at bottom right of screen. Go to beach at bottom of screen.


Borrow a boat - Go to the beach. Talk to Alf. Click on boat to get Alf to answer about the boat. The boat has a hole. He needs nails, hammer, boards, tar and brush. George already got all of the items needed.


Fix the boat - Nail the boards over the hole with the hammer. Click planks on the fishing boat label. Click the nails on the planks.

Apply tar to the fitting surfaces and then clean the joints with the brush. Do this by clicking the brush on tar in inventory and then click the brush with tar on the fishing boat.


Row to Kirrin Island - Click on boat. Then navigate to Kirrin Island by clicking the boat safely to the beach at right.


Search for the crashed plane - Take the bottom left exit to go to interior. Take the iron rod at left on the ground. Click on plane. Use iron rod on plane door. There's a blanket in the plane which cannot be taken yet. Exit at bottom and go left to clearing.

Help the pilot - Mr. Sam Smith, the pilot has a broken leg. He wants his briefcase. Before you go back to plane, click on Ann and she will say to treat the leg first.

Take branches on ground. Click on Ann to get her scarf and then click on Mr. Smith to get his scarf. Then click the branches and then one of the scarves on Mr. Smith.

Go back to the plane. Click on plane. Click on blanket to move it aside and then take the briefcase. It's wedged in. Use the iron bar on briefcase and take briefcase.

Go back to Mr. Smith and give him the briefcase. Click on Mr. Smith to open the briefcase. The briefcase cannot be open.

Julian and Dick will go back to the mainland to get tools, sandwiches, iodine and bandages.


Collect supplies - Go left, down and then to fishing boat or use map.

At Kirrin Cottage, go to the kitchen. Talk to Aunt Fanny. Click on Aunt Fanny to get sandwiches and blanket. Aunt Fanny says the tools might be in Uncle Quentin's office.

Enter Uncle Quentin's study. Take tools from the desk. Exit room and go upstairs.

Enter the boys' room. Then go to the bathroom's first aid box and get iodine bottle and bandages (medikit).

Call for help - Go back to Kirrin Island using the map. Go to clearing. Click the sandwiches on Dick. Click the tools on the briefcase and see the counterfeiting plates.

You need to radio a message to MAG5. Transmit recognition code 'the swans fly very low in summer'. Send an encoded message - Smith needs help. Exit right and Mr. Smith talks about - Coordinates also needs to be sent. The coordinates can be found in a map. Give Ann the bandages and iodine.


Search for coordinates - Use the map to go lighthouse. Talk to Mr. Loomer about the coordinates to Kirrin island. Enter the lighthouse.

Take the pen and paper from desk. Look at brown map on the tack board. The coordinates are circled 77 and 37 degrees. Click the pen on the paper to write down the coordinates. Exit the lighthouse and thank Mr. Loomer.

Send the message - See a man with a briefcase looking for a place to stay. Talk to Mr. Loomer about the radio.

Use the map to go to the beach. Talk to Alf about using his radio. Click on radiotelephone left of the bench.

Click up arrow button to change the MAG 3 to MAG 5. Click on transmitter in hand.

Select 'The swan's fly very low in summer'. Click on radiotelephone and get an answer.

Smith needs help is encoded to 19139208 1455419 851216. Click on transmitter in hand.

Click the paper with coordinates on radiotelephone.

Find the new man - Go to Mrs. Miller by way of Kirrin Cottage, right to lighthouse, right before the steps to lighthouse to go to farmhouse.


Talk to Mrs. Miller and learn about the metal briefcase and that the man left for the island.


Find a way to get to Kirrin island - Go to the beach by way of Kirrin Cottage and see the boat gone. Enter the hut and talk to Alf.

Go to Kirrin Cottage and ask Aunt Fanny in the kitchen about the rubber dinghy.

Go to Quentin's study and take the brown paper (notice) from the desk.

Go to lighthouse and talk to Mr. Loomer. Go right and Mr. Loomer reminded them to get paddles.

Go to Kirrin Cottage's shed and take the paddles.

Go to the beach and click paddle on dugout.


Search for the missing friends - Click right to interior and see that no one is at the clearing. Click left to beach and then up to the castle ruins.

Click left to castle entrance and then to the labyrinth on the hole on the ground.

Click bottom of screen, then bottom of screen and enter Quentin's restroom.

Click on red cloth on stuff, the wood slats at bottom of screen.

Click on map to Kirrin Island and be on beach.


Go right to the interior. Look at iodine arrow on ground. Go to left arrow back to beach and see arrow pointing to shipwreck.

Go to shipwreck. Go towards the hole of shipwreck. Listen to the baddie.

Get the briefcase - Go to beach and then castle ruins, ruin entrance and then labyrinth on the hole in the ground.

Go to bottom screen 2xs and enter Quentin's restroom. Click on the secret chest, the big slab at the middle of the wall.

Click on the briefcase. The baddie arrives and takes the briefcase.


Save the friends - Enter the shipwreck. Use knife on Justin, then Ann  and Mr. Smith.

Prepare a trap - Go back to the beach. Dig a hole with a board. Take the planks from the sand and click the planks in sand in front of Dick. To make the hole invisible cover it with blanket. Click blanket on hole in sand.

Police helicopter and a policeman arrive.


Click on open briefcase.

The junior agents offer their help to the secret agent.

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