Famous Five 4: Dangerous Discovery

(Julian, Dick George, Ann & Timmy)   

by Enid Blyton & Ravensburger

Solutions by MaGtRo    August  2005


Gameplay:    This is a point and click game. The main menu has new game, load game, save game and quit. At bottom left of the screen is the options menu.  The options menu has filter characters, cursor text, dialogue text, music volume and sound effects selections.

During gameplay, the in game map is accessed at bottom left of screen by clicking on the 5F logo. The menu to the right of the bar accesses the main menu. To change language, click on the flag at bottom right of the page when the game initially loads to the gameplay screen.

The inventory is in a backpack. Click on active character and the backpack will show up. To get an item from inventory, click on item, take item-cursor outside of frame and click item on place you want use the item on.

At the saved game frame, enter the title and press 'save game'. Press the space bar to skip intro.

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The Famous Five meets in front of Kirrin Cottage. George informs Julian, Dick and Ann that Mr. Brown, an archeologist has found a possible Rome settlement. Mr. Brown has left for a couple of days to go to a world's fair.



Click on George and see the inventory backpack. There's an army knife and matches in inventory.

Go to dig site:    Go right to Lighthouse. While on path to lighthouse, go right to farmhouse. See Mrs. Miller at farmhouse and a rope and a pulley in the barn. Go to bottom of screen to get to the excavation site. Stand on stone below the sign on the fence. Dick and George see a small hut and rubble. Click on map to get back to Kirrin cottage.


Find out about the dig site:    Enter the Cottage and go through to the kitchen. Talk-click on Aunt Fanny. After the greetings, click on George. Uncle Quentin knows about the dig. Exit the kitchen and enter the workroom on the left. Talk to Uncle Quentin. Go back to the kitchen and hear about the five decide to help Mr. Brown. Time to sleep.

The next morning, Aunt Fanny gives the rucksack that has the day's outing essentials. In inventory, sandwiches, thermos, dog bone and picnic blanket are added. Talk to George about what tools are needed for the excavation: shovel, trowel, brush, measuring tape, pencil, notebook, letter scales and a pair of binoculars. Talk to Aunt Fanny and learn that the binoculars and scales can be had from Uncle Quentin.

Uncle Quentin's tools:    Exit kitchen and enter Uncle Quentin's workroom. He is upset. Enter kitchen and learn about the package to post. Go back to Uncle's workroom and knock on door. Enter and talk to Uncle Quentin. Take packet from desk. Go upstairs to the boys' room on the left. Give Julian the packet.


Look for excavation tools:    Take flashlight from dresser. Click on bedside table door and take trowel. Go downstairs and open the trunk. Take sleeping bag. Enter Uncle Quentin's workroom and take the binoculars and the letter scales. Enter kitchen and take notepad and pen. Exit the cottage and enter the shed attached to the house on the left. Take the tongs from the worktable, the rubber hammer from the wall, the shovel beside the oars. Exit the shed and go to the rearside of the house. Enter the door. Take the measuring tape and glue from the sawhorse and the brush from top of the pail at bottom left. Use the map and click on Kirrin Cottage. Meet the others in front of the cottage and then click on the excavation site on the map.

Check the excavation site:    Climb the stone and use the binoculars on George when she states she needs the binoculars. See the close up of hut.

Start digging:    Click on bottom right above the grassy area for the best place to start digging. Dick starts with a shovel. Timmy is antsy. Give dog bone to Timmy. Now do the second step - use the trowel. Dick finds a screw. Clean the find with a brush.

Click on Timmy to get a piece of pottery from his mouth. In inventory, click the measuring tape on pottery piece. Then click the scales on the pottery. Click the notepad on the pencil. Click the sandwiches on Dick to get empty bags. In inventory, click the bag on the pottery. There are now plastic ties from the sandwich bags in inventory.


Clean the pottery:    Go to the kitchen of Kirrin Cottage and show the pottery to Aunt Fanny. Choose to examine the fragments with a nail file. Go to rearside of the cottage. Pick up the nail file from bottom left on top of wallpaper roll. Exit at bottom right of screen.

Put together the pottery fragments:    Go to the boys' room upstairs and automatically Dick cleans the fragment. Go to inventory and click the pottery fragments on the glue. Click a fragment and place it in the silhouette of the vase to form a complete vase.

Identify the vase:    Show the vase to Uncle Quentin. Prove the vase to be from Roman times by going back to the boys' room and take the history book from the bookshelf left of the door. Look at the history book in inventory. The vase is of Roman origins. Go back and talk to Uncle Quentin. Give him the history book. Go back to the boys' room.

Look for more ancient pieces:    Use the map to go back to the excavation site. Click on each of the five to check around.

Check inside the fenced excavation site:    Dick decides to go behind the fence. Use the tongs on the plank of the fence to remove the nails. Go inside the fenced area. Look through the window of the hut and see 2 men asleep in the hut. Exit at foreground and tell the others about the men. To observe the men, the kids decide that Dick will go to the top of the lighthouse.

Permission from Mr. Loomer:    Go to lighthouse and talk to Mr. Loomer. He wants you to learn Morse code.

Find the Morse Code book:     Go to beach-inn left of Kirrin Cottage or use the map. Enter the fisherman's inn and talk to Alf. Take the Morse Alphabet from table. Study Morse code by reading the book in inventory.

Go back to Mr. Loomer at the lighthouse. Talk to Mr. Loomer and take the test. Emergency code = 3 dots - 3 dashes - 3 dots. Second question code give means Timmy.  End of Transmission is  dot - dash - dot - dash - dot.

Permission from Aunt Fanny:    Talk to the others at the boys' bedroom. Go to the kitchen and talk to Aunt Fanny. Talk to Uncle Quentin about favor. Borrow the telescope. The stand needs a winged screw. Give the winged screw taken from the excavation site to Uncle Quentin. Take the telescope left of door. If you have not taken the sleeping bag from the trunk at the corridor - do so now. Go to the kitchen. Talk to Aunt Fanny.

Midnight observation at the lighthouse:    Assemble the telescope. Take the stand and click it in front of Dick. Take telescope and click it on the stand. Click on the telescope twice and see lights at the dig site.


Go to excavation site. Enter the fenced in area. George will enter the building while Anne will hide to the right. Anne screams. Go right and look at the bush covered well at center of screen. Send Timmy with a message to Kirrin Cottage to get the boys. Use pen on notepad to write a note. Take note and click it on Timmy.


Guide Timmy back to Kirrin Cottage by clicking at bottom of screen to get out of fenced dig site, click right to farmhouse, click up to lighthouse and click down to Kirrin cottage.


Click on Timmy and read message in inventory.

Need tools for shaft rescue:     Go to farmhouse, talk to Mrs. Miller and take rope and pulley block from barn. Go left to pasture. Take peg-pole on ground left of bridge.

Assemble pulley:    Go right to excavation site, through fence and go right to shaft. Click the pulley on tree branch above the shaft. Click the rope on pulley block.


Muddy shaft:    After Anne's rescue, pick up the branch right of the shaft. Click on shaft and Anne will say something about needing Wellington boots because it is muddy down the shaft. Click the bag in inventory on George. Click the pink ties on George. Click the pole-peg left on the ground left of the shaft.

Check the shaft:    Go down the shaft. Use the branch on the ground and take a piece of mud - discovery. Hear a knocking sound. Climb up and meet a stranger. George gives the man what she found in the shaft. Exit the excavation site. Click on Anne and Julian after telling them about the knocking. They decided to look for a map of the Roman reservoir. But first they have to take care of Anne.

Clean Anne's wounds:    Go to the kitchen. Aunt Fanny wants the Iodine and bandages. Go to boys' room. Click on first aid box in the bathroom. Take the big brown bottle of Iodine from top right behind the pink box. There are no bandages. Give the Iodine to Aunt Fanny in the kitchen. She says to get the bandages from Mr. Brown's room.

Mr. Brown's room:    Go to the lounge upstairs. Find out it's locked. Go back and ask Aunt Fanny. She gives the key to the spare room. Use key on lounge door. Take the first aid box from the bed. Take the situation map (blue and yellow papers) from the bed. Read the diary at top shelf above the bed. Learn about Mr. Brown going down to the cistern. Give the first aid kit to Aunt Fanny in the kitchen.

Mr. Brown's note:    Go to boys' room upstairs. They discussed Mr. Brown supposed departure for the World's Fair. Ask Aunt Fanny in the kitchen about the message. The note is in the kindling basket. Enter Uncle Quentin's workroom. Try to take the note from the desk. Click on basket to put it right side up. Take the note from desk.

Go to boys' room. Read the message and George noted the misspelled Kirin. To check if it was written by Mr. Brown - click the diary on the note. The handwriting comparison proved that Mr. Brown did not write the note.

Check the knocking sound:    Go to excavation site, pass the fence and go left to the canalization entrance. Enter the catacombs. Use the flashlight. The drops make so much noise. Place the blanket on the puddle.

George explains what she hears: 2 knocks break, 3 knocks break.... Click on the Roman Numerals above the arches. Dick will explain what II and III means. Go west under the II arch and then south or bottom of screen. Find Mr. Brown tied up.


More light:    Use the army knife to untie Mr. Brown. Learn about the helpers' deed. Take petroleum lamp. Click on lamp in inventory and see that you need a wick. Click on George and she will say her 'laces'. Click on her again to get her shoelaces. In inventory, click shoelaces on lamp tank. Then click the matches on lamp tank. Click the lamp shield over the lamp tank.

Find the hideout:    Take the notice of Roman Numerals beside Mr. Brown. Give the paper to George. It reads III VIII VII VI V II III I II III IV II.  Go through the archways - III VIII VII VI V II and reach the crooks hideout.

Get proof of the crooks involvement:    Click on the discovery at middle of right shelf. That is the proof.


The children and Mr. Brown are tied up. Timmy arrives. Click on George so that Timmy will untie her. Use the army knife on the rest.

Click on George to discuss how to get out of the catacombs.


Flood the catacombs:    Dick and Julian will flood the gates. Go through I, V and II archways. Back at the hideout, pick up all the jars from the floor and place them on top of left shelf.

Back at the cistern, Mr. Brown shows how to raise the flood gates. Look at the yellow chart in inventory. Mark the correct flood gates by clicking the 2 lines from the cistern to the storeroom.

Go left under I and click on sluices under I and under V arches to raise the flood gate. Go under V archway. Click on sluice under II arch. Go left under II archway and meet the boys. Click on sluice under II arch.

Open the main flood gate by clicking on left lever facing I archway. Exit by going through IV, I  & II archways. Exit through V archway.

Use the hammer on the plank to trap the crooks. Show the discovery to Mr. Brown.

Go back to Mr. Brown via II, V (bottom of screen) & I archways.

Exit the catacombs by going through archways III I II III IV II.


Click the discovery on Mr. Brown.

Another adventure completed by the Famous Five.

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