By Daedalic Entertainment & EuroVideo

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   April 2015


Gameplay:    This game is a point and click puzzle adventure.

Main menu:    See 3 rocks with icons at left.

The top rockwith right pointing arrow opens the 3 monitors. Each monitor is for a gamer-profile. The monitor shows the map or progress of that profile-gamer.

The gear middle rock shows the options. Cursor size at top, music volume at middle left, sound volume at middle right and video options at bottom. Move the icons hanging on the bar below the options.

The video options are for game resolution, full screen of windowed screen. Click the check mark at bottom if any changes are done. Use the left arrow to go back to main menu.

At bottom right are links to steam, facebook and twitter.

Other:    To start a new game, click on a monitor-profile and then click on right arrow at bottom right.

The delete a profile, select a monitor and then the trash can at bottom right. Verify the action by selecting either the check or cross icon.

The space bar shows the active spots in each screen.

The middle scroll wheel shows the drop down menu at top of screen. The top right arrow is to go back to gameplay screen. The middle rock access the map. The bottom goes to the main menu.

See a chest at top right of the map screen. It shows the number of coins that can be found in each location. The trophy are for achievements that can be obtained during gameplay.

Ungh the prehistoric man is ordered to watch the fire. Ungh falls asleep and the fire goes out. He is literally kicked out of the village.

The object of the game is to release the fireflies in each location.

There are 3 coins per location. Taking the coins are optional.

Achievements are in parenthesis.

1. Outside the village:

Ungh wants to get the apple up the tree. A snake is hiding in the tree.

Bone:    Go left to the village. Click on bar of the village gate. Take the bone thrown out.

Click on village gate bar again to get Ungh to throw the bone back. Get a #1 coin.

Click on bar of the village gate again. Take the bone that is thrown out.

Go back to the tree at right.

Get apple:    Click on apple. Ungh throws the bone at apple. The snake takes it and throws it back.

Click on the snake's tail hanging from tree at left.

Go right and pick up the trident.

Go back to tree. Click on snake's tail to hold it down.

Pick up the bone. Click on apple. Pick up apple. Ungh eats the apple to get a psychedelic experience. (Mjam-Mjam).

Fireflies:    See 10 fireflies released by tree and all but one flies to different locations in the map.

The remaining one flies to the right and leaves a coin. Click on #2 coin.

Release the firefly:    Go right and see pedestals and the firefly at right.

Lower the 3 pedestals by clicking on the handle at right.

Pull the handle 3 times. The left pedestal is lowered. Climb on left pedestal.

Click on #3 coin revealed by middle pedestal. (Blunga 1).

Pull handle twice. Go to middle pedestal.

Pull handle twice. Go to right pedestal.

Pull handle twice. Release the firefly. A new location is opened. Ungh enters the new location. (Onk Boga I).

2. Dinosaur:

The firefly rolls to the right and is inhaled by the dinosaur.

Go left and step on the tip of the tail at left.

Go right. See 3 rocks-spine on the dinosaur body and rope holding the curtain on the head of the dinosaur.

Brain:    Click on the red rope. See the brain and 3 cups.

If the brain is pointing to top left cup the mouth is closed and the nostrils are opened.

Click the brain and it moves to the right cup. The mouth opens. (Sniarb).

Click the brain again and the tail at left screen rise up.

Click the brain to point at top right and the mouth opens up.

Go back to the left and down the tail. Go right to the dinosaur and enter the mouth by clicking right arrow.

Inside dinosaur:    Click on #1 coin at top left (behind leaves) of screen.

See the firefly inside the esophagus. Pick up the round green thing.

See 8 uvulae at top. Click on each to see what they do.

Pull the second from right uvula to open the right claw. Take #2 coin. (Blunga 5).

Click on leftmost uvula. Exit at left and see rope exposed by a claw at bottom right.

Pull the rope and the curtain is opened.

Click the brain to point at top left cup. The nostril that inhaled the firefly is opened.

Push the firefly:    Click on nostril to use the green thingie on the opened nostril.

Pull the red rope at bottom right and then get the brain to point at top right again.

Enter the mouth and see that the firefly is getting close to the flipping cover. Exit.

Again:    Pull the rope again and get the brain to point to bottom cup to raise the tail.

Go left and get the other green thingie. Take the #3 coin exposed by the tail.

Go right again. Use the rope at bottom right. Click the brain to point at top left cup. The nostril that inhaled the firefly is opened.

Click on nostril to use the green thingie on the opened nostril.

Pull the red rope at bottom right and then get the brain to point at top right again.

Enter the mouth and see that the firefly passes the flipping cover to be at inner part of the dinosaur. Exit.

Find the firefly:    See the right rock-spine move.

Click on right rock, then middle and then left rock. Go down and go back to the dinosaur.

Pull the red rope at bottom right again. Get the brain to point at bottom cup. The tail is raised.

Go left and see that the firefly is now expelled by the dinosaur's rear end.

Release the firefly to go to next place. (Onk Boga II).

3. Rain Dance:

Click on the native holding a wand and see him do a rain dance. There is a gong and a raindrop rock. Get #1 coin left of tent hidden by leaf.

Go right. See 2 rocks that blocks the path if you push the pot at top of hill. There is a closed tent, sun, a dirty stone pillar left of tent and a raindrop rock.

Go right. See sleeping elephant, the firefly, a raindrop rock. and meat right of 2 holes.

Get the meat on bone:    Click on meat to get Ungh to move to the meat.

Try to get the meat but falls down the hole at left.

Place the cursor on a hole to get the other hole show a head.

Time the click on meat and immediately click the head on the right to get Ungh to fall in the right hole. Get #2 coin.

Now time the click on meat and on the right hole to get Ungh to pick up the meat.

Get rain dance wand:    Go left and click on the sun to change to night.

Go left and note that the native is counting sheep.

Click on gong to wake up native. Click on the native to get him to do the rain dance. Lightning strikes and he is turned to ashes. (Bzzzzzzz).

Take the rain dance wand.

Stars:    Go right. See the column right of the tent is dirty. Move the cursor on the dirt at top of the column to clear it. See 5 holes.

At nighttime, click on second, third and fourth from right stars to  light up 3 holes on the column to white color.

While holding the wand, click on rain drop rock to do a rain dance. The cloud moves to the right and expose more stars.

Click on second and third from left stars to light the holes in white. The tent is opened.

Now that the tent is opened, click on all stars to change the light to red and get #3 coin.

Take the flower from the pot inside the tent.

Use the flower on the pot on the path.

Move the pot to left screen:    Click on moon to change to day or do it at night. Pull the tail of the elephant at right screen and it wakes up the rocks.

Click on the pot with flower. The 2 rocks block the path of the pot.

Watch the 2 rocks. When both rocks are out of the path, click on sun to change to nighttime.

Click on pot now that the rocks are out of the way and it moves to the left screen.

Grow plant:    Go to left screen.

Hold the wand. Click on raindrop rock. The storm cloud over the top brings the flower to a tree.

Shake the tree trunk to drop the fruit. Go to right screen. Pick up fruit.

Get the firefly:    The firefly is under a cover.

While holding the fruit, click on trunk of the elephant. This places the fruit in the trunk.

Pull the tail of the elephant. The fruit is dropped on the cover above firefly. A hole is made.

Pull the tail of the elephant again. It blows the rain cloud above the firefly.

Take the wand from left screen.

Click on rain drop rock below the elephant. The firefly is on the ground. Release the firefly. (Onk Noga III).

4. Hungry Chicks & Music:

Collect fruits and musical furry balls:   

Middle screen:    See 2 masked natives and a fruit at top.

Click on the cuplike leaves at top middle when eyes appear. A furry ball drops down.

Click on the red fruit hanging - can't catch it.

Right screen:    Go to right screen and immediately click on hanging red fruit. Take and feed it to furry ball. It turns red and musical

Click on the 2 cuplike leaves when eyes appear. 2 furry balls drop down.

Click and move cursor on the dirt at the column at right. Take the red fruit inside the column and feed it to one of the green furry balls.

Click on coin hiding behind the red flower right of the column to get #1 coin. (Blunga 10).

Left screen:    Go to the left screen and then to the next left screen.

See 3 hungry newly hatched chicks.

Click on coin hiding behind the leaves right of the beak at top left to get #2 coin.

Click on the cuplike leaves when eyes appear. A furry ball drops down. Now there are 4.

Take the red fruit and give it to a green furry ball to make it red and musical.

Try to get the firefly by clicking on it. The momma's beak stops you.

Immediately get the fruit revealed by the moving beak.

Take the red fruit and give it to the last green furry ball to make it red and musical.

Make music and get meat:    The 4 red musical furry balls when clicked on make music. Each ball has 3 music level.

Click on a masked native and it makes music.

Sad masked native:    At middle screen, click on sad masked native at left. It makes sad music.

Arrange the 4 red furry balls to make sad music.

From left to right - level 1, level 3, level 2 and level 3.

Watch Ungh to see his reaction. He cries.

Click on sad masked native. It cries and melts.

Take the meat and feed it to a hungry chick.

Happy masked native:    Go back to middle screen.

Click on happy native to hear its music.

Arrange the 4 red furry balls to make happy music.

From left to right - level 3, level 1, level 1 and level 2.

Watch Ungh to see his reaction. He laughs.

Click on happy masked native. It laughs and melts.

Take the meat and feed it to a hungry chick.

Disco masked native:    Go back to right screen.

Click on disco native to hear its music.

Arrange the 4 red furry balls to make dancing music.

From left to right - level 2, level 2, level 3 and level 1.

Watch Ungh to see his reaction. He dances.

Click on disco masked native. It dances and melts. (Danka, Lagga, Wonwon).

Coin:    Arrange the musical red furry balls (left to right): 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 to get #3 coin.

Take the meat and feed it to a hungry chick.

Release the firefly. (Onk Boga IV).

5. Change form:

Spider web:    Click on spider web on the triangle at left. Follow-click that spider web until the third (rightmost) screen at the top rock.

Collect rocks:     Click on zipper once the spider web is above it. Take rock.

Place the rock on the circle on the ground at rightmost screen under the firefly.

Take the rock lowered on the face-rock at left. Go to middle screen and place rock on one of the circles on the ground.

Go back to the leftmost screen and take the rock from the ground. Place the rock on one of the circles on the ground.

Take the rock at rightmost screen and place it on one of the circles on the ground.

The change body form 3 layered rock is made.

Change to Bee: Stand on the now lit circle right of the 3 layer rock.

Click on each layer to form a bee. Click on the head hiding behind the rock. If correct, change to a bee.

Do all the 27 permutations of changes of layers to get a #1 coin.  (Thanks Iurii).

Pollinate flowers:    Go to leftmost screen. Click on open flower with blue pollen at bottom of screen.

Click on the closed red flower at left.

Dip on open flower with blue pollen at bottom of screen again.

Go to rightmost screen. Try to pollinate the close flower in front of the giant worm. The bee is eaten and expelled from the rear end.

Change to mouse:    At middle screen, stand on the now lit circle right of the 3 layer rock.

Click on each layer to form a mouse. Click on the head hiding behind the rock. If correct change to a mouse.

Get the cork:    Go to leftmost screen. See the tree at right has a cork at top and a gate at bottom. The center part can be turned by clicking.

Click the center part with branch until the gate is opened.

As a mouse enter and push the cork out.

Change to Ungh by standing on the lit circle at middle screen.

Pick up the cork and plug the rear of the giant worm in front of red flower at rightmost screen.

Pollinate the other flower:    Change to bee. Get pollen from leftmost screen and now pollinate the closed flower at rightmost screen.

Get swallowed by the giant worm. Now that is plugged, it explodes. (BumBum).

Pollinate the closed flower. The flower grows.

Change to Bear:    Stand on the now lit circle right of the 3 layer rock.

Click on each layer to form a bear. Click on the head hiding behind the rock. If correct change to a bear.

Make bridge:    Take one of the small rock from the circle. Place it on the circle on the ground at rightmost screen to open the face rock at left.

Go to leftmost screen and take the large rock at bottom left of the screen.

Go back to the rightmost screen. Place the large rock on the hand that is out of the mouth of the face rock.

Take the small rock from the circle at right to raise the large rock at top of the face rock. We now have the head  and flower at rightmost screen.

Place the small rock back at circle in middle screen.

Turn the tree at middle screen so that the branch is pointing to the left.

Go to the leftmost screen. Stand on the rock at middle of the ground.

Turn the tree branch so that it hits the head of the bear 3 times and makes a bridge to the open flower at left.

Maze:    Change to mouse.

Go to leftmost screen and enter the cave at bottom left.

Be in a maze. Move the cursor through the open area until you reach the arrow at left.

See a coin at top right. Click on the #2 coin to get it.

Get firefly:    See the mouse go from left screen to right and drops the firefly to ground.

Get #3 coin for doing the tree bridge correctly the first time. (Blunga 15).

Change to Ungh. Release the firefly. (Onk Boga V). 

6. Monkeys, bananas, cellphone:

Collect first battery:    Go to rightmost screen and pick up the banana at bottom of screen.

Go to leftmost screen and give the banana to the monkey.

Take the battery and place it on the first circle on the left.

Get second battery:    Go to rightmost screen.

Click on the monkey's tail showing on an open key. Follow-click it as fast as you can until a money shows up at top left.

Immediately click on the red button to drop a banana. The monkey grabs the banana and drops a battery. K - W - 7 - T - 3.

Take the battery and place it on the rightmost circle at middle screen.

Give the banana to third monkey:    With batteries at left and right circles; stand on second from left circle.

Click on black cellphone. The banana from machine at left appears close to the exposed monkey. He grabs it.

Solve puzzles:    Go left screen and look close at the rockboard.

Lines:  Select middle 4 lines square.

Arrow:    Select the third arrow pointing SW with 4 lines as feathers.

XO:    Select left-first square with green circle and red X midway the bar.

Pie:    Select the let-first pie with yellow moved 2 positions away from original and blue one position away.

Cube:    Select the middle cube at bottom.

Get #1 coin for solving the puzzles with no mistakes. (IQ62)

Ungh gets glasses.

Get code:    Move the magnifying lens over the screen to get a close up.

Look at the QR code (square bar code) at top left of left screen. See 2 as first digit.

Look close at rockboard. See 6 as third digit.

Go to rightmost screen. Use lens on square bar code at top left of the keyboard. See 8 as second digit.

Go to middle screen. Look at bar code on machine at left. See 0 as fourth digit.

Move magnifying lens at top of the machine to get #2 coin.

Enter code:    Click on the banana button of cellphone. Enter 2860.

Play Games:

Camera:    Click on the lens at top left. Click on second from top at vertical bar and fourth from left of the horizontal bar.

Pig:    Build a farm house by clicking on coins and the square. If you do not buy more parts and just use existing coins, get #3 coin.

E-mail:    Get an e-mail from a lady. Click return arrow. Select the heart reply.

Fire:    Watch as Ungh falls asleep again.

Selection:    Click on the Xs to close all shown screens.

Get a 404 error.

Ungh is in a spaceship that is launched. (Onk Boga VI). 

7. Space torture:

Go right pass the firefly.

Black Holes:    Go right by evading the black holes.

1. Go right. Click-hold on ringed planet above the black hole. The black hole disappears.

2. Go right. Immediately click on left small plant to pass. Then when Ungh lands at middle, click on the ringed planet.

3. Go right. Immediately click on ringed planet. When Ungh lands at middle, click on left small planet.

Rock pieces:    Select the correct piece from above that matches the outlined space at bottom.

There are 3 puzzles of this kind. If a wrong piece is chosen, start from beginning.

If these 3 puzzles are done with no mistake, get #1 coin.

Space Invader:    Using the red button, shoot down the space ships above. (1978).

Float around black holes:    Click-hold the cursor to move him pass the black holes.

Watch his air emission - they will direct opposite of the emission released. Let him float. There are 3 puzzles of this kind.

3 monkey flag:    Click on flag to get #2 coin hiding behind the flag. (Blunga 20).

Target enemy ships:    The firefly is above a hidden artillery building. Fire at the enemy.

Beat the high score of 19627.

Also fire at the round planet at left to get #3 coin.

The firefly is released. (Onk Boga VII).

8. Get the girl:

Take #1 coin at top of the mountain.

Trade:    Talk to the other prehistoric man. Select each dialogue twice.

Get a lot of inventory.

The prehistoric man wants a woman in exchange for the firefly.

See that the cave has a locked door.

Note the 2 lines symbol at right of the cave door.

Inventory combination:   

Take an item and click it on another item to make a new tool.

Meat with bone + pig = bone.

Bone + stone = axe.

Axe + stone with Ungh's face = round stone.

Axe + rooster = meat with bone.

Meat with bone + pig = bone.

Bone + round stone = key.

Take key and use on lock of cave door.

Enter cave. See a red lightbug enter the jellyfish stand. It becomes white and active.

Get another light:    Click on light bug and move cursor to the top following a small tunnel.

- Move the lightbug up and left at top branch. At the end get coin #2.

- Go back, down and middle left branch. At the end, guide a red lightbug back to the jellyfish stand.

- Go back, up to tunnel and down to bottom branch. See another symbol. It is a pi symbol.

- Go back up to the top of the tunnel and then go right. Place the lightbug at next jellyfish stand.

Get another light:    Go right and be an empty stand at bottom left of screen.

- Move cursor at top right of screen. See a jellyfish stand with a light and #3 coin.

- Move the lightbug while evading the purple insects to the left and down. Move left until the left end branch and see another symbol - an axe.

- Move the lightbug at middle down tunnel to be at cavern.

To get the #3 coin, take an active white lightbug from a stand.

Guide a red lightbug through the tunnel while evading purple insects at top.

Go to top right of the tunnel and place the red lightbug in the jellyfish stand. Get #3 coin.

- Guide the 2 red lightbugs flying around to the 2 empty jellyfish stands. They turn white.

If you need one more light after getting the coin; take the light made at top right jellyfish stand at the tunnel.

- Place the remaining lightbug in the 3rd empty stand.

Symbols:    Go right to the cavern with symbols on wall and the tiedup woman.

See a fourth symbol left of the entrance to next room.

Press the 4 symbols on the wall:    axe, pi, 2 lines with dot and trident.

Get woman:    See the tentacles around Ungh.

Guide the head of the purple monster to the other purple swirl in front of the tied up woman.

Click on tentacles that are in position you are looking at: right, top, right, left, top, left, top, right, down, top, right, top, down, right, down, right and down.

The woman jumps on top of the monster's head.

Go back:

Click on tentacles that are pointing to directions:    left (down position), up (left position), right (top position), left, up, left (Blubb), up, down, left, down, left, right, down, right, left, down and left.

Take the woman and go left.

Lower the gate:    See a gate of corals blocking the way to the left.

Place woman on one of the squares on the floor. Stand on the other square. Gate is lowered. Take the woman.

Go left and exit the cave. The native takes the woman.

Release the firefly. (Onk Boga VIII).

9.  Time Travel:

Ice Age:    See snowflakes hanging at center. It adjusts the ice walls at the back.

The time travel chair is frozen. At center are 2 monsters. The firefly is at top of the right ice wall.

At the other side of the crevice is a plant. An ice block is at bottom of screen.

Melt the time travel chair:    Use the left snowflake twice to lower the left ice wall. The sun melts the ice off the chair.

Coin:    Use the right snowflake until the center ice wall is lowered. Take #1 coin. (Blunga 25).

Time travel chair:    Click on chair to sit on it.

There are 3 lights: red for prehistoric age, blue for the ice age and green for the present day.

Click on the light to go to the age you want.

Prehistoric age:    Use the chair and click on red light. Be at the prehistoric age.

Take the #2 coin at top left.

See that the plant is still young at left. Move the plant to the hole at right by clicking on it.

The pool has 2 one eyed cells. A tube at back center emits hot air.

Present day:    Use the chair and click on the green light twice.

Take the #3 coin from bottom left. See a ship left of island.

See the plant now had fruits and a caterpillar. Take the caterpillar.

Get the caterpillar to mature:  

Go back to prehistoric time (red light). Use the caterpillar on left hole. It crawls to the plant at right hole.

Go back to ice age (blue light). The plant with a butterfly is encased inside the ice block at bottom.

Get the bottle:    Raise the center ice wall by using the center snowflake 3 times.

Go to the present day (green light). The ship sinks because of the iceberg that rose at center.

See a bottle left of island. The plant now has a whirlwind beside it (caused by caterpillar on plant at prehistoric time).

Go to prehistoric time (red). Move the plant to the left hole of the island by clicking on it.

Go back to present day (green). See that the  whirlwind moves to the bottle and drops it on the island.

Take empty bottle. Use empty bottle on small pool at center and get a filled water bottle.

 Release the butterfly:    Go back to prehistoric time. Move the plant back to the right.

Use the bottle with water on the tube emitting hot air to heat up the water.

Go back to ice age (blue). Use heated bottled water on ice block with plant. The butterfly is released.

Get the firefly:   

Take the empty bottle and give it to the 2 small monsters at center.

Take the butterfly by clicking on plant.

Go back to prehistoric age. Automatically release the butterfly and it eats the caterpillar on the plant at right. (Parapara).

Combine the 2 cells on the pool into one by taking one of them from pool.

Go back to ice age. See that the caterpillar grew into a whirlwind.

Use the left snowflake to lower the left ice wall.

The wind and the light of the bottle that melt the firefly from ice wall released the firefly to the ground.

Release the firefly. (Onk Boga IX).

10: Volcano:

Light the rock:    Take fire wand left of the geyser at left screen.

Go right pass the lava stream at middle screen to be at right screen.

Clean the rock right of the grilled entrance at back by moving the cursor over it. See 4 holes.

Click on the hanging heads similar in placement as the holes.

With original 2 steam spouts going, click on middle head at middle group.

Click the fire symbol rock and Ungh dances. One steam spout move to expose other heads.

Click the top and right heads at left group.

Click the fire symbol rock and Ungh dances again. One steam spot moves.

Click at bottom right head at right group.

The gate opens. Ungh discards the fire wand.

Tree area:    Enter through the cave entrance. See a tree with a fruit. Try to shake the tree trunk.

There's an empty bottle and rock forehead here also.

Go right. Take the bone from the floor. Go back to the tree at left.

Use the bone on the fruit. Take fruit.

Elephant & bat:    Go through the cave entrance. Use the fruit on elephant's trunk.

Pull the elephant's tail. It shoots the bat and drops a trident.

See the bat carries a pair of glasses.

Get glasses from bat:    Go back through cave entrance. Take the empty bottle by the tree.

Go through cave entrance and then left screen. Place the empty bottle on the geyser.

Wait for the bat to fly pass and press the blue button to shoot the bottle up. (Kokakoka). Get #1 coin if done correctly the first time.

Get the fallen glasses:    Go to the right screen. Pick up the trident dropped when the bat was released..

Go through cave entrance and to the right. See a chain on wall that raise the rock at middle of lava stream.

Use the trident on chain to hold it. Go across to the lit circle. Change to bear.

Go left and pick up the forehead rock.

Go through cave entrance and then middle screen. Drop the forehead rock on spouting lava on the stream.

Go back to the circle and change back to Ungh.

Go back to the middle screen and cross the lava stream. Pick up the glasses.

Find 4 square box code and remember the symbols seen.

Middle screen:    left of lava stream - 2 bars joined.

Left screen: left of geyser - axe.

Left screen:    between rocks at back right - leaf on rock.

Coin:    Go to the back area - tree area and see a coin at yellow area of sky - #2 coin.

Chain area:    right of lit circle - sideways exclamation point.

Press the code on the buttons: 2 bars joined, axe, leaf on rock and sideways exclamation point

Entering the correct code the first time, get #3 coin. (Thanks, Ana!) (Blunga 30).

Fire room:    Enter the cave. Take the torch. Use the torch on the fire. (Akre!).

See what happens when Ungh brings the fire to the village gate.  (Onk Boga X).

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