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         Code to nurse box 8945

         Where you found the nurses box, you will find an needle by the wheelchair (pills used)

         Combine hair clip with needle to make key to escape first room. Hair clip is from Fran's drawer by her bed, key to that is in the little wooden box next to Phil.

         Give band-aids to Adelaida to receive green crayon.

         White paper from the TV Room, change channel to 8.

         Combine white paper with green crayon to make drawing of a castle and a horse. Give this to the King, Damian.

         Take the pink sash from TV room, Damian's walking cane and the hook from Fran's room window that fell. Combine these to make the Grab-O-Matic (2000).

         Talk with Annie to receive more drugs, and pick up the cinnemon bun from the nurses food table. Combine drugs with bun to make drugged bun.

         Use grab-o-matic with Guard keys hanging from wall, or make him fall asleep first with the drug bun. If you fail, go back to kitchen and after the nurses talk pick up the hot coffee to "accidently" throw over the guard, so he feels the pain and leaves.

         Office key opens the office door. From the office, take the note from the billboard and the key. Phil will scare you and lock you in, so use the pills to get through the VENTILATION.

         Nurse reception: Use the pills to place the key you have left on the key slot on the wall, then watch the nurse take it and walk away.

         Code to nurse reception alarm: 2932 (17+12 and 25+7)



         Pick up the door from the yunk pile.

         Go to the pill world and talk with the ghosts hanging from the tree.

         Talk with the giant ant. Go to the room with the well and use the pills. Pick up the axe and use it on the well, the owl will fly away and drop a feather that you can steal.

         Use the feather on the big ant to wake him up and talk with him, follow the path next to the ant. You will find his house.

         Use the axe on the ant house door and pick up the door knob that falls off.

         Inside the house, pick up the glue in the closet. Climb up on the bench and pick up the hanging meat. Use the pills so you see the ant swarm, use the meat on them so you can pick up the hunters bag. Open the hunter bag in your inventory.

         Inside the ants house, theres a tiny house. Go inside the tiny house to find the family of pinecones. Use the rat trap on the floor, and click on the berries. When the father has been trapped, push the baby down. When the mother is watching the father struggle for his life, steal the berries.

         Give the berries to the beetlepig and murder it with your axe. Talk with the rat and follow him to the well. Talk with him again there to get the comb. Use the comb with the ghosts on the tree and take the key after the fly away.

         Combine glue and door and door handle and place the new door on the well. Use the key to unlock it.



         In the room with the cat bed, pick up the cauldron from the shelf. Pick up the knife and baking powder from the other shelf. Close the window.

         In the room with the faucet, pick up the match box. Turn on the faucet and place the cauldron there to fill it up. Pick up the salt, pepper and seed from the tiny box on the shelf.

         In the dining room, pick up the ashes.

         Go upstairs and with the room with the broom, pick up the black candles from the drawer.

         In the twin bedroom, pick up tweezers and go back to the broom room. Open the attic and go upstairs and turn on the lights. Talk with Mr midnight until he hears something, then go back dowstairs and talk with the twins until they go away.

         Go to the room with faucet and behold Itward open the window. Go outside and pick up the plank, you may ignore the Toad.

         Go inside the twin house and use the pills. Climb up on the walls in the well and place the plank to make a bridge, walk over it and cut the rope with your knife/or burn it with the matches. Go down and pick up the message in the bottle after the frog died with your tweezers. Place the seed in the water with moonlight on it and pick up the rose as it grows.

         After you found the good potion, use the knife on yourself. This gives blood.

         Go to the room with the typewriter (left from dining room) and use the bad potion with the typeriter and then go back to the faucet room in the kitchen.

         Give your tampered bad potion to the twins sitting in the dining room. Go back to the cat bed room where you started.

         Make fire on stove and place cauldron with water on it.  Insert blood, the moonlight rose, salt & pepper and the twins hair. Pour the ashes on the floor with black and white squares, then the candles and then light the candles. Return to twins and make them go into the kitchen.

         Pour the soup on the twins and pick up the key from the ashes. Use the key on the lock in the twins bedroom above the window.

         Solve the cog. The cogs must be aligned as an inverted L.

         Examine the broken mirrior in the bedroom and you will find another key. Use this to free Mr. Midnight and go outside to the toad.Talk with the toad and then give him the baking powder.



         After the intro, walk down the castle to the crossroad. Go up the crossroad to a room with a big clock on a tree. Touch the handle. Go back to crossroads.

         From crossroads go to left and to the room with the snail. Talk with the snail and win him 4 times in tic-tac-toe. Go to the middle market. You need 4 coins!

         Talk with the clockmaker and give him a coin to fix the big clock. Follow him and talk with him so he gives you the four seasons clock. Go right from the clock room to the lemon man room and use autumn to destroy the basket, then back to summer and watch the lemon man drop a lemon from the hole you made. Pick up lemon, and go right to the bar with a bouncer outside.

         Go upp the mountain until you see the top. Watch drama action happen in the sky and then go back to the big clock room where Palontras will fly away and drop a feather you steal.

         Go to the coast with the boat you can take during summer. Go summer and pick up the broken fishing rod. Take the boat and go as far left as you can until you get off the boat and find your clothes, take them.

         Go to the market with the Smith and show him the fishing rod then pay him 3 coins. Show the fishing rod to the one selling thread and cloth. Combine thread, fishing rod and hook to complete. Fish the fish from the crossroads.

         During winter, go to the mountain.A secret passege will appear, go inside. Talk with Wizard.

         In the star in wizards room place the stuff clockwise : matches, lemon, fish and feather.

         Talk with wizard to get first mission.

         Go up to mountain top and talk with kotrem during winter. Go outside bar during autum and use knife with big red flower. Take the flower with the boat to the sea with a little island on it. Talk with the island and give her the flower. Go back to the mountain top during winter and get the hat from Kotrem.Give the hat to the wizard and get mission two.

         Go to the castle and talk with the beetle to get inside the library. Solve the puzzle as the image shows and then go to summer or spring and use the ladder so you can climb up and take the wizards book. Give the book to the wizard and get mission three. Dont forget to read the wizards book!
(Fibonacci sequence in library lock)

         Go behind the bar with the big mechanical doll and click on the pile of wood to reveal a hole inside the bar. Make Midnight go inside during autumn and wait for the Bee to pass out so you can steal the ticket and go back to Fran. Combine crayon with your exterminator ticket from chapter 2 and show it to the guard.

         Inside the bar go SPRING and check the piano. Press the middle button and lower button for the metronome to go fast! Go back to AUTUMN, skipping summer, and watch the dancer fall then steal his shoes and give them to wizard to get final mission.

         Go the big mechanical doll and get the wand, then return to wizard with the wand then return to castle and complete the last little puzzle.


CHAPTER 4: part one

         Use knife on trap to fall down.

         Use pills to talk with dead moose and wile up on the tree, use water filled bucket or back to normal world to use knife on the fireberries.

         Use the bucket with the luciferns on the tree to get it filled with water.

         In the cockpit room pick up the duct tape. Go to engine room and use pills to get two tubes. The wallnuals on the wall show how to fix the calefon. For the chemical table use picture below

         Pick up wrench from elevator room and use it to open the panel with the bolts. Press the blue button to make the robot arm with a battery to appear. Take the battery and apply it in the panel on the wall. Use the valve to turn the robot arm down and press the blue button to go up.

         Up the ship, on the lock, the code is RIGHT 8 RIGHT 5 LEFT 8 RIGHT 6 LEFT 9

         First kamala is in engine room. Fill the bucket either up the ship with the lever or down the engine room in the calefon by unattaching the duct tape and using the bucket on the water drops. Throw water on the kamala.

         Go up the ship where the last kamala is and shoot it with the lever shooting water. You must reattach the duct tape down the engine room for it to work.



         Outise Frans house, check the pots for a note and check the door. After you have checked both, examine the plant holder until Midnigtt and fran starts talking. Examine the door.

         Outside the cemetary, go inside the car and pick up crowbar. Here you will also find the leather for the pinecone by using the knife on the seats.

         Use crowbar on the toolshed door, then give Sebastian the leather you find in the car.

         Use the shovel on the graves and open every coffin with the crowbar.



         In Frans room, take the water balloons and school case and a button from a dress with the knife. Its the third dress.

         In the doll house, pick up the piano and move the pinecone and the thing next to it so you can see a key shape on the wall clearly. Use your knife to take the key.

         Examine the box from Palontras and press LEFT 2 RIGHT 1 MIDDLE 2 LEFT 1 MIDDLE 1

         Examine cat toy doll and open the door for it and use the key from Palontras box on it.

         In the corridor, pick up the key. Use that key to open door 105 and the key from the dollhouse to open 104. Go to room 104 and talk with the eye. Shut down the bulbs with the switch and pick up a bulb. Pick up the brush and go through the painting behind the curtains.

         In the monkey machine place the button from the dress inside it and turn the lever. Pick up the pliers. Outside the machine pick up the bottle and black wire.

         In room 105 use pliers with skull on wall and pick up the key.

         In the room with bath boy, turn on water next to bath and fill the balloons and bottle and take the bath boys soap.

         Use the filled water balloons on the kamala outside Frans room window.

         Use the key from the skull to open room 102.

         Big cat room: Open the hatch on the cat. Take his alarm clock with the knife. Turn the lever to go to the other side and take the glove. Place these items in the hatch: Black wire, water filled bottle, glove, school case, bulb, piano from dollhouse, soap, alarm clock.

         Take the elevator up and use the comb on luciferns, then use the stick on the key. Use that key to open door 103.

         Use the ekog clock on Mabuka and go down the stairs.

         In the reception, take a number and go left.

         In the waiting room, show your number to the tall creature. After you talked with him, go to Okhula the big eye and talk with Okhula about patient trouble. Give the bottle of tears to the tall creature. Show the  new number you got to the nurse in the reception.

         Go to the room with the skull and phone and call the nurse.

         There is a syringe on the table, use that on Dr. Deern!

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