Fairy Tale:  About Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya

by Cenega

Walkthrough by Tigger


There is more you can do than what is written below, this is the Must Do bits!!  Talk to everyone, look at everything and just have fun!!

Fairytale Part 1

Finish the sock before dawn

You Wicked Witch, you Viperous Venom…. Eww she’s nice isn’t she??  Your Stepmother wants you to finish your sisters new sock… get knitting!!  Try clicking the needles on one of the balls of wool, hmm we need a pattern….

Go into the house, then into the bedroom (to the left of the fireplace) see a sock on your sisters foot.  Try to take it… Ooops light sleeper.  She needs a candy.  Go back into the kitchen and look in the vase beside the fireplace.  Take the lollipop.  Back to the bedroom and stick it in her mouth.  Great now we can take the sock.  Back outside, your clicking needles will wake everyone in the house…  Rats, not enough red yarn!!  Ooops, its nearly dawn…

Talk to the Rooster, he says ‘Our master is the sun so bright who brings the end to every night’.  Better find the sun then!!  Go left and to the road.  This brings up a screen where you can pick your next location, chose the Crossroads.  There’s a knife on the left beside some toadstools, never know when you will need one so pick it up!!  Take the right hand fork and proceed to the top of the hill.  Click on the Sun, hopefully it will take pity on you..  Now to get the rest of the sock finished, first we need more red yarn

Back to the house and go left towards the well.  Examine the well,  the bucket is at the bottom… go to the barn and get the hook hanging on the side wall.  Attach that to the frayed rope and you can bring the bucket up.  Pick up the pot which is on the fence.  Go to the field which is on the right of the screen.  Read the signs, creepy!!  Check out that great big beet in the ground, now that would make a perfect dye!!!  Talk to Rolan the Raven, he’s hungry so we’d better get him something to eat.  Hold on, there was some cheese on the table in the kitchen…. Go back to the kitchen.  While you are there, put some more wood on the fire to keep father warm.  Talk to him about your mother and about the piece of cheese.  Cut a slice off with the knife.  Go back and feed the raven.  Try to pull the beet out of the ground, no go.  Need something to dig round it.  Back to the barn, the hoe lying on the floor beside the ladder should do the trick.  Go finish off digging up the beet.  Chop the beet into slices with the knife.  Fill the pot with water from your full bucket.  Back into the kitchen and put the pot on the fire to heat it up.  Add beet slices.  Now we only need half of the yarn in red, so cut a hank off the white ball and add it to the simmering dye.  Great, now we have red wool.  Go back outside and finish the sock J

More Chores

If you have played the demo, you will know how to do this bit!!

Feed the chickens, horse, cow and dog, then clean the yard.  (you are still a Wicked Witch and Venomous Viper)  Go to the barn and try to lift the ladder.. no chance.  Go talk to father who is sitting on the bench outside the cottage.  He wants you to pay off his debt for him.  Go right, past the well and on into the field.  Oh dear, this guy seems Very upset, someone pinched his beet!!!!  Shhh don’t say a word… Give him the money.  Back to the shed and father has kindly set the ladder up for you.  Climb up into the hayloft and take a handful of last years hay.  Down the ladder (being careful) give it to the horse.  Back up the ladder, get hay, descend and give it to the cow.  She’s happy now so allows you to milk her. 

Go back to the house and into the bedroom.  Take the bowl of dry bread from beside the bed.  Notice your sister pigging out… looks like the chickens dinner she has got.. add some milk to the dry bread then go give it to the dog. 

Back to try get the chickens food away from your dear sister.. Mamaaaaaa (gosh doesn’t her voice grate on your eardrums)  mm need to blacken her feet.  The fireplace looks a good source, fetch some soot from it and blacken her feet.  Get the bowl of seeds.  Go feed the chickens in the yard (use the bowl on the yard not the chickens) After they have finished eating, you can sweep up. 

Darn, broke the broom.  Ask dear daddy if he will fix it.  (if you try to sweep the yard before doing the other tasks he will hang on to it until this point) Ask him if its done, then sweep the yard, singing as you work.  You just Knew that would be a mistake didn’t you?? 

Venomous Viper, Wicked Witch, go water the stump!!!  ??????  Go left to the crossroads and take the left fork.  Walk to the left of the screen and it will scroll across.  Talk to Stumpy, then fetch water for him from the river. (3 bucketsful) Wowee, what beautiful flowers!!  Phew, that’s Nastyenka finished for now, lets go play as… Ivan.


Fairytale Part 2

Now you have left Nastyenka having a well earned rest chatting to Stumpy, it’s time to meet the second playable character.  You start off chatting to Mumsie, saying goodbye as you embark on your quest to find a bride.  Well as you are so handsome, clever and a Hero, this shouldn’t be too difficult.  The only problem is that it is only You who thinks this way!!!!!

Across the river

First task is to get across a rather murky looking river, so you’d better have a chat with the ferryman.  Look at the fishing net on your way to speak to him.  Talk to the ferryman about everything, doesn’t seem to want to take you across does he, I wonder why???  Ask him about the fishing net, then you can pick it up.  There will still be items of conversation even when you have gone through everything once so unless you want to hear him again, don’t click on the same conversation topic twice!! (you can skip dialogue by left clicking if you have heard it all before)  Use the fishing net on the river and get…. An anchor, pot and an old boot.  Click on the boot in your inventory and you will get a ring Wowee, neat piece of jewellery!! 

Now you need to find a pole to get across the river as the Ferryman won’t lend you his.  Go left towards home. Check out the saw embedded in the tree.  That could come in useful, but it’s stuck.  Go left again and find yourself back at home.  Try the shed door, its locked.  Look at the wagon and take the whip .  Hmm that drawbar would make a great pole for the raft… ask Mumsie about the key to the shed.  Seems it has gone missing.  Check out the magpie, they like nice shiny things don’t they??  Wonder what it is sitting on??  Use the pot on the sapling in the yard, then use the ring to bait the trap.  Brilliant, the magpie is trapped so lets examine (right click) the nest.  Great, here’s the shed key .  Unlock the shed and take the rope oh before you go, remember to take your ring from under the pot.  Go right, back to the field. I wonder if the horse will help here??  Throw the rope at the tree branches.  Hmm, it won’t stay up, maybe tying the anchor to it would work… Throw the rope again and voila, its nicely caught up in the branches.  Tie the other end of the rope to the horse, then use the whip on the poor unsuspecting creature.  Take the saw.  Go back to the wagon and saw off the drawbar.  You now have a pole to use on the raft.  Go right until you come back to the river.  Use the pole on the raft.  Great, you have now arrived at the far shore. 

Onwards and upwards

Talk to the old lady, seems like she needs a companion to go through the woods with, of course you can’t be bothered to help… pick up the horseshoe and the Clog (?????) go right into the dark forest.  Uh ohh, those guys don’t look too friendly, but remember you Are a mighty hero so should be able to pass them with ease….. try to take the clubs nah, they won’t let you.  So offer one of the four robbers (not the boss) your yeast dumplings ahh that has cheered them up!!  Now pick up the clubs .  Boy you did impress them, off they go!!  You can hear someone stuck underneath the tree trunk, but again can’t bestir yourself to lend a helping hand.  There’s a glowing branch in the fire, that might come in handy later on and as you have given away your lunch, those raspberries look tasty….  Take the road to the gorge.

I’m hearing things…. A disembodied voice, nope, here he is, Old Man Mushroom!!  Seems he has lost his magic twigs in the dark cave.  If you can find them, he will reward you with a bow and arrows – every Hero should have one!!  Enter the cave, a bit dark isn’t it maybe a light would help.. use the glowing branch (which is now a smouldering branch) on the Torch ahh we have light J examine the dried herbs underneath the bat.  Speak to Shrieky the Vampire Bat (if you haven’t got the subtitles on, put them on just for this bit, its hilarious!!)  Seems like she has got the magic twigs but….. would like some food in return.  Have a look round inside and outside the cave, nope, no food around here.  Speak to OMM about Shrieky.  Go back inside the cave and talk to Shrieky again about food.  She suggests you look on the other side of the rock wall Huh??  Ohh a secret passageway, wonder if we can find it… use the horseshoe on the rock wall ahh it echoes back!!  Now use the log on the wall.  There you are, now you can get through to the other side!!  More water to cross, maybe the log would help.. now you can walk across!!  Goodness, where did She come from??  Little Shop of Horrors??  Better keep her occupied so give her the shoe to munch on.  Saw off a bit of the liana vine whilst you are passing, it is springy so may come in useful later.  Darn, another bit of swamp to cross, pick up the log and place it on the second swampy area.  Aww how sweet, they gave us another one!!!  Go right to the rainforest.  Meet up with Satanus who is having culinary problems.  Now where did you see some red hot peppers??  Trot back to the cave where Shrieky is hanging around and ask her about the peppers.  She is more than happy to give them to you so off you go back to Satanus and give him the peppers.  In exchange you get a bowlful of borscht to keep Shrieky happy and a couple of bottles, one vodka of life the other vodka of death  (I thought this is a kids game??)  Go back to Shrieky and give her the bowl of borscht.  Now she will part with the magic twigs .  Back outside to OMM and give him his magic twigs  he’s happy, gives you the bow and arrows in return.  You forgot your manners again, that’s going to get you into serious trouble one of these days!!! 

Go left to the end of the world. Look at the thick fog which is obscuring the pathway, then read the inscription on the stone barrow, hmmmm maybe I could practise with my bow  here, wait for the flock of geese to fly by then use your bow on them.  Not bad shooting, you BAAGGED (oops sorry, typo) one!!  Look at it and get a single feather.  Wonder if that was what the inscription meant??  Use the feather on the thick fog.  Wow, just like magic you go to a repeat of the cutscene at the end of Nastyenkas first bit!!  Once you have watched that again, Ivan turns up and uses his usual devastating wit and personality and becomes Bearly human!!!  Transported back to OMM you demand to know how to fix this.  Seems like you have a lot of making up to do….  Lets start with the Old Lady.

Go back up the cliff path and through the dark forest to the edge of the river.  Talk to the Old lady and escort her through the woods. 

Now who else did we upset??  The guy in the clearing seems to have cleared off so the Ferryman would be next on our way.  Use the pole on the raft and go talk to him.  He’s happy with you now and will let you borrow his ferry anytime. 

Mmm maybe we should think about how poor Mumsie is going to get to town to do the shopping, that pole should go back on the cart.  Back to the house and use the pole on the cart.  Lucky you picked that piece of springy vine it tied the pole back on perfectly!!!!  Still a bearhead, better go ask OMM what else there is left.  Pick up the pole which is beside the raft as the Ferryman will now lend it to you, go back to the front of the cave where OMM is sitting. He suggests the frightened bear cub whose paw is stuck in a treetrunk. 

Go back to the end of the world, use the feather on the fog, you will be taken to the opposite bank of the lake where the mother bear gives you a really good telling off!!  Use the pole on the bear cub, Yayy he’s free, BUT still scared and needs a treat to make him feel better.  Look at the bees; nope they won’t give you any honey, so you’d better go see if you can find them somewhere else to live.  Exit screen left back to the end of the world and return through the cave to the rainforest (crossing the swamp as you go, Flora is still munching)  Talk to Satanus who is still sad and check out the beehive.  Back to the lakeside to tell the bees the good news.  They are very happy and consent to see if the new property is up to their specifications.  Back again to the swamp uhh ohh, Flora looks a little ticked off… think you’d better give her something decent to eat this time!!  Give Flora the goose then you can proceed to the rainforest and the beehive.  Use the bees on the beehive, whee, they are deliriously happy so give you a honeycomb  Satanus is happy too so the gloomy forest turns into a bright happy one!!  Back to the bear cub again and give him the honey.  Phew, thank goodness for that, back to being human!!  But where’s Nastyenka????


Fairytale Part 3

We are back to playing as Nastyenka in this part.  There are many things you have to do in this section, so I have taken them in order, but you can take on all three tasks at once depending on when you speak to the characters.  Seems like Marfusha wants a husband… so guess who gets to sort everything out??  Yup, Nastyenka.  You must go to the village square and talk to the Matchmaker to see if she has come up with a suitor yet.

Find a braid

Exit the house, go left to the road and select the Square as your destination.  Talk to the Matchmaker.  Seems she has found someone willing to marry Marfusha (he obviously doesn’t know her!!!) but to make her presentable, you need to find a braid and a diadem

Talk to Mina the wigmaker, she’s a friend of yours surely she will be able to help.. Oh dear, seems like she has troubles of her own, I wonder what has happened to Sacha??  Take the letter seems a bit odd, go talk to the Matchmaker about it.  She recommends you see the Soothsayer for advice.  Go top left down the dark lane and then left up to the Oracles eyrie.  Show the Soothsayer the letter, talk to her about it.   Seems there’s something fishy going on, the letter smells funny, could there be a hidden message on it??  Now to reveal that we will need fire, the soothsayer wants a golden candlestick from Father Nikita at the monastery.  Wonder why she wants something so precious??  For fun, hit the gong on the wall. 

Go back to the dark lane and on to the square.  Take the bottom exit to the road and select the church as your destination.  Notice the poor beggar on your way past, you will come back to him later.  Proceed up the road to the monastery.  Seems like no-one is here, oh, Father Nikita is in the confessional.  Go right and talk to Father Nikita in the confessional.  As you are so good hearted, he eventually agrees to help you.  Now where's Brother Theodore got to??  Seems like he is in the cat-a-combs??   Go up towards the altar and try to open the door next to it.  Locked, now why isn’t that a surprise??  Go back and ask Father Nikita about the key.  Hmm so it should be near the altar??  Back there and look at the red carpet.  Of course, that’s just where you would expect to find the key!!  Use the key on the door to the catacombs.  Ohh its dark in here, read the inscription on the floor, looks like you are going to have to get some light in here..  Back up to the confessional and ask Father Nikita about the dark.  He gives you money for candles.

Exit at the bottom of the screen and go back down the road to the main road.  Select the square, then talk to the peddler.  Ahh he’s the guy Ivan left stuck behind the tree in the clearing!!!  Thank goodness he escaped!  Talk about candles.  He tries a bit of fancy haggling, but you get your 5 candles. Back to the road again and select the church.  More walking (closing your ears to the beggars tale of woe) and back into the monastery.  Up to the altar and down into the catacombs.  You can’t get lost in here so try exploring on your own but if you get Really fed up or just don’t like the dark, here’s where you place your candles 

1st by the inscription on the floor

2nd on the left hand passage

3rd the passage at the top of the screen

4th straight on

5th screen left…

Umm seems like Theodore has been at the Sacrificial wine….. aww he’s afraid of the dark!!  Give him the key back and take the candlestick from the table next to the wine barrels then exit screen right.  Phew, now you can find out about Sacha…  Back out of the monastery, down the long and winding road, to the main road and to the square again.  Top left to the Dark Lane and up to the oracle.  Give her the candlestick now lets see what the letter reveals…. Seems like you were right, Sacha Does still love Mina.  Hurray!!  What's this??  The soothsayer wants a hammer now??  What on earth for??? 

Go back downstairs and to the square.  Take the exit middle right (about in line with the Matchmakers head) and go to the pub.  Those two look a little out of place here, ah well, if they can help… ask either Wheel or Thighbone about the hammer.  Of course they are hungry and want something good to eat in trade for it….  Go back to the square and to the road, select the crossroads this time and go to the lake (you will talk to the artist later).  Go to the left down to the lake where you find a fisherman.  Seems he isn’t having any luck today but just might manage to catch something If he can get his hands on the midnight bait, in return you get the first of his catch!!  Another task…. 

Return to the road and the square and up to the oracle once again.  Ask about the midnight bait she tells you to go to the tall tree at midnight and change the established order.  I wonder what she means??  Gosh midnight came soon, better talk to the watchman and see what he knows.  Ask about the witching hour, get a long spiel about what it is like and a snippet that one of his ancestors raised the ghosts…  Ask about his flask, it would appear he is thirsty.  Look at the barrel, OK so its shut, you need to open it.  Look at the chest and get an auger  Use the auger on the barrel, goody, some water.  Use the flask on the barrel, goody its nice and full.  Give it to the night watchman. He has a good drink and hands it back to you.  Talk to him about the bait and hear an owl hooting thrice, maybe that’s an idea, so he blows his horn thrice and as if by magic, ghosties!!!  Looks like they are all kitted out to go fishing too!!!  Seems they know all about the midnight bait and are prepared to share the secret with you.  Firstly you must find Catchy the Rainworm who sounds like a really slippery character and bring him to the ghosts.  There's a hint where to find him, just beside the large tree.  Refill the flask from the barrel, then use the flask on the tree.  Seems there is someone hiding there, catchy !!  He asks you a riddle, hey we know the answer…. Both of you!!  Select this option for an answer and catchy decides to come with you.  Give catchy to the ghosts, they transform him into the midnight bait.  Wow, its daybreak, think we’d better go to see the fisherman, dawn is a good time for catching fish! 

Go to the crossroads and down to the lake. Give the midnight bait to the fisherman.  Goodness me, that bait is sure powerful stuff!!!  Receive a fish from the fisherman.  He is ecstatic!!  Just as you are about to leave, he gives you your Fathers snuff box maybe that will come in useful later.  Trot off back to the square and take the path to the pub.  Give the fish to Wheel and Thighbone.  That will keep em happy for a while!!  As they are going to take a snack break, you can take the hammer.

Time to visit the soothsayer and see just what she needs a hammer for…   go left and left again and up into her rooms.  Give the hammer to the soothsayer, she isn’t just a common soothsayer as we now find out, but she does have a morbid fear of ending up like her predecessor who was burnt at the stake, so lets keep her secret.  Take the enchanted hammer and listen to her words, you need to find a stone?? A Big one??  You haven’t seen one so far, so let’s try checking out the other locations you haven’t visited yet.  Nothing at home, so go to the crossroads and up the hill to your right.  Hmm, don’t remember this being here before, a big sad looking stone… Use the hammer on the stone.  Wowee, so That’s what happened to Sacha!!!  Back in the square, Mina is a happy bunny so she gives you the best braid she has ever had.  I’m sure Marfusha will like it.

Helping others in need

Let’s go see if we can help the poor beggar, he seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders.  Go to the road and select the church, talk to the beggar about himself first, learn his story, then talk about the coat.  Talk about Misery, what a tale our cat has.. seems like misery has a new companion. Go to the monastery and talk to Father Nikita about the weather, he offers to give the beggar shelter. Go back to the square, talk to the peddler about the coat, now you have something to make the beggars life more comfortable.  Pop in to the soothsayers and ask about the beggar.  She takes some convincing that he has changed, but gives you some ideas on how to deal with his misery.  Go back to the beggar and give him the coat.  Now you can see his misery, buy is she big!! Talk to misery and receive another moral tale… now what have you got which you could use to capture her??  The snuff box  is small, lets give it a go.  Use the snuffbox on misery and watch her show off.  Great, now you have captured her!!  The beggar has learned his lesson that misery can fall on a poor man and a rich one.  He’s off to beg his brother’s pardon.  He gives you the bric-a-brac which he no longer needs.  Some interesting stuff there, you can see a catapult, marbles and other unusual things.

If a picture paints a thousand words

Think it is about time you talked to the artist at the crossroads, he is well-travelled and may just have news of Vanya.  Talk to Maestro… ask him about the paintings.  Seems like he Has met up with Vanya, in his bearhead situation!!  Maestro gives you a portrait of Vanya which magically transforms back to the human head, ohh he must have broken the curse!!  Happy day!!   Talk to Maestro about his travels and learn a little about three different Folklore characters whom he has apparently met.  Ask about the diadem guess what, he is happy to make one for you, but needs some things in return.. red paint and scissors.  Logical really as he is going to paint a red design on the diadem and will need to cut it out!!!

Back to the square and talk to the boy sitting on the well.  Seems like he has a pair of scissors but wants something in trade.  The bric-a-brac had ‘boy’ stuff in it, maybe he would like that??  Give bric-a-brac to the boy receive scissors in trade.  Phew, nearly there!!  Talk to the peddler about the colour lucky for you he has some.  Back to Maestro at the crossroads, give him the scissors and colour.  Now you have the diadem, seems like you are all set.  Go back to the square and give the matchmaker the braid (or the diadem) She suggests you take them home to your stepmother, so you better had…. 

Engagement party

Back to the road and to the cottage.  Offer father his snuffbox back, he says keep it and Don’t let your stepmother see it as she would take it away from you.  Give the braid to your stepmother, get another tongue-lashing.. er why???  Now you have your instructions for the engagement feast, create a great banquet and keep out of sight unless called for!!

Cut to the meeting, talk about telling porkies!!!  Your stepmother certainly has a silver tongue!  Oh dear, they have heard about the ‘other’ daughter.. Nastyenka turn up on her summons and are you surprised that the prospective bridegroom prefers Nastyenka??  Of course Nastyenka is in trouble again.  Stepmother decides Nastyenka should be removed from the family so orders her husband to take Nastyenka away.  He takes her to the forest and leaves her there.  I’m sure this broke his heart.  Nastyenka is resigned to dying in the frozen forest, but luckily Father Frost turns up and takes her to his home.


Fairytale part 4, loose ends.

Ivan finds himself in the frosty forest, determined to find his bride.  Pick up the ring which is beneath the tree.  She must be around here somewhere.. Oh who is that calling??  Sounds like Nastyenka!!  Follow the voice mid right and arrive at.. a hut on chicken legs, surrounded by a fence of skulls!!  Darn, the hut will not turn at your command, maybe you need to activate the skulls.. click on the 3 skulls on the fence.  You can fiddle around trying to find the right order (which I did) or just…

Click on skull2, then skull1 then skull3. (I don’t know if this is a random puzzle)

Now the hut obeys your command and moves so you can enter.  Click on the door, seems like the owner of the hut isn’t too happy with you.. come face to face with Baba Yaga!!  Tough nuts, the hut lets you in.. look at the spellbook and realise just Who put the curse on Sacha!  Give Baba Yaga the vodka of life and she dances as per your last request.  Oh what a shame, she is exhausted.  Open the oven door then pick up Baba Yaga.  You stuff her into the flames…  I think she has learned her lesson and will do as you will… can she find Nastyenka??  Give the vodka of death to Baba Yaga and she casts a spell to take you to Nastyenka.  While you are questioning her integrity, you arrive outside Father Frosts home. 

Look at the well, its really rather deep!!  Click on the door and go into the house.  Nastyenka is there ok, but err she looks a bit frigid…  speak to Father Frost, it would appear that Nastyenka picked up his wand without gloves and is now frozen until someone who truly loves her frees her from the spell.  The only way you can do this is to descend into the well and speak to Aunt Summer.  Talk to Nastyenka, tell her how you feel.  Talk to Father Frost again and he gives you a water rope Now you can go down the well!!  Pick up the gloves and wand  Exit the house and go to the well. Use water rope on the well.  Enter the well.  Go right and find a great big dragon, no-one mentioned him!!!  Click on him and listen to his spiel.. then use the wand on the dragon.  Funnily enough, he considers you a brother now!!  Great, you can pass.  Go forward to Aunt Summers’ clearing and talk to her.  She knows everything about you, is this good???  Well she seems to think you have redeemed yourself so enchants your ring so that you can give it to Nastyenka and free her from her icy tomb.

Go back to the well and climb up the rope.  Back into the house and give the ring to Nastyenka  ohh the Power of Love.. Nastyenka and Ivan get married by Father Frost.

I wonder what happened to the rest of the family??  Ahh Misery finds a new home..

As with all fairytales, a happy ending!!

System specs


P166, 32mb RAM, 210MB HDD, 2mb graphics card, sound card, 8x cd rom, mouse and win 98/ME/2000


P2 300, 32mb RAM, 500mb HDD, 4mb graphics card, sound card, 24x cd rom, mouse and  win 98/ME/2000

Played on..

P3 1gb, 768mb RAM, 120gb HDD, Geoforce 5200 128mb graphics card, SB live soundcard, 54x Liteon cd drive, mouse and win XP pro.


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