Famous Five 2: Silver Tower

(Julian, Dick George, Ann & Timmy)   

Enid Blyton & Westka Production

Solutions by MaGtRo     July, 2004


Gameplay:    This is a point and click game. Main Menu has new, load, save, song selections and quit game. There is an option menu with shadows, background, filter, speech& music volumes, dialogue text and cursor text.

The inventory is in a backpack. Click on the active character and the backpack will show up. The saved game has 10 slots. Enter the title for that save and press enter.

Place cursor at bottom left of page or press F2to access the jump location map. Click on the bars-menu logo beside the F5 logo or F1 key to access Main Menu. To get an item out of inventory; click on item, take item-cursor outside the frame and click-hold item on the place you want use the item on. Press space bar to skip intro.

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Julian, Dick and Ann arrive.


Read blurred note:    Take note on door. At kitchen, take pencil from door. Look at notepad on table. Take the pencil from inventory and click it on the notepad on the table.

Search the house:    Take dog bone by water dish. Take kettle and fill it with water from the tap on the sink to get kettle with water. Leave kitchen. Open chest in hallway and tarnished silver saucer and silver polish will be in backpack. Use the silver polish on tarnished silver saucer to get shiny silver saucer. At upstairs bedroom, check wardrobe.   At boy's room, take the shaving mirror on the bathroom door.

Search outside house: At tool shed, pick up screwdriver from floor and paint stick, large & small brick, broken fuse, tins from workbench. Take empty tin from middle shelf. Go out and take shovel by shed door. At beach, enter cave at right side of screen. Take binoculars and broken oar from ground. Exit cave, look at rocky island through the binoculars and see silver tower. Check the tracks on the sand.

Finding the lost ones:    Enter Fisherman's hut by placing cursor on right side of hut to get enter arrow. Talk to Alf. Take matches from table. Timmy arrives with George and Aunt Fanny.


Footprint mystery:    Timmy finds footprint on the ground in front of the cottage. Click on footprint.

Make a cast of footprint:    Go to tool shed. Take GIPS off the shelf but the shelf tilted. Take large brick from inventory and place it on middle shelf. Take GIPS. Go to footprint outside and look close at footprint. Take the stones close to footprint. In inventory, click GIF on empty tin. Click kettle with water on tin with plaster. Click paint stick on tin with plaster and water to get tin with plaster that has been mixed. Go to boy's bedroom and take plastic bag from bed. Go outside and place plastic bag over footprint with plaster. Place stones over the plastic bag.

Get entry to lighthouse:    At kitchen, take parcel-letter from table. To go to lighthouse, go to right screen outside the cottage. Select to take the envelope to Mr. Pottersham's room from dialogue. Give pocket knife to Mr. Loomer.

Meet Mr. Pottersham:    At Guest room, check the computer. It needs a password. Look at sheets of notepaper on tack board. Open the wardrobe. Click on shoes and this will get Mr. Pottersham to show up.


Distract Aunt Fanny to get plaster cast:     Go out of the room. Go back inside boy's bedroom. Click on Julian to get an idea how to distract Aunt Fanny. Click bathroom door to hide Dick. Click on Julian. Click on exit door as soon as Aunt Fanny goes to the girl's room. Go out to the garden. Use shovel on cast to get plaster cast. Click to get plaster cast on boot with no heel.

Answer doorbell:    To allow George to pass, give dog bone to Timmy. Go to the door and talk to Mr. Pottersham. At kitchen, talk to Anne, Dick and Julian. Go out to the beach. Take letter from inventory and click it on George.


Read Uncle Quentin's letter:     Go to cave. Click the letter on lantern with candle. At kitchen, borrow iron from Aunt Fanny.

Distract Aunt Fanny:    Go to the hallway and click on picture on left wall. Click burnt fuse on the other fuses. When Aunt Fanny leaves, replace the burnt fuse with fuse that works. Click letter on iron. Click on letter to read it.


Spy on Pottersham:    At lighthouse, talk to Mr. Loomer. Click on window. Go to tool shed at Kirrin Cottage. Take the rain pipe left of the barrel closer to beach. Go back to Mr. Pottersham's window at lighthouse. In inventory, click rain pipe on shiny silver saucer. Click rain pipe with silver saucer with mirror to make a periscope. Click broken oar on window blind to leave a space on the window. Use periscope on blocked blind.

Maneuver the boat at low tide:     Click on boat. Click in front of boat to guide it where you want it to go - around the rocks to get to the beach. Go up on left side and turn right to get to open beach on the right of screen.

Get Uncle Quentin to come out of Silver tower:     Use screwdriver on door and fail to open it. Pick up kindling from ground. In inventory, click the matches on kindling. Smoke will catch the attention of Uncle Quentin. Uncle Quentin gives the key to his study.

What fish?:    Enter the fisherman hut. Click on 4 fishes on wall until Alf talks about Moby Dick.

Search for plans:    In study, click on Julian until the book Moby Dick is taken. Go to stairs and look at butterfly collection on wall. Go back to study and look at model ship on fireplace.


Hunt for the 4th part of the plan:    Go to lighthouse and show Mr. Loomer the plaster cast-footprint and the fragment of fabric. Enter Pottersham's room. Open cabinet and take boot. Click on postit note on computer monitor. Select maggy as password.

Look for Uncle Quentin:    At castle ruin, go to right labyrinth passage. Take down arrow, left and enter Uncle Quentin's room. Open small box from table. Take special lens. Exit by going out, down and right.

Caught:    At silver tower laboratory, click on switch by Dick's feet two times until the robot on top cuts his rope. Click on red button on center machine. Talk to Uncle Quentin. Place lens on middle of the machine just under the zigzag rays and above the wide light ray coming out. Click the periscope on bottom of the now pointed light rays under the lens.


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