The Famous Five 1: Treasure Island

(Julian, Dick George, Ann & Timmy)

Enid Blyton & Westka Production

Solutions by MaGtRo    July 2005


Gameplay:    This is a point and click game. Main Menu has new, load, save and quit game. There is an option menu with shadows, background, filter, speech& music volumes, dialogue text, cursor text and song selections.

The inventory is in a backpack. Click on the active character and the backpack will show up. The saved game has 10 slots. Enter the title for that save and press enter.

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Aunt Fanny greets Julian, Dick and Ann.

Dick fetches George:   Go to beach at left screen. Talk to Alf. Look at footprints. Click on box at right side of screen. Enter cave. Talk to George. Pick up lamp and lantern with candle. Exit the cave.


Get permission to leave kitchen:    Click on George's sandwich and it goes to inventory. Open the cupboard right of Aunt Fanny and take olive oil. Click on Aunt Fanny, Dick, Julian, Ann and Uncle Quentin. Dick wants George to check on the professor. Click on teapot on stove to fill Uncle Quentin's cup. When George sits down and Uncle Quentin is drinking, take sandwich from backpack and give it to Timmy.

Get in study to listen to the professor:    Click on milk urn at hallway to get umbrella. Enter study and note the door creaks.

Exit the house and go to tool shed. Take empty oilcan and screwdriver from workbench. Take axe and rope from wall.  Take bucket just outside the tool shed door.

Go back to hallway. Go to inventory and click-drag olive oil to the empty oil can to get full oil can. Use full oil can on keyhole of the study door. Enter study and listen to Professor.

Find the missing drawing of ship:    Click on guest room door. Look on keyhole. Use newspaper from inventory on door crack at bottom of door. Use pocket knife on keyhole. Inside the guest room, check the coat pocket of the coat hanging on wardrobe. A key is now in inventory. Use key on suitcase at hallway to get ship layout.  Enter study to talk to Uncle Quentin.

Find the wreck:    Click on George and she would want to check the Professor's room. At the guest room, pull rug under bed to get diary. In the kitchen, George reads the diary about Captain Carrie Thorndike and the ship. At the beach, talk to Joshua, the fisherman completely. Then click rowboat to get Dick to push rowboat.


Wreck:     Go to wreck. Use rope on the tip of the ship railing above. Use screwdriver on hinges of cabinet. Take tin. Tin cannot be opened.

Open tin:    Go to kitchen of Kirrin Cottage.  Use tin on tin opener left of door and get a key.  Read note on table. Exit kitchen.


Enter Study to search room:     Enter study and look around. Go to kitchen and see the Julian and Dick eating. Anne is preparing sandwiches. Pick up the sandwich at corner counter and the teapot from stove. Enter the study while Uncle Quentin is heard snoring. He will let you in. Pour tea on teacup on table. Pour tea on fireplace. Add more wood to fireplace. Open window and leave the study. Go outside and climb open window. Use the tin key on the model ship. The side of the ship opens. Take the treasure map. Click on map in inventory to see the map closer.

Go to Kirrin Island:    Talk to Alf at beach. Click on boat. Click right side of screen when facing the wreck. Go to path to the castle ruins at top right of screen.

Castle ruins:    Pick up bucket (if you don't have a bucket in inventory) by steps. Click on door and Julian comes out. Click behind the house and Dick reports nothing. Click on arrow to go to beach and Ann will say there's nothing on the tower also.


Search for entrance:    Click on bush beside the stone by castle wall at right side of screen. Timmy goes to bush and disappears. Use axe on bush. Click on bush.

Well:    Tie rope on stone beside bush. Click on bush. In well, click bucket on rope and Timmy is brought up.

Find entrance:    Talk to George. Click on Anne and she goes to the big stone by castle on left side. Click on stone. Click on Julian.

Treasure room in Dungeon:     Enter the stairs to dungeon. Click on arrow above George. Follow the way to the labyrinth and see door to the treasure room. Use axe on door.

Escape from locked door:     Click on 'crack' at bottom of door. Click on door to get it open after Timmy goes out.

Escape to the surface:    Take the right arrow of labyrinth passage. Go through hole of well wall.

Beach:     Go back up the path to the castle.

Distract professor:     Take stone from stone pile at right side of screen. Click picked stone on bush.

Block dungeon stairs:    Click rope on the base of ivy beside the stairs to dungeon at left side of screen.

Click on radio for help.

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