Lasanidine and Skully

You lucky person, you have reached Faradise. You can do all sorts of things here, just click the button on the bottom and choose. Of course you have to sign in first, just follow the instructions. If you choose to play the game you can look forward to a little work and a lot of fun, if you need a little help, here it comes..........

You find yourself on a tropical island looking at the sea and hear it murmuring. On each side of your view you can see faint arrows that allow you to move, they can also be arrows up and down. Look for hot spots where the cursor turns into a hand (they are sometime hard to find).
Turn right and see a  gated cave. Turn around and look at the gray rocks close by, click twice and you are there. On the right in a round hole is a pull handle, pull it. A shadow over you indicates that something rose up behind you. Click back with the down arrow and see a totem pole.
Right in the middle of it, a nice little shove it there and back puzzle. Move the horizontal bar first then the vertical, fit in the pieces, click on the middle. You hear a sound like something opening. Go back to the cave. Drat! There are still bars on it. Note the gray bars. Starting on the left click on them and notice how the opening appears. You have to click them in a sequence until the opening is at the right place to enter. Go into the cave, once forward once to the left, watch out for the bats.
You are on the next island.
Turn right, the only hot spot is on the middle of the cliff. Turn right again you will see a barbell on a contraption, click on the stand and play with the exposed handles in any order until the barrel falls off. It will roll to the cliff's hot spot. Click on the barrel and then click up and go up on the log to the plateau. On the steps of the house you will find a rusted handle, pick it up. It will go into your inventory bag on the top right. Go to the big building, turn left, open the left top valve, insert the handle in the hole and turn until you hear a gurgle. Turn left to see a covered culvert, open it. If there is no water there, you can go in. If there is water than you have to play with the handle some more.
Get into the culvert and follow the way until you see a big rock, click on it and find yourself in the sea. Click left, see a shadow ahead to the left, click on it 3x and find a carved handle on the sunken boat and pick it up. Click right and ahead on the right by the cave you see a yellow stone with a slot. Insert the handle and click on it, enter the cave and follow the blue light and find you first crystal.

On your way again you are facing a black entrance, barred. To your left and down a hot spot leads to a sandy place. Buried there is a red wheel, get it, turn right and take it to the cave, turn right and place it in the middle hole, then turn each wheel the red last, the bars will open.
You are facing a wooden pier, go to it, half way turn left, forward, right to the red tool box, get the tree pipe couplings. Turn right and go back up to the pier and left to the end. Turn around and there is a dark box on the pole on the right, click on it and place the coupling links in their appropriate places. You hear another opening sound.
The entrance is just opposite the pier in the wall, 2x forward, 1x left, 1x right to a small cellar. Click on the stone in front of it, follow the way to the elevator control, turn around and go to the box on the right, click on the top hot spot then turn the lever, take out the button from the opening and put it in the top hole in the control box, turn right and close the top part of little box you got the button from. Go back the elevator, press the little reddish button next to the gold one and away you go.
There are three monuments ahead, on their tops are lights you have to focus with the contraption in the center one. Go close and turn around, you will see what you have to do. Switch the top slide to the left, click the handle as many times as it takes to put the beam into the circle on the tower, repeat with the other two. When all the circles are lit, go to the tower, open the box, click on the handles and get your red crystal.

You are in a submarine looking at a contraption with two handles and a central circular whatever with Japanese characters on it. The handle moves the sub around and lets the characters come up one by one, take them off when you get back to the original site put the characters back to their rightful places and a way will open to you (it works if you do the 2 top ones only but play with it....gives you views to the island).
Walk ahead to the cliff and find the steps to the right and up. Get to the gazebo, see the locked gate ahead. Turn around and go to the pole, work the lever and get both balls, go back and on your left is the gate opening mechanism. Try the little ball in all the holes till the gate opens, go through to the contraption on the right side, take the  shovel shaped thing and go back to the gate opener. Brace it one with the shovel and take the little ball. Go back to the right stand put the ball in the middle hole and take the top handle like thing and take it to the left stand. Here put the big balls on the cups on each side. If they are placed right, they will stay put. Put the handle on the middle plate, click on the green light and retrieve your next crystal.

You find yourself gazing at another beautiful view, turn right, there is an old broken up boat and you examine it. You see some jars to the left, click on the middle one and take the key, step back, turn right. Go through the fountain and click on the snake head, put the key in is mouth, click on it and step back, turn right, click on the upper right side of the cave, go in, it is dark. Just go until you get to a wall with a big crab on it. The big square with the astronomical signs on it must be a door. How to open it? Turn around and go out, ahead is a red enclosure, watch the sequence of the astronomical signs as they appear on the poles.
Make a note of them. Go back to the cave, just outside of it to the right there are the signs on turning cylinders, put them in the order you jotted down. You hear a sound, go into the cave, the square is open but you still cannot go into it. You must do something else. Go back to the enclosure.  When you get to the tree at the left by the pole is a hot spot, click on it, you will see a pole with a container on it, click to open and turn the wheel. You hear something opening. Go back to the cave, there is a small crab under the big one, click on it.  Go ahead.  You will get your next crystal.

You are at the foot of a deserted shack complex and you have to explore its several levels. Do not worry about the funny plank and its pegs, I have no idea what they are. Go up the stairs. Click 6x on the left lower roof there is a hot spot, click on it, you are in an enclosure with a wooden box on the right. Click on it and take the handle. Turn right and put the handle into the bottom part of the thing on the wall, pull both down. Turn left, go up the ladder, click on the container door on the pole, take the key, turn around, go down, out the door. Click 2x, on the lower right there is a hot spot for steps down, follow them. On the left in an alcove there is a big round medallion like thing on the wall, insert the key into the hole and the grate will lift. You have to arrange the roman numerals in the following order: I, III, VIII, II, V, VI, VII. You accomplish this by clicking on the middle and use the slots to store the numbers out of order and slot them back again to the right place. Put I on the top and get your next crystal.

The cane field maze
At the shore go 1x ahead, 2x right  go 8x  ahead to a rusty red water container, turn the handle, it fills with water.  Turn around, 5x ahead to a gauge, if it goes up to 20 set it to 10. Step back, turn to right, set the gauge to 60, turn left, click set the third gauge to 40. Click right, ahead, when you see the ladder close on the right, click left, find the monument with the indicator at 120. Click on the button on the lower front of the monument, the little compartment will open. Find your gem.

The seventh island
Another beautiful day, you are facing the sea, turn right 2x. Go to the stone building and examine the two ladies, the right one has something in her basket for you. Turn right and observe the big creatures in the wall, look at their tails, turn right and leave, turn right again and follow to the platform where there are three little thatched well like things stand. Examine the middle one, it has a little wheel. Turn the wheel and observe the symbols, one looks like the middle statues tail, leave it like it that. Turn right 2x, down, right, go back to the stone room, look at the birdbath in the middle, there are 2 cats in it. Turn the right one once, there is a grating sound. Go to the wells again and see the first one on the left, turn the wheel until the symbol resembles the first statues tail. Go back, make the right cat face up, the left one face out. Go and adjust the last wheel to the symbol of the last tail. Go back to the room and set both cats back to each other. Turn right, if you did it right the statues should hold little platforms in their urns. From your inventory put the balls in there. Go back to the wells, turn left and see the big house, look around, then look into the planters with the petals and now you should see a snail in each, click on the snails and the gem will emerge from the pool.
P.S. Before getting the gem, go up to the pool and left out to the wells, turn right you will be able to see the front of the little darlings whose tails you had so much trouble with.

To be continued…

Copyright © lasanidine 09/2001

The next part has been written by Skully

When you reach the purple gem, click on two arrows that are next to each other, then the one opposite those two, then the purple gem to transport you to one of five areas. This also puts the gem in your inventory, and it becomes your ticket back to its origin room.

Starting at the upper right:

The waterfall area. You can see a small gem lying in the grass near the bottom right side of the screen. Place it in inventory to use in another area. Click forward to get to the waterfall. Turn right and yank the chain on the left side of your screen. A path of rocks and an open door appear. Follow the path until you see a scrambled picture of da Vinci's. It pretty easy to rotate the sections to set the picture right. Receive gem!

Click the purple gem in inventory, then manipulate it to get to the area on the lower right side.

A magnificent structure before you. Go inside to see a small pool with four sets of nozzles sticking up and a globe-like object in the middle. As far as I can tell, this is a random puzzle - just keep clicking on the nozzles to produce electric arcs and you'll eventually get your gem.

Click the purple gem in inventory, then manipulate it to get to the area on the bottom.

Unless I missed a hotspot or two here, all you do is follow the path until you reach a statue on the end. Click the mouth of the top figure and receive your gem!

Click the purple gem in inventory, then manipulate it to get to the area on the lower left side.

Another white stone structure. Go inside to see three dials with pistons (is that what they are? I am NOT a mechanic!) visible underneath. The idea here is to synchronize all 3 pistons. You have to get them REAL close as it is not very forgiving! So just start and stop 'em until you do. You'll see a glow off to your left when you get it. Receive your gem. Unfortunately, the history for this gem is in German. [Maybe if you play this section in German - available at the Faradise start page, you'll see the English version here.]

Click the purple gem in inventory, then manipulate it to get to the area on the upper right side.

Waaaay cool statue in front of you. Place the gem you found earlier in the opening in the middle. Look at the bottom of the statue. Move the 2 levers to the middle position. Click on the grass to the left of the statue to get to the back of it to find two more levers. Also put those in the middle. Receive your last gem!

Click the purple gem in inventory. You go back to the main room where one last click will congratulate you a job well done! But hurry - your ship to Faradise is boarding now!

What a very beautiful game! The corn maze was annoying as was the random electric arcs 'puzzle,' but I'm not really complaining! This was a very nice game with a lot of effort expended for us, and it was all for free!

In case you were unaware, as I was, Fa really is a line of skin care products. As www.fa.com was an alternate start page, they must have put this whole game together for us.



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