Faradise (Crystals of Faradise)

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     July, 2002

See a medallion. Click on the icons to make them all similar to the faradise logo. Click right icon 2x to get faradise logo, then left 2x, top 1x and bottom icon 3x. Click the center of the medallion.

So let the journey begin.

Blue Stone of Aquan:

Cave - Turn right, click center of screen.  See a sealed cave with sliding door from afar. Turn right and see rocks with holes. Look at right holes and pull handle in hole. See shadow. Click bottom of screen and see a totem pole.

Totem pole - Look close at totem pole. Arrange the plates and bars to fit in the indentations. Pull up NE gold plate and move horizontal bar to the left to fit correctly in the groove. Pull SE metal plate out, pull up the vertical bar into place and arrange all the metal plates to fit in the bars. Click the center and hear a sound. Go to the cave door.

Cave Door - The cave is sealed by metal panels of bars. Click panels from R-L, 1 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 2.

Enter, forward, enter the left hole. See bats. Go forward until the beach. Turn right, click at center of lighthouse rock cliff. Click right and see a barrel on a stand.

Barrel puzzle - Click on box. Click box again to open it. Click the right lever to the right, the middle lever to the center and keep the left lever to the left. The barrel falls off.

Lighthouse - Click on barrel, move the pointer to look up and click on the end of a rusted pipe to climb up the cliff. Go forward and see gauges from afar, a closed water reservoir on the right and a house on the left. Turn left, forward to house and pick up handle on the steps. Turn right, forward and look at gauges.

Gauges - Click on top left valve and the left gauge arrow goes to zero. Click on inventory bag on upper right of screen. Click handle and it will automatically be inserted in the center panel. Click on handle 3x until the gauge on the right shows the blue arrow matching the red line and water flowing is heard.

Pull back and turn right. Open the square cement cover of the water reservoir. If there is still water in there go back to gauges and turn the handle to be sure that the blue arrow matches the red. Enter and go forward until a big rock in the water.

Sunken boat - Click on rock and be underwater. Go left, click on something afar until it becomes a sunken boat. Click on it again and pick up a gold ornate key. Go right and forward to another gated cave.

Underwater cave - Click key in inventory and it will be inserted in slot on a round rock. Click on key to raise the gate. Enter and go forward until a blue stone on a stand. Click to take the Stone of Aquan.

Click on medallion, read about the Stone of Aquan and click on Save Game.

Red Stone of  Mahana

Sandy area - As soon as you start the game, see an entryway afar. Look down a little to the left and pick up a red water hydrant tap at the sand by the big bush on the left. Go forward and see a barred entryway. Turn right and click the red tap in bag and it will be placed at the center of the wheel setup. Click on the 3 grey wheels and lastly, the red tap.

Pier - Go forward to the walkway and turn left midway the pier. Go forward 2x, right and see a red toolbox. Get 2 bolts in slots and one bolt in the box. Go back to the main walkway of the pier and forward to cabana at end of pier.

Cabana - Turn around facing the walkway and click on right pole. Insert the 3 bolts by click-hold-drop the bolts between the connectors by size, L-R: medium, large and small. This action opens the gate at the end of the pier.

Go forward and go in the entryway. Move forward 2x, left and forward to a cement structure. Click on stone to open the door.

Elevator - Go forward until the elevator control panel. Turn around and look close at metal box on the right wall. Click at bolt on top circle, click on lever and take metal button. Turn around and go back to control panel. Click on the metal button in bag and it goes to the top slot on the panel. Go back to the metal box on wall and click on the lever again. Back to the panel, click the button to the right of the metal button inserted. Elevator opens. Enter and rise up to top of hill.

Tower lights puzzle - There are 3 stone structure with klieg lights on top. Turn around and see a tower with 3 circles. There are lights beamed on the tower from the klieg lights on the stone structures. The object of the puzzle is to center the beamed lights on the circles in the tower. Turn around. With notch on top of the metal setup at the middle  - click lever 2x to the left. Move the notch on top to the right, click the lever 2x to the right. Move the notch on top to the left and click the lever 1x to the right.

Turn around and go forward back to the elevator and see a box on top. Click on box and see 3 crystal globes. Click on the globes and take the Red Stone of  Mahana. Now there are 2 stones on the medallion.

Read the story and click save game.

Green Stone of Hui Sen

Submarine - Looking out of a submarine, see a control panel with 2 lever , a central knob on top and 5 icons embedded on the circular main panel. The object of the puzzle is to pick up all 5 gold icons off the circular panel by turning the submarine to a certain point. Then putting them back when all the points-directions have been visited. Check if left lever is to left and right lever to the left also (//), click the knob and take SW icon.  Move right lever to right and left lever to right (\\), click central knob and take S icon.  Keep same settings (\\), click on central knob and take SE icon. Move left lever to left and keep right lever to the right (/\), click on central knob and take NW icon. Turn left lever to the left, turn right lever to left (//), click central knob and take NE icon. Move levers to (\/) position 2x to bring the submarine back to original position and all the icon holes are shown. Place all the icons in inventory back to each holes.

A ramp to the island is seen. Go forward3x. Click on the steps between the 2 short palm trees on the right side of the screen.

Gazebo - Climb up and see a gazebo. Turn left and see a metal contraption on a pole. Move the lever to left and pick the ball that comes out at the center hole. Move the lever to right and get another ball. Climb up the gazebo, see another gazebo with a barrier from afar. Turn left, take the metal button from the top hole and place it at the bottom hole. Click the pump handle and hear a sound. Turn right and see the barrier removed from the other gazebo.

Right Contraption - Go forward and see a metal stand on the left and on the right of the screen. Go to the metal stand on the right and see that it similar to the pump mechanism in the gazebo. Pick up the rectangular metal rod on the right side of the stand. Go back to the pump mechanism that opened the barrier on the gazebo. Place the metal rod from inventory and place it on the right side of the mechanism similar to where it was taken from the other stand. Take the metal button. Go back to the right stand and place the button on the middle hole. Take the square metal key on top of the mechanism. Turn left and then right.

Left Contraption - Go to the stand on the left side of the screen. Place the balls on the cups on top of the mechanism. Place the square metal key at the middle top of the mechanism. Take  green Stone of Hui Sen. Save Game.

Blue Stone of Georgina Aristola:

Cave - Standing on a beach, turn right and see a wrecked boat. Click on jug at bottom left and take key. Turn right from boat and forward to a snake wall fountain and stand. Look close at snake and click-hold-drop the key on the snake's mouth. Turn the key and hear a gate open. Turn right from fountain and see an open cave. Enter, click forward in the dark, forward until a crab mural on the wall. Look close at panel with astrological signs on it below the crab. Turn right and go out into the garden.

Bamboo enclosure - Go forward by the entryway and turn around and note 4 astrological signs on the right side of the entryway. Turn around and forward to bamboo enclosure. Note the arrow with a bar sign (Sagittarius) on the right wood pole at the entrance to the enclosure. Forward and note the circle with horns sign (Taurus the bull) on the left pole. Forward and note 2 wavy lines sign (Aquarius) on the right pole. Move pointer to the left by the string hanging on the left pole. See a closed round domed metal panel on a stand. Move back and turn right. Forward and note II (Gemini) sign on the right pole. Forward 3x. Move pointer to the right side of the open entryway and click on the 4 icons seen earlier. Click the top to bottom icons to show the arrow with a bar, circle with horns, 2 wavy lines and II icons. Hear the sound of an opening door. Enter the building.

Crab - The panel under the crab mural is now removed. It's dark in there. Go back to the bamboo enclosure and domed metal panel seen earlier close to the 2 wavy lines icon. Now , the panel can be opened. Click panel and click on orange hydrant tap. Go back to panel under the crab mural. Click on the crab box and take the blue Stone of Georgina Aristola. Save Game.

Stone of Gharm:

See a complex wooden structure. Go forward and look at the wood panel with holes. Click the black knobs to depress all of them. (I did this randomly). A click is heard. Click on the stairs and climb up.

Key - Go forward 3 x and see stairs. To the right side is a box. Open the box and get a handle. Turn around and click-hold-release the handle at the bottom part of the metal structure on the wall. Click on both levers. Turn left and climb stairs 2x. Click on panel on the metal stand and get key. Climb down both stairs, click on doorway and forward 2x. Turn left, forward 1x and click on green-moldy wood on the left wall. Note the arrangement of the numbers on the metal plate.

Number puzzle - Turn left, forward 2x, turn left and click on partially hidden stairs at bottom of the right railing. Go down. Forward to a grilled circle. Use key on keyhole. Arrange the numbers in the order seen at the metal plate - from 12o'clock position clockwise - I, III, VIII, II, V, VI, VII, IV. Click the incorrectly placed numbers to slide on the 4 slots at the outer part of the numbers. Click at the center to turn the numbers and click the correct number in an emptied slot. Place the I at 12'oclock when all correct numbers are arranged. Take the red Stone of Gharm. Save Game.

Green Stone of Henri de Terreneuve:

Face a cooled lava strewn beach. Go forward, right 2x, forward 2x, right and forward 2x.

Cane fields - Turn the handle on the metal water reservoir. Turn left 2x. forward, right, forward 3x and turn right. Look close at pillar with a gauge. The red arrow is on 110. Turn right, forward 2x and turn left. Look at gauge and turn wheel on right to raise the arrow to 40. Turn right. Forward 4x and turn right. Look close at gauge and turn wheel to raise the arrow to 60. Back up, turn left and look close at gauge and turn the wheel on the right to raise the gauge to 10 - if it goes to 20, just turn the wheel in opposite direction.

Back up, turn left 2x, forward 3x, left, forward 3x and right to pillar again. Look close and open the panel by pressing the button at bottom center. Take green Stone of Henri de Terreneuve. Save Game.

Blue Stone of Tibakori:

Enclosure - Face the blue water of the ocean. Turn right 2x and forward to 2 female statues and a stone stand at the center. Take 3 balls from the right statue's bowl. Look close at stand and see 2 geckos pointing north. Turn right and see 3 crocodile statues with bowls on their heads. Note the tails of the 3 stone crocodiles: left- curled into a circle, middle - zigzag and right - curled like a hook. Turn right and exit the enclosure.

Thatched pillars - Turn left, forward and see 3 thatch roofed pillars. Look close at center pillar. There is a wheel that has etched drawings of the tails of the crocodiles. Click 2x to get the zigzag pattern of the tail of the middle crocodile in the enclosure. Move back, left 2x, forward, right to the enclosure. Look at the central stand, click the right gecko once and hear a grating sound. Go back to the thatched pillar and look close at the one on the left. Click 3x on the exposed wheel to show the curled into a circle tail of the left crocodile in the enclosure. Go back to the geckos. Turn the right gecko's head to north and the left gecko's head to the west. Sounds are heard. Go back to the thatched pillars. Look close at right thatched pillar. Turn wheel once to show a curled like a hook.

Enclosure - Go back to the geckos. Turn the right gecko to the east and keep the left gecko facing west - another sound is heard. Turn right and see small cups rise above the big bowls atop the stone crocodiles. Place the 3 bowls in the bag on each of the cups. The cups goes back down the big bow.

Exit and turn left before thatched pillars. Go forward towards the thatched roof seen over the palm trees. Turn left and see water flowing now from the mouths of the crocodiles. Turn right and forward once. Look at the 2 stone stands framing the steps. Click on the snails that rose up the bowls. Go forward to the building and see a giant snail with the stone rose up from the water. Take the Blue stone of Tibakori. Save Game.

5 Crystals:

Purple stone - Turn right or left and forward until a stand that has a purple stone. Click on north arrow, NE arrow and SW arrow. The oblong area lights up above the arrows. Click the purple stone and a purple light from the stone flows to the upper right.

Waterfall - See a waterfall afar. Take the gem at bottom right in front of the palm tree trunk. Go forward to the waterfall. Turn right and pull the chain on the left side of the rock cliff. Turn left and see a rock walkway that cross the water into a cave. Enter the cave until the circular puzzle of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. Arrange the outer ring first to place the feet at the bottom, then the third ring closest to the center to place the head on top and the second inner ring. Take the Red Stone of Kanusu.

Open the Inventory bag and click on purple stone. Back in the purple stone stand, click the NE arrow, the SE and then the NW arrow. Click the purple stone.

Stone Structure - See a big stone structure. Go forward until a central pool in the garden. See 4 sets of 3 electrodes around a gold globe. Click on the electrode and it will produce electric current. This is what worked for me. Click SW inner electrode, click NE inner electrode, click SE electrode and NW inner electrode - making an x  with the globe at center. Do the same for the middle electrodes. If it does not work, continue the sequential clicking of the electrodes as long as an x is made over the globe and the same level of electrodes are chosen, i.e. inner, middle or outer circle. Eventually, the globe opens. Take the Red Stone of Sir John Bratton.

Open the Inventory bag and click on purple stone. Back in the purple stone stand, click the SE arrow, the SW and then the N arrow. Click the purple stone.

Statue - See a wooden bridge afar, forward to thatched huts and up the steps surrounded by tropical foliage until a statue at the end. Click on the smiling mouth of the statue and take the Green stone of Joao Ribeiro.

Open the Inventory bag and click on purple stone. Back in the purple stone stand, click the SW arrow, the NW and then the NE arrow. Click the purple stone.

Piston puzzle - Enter the stone blocks structure, forward and see a metal panel with 3 dials and piston. Turn left and see a contraption with 2 large chimney like outlets. Click on the dials to start and stop the piston. Synchronize the pistons movements. A click is heard and a green glow is seen on the left. Turn left and get Green Stone of Bardur.

Open the Inventory bag and click on purple stone. Back in the purple stone stand, click the NW arrow, the N and then the SE arrow. Click the purple stone.

Statue - See a sculpture in the middle of a tropical garden. Look close at the sculpture and see a hole. Place the diamond found by the waterfalls in the hole. Look down. Click on the 2 levers and place them at middle position. Click on the left side of the statue's base on the ground and see 2 more levers. Click them to the middle position. See a blue glow from the top of the statue. Go back to the front and look up. Take the Blue Crystal of Prakini.

Open the Inventory bag and click on purple stone. Click on the stand and multicolored lights shoots out of the stand. Look close and see that all the jewels are in place in the medallion.

The End of Crystals of Faradise

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