The Flooded Room


Walkthrough by Chief

December 2006          


Click on objects to see them go in inventory on the right.

You already have a passkey in inventory when the game starts.

You can use an object from the inventory when the rectangle is white after clicking on it.

You may have to be precise when you click on objects.

Use the directional arrows below the inventory to move around the room.

At the beginning of the game, you are on a time limit.


The game starts with some phrases to click on and then you open your eyes to see a text on a computer screen: “You are my next victim…I hope you won’t escape….You will be my thirteenth person who will sink here”.


After reading this text, click on the screen and find yourself in front of a desk.


Go left and see a cable on an electric plug: you have to cut the electricity.


Go to the green safe and click on top right corner of the wall on a box: click the black switch that will go to the OFF position.


Now go to the board of messages over the computer and click on the white note behind the lamp: write down the number beside Julia’s name.  NOTE: that number will change every time you play the game.


Go to the safe and click on the first white square on the left to be in close up: enter your numbers: the safe will open: take the diving equipment and the pen-knife.


Click on the diving equipment in inventory to wear it: the time limit stops.


Go to the door and use the passkey on the door knob: the key will brake in two pieces of metal that will go in inventory.


Find the window and click on the shade stick if you want to see outside: nothing special.

Use the knife on the stick: it will go in inventory.

Look up to the ceiling and click on the light. Click on it again, but on the longer thin side using the two pieces of metal: it will open: see and take a key.


Go to the desk and open the small door on the right of the computer tower with that key: take the blue pipe.


Back to the door and the projector screen: use the stick on that black piece of cord on top right corner of the screen: the stick will attach to it.

Click on the stick a find a door. Click the blue pipe in inventory and then the bottom of the door near the floor to pull the floor mat: take the key.


Use this key on the key hole of the door to open it: see a small guy.


Click on him. When the conversation is finish, click on him again and then on the opening or EXIT.


End of the game. 


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