Gilbert Goodmate Walkthrough
by Alison

Getting Down To Business

Pick up the pillow and walk to the garden pick up the resin, under the window; the sap on the tree, long johns on the washing machine (you can ignore these for the rest of the adventure they are just hiding the crank.) Pick up the crank and the sock

Walk back to the elevator before going back inside use the crank on the elevator. Go inside open the cabinet; pick up the Toiletry case. Combine the: biscuit ingredients, hair grease, sap and resin in the mixer. Use the crank on the glue this produces and use the crank on the elevator.

The Nose

Talk to Saul whilst you are there, ask about the PVA and then find out how many volunteers they have. Quiz him about what happened to your grandfather, when he tells the sock of for being rude go.

Go to the sad boy and ask him about, ask him what he wanted and if he could he could do anything else? Go up the tower to crazy Pete. Tell him there are Vikings twice and then ask about the gun. Pick up the sword; use it on the loose stone, infront of the gun. Go down and pick up the nose, you will automatically pick up some bubble bath. Go back to Saul store and pick up some shoe polish that has appeared use it on the sock and give it to Saul.

The Crown

Go to the docks, look at the shark teeth and talk about everything with the fisherman, talk to the agent, accuse him of being a drug dealer you should be given some drugs (sleeping powder as you walk away). Go into the pub and give the slippers to the lone Viking. Go out watch the fisherman fall asleep and get the knife.

Go to the jail and talk to Arver, until you your dialogue stops, talk a 2nd time and get the Cornflakes’ packet examine it in your inventory and cut out the crown. Pick up the poetry book.

Go to the smithies cut the wire and use it on the crown.

The Cloak And Looking Bigger

Whilst still at the smithy’s take the glove and talk to Madam Zyzs try to get the crystal ball and ask where she gets them. Go to Elton’s, use the intercom 3 times until you decide to give up and knock on the door. Take the blueprint; examine this and turn it over in your inventory, Ink, feather pen and the hoover you will have to look at this first. Go outside, look at the junk pile and take the metal bar. Look at the bras and talk to Louise, who is no longer on the phone! When the bras are in your inventory tie them to make a bungee cord.

Go to the farm use the sword on the sheep. Show the slaughter pig description to the pig; talk to the farmer until you have nothing more to say, then show the description to the pig a second time. Take the cloak and straw from the scarecrow, take the bag of corn. Put the straw in the pillow and add everything to the cloak.


You’re back in the house again so go to the garden and use the Hoover on the bees before hitting town. Go over to the docks and use the glove on the barrel of tar, use this on the sack and then use the wool on the sack. Go in the pub use the beeswax on the Vikings hideout key. Key, pick up the lipstick stained napkin and a clean one from the table. Talk to Mr Davenport, he will give you a starting point find a crystal ball.


Whilst back at the centre go to Crazy Pete’s gun and put a clean napkin on the gunsite. Go down and take the belt.

Use the pen on the stained book and go to the bridge, comment on the guard’s helmet, he will come to the subject of master Ling whatever talk about boredom, then ask about girlfriends, once he tells you he fancies Sarah give him the note. Raise the bridge. Go to Lenny’s cave shop and find out about crystal balls.


Go to Elton’s and swap Spot for the fake dog. Go inside look at the closet, try and use it ask Elton to demonstrate, use the most complicated reason for why it won’t work. Use the belt drive on the robot and pick up the spring. Go to the smithy’s and give him the key, Spot and the. Go to the hideout and use the key on the door. Ask the guard what would happen if and then taunt him about being slow. Give him the bungee cord, then use the key on the door and get the money.


Go to Larry’s and give him the money, no crystal balls yet you end up with a crow bar. May a visit to madam Zyz’s is in order! Before that go back to the bridge pick up the cannon balls, use this on the metal bar and enter the house. Talk to Lipton about his Military campaign, and ask him about the unnamed tea. You need sweetener preferably drugged the honey mixed with the sleeping powder will do this! You will also need a filter.


Go to the jail and talk to Arver, he will give you a filter for some medicine. Talk to the person in the wagon, pester him to give you some medicine once he agrees end the conversation and start again. Give Arver the medicine.


Go back to Lipton’s give him the filter and the honey. Take his card and ring the blacksmith, the password is London Bridge. Go to the smithy’s pick up the hammer. Go in the house by the smithy’s use the crowbar on the chest pick up the book and the dropped piece of paper. Go to Zyz’s and try and get the crystal ball, ask the genie if he will do tricks, keep on this tack until he gives you a glow in the dark pal and tells you when the crystal ball won’t work. Make a final trip back to your house and use the hammer on the cuckoo clock.


Go to the centre, ask Barry about the potion and get him to demonstrate, give him the paper. Go to Elton’s put the spring in the time machine and use it, put the generosity potion in the perfume madam Zyz’s is using. Take the crystal ball to Mr Davenport.


Go to the pirates talk to the captain (the one in the red jacket) ask him what they did before and say they don’t look like pirates, they will take their glasses off take the shovel, go to the sand and dig. Open the chest you get with the crowbar until it breaks and then just open it. Look at the bike and get the pedals. Swap the sugar for the starch and talk to the cook, who will make you some stiff jelly. Take the apron and examine it and get some tools. Go to Elton and give him the pedals, charge your glow in the dark pet on the stone go back through the cave use the pet and solve the puzzle.


Pick up the bamboo cane and 2 buckets, mend the 5 litre bucket with the jelly. Fill up the 3 litre bucket pour it into 5 litre bucket refill the 3 litre bucket and pour it in the 5 litre bucket. Empty the 5 litre and put the remainder 1 litre from the 3 litre into the 5 litre fill the 3 litre and put this into the 5 litre. Put the bucket on the scales and cross the bridge.


Simply grab the book, tickle the sheriff with your feather pen and use the glove to grab the mushroom.


Go back to the ship. Use the bamboo cane on the float; untie it and mend it with the tools you got from the apron use the rope and the mended rudder on the ship.


Exit the slave market and talk, to Helga say she doesn’t look lady like and point out the legs. Take the explosives and the helmet pick up the horn. Go south take the notice and use the horn on the paint.

Use the toothbrush with the ink. Pick up the mirror and smash it on the counter get the shard of glass use it on the potato and the paint on the potato. Use the apron with the pillow.


Talk to the chief and give him the bubble bath, you will get matches and a head dress in exchange. Go out use the advertisement on Helga. Go back to the ship get another advertisement use it on Helga. Cut the certificate you got from the slave market and use it with the ticket. Open the barrel and take the rotting fish. Go north try to pick up the feathers by the roosters, use the explosives and try to pick them up again. Give the ticket to the ticket taker go inside. Try and take it show the fish to the cook. Go over to the Viking near the pig and drug his mead. Quickly get near the marinade when he turns round knock it over and pick up the frame. Go back to Helga and use the flypaper on her. Use the face cream, go the executioner and get him to use the torture feather on you. Put all the feathers on the frame and tie them with the dental floss.


Lob the corncob at the chimney.

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