Gabriel Knight, Sins Of The Fathers

Solution By Phil Darke

Gabriel Knight is a graphic adventure with a point and click interface from Sierra. Anyone familiar with Sierra's other adventures will find themselves quite at home with the controls of this game but there are two features which are new and very important. The first is the tape recorder. All conversations with other game characters are recorded and selecting the tape recorder will bring up a panel showing a number of tapes each will have a character's name on it and once selected will show an inlay card with various topics on it. You can select a topic and replay previous conversations. The second feature which is very important and essential to the completion of the game is the ask icon.

When you click this icon on a character you will be presented with a list of topics to question them about. You need to question every character about every topic until the messages start to repeat. When they tell you something important a bell will ring and a new topic may be added to the menu. You should also return to each character as you progress through the game to ask about topics which were not previously covered.

Gabriel is the owner of St Georgeís book shop and an author; he is currently researching a book on Voodoo. The book shop is run by his assistant Grace and she also takes messages and carries out research when asked to by Gabriel.

The game takes place over ten days and each day starts in the bookshop. At the beginning of each day read the paper and ask Grace for any messages and about any research you have asked her to carry out.


Look at all the bookshelves and read the German dictionary until the messages repeat. Read the books on German poetry and on Snakes. Pick up the magnifying glass and the tweezers. Open the cash register and take the gift voucher.


Go up to the attic and move the clock, open the trunk and look inside. Pick up the sketch book. Look at the clock and move the hands to 3 O'clock. Move the outer ring until the Dragon head is at the top. Operate the key and a secret compartment will open. Inside you will find a letter and a photograph. Go downstairs and talk to Grandma Knight. Show her the letter and photo, and then ask her about everything.


Talk to the desk sergeant, ask about Detective Mosely. He tells you that he is out and refuses to say where. He also gives you an envelope from Mosely. This contains a photo of one of the Voodoo murder victims and a graduation photo of Mosely.


Go to the North West corner of the square and walk close to the mime until he starts to follow you now walk to the southeast corner, making sure that he follows you. Walk over to the motor cycle cop and the mime will start to make fun of him. When he chases the mime away operate the radio on the bike, this will put the crime scene in your map.


Talk to Mosely and wait until everyone has left. Use your sketch book to make a copy of the marks on the ground. Look at the grass in the northeast corner by the tree use the magnifying glass on the part of the grass that looks matted. You will see a snake scale. Use the tweezers to pick it up. Also pick up some clay from the riverbank.


Look at the sign on the counter this will add St. John's eve to your topic list. Talk to the owner and ask about everything this adds Cebrit sans cor to the topic list.


Ask to see Mosely, the desk sergeant will tell you to go through to Mosleyís office. Ask Mosely about the case and about the patterns. Ask to see the case file and Mosely will tell Officer Franks to show you the file. Follow her to the outer office and she will show you the file with the patterns .She will not allow you to take it out of the room or photocopy it. Put the file back in the tray on her desk and return to Mosely's office. Ask Mosely for another photo and he will call Franks into his office to take the photo. Tell him that you need to fix your hair leave the office and pick up the file and photo copy it. Return to Mosely's office for the photo.


Ask Grace if there have been any messages and then ask her to do research on Mallia Gedde. End of day one.


Grace will tell you about Maria Gedde, this adds Gedde residence to your map. Read the paper.


Talk to Dr. John and ask him about all the topics on the interrogation menu this will add traditional Voodoo, historical Voodoo and Marie Leveau to the topics ask about these. He will also tell you about Moonbeam and arrange for you to visit her.


Look at Marie Leaveau's tomb and copy the marks on the tomb. Ask the watchman about all topics; show him your drawing of the marks on Marie Leaveau's tomb. He will tell you that there are other marked tombs, ask about these.


Ask Moonbeam about Voodoo about all topics, this will add Grimwald and animal masks to the topic menu ask about these. When you ask about Grimwald she will offer to demonstrate. While she is dancing take the snake skin from the cage. Show her the message from Marie Lavieu's tomb and she will translate it for you. Later, after you have left her house use the magnifying glass to compare the scales on the snake skin with the one you picked up at the crime scene.


Watch the conversation between the owner and Mme. Cazaunoux and note the dog's name. Ask about animal masks this will add Willy Jr. to your topic list when you ask about this Willy will offer to sell it for $100.00.


Go to the northeast corner and watch the artist. When you see his drawing blown away by the wind go to the southwest corner and buy a hot dog from the vendor with the gift voucher. Give the hot dog to the boy who is tap dancing then ask him to retrieve the drawing. When he has given you the drawing return to the artist and return it to him. Talk to the artist and show him the copy of the file and the drawing you made at the crime scene. He will offer to reconstruct the total picture for you and tell you to return next day to collect it.


Tell the desk Sergeant that you are to see Mosely, when he tells you to go through to Mosely's office turn the heating control to 75 or greater. When you enter Mosely's office he complains about the heat and takes his jacket off. Ask Mosely for a cup of coffee and while he goes to get it take the badge from his jacket.


Operate the door knocker and ask to see Malia Gedde when asked your business say that you have official business and show Mosely's badge. Talk to Malia Gedde and ask her about all topics, flirt with her until you are thrown out of the house.


Ask Grace if there are any messages and ask her to research Mme. Cazaunoux. This ends day two.


Ask Grace about the research you asked her to carry out; she gives you a page from the phone book. Ask about messages and she will tell you about the phone call from Wolfgang Ritter and gives you his number. Go through to the back room and take the hair gel from the bathroom cabinet. Use the phone and call each of the numbers listed under Cazaunoux until you hear a dog barking in the background, she will call out it's name. Call the vet and ask about Mme. Cazaunoux and say that Castro has missed his dance lessons. This will put Cazaunoux residence on your map. Call Wolfgang Ritter. Go back into the shop and read the paper, this will put Tulane University on your map. Bruno enters the shop and asks about your fathers painting; sell it to him for $100.00.


Buy Willie Jr. for $100.00. Willie gives you a bottle of gambling oil.


Go to the artist and he will give you the reconstruction he has made. Go to the northwest corner and watch the fortune teller. When she starts to dance touch her and pick up the veil which she drops. Use the magnifying glass on the veil and then use the tweezers to pick up the scale. Use the magnifying glass to compare it with the one from the crime scene. Give the veil back to the fortune teller and she will read your fortune.


Enter the priestís room and take a shirt and a collar.


Enter Mosely's office, return his badge and watch the interview with Crash.


Watch the lecture and when it has finished go to Hartridges office. Show him the drawing the artist made for you and the murder photo. He will copy the drawing and do some research on it this will also add black voodoo to your topic list. Ask him about everything.


Ask Grace to do research on the drawing.


Use the hair gel and wear the priestís shirt and collar. Operate the door knocker and when she lets you in talk to her and ask her about cabrit sans cor, reply Goat without horns. This adds human sacrifice to the topic menu. Ask her about all topics and when you ask about human sacrifice this will add real voodoo queens, which in turn will add secret voodoo honfour. When you ask about this she will show you a snake bracelet. Offer to bless it and when she gives it to you make an impression of it in the clay that you got from the crime scene.


Talk to the barman and ask about everything and when he has told you about Sam and voodoo talk to Sam and give him the gambling oil. When you have convinced him that it is genuine he will drink it and resume his game. When he wins he will thank you and offer to help you. Give him the clay mould and he will copy the bracelet.


Go to the Gedde tomb, here you find Mallia Gedde, talk to her and then return to St. Georges bookshop as Grace is leaving. Malia turns up and enters the shop. End of day three.


Talk to Grace and ask her about the research, she will give you an old newspaper clipping. Read the paper.


Collect the bracelet from Sam.


Use the binoculars and observe Crash talking to the drummer.


Follow Crash into the Cathedral. Use the Bracelet on him, and then question him about Rada drums and Voodoo Honfour. When Crash dies look at him to get a close up. Open his shirt and observe the tattoo. Use your sketchbook to copy the tattoo. End of Day four.


Talk to Grace, she gives you a packet from Wolfgang Ritter containing a letter and a journal read them both. Ask Grace to do research on Rada drums. You will receive a phone call from Prof. Hartridge to tell you that he has important information.


Go to Hartridges office you will find him dead take a close look at the body and then take the notes from his desk.


When you enter the museum you will be attacked by the snake. Quickly operate the switch on the wall near the door. This switches on the lights and a fan. The noise of the fan scares the snake away.


Grace notices something shiny on your clothes and picks it up and puts it in the ashtray. Using the magnifying glass shows it to be a snake scale. Pick up the scale with the tweezers and compare it with the scale from the crime scene. Both scales are the same; this proves that Dr. John is involved in the Voodoo murders.


Look at the wall of Marie Leveau's tomb there is a new message here. Use your sketchbook on the message and compare it with the one that Moonbeam translated. With the exception of five characters you can now decipher the new message, but it isn't hard to figure out that the missing characters are L,I,Y,U and M. You should now write a message of your own. Use the brick and write "DJ Bring Sekey Madoule'". (If you remember the Lecture Sekey Madoule means little coffin)


Enter Mosely's office and show him the re-constructed veve and the snake scales and newspaper cuttings. Tell him about the murders of Crash and Prof.   Hartridge. This will convince him to re open the case.



You will get an envelope through the letter box this contains a note and the key to Mosely's office. Grace gives you the book on Rada drums. Use the tracing of the snake from Crash's body on Grace and ask her to copy it onto your chest. Tell her you are going to a fancy dress party and ask her if she is jealous, she will then copy the tracing for you. Read the paper.


Use the Rada drum book on the drummer to translate his message, it reads "CALL CONCLAVE-TONIGHT-SWAMP". This will put St. Johns Bayou in your Greater New Orleans map. Now go to the Beignet stall in the southwest corner talk to the vendor and persuade him to go back to the police station. 


Wait for the desk sergeant to fall asleep then go to Mosely's office and enter, using the key. Open the desk drawer and take the tracking device.


Put the tracking device in the sekey madoule .


Operate the tracking device and make your way towards the sekey madoule. When you get to the entrance to the cave use the crocodile mask and enter. You will be greeted by Dr. John who will then ask you to name the great serpent, who crushes all in his coils. Reply "Damballah". You will then be asked "who is the destroyer of men?" Reply "Ogoun Badagris". Now watch the animated scene.



You awake thinking that you have had another dream but Grace tells you that it was real and reveals that it was she who rescued you from the Honfour. Now call Wolfgang Ritter and ask him about all the topics in your menu. When you ask about Tetelo this will add Talisman to your topic menu. Ask about this and this will add Tetelos remains and African Homeland to your menu. Read the paper and take the flashlight from the dresser.


Go to the Gedde tomb and press the button under the plate. When you enter the tomb you will find yourself in total darkness so use the flashlight and look around. There are a number of drawers here look at all the drawers until you find one with the Veve pattern on it. Open the drawer and you find Mosely's body inside, you will be knocked unconscious and when you recover the body has gone but his wallet is inside. Take the wallet and open it. This puts the credit card in your inventory.


Phone the travel agent on the number from the phone book page in your inventory. Book a flight to Germany and use Mosely's credit card to pay for it. This puts New Orleans International Airport on your map. Go there and you will fly to Germany.


You arrive and are greeted by Gerde who tells you that Wolfgang has left. He is not expected to return and you must now take on the role of Schattenjager. Which involves an initiation ceremony.


Take a good look around and look at the writing on the door portal under the Lion's head. Take the scissors and chamber pot from the cabinet by the door. Open the display case and take the scroll. Go back downstairs and through the archway on the right into the chapel. Look at the wall pictures they are meaningless at this stage. Return to the great hall and question Gerde. When you ask about the portal poem she will translate it. Ask about the pictures in the chapel and she will tell you about the initiation ceremony.


Return to the chapel and look at each panel in turn, these describe the various steps in the initiation ceremony.

PANEL 1 Shows hands and water

PANEL 2 Shows hair and a knife

PANEL 3 Shows a Chalice on a table, with ocean waves in the background.

PANEL 4 Shows a knife and blood.

PANEL 5 Shows someone kneeling.

PANEL 6 Shows a scroll.

Return to the bedroom and open the window. Wash your hands in the snow. Use the scissors on Gabriel's hair. Return to the great hall and take the knife which is hanging on the staircase. Take the salt from near where Gerde is sitting.


Place the chamber pot on the altar and put the salt into it. Use the knife on Gabriel. Click the operate icon on the altar to make Gabriel kneel and then click the scroll on Gabriel. You will now return to the bedroom and go through another dream sequence which concludes the initiation process.


When you awaken you will find a key on the table at the foot of the bed. This opens the carved doors.


You need to find five books and each one gives you a reference to the next one so you need to find them in the right order. In the centre bookcase you will find The People's Republic Of Benin, this refers you to The Primal Ones which is in the right hand bookcase. When you read this it will refer you to Ancient Roots Of Africa, which is in the bookcase on the left wall. This in turn refers you to The Sun Worshippers book and in the left bookcase and that in turn to Ancient Digs Of Africa which is in the right hand bookcase. When read this it will tell you about the Snake Mounds


Show Gerde the book from the library and she will tell you that you must go to Africa. When she asks how you will pay tell her that you will use the credit card.



Enter the outer ring of the snake mound. This consists of twelve rooms arranged like a clock face on the wall in each room is an indentation into which a tile with a hole in the middle will fit. Some of the rooms have tiles already on the wall and in others the tiles are laying on the floor pick up all of the tiles that you are able to. Two of the tiles are fixed and you are unable to take them. Take a close look at each tile and they have a number of snakes depicted on them. This gives you the number of the room in which they belong. The two you can not take are numbers seven and twelve. In room nine you will find a snake rod, take this. Now go to each room and put the tiles in their correct place, ending in room three. Insert the snake rod into the hole in the tile, you hear a rumble and the mummies will come to life and will kill you if you allow them to touch you. Run clockwise avoiding the mummies, when you reach room six you will be confronted by several mummies and will be unable to pass. Click the operate icon on the thick brown vines hanging from the ceiling. You will swing from the vine and knock one of the mummies over. Run to room seven. Here you will find Wolfgang. The statue on the wall is now open and you can enter while Wolfgang holds off the mummies.


Talk to Wolfgang and then go to the right of the room look at the table and at the carvings around the base and at the indentations on the top. Pick up the two bars which are hanging on the wall and put them into the holes on the top of the table. Use the move icon on the table top. It will not move and requires a human heart to make it work. Go back to the left of the room and use the knife on the dead guard and cut out his heart. As you do so you hear a scream from the other side of the room. Wolfgang is dead and you are unable to prevent this. Now take the talisman from the table.



You find a note on the desk which informs you of Graces kidnap. You hear a noise from the back and Mosely appears. Go through to the back with him and ask him what has been happening and fill him in on your investigations. Now make a plan. Give Mosely the tracking device. Go to the book shop and shop and read the paper.


Enter the right confessional and use the snake stick on the knot hole. The confessional starts to move down. Leave the snake stick and the tracker signal device under the bench. Leave the elevator and enter the Voodoo Honfour. This is arranged like the snake mound in Africa, with twelve rooms arranged like a clock face with the ceremonial room in the centre. Some of the rooms are locked. Enter the rooms that are not locked. Room seven contains Voodoo supplies and you should take two robes and two masks. Room four contains the Cartel business room, look at the desk and take the book read it and note the codes. Several of the other rooms are bedrooms and in one of these is Malia. You will hear her talking to Tetelo. Room two is Dr. Johnís room, open the door but do not enter. You will see Dr. John praying. On the wall is a key. Go to the Ceremonial room at the centre and click the operate icon on the drums and construct a message. Select SUMMON, then click on next book in the icon bar and select BROTHER EAGLE. Exit and go as quickly as possible to room two, but do not go via the corridor on the right of the screen as you will meet Dr. John. Open the door to room two and take the key and exit. Go to room one take as much money as you can carry. Now go to room eleven, the disposal room. There is nothing to do here except look. Now go to room eight her you will find Grace. Use the Talisman on her to revive her. Mosely appears, give him the Boars head mask and robe and use the Wolf mask on Gabriel.


Watch the ceremony and as soon as you are able to do so use the Talisman on Tetelo and then toss it to Mosely. When Tetelo attacks Gabriel quickly grab the stone idol which appears when the table top is moved. You now have two options, either use the knife on Tetelo or do nothing. Either way takes you to the end of the game.

My final score was 325 of 342 so I obviously overlooked something if anyone can tell me what, I would be most interested to hear.


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