Examine the control panel closely to see a dark area to the right of the sign. Use your light ability on the darkness to reveal two loose wires. To solve this puzzle you need to know a bit about electrical currents, specifically what type of power operates the conveyer belts, and how electricity works.

There are two types of electricity currents - alternating current or AC and direct current or DC. The difference between AC and DC is the direction in which electrons flow. With DC, the electrons flow steadily in a single direction, while with AC, the electrons continually switch directions, or 'alternate' between two directions. AC is the most common and efficient type and it's what we use in our wall outlets. DC is generally used for low-voltage applications, especially those powered by batteries. In this case AC electricity current is used.
Begin by applying an electrical surge on the left wire. You should see the conveyer belt (the graphic in the top left corner) move slightly to the right. Next, apply a surge to the right wire, then continue to alternate between the two wires until the canister reaches the other end of the conveyer belt on the right side of the hall. Watch the graphic in the top left to check on your progress.
Note that you must position the actual tip of the electrical surge on the correct wire.