Scott Piper told you he found some of the unassigned lockers open after the fire in Hall B and that he suspected someone was searching for something. You know that three lockers can be opened, one in the first row and two in the middle row. Also, it takes three pushes to fully open a locker.

Study the paper you found in the locker carefully. From the drawing (bottom right corner) you know that it has something to do with open lockers. Three of the numbers are underlined; the '2' and '3' in the second set of numbers and the '1' in the third set. These must refer to either the lockers or the number of times you need to push each locker. By thinking 'outside the box' you assume they refer to the number of 'pushes'. As the second set has two numbers, assume that it refers to the middle row of lockers in which you can open two lockers. Similarly, assume the third set (that has only one number underlined) must refer to the one locker you can open in the first row of lockers.

Following the above logic, open the three lockers as follows:

(1)  last locker on the right of the first row - push it once (1)

(2)  fourth locker from the right in the middle row - push it twice (2)

(3)  last locker from the right in the middle row - push it three times (3)

Now for the last bit. Do you recall Jacques Dirac telling you that he saw Hansen frantically punching the 'No Smoking' sign? Why don't you try doing the same thing!
The locker by the showers should open when you push the 'No Smoking' sign next to the door.