Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island


walkthough by vic


There are three main characters; Papa Doc, Blue Belly and Jane. They will share a special relationship in the game, in that they can talk to each other even when not near each other. And you will often need to show any objects you collect to one or both of the characters, so they can help you, and you do this through your inventory which has a section at the top with the two characters that you can click the objects on, and therefore acts as a kind of telephone help service. The way the inventory works, you do not actually pick up the objects just make a mental note they are there. It is not until you go to use them that you pick them up, so when you read 'take' I mean try to take. You can choose whether to look, talk or take by clicking and holding the left mouse button and allowing the arrow to fall on the correct symbol, eye, hand or mouth.


This is not an exhaustive walkthrough, only the main things you must do to get through it. You do need to look around and click on all the hotspots / talk to people, as certain actions may not be possible unless you do this and you will not get all the lovely jokes and things that happen when you do.


The salt problem:

there are two areas to walk to from where you start.


take the sack of chicken food

lift the loose  fence post (have to pixel hunt a bit for the right post here)

pick up a coconut

shake the ladder

open the top door of the granary that the ladder is leaning on

throw a coconut (click the coconut in your inventory  on the right or left hand side character)

throw another coconut (click the coconut in your inventory  on the other sides character)

Back to the chicken coop:

click the chicken food on the path to the lower right that has been created



In the next part, you need to:

go to the hall:

look at the statues

further up the hall

take the fruit and veg

go to the bedroom

throw the plant

take the mask and costume

click on the music box

remember I said to ask your friends about objects? Ask them about the tune by going to the inventory, find the music box and click it on each of them in turn.

Click on the candle holder then try to take it and ask about it

click on and ask about the panel

combine the song lyrics object with the panel pictures object

click on the letter, then the  ink and ask

go back to room where the fruit is

click the fruit and veg on the water pitcher

use the water pitcher on the letter

click the costume on the juju maid, then walk to the left to see where she goes. Mmm.. we need to make her go somewhere else, so block the room by pushing the bookcase.

Ok, try again with the scaring.

We need to get rid of those statues, she needs some help: get the rope from the bedroom and try to put it on the statues

you cannot do it, but form the idea  of the rope and the statues so now you can ask a friend

the rope is now  on the statues and forms a trip-rope

now scare the maid again and watch your success!

Take your stick.

Go back to the oracle room

you need to read the symbols on the skull

use the fruit and veg juice on the skull to make the skull readable

you need to clean the skull to get rid of the symbols

go back to the room with the fruit and veg and take the mop.

Use the mop on the skull (in inventory)



You are now playing Jane


try to take a banana from the banana tree

watch the results.

you see a vooju character below walking to and fro

walk down to the path he is on

enter the warehouse to  see the crew in a state of limbo

click on the candles and the candle holder and ask about the candles.

Go back outside the warehouse

click on the vooju character to find he is carrying something that Papa Doc wants you to show him.

You need to make him lose it somehow.

Maybe trip him up with the character that falls on the banana skin?

You need to trap him behind some salt to keep him near the edge near the waterfall

click on the barrel

he is trapped but it is not good enough as the characters are not falling close enough

go back in the warehouse

Click on the statue

go to the attic above

open the shutters

click on the drums

click them on the window and Jane throws one then all out onto the waterfall.

Still not quite right, you need to move one drum a little.



You now have the hand of glory snuffer so can go back in the warehouse and snuff out the candles and now the crew will awaken (in time)

go right, to the ship

you need to get rid of the zombies so you can take the ship

take the logs

click on everything

lastly click on the lantern

click on the block and tackle

watch the result

click on the barrel they are using to make them use the lower barrel instead

click on the metal shield then put the logs on it to create a lot of smoke

slow the zombies down

click on the handle that controls the net

to trap the zombies  up in the net


Now playing Blue belly

take the rope

click on the chest and see it contains tools and ask about them

Jane says they are mostly files

use them to open the cupboard padlock in the first area

go right to the apothocary.

You cannot pass Zimbi who is at work, so you need a diversion.

Touch the books and she looks away

now steal something now she is not looking and you automatically go right to the mudpool

go back to the apothocary by clicking downward

and now click on the bookcase on the right

steal all you can from the other areas you could not touch before

knock the demon bottle over and she leaves

take anything that is still left to steal

return to the mudpool and go left to the steam vent

take the bamboo

look at the spigot on the barrel. Blue Belly says he will not open it as it would spill everywhere.

Dip the bamboo in the pot of molten rubber you stole from the apothocary

connect it up to the spigot

he won't open the spigot on as no point yet

it is important you click on the voodoo symbol on the wall (at the back of the cave at the top) and ask about it

go back to the mudpool.

Click on everything

Ask Jane about the voodoo fetish (in your inventory) she cannot help you as she cannot read it

you need to make a spyglass

combine the bottles with the files

you now have two glass discs

add the bamboo stalk to the discs and you have a spyglass

combine it with the fetish

well you can read two of them now but not the one on the right.

You need to get rid of the feather

make a catapult

go back to the tunnels

unpick the padlock with the files

you cannot and need to ask for help

take the shovel

use it as a catapult

and the weak acid on it to burn off the feather

you can now read the last fetish

ping the chicken blood on the fetishes

right that is done.

You just need to get the bodies up to where they are needed now.

You try to push the log (looks like a tree) but it will not move, but you need to get to the bodies.

go to the tunnels

look at the zombie with the pickaxe

you try to take the pickaxe but the zombie wont let you

Put the net around the crate

attach the net and box to the overhead hook mechanism

push the box and it knocks the zombie taking the pickaxe with it

go left and get the pickaxe

use it on the platform with the boulders on

see them tumbledown, leaving the log free for you to push

the bodies are pinged across the mud pool to you

look at the bodies and they enter the inventory

go to the steam vent

we need to make a lift to put the bodies in

try to move the cauldron

put the bamboo under the cauldron

move the cauldron

put the bodies in it

turn the spigot on

It is no good, we need more steam so need to move the boulders to block off the areas each side of the cauldron

the one on the left won't move

tie the rope to the little boulder

use it on the hook

use it to hit the big rock and it moves and blocks off the remaining escaping steam and now the cauldron lift has full steam power

try to get the bodies he wont touch them

ask Papa Doc to help you put them in the cauldron lift

he gives you a spell to do it

click the bodies in the inventory on the cauldron and it is done

turn on the spigot



Playing Blue Belly

the first action you need to do is:

talk to everyone

go back to the gate where Murial's wedding is to take place

look at everything

talk to the guards

you need a diversion but have not got what you need yet so return to town

take the rigging from the boat that Jane stole for you

return to the gate

tie the rope to the root

click it on the beehive

watch the action!


Enter the wedding area and take the rest of the mints

click on to go down to the sewers

look at the dog

click on the dead body

click it on the dog

click the files on the dead body

choose icon 3rd from the left, then 2nd, then 1st from the left.

Choose 4th, 4th, 3rd, then 4th icons from the left.

choose 4th then 1st from the left.

You are now in the rum store area

click on the pirate but it dies not stop him firing

you need to put out the fires or the rum may explode

move the treasure chest

move heavy flour bags

the last one is tricky;

There is an area behind you and the pirate on the wall. The old planks move and reveal a rusty old armour. Move that and the last fire goes out.


You return to the bar:

Darr Wen is now your friend but he is intent on staying in the bar so you are still on your own when it comes to getting Murial.

Leave the bar.

Go to the left to Levi area

enter through the leviathon's blowhole.

see the ship is there.

note the spices and click on them.

the Leviathon sneezes and you get sneezed out.

examine the bag of mints in your inventory and ask Jane about them.

you see now there is a warning label

enter through the blowhole again

try to put the bag of mints with the champagne

he is happy to do so now pull the corks of the barrels

try to put the big barrel of mints but he refuses until outside, so throw some spice and get out

use the barrel of mints on the Leviathon



Look at the dead pirate

you take a book

ask about it. You need to find a pen and paper

go and ask Rosie (your sister) for her pencil

click it on Jane and you get your love note for Muriel

go to the governer's mansion click the note on the window to the far right

you will need to do a timed puzzle but it is no too bad

Blue Belly needs to practice a couple of times. Just click on each bar as it come so it is near its peak and after the third set is complete the note will reach Muriel's room



You now play Papa Doc

you are imprisoned and need to talk to the head, but your body is trapped

you will need to find a way to get your body out of the prison

exit the prison

enter the guard room and take a look around

take the club

go right (cliff)

pick up the leaves and stuff them in the smoking chimney

hopefully that will cause some chaos in the guard room

go back there and see the results.

Hit the barrels of rum with the club to create some more chaos

grab the beam overhead and it falls

downstairs, outside your prison, take the torch

upstairs, see the guards trying to get the leaves out of the chimney but they cannot.

In the guard room, look at the remaining 3 barrels. Hit them with the club. Now the beam is there, they will fall nicely to the side and downstairs to the prison.

Go to the prison.

Use the torch

you may now exit via the window now the ceiling

grab the vine and use it on the carved head above.

Click across to the throne room

pick up everything you can

combine the bunny and the jaguar toy

go to the capubura area with the two counter weights which control the drawbridge.

Knock the guard off his chair, take it and use it on the capubura's cage door.

Give it the toy and watch the results

you may now cross the drawbridge.

Click the veg on the guard

click the shield

add the flower water

the guard leaves

click the laundry basket on the parrot perch

take and click the wine on the perch

take and click the salt on the perch

click the laundry basket on the cart

click on the cart

click the parrot on the tree

click the doll on the parrot

click the parrot on the traitor



Now playing Jane

pick up everything you can

go to the ballroom

click to talk on Grimjaw

exit left to the bayou

click down to the cellar

click on the support

click up to the balcony

combine the net with the harpoon

click net hook on the chandelier

click the net harpoon on it

click the rope that holds the chandelier

click once more on the rope



Click on the map and talk to your friends

click on the scroll and ask Papa Doc about it

take all you can

look at the painting above the bed

use the sheet on the mirror

use the mirror on Blue Belly

go back to the waterfall

go to red rump

talk to the pirate

pick up the bucket

use the dirk to get the chalk

and take the black rock too

use the bucket to get the rainwater at the waterfalls.


Only the waterfall on the far right is rainwater, the rest are saltwater.

Combine the black rock (flint) with the dirk

combine the rum and the chair

click the fire starter on the rum soaked chair

get the ashes

go to the ship (red rump)

put the cork in the barrel

put the golden bowl under the barrel

put the ashes in the scary barrel

add rainwater...your friend will speed things up...

you need to add the candle (it is made from animal fat)

use the soap on the mirror

use the chalk on the mirror


cue the long cut scene...

Still playing Jane

grab the rope

then the loa of the sea

then click on your old friend the chandelier

grab the rope on the right then click to go to the temple

time for a duel:

first round; choose horizontal blade, crossed blades, diagonal blade

next round; choose diagonal blade, horizontal blade, diagonal blade.



Playing Blue Belly

tip the bid bath


take the oily rags

go right to the apothocary

look at the zombie

take the book and ask Papa Doc about it

try to take the chest

go left

light the rag on the torch

click up

see the fissure outside

push heavy idol

click on heavy idol

go right to the apothocary

have a chat and get to know his name


Now playing Papa Doc

this is not timed

you need to click with the mouse at a point on the ground that will deflect the witches  power back to her or the rocks

I clicked first near the front on the left, then further back to the middle, then rear left .

It is trial and error but you can have as many goes as you like and it is not timed.

Enjoy the show.



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